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OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Street, Thornton's Building.
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Tho Washington Constitutional Union
deelare that tho proaont government of
tho United States la ono that! unknown
to the constitution and such bb was
novor designed by the people. This li a
grave and atartllug statement, but la
mado with a full knowledge of Its force
and meaning. Tho present government,
that paper declares, was created during
anil since tho war, by tho leading radl-'
cats, and consists, substantially, of a
elosed caucus controlled by those leaders,
bolng, therefore, nothing less than a
real Oligarchy.
Tho so-called president of this new
government, by signing tho tenure of
olllco act (tho result of a conspiracy
between tho two houses of Congress to
test his fealty) to them, has virtually
obuniloncd tho offlce described in the
constitution iti it co-ordinate and inde
pendent department of tho Government
of tho United States, and surrendered to
the oligarch the executive powers lodged
In his liuiidi by the people.
And the supremo sourt, by dismissing
the appeal in tho AIoArdle case, has also
subserviently placed itself at the feet of
the usurpers. It cannot bo denied that
this court, tho chief tribunal of tho
Judlcary department, heretofore always
supposed to be a separate, distinct, and
Independent co-ordinate department of
thegovcrument, has flagitiously (surren
dered its department power on a Iques
tlon of Jurisdiction.
From these facts, tho Union repeats,
that the government of the country Is
now without constitutional limitation or
meaning, and Is only an arbitrary ex
pohltlon of the whim, parlous, and
mercenary Impulses of curtain men,
standing as an oligarchy in control of
Tho 'Union' declares that the people,
thus betrayed by the president and tho
the supremo court, seem incapable of re
acting from the verge of perils that
threaten the extermination of all their
liberties, Demoralized by the follies and
brutalities Into which they have been
leduced, tainted with corruption, mad
with mammon worship, and accustomed
to hurra at the polls and to imagine they
were really controlling and governing
when In fact they were the merest tools
of those conspiring against their best In
terests and most precious rights, they
appear at length utterly unablo to take
the necensary steps for their future pro
teutlon and safety. Tho people them
elves have become cowardly and con
science stricken, and uro afraid to resort
to their physical force to rescuo their
rights and liberties, preferrlug to calcu
late the price of liberty In dollars and
cents, und preferring to sell it for tho
pleasure of peace, sensualty and tho
temporary possession of htailal enjoy
meutri. Under these circumstances tho "United
Htatesa.ro fast becoming a moral specta
cle for the derision and cputumpt of tho
world,1 and ure rapidly drifting to tho
ruin i(nd degradation that have over
taken ho many other nations In the
midst of their rottennensj depravity and
blasphomotis conceit.
Wo afllrm, continues the 'Union,' that
the new. government of tho so-culled
United States Is a faUo pretense; that It
Is equally a fraud and a tyranny.
The deluded peoplo Imagine they have
a president, udmJuUteriuy certain a flairs
supposed to bo entrusted to him by the
requirements of tho fumlumuiitul luws
before their subversion. Instead of this
executive ofllcer, as thus imagined, there
is a poor creature Wearing upon bin nock
in tho whlto house the collar of tho radl
cal oligarchs In tho congress and tho
uniform of the "Thirty Tyrants.'"'""
Tho deluded people also have an im
pression that there is an Independent
judiciary. Hut here thuy are equally
mistaken through their imugluatlvo na
tures, The HUpreme court, Instead of
constituting a necunsary part of our onco
grand political system, ban become a
political courtier, a congressional jester
tho Instrument of the oligarchy, a mere
exponent of potty matters of contract.
To such a condition have wo degene
rated and the process continues, Tho
people are asked, shnll tho tyrant In
pluco bo overthrown and our liberties
recovered, or shall wo dumber 'on until
anarchy follows misrule and a Ciesar
builds a throuo upon tho final wreck of
tho republic?
The Indecent Jests suggested by tho
names of tho cabinet p'electcd by Grant,
seem almost Justified by the character of
tho men, and have doubtless led to tho
slight manner in which theso functiona
ries aro treated by their partisan press.
isouungis more potential, in Its way
than rldlculo, and although It ought not
to bo so, Indecency and dlarenect of men
in authority beget publlo opinion. Very
llttlo was known of tho majority of this
cabinet, outsldo of tho radical parly, but
tho broad grins perpetrated upon tholr
names, rorcsiinuowcil the general apt!'
tudo to glvo them credit for no real tul
cut or capacity.
Illinois has.700 Masonic Lodges and
, about U),(K)0 momuera,
If ourprcstdont weronot in tho hands
of Congress, as mere clay ' In the hands
of tho potter, no 111 consequence could
grow out of the rash, lnconsldorato
and unreasonable speech of Senator
Sumner on the Alabama claims. But
Grant, being tho pliant tool, the poor,
subservient lick-splttle of such bad men
as Sumner, Chandler A Co., It is difficult
indeod to tell what may come of it.
England, through the united voice
of her press, declares that if our Minister
Motley comes charged with instruc
tions so violative of justlco and reason
as to comport with the burden of Sum
net's plan of setlement, his mission will
be in vain.
Fortunately for tho country there is no
desire iu any quarter to- push a settle
ment of pur differences with England;
and herein lies tho hopo that war will bo
avoided. The people hopo for nothing
from Grant. They look for the restora
tion of reason, the return of the sober
second thought in tho councils of the
nation, as tho fruits of delay; aud when
that blessed and long-desired condition
of mind is inaugurated, Sumner, Chand-.
ler nor any other man of their Ilk, will
be permitted to dictate the terms upon
which this vexed question must bo set
tled. These mad men out of the way,
tid the United States and England will
adjust tho Alubaraa claims immediately,
and In a manner mutually honorable
and satisfactory.
Our Uulll Mkowera In Xair rlcaai.
The New Orleans 'Bulletin' of Friday,
speaks of tho arrival of fifty Illinois
editors and thirty five ladies, the oveuing
before. Mayor Conway welcomed tho
party to the ackuoledged Metropolis of
the South. "Tho Interest," ho said, "of
our city and this section has been con
sidered idential with that of the great
west, and I know of no method totter'
adapted to Jdevelope the interests of
both, and cement the commercial rela
tions bclweeu this and the 'great cities
of your section, than personal intcrcourso
and mutual interchange of sentiments
between its prominent and enterprising
On Saturday the party mado an ex
cursion down the river to the Lawrence
plantation, partaking on tholr return of
a formal dinner.
It Is not stated by what conveyance
they intend to return home hence their
arrival here cannot reckoned upon, with
The second number of the 'Imperial
1st' developes the fact that tho paper
emanates from a powerful interest In the
republican party. It boldly proclaims
that, under the sway of the party lu
power, the late civil war baa been used
as a means of destroying state rights
and "establishing the United States,
onco for all, as a nation, a united and
consolidated entity Iu tho great world
family." Tho States, It says, are to-day
stripped to their reserved powers uud
are at last "only tho several provinces
of a mighty omplre." This Is tho re
sult of radicalism, anditls this result of
radlcullrtm that gives birth to tho 'Impe
rialist' and furnishes ground for it to
stand upon? ' ' 1
Senator Feuton has deolared a pur
pose to mo- the Now York Even! ng
'Post' and tho Now York 'Commercial
Advertiser' for libel; damages $500,000.
Hud not tho Senator better ventlllato
that llttlo "mattress operation" of .ypars
ago, while his hand is lu? If your-dir-ty
linen Is to go iuto the public wash
tub, hand It all out, Mr. Senator, not
omlttlug. that portion of it hiddon in tbo
mattress. '
- Grant Is a monomaniac.' He has but
ono Idea, which Is, that ovdrybody who
held otllco under Johusou, without ref
eronco to their antecedents, must walk
tho plnnk. And tho poor fool has re
moved, man of lullueuce enough to mukc
him walk tho plank by-and-by hluisolf,
and put In their places about tho scur
viest sot df rascals overseen.
Setiutor Abbott declaros that Senator
Spraguohas referred to him as "a puppy
dog," and threatens to "smack Sprague's
chops" Nyo complains that Sprhgtio
bus characterized him as "a oharlutan
aud hurlequin." It must be coufessed
that SeuatorSpraguo has a knack of call
ing things by tholr right names.
Tho 'Constitutional Union,' tho only
democratic paper published at the seat
of tho general government, should re
ceive tho cordial support of overy na
tional democrat of tho land. True us
stool to tho principles of tho demooraclc
party, It applies tho rod to the back of
radicalism and spares not, Sub&crlbo
for it.
Lo! tho poor negro. If a whltp dele
gation goes to tho Whlto House, It has
to wait tho Lord knows how long, but if
a squad of negroes go, tho doqrs open to
them ut onco Tho Whlto Houso ought
now to bo called tho lilaok House. Graut
told 11 party of negroes who visited him
that ho was "glad his administration
was proving acceptablo to thorn."
Dr. W. O. Baldwin, an eminent physi
cian and surgeon, of Montgomery, Ala.,
aud President of the American Medical
Association, has written tho following
letter to a brother physician, which wo
take from the Mobile 'Register.' j
It appears that tho medical fraternity
from the North as well as the South can
meet together in concord and amity;
that the Masonic fraternity can have
their. celebrations, that are common to
the members from both sections of the
country, and no word of bitterness or dis
trust pass between them; that tho Odd
Fellows can celebrate tho semi-centennial
anniversary of their existence In
this country, and gather together from
tbo North and tho South, tho East and
tho We8t,inall kindness und confidence;
but no sooner do tho politicians meet in
Wuahtngton, than the country is filled
with contention and every species of an
imoslty, and the people of ono section
are industriously taught to dislike and
fear tho people of tho other section.
Indeed, all bodies, whether benevolent
or Industrial, can como together without
the slightest jar or feeling of hostility,
transact their business amicably, and
separate with material respect aud confi
dence, except the congress of the United
States and tho assemblies of tho differ
ent churches. Whenever these bodies
meet, thero is certain to ensue war and
wraugllDg with the one for conscience
sake, Biwe are told, and with tho other
to secure political ascendancy. Tho fol
lowing Is an extract from tho lotter:
Tho uulmus of the Association has
shown Itself to be. honorable and kind
iu every reference'mado to Its southern
members, during and since the war;
honorable to itself, honorable to tbo
profession,, honorable, Just and generous
to the south." Wlieh'I 'went to Its last
meeting flu Washington) I did 0 from
a sense of duty, and with tho earnest de
sire of seeing. the two sections united In
their professional relations and purposes.
I did not solicit any honors, and asked
no man to vote for me for any office.
Yet, with a meagre teprcseutation from
the south, they conferred upon mo tho
hlitbcst office In their ulft. I know my
self to bo unworthy of the high distinc
tion, ana feu u was noiintenueu tor me
I know it had a broader and blither sli!
nlflcanco than that of a mere tribute to
personal and private ambition. I know
it to be In keeping with that kindly
spirit displayed by the northern dele
gates toward their southern brethren
throughout their "Transactions," and
that it was but a fresh offering of the
olive branch of peace. I accept it. No
man asked mo anything in relation to
my political sentiments. Icauuot boast
of performances in the late struggle, but
I nave never disguised tho fact from any
one that in all tne earnest desires of the
heart which constitute devotion to cause,
I yield to none in my loyalty to that
which has gone down in the gloom of
dofeut aud for which thoHO tender youths,
your sous and mine, fought side by side,
and fell for principles held dear by you
and me.
I Vould not stultify m ye elf on this
point for all tbo honors which could bo
heaped upon me by the medical profes
sion, or by any other class of men . Nor
do I think my northern brothers would
respect me moro for being false to my
.section. In the death of my boy, T found
tho hardest heart-aorrow of my life, and
the weary' years whloh have since- pass
ed by jjavo been powerless to still Its an
guish: and yet IcoulU but feci it mourn
ful pride iu a kuowledgo of tho fact that
he died on the field of glory, and true to
the land that gave him birth.
Hut the crushed u!!e,cton and bjighled
hones of the father, who has yielded a
noble sacrifice to his 'country, as he hits
iu silont und sacred .memory of ,his
holiest grief, can find no relief by barb
ing the angulih of his heart with feel
ings of malice, hatred aud revenge to
ward thoc who, lu honorablo combat,
had been made the Instrument of his
sorrow. Natural affection does not re
quite this; true munjijiees does not de
mand ii.
No, Doctor, I do not want to cherish
feelings of bitterness with the memory
ofmy son. I wish to forget all that is
)iluu.und harrowing (u tho .heart und
to remember him us lie was, (he soldier,
patriot uud Chrlstlau, fulling In honora
blo .warfari', and, that tho hand which
cut the fatal hall which deprived him of
life, was that of some bravo and gener
ous spirit, moved by the sumo high pur
pose, the sume stern sense of duty, the
same devotion to principle and country
which guided and actuated him. So far
from entertaining sontlmeuU of unkind
ii ess towards our brothers of tho medical
profession North, growing out of this af
fliction, my only feeling bus boon, that
if any ono of them hud been near him lu
that dreadful hour, his highest cure
would havo been to have drawn, If pos
sible, the fatal bull from his breast and
restored him to life and health.
It is suid that Harriet Beeoher Stowu
had nothing but a carpet-bag title to her
TTJonda orango plantation, and she bus
been compelled to restore it to its lawful
ownor. Tho Mongrel papers say that
Harriet Is disgusted with tho South, and
wo should'ut wonder.
Tho Chicago 'Tribune,' whloti Is about
as radioul us they muko 'um, seems to
havo u very poor opinion of Grant's
cabinet. Tho Tribune' says:
"If there be a statesman In General
Grant'H cabinet, ho has yet to niaUo him
self known as such to tho publlo."
Tho declaration of President Graut
that he would appoint nono but honest
meutoolllce, Is blngularly verlfled In
tho appointment of tho rascal Ashley,
uud a brigade of such follow as Dan.
HimIIckIJ Doctrine.
The following Is a portion of tho radi
cal creed recently promulgated by the
"We believe that the national faith,
if left in tho keeping of the populace,
will be sullied by tho sure repudiation of
the national debt, and that an imperial
government can alone protect the rights
or national creditors.''
An old negro attempted to hang'hlmi
self, a few days ago, in a barn near Kan
sas City. He was found hanging by tho
neck, kicking around vigorously, and
was cut down. Greatly to his surprise
and indignation, ho recovered got up
uud walked off, shaking his head signif
icantly at those who had released him
from peril.
A religious paper In Boston Is shocked
because the priests iu Vienna warn their
flocks not to read newspapers because
they uje bad. But tho clergy in this
country warn their flooks not to listen to
such scientific lecturers as Prof. Agas
si, becauso they lead to infidelity.
Which is tho worst, tho Austrian priests
or tho American clergy?
Such a pressure has been brought to
bear on the President by the citizens of
Montana, that he has seriously consid
ered removing impeacher Ashley as
Governor of the Territory. Ashley was
confirmed by the Senate by ono niajorl
Ity, which fuel la urged against him.
Tho Suprem.0 Court of Missouri refused
on Saturday, to grant tho writ of habeau
corpus, applied for by.Cap't. William B.
Donald sou, who Is In Jull in, St. Louis
for killing a negro ou steamer Great
Republic last summer.
JOS. 180 AND 182,
(riucccoor to F.Uu, irn Co.,)
(Jetwral Commission Merekaat,
my l
Q AKATONA NPBIffaa-Whjr go in BrIO(t
n'i mprati inn i ci ten ooiun ar, WMQ rielll
tirrc at homt jouc.a drink tin teK-Min viltr, icr
cool will HrHy j It iur,-lei freh from U reier roirn.
it IltrcUjr lrur 6or, on tho I.rrre r
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Brown's Check How
rKED fJlil J KKn,
Corn' and Cob
GARDE MKKRW-KU r jtHablM of your own
Kruwinc. Lo do Unit in KlUng your Jeeil. Jo
lu lUri'lav.' for finrdeo Bnii. 're,h nnU lounci. They
hto full line of I-nlreth',,nd tho Sinker Sti
from .South Union Kr.
LAItlKfl, ATTENTION If you wnt plckind
chnfceot th ntcnt lot nf line ntuptln town i If
jnu want the lit Ooloiue. Lireniler Wter, Florldn
w:r, or ntlir iut water i If you want anything In
tliu way (f Co.metU., TowiUra or I't rfunir. iro lo
lUrcla)' "
TKRTM II III.A'KI5r-Thrrn la a perfect raih
. to lUn:lyn lor Uie ctlrlvfetr-it Kronen Ill-iftklnir.
It u cenuiae, jh1 la unurAeil a a toot and alio
poll'li ,
VOW IS TUT. lim;T put your home, ft,
.! j-ood cho. I'aiutiiiranil whiUwuohlneaie thn
order of th day Whitn t.i4l ami nalnU of all rol
m aro in demand. At thn (illKKN LAIIKL Drug
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tMlirtand lye- lull, of all kind Notr on hand a
full tock of Collier Wtnla Lc.il, Delta Wttlto I.-l,
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wash bruiie. I Ian lny u the place.
That you ran get the l.lchlnlnc Fly Taper at Dor
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Jauuv -It. attract. HlmjlwI kllUtln-iiu. - . ' . ...
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1 at llarcla).'.
, . ii. . I ) -iJI. I ItH'f
i - m i uj-tiiiif
No. 7 1
Mar-Tin' Burglar and Fire Proof
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.(in j an ut ..!.
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.it. . iiif.HAM M .IV
.ei-tl-Ml-l . u'srtsttv t
It. Hoe Si Co1, , (
Ohio Ltvct.
"(''STS AND Ctt
I UllL!Ui:.VK WOII.M TAHI.KT.S-Ilubli..,
V j urt mid null, low them, rry for thrm. and eat
them with avidity, and aro itickly relieved of worm,.
Twenty. Ilvo rent a bo v., or, If )ou wih them unit by
ni.iil, fii. loso Ihirty-llvo cetita lo liarclay llroa., and
they will bo cnt you proniptly.
17H SALK Siberr'flBp, juit the thlnn to mak
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other you iiih)' want, ineludlna the Jatamau.l.
ViTANTKH To find tho Individual InCuiro, or
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vat'.r without rwemng DKCIDKD IIKXKKlT. Jlatiy
or our leading citiaena have le.ted Uh irtue to atl
f u'tion. At lUrclaya'.
MUtV IT --MmlgeV American Sherry Wine, tinliko
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)I VOT An iOX IIUA(!i:-A aupenor upen
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had Unrein)'. Quininu freofrom bitternesa, and
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Hlguarthe 'tmt I'low.''

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