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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, May 04, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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Wat mww0 fguttttiik
TUEsbAV, ivf Ay' 4, 'i869.
- i. n ...I i
"Burrelt'f" nil ground tho world.
Tlio ferry boat, Cairo, broko a shaft
yesterday, and will b laid up several
days for repulrs.' In the1 meantime,
Homo other bout will ljecp up the ferry.
Tlio l'ic-Xf c To.ruorroir. Jf n
Tliu Htoam tug Ivy will tnko Uie plaoc
of tlio ferry boiit. Calroi to-morrow, ftri'd
with two barges, suitably fixed up, will '
make the trips between Cairo mid Fori'
Jefferson ns advertised.
All persons having claims agalrist 'the
Cairo Transfer Co., will pleafto prcst'ijt
them immediately for settlement.
Cjiah. T. Hinde,. Agent.
OlHco on wharf bout. my3-3t
Sl A hjieclal convocation of Cairo
AAChajiter, No. 71, K. A. M, will be
held at Masonic Hall, this (Tuesday)
evening, for work in tho It. A. degree.
All visiting companions aro Invited to
attend. Hy order of the M.K.I I P.
M. L. Dunnino, te'ec'y.
llarclay Itrothcrn Ilurretl's agents,
Cairo, Illluol. my3-dfcwlw
Mr. J a in us goad", editor of tho Decatur
Dally 'Magnet' wife and son; Mr. A.W.
K1 wants, of tho Oarllnvllle 'Democrat;'
Mr. C. G. Hoot, of the Chicago 'Tlmei;'
Mr. C. Worlhlngton, of tho .Sterling 'Re
publican; Mr. W.V. Seller, and lady,
of the 1'ekln 'Republican,' and others,
Htopped over at thu Ht. Charles hotel, in
UiIm city, until the departure of the af
ternoon train.
An individual, namo unknown, fell
down in a violent paroxism of mania
potu, thin morning in tho rear of thn
building on the southwest corner of
Commercial and .Sixth. He suffered tho
horrors of tho demanded, and tliero was
no speedy relief that could be admlnli
Ho came in lint night, from I'aducah,
where, wu understand, lie had been en
gaged teaching ringing fdiool.
This morning the sun was scarce dim
med by the clouds which Heated lazily
across the "blue dome." and all nature
i-eemed to rejoice. Itlvor reporter Cairo
.Sprint; has laid asldo her vernal robes
and hugged to her warm bosom the
boar and blustering monarch of tho
North. River reporter I'aducah 'Kon
The I'aducah reporter Is nllttlo ahead;
but he had to braco his foet and strnin
mighty hard.
"Barrett's" IIviiowihh Hair I!e.tora-
Tho Chicago 'Time' affects to believe
that it is an assumption on tho part of
the Illinois I'rc-s Association to claim to
represent tho press of Illinois. The
parent of this idea Is the fact that Mr.
W. V Story was not, personally, In tho
"Wo havo to eay that tho 'Times' was
represented, In tho person of Mr. Root,
in a manner that would not boon
improved had Mr. Brory been the repre
sentative himself.
If you want a good stove, or tin ware,
hollow-ware, copper or uhcot-lron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that line,
call on A. Franer, Commercial avenue,
bcteen Eleventh and Twelfth street,
where he has moved to, and fitted up tho
largest and most complete shop In
Southern Illinois.
Particular attention given to steam
boat and mill work, copper ninlChlng
and sheet iron work, such as chimneys,
breccher escaping steam-pipes, etc.
Kxcuralou nml I'lo nlr.
Tho ladles of tho Methodist Church
give an excursion on Saturday, May 8th
to Fort Jefferson, Ky., on tho steamer
Underwriter, which will mako two trips
from Cairo, leaving at 8. 30 a. in. and
1. 30 p. m.
Tickets for tho round trip ndults,
one dollak; children umlor fifteen years
A refreshment stand will be on tho
ground for tho accommodation of those
who do not tako their own plcnlo pro
visions. Proposals for the privilego of keeping
a refreshment stand, excluding the bale
of all spiritous or malt liquors, will bo
received by tho committee, Mrs. Slack
and Mrs. Mason, until Thuisday next.
All ladles use "Ilarrett's." '
Johnson Dunbar, tho Moor of tho vi
cinity, entered his domlcllo at a lato
hour last night, and, forty furies, there
was somebody in bed with "Desdomo
nta." Hereat, this Othello became wrath
indeed, and thirsting for blood, ho rush
ed upon his perfidious wench, dealt her a
blow, when (ho fact was disclosed that
ho had been deluded optically uDesdo
monia" was alono and virtuous; but
smothering under Dunbar's blow. Rho
screamed and screeched, and bellowed
and roared, until a policeman came and
escorted tho "greon eyed" mascullno to
tho lock-up.
Not having any of the maro moving
motor about his pantaloons this morn
ing to pay tho fino Esquiro Shannessy
imposed upon him, Dunbar was con
signed to eight days' labor on tho streets
and eight nights' lodging in tho cala-booso,
Thnnki-A Noble Pnrl Nobly Performed.
Mtmbtn of the Illinois Frew Amoc1x
tlon, to the nibtuo evenly or eighty,
organised a meeting on'board'tho Gener-i
al Anderson, during her run from Colum
bus to Cairo, this morning, calling MaJ.
Edwards to the cljalr. Mr. Merrtyt, of the
Springfield 'IteglaW grooved that the
thariks'of the parly'b tendered to A. B.
BaflbrdiiVm. P.'JHalllday ,and James
Johnson, for extending to them tho
courtesy of a free passago to aud and fro
on board tho transit steamer, for provid
ing them meals and-refreshmenta on
tho same accommodating terms, and for
kindnesses and attentions without num
ber. The mqtlog.WBfl, adopted unani
mously, ami ordered to be printed In the
papers represented Jjy the parties pres
ent. Tho liberality of these gentlemen de
serves more than a passing notice) as tho
expense' borno by them no doubt ex
ceeds, by ten fold, that borno by any
'like number of persons concerned in tho
entertainment of the Press Association.
Had they, uftcr tendering tho freo use of
their bout for the excursion, to Mound
City, charged tho regular price for all
other service, no one could have said
that they did not act the. part of liberal
men. This, alone, would have put in
their purses over nine hundred dollars.
They make no parade orshow, however,
over what they have d6ho. They con
sidered it their duty to assist in the en
tertainment of our recent guests, and
they quietly aud unostentatiously per
formed that duty, at a cost to them of
more than one thousand dollars, This,
surely, is ' worthy 'df grateful remem
brance. Sliciniriii n J1 otitic Jlur-rooin.
Tho oleaginous bar-keeper of tho Bat
tle Houte, in Mdblltf, sells whisky at 23
cent u glass. Jim .Shoal!" arrived there,
with the Illinois Preis Association, with
Just "six, bits" in his pocket, and was
therefore ustonlshed at the price of
whisky. Rut Jim is, generally, equal to
emergencies. Entering the bar-room,
aud observing the large, size of the
glasses, he accosted the obeco tender
with: "Hallo, Charley but shako bauds
first how much a glass for whisky??'
'Twouty-fivo cent," responded Charley,
setting out a bottle aud a tumbler,
"Well, I'll Uko a glass, ' quoth the
thirsty Hhoafl'; aud throwing down tho
required quarter, he filled the tumbler to
the very brim. Quenching his own
'yearning" he circulated hi purchase
among his friends, aud still had full
"two lingers" left in (ho tumbler. This
he confided to Churley to set back on the
slndf, remurklng'that hu "would be dry
again lu Just six minutes, and, would re
turn and drink III"
Charby, with eyes widened by aston
ishment, put back the liquor as required,
but then and there resolved that If all
tho Illluohr editors boug'ht whisky nfter
(hut style, ho would shut up shop until
they left the city.
"Meln gott," ho remarked to his flop
boy, "I never seen bIcIi a fellers."
"Barrett's" dresses hair splendidly.
(staled Meeting.! w
Cairo, Ills., May 3, HG
Tro'scnr, The chairman, Alderman
Carroll, and Aldermen lirankle, Gibaon,
Huleu, IlendrickB, .Lonergan. Lohr, Mc
Kee, Mendel, Redman aud Theobald.
On motion of Alderman Redman, the
reading of the minutes of the last stated
andjtutervening meetings were dispensed
Tho Clerk read at length the second
time, an ordinance entitled an ordi
nance, to repeal sections 27 and 23 of an
ordinance entitled aa ordinance, to
adopt tho ordinances of the City of Cairo
as revised and codified In relation to
county constables and special pollco
constables, and on motion of Alderman
Lohr, the ordinanco was adopted by tho
following vote, viz:
Ayes Brankle, Gibson, Huleu, Hend
ricks, Lohr, Lonergan. Mckeo, Mendel,
Redmau and Theobald. 10.
Nayes. None.
The Clerk read an ordinance, entitled
an ordinance to amoud section 210 of an
ordinance, entitled an ordinance to
adopt tho ordinances of the city of Cairo,
as rovlsed and codified, in relation to
dogs, aud on motion of Alderman Red
man, tho ordinance was referred to the
City Attorney.
A Joint resolution having passed tho
Select Council, and referred to the Board
of Aldermen for concurrence, abolishing
tho olhco of Health Ofllcer, was read at
length by the Clerk, aud ou motion of
Alderman M'Kee, was concurred in.
Bill of N. A. Devore for work done on
sidewalks and crossings having passed
the Select Council, amounting to $12 00,
ou motion of Alderman Brankle, tho bill
wus allowed by tho followiug vote, viz:
Ayes Urankle, Gibson, Hcndrlck,
Lonergan, Lohr, M'Kee, Mendel, Hod
man arid Thoobtild 0.
Nays .None.
Bill of Richard McGlnnie, amounting
to ?2l 00, having passed thu Select Coun
cil, was ou motion, referred to tho Street
Tho following bills wero presented,
aud on motion of Alderman Gibson, al
lowed by tho following vote, viz:
Aves Braukle. Gibson, liulou. Hen
dricks. Lonerk'an. Lohr, McKce, Men
del, Redman and Thoobald 10.
Nays None.
Hill of Thorn Meehun for hauling, amounting
lu MM S 52 W)
Of 1'. Moekler. for salary a city elerk, amount.
Ins to . ICO 10
Of Thomas Naughton, for work on sidewalks,
amoiiiitinj; to 41 25
Of Thoinim hnlllvau, fur lutuliug lumber,
amounting to....,..,, .,. J iu
Of Jolm lljUnd, for nalitry as city taeasurer,
auiouniiuu io - - iw uu
Of Dr. Oonln, for nicJIcul services to prlio
nert . amounting; to 19 00
Of A. Cain, salary ri markotmnstvr, amount
ing 11 .M. .. ..!. .Ml....., ' ... VI
Of KllceroniUblet' talarle, amounting to 493 00
Of U. Hhanneaar.ularr as ikjIIco magistratr,
amounting-t3:r:."nn: Zzr... n m
Of N. A. Deyort, (or work don on ildewalki,
amounlinr o,i..!....a...i.W..-..iv"..'.i1i; '42 00
ui M. wiinamiton, lor woric aone on mucwaiKo,
amounting It
27 40
Of Thomas Naughton. for work done on nidc-
walk, anountinK t 3)
Of Tlioman ritierald, for work done on ilde-
walka, amounting to 3lU
Of Tho man llealyfor work donoon aldewulkt,
amountlnc to.,... r.....;..,A.i 31) V
Of Ja nt lluglics, for ImulltiK, amounting to... 1 U)
Of Otit I'. Lynn, for talary.na city comptroller,
amounting, to CO (O
Of I. Uamhrlcli, nalary m inarihal, nrnuunt-
Uig .to ....i....t,..ri. 3L.T in (O
Of A 11. Irvln, clerk of tlm court of common
plca, for caiira dlomiffeil in aid court,
amounting to 114 ")
Of Wm. .Mollale, for dieting prlnoiifrt and
work on the ttret, amoiiiuinK to 274 t
Of VAt Hhannemy, aalary u health orMcer,
amounting lo... ' 76 (X)
,Of Jamea O Hullhaji, for luniberamounting to 6J MJ
Tho following bills were presented anil
referred to tho committee on claims, un
der tlie rule:
lllll of Patrick Wuliler, for hnulfng carrion,
amounting to..., , 1 21 ifl
Of Cairo City hook bindery, for ft book rur-
nlihcd tho city clerk, amounting t SJ 60
Of IJ. Smyth Co., for nailn, amounting to 71 wl
Of I). Willintnon, for undrie.i, nmouutlng
Ui , 1 o
Of (itm Thornton, for nursing imall.prj.Y
tlpntr, amounting to . 8 "0
Of ltarKohimon, for nursing small-pox pa-
IIcdIp, amounting (o... g (
Of Cairo City Gu Csmpany, for gtu, attrtuntiiig
to "no f.
The following petition was presented
and read, and on motion, the prayer of
the petitioner waw fjratite'd:
To the Mjiyor anil City Couu;il of thu City of Cairo,
Gentlemen: The undersigned petition
er woultl respectfully represent that sho
i the keeper of an eating houso on
Eighth street, and that she has been
'troubled by tho police To takeout license,
but being tho mother of four children,
who depend entirely upon my support,
and this being the only mode of making
a living for myself and uiy four children.
I am unable to pay it license, and would
respectfully ask your honorable body to
allow me to curry on suid eating houso
without any license, to enable me and
my children to mako a living, aud not
become a charge ou tho county; and
your petltiouer will ever pray, etc.
Cauoli.nb Guaf.
The following petition was presented
and rend, and on motion, laid on the
' Cairo, May 8, 1809.
To thn Honorable Mayor nnd City Council of tho City
of CJiro.
Qcntlemm:Ve, tho property holders
and citizens residing on Twelfth street,
do petition your honorable body to con
struct a sidewalk on tho north side of
Twelfth streetj between Washington and
Wulnutstreets; audyourpetitloners will
ever pray, etc.
Alderman McKeo presented a lengthy
report from the Jail committee, and on
motion of Alderman Gibson tho report
was received und ordered ou flle.
The followiug resolution was presented
and on motion adopted:
Resolved, by tho Board of Aldermen
tho b'elect Council concurring, that tlio
committee ou pollco and Jail bo author
ized to advertise for proposal for repair
ing City Juil and constructing new
building for occupation of City Jailor,
in accordance with tho rccommeudatlou
of said committee In their report to the
The following resolution was presented
aud on motion adopted:
Resolved, By tho Hoard" of Aldermen,
of tho City of Cairo, tho the commute
ou Flro dcDartmeut be, and, they are
hereby instructed to examine into and
report to the City Council tlio condition
of tho tenement on the comer of 24th
street and Commercial avenue, situated
on lot 1. In block 24. In tho the llrst nd.
dltion to tho City of Cairo; and whether
in inc opinion or salt! committee, the
danger from lire to the neighborhood In
which the same Is located, requires its
Alderman McKee offered an ordinance
entitled an ordlnanceJn relation to dogs.
It was moved to refer the ordinance to
the Clty Attorney, which motfou was
lost by the followiug vote:
Ayes Brankle, Hondrlcki, Lonergan,
McKee and Mendel 6.
Nays Carroll, Gibson, Hulen, Lohr,
Itedman and Theobald. 6.
The following resolutions was presen
ted by Alderman McKee, aud on motion
Resolved, That tho City Attorney and
Committee on Ordinances bo instructed
to draw up two or three separato ordi
nances, one or moro of which shall em
body a mild law against dogs, and regu
lating them, so that the City Council
may choose between them when thoy
are presented. Both these ordinaries
are to include tho repeal of all existing
iuwh in rcgaru io uogs.
The following reports wero presented
and on motion referred to tho committco
on police and Jail.
Report of Daniel McCarthy Chief of
Pol loo.
Report of F- Bross Tolico Magistrate
for tho month March.
Report of B. Sbanncsy Police Magis
trate for the mouth of March.
Tho following reports wero presented
and on motion received and ordered on
Report of John Hyland City Treasurer
for tho month of April.
Report of M. Rambrlok City Marshal
for tho month of April.
IteportofA. Cain Market Muster for
tho month of April.
On motion adjourned.
Pathick Mocklek, City Clerk.
Save your lives and property. A..
Fraser is agent for tho copper scroll light
ning rod company and will (111 all ordors
promptly. Call at once and havo them
put on your buildings. This is the best
and safest rod now made. Shop on Com
merclal avenue, between Eleventh and
Twelfth street. apl2id3m
Competitors fear ".Barrett's."
Money Suvctt:
IJv buviiiL' vonri'roccrlej of J. II. Motenlf.
a a 1
viha keens n l.iren nnd (elect stock of tbo hett
i - " o - ' '
family supplies, nnd fell chenpor tlinn tlio
cheapest, Ho. 334 wasaington avenuo, op-
posito uio court nouie. mnroii
Price's eroam bakhur powders for salo
at G. I). Williamsons. Thoy pay for
themselves in the saying of shortening,
milk, eggs, spoiled bread, aud tho
troublo aud expense of procuring good
yeast. Try them. apll0d2w
Pic nlc unit Nttnmfeont Kxcnralon.
Tho pupils, patrons and friends of the
Loretto Academy, of this city, will Join In
a grand pic nlc at Fort Jefferson, Ky., on
Wednesday the Oth instant. To enable
tho crowd, to reach the grounds the
steam ferry boat Cairo and a largo barge
havo been placed at the service of (he
managers. Tho steamer, with tho barge
attached, will make two trips during the
day, leaving on tho Drat trip at 0 o'cloek
a. m. sharp. Persons not on board at
that hour will bo compelled to .wait for
tho next trip which will be made at 1
o'clock p.m. Tho party will return at
0 o'clock In the evening, in time for tho
participants to take tea in their respec
tive homes. To defray the expenses In
cident to the occasion, children will bo
charged 25 cents for tho round trip,
adults oO cents.
A line string band has been secured,
and a lloor willboilaid.down in tho for
rest, that thoso who may feel so disposed
may Join lu tlio pleasures of tho dance.
Tho Cairo Silver Cornet Band has
volunteered its services aud will add to
the occasion the charm of Its excellent
Parties who do not choose to encumber
themselves with a dinner baskot will
find refreshment stands on tho ground.
Itls, perhaps, needless to urge a gen
eral attendance. Should tho day bo fair
tho beautiful hills und valleys around
Fort Jefferson will beallvo with delighted
children and happy men and women.
All who can do so will betsureto go.
Tho very attractive, varied and strictly
seasonable stock of dry-goods, notions,
etc., Just opened at Goldstino & Rosen
water's, has not been surpassed by any
purchase brought to tho Cairo market
during the season. Ladies, especially,
will bo pleased with it. myld8t
You Cnt Pay YotlVTitxea,
Until after Thursday morning next,
uu the onico of tho Sheriff will bo closed
from this day up to that time.
, From aud after Thursday tho collector
will be on hand us usual.
May 1, 16(59. L. H. Myehs,
Sheriff and ExoHIclo Collector.
Any Subscriber of the 'Evening
Bulletin' falling to reccivo tho dally Issue
thereof, will please mako it known at
theolllce. lw
Port I.Ut for the U4 IlourajtKMdinft- mi
Two o'clock, r. M.
(Jen. Antoron. Colum.j Win. White, I'!uch;
lljyard.-Httiburg. Longworth, New 'Orleans.
Talisman. Naalinlle. A. J. linker, .,
Atona, Clnelnnatl. ltofer, St. Louis. '
LouUTiile, " ham. ilrown, "
Hlr Moon Cincinnati.
Abconn, St, Louis. Longworth, Louisville..
lis)anl, " Loultrllle, New Orleans.
.tru. Drown, " . . Mlvcr Mood, Memphis.
A.J. lUker, I'littUirg. Hoxtt. l'ltuLurg.
The weather contltiued pleasant in
temperature to-uuy. but clowds were
struggling to obsouro tho sua during tho
whole forenoon, and indications of moro
rain were plentiful.
The Mississippi is utatlonery at' St.
Louis, but rising slowly at all points
above, The Missouri is still low but stu
Tho Cumberland is rising again with
eight feet on Harpeth Shoals.
Thu Ohio Is rising slowly from Pitts
burgh to Cincinnati; stationary at Louis
vlllo and falling below the latter part.
There is about six feet water over tho
falls and about tho same In the channel
to Pittsburgh.
Here the river has fallen ten Inches
since last report.
Business Is rather dull.
The White brought out 10 hhds tobac
co for rcshlpaieut to Sow York per rail.
Tho Abeona brought the now cust iron
main shafts for the steamer Underwriter,
and that steamer will soon be ready for
business. A largo force is at work to
day putting tho shafts In their places.
Tho Talisman brought out 188 hhds
tobacco for reshipment to New Orlcaus;
20 ditto for reshipment to Now York per
rail; 0 ditto, 137 pkgs cedar buckets for
reshipment to St. Louis.
Tlio 'Times' of this morning says:
Tho career of Capt. John Greonough
as river editor of the 'Missouri Republi
can' was "brief but remarkably brilli
ant,'' aud we assert that tue river col
umns of that paper was never moro
complete than when under his manage
ment. Ho lias accepted the position of
commander of tho Missouri river steam
er Mary McDonald. Wherovor ho goes
may the good fortuno, which his talents
ami good qualities deserve, over attend
Tlio Wm. White, Captain Northern,
leaves hero as usual this ovenlng for
Tho fleet Quickstep, Captain Dexter,
is tho regular Cairo aud Evansvlllo
packet this ovenlng.
Tho Talisman, Capt. Wm. Strong, Is
thu regular Cairo and Cumberland river
packet this ovenlng.
Tho Belle of St. Louis, Captain Alex.
Zekler, for Memphis, the Von Bismarck,
Capt. Sam Entriker, for Now Orleans,
the Clarksville, Capt. Reasor, for Ar
kansas river, leave hero this ovenlng.
The light druught passenger Steamer
T-fflliastft WM ,vmTB
It, V. NOltTllKIlN Master,
Will make reguler DAILY Tim's betweon Cairo and
ruducah, leaving Cairo eury evening (Sundays ei
ceptcd) at five o'clock,
Thu White connects at I'aducah witS the Nnw rrln
and Ohio railroad, and the Cumberland and Tcuneweo
riter packets. "
t or ircigni or painsgs iiii on dosm, or to
, Illinois.
. 'CAi.ocm.
wnAraoAT ''
CAta) TftA9SrKH
ate. 10
TlirniiRh Hills of linilltie K'vr to all
Avallalilo I'olnts by Hail or Water.
AV.lt. AKTlim
fiAllV UAV
JONIW, JIasler,
1ICIIK, MnskT,
I'KOKAM. Mastr.
HUTU , ... ,
M7..IK CIl.L .
com.monvi:ai.tii ..
.W1I1TK. JIasler,
..KNTltlKHN, Jlnsltr
..ti'NniL, llnstw,
..(.ONLY, Master,
OUKAT In:i'Um.IC.........I)0.VAI.L50.N,Maecr
MIHSISNII'PI ....Ol!Ki:.N. ilftster,
MOI.LIi: AHI-i: IU.H, .Mnsler.
Comprising nil the finest bi1 largest boataoutof Sit.
Lotus. . t,t
Oneofthcnbovo lino of steamers
Will lcare Cairo for New Orleans every
Forty-flight Hours,
Coiinectlns at New Orleans with Ocean Lino of Slom
ers to
Liverpool, Sew V.-', Itoston, anil Onlvts
tnn, Texas.
Passoncer" anil Fhlppers ean rely on ono of thesu
lxats leavm Crtlro r -ue'tialljr ns nWiVO. Will pay
rnrticular attention to all war freight Mow MoinphlR
to New Orleans. C1I.VS. T IIINDK,
rjenernl Agent, Cairo.
Ofllee, on Wliftrfl-wtt, Public landing.
ED. K. SISSON, Pas.enaer ami Tieket Agent.
Uffiee, at St. Charles lintel.
,.iu.rcs, ji lister.
: ,80W-: i 1S00, :
The followlntt llonti comprise tlii Line ami wlH
run In tho followlnc onlcr : '
'Arrive at Cairo,
ArrUnat Cairo,
J powx.
11ELLE ST. l.oUIr, "MUuy,3 p.tn fatunlar I -m
7jlar. Master: I
CITT OK CAIlto, irhur.aT 5 p.m Mood)". 1 ,n
Matin, Mauler ; I
HELLi: MISMI'IIU, SaturUar. 0p.miThurs., 1 n.m
Crane, Masu-r I
I Arrtvo at Cairo, lArrlve at ualro,
lsoats. i nowy. i tr.
CITT OF ALTON, Weacrr,SsM;iMir, 1
rsner, .nri !
JfAltllLi: CITV. i " "
, .Maslrr; i
ni'IltCON, 'Frtfev, 6 .m
lll.il.-, M.Mteri '
Conwaj-, JIasler: I
M.E.FOIWVTII. -uui.y, i p.m
llaner, Materi '
Collohati, Master. j
i ii ii
Wedntsl'y lam
Connecting at Kt. Louis wrfh
Xurthrrn Line Packet Coiuj)niiy,
ICcokuk Packet Coinimii-,
Omaha Packet Coinpaii)',
nnl Various Itallrnail Lines.
At Memphis with
Meiupiil ami AVhltc Itlver Packet Co.,
Arlinuiiu i'ackct Conimny,
lemplils ami Cliarlritnii It, H.,
nnil fl i, A. Teitiirssre It. It
At Vickshurg with
Yaxoo lllvcr Packets, anil
Vlcksliuri; ami 3Irrlllatt Ilullronil,
Olrlnr through hills tailing anil ttoket to nllaraUnbln
tK)lnt by rarlorriter.
CIIAS. T. IIINDE. Oeneral AhmI.
Othou on Wh.irf.boat.
ED. F. SISSON, Tieket .! P.issenKtr AKent.
fyiS. Cou.uting of tlio following
e r&3iicmitJ pttisetigcr sleamors:
,.Mtter WOODS.
.JOHN lu.-usi)i:n,
DAVW Slastor D.WI9 ...Oftii:
Maklnc all iuterinenlato'juiiJincs. ami L'ivlnc- snicl.il
Attentluii to wuy liiisineis,
t. iii.in., iieneraj leant
ikc'Jl 'iiS.I Oltieo ou Wharfboul.
UlirUK KUL'lv
JOHN II. D.ma, c!,i't, Memphis, Tennessee.
. fPTrr Tho splendid Bldo-wliool
LllllCUTY .o.M,
Leavo Memphis eeiy Tt'B-D.VY, TIlUllSDAA'naa
HATimilAV. at oti.iii., for Whlto Iliver, coimiHjtln?t
i lllurl with tho Meiiitilu ami Littlo ltooU Hall
r Littlo HopJc nn Hot Springs. Tlmo frem
is to Littlo Itoclr, ii hours,
hts ana PassoiiKers reoitte.f)vcr tlionbovo
roml for I
avi.iu.i o iiiuii iiiiii i
rreiBhtsana Pmsonger reoipte.nver thenboTO
t.iiiv ui iwwvr run'i iiiuii hiiv ntner route.
cuam. T. JIINDE, Agent, Cairo. III.
Ottieo on Wharf ljont.
paoixet ooni:i?iv.irY
p,..tstfoK of tlio followinn
SiiU'iitlltl I'nwi'iiger Steamers:
Leaves Cairo Sunday aul Thursday nt 6 p.m.
Leaves Cairo Tuesday and Friday at S p.m.
WM. A. LOVTH...Slaster WUIaHT Clk
Leaves Cairo Wednesday and Saturday at S p.m.
Making all Intermediate landings, and paylntrtMir
tieulaiaUentloute Pocket FreiirhSi. ' H
CKAS. T. H1ND1C, General Agent,
Otticeon Wharf-boat

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