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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, May 05, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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m, n. iixniiKLr., arsooiatb euitoh,
Illinois Centrum. tt.t Chnn)r of Time.
The train? now eaan follflYf; O
lUII train
Kipres "
ooiNONpnTii: ,.. , ...Ji...' . ....: .i.i,
" W " -J"r. I
. 2.10.
Mll train arrives t ' o'clock a.m.
Kinress " - - 4:01 " pm-
FjtKioiiT TftArirst, "'it!'!
Way, leave at.i.ij-i-..".' iff.W:).0,gToo't'Ik .
r.xprc", ..iHiHiiiii Ait
way, arrive at .. omu
Hxprcm " 7iS0 "
JDally, Sundays excepted.
p. in.
"Barrett'f" all around tho .world
i mm li
We hear it reported that Mr. J.,
Kelly proposes
" iji"
to opqn. 1tUo0Arnorfcp'u
Mr, H. F. Potter, editor of tho Mound
City 'Journal,' waVlii the city this
afternoon. ' "
There was no pollco business before
Earpilre JJross, up to the hour of'bno p?
in., and none in immediate antlcipatlrfn?
Tho sewers wero opened this morning,
tho river being low enough to permit a
n slight "oulgush" of filpo-water. By
morning the fall will bo fltttl1clcntvto em
ploy the full capacity of tho sowers.
Mrs. Clark, wife of tho Junior partner
of tho firm of fc'tratton, Hudson it Clark,
died last night, after a shrfrt Illness.
She was an Intelligent, cultivated lady
loved by all who knew her.
1 ' ji.
Mesnrs V. It. Rockwell & Co., whole
Halo and retail stationers, news uud book
dealers, haveour tliaukH for tho Kclcctlc
Monthly for May and late copies of tho
Bazar, Bound Table, etc.
t AoM rr.
All persons having claims against the
Cairo Transfer Co., will please present
them Immediately for settlement.
Ciias. T. If INDE, Agent,
Office ou wharf boat. uiy3-3t.
Tho very attractive, varied and strictly
Hcosonablo stock of dry-goods, notions,
etc., Just opened at Uoldntlntf lloen
wntcHs, lias not been surpassed by any
purchase brought to tho Cairo market
during tho atjason. .Ladles, especially,
will be pleased with It. myld8t
l'oalpoiif mem.
In consequence of tho Inability 6f par
ties in charge to complete repairs on tho
steamer Underwriter, and the breaking
of the shaft of the steamboat Cairo, tho
M. 12. congregation named for Katurdny.
tttk till lm j limiit ulivAMni
day tho irth.
Arrlnl IliU Marnlua;.
Tliat portion of tho Illinois Press Asso
ciation that accepted .tho hospitalities of
Montgomery and Sehna, Ala., aud Me
ridian and Columbus, Mli.t arrived, per
steamer General Anderson this morning
and continued north per Illinois Central
railroad. Messrs. Oberly, Mbrgdn nnd
Fagln were with this party, and are
therefore again at their respective iraets,
lrnntll Klrninrr Ociiprnl .iiiilprton,
Hereafter the transit Eteumer General
Anderson will leave Cairo for Columbus
at2a.m. and 4 p.m., Instead of -1:30 a.
in. and 5:30 p.m. Returning will leuvo
Columbus at 1 :30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.,
making close connections with tho cars
of the Illinois Central and Mobile A
Ohio railroads. mySdlw
"Uarrett'a" Renowned
Hair Itestora-
If you want a good stove, or tin ware
hollow-ware, copper or sheot-lron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that line,
call on A. Froscr, Commercial avenue,
beteen Eleventh and Twelfth stroof,
where he has moved to, and fitted up tho
largest and most complete shop In
Southern Illinois.
Particular attention given to steam
boat and mill work, copper smithing
nnd sheet Iron work, such as chimneys,
brcecher escaping steam-pipes, etc.
Esriiinlou no l IMo air, MattiriUj- Slnjr 13,
Tho ladies or tho Methodist Church
give an excursion on Saturday, May 16th
to Fort JeflVjrson, Ky., on the Hteamer
Underwriter, which will mnko two trips
from Cairo, leaving at S. 30 a. m. aud
1. 30 p. in.
Tickets for tho round trip adults,
oNEDoluh; children under fifteen years
A refreshment stand will be on tho
ground for the accommodation of thoau
who do not take their own plcnlo pro
visions. Proposals for tho prlvllego.of kqeplug
a refreshment stand, excluding the )jlo
of all splrltous or malt liquors, will bo
received by tho committee, Mrs. Slack
and Mrs. Mason, until Thinsday next.
All ladles uso "Barrett's."
If you havo not supplied yourself and
family with spring boots and shoes, you
will thank us fordtrectlngyour attention
to tho largo stock and low prices of El
liott, Ilaythorup&Co. These gentlemen
receive now supplies three times a week,
;ind are therefore always well stocked
with such wear oh tho demands of tho
market require. They have, at .this
time, some of tho handsomest and best
custom-made calf and morrocco boots
and shoes over brought to Cairo, and tho
low prices at which they sell them will
convlnco you that they uro governed by
tho motto thoy havo adopted of "Small
prolltsaud quick sales.'.'.,
i 1 il
I L Jl-
Another CaaMdeaec aunt Ass Orar-mUed
(. mt fount VIllUsis.
A' yuuug mtt w!Mng hr,foHjwr
rival of Bt,. Loulsboat. was approached
sjr oae Charley LorglfeWay morn-
lntr, and the two being mutually srati
id over the fact that they we're destined
for the name point, took a walk
to Itlll tldir and mMhe tight -of
ths Rjr.i Aftar a. Inrviai ramMt 4h
reujrnA tto.ho whrTbgt, whW Hft,
other parties approaonea tnem, one in
. 1, ..' j. ,..'." .Uitili' .1 it.-.
er as a grocer.1 "iv 'iiTMeu mat
eight barrels oWqurtarijltlU jU
hip, and I comsfor the pay for the haul,
ing," observed tlie drayman, addressing
Lowrey, "aniLttio mpwh j,' he
continued, pointing to his companion,
til. .ft.. V.l Kilt inn T Mlknn If
- loiiltui ilia, wii& uwt'A
"All right,'' rejoined Eowery; "but
tho hank, U not open yet, and you will
have to but,- no, wnlt. Wauld;youM8ir,"
(turning to tho grcony he had boon cul
tivating), "loan me 'tort dollars." Wo
I are both going toBt. Law, and I will
nana it to you ttio moment J., can got In
tho bank." "Certainly," replleJ tho
greeny, and bo handed over, the money.
Thocro,wd ucparatcd, and, the victim
left to himself, arrived at tho coucIubIou,
a few hours afterwards, that ho had
been "taken In" to 'the amount of ten
dollars, exactly. This conviction find
ing It way through his thick Hklill, he
Secured the assistance 6t Joe Arnold,
who snaked out onu of the uonlldoncu
cliapf, and Is now on a sharp lookout for
the other two
From a letter written by one of these
three scoundrels, which Is now In the
hands of Arnold, wo are lodr to believe
tliitt they are members of an organized
cane of thieves and pick-pockets that
"work" tho principal towns on, tho Ohio
river. Tho letter Is addressed , to. John
Rngan, Evansvlllo, Indiana. From" 'tho
'Journal' of that city, May lit';' we leurn
of the arrest of' Rogan' for participating
iu a heavy robbery, the night before.
The writer of the letter had been im
formed of Ilagan's arrest, and, express
ing regrets, added that he was, Just'
then, unable to help him.
We hopo that the clue to the existence
of this gang of young scoundrels thus
furnished, may lead to tho arrest and
punishment of every one of them and,
It probably wjlte
For the young man who was swindled
out of his ten dollars we have no sym
pathy whatever. Every. uowspaper In
the country hoar .exposed ttieso confl
donce games time anil time again. So,
If tho young man had read Ihe papers he
would have been fortified -.gainst tbe
wiles of the scoundrels. Not having'
read the.'papcrs, tho low of IiIh ten. dol
lars -1h but a light punishment, of his
nixllrrctlon or IIUrs.
T'ery lurllcrons denoumcnU often eorae
fropxUiq.mlBdJrcctlou of letter-- , ..
A day or two ago, a lady of this city
was In the act of ordering v supply of
fancy goods from a lady dealerer In Clfe:
clnuatl, and herqrdjjrwos welladvunced
when a gentloma&j friend, one or "no
ttiro's noblemen," who oould .not write,
dropped In on lier. He had; a few months
previous, separated from his wlfo,, and
was anxious to make a tender of the
"olive branch," and to enclose a sum of
money to buy "bibs," etc., for the baby.
The lady shoved asldo her own writing,
and did tho amenuensis for her friend,
assuring the absent wife that bechus-
band wan a good man, loved her hear
tily, and If permitted to return would
act tho noble husband's part. To this
was added a llttlo buncombe about tho
nescsslty of re-unlon on 'the child' ac
count, etcetera and-so-fortb. The letter
was finished, the money enclosed, and
enveloped. The writer then finished
and enveloped her own letter, and. stop
ping to breathe awhile, got things mixed.
Tho letter Intended for the deserted
wife was addressed to the dealer: In
fancy goods, and the order for goods was
addressed to the deserted wife. Tho
surprise of both parties on (hj recepl )f
such unintelligible missives may well
bo Imagined. The merchantess replied,
with the least bit of snap, that ho and
her husband were on the best of terms
aud had not oven thought nf separa
tion; and, concluding said: "Believing
madam, that you havo fallen Into some
grave rnlstako or have beon Imposed
upon, I return you tho money." Iu duo
time tho order for goods was returned
with the Indorsement "not In tho bus!
nesa',' when aredlrectlon of the mls
sives made everything porfectly lntelll
Vnu Cnlit I'ay Your Tnxen.
Until after Thursday morning next,
as tho ofllco of tho SherilTwill be closed
from this day up to that time.
From and after Thursday tho collector
will bo on hand as usual.
May 1, 1809. L. H. MYEits,
Sheriff and Exofflcio Collector.
r.ijf iiiiiiiiv.
Savo your lives and property. A..
Fraser Is agent for tho copper scroll light
ning rod company aud will fill all orders
promptly. Call at onco and havo them
put ou your buildings. This Is tho best
and eafest rod now made. Shop on Com
merclal avenue, betweon Eleventh and
Twelfth street. npl21d3m
Competitors foar "Barrett's,"
, . i
Money gmvedl
hy buying yourgroccrlcs of J. II. Metcnlf,
who keep a largo and eoloot stock of tho best
family supplies, and soils choapor than the
cheapest, No. 334 Washington avenue, op
posite tho court house. mar5tf
Prlco'H cream baking powdors for salo
at G. D. Williamsons." They pay for
themselves In the saving of shortening,
milk, eggs, polled bread, and tho
trouble aud oxponso.of procuring good
yeast. Try them. ' aplld2w
Coming Hnek.
That portion of tho Illinois Pr.css Aaso-
Uon -thftt-viflted -Nm. .Orleans,
wturnadJiy.the.steamerAnaoraon yes
terda? 'rHothiW. uhV f Moaiewfat
travel worn, but express tucmselves as
more than pleased with the marked cour
tesies and generous hospitality that were
extended to them all along the lino of
their travel! They1 T3m4lried (fx New
Orleans from Thursday morning until
Sunday, being entertained by the city
Ihe ,whtld,lix-a-st$lioct(iat aH dehSmlrfato
pot only as geuerourbut as "splendid."
? 'hey feel themselves at a loss foe words,
ndeed, tb conVeY,0 aJc(lUQt) idoa of
the civilities, attentions and kindnesses
bestowed upou thcnviby thd "unrcuonj
structed" and "radically-constructed"
of plxle.iThatjgood results will pomo
of tho now-born uotlons forced upon tho
radical memUors of the Association by
their contact with Southern people, wo
feel confident. Let every man now,'
demotfrat.or radical, go homes tell his
readers "what hls.experlences actually
were, wbat-hls convictions are, and- wo
shall hear less of this Infernal 'blood--hounding
of Southern people and South-,
ern Ideas. '
BarchV1 Brothers ilarretf's' ngonts,
Cairo; Illinois. ,f my3-d5:wlv
Tho first colored baptist church, of
Cairo, ha? deposed tho Rev. Jacob Brad
ley dismissed him from tho ralnldtry.
They frame against Jacob, tlie following"
Indlctmctit: ' '
FImI, that Jacob Bradley was guilty of
creating faction In the church to which
he belongs; second, that ho h guilty of
creating discord betweon man and wlfoj
third, that he will defraud his church,
and fourth, that things would not stay
long where Jacob passes by.
Now It may come to pass that Jacob
will dony tho rlht of tho "First colorod
Baptist church," or any other earthly
power, to stop the flow from his classic
tongue of the "apostolic truths and sed
iments'' that have so often electrified
his sheep and made him so popular
among tho ewes. Jacob was "called,"
and to say thai ho shall hot' answer tho
call Is to deny an Amorlcan citizen tho
sacred right of free speech. What will
Jacob do? "Noi rcrrons."
Local RcmlscM itoticrt.
Every Item inserted in our local col
umns Is read by at least oue thousand
persons, dally. While we would not
disparage onr auvorlislug columns as a
medium of communication with the
public, we may say, nevertheless, that
the Increased price charged for business
notices iu our local columns Is fully au
thorized by tho Increased notoriety
secured. This 1 understood by many of
our natrons and hence the numerous
business and personal notices that aro
found Interspersed among our items of
local news. Our charges uro 20 cents a
line (10 words) for the first insertion
and 10 ceuts per,llno for.eAch subsequent
Bring on your business "locals" then
aud In less than two' days we will have
the wares you advertise, talked about In
every family of the olty tf
mm li
Quite a large number of ladles,, -gentlemen
and children left tho landing
about half past 9 o'clock this morning
for the plc-nlc grounds at Fort Jefferson.
Tho children, of which there were about
two" hundred, wero happy In anticipation
of the pleasures. before them, and those
of maturer growth looked forward to a
brief aoasou of real eDjoymouU ,But
tho rain, the rain, the hateful rain, came
pouring down about ono .o'clock
accompanied by thuuder nnd lightning,
and of courso dashed down all tho hopes
of the whole party. Indeed If the ma
jority of them escaped a complete
drenching It was so because thoy had tho
foresight to take umbrellas. In conse
quence of the rain, the afternoon trip
was slim.
The Board of Aldermen held a meet
ing night before last, allowed several
bills, and took a step toward protecting
our people from tho threatened peril of
mad dogs. Tho city attorney was di
rected to preparo "ouo mild and two so
Tore ordinances" against tho canine spe
cies, that tho Board may choose that
Which suits It best. Wear apprehensive
that tho routluo tho ordinance will bo
subjected to will expose our people to a
dangorous delay. Protection, ample and
Immediate, Is demanded
"Barrett's" drosses hftlr splendidly.
Tho Sunflower Billiard Saloon, on Ohio
Levee. Is furnished with tho latest styles
of tablos, and tho bar supplied with tho
mnt nxoHllent llmiors. Freo lunch Is
I hit
spread everyday at 'J a. in
and 10 p. in,
Port List for tlie 24 H""" i.nnniR-
Ren. Anilomon. CoIuum Win. White. Tadiicali;
Qiuck.tep, Kvansvillc. Strader, J-oilUvllle.
K Thayer, Cincinnati. Iletor. '
llello Hi, I'ouli, Ivy. ott Lofl-rfon.
Ocn.Andfrsoii, Columbui.Wm. White. Tadticah.
gulckmep. EanaTlll. Jiltm-rcV, Orleam.
ifoltn St. Louiii, Memphis. . "
8. Thayer. Art. river Dictator, wo .
Ivy, Kort Jefferson, Korsjth, "
A tremeuduous storm Bee'mod;impend-
Inglastnlght, and 'lightning iu every
variety sheet, zig-zag aud forked -
played athwart the northern and east
ern heavens? Iu a bowllderlngly, beautiful
and irrand. but terrflying mauuer, while
occasionally, a slight roll of very distant
thunder could bo heard, business was
hurriedly disposed of for tho night, and
peoplo put their houses In order for tho
coming storm which threatened to burst
unon them every minute. But tho mln
utes passed and lengthened into hours,
and still tho storm would not burst
"worth a cout." Weary with waiting
they at length went to bed, and aw'oko
this morning to find that not a drop of
had fallen not "upon the just as upon
the unjust," and leaving Cairo un
touched. This morning was clear and balmy.
but towards noon the temperature
became too warm for comfort, under,
the rays or an unclouded sky, .and , we
may yet have, a storm, before long, 'w i I.
The Mississippi iff 'still rising at St.
Paul, but very slowly.. The. rise ban not
yet reached St. Louis. .The Missouri rlso
Is coming down slowly and the lower
part Is still low.
Tho Ohio Is rlBlng rapidly at Pittsburg,'
with twelve feet in the channel, but the'
Alleghany Is stationery and tho Monon
gahela, falling above that city, so that
the rise will soon bo at an end; Over
80J.OOO bushels of .coal havo been sent
ont from .Pittsburg an thb rise. Only
200,000 bushels aro for below Louisville
flftf. fimntmr. rrolntrbt Nnff Orlpans.'' ' ' '
The Cumberland Is rising still, and tho
Wabaeh,is beginning to overflow Its low
est bottoms.
Hero tho river has fallen fully eighteen
inched since lant report.
T,ho White brought 3 hhda tobacco for
New Orleans and 1 for St. Louis, besides
a lot of handles for Pitcher & Henry,
The Belle St. LouU received about 40
tons, hero for Memphis.
Tlie new United States light draught
snugboat S. Thayer, arrived from Cincin
nati, where she lias just been completed,
nnd lay at our wharf all forenoon. She
Is admirably constructed fur pulling
snags In shallow rivers and her powers
havo already been tested In extracting a
very larce nag near Cincinnati. She
goes to the Arkansas where her services
are badly needed. Her ofllcers aro ex
perienced western men, aud will do
faithful service.
Tho Wm. White, Capt. Northern, Is
the regular packet for Paducah this p.m.
The Cumberland, Capt. Lowth, Is the
regular Cairo aud Evnnsvllle packet this
Tho Magenta Is expected to depart for
N. O. this evening.
Dallr XAoXx.ot.
Th light drought jaenger Steamer
It. r. NOKTIIKnN .... .-Master,
J Jt. UEVEItLT- Cterk,
Will mV rirnlr PAII.T TIMIM between Cairo and
PadiKAh. leaving Cairo every evening (Sunday ex
rcjiteili atflvco'clock.
The White connect, at 1'aducah wit"v the New Orleans
and Ohio railroad, nod Uie CumUrlfod and Tenneaieo
river rvket.
1 'Tire gr.t or r,a."B0 aripiT on unani.or 10
J. lll'CKI.Kr, AneDt,
(Ulrn. Illinol.
BqoIl - 1 n clov," H.ulor
IJlnnk ,Bookr,.VsiinfiictBrr, t.- t
No. 73 Oino Lever, CAIRO, ILLINOIS,
apt rd!f
1?OK KUST.-The l.rvew building on tot. R3.
1 lately ocupiwi ly i'arker A l'hilllpa and Wm.
Winter. Polon Riven immediately,
aprlfcltf C. Wl.STON, .No. 71 Ohio Lovee.
TV)K HAhK. CHEAP New Cottage and three
I1 lot., corner locux ami Mixuiniii .lroeu.
mrl.ltf UIIBKN A OILUEKT, Atlv.i
ITrASTED-Alexander County Order, at SO ct.
yV and City Henp at eocenu on tho dollar, for all
kind of Lumber And Builders' Material.
wnllltf W. W. TIIUK.NTON.
Dealer In
Fruit, Vegetables and Couutrj Protlure
Wiolenatc and Retail,
No. IU Commercial Avenue, corner Ninth Street,
Cairo, iiunoiD.
Order filled with dlinatrh. and delivered In any
Eirt of tliocily ; choice liutterolwaya on hand, i-ieaiu-oata
iiipplled. S. MICHKIJ.
Pirtle. h.ivlnir 2li and Sx.t fneli lumber. 7 or II inchea
wide, length, ladlttrrent, "ill do well to addreas, with
tcrnn of delivery at ateamUat Undine, the
hT I.UL'tS JIA.-Vl'r-ACTU'llt.MJ I'll..
tutu. Fifth ft.
Proial to fiimUli hlooks 7i7ollflted. api Iw
Enieciftlly designed for. the mo of the Medical Pro
fession and the Family, iKM.ua.mic thono Intrinalo
tnedioinal propertle which belong to aa old and Pure
' indispensablo to remnles, f,'ood fur Kidney Coin
plaint, A delicious Tonic. Put up In eaten, contain.
ing one dozen bottlcit each, aud .old by all druggiM,
gnicer,Ac. A M. Dirilngr A Co., otabll.hed IT7,
No, IS lWver .Iroot. New York. inarJOdly
Boot nixd. Sboo XW3Tci.ls.ox
Ticentirth itrtet, between Washington ami
Poplar streets,
(Nearly opposite tho Court House,)
Keeps a splendid stock of tht best materia, and good
workmen, and can till orders on short notice.
Mending dono ucutly and cheaply, Patronage so.
licited. . ' ' - - rtei!2r5dtr
CAiaocirv , t
Cii.o TBASgraa e.
wua.moat. , ,
A. 0 33 3rT.
t ., , . ( J
ThrouKh Illlli of l.niMiifr Riven. o nil
AvRllable Point Uy Hall or. 'Water..
i '
W. II. AIlTIlt'K JOXHS, Master,
I.AUI UAt m.
.. l'KJuA.M.Jiaater,
Wlllfi:. Matrr,
.... O'.NKtL, Jliwtor,
tit r ( . a
tfkV Ttrv ft ' . 1 1 rf,vtki li.....
x I , .illt.er.
w n i,i.i,i,,itM.n..i.M...Hii.ijri;. .iiiuiifr,
C1IIKAT ltr.l,LItI.IC......I)()N.l,DiO.V.iilcr
MIHSIKNll'I'I (lUr.F.N M.(ir,
THOJIPMl.V l)i:.V. .....l'i;i'l'EK, Maeter,
MOI.LIK AIII.K Alll.K, MftMfr.
Comprising all tho finotond largeat boaUoutof St.
I.niii. ,
Onooltheatovo line of utramcrs
Will leave Cnlro for Xew Orleans everj
Porty-elglit Ilourx.'
Connecting at New Urlenns with Ocean Line ntStoAm
ers to
I.lvcrjiool, Ntw York, linn) on, ml Onlvrj
tnn, Texa.
Penaers and hhippcr can my on ono nf theo
. . . ,Ari tntrn ;.;.r...tiuitv - .i.v. uiii ....
Imats leaving Cairo punctually a. atjve. Will luy
particular attention to i
i an way iroiuiu imiow Mtmfikix
to New Orleans.
C1IA3. T. IllMli;.
General Acent. CAlra.
, Offleo, nn Whnrfbont, Pttlil Imdlsw;.
r.D. K. SISfcON, I'ft.eniser and Ticket AKent.
Office, at St. Charlca Hotel.
ISO 9.
The following Moats uorapriso this Line and uirl
run In the following order :
(Arrive at Cniro,i Arrive at Cairo,
1 now. I rr.
IlEt.LK ST. I.OU1H, Tuesday, 5 p.infeaUirdayl a.in
Mirier. Master)' I . , .
CIIIOKCAHtO, Thurday3 p.uiiMenday.l a.m
Malln. Iaterl !
HEI.LK MEMPHIS, iSaturdar, Sp.mhun., I a.m
Crane, Matter. i
Arrive at Cwlfo,
Arrive nt Calrc
Arrher, Mister:
, Maoter;
v'rVtlay, 1 a.m
Friday, S n.rnS(ind.iy, 1 a.m
Jliaae. .Manor;
M.E. hXJIwrTH, iMinday, p.miWciliuil'yla.sn
llaney, .ijatleri
Callahan, JIaIiT.:
Connecting at St. Louiawkth
Xortherss Line I'acUet Coniimiiy,
Keokuk Pnokec Coiuiiaiiy,
OinnliK Packet Coinpniiy,
ami A'nrloiiK Ilnllriinil Lines.
At Memphis with
Mciuitlil ami AVIilte Hiver I'ucket Co.,
Arkansna lllvrr l'ackct Coiiipnny,
Mcmplila mill Chariot on K. It.,
and .1II.liliiil &. Tmntatec U.K
At VicUburgwilh
Taaoo Itlvcr Packets, and .
Vlckaliurtr onil Mrrlrilnu llollrontt.
Olvlnr throuch bills ladlnsond tickets to all arailabio
point by ran or river. .
A. m.uir.1 i.viit'ii., rtKrin.
Olttco on Wharf.boal. .
EI). V. HIKSON, Ticket and Paenger Agent.
f!nns!t!nf of tho fnllnvlnr
Ssjilontliii passenger Bteuinors:
81M3......... -.Master HAItPEIt acrt
STItONO ..Mter WOOflS . .tttrh
llAHMON Master I WIUVKIt ...dcrk
UAV1S Msnter I-AV1S- ..C1jV
Making all lnt'rnienlnte'itndiPQ, and giving peihl
attention to May bunmcas,
lii,3. t. in.Mij-., uenerm Agents
dec2l 'id Oillee ou WharfiToiO.
LlTli,!. UOl'K
JOHN II. DAVIS, Muii't, Memphm, THBssi'tf.
W Tim J ill i Mil 111 Rlilo.wlinnl
LIlIfcUtTY No.:S,
Leave Memphl. every TlT.sDAV, THUrtBnv nI
HATUIIDAY. at 5 p.m., for White ltiver. conncctfngut
Uiivall'a llliul with tho Momiiht and Little ltock Ral
roan ior i.iiuo uocic nn.i not springs. Timo from
Memphis to Llttlo ltock, 48 hours.
Freights aud Pn-sniiRers receipted over tlio uboo
Line at lawer rute.t than any other route.
CJIAH. T. 1IINDK. Ant, CMro. IU.
uilleo on Wharf-boat.
.j. t -i""oiouii(j ui uio liiliuwilli;
riuuiiuiu l a.s.seiijri'i- au'amcrss
Alfvr All .
Leaves Cairn funday nnd Thursday at 5 p.ui.
Leaves Cairo Tuesday and Friday at 5 p.m.
WM. A. LOWTIf...Mai.ter WUIOUTm cissJt
Leave Cairo Wednesday and Saturday at 5 p.rn.
Making all Intermedlato landings, and paying p.
UcuUvatMntlou I Packet FreinUU. "
CIIAS. T. HIN1VK. Reuersl Arentl
' Ofilce on'Wharf.botit.
1 1 .

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