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nil .I. In I
OFFICE: No. 13Tentl Street, Thornton's, ,Buildin, .
"TffUftS 1869.
I ' wx'xw : xn o. x jrenm pweet Thornton's, .BuU.aAn,., 4 ; .T7,
liEADY. , I
In tbo absence of party restraint some
of the radical editors who made the ex?i
cursloa south, give tyipresslon to their
horfesf convTctloKsT niTtriVrnory of the
courtesy, kindness and unlimited hospi
tality of tho southern people Is still fresh
with these editors, having, possibly, the
effect of wine stirring up an cntbusl
.aaui that will diuiliilHli under the touch
'of'IfuVe. "Wo say "possibly," Decnuse
we have lenrned to regard the "whlto
man'' as wonderfully uncertain, particu
larly that portion that has louued lUelf
to un advocacy of radicalism. Should
theno radical cditore, however, stand
fcteadfastly by their promises to combat
the groundless prejudices In tho north
that are working Mich ovll to the people
of llic foutli; should party necessity full
to swerve tlu-ni from a faithful discharge
of this voluntarily unsumoil du.y, we
.should be taught ly the fuel what the
past career of Hit-radical tircMlins failed
toleuru us--that honesty and radicalism
are not wholly iiieotnoutllile.
Under the Intlueucu of a vivid rtcol
lection of what he saw, heard and en
joyed, tho cdltorof tho .Springfield 'Jour
rial confesses to a "better understand
ing" and promises (o ills southern breth
ren "many u good turn in thu future."
We will, however, let the 'Journal'
speak for Itself:
Tho opinion has been prevalent that
there Is a general hostility to Hie Ingres
of northern capltd unit enterprie; mid
thut no northern man who transfers ills
home to the south would be made wel
come, but such Is-evlilently not the cae.
While there U nuturully u repugnance to
those who are called "carpet-baugerf,"
I. e., to the men who go south- fur the
mere cake of securing official position,
we have been everywhere assured that
the hilcli-strltig and the heurttriags
of the southern pe pie will open At once
to all whohonently go theru to. live with
and become a putt of them. Tho New
York World,' which Invurlably seeks to
turn everything to political uccount, as
sumes that every radical editor vho
went on this excursion, now that he has
returned to his sanctum, "will turu and
.snap" at tin-. Imiidi of the houtliern peo
ple, and "will use the Information he
has obtained to construct new s'lauder
against the south." This U an unwar
rantable assumption. The editors of
Illinois visited t lie south with no such In
tention; and they liave no occasion,
evea bad they the disposition, to use1
their experiences for any such purpose.
Indeed, their visit hat been productive
of the most beneficial results. They have
seen rauchln the southern character to
admire and command; and, actuated, by
common Interest, tuey are only anx
jlolM to do all In their power to assist In
-the material development of that beau
'tlful land 'go far froai being actuated
"by unklnd or unclm liable sentiments,
they are constrained, by tho generous
hospitalities which tliey havabeeo made
partakers of, to-look upon the southern
people as brothers and kinsfolk; and
hoiiccfortbLvtftli this better understand
ing between tbeui, they hope, aTtogeth
, er.they "keep step lo'the tousle' of the
' Ubion," tudutihem, M opportunity of-
fets, many a good turu.In the future.,
luicuov iu uiaucfirs, crusninguesii
nnes as it closed Upon him, until1
heel caught upon' tho center, and,
rse, stopped. In this excruciating
orrlble condition Humes was. sus-
rd, his hips abdomen pressed'
crushed Into a' spaee of
or four Indies. ,Wth all
icuUles about him, trie stlerug
icrcamed to tho engineer to "back"
elleye him; uot to go ahead, for
orsthad not yet been reached. Bqt,
iteuftireWh'eenhWratopped upon
(titer and could not bo forced lti(o a
vard revolution. In this situation
lira tho only thing itbatieoukl bo
was dono, SteattttWas applied, .the
mado Its forward revolution, 4tlU,
r.fiVW.11.?. ni?ngllng and grind-
. an."
ft, I m H A H . fT.. M . 1 . .M V 1 1 1
w hiwviivi nilMUUl, until
1'olll fAWV
n com-
It Is peculiar commentary ou the bad
hands Into which the Federal govern
r aat tias fallen that It, should actual!
be telegraphed as as Interesting item of
news that, oa the Chief-Justice ef the
Ilnltad atatea Meoeediug to open a
United States Circuit Court, a respectable
esul IhUlilireBtiurr ahouW. have beeu
bBMieU4 for the first time lm that
eourt in four years! Holding eourti a4
Klohmoad, the Chlef-Juetiee dUjeeBtee
with the Juridiolai aashuaaee ef the
tatelyeeBABiiMtest aiaTte wbereby'if
efaee U eUsBlBataa Ijroa the jury box
t aad dlspeasea, also, with the brutal
and stupid test-oath whereby iatelli
'geuce is allowod to cone In. " i'Jaacy old
UIeiiii;1' eiy' the telegram ( 'appeared
lu thejurybox for the ink tbate alaoe
the war.i' iai
Tho only sensible thing whleh Qraat
-has beca guilty of for some tin waa hit
aeeklag the advloe of General Lee as to
outheru recosstructlon. The radicals
are In a great etate ef' wrath that their
President should have eondeeeaded !
aollclte aa 1b tax view with aa uaregene
ate rebel sweh ae Lee.
A carpetbag bohool -teacher, 1b Tal
tUdega, Ala., senteaced a aegro girl, oae
fhlirMiplls, UUa days' aoehlagat hie
.prlYaterecldeaoerbr a rioUUe of the
-rules of tbe school. His pupils axe rather
(factory, and to manaae to et all his
. household-work done by them. Colum-
bus Hun.
"' ,o3C40.,oM
Tho train arrived In Cairo at hIx
o'clock, a.m., where tho party was met
by the reeepttan eeMnltteesnd escorted
to the St. Chailes Hotel, and left to
themselves to prepare for a famous
bioakfast. such only as tho proprietdrs
'of the BteCuarles.kuoWybewijLq prepare,
auu to wnicn a snort time aiterwuras tne
party paid their respects, doing tho sub
ject ample Justice. ,
A great deal has been said and writ-'
ten of Cairo. Much has been said agahist
tills city In malice; a grtut deal of sar
casm liaj been Indulged In without aiiy
motive whatever, and wo Incline to' the
opinion thut very little truth has found
Its way to tho public concerning the
metropolis of southern. Illinois. The
city ut Hint glance, It I if true, Is not the
most beautiful place in the world. The,
fuct Is imttire never done anything for
.tho place to estubllsh ita foundations
several feet below the level of the Miss
issippi. It was fonnely said thut Cairo
wa a port of entry, thut the Mississippi
entered It once a year and carried every
thing out of it. However true this may
have been in former times it is not Uie
case now, for tho city can boast of
the ilncst levees In tho United Slates,,
perfect barriers against the wave and
ll'iod erected at a coast of hundreds of
thousands of dollars. The street and
grounds In the city have been graded to
a level with the levees, at an enormous
outlay. JIundftome and vuluablo brick
blocks, public buildings, and private
residences have been erected, and Cairo,
Jo-tiny, Is enjoying a high state of pros
perity, and bids fair to rank with the
beat cities in the west. Situated at the
confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi,
and ou the direct line which the Ira
ni en cc trufllc between tho west and
south Is hound toilovv in coming years,
U destined to play an Important part In
the commerce of the western and south
ern country. Its citizens are industri
ous, persevering and hospitable, and
deserve the success which they to-day
enjoy. This much we have written of
Cairo as an act of Justice to Its citizens,
who have beon fearfully misrepresented
and maligned by the press and public
At 2 o'clock the entire nsrtv. aeeam.
)anled by a large delegation, represent--
g tne youtn, beauty anu soiiuity or
Cairo, wetit aboard the steamer General
Anderson, to vlalt . Mound .City, six callee
above Cairo, on theOblo." The trip 'was
pleasant iu the ex!ree. The eaeelleat
cornet band dloouisd excellent music,
everybody felt iiioat, nod mirth, geaial
huo.and agood Wiae geuerally ruled
r At UoubU City the execriss1let,s were
net by the mayor and-coMH' Pnd for
mally weleeeae4 ia-beef epeech by
Hon; N.R. Casey, mayor.whlch uaa re
spetided to by K. H. Grigge, presldsnt.
unoii coin ashore tbe party were In
vited twCoaTmoJare iWalke.to visit the'
uaval station at this place, which tbey
accepted, dispersing themselves through
the naval
r.l yafd, examining the Immeuie
ml munitions of war and 'eulur
d thmonitS wuSiSbiPS?
fvi"iilUHtfi?In.imh.r. wHlu
stores a
on hoMn
lug lnnhe'riTerJ'BlHe.'fhnumber, wbjlefc
were subjects or mucu curiosity to many.
The tUrrets; the guos. the. Immense P1'
chlnery,- tbe, hold, UUrteeu feet nnder
vtAtt'r. wira each examined bv ladles
M9Bitfaad ireatJssaie'a'Jaad a eipiaiaeU by Hie
Tho geutlemaaly.siflMen'itosinected with tha
nravntatlon. Iteceptious were given the en
1 . lire narlv at the residences of Mayor
Te",BCasey and .Captain Win. Hambletou.l
aaa er where the'eosapany waa euterUlnea in
tee on princely style. Tlie, choicest wines bud
The liquors wore dispensed In rofuildr, and
rkhi in. nothing waa left uudene, In.act of cpur
teey and Jtadasv.m auek itpese v sjj,
vision rtncnibered for veara to come. At 7
o'clock the doom of tbe largy ball of the I
ditlnn the eatlre crowd aattJawatw.obw oft tbe
, , finest banuueU we have evevaeea iny
ferrcd t e ublei wereloaaftTlrnil all
The that art ceulABUsyly.r tbe moat fasti-
dious taste require. Wine was dispensed
taxes with liberal bane, the taoe Jelle ud
ia hin, delicious viands were dlscusaed splrktd
.'iP'tfi'ftljr, and evejrybody fet thaitijWM food
to be there.
til rnm U alalaeloj.'IWr.'
At 2'o'otoek,b.'m. 'we embarked
board tbe good steamboat, Oea. Aadef
on, Captain' evaMsaaainc, roraa
excursion ou-the waters of La AtVeWv
(ere, to Mound City, sosae eight Bailee
'dtstaat Were accoasoaniwi By tus.niay
t. Were aocoaapante ay ins. may
a dtpuUlioa pT OU&M fro aal this
Jsa by tbe aalesMUd jUaieo City
wUohi we aUde o'er the a-
er aau
cltv. also
tors, dlscoareed aweefc.tMWia aad added
aatteh tb the latereet of the occaeloa.
nood aaaeic Walwarsehansjlair la I
ItBSMvsMlaUUaa' a ah aNMee. 1
lm iuei sarty aaJatea we arrived mi the
point of deetfoatloo, had were". M hy
Pt, CaseYj the saayor e
weleohiM ae i !av Ny-av
whleh was massidssf ta by C H: tiriggo,
eeo;., the preetdeat df the aseoeuvtioa.
The nartv aoea' disembarked asd ,ran
scalUrlag lB evsry dlrseUo oyer thf
elty. eaeh according to hss;sws laalla'.
tiZ&l ' OakSBaodora Heart-Warke ef the
Navai tattoo at ihia twim, very kludly
epesMd pttoafrM P?fMea
u walk In arertiad. over, tbrouKh aud
examtae everything that w aould And
heee t seams or iBstruet.
In roeklBg over the eannon, mobI
tose. ahot aad hall liag here, we eaa
t m sdlaaassVetfvhM atad our hatloaal
debt. There are at this time eight of
these slagie barret, turtle-backed, Iron
ted lyiaf at their ateeriag here. They
were obieetaisf treat iUUrast and were
eriUoellTexaasiaedbjr siany. Oae of
thesa; tSe Keeshe, heass several marks
whieh were. melted la aeetual service
oa ta TeJMSKft nrcr, ,.- w . "
The haiianat whleh was served at
o'clock at Mokes' Vail, waa Au more
elegant than was aiassUd of aa'smaU
sity. This Hall was abaut the aapaclty
of Schroder's Opera House, amTwas fill
ed with tableeJ'WhrettMltcrally. -groaned
Hader.tb we4bt f good things. Tlie
substantials were soorl disposed of, and
the(MaViato8nrii-"lHe cliaui
Pfn to Jw .tJ!hfgh tljere, was .an
aounaance 01 wine t me sapper. Tree, i
water, let iUad to4)ip credit of tl
Press AwodTKttW. mat,' With a few e
eeptlons,.they are;dlsinclued Jo drbuk,
except In gTtBbdratlon. :
(If taeeerresBKKideat? of;,tiio 'Leader'
mado aujrreferenqo. to Cairo in a previ
ous or futuro Totter, we have notrec6ived
the paper containing tho same.) '
Froni Oio I1itiy Ktv I'n.fw.'J
Wo slept our way to Cairo, nrrivlug
iiere JustasXheHun, rising to a. cloudless
sky, lit up tliegreeti trees and the bloom
ing flowers of this summer clime.
We wero met at tho depot by the City
committee, headed by the mayor, John
H. Oberly, editor of the 'liuUetin,' arid
were escorted to the St. Charles, where
all the lucky fello-vs i who" were accoulpa
tiled by fair ones were assigned quar
ters, while tho unprotected unfortunate,
Isuch as tlie representative of tho 'Free
Press,' were showed around to tlie vari
ous hotels where bountiful breakfasts
were In readlneas for them. At tun
o'clock wo met at the Atheneum, wnero
wo reoelved'au address of welcome from
Mayor Oberly, which was 0110 of tho
most eloquent addresses wo over listen
ed to.. Mr. O. is Justly a popular man
with those Egyptians. Though still a
young man of three-and-thirty, ho has
laid tlie louudatioH fora tplcudid career.
Tne entire arrangements for our recep
tion and entcrtidnment hero have been
under his leadership, ably teconded by
Messrs Johnson, Thornton and other
leading citizens of this wide-awake
town. Of tho city and its public and
private buildings and undertakings, wo
shall have something to say in our next,
simply premising now that the plans
and regulations of tho local committee
ha ve been such that nothing was left
undone to make our visit tho most de
lightful and pleasant Imaginable. They
take a prldo in such matters that Is
above criticism.
Our visit to Mound City, the examina
tion there of the navy yard, the moni
tors and the national cemetery, tho re
ception at Dr. Casey's, and tbe banquet
at the Stokes' House, must be passed by
for tbe present, but uot to be forgotten
by any meaus. We leave at 4 o'clock
to-morrow mornluc by boat for Colum
bus, where, ou invitation of thePresldeut
of the Mobile A Ohio, railroad, we take
the cars for Mobile, Ala., at which place
we scan arrive oa oaiaroay aigni.
The editor' of theVMncomb 'Eagle' In
dulree la tlie followlfig timely and
pelaUSl ,
Mobile Is one of the most handsome
cities we have ever seen. It contains a
popaUUoa of about forty-five thousand,
and U Braced with many-'princely resi
dence and elegants business houses. It
Is certainly a most desirable place to
live', and those who contemplate going
south will find lands reasonable in Ala
bekaai atte' 4)1 kind of .buAlpesaprosper-
lug in Aiouue.
Tlie editorial party consists or i-J gen
iUJVo uWlo, liQwevefivtweie are
-ny other, provided with "editorial
passea" whoso names do uot appear on
tlemen auu bJ ladles, as appears uy mo
Uie'b'uWIslied list; aad -who ltave no con
n r I f n aarl Tl f 1 1 n rtcrT 1 1 m a v a i n tva na tnr
iivw iiuu ww s aa fetev s'rgiii 4Mw uvn Hr v
business Jd ilia State., 11 is aa imposi
tion to thus Imnose uimiii tho' ueonlo of
Calrb."MeHndrCity-and Mobile, by lug-
rlag along relations, "dead beats," and
fc'chlTed eorree peHdewte," to be fed and
rsaa'aCrsspuWkX The as
sociation will have to guurd against litis
W the fQtare.'or itwIH reeaiUB convinc
ing railroad vcompauleM and everybody
else that theirissAesecIaUoh of (iIUols
is a uumoug, anu got up iur tne purpose
r swinauug'tne-tiaDiio. we know, or
because they. didrBot belonsr to the aiso-
elatioa, asMwie,kBpwtpeu,whp obUlaed
"pasaes'awhtMeW were 6ohnec(cd With
tae Breea except uy reiatioasnip., irsacn
things are tolerated, the association will
soon get the cold shoulder froaa all com-
aiunltiee. Aireaay mere are noruerous
of the ablest ne wspaper1 saea ia ili State
who nav ceaseti tu. operate witsviae.a-eoeiaUob-'beeatasi
they-ooncelve It a re
gular "aeU-'t Passes should never, be
leaned except to tona Jkte publishers or
edHe 'aad ealy aa wssaataeaca orlce.
$Au&,rtkJtt!?ftl rtl abould. be
Ighoredi and wiped out'wltfieht eereaio-
mj, ii at uiutiBiwf oauuox smrliu, ne
shsMfid aet he 9m(fi4- tw taea hjs aas
ever to hts aszt door Beixhbor, as is too
oftea the sees. A lUtla weedlag'tiut In
the "IlllaoU Press Asssoclation' would
result In wehIgw"i' aad eonvlacetbe
BUblle that aewaaaer raeu eaa be hon
eraWeat heaieaisd abeoad.
Bjrr.-Wr; 'on the
r wear ffiUtr S yulerfsctaithlng store,
tersaaj irfy UMlUerAMd erV
second loor,
at raaaoUalw
4?U sJkBT. Tha Levee buildiug on XbtS, U .
VaMkwSpl.L Vrkst. S -IVt-kipa and Wiu.
later. I'osMsaion jiroa liurewlIaUiy.
C. W1.N3TUM, No. HOhloUT-.
Tasm ut.-aq ri SHieiu im-a: atn. il
JD aetli atraat, iar lite Cuh ilouae, with cs.rr.l
tjiiUi on
Apply to Johu lt.
ABTXD AUxaadar C
iauiIerC'.Hi jf Onvi. at aw eta.
at i.it.ei, jo tha unW. fr all
d llnl lers' Mi-rials. '
and Uity !pp
i of Lumber an
JOHN O. KAUtfFMA'-'i:;,
or fj
INDKrJl .i-w'NT &HISJ , i.iji,
Can wf.omii'1,,1, h'' ."our trif vwsfo f-r halls,
parties hu1 sti i,:.itn, -V 3T til u-t and jr. on.
Ue tenat. f-jsa'i luo o-. t err fastrii .uU.
5 ,e(,U.WjUu'
. I CsOur,
atiKo. -
Ietlr In O'rocericn, I.linf, ru?tr fori, MnUrij
Utlr, WhlUs Uxl.
in luilk, id wain on luinJ. Corner Eighth itreet rl
(Ordlnince No. TO,
JJo ft ortainol br tho Citr ContMsll of lbs City of
Cairo l
PfcCtlox 1. Thut the boolcor tncmorandiim In wliltli
Uie entries aro to bo miule, m requlrttl by i-ction 1.
of icl onllnuice .Vn. (7, nhall In a ttrong, well bound
twok, of suitable site, not lex than what l known a
a tl.reo quire book, ami that the entries required f hall
b made in a Irjrlble antcoarliaiiiirri:lnjr, and other-
io .ii lur h manner m ii bo camlv rtMii and un
der tood.
bkc. t It rhall not llaHlul for dr.ttera roferrvd to
naei tion 1 of aid ordinance 61 to transact the bu.l-
n. cnilemrilAtel by nald aeetion at any older time
man ocmccn aunnv anil runnel oi eaen unr. not tie
lnEliuinlay, and during tho ald lionr. of bu.ineta
ra dd'-aleni rhallkeep vH-n the doors of their plaei
f bunne-ta lunuch uianner that the character of tho
bu'inrM trannacted br them van be mn ana eaiilr
a-.tfnilnoil f am.1 for ore ry irK.l.atlwi of.tlia proriaiona
of thi ordinance Iho larty olleiiding ahall be auljieft
to Uie penaltien Impo.ed by aald ordmnnce No. tl.
Approver, jiny , jot.
mylHWt JOHN Jf. OHEKLT, Mayor.,
Corner Washington Arc. Jand 14th
I am prepared to fill order for aiiade of anv rire
or '"lora rlitAji a any other Cu-tory. HUM liaa
made to order. I al.o hare opened a new and fresh
slock of
irhn-h 1 will.'II a lora -'any other man." Choice
AAA lainily (lour J W) per Imrrel warranted.
myllillm (Opposite custom house) Cairo, Illinois,
Slalo ox Rout.
The well luxated property on
Gouimcrclal Avenue, bet. fltli ic 10th Strn.,
Is for sale. The building contains a storeroom, with
tvro rooms In the rear and four suits of rooms up
tam. cood cistern and nut-houses on the nremisen i
al-n the building in tbo rear, contalniug six rooms.
tins property is ail incoou lenaniaroe repnir.
The storeroom is supplied with sbelring and count
ers. If not sold trill rent. A great bare ain for aome
one. Apply to A. O'DONNEI.L,
myllaite Oa thu premises.
SAK4TAOA Bi-KIMOB-Why oU Banaoca
and spend five to ten dollars a dar, when right
here at home you can drink the self-aama water. Icy
cooi ami useijr aa u surxira frssva iivm lava iarrnirs
at lUrclay'a I)ru Store. oat As tWH? '
GAKBKM UStBBSi Bat m Wyenr ova
crowing. Lose no lueea, sjpsUng your aeeds. So
In rUrrlararfoUardaas)ata. 'rS and aaund. ThT
I I if
T ADIEN, ATTEXXiair-ir you want pick
JIJ cnoiceot tlienloeetlotor fne aoapala town
yu want the best Colons. Latender Water. Floi
wur, or other toilet water t If you want an thin lis
the way of Cosmttics, Powders or Itrfumea, gq to
Barclays'. .
17Rf;w;H Bi.ACKIMa-Tier Is a perfect ritA
IS to lUrclaya for the celebrated French Walking.
It I.- genulae, and is unsurpassed as a boot and shoe
poll.ii. f
-VTOW IS TIIR TIIC-To put your houses', In
i goo.1 shape. I'alntintand whllewashln(a-e,the
order of the Jay. White Lead and paints of all ot
nr are In demsnl. At tha OIIKKN LAtlEL nrug
htore, oa the Leree. you can get lalnU, Oils, Var
nishes and Dye- tutt of all kinds. Now on hand a'
full stock of Collier White Lead. Delta Wnlte Lead,
LoneSlar White Lead; also lutlnl Tarnish andwliite
wash brashes. lUrvlays' Is the place. ' n
RKir.ifHERWiir.!vri.Y TiiR cexn
That you can get the Lightning My Taper at Bar-
Me. I
Ohla Leww,--5
l . large and small, lose them
large and small, lost them, cry far Ibaaa, ssss) sat
thsra with aviditT. and are nelcklv relieved
ra or wnrwis.
Tweniy-flve cente a boa, er, If you wish them seats)
mail eoctas thirty-Sva renute Barclay Bros., ad
sway win pa swat ym arewspsiT.
17BH BALK-SilferHoap. just the sking t sieks
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the f ndeili-al si Bare lays'.
J TKaTMSBVPe you want aresewsaf saa s)ea.
tiftil head ef nsir thai yae snoe urided nil If sa.-S
tolttrolays'and take your ckelua of BsssoratiTSS
Ilarrett's, HsJI's, Tibkeh's, RIhg's, Avert. Chavaller.
WokI, Jayu'a,Mrs. Wiasloss Eureka, sal as;
other you urny whi. inelwdiug tha Jitaraanal.
WANT ID -To tad lbs Individual In Cairo, ar
elsewhere, who ha tried Kerr flystem Beea-
vor without reeoivtng DECIDCIJ HENKFIT Ban
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