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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, May 13, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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THURSDAY, MAY 18, 1869
rUBLIBUKU Y 6H 11. bftfcttCYlUMJO
IlliatoleUWtftlkl'at. arCtiMe;ajr Time)
f TbPltf airu) no lea; jts. VA W
cjoino north:
Walt rsttlravea t..iL...lSJL.!X,p'cKk a.m.
berets " " Z- W " P(n,
Kail train arrive! t....-.i..r.....u.'..-y o'clock! '
fcapreia"' ' " t'ipm
Way, leavea at . . ....:30 o'clock aim
Bpre, " 4:1 " p.m
Way, arrivra it ................. A:M " p,ra
Upt 7iJ0 iCm
Dally, Bahdays excepted. (
rirst Clui Boar M M. I
Gentleman can secure . first :Um day
board at Walker A Slsson's teataurant
at five dollars per weqk. mayl2-Iw
Ht. Louis lapr beer, tho uiost desira
ble and purest brand in the city, may be
found at Walker Hlsfjon's, Ohio Levee.
mayl2-lvr .
milch Cowefor Hal.
Ten head of lino milch cows for sale
at private sale on reasonable terms. Call
at tho yard, corner of 4th street and
Commercial avenue. It
At a incetliigof the Culro Typographic
al Union, hold on tho Oth Jnst., Mr. Jolin
H. Oberly was elected president of tho
Union for the ensuing year, and also as
delegate to tho Xntlnnal Typographical
Convention to bo held In Albany, New
York, on the Jlrnt Monday In Juno iiext.
tead the card of F. Vincent, an old
and substantial grocer, who has for many
years maintained one of tho largest
grocery establishments In Cairo. Ho
sells llmo in bulk, plaster parts,
cement, hair, besides, everything in the
eating lino for which there Is u detunud
or an appetite.
(r. lirr'w llllll.
1 Corcoian, coroner, was called to
hold an ltiiucit over tho body of John
Humes, w ho was accidentally killed on
board tlio steamer .Stella this morning,
and calling a Jury, 'instituted the need
ful Inquiry. The Jury' rendered a ver
dict to tlioi'X.'Ct that, tho deceased came
to his death by being caught by tho ptttt
man of said boat, the killing being pure
ly accidental. Mr. James llyan as
sworn as foreman of the Jury,, t
Coronor Corcoran "peaks of thq pon
duct of the cxptaln of tho Stella In terms
of the highest praise, one of his acts of
gent-ron k I mine" being the purchnsa of
a metallc ease for the body, that It might
be convoyed to the, widowed mother,
who nobles (n IuNvltle.
Premium CINCINNATI Imager Ikera?
Louis Herbert's, mayllMw
A Jinn Nloly r'ih4l tfralk
While tUentva-whpel.tow-boat Btclla
was lying at our wharf tlifs morning, j
John Humes, of Louisville, Ky and
another man, approached hir stern In a
iklfT, stopping at tho wheel, by tho id!1
rectlon of tho mate,.to.aJtaeh a Ine to
one of tho wheel arms, This job aceom-
pllified, Humes atloraritod' td crawl up,
between tho plttman and the fan-tail;
but at the moment about half his body
had pasted through, tho wheel commen
ced a revolution, thoplttmanslqwly, tiut
with a giant's strength, closing upon the
body of the poor man, like the blade of
an Immense pair of shears, crushing flesh
and bones as it closed Upon him, until1
tho wheel c'aught'upotv tho center, and,
of course, stopped. In this excruciating
, and horrible condition Humes wm.mj-'
pended, his hips abdomen pressed'
and crushed Into &- spaoe of
three or four ,lnche. ."JVIth all
his faculties about him, trie sifferlng.
man screamed to tho cngluoer to "back"
and relieve him; uot to go ahoad, for
tho worst had not yet been reached. Bqt,,.
as state7t?wheef :liidTstoppcd upon
the center and could not be forced into a
backward revolution. In this situation
5 'of jipulra tho only thlBgitbatieoukl bo
done waa.dono.1 Stvnxrwaa applied, !the
wheel mado la forward revolution, li
further crushing, mangling anu grinu
tng tlie wfietcH'aWerertrttn, a cfm
plcte revolution loosened tho terrible
- : r!p-of th Jroa.atidiitliuby:i,Mpoki his
body, and let-hisi drop into tho rivctjbo
.Uw4lU Jlvjug, tboflvunfadjunn vas
picked up by parties in A akllf, but! by'
the time ho reached the boat, death
camo'andlhiVoft'hlnVfef feMrirtTerljigs.
Hughes was a nian about iHrirty-llve
years of ageand was serving "on (the
Stolla asa'deeVCiWh'fHHo has a widow
mother llvlry In LHl$Je)tor?ljlcli
point his remains, preserved In sj fcutal-
,.4nAVJ'rMib,tBUo Uyalvrs
AroTecclvedidally at Louis Herbert's
.TieeWtiraiit,'5Ohlo Levee. inayl2-lwT ;
tviwaiT.MJ i
,dhVltarrotfs!htook tho First rremlum
tin roof, gutter, or aju'thliigjii that line,-
call on A. Froscr, Commercial aveHyo,4
beteen ,M4uVutluf!uml; Twelfth Htreet,
whVro h 'hatfthoved to, aad lltted up! the
largeatnnrf njo.it cfttoijefofflri In
Boufl.emtmnols.0 ,
boat and mill work, copper umithing
and sheet IrohTwork, such as chlmijej'H,
hrbtJdhotlescapluKtlu'in-iilDes. etc. , ,
,un. inprS-ldGm-i u.r,i01n,o gpr
,k in.osl" 5Uiw
Cairo, IlllnoU. .SCfASiy JUjUtjvjw
-i KI.IA'J . ' !
stSuS iw a H &m fit a t .H
CaJfo, IJ1.,Uyl,18ej.
Present-Mayor Oberly" aid 'Council
man Barclay, Jorgenaen, Martin nd
WrtiUoa. JC w t trt t
iOttaistlon tf(j0waplli9fJKsn
dispensed with. - '
stated and Intervening meetings wire
The 'Clkfe' tea W- brdMance entitled
JKV'wmjpd amQdlnauce
No. 67. In relation To dealers in aeconel
banded good, in is oeing me secona.
reading. ,of ,the , ordinance. Having
Dasseatntf o'a'r4!''of'iWfdermen. on
motion .of Councllaiah "Jofgeniotf the
orainaucs KHauupcU) uj iueiunuwiu(
votevjs: - t '
Ayes Barclay, Jorgenson.'Martln and
WUHamton.-l ,
The committee on claims reported the
following bills with the recommendation
that they be allowed, and on motion of
Councilman Barclay, the recommenda
tion was concurred in and the bills al
lowed by the following vote viz:
Ayes Barclay, Jorgeuson, Martin and
Williamson. I.
Nays None.
Of Cairo riiytook blrvlf-rj, for a book
Dllirl (liocily clerk amounting to
$ 38 oo
r. vinctni - -
Of f! I). Williamnoti, for tundrln, aniounttDR
In - - ...
nf ("nlro riti- (lai Crtnimiir. fur cat. amountlri!
.... V)
to..M .M . .. t20 9
Jntnra H. Morrli 30 01
C. It. Wcxxlwa.d .......... U) H
or II, Kmyth Co., fur nails, amounting to "8 VI
William J AUrn . 0
fvunt Mnrv'a ufinrmrjr .. 312 0)
Hill fir r-atrik WaMr; for Muting carrion,
ainouotini: to 21 C3
The committee on claims also reported
tho bill of "Knsmlnger vs. Trover," to
gether with the City 'Attorney's report
on same, and on motion of Councilman
Jorgcniien, tho bill wa laid over for fur
ther consideration.
ihucoinmittce on claims reported back
the bill of P. Valder, for removing car
rion in the month of March, for the ac
tion of the Council, amounting to ?2-l,60.
Councilman lloardcn, appeared and
took his seat,
On motion of Councilman Jorgcueeu,
the bill w&s allowed by the following
vote, viz:
jAyes Barclay, Jorgensen, ItearJ.n,
Martin and Wllllamsou S. '
Nayes None.
Councilman Jprgcnseu, from tho com-
mit(ee,oi onjinatices reported an onli-
tkflnnA ontltlAil fii tfiriliiitiiinit. In r.l!ifwm
j Unfogn; tiro ordinance was read at
length and laid over under tho rule, j:
' f'nim film fill Innwintnll nlkn r.-ikr,rli.it
an ordliiunro,, entitled an ordluatico to
amend section 249 of an ordinance, ciltl
tled'an'oniinance (o adopftite onllnau
ccs of the city ofXVro, a9 revised and
codified; in relation to dogs, which was
7ett'd"a"ncngthand laid overr,nnder tho
The committee on printing reported the
bill of John P. Fagittf for pHntiUftfrom
March 1st to May 11, amounting toTfl7.-
J&,.tlth Ahtt.riicvaputtnclAtlaiifiaL, th-l
same be allowe4,Mlon motion of Coun
cilman Martin, the bill was allowed by
the following vote; t
Ayes Barclay, Jorg2nson, Martin,
Rcarden and Williamson 6. NayB
rtone. r I
iBMlotwrolin H. Qberly AC0.,rtrrIntr
Ing done for .the city during the stay of
the Illinois Press Association, amounting
to accompanied by" a coeanunlca
tlo'i? (donating the same to the city, wai
Councilman 1 warden moved tnat a
yotc of thanks of the Select Council be
tendered to John, ILOberly & Co.'far the
donation of'the above bill. The Mayor
WRViati&4,'tht eitrk put the no-
Tho petition of Mrs. Mary Towers,
praying to be relieved from paying stall
rectln-tbe market Louie,was pzMa ted,
n atwtlM.MferrfA.itQ Jha,C?eaiU
tee on Markets., t v
The petition of James' A. Fry, repre-
fseotkigthU the .ball alley,' Aprpsr of Di
vision and Poplar streets Is In an uasafo
condlUpn jiad prayltjgtha the owner bo
comj)lleulo puFtho'samQ Iu anao con
dition, was presented, tuiti on motion re
mpjBjHTto puttho same In a
Ion, was presented, aiul on a
-red to'tMaybr.TA
ferred to'tkiMajbr.TA
The petition or Thomas Wilson, repre
mtlnir that at 's? 4 'sale 'c(f' 'lots for city
taxes on Nov. 20,ilfi0, heiliurchased lot
w -
it, anu not taxauie uy taw, unujirayng
tbat U19 atitn, of $17 75 bo refim'detl to
him, was pVesetilcti, arid onT'ilnbtfon' re-
f0Lretu-V.n" PiL c,B,nr ,
Thefollowfiigbllls were presented pud
rdferrtii 1? tHe" Committed' on tlalms, un-
der the rolet s iai- .
nil! of F. Vincent for. lime, nniouutinc to... trii
Of Joie
f r fJltlOU .., waaa4W4 ' Vtfl
Of Thum-u Wtltnn, for lumber,
ut wiiinn, lor tuiuuer-.
inK to... -Ji.
10 00
amount i nz to
31 A3
H.Mantotti:to In the case I
of V. M. Mctlinnl y. tho cily, ninouutinu to .'0 00
Petition of Cai-ollne3rajf Uaetf riass-
ed tie riori Alderrtfe ajidfrbfebed
relation to carrying on IU. wli?ss qf an
.eatinjr Jjouse, without license, wai qu
.vw. I n rntiittlmaii VvflllatYicTrtn vinYt.
concurred In. tJ iW;erduwlTorthe accommodatloii of llmi'
U.Tli:folk)wlg!rdiliUliving rnsiv
tliojieleotcomiollforconcurronce, wtw on
mtitlon'coniurred Iff? J
in Ueolvek ByiUie Vmsd tit Ahiatraiou,
the SelvcttwuneU,ooBurrlnifl'that the
cominittfo on p,9ljpaiJHlJrJM, baoihor-
IZCU 10 Itliverilsu lor iJruiiu.ini lyufcinur-
liuiltllug ir tho occupation ot city jauor,
In ueeortfaWdltn'tlio recommeuditlon
of said conimitteo in their report to the
.frbe Wlowiug.bJIU luyilg,Pftfttj(j tho
board nf aldertaeaundsKferrod to! the
Ayes Martin, Iteardou and WJJ1
son 3, Nays Barclay and Jorgenson
100 ot
Of ThonuM Naughton, for work oo ildcwalkn,
aniaantiB to ... .uXu..f,....a.
Of Aomaa . Halliras, for hauling lumber, J!
amonntlnc to
Of John HtUnil. for alar aa oty trcaurer.
3 09
amoantlnc to ... 100 00
Of Dr.q(apa, ror(Rlfdjcatjaerlet to prlo-
nra, amounting (o -. 1( CO
Of A. Cain, Balry.a,(rpirketmiuilr, amount-
lng U.....M.. 60 00
Of police ronjUblen' aalarirt, amounting toM.. M 21
OYCsSjaaMaarfSakicr Vllmiigl,trato,
amounilok to - - a 00
Of N. A. Derore, for work dont on ildevralki,
nmmintinr tn M - 42 09
, Of UWIIIImorr, for work ddneon nldewalka,
amouwinr m.. a.. .....""-(...... n ov
Of Thomaa Xaonhton, fot Work done so aide
walk, affHiantinff t4.,..i..M...MM.MMMM.M...M 83 00
Of Thotnaa F)Uf raid, for work dona on aide
walka, amonntlnr '""-'....i........ 80 tS
Of Thomaa Healy, for work done on aMewalktJ
amounting to - - . 84 tA
Of JataMa lluaUe i for liauliag. amuustlna to.. 1 00
Of Otia P. Ljon, foraaiary uenj comptroller,
amounting. u...hM
Of M.Bitutirlck, aalarr k tnanhal, amount
Ins tO...MH M..M..l....tM.....W..H,...'..,M,,
60 (
10 CO
Of A II. Irrln, iletk of tbe cou't if common
plea, for. .caiea diami'ea In laid court,
amounting lo...-..........t,i a... lit M
Ol Wm. Xlcllolr, fur dieting; priiooera and
work oh the atreeta, amount injt to ....,...., 271 to
Of Kd. Bhanneaijr, ralarjr aa health ottlcer,
amounting. to-. ,.. 75 CO1
Of Jamei O'riulllTan, for lumber, amaantmg to W 00
Councilman Barclay prcented the
bills of John T. Itcnnlo and James Gar
laud, commissioners of the Board of
Public Works, which wag laid over at u
previous meeting amounting to ono
hundred and fifty dollars each, and on
motion of Councilman Martin the bills
were allowed by the following vote viz:
Ayes Barclay, Jorgenson, Martin,
Bearden aiitl Williamson. r,.
Nays None.
Councilman Rcarden moved that the
mayor bo requested to Issue his proclu-.
matioiij to keep dogs, from running at
large in the streets and Instructing the
Marshal or other .officers to enforce the
same, curried.
Oil motion adjourned.
Patkick Mockleo, City Clerk.
"Barrett's is cooling and delightful.
Pit den AM A TION BY Till-: MA YOIi.
',Doiii toi;bi ICIllrU
Katurday .Vuon.
The Select Council of the City of Cairo
believing tho measure necessary to
public safety, have ordered that tho
mayor Issue his proclamation to the
effect that all dogs found running at large
in the City of Cairo, unprovided with a
tecure and eufilcleiit muzzle shall Un
mediately be killed.
Therefore, T, John H. Oberly,
Mayor of tho City of Cairo, in purMienco
of authority vested in mc by the
ordinances of the city, do pro
claim and direct that, on and ufter
the hour of 12 o'clock, noon, of Saturday,
May 15th, lEGfl, until further orders thall
be given, all unmuzzled doge found run
ning at laruo within the city of Cairo,
shall be kilted; and tho marshal of Cairo
and tho day pollceoaej are hereby charg
ed with the duty of carrying this procla
mation inter etrecu
-JjQpgJtt.myjojBce, In the city of ;Calro,
tins, iscti uay or iay, a. u. ituu.
3t .XohKH. Obeki,y, Mayor.
"Barrett's" has become a Maple., "
Cool Aaaaraner. ' '
A strange negro, evidently with felo
nious iutent, entered the store room of
Coals Herbert? night- before last,!, and
was thero when a gentleman, returning
from the cars'atS o'clock In the morning,
knocked at,the door for admission. The
negro th'lnklng precipitous flight talght
be attended byjunpleasant consequences,
puton a Mo of awuraace tkatwould have
dona credit to the most expert crib-cracker
of Paducah. Ho turned on a full
bead of gas, opened the door and
admitted the gentleman, and
actually sold him two glas
ses of beer I The gentleman believing
tbe negro, to be an attacho of the es
tablishment, paid for his beer, and pro
teeded homeward. Hearing mention
made the next day of a singular dis
placement of articles In the saloon du
ring the lght, he dutcloaed tho particu
lars of his transaction with the negro,
and then learned for the first time that
the darkey had aiaumedj.he rolo of 'pro
prietor1' to mask Ills designs, which were,
most likely, burglarious.
a o eV -VfHa-. .
e a t
Save your lives and property. Arr
Frascr Is agon t'for the copper Bcroll light
ning rod cqmpauy and wiinill alordera
promptly. Call at ' once and baVetheiu
put on your buildings. This is tho best
alT.r8af!?5rVnow madoShop on OdtS'
mercial aveuue, between Eleventh and
Twelfth'etreeti ' ap24d,am
il'Barretl'aJiuooks overyllUugio
Tho ladles of tho" Methodist Church
give all'&ftrsWotT&today, May i5tL'
,t A,..'if.li.i-i-'iSa?.i nt. : f r
u.iuuuuuivni;illiuiciiuuui;i lllll'fu yCUIo
I . . ..... . " 0
visions. " " " ; .
OYifepli'faCtiro1!irWlifeWof keonlus
t-a refreshment' stand, excluding thotstt'lo
qf all splrltotiBTor'hVall llqaoMil bo
and Mrfc, Mason, until Thursday next.
"lJarrett's"Itouowned Hair Itestora-
.Money Saved I
By buying your crocorlci of J. II. Mutator
who koops a IftrgSTfind select stock of tho heat
.uwlly tuupllfii. wiad iU)lU.cloanoB .lLnn 'tin1
cheapest, Xo. 33 i Washington nvcnn'r np
poslto tho coiif f It'otuo. niarBtf
mImIIIK ,o-xl .jjvkJ ojkO flT,.ol
Fort I.lf
far turn 4 Hem
Twoettiek, P. V.
Cen. Andeirm,
m. Colnmbm. Wfn. Whlfai. ailua. '
SAm Ilrown, 8. LotHi; - WIMrat, Plttibcmi '
Armadillo, Ht. Pattlf RtMla, NowOtleanuj
Ilnten, Kanawha; Indiana, " -
bumoenana, .ranllie.
Oen. Anderwin.Colum.i Wm, WnK,FlQmI '
Wildcat, Ht. lxulavr i "Arwiadlllo, Pittaburg;
Raren. " Cumberland. KranavUle:
gam llrovrn, " 8tll, LoalTin;,
liiaianabvuiiTiiM. ,, ,
Tha weather MntimtM moia4 aad un
pleasant the few signs of fair Weather
which were seen yestenlay .Maying
proven evanescent. After raining sev
eral hours this rooming the sua shone
out, but we will sot believe In fair
weather until we have enjoyed it at least
24 hours. -,
The Mississippi and Mtswari an still
The Ohio Is falling from Pittsburg to
Evansville, where It Is stationary. There
is scant 6 feet at Pittsburg and 8 feet In
tho chute over the falls.
Tho Cumberland Is again falling, with
only 7 feet on Harpeth Shoals.
Here the river has risen four Inches
since last report.
Buslnes dull.
The White brought out 11 hhds tobac
co for rcshlpment to New York per rail;
2 ditto for New Orleans; 92 ska corn, 33
bxs empty bottles, 2 horses for Cairo.
The Cumberland brought ten tons hay
and t-undrlcs for reslilpment south and
12 pkgs furniture, lOaks potatoes, 12 cad
dies tobacco for Cairo.
Mr. John Humes, of Louisville Ky,
was accidcntly crushed to death this
morning on the tow-boat Btclla, on
which bout he was employed as deck
hand. The boat was mo orcd at the foot
of Tenth street, and tho deceased was
endeavoring to pass from a fuel boat to
the stenmer, and unfortunately attorn
pted to crawl tip between tho cylinder
timber and fanlull, when nn egging cur
rent started tho wheel antl tho plttman
came down on his back crushing hltn
him between tho plttman and fimtall
and forcing him through a spaco only
about live Inches wide. Ho fell
Into tho river, and was al
most Immediately taken out and
strange to 8.uy was still alive. Ilo lived
but a few minutes, howover. His body
was enclosed in u neat metallio case, by
the officers of tho boat, and taken to
Louhvllle for burial.
Tho White, Captain Northern, is the
regular packet lor Paducah this evonlng,
The City of Cairo, Capt. Maltn, Is the
regularpacket for Memphis tljls nvcnlng.
The Armada, Capt DoUHorrche't, Ifi the
regular Cairo una Evansville packet
this uvenlug. -f-.f -t i t
The mammoth'aud ! comrorla'bio stdam
er Thompson Dean, Captain Pepper,
leaves here this evening for New Orleans.
Neither tho boat' rfr KcVo'ffiiera have any
superiors on tho river in every quality
which can render a trip comfortable and
the Sunflower Billiard Kalooa. on Ohio
.Leyec, js furhlfl'hccl jAUUlkCll'jrlea
of tables, and the bw;uppl(ed, . with th
most excellent liquors! Free luich i
ipread everj'day at 9 a. m. and 10 p. m.
aprftkltf, r , . -w t,,aw,f,M
'Barrett's" Prize Hair Itestorative.
.. , ..may.lOd&w
u ah m a, a. w A
Having ondcrrona thorough repair,
and been fitted ud eaMclallv to accosi.
ato rzcuralon partle and a enica. Towins.
jobblns, lifting-, wrreklng, pampiag aad almoit any.
thine that can v done tr any teamboat. For par.
tloaun apply on soard the. boatload of Hfghth atrVil,
w iijwy r ri. uijka.t.
' - f t-' It X ' '
tub iigm uraugni paaaenger nteamer
It. r. NO ItTII EHN-..,... Mikter,
J. M. UKVUtIjy.r..vi.......... Uerlr,
Will make reruler PAILT TltirS between Cairo and
Paluoah, leavlnaCalro every evening (duudayi cx-
teconnecta at rauealSrjlnJSfew1 Orjeana
and,9Aldrall(oadjana th,Ciuolwrlaadaad Tcnntae
rivrr packeta. '
'or freight or pwaace applr onboard, or to
1 W.J.'BCCKLEr,A(:en.
lantMtf Cairo, ijllnpla. ,
- i - Si WITT. '
-r -srrrr -rrrmtm f nwirsv
TTIOU HALKi OlIari,pClN.w'fb..'Uii ad
I1 lou.rorncr l.ocutn.l Sixteenth trrelaf'V
mirl.ltf rjvjVHEES A GIL1IKIIT, Atf
. ft JU rr'HMr.HnNTl vaVl ann rinti, I
Ma .. , 1.,-., u. t UtJ
ai.'va i iw,.'
No. 118 Coiiw&WalfA'Tinir.WWrtatrkrirW
i.airo, iinnoia. p
part oi ineuiiy, onoice ouiicraiaayioi
boali aiiDaliad. t n.-...j M.al
4. -lac ' A t)VJltsln&tiiM
Xj, b Wat nl H U4l!Tt mi Um w
' " :'Wnesi6r.yFl.ttt,'Ca.VT-l
90 e.
av if
a ' rea wnfrt pu, i rt.
' 'Keneralo (laiauaeaMenlHaMJ
myl If
lUil .LI it... a ,
a- JW -a" i ,
vricnoLAs feith, ,Xi,A,f
u jsi XJjtart'i'ja.itiixi.j m
oi.j in no ,THiwa:iXK
fur. ifjfiiiift nun naiHimri nn
j VGT o XL t o ttvotiti
Kecp.imi hand tltHlubmled Crane A HreechatdMti
-'.:Vn- wl.Lrt. I
1 "'"I" ,.fiaVr' u rorJulfTe caw4ria
any hpdjr.alaey M AoiwSi W maaMMaKa,
-tf.'i j&
TtirouKh nilla of t, a dine
alrVn ta aH
or .Water.
ATaiiaoir a'oiuia ujramau
10" II W OZI.XlZlil.lVBJ
W. It. AKTIIUIt. . ONES, Mf fr,
1IUHK. Mailer.
BlflM AHCK aaaa
t.izzik on. i.
COKT1NKN l'AX...........
M.I'i:uKAM. Mailfr,
....WIIITK, Miwlfr,
.O'NKIL, Mnlfr,
....COM.Y, Malrr,
..fJltKKSOUllll Maiit'r
.OlII'KN Matr,
.I'EI'PEIt, Mtr,
J(h, Piaster,
I . ... K' . 1 1 t . . I I 1 1
Thompson i:a. ...
MOI.t.IK aum: .
A II I,t;, .Mn.ier.
CompriilntriJI Uio flnn t ami lurjcit boat out of St.
Ono of tho aUiro lino of ft ni ra
Will leave Cairo for New Orleans crery
Forly-elglit Hours,
Connecting at N' Orlran w.tli 0ran I.lno of Slam
r to
Mrrrnool, Sew Yorli, Iln.tou, nml Calvr -tun,
rftMnner anl ul:.p r - m rIy nn nne nr tno
boats learintt riro Kin. taally ahov. W ill par
rarilenlar attrnt.t.n to all vuy frlrht ow JIliim
lo New Orlcann. CIIAS. T. IIIMih,
Of nral Aitrnl, Cairo.
On, -n Whrirftirtit. I'liLllc Uanillns.
EO.'F. SlrvLON, IVn-ot-r rtnil Tivket Agent.
OflW, at Pt. Cltarlff Hot!..
The followlni; ltoal' osm'j rl 1Mb Lino and will
run in tho folluwlns nnUrt
Arrl1 t Cairo,
I rw.
Arriro at Cairo,
1IKLI.B8T. ijOUlf. .Tndjy&r.m
Krlalrr, Mln. ...
U.lln. Miulrrtl
Saturday 1 a.m
ilouiliy. 1 a.m
Thun., 1 a.m
IlKLLK MBMl'lllr, -ntunlay. 6p.m
Cranr, Muttr i
vicKsitrno r.cKirra.
Arrive at Cairo
Arrive at Cairo,
CITr OK ALTON, , Wedn.!, p tt
Kriday;1! a.m
Arrhfr. lattfO
, Slanlr;
Blake, Matr;
.'KrtJay, 5.p,ni
Sunday, '1 a.m
Oouway. M(utfr;
llaner. Mintcri
.luuilay, i y.iu
Wcdnid'y 1 a wi
Callahan. Hi'lrr
Coanr4tingatt, Iuiwh f
?Trttcra Line racket Conijiaiiy,
Kaakak Packet Compaiiy, ' I
Omaha l'ackat Couipaar,
and Varlona Rallroa Zilavia.
AtManphla with
Mcmpjala aud While Hirer Packet Co.,
Arkaaaaa ltlver Packet Coaupaajr,
Mrinphla and Charlotton II. 11.,
and 2IIlljiil&TtnueaaeeR.H
At Vlckaburg with
Taaoo ltlver Packeta, and
Glvlni through bllla laillnsand ticket to all avallakla
polntaby ran or river. ' ' .
CIIA9. T. 1II.NDE, fleneral AeAnt.
000 on Whurl-boat.
ED. F. SISSON, Ticket and IWenger Agent.
t-rfpZSZ. Conthtlng of tho following
ea9sasSpuliihd Wicn;or atcauiors:
sims.;. w...Mntr I UAnrcn.TAf.Cfrk
TAI.fjIA9,, j
. JU.ior.l WOQPS,.,.
.tMUfter WK.vmt.i.;..4M.CierJi
joiix -iTuMJSiEar,.- ,
M.ler i r .Y.V1S t?...-.f Ctj-
.SfakliiRall lnfVrmeV4?ii?I-'iJPSiitt Klvlng treeial
attention to wity biufnoJ. "v"
decIt'Ufil ' ' " ,Htifflw'oti Wharftal.
UA 17.
, In'rrLii hock
,0;VKH, CtlTMnitCJAt. aiicl
,rl, every Ti;itnyvtTHUllIpAV and
, at 8 n.im, fti"N litv,llt. r. ctuur,tiiigat
na tuaiiAi, ai o n.
in ru-iniiiii.miai.uuciiiufH iui
k 'ru! Hot. uiinuA.o Tlkie from
'rdalur Littla Itock
Mvmaht'ta Lltllii it.iii;,
' Cdnlrstfiij; of tiro following
stil!iilM Passenger Stvainerat
.....i.te KJtvrAll...!1..., aerk
rk ti,
avca Cairo rtumlay n .,i'i'lnrt-Jy at ji.m.
l)EXTElUrwi.-,-ilf4lAi'MB!t CWlW
rititsA. iowru...Maa'iTt w n.uirri....cierk
Making all n i huncllato lunilhij?,' und AiViii par
.tillAS, X. UlAJPK.UwiwaLtteiit,
OUSl'fc B AV-tfr Wli Me.np!ilTe4e
' Tha Jciidid l(lu-'vl.ccl
af r rAStti.;r;iP' kiea-huks
I . M .1 1. . ........
I a-'reiahta and fwetiKcra rvtipH4 .ot'at'uo uboto
f-lino at lmr raLea tliun nny ntliarruuU." '
oo ta t cllAp- t lllNHrVAaufCJ , ill.
U x A tr Wii tt liH-j. un Whurf-tioat.
il . . r jt r -r T.-it :
- a X
ilk- eW
tnUollttg ei!3 rl; J t!iQ Oil U

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