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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, May 21, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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Hie- Cairo
. esirr :.
OjETFICffij tfffr 3tITeftth Street. Thornton's Bailding.
a QUA vOi33'MMOO JIM J' ' . ' 1
".I u
"Good cadtfomedut of Nasiaretb,"
inn enough." The effort to establish ft
"rien market his been crowned' with
ihfd&r&ttcceM.' WeannbtiBce there-
wNr; that the Cairo Tobacco Marked ie
a axed fact!
The meeting held on Seturdatfeh'owed
that the MnM men of OlW. Mly ap
nrecUb' Weertaln effeoW if -JMb an
UblmeVtVp?u thebBsnes.ttl.eolty
oiilyla ;io4,nuWr Pfint
this fact evinced, bat In ibe liberal and
c ohheeKaUng innerli wfcl.ftiifcck
wm taktu.' It wm thought that a capl-
tal atoelr , w;eerre PNfent
JKii,rndihat Wlajwaif then'and there
' subscribed, a portion,, of It by Kentucky
planters who avow themselves deeply In
terested In the project ,Ample waJrehuse
room lias been tendered to the company
freekeostyBdain earnest f iwhat la
going to be done, the company have Is-
. sued a circular lu the following words and
UgureeTteWtiaH) dH?
w AT bAIItolLLNolB.
J.Th CalroPlanter's Tobacco Ware
hon Coinpany wlH'hold'ltH openlug salo
roluins on tobacco Hold onthaidayrart
Best hhd InlRlit wrapper- .. "f
MfcM o 'ant r'pfcfl rr.7-ss;w.
racoon 110 u. uvvu'
Hia ,1.. flu .... " v.
tVst hhd of tohswo rntTK In lh ntno of
after llio opeuliiff.-- , ,
Rwicrvcd'Wd'lo-the eellerT ,W.atl
Mil hbd.cau,taku,tnpTo than one prei
mluinV -Etitrlek bpWtti everybody."
bucco that tlui?MitMiar tho contlgu
en twrrltory can.tlirow Jtito,gar.
will llud ready UlcTtVAfVnrflJ?
inutiL'mtlve ai rati be secured 1
vllle, EvanlivllolVdtlcttb. Uuycrs
morning, wltli tho losMfionly one day
from thelrJjUsJuefl. JBo-amo may be
ald oUjRilcago birJSwt. New York
biiyjucsMMuliice their OjUro purchaWH lu
theljlfou?gj ."at, JiftuiP.ufttfi h'M
frcfpkt than-cna- be iecuredfron4 Pa
duciihi, .Kvnnsviye or IA)ulijvlle!',-So
point ln thTc6autry In act Iho eligibly
b!tuaca,T5 thlTCgard, asvClffro; and
tbN truU. AliSrv!!nbbj fully
appreciated ullho by buyers and Hollers
Mfore1thAo3oeof thu.eapt9
The president and directors of the
company are energetic bulne men,
rnllv l.nrir.i,i.(l with the IniDot tniioo of
tliu eiiteri)-owrhcV',h'av'Mn1haiid, and
will be found equal lu all wpects to the
respont-ible positions to wnicn uieaiocK
holders have aslned them. And now,
hurrah layiWefofc tthe.ICalro iTobacco!
Market! ,tmwa"-r
- -
Tin: ca i no and
We llud th"fb!l6Vlug in'ths St. Louis
Timea of lajtriday. Jt.wlll prove wel
come Inteilgeiqe jo tlio.io w.ho haye
been wallu'g iud .hoping! (or, move
ment looking to the construction of the
VMteyenlug' a . meetlug of promluent
CKlZeuB OI eUlU"vrai"',uuii k mm
cltv. stockholdura in the Calro-jfc.PuUQri
ralfWrdrW-nielir at tho law office of
H. G, Kitchen sYifeTtf r"Ber ef Chestnut
aad-Kourth streets, to Ukenqtlop . In,tho
mutter oTVroritfarilaing the-oernpany,
to the chair, and ATaHace Qruelie
pointed aecreUrv After, ,thttvchairman;
sMlMrthe bbjki of the"'meetlilg he
cailea vpon ueBenu'novreiiwi h,ULU4
nent member, of vihe,old(boardoftdlreo.
tors, tostate'tothe'meetlng 'the present
condition of the;alWs.of the read.'.eeaj
McCrelUa ihea entrfd, Jato hlstory
oflmWlemta,'.HweptIon to the
susMalftnirf.lk" work during the 'late
watr-It af sars that Ceagreea had liber"
ally donated aitCKeMaaaeJwVerflow
ed lands through which the road was to
nass. to?,thr jClai.:oBlHwyi tH
used for the construction of the earned
The sveraleaaattea oftftt;jMIuIppl,
Stoddard.'Bunkln, Butler and prpbably
sosaa -ethen dotted, all tbe( swaaip
uSdalri their' respective boundaries, to
the same end, .btldMaubaolhlaf stock
Id amounts ranging from $00,000 to$160,:
OOOawThe State loaned the eerapany
Mp,000. .The wat fqreed opera.tl90..lo
cesbe, and during the years of.eoailet,
miamanagement and, fraud, worked the
ruin of the easetyrlee.' iMay or the
beads of the company, aad the aeveral
counties were fraudulently takea posses
sion of by parUesi (o the speaker un
knowa and thrown upon the market,
whibey.wre hawked aaeaiaadeeld
for from ten to fifteen cents on the dollar.
These sales werajaaderwIMMat shadow
or authority of law. Governor Fletcher
afterwards seized the read, ahdebld It
for the Indebtedness of the State, $650,
000. It was purchased hylMr.4 Thomas
Allen, whopald the amount of the State
claim for IU At the time the read sua-
f tended the actual Indebtedqess to co
rsotors i and ilaborers, did riot "exceed
$40,000, whlch,l8 yet owing. There, waa,
an exception, lu the franchises of the
road, And that eeeptlon was the reaer
vatioa of over, three huadred thousand
aoree oflaad, Which yet beloug to the
atoekboldaM.tai whfoh thev can traas-
fer to aay parties who wUl take the road:
in haad aad build It. TM-a Je seme eafc
Acuity wimtuooid directory oi tne roaa
some olMhlaft ofiatswiis, tarissfkaay
swttamDtli'fhafdlreetlon will no
BUeaafully hareaoaii.
mo. . . .. Hkt . A.
tlilsaiasllnnr to tooaaanlae a new
, wao wHitaKe bm
the aaterarlee, revivify It, aad pash K ea
to oosaaifMon"'
n Loois-
and taking steps to put mauer iL suon
shape as. tat iaaarefae sfeedyemplo
tlsn of the road, ,0a motion pUQcAom)
Jacob B.Mooref JiidgeSmysor was called
The day succeeding
atlen ball In the St. (
Hotel, ef
this city, we prepared
artiele and
had It placed." irpe, deaoaelng la
befitting mtvm Wmt of om Ed.
Carter, wW;.'iWMlii1l te share la
the hMpt&iiti jptiitilta the IUlaoU
Presa AuinhW'iliitWgth of hit
alleged iiMisli ;e St. Leata
'ComaerclalP'yiailfl Ho rtaderad
himself obnoxioaaly coasplouous dnrlag
the ball, designating ladles whom he did
not know, aad who would scarcely wipe
their feet upon his polluted carcase, as
"pea-nut girls," and demeaning himself
generally as a low-Hung and vary con
temptible puppy. That he was not kick
ed out of the ball room Is due to a strong
desire to avoid a disturbance, and not to
the want of either tho ability or disposi
tion of gentlemen who were cognisant
of his impudent and ruffianly conduct.
We were deterred from giving him the
benefit of a public denunciation by par
ties .who claimed that Mr. Carter wbh
ffolUtf'rlrtdtyouid no dMtii'sSa
aU.nofmgamandB for his Infanloitf oj
.!SiwlW 9H thataiMrwaa;
We letei in.otir cdltfonnf vMbMday:
laimHBttlieJIufajnous coqducT.ef' aa
Individual wtfas then' to0)Ipk'5
tho PeabodyJffofelJ and whoso nnmf Jcwe
nfleward gvi-6iieKl. Carter.repro?
sounTTg huiiHeffto be agent und corre
cnondent of tlio 'Wen tern Commercial
Ouzette,' the St. ImuIh Reiiublican and
St. Louis Home Journal.' We have
since been informed that our statemruts,
while correct as to the aflair at Kim
wood, were in error as to some points in
the hlntory of Carter, and have been put
in possesion or tho main points of Ills
career, which show him to bo not only a
llrst-clitH dead beat, but a convicted
criminal, a penitentiary convict aud a
most infamous character generally
Is one HUCccMlnn of swindle and 'beats,'
and bhows him to be a man or no ordi
nary talents talents which, if directed
to worthy and honorable pursuits, would
have made him fame and fortune,
instead of consigning him to a felon's cell
in tho peulttuUlary befyro ho was or aae.
The rdndwrug arSthVohtIInd.4 '6f Tils
career: . i.rX "IIjGk , ,
His name In J. E. CarterThe is about
twentyflveyeara old, and Is a native of
Jtichmond, Va. His father died when
he was quite young, leaving him some
little property In chargo aud guardian
ship of a gentleman who is now in the
city. This gentleman Informs ustbaton
account of his numerous thefts in Rich
mond some years ago, ho was tried,
fouud guilty and sentenced, aud served
out a term in the penitentiary. Carter,
with brazon- faced Impudence that char
acterizes his overy action, tells every
where that he served a term in prison
for killing a man in a duel, or honorable
difficulty of somoebrt.u M
At the. qlosaof, Uiewan ho taadahl
way'to'Cinclunatl.'where ho represented
hlmseirasthe sou or the lion. Hill Car
ter, of Virginia. By a forged telegraphic
dispatch, ho thoro obtained a consider
able sum of money on a draft on Mill
Carter, whlcn of course was never hon-
Memphis, wuere ho made tho acquain
tance of a'young lady whose name we
will not desecrate by connecting It with
that of such an ingrained rogue. Her
father belns dead, her mother not liking
'his suit forbade him the house, and the
young lady met him cianuestineiy, lu
which manner they were finally married.
I The bridal tour was protracted until
all of his wire's baggage bad gone .piece
meal for board bills. He left a trunk at
Louisville, anotber'etJtaMMVlIle, and so
,He next turna up at vieastmrg, wnere
the same atery la repeated. Ha obtains
Kiouey under various raise pretenses, ana
uallygets out of town Justin time to
escape arrest, aad leaving behind Dim
unpaid board bills. He Is next heard of
In Galveston, Texas, plying the same old
game of swindling, and we are reuauiy
fm formed that he naseed under no
than twenty aliases In Texas. In order
to get out of Galveston when he found
things getting too hot there for him, be
drew a draft on his wife's mother and got
the money on it. . . . u .
There is not a first olaas hotel between
the Potomac and the Bio Grande that he
has not "bilked," to aay nothing of the
private boarding . hettm. ktyamfota4
were his legitimate prey, and deadhead
ingon one pretext ,nftej,anothM.froavBt,(
Louis to the mountains, or to New Orisons
was an ordinary beat." lt,emer(
he made aeverai deadhead trips np and
down tberlvr..repraientrng bjiaiMu
be the first clerk 'of the steamer Great
Republic, then laid up , at Mound City, 1U
He Is ul way well dreasw, but never works
going it on his shape and talenU, as he
as been beard to say or himself.
Were somewhat of a stereotyped style,
yarled and aploed with the little episodes
at Elmwood. He arrived here on the
ateamer that brought thejlllnols Press
AseoolaUon. The Hon. Erastae Lymaa,
of New York, waa.one prthe jpamt
and hjm earhero was alrodacid." He
was, asuwal. wsU sapplle w.eiwde
stearins-the i ut of the newspapers he rea-
reaented, or waa sappeeea laptaaeaw
of any oaveeeJve Mat eawdlallj and
wiuHiv ink itJ him ta Bartaka ef
refreshment in his stateroem.-Tkma
ae good an opening as the dead afat
notoiMpMlowing Uie natural Wfltef
.Atti 6b7AlCTEIt
wanted, and be wae net Mow' to Improve
it, and. eooa'made.hlaisetf eomaletely at
home with Mr. Lyman, not only hslpiag
hlmaeirto theatoreealdrefreehmenU very
Uearally, but inviting hie friend and ao
qoamtaaeee to do the same thing.
On ajStoat-MempMs'ifrLymaH
went to the Pea body, and Carter aeeom-
B lined him, taklnghim comrdetly under
ie proteotloajUB d chaperoning, making
hlaueirofTewefVely officious. I) u ring his
stay lie wae nnreaaktiog la his treaUe
eome fHeatteas, and weald no doubt
have hUd Mr. Lataa rreely had It not
been fer hU'eerraat, a bright mulatto,
who hae at wafm been ageaMeman's body
errant, and lnaeinetlvely saw the "dead
beat'.' strfcklag eut, as he expressed Hall
over Calfter; He' 'warned" hie 'master,
and persisted la hie waralnfefia such a
manner that forestalled aay ohanoe of,
Carter's ;.''etrikjB';5 foraBy ameant.
The bar, cigar etaad-and barbershop
were put under contribution. Every
'geatlemaa of anydietinetlea that came
tethe hotel 1 was, Immediately seized
'npoa'by him and followed atpu'nd -ln
such'an adroit maneras to . leave the
Impression upon all wbrsaw'him Willi
them that they were his old and inti
mate frleud9,Ool.Maanr6f the Mobllo
4?egiatryJ jGea. Baokner,' andt 'Others
were" "tli us chaperoned around. But lib
never fonook Mr. Lyman. He got so
verv Intimate with ,thst,gentleman(ac.
cording tonus own account mat ne
spoke ofe.lilaJn'eeaTaraiojMa "his
friond Erasmus" (instead of Erantu.)
The day before the cJcapasfeiat'-Elmi
wood, the mother or his wire received a
letter tYoWffei'UlHrig 'i 'fiVaVt-refidlng
words of-how-he-had-again-abandonea
her and hajMBti aaspleading in a
manner that would bring tears to the
eyes or a man not wholly; dost to' senti
ments or pity and sympathy, with he
awberH to sMrBihenafdanat hefl
but to allow her to return to her. The
mothePeh5recelvlrig' Ittekgraphed to tho
cruelly wronged and deserted wlfo to
cerae. I'She did 'netksdw' that .Carter
was in tho city, and wasllrst opnrlse'd'br
rBfawhewiswa saw' him'at'MBSTroodr
With the ploadlultflnealerlng words, tho
bitter sorrows or her dear child In her.
heart, her whole soulrevolteVH at Tthe
deed, and a, virtuous and righteous tin
dignatiou Impelled her to'rtreat him as
ho deserved, and as related, to lis. T
But we are protracting thhJ" notice
longor than we had intenjlod. A6 son
as tndrVIIlalnaalhusconfrontedrand
after reading the 'Appeal V account of.
the aflair, he .concluded his tlmo.was
gettirig short'heTrd.wTheecohd publica
tlon, giving his name, strengthened. this
idea, aud that morning be sloped lea v-ltig-lhePeabohy
minus." " , -Hlnce
he left. Innumerable llttle'tealls
ken aeew-made fer htm eemehy'par
ties for money.'.joaaeayotBern ror bins,
etc. The coolest act that he perpetrated
liore was his last, ybea shown, his bjll
at tlio l'eabody, and' aakvU to settle. BJ
walked ut aadai.tMe.eequei prpveu,
sloped for'St Louis. Before going, how
ever, Jueyrotea note. to Mr. TLyman,ro
questlrig him "to"alIow his servant to
bring his baggage to St. Louis.
TlulTreuch Iron-olad vessels of war are
said to sail much faster than the English.
The last of tho broad gauge ' railroad"
luEnglandinro4chupglug..to tho narrow
Gold is higher' to-day Ui'an'atahy time
si nee September,1 1808; 3
2e W.Orleans haa voted $500 worth of
polsjotiejj.sausage for.straydogs.,. .
Tlio president haa selected as hs,fa.ve
rito horsehoe, ondpatenUdbyMrrParxs,
o t CelambuH , .Oh4o.i juji r
A man wasBouteuced tto six months
imprisonment la'E-ngiaad for 'stealing-,
liftv thousand foot of gaa, .
, An Illinois Inventor has produced a
rfag-attaehaiehtto ibeoH W WhA wiH
enable a mau to walk toa mlle an hour.
Itii reob"mmendeysteWa "
(Mr. Jaakjif.wWe. aaejiave. I
taken?" No promlnont member of. the
raoHeaAJ?r'y 1" sahwlng that weakaow
of. Philadelphia Age. Xfi l
(a litUe boy who bad ben told that he
was dust, was eiftded'lw gettllg muddy.
"If I am dust," Ml4he, hewcan I help
a a at a. la. as
IA half brother to the celebrated horse,
I&t?heeWrtTort WiyaetoVagafe
la a race for $2,000 at Boston. He
ewBed arr! Jeantagil, lcirt Wayne,,
who has refaeed M,00p for him,
tA Boston paper says the Jubilee folks
there have thesagkiyu 'scraped the
country for .aatgut, for 2njumnapth
peace festival, and aspired to secure the
lunar bow, t,cfewadtittwa Jrigh
tru'njf., LU ,
The aame of HoilMifif. Hieeter is
to be presented before tbe Pennsylvania
aawrauv vvavraHra m gvTnavi, tu
other candidates will be Geaeral Oaaa.
'Asa Packed General JMCMd leer, Oen.
ui.i i i. tt tr i i
possibly Qeaeral W. M. Maaaeek. i
M. i , ea ' 1
TypegraphiealUaloa Ne. 4, ef Albany,
are aaakiag esteasive arraagemente for
the pvpr reeepUoa of delegates, (o. the .
printers' national eeaveatiea, whieh as
Mmhlee in that eity ea the aseoad Mbn
day la June, i The sissleas ef the eon
eniion' will be heid la the assess Mv
leMmher.awWeaaMaae tor a week,'
aad teapeHaat meBswret, wMahUaaj
aa tjaaaai aUash
intereetee, wiu e
eai .Eaeh laaal aaileej iai
ori sse repreeeaw t mmmmm aa
Jll L ' A.J - 1 - A.
J t
will ha
aw uiisi i mmm fsaa aByweaiea)
aia taiajaalMal MasaiaaaalaaBaakajaha.
k an n ti tseaeittsnieaes
li-Ui".'a WtleaaV JUlWiX! be
ease tm am Blsar.
From ta homo of hit youth they bore him,
And laid hi to rfitl la tho tomb;
WMtts Ute.dawaof Msjtnaaeo4.tfrkls( jj
Ere the Urk deed of earth had MlfhUd
A inl still to poerlwi aad true,
On eternity's t hore wm lighted
The hearen of reit to bU Tiew.
Oh I how Tla ii tho heart's poor pleading,
When darkly the death-aagfel'i wing, 1T
Prom the regloni of gloom unheeding
in sa&oe o'er oar nearvs mon sing.
Bright the hope that that deceptlre to-morrow
Had lent to that noble young brow;
Eraneacent, aim I In aorrow,
W weep" for (hWr tided hti bo"w.-
In (he tomb of that lonely deeper, -Lie
dream that will come nerer more; 1
jJTliey.aro loit Ju.ft. sleep that's deeper. J
Than Wakes to tho light on earth' ahore. ' I
was jrfjtsiifiatjaflasrtf 3,0O
One cliord haa lrn rudely riven;
From the oide of a fathef.and brother,
Peath'a hand one dear barqfo baa driren.
From the aloom tlwt o'erahadowed death' rlw.
Jt That brave, noble heart felt ie fear;
"'er Ita tdoe dreamy watra fMeTf r
llncroil ; null no youbg ami 10 dear.
5T l, an longaa the tprlng In lblotaomlng
Hlmtl gljid the Cjlnht earth wjili IU health,
'And the winter fli glories entosnhlnc,
opcik tviir gi jorron unu unuu i.
WllUhy fflemory come lck through tho yt
55iddiy grave boihe alirlne ofalTeetlonnndteArf,
LTifyeattilcM Wo stand by Hi aide. 0 wh.
i raska IiSb iia. niniirt nn ii.stir issaf;
llawluirbraco of naraffranhHla
ifromltUe rWer corSmn of ifitte
sfRepuillcVn:' W l ki
Trimble's recent ftBlt. to ilohllo
itr lue'coneummiuion 01 xuejar
nt forrjwssfig theftralns of iThe
and Gulf road over the Mobile
aucTOWo to Jacl:son, Tonicssce. 3fi
TiieJJity Council or Bsduca: .Ly.,
have wfemtd tho PaducaUjand Guifrall
road tlft right or way down Court street
to Contest, and "dewn Coutest to the re
servo ground nenr the river, below tho
city The worker laying tno track will
probably bo commenced at'an early day.
Tliie wlllrexlucoltho rates of frolghts fifty
pertont, when uio continuation to the
river Is comploted.
Notice l hereby given to alt whoinitmayf oncen
that nil the iloua and cluu foahd 'rtmnlns atlaro
within the llmitn of tlm city of Cairo, without haf;.
Ins the taxes tuld o the aamo on and after the lr
day of Juno, lo. the1 Mmewlllbe destroyed. Oan.
era of docs and alutt will bo governed accordingly,
and rail at tdo,t,Uy Marshal1 office, .p 134. Ohio,
xrrn'urtvUira anil '' J-iwtriMjr. uiu 1 J
Cairo, III,, May w, 18C9.
miiii.ii'.u iA.iiiiKii.ik, vnr .Miraimi
SS .Qh& Levee, Cairo. llllnotsj-U prrpard'te (tttnU hi
eitixeti Arsleamboia with the above pure article of
Ice at the lowest market price. Citlrem will bo re
gularly supplied by honii, accommodating aaleamon.
Tuesday and Wedneday Evn'gi, May 25tit und Kth,
cnW a:lJli .a-arO .se"!
Greatest Attraction la the. WerUIJI
w - ati ;Hi'S-..k
Or and Consolidaiba oVupwanlrorKixf F7ratClat
'Artists will appear in thia plast.in the great Dramatio
fipec taclea, the
ox oatoo xst
wm aU'. War -X JUi
j, .jaed) W .( i -m .
c x vm TJk. "rsr zctt
'whioh wtU "be prodntrd' laV'sryfi oflnaliele
X a .
spisDdorand compUtauess, lot reducing
and all the raachaatoat'awile effWK.
, ' '
" .u.iiit.mUl wtfcfla.
poors open at 7 Vtlock'. ' Comntenoo at I o'clock.
Kyiuett-rt h.Ihiwii) u tiBifciMWi
(fusr.tftFili;IireaCo;,r i W,
.u,r.riirx - - - o-xtx
iioun Jk. Or m r t
.AMD . , .
deaeral CeatsiuHlea Merehaat,
CAtaa.-.. ......
KMOLA8 raiTM, ,
t - II I t Mil
, iiJA
1 A i ,-,ii ,t r mo j cl 1
MHlumaiaasilsMlM Onaaa Braaul .i I
r: J Trr . jt i z.-r TTrr-i i
r V Unk wmlfM. VaBaal Maial aadLu tm I
St. Loal
1 W
Okie Lcre
-7BEWCM BCACKIHa-There Is a perfect ruth
JP to Darclaya for the celebrated French lilackiog.
ilia genuine, and Ife'lttt'rarpMsed aa n boot and shoo
XTOW I" Til P.TIN E To put your houses In
j good shape. Palatini and whitewashing are Om
order or the clay. White Lead and pulnta, of til col
ors aiajkudfwaad$ UfEK) LAI:L IirUR
Store; 6B thn lAt. you con get Paints, Oils, Var-
niancsana iye-MUii m an ainns. now on nauu u.
full stock of Collier While 1-a.l, Delia White Lead,
Lone Star White Lead i also palut nrnlsh and white,
wash brushes. Hart laya' Is tho place.
That vnu can Ki t tlio LIshtninK 1r l'aptr acllar-
rlajra'. They bavo the cenuitie article, frrsh from tho
laciory n wuraoia nies anu kiiih iiu hi.
HAPriNRNN-ror Toothache,
at turciaya .
snrt'srnsll, MvS (hfmt eryluk-Uaaw, and eat
thorn with avidity, ami are quickly relieved of worma.
Twenty.flve cents a box, or, tf you wish them sent by
mall, enclose thirty-Ore cents to Barclay llros., nnd
they lll be sent you promptly.
Y?OK NAI.i: -S iverSo,Jut the thing in makf
tho Iti'Ioncal at UarcUy.
Contcfi find
XKNTIIlSf Do vou unlit nrenenatof IIipIhIU-
imil IiasiI nf lialr llmt vou onro nrided in J If so. ft)
to ltarclsys' and lake nur cUnico of llcstoratives
llarrelt's, Hall'a, TibMtt'., Hing's, Ayer'., Chevalier's,
Wood', Jayne's, Mrs Winow'j Eweks; ;uaolf
other you uiaywant, lucludiiiKAU'rJaTSmunyt,
- - "-KSi '
1rANTKD-To find tho UdV&u InCoiro.or
.i...i.nn win, ) irioinTn'a S'ratpm Iteno-
'vator without receiving DEOIDRr llEMlFlT. Many
otadltltinabMV-'asU'd ita virtue to satl-
riiRY IT-Mudge's American fcherry W inc, uuliko
A other wlnt, la laxatito in It iU'ects. It Is n
pleMMSt and rvUablo cure fur cotivene. To 1 r..vl
at ltarclays'.
DIVOT AUO' lilt f!i: A superior smen
JL der for sklrta or pants j nn uneiUnlled bmco for
thn shoulder s slwajs ft upenderi brace, or tot'
at pleasure.
SWEF.T tl'I.M VK Tbegrnumo arllcln to b
hail itnrcla) ljuiuir.e freo flow bltlcrtiesi, and
yet containing all the vrtuetnf common quinine.
who wish to quit chcu iii tobacco cun find n auro
cure In thutufl of Button's Antidote, i.rtabox ar.il
try It. Scnilrtfly cents to llarcbty Ilrotlu n, -'i;ro,
and thoy will x nd jou a bus by mail.
II I'if Milir-aIMt:i('ANAlrfiUiillllt.mrjv4'rna".
lind brnndlri, and ths
be'aiicl of lUiuilrau. At
o AKATweTAapantfOM-Wh- go m tvarwogii "
O and spend five to ten dollars a dm, when right
here at home you can drink the aelf.anme water, 1-y
cool andUvsir-pat1 lorsKn-frekb from ths roafnnlrw?
at lUrclay'n Ifrnx Ku.re. on the Lev J
... -
GAHUR.X M'.KHN-lUt vegnablei ofjour own
groniiiff. Iintc no t.melii grltlug jour swds. ('
lp Itarel.iy fortiiiidrn Hei I., 'n-.liandxiund. They
have a full line of I.nndrcth's, and thoMmker 8eedit
T AMiaH, ATTENTION If you want pick and
rholeeot the nicest lot of Ann aoaosln toxnilf
on want llie ixat troioxne. Lavender u filer, I lorlM
Watr, or other Inllrt UHler I If you want on j thins in
isi hit ii wiidhiici. rowaan or
'rifumes, go to
racr Washliu'tou Ate. !and 14th LSts.
3 am Pruparoil to ill! order for hadet of anv also
oreoloraachtap a any other factory. Kxtra ls
made to order. I alo have niened u new and frtah
tack of
irh 1 willaell a Ion us "any other man," Ctioka
- .f . J W4quilI.ir'HlU4PSa A
mylldlm ((ppiaite ruttom houie) tlr),'lH4tiotsi w
sr in ftrocerioi, L.int', I'luMor Pas, Ilaiter
Hair, Cement.
I JEi M. :mww, 9
inbuUc,Jwtion hand. Corner Eighth street and
Ohio Levee, Cairo lllinui. tnylSdif
, ,VaY.w. H;Ha-Tait. xt., t:.
ul be sold at miUlo auction at a credit of three and
is month, at th earner nf itoan and Water street.
InCOLVMlilM, KK.NTUCKY, on the td day of June!
JSSt, commencing at 9 o'clix-k a in. aud continuing till
all sold.
Home now realties.)
AND LOT on Water street, (lately occupied b T. M.
Three uanK iota nn itonne street.
O.NB'HALK OK IllllUK llL'SINESS Hol'ctK. three
tarle, on Water street, cxciipleil by Kinjoai Co., a
Alt beimr in Columbus. Kr.. and belonsins to alal
of T. M. Uerne, bankrupt.
V Vurlhar Barticulara iniuln knnwn at sale, or lnduiai)
Pailucah,Ky.,ol J.M. HlOOEa.
mrOTuaHatd As'gneea of T. M. Home.
sal or Ziaat.
lviiiii orooertv on '
Jatemereial ATraae, bet. Hh A l&th Strga,
Isfcrsal. Th bitlldjng contain a storeroom, witk.
room la the rear aa4 fow suit, of room, j uf
asalr. goa cuiern auu um-iiouwi ou mn j'niiii-.
ajMihe building la tso rear, couuiniuisu roiiaw.
Tl proprnj mmn imiro i
rootaU appTiad with shot r 1st; aad eoual
w 0 olJ ""l relt- I"f JjKRffwSf ,

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