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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, May 28, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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pujilibiikd nr. joicn Tr't obkrlt co.
Illinois Ventral R. KkMie fTI
Tho trains now leave as. 4elknv-f ,cihjm
f-TwTWrlfct their youngfa, that fjm pleasing
t gap-
Mail train OT(f--t'"f. o'clock. A.W,;
Way, leave at .,...,.... 1:30 o'dock't.tri?
"UJ, muii-a lniHwirf,wMIMIIIHt)l
ExprcM rfiUI
Sally, Sundays excepted.
r.ti-r r.,-r 'Utirl olfc
Use ,,Ba2g
25 day- boarders waatetlfJtt tho tit.
Charles Hotel at ?25,p?rFonthT A ,H
Ico.rortke Fourth ward.
Hereafter a supply, of ice. will, be, kept
for satfofftflo caFiVe'rhoth'k'Mplar,'
nt tho same rate BsfuraUhetKby other
Chauncey t'FlUdy,1 of SV iJouft ,ww
made permanent president of the Note
OrlcaasComtBereiaUConveatiea,- aad
Aruiuru. wough, Hecrelary. Capt., ,W.
r. iinincmy, or tnis city, is numedaa ono
of the vice presidents.
There vt a dance, iu( .Missouri Jae
xugiit, at wiuoh a number of our younc
folks wore present lu spite of the dashing.
ram. ine ferryboat loft our landing in
the midst of tho storm with eight or ten
couples on board.
There was good sense displayed In the
selection of the Flora Garden for the
German school picnic It U abtusdeatly
roomy for tho sports and roroDlngs ,of a
nundrea children; is supplled'with shel
tcr from either sunshine or storm ; strings
and flying circus, and tho expense and
peril of a steamboat or railroad ride were
not Incurred In reaching it. . It should be
used more frequently by picnic parti
particularly those parties wherein chil
dren preponderate.
J.G.Carson deals in sewing machines,
anu can rurnish parties, desiring those
Indlspensublo family helps on term
equally as advantageous a ean be
cureu in Cincinnati and St. Eouls. lie
in, mrwiermore, agent for the sale of
piano and organs, and, while he Is not
no unselfish, as to work for nothing, hn
iwi iiirnisii patrons a first class Instru
ment on terms that will saro tho patron
-J or 5ioo and reallxo for himself a fair
compensation. The "ualBiated" ,
nine times out of ten. victimized whn
ho buys his own Instrument from strange
houses. Call on Carson and he will sup
ply you on mir lorni, uuu guarantee you
mo iuiioil katurMRtlon.
, . , j
ram I
The Cairo delegation to the Now
Orleariscommerclal convention. will take
part In the Inauguration of a work that
will live when their mortal portion shall
have returned to its mother earthy Vill.'
their names be connected with the origin
of this great work? Certainly, with the
slight errors in orthography which
the local reader aiay detect In the' list
below, taken from the report ef the pro
ceedings as given In thVNew Orleans
Commercial Bulletin.' These geatle
aen, , bow, caa appreciate what, it
amount to "to die for one's country"
and the "see" age's nana spelled
wrong la the dead list! AooerdUuc to
the KJO. 'JfcOletlml the Calm
sIsCs ef the IWUwraur
Geo. P. Mailed (for W. P. HaUMajr),
J. m. owt,;iO),;Jaa:C.
Lurch (far Jaewa G. Lynch), Wmu Law.
I (wr Tfm. Ismhjm), yr. H. WeWs
(tor K. W. WeM), H. B. BuMii (far
P. W. Baralsy).
"BansU's" 8HMrier Hair
at' ,n
Save year lives aad 1
" ""j T-rtTTiTiriiUkBst
alBff red essaaaayaad wtt JftJ aMafdaw
ataatatlj. Call at eaae sad have theaa
pat ob year aalldlafa. Tale to the best
and safest r&Mwae flaefCeaiV
asrclal aveaae, betweei,13eTea'llii aad
Twelfth street; c. i , r pMraSB?
vd-A. B. waMlwkarM Sim Mte-e.
Mr. A. tL WMtaher hereby aeMseaaeea1
to his frieads aad patrons that he has re
moved from bU old staad ia Ford's build-"
ug, two doors above, where:lMvwlll be
pleased to see aad wait upoa his, old
customers, assuring them that bis stock
ef drugs are unsurpassed for quality and
and variety. r nayl7dtf
Barclay Brothers , Barrett's agents,
Cairo, Hljnc4f iay24dwlw
If you waa'tVa gok eteve, or Unware
hollow-ware, eoppsr er.aheet-lron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or aaythiagia that line,
call on A. Fraser, CommerehUJayenae,
beteen Eleventh and Twelfth street,
where he has moved to, aud fitted up the
largest and most complete' shop n
Southern Illinois. ,
Particular attsttou.,giveateaem-
boat and mill work, copper smithing
breecher escaping steam-pipes, etc.
Tho coplest'dlhlng.rpomjn, the city is:i
m wa ou uiiHries Motel, 'tty it.
Tlie Bunflower Billiard Haloon. on
Leveo, Is furnished with tho latest'styles
of tables, and tho har.Hunniimi witi, ih.
most excellent jlqubrs., 4 rea luach ,1s
prcaa every aay acoa. m. aud 10 p. m.
60 day boarders wanted,.
J3harles at $35 per month..
riaUa-laeAsaalr jJbatomHrKcdK
Joyed a day's recreatlea-yesterday that
bvfthem. In the fore Dart of the day.
the nlfJgirrsrMWJytneflnwi)erwT A're' hWfoes la
fifty, most becomingly, dressed, marched , . " washed
MrtJUBh tho nrlncloal streets of the city,
ivfAish of heKhl4iiMllMM )UIlng
to look uponAaeiitabo'iHiis. Mssw re
paired to the Flea Garden, where, during.
the' balanee or me aay , upon tne nyiag
borBeSt beieaththe shady arbors in tke
ledgeo walks, or participating in
uggesiea oy ineir leacner,
lust' as haonv. as Httta. folks
rcouldbe. r.-v' iaU
In tho afteraooBi tho parents "and pa
trons of tho 'tfchool 'vlsltad thfeafden?
VAi entered irttdifie'iprrlt of tho Bpbfto,'
glad In their cHlldrejnJs gladness,
feaused at their. SRHmiMOA Mnv
queen, In tho personjof'Mttl16Edl0v Obfir;
lyvwas cnosen, ana aiMayiKing I'laime
person oi nine unarieyjeacoier. xno
absence of the little rttelT was reerottod.
(bat was not pe rm I ited iotri ar the festivi
ties. The boys, resetting themselves In
to a committee of the whole, waited
.upon Miss Edith, at her home, aad pre
sented her.,wlti .magnlflceat.boquet,
rich in hue and fragraB.ce and formed
most tastefully. v
JAt five o'clock in the afternoon the fes
trvltles closed, the day having been
keenly enjoyed by every onVpre5o't,fclif
sports and pastimes reuderMgitoie that
will long be renaesttbered bgcboth parents
and childrea TT
The German School underProf. Appel,
Is now well advanced in the fifth year of
its exIsteaeeProarthe start It-has beea
popular with Its patrons,- The Professor
lias shown himself not only an apt teach
er, but kind and parental in his
government. Ho enjoys the confl
denoe of the public and tho respect
and ;asTectleqsT jof ,the. :llttle ipnes
submitted to his charge. The occa
sion, yesterday, like similar occasions In
the. past, servedito attach the chlldren,to
tho school; and that the professor and
the school may live to celebrate the re
turn of scores of May-days' Is the wish of
every friend of education.
Notwithstanding an unlatcmipted fall
of rain last evening, qulte'a number of
gentlemen found their way to Parker t
Phlllls' .hall, where the ladies of the
Christian Church had prepared a straw
berry supper the first of the season.
The tables were elaborately ornamented
and presented a wealtli of good things
rarely exhibited in Cairo or any place
clno. Cakes, confectioas, jellies, and
rvci n supply of strawberries and cream.
wcie well calculated to tempt the visitor
to a test or lb rapacity of hra sxomacu.
To-night the hall will again be thrown
open, and tho ladles in charge'ekpect to
Welcome a crowded house. .Tie, straw
berry season Is short f let us Improve It;
the Christian Church meeds money, but
offers an. equivalent; let oa putebe.lo
stltutioaSIa passesslon of the desired
funds. Everybody is lavited aad every
body will receive a hearty welcoaoe. Be
ss ember the place: coraer of Tsatk aad
Obie Levee.
v"a . a
"Barrett's' preytats baldaeas.
publisher aad proprieter of the fourth
page of the 'Bee' oae page oOrhiek is
priaM aaA4ailcM
t i- 4ra that ibnlshaa HaasaW'' ar
AaaaBB swa ema easssawsi avsjneanaaaaaaB) aaaBBBBBaaaa ssaa,
"owtsleV" Where Wssk'ai'ki ariat
.etVwe sasxaasj, Mfei''lli.WtiT.WsiJ1 r;
vale, bails
The moat sascsfatabls. dea, or rather
sMiisssisa ef deasla ' Cairo tAky be
fenad la the rookeries tskh.bt seuth
'side ef Thlrteeaira4relr7SMat.
tempfs have be'mWtb rld't'aeig-
ooraooa er we pass, aut aii or ism aui
ed, most signally. Low, pithy .bwrdfcy
;mui wsuw, "mbb i ism girsaiasjc
rsurteea years eM, iafeet tJle plaoe, la
eHdcteg la orgies teo fowl to speak of. ' '
' fe want immediately, at the.V'Bt:
unariea Hotel two er tare dlnlng-roess
glrlsj liberal .VW,l&,k.m,;ifki
thoroughly undersUad their business,
JawaTT Wuvoox A Co..
my?M8' Proprietors.
Bam. Lewis,, late sheriff of Pulaski
county, bsi purchased a third Interest in
Htevenson, PoUeekdtCeX's saw miH; it
Pulaski. If a saw mill eoald be ma with
out laborious attention, Sam would make
one ojribe moeWcoje
America. He is Interested in a jrt alaas
mill, however, and caa lie in the shade
and make mousy .Jt 3- c
,ftDoB't fail to call on Pitcher A Henry's
for everything in ti& Hardware line.-m
commercial avenue. my220t
,rvA.barefoot negr: urchin Jumped from
the sidewalk on.,authatMatvaaarfaw
'evening, aud allgbMlon tbe. bqttdm.of
:ffofen bottle- The glass lacerated his
feoisb severely that It was thought the
youngster would go off into -the lockjaw.
Ia one plaW&WeHaii lhhreWrely
sftVa1etyMP ea4sWaSkJPPsa A 4jpHsM
mU Piieher Keary's, ler IHMaaia
baaaxi,ucA,itvru; umjWH-v.
Q. Harman. mq.. will Drobablv I
jBturn home taiwfoWdy.
wThe walls of tho now custom house
A . ill .1 m
that structure Is completed, business
holieeswlll occupy all tho adjacent lots.
la'.Calro wlib.eer'-
talnly have not washed, their fleah.or
yeirs. Some of thenVWear'caslngsr lit
dirt unon their bodies until it gives nvl-
dence er.pthfceilen,lR I
iWe.are lhfornd thVt the, Cairo' (leifc-:
gatlon to New Orieana will rotufh'vla'
Mobile. at whlehiMjiat'Uiey will arrive
1a - - t . ...... .1-1 .. .
nexL Aionuav. .iuis win uuiuy inoir re
turn to 00 til tho middle of next
The heavy rain that fell last night was
much needed throughout the whole
country. The gSsdaMtBd grfewifWr
crops had commenced suffering for it Jt,
win aiso nave me enect ui prolonging
the? strawberry season .
. MWKJIoaoy Saved I
By.buj-ing.jourgrocorifiif-J. lIMotcolf-
whd keeps a lnrgo dhdwlcet stock of Inobfesr
family supplies, and soils, cheaper than tho
cheapest No. 334 "Washington avenue, op
poslto thd'emirt ho'os'e': ' marfttf s
nn nv 9.
In this city
Margaret Ellen, infant daughter of I,
H. and Eliza Barrett, aged 3 months and
elevea days.
vt .The re nasi as were conveyed to Villa
Ridge for Interment by this evening's.
All was quiet in police circles up to
one o'clock to-day. To our Inquiry
'what's on docket to-day, Djok," , that
Venerable old functionary shook his
bead,. and replied, "Ah! times are de-.
generating. Tho tlmo iius been, when
by this time o'day, I had sent a half
dozen to tho calaboose, and shut up
shop with a pocket full of trimmings."
, Tho young men of the city are estab
lishing a gymnasium in the brick train
ing stable on Commercial avenue, owned
by Perry Powers. Ladders, bars, rings,
clubs, weights, eta, are being provided,
and In a few days everything will be In
complete order. This is a commendable
move, and should enlist the countenance
of every young man of the city.
Th flora Oartea.
Tho Flora Garden is now tbopleasant
est place of resort In the city. Tho trees
furnish mostgennial shade, rldh flowers
Bweeten tho air, and vino clad arbors in
vile families or groups to pleasant chit
chat. It Is open every Sunday, and to
tho means of enjoyment, choice music is
added, giving everything a charm that
the visitor cannot fall to realize and rel
ish. Friends from Cairo, Mound City
and the surrouudlng , country, are ..oor
uiaiiy lUTivcuanu w 111 u uearmjr wci
co4. John Rkbs, Proprietor.
A mu Bunplr of Wblfe i)er. dfroot
Statu. St Louis, Just received-by. Charles
nenoenmyer, at tne Egyptian saioon.
Our wbarfboats receive and discharge
dally an average of about two hundred
hogsheads of tobacco, brought here for
reahlpatent. Most of it gees Seatb.
' Mr. Wsa Lonsrgan, oae of oar dele
gates to the New Orleans commercial
eoaveailea baa retaraed;
' The sidewalks ebeah.aMMaf Wash
lagtea aveaae from Tenth to Eighteenth
ssatl'aMmBL abssV Vah LakmaBSB 4af4aaaWesBBtaataeat ttam saVaVadl
sTSjlwaaJ SBaasjway BBaaapaa) BjBBTBBaBaaraBvaaas"!! vjajBF ejaaarmj araj
paered. Afereeef ivs Ws'earpeaters
lAhAMaa dawaaaa laaatf aMaaalaJa aa
aaaa Phmi aanvjaa jiaaaaaiBaarTaayjr.B
rMi gaMj-ajatAmAaSaja ffjBMjBmjaJ wlmsa Vaa laajat tavm
Tab aaMjaBaBBaaBBrBBBjap aaaaaBBBv sraaaaaaf vvaBrBT esBaav jbbbbk bbbbbjbbji
ssMaeresa the river at this polat, start
lag sVeea the shore ea that side at a peiat
Iter Halliday Bre's wi
warehease. The
'TJasWailtsr'aUyed she "Greai
: aha wark ef laywg It.
I Underwriter wMl leave fer Uomnd
df te-saerrew moraiag at oau peat a
Veleek. All who desire to participate ia
aha deeeratiea ceremoaies' soakl beon
beard by that hour. The boat's return
will be determined by clrcumBtauces,,but
In any eveat wilt net be delayed beyond'
It has occurred to us that some of our
paaden may ooafouud the Patrick' Kil-
vwi whose aame aDDears in our .nellca
'report of yesterday, In connection with
wmmrg e laroeay, w w -pig- rat, &eiiy."
Iastloe to the latter iadi vidua! we will
say hat he is not the Individual, ia
qassblon. Every man who carries his
ewa load of ofbadlngs, is abundantly
freighted, wlthoat having a double cargo
anoveaaDoaraoioim. , ,
The Cairo market Is supplied with the
flaest vegetables we ever saw, We pur
Chased, to-day, a head of ice-lettuce chat
weighed four pounds. Baddlshescabx,
Dages, rnuDarb,ansp.peaus anu peaa are,
the supply being only about .equal to the
unsiuiu. nirwumiW iuuo yesieraay
morning, ha,ve bee.oms quite soaree.
4'JDaywsWt: Besaoorat.ii! a large
nine column dally, comes to us in a new
areas, anu greatly improved In Its typo
graphical get-up.-It is edited by Richard
son Brothers, and is democratic to the
eeri giving tne bonigutea radicals of
tJlowa; dally dressing oil, through which,
tiantlaalM'd -hbpo W see'th'em)roflt:,,Tt
.BOWS an even hand with hath of Its
radical oltyojemporarles, and, betray
n (nv Him vim mat renuer it ono of tho.
"""1 'aiora' papcio ui iub UOrillweSt.
'Succmm to all Buch enterprising men"as
itioharason Bros.
Dornllon Day nt MeaMdUty.
As many as three hundred 'mes
women and children of this city, will
assist to-morrow in the"bea'utlXul,cre
mbayiof deeorailng the graves ef'itbe
flVe tlouand soldiers, w.bff MMpu-'ias-Mouad
City, cemetery."'- The gardens'.of,
the city will bo stripped of their jfoweni:
thWerenlng, and to-rcorrow.tfib'it
Underwriter will bear from omi hririlflg
ftfrftgan't freight, sanctified by taVuseS
Jo which it Is devotediirj ton
UTheerowd at Mouad ty,
Icse.bersweUed by the nresence-ef dtle
cations from Metronolts'alfd townMalanv
Hie liliaols Central. -JBvery family group
lll toko a basket dlnn'fkn.dl,eaJoy,tUR
repast ib me neignooriBg weeasi-'
'W, trivial consideration' should deter
any one from attending and Darticlb'a-
i-tln'g notthat the dead iieed the flower
:or tne 'tnorn but because the living;
snouja iearn that to. die Jot a principle
is oviaence or the hignest nerowai;'
Kirnwaernr FitlTl THmMtigrTfmmth
tloh,"6f'thIs city, will hold. Strawberry
festival, Jn tho roomover Parker A Phil
lis', formerly the china storb, Of Mark,
rPirsons & Co., cornet.o Tentbtreet aad J
ynio iAee, on xnunMay.iana rriaay
evenings. May 27th and 26th.
vrThls la the first appeal , this church
has mado to the public for help since its
organization, and it should be responded
to by our citizens whose hands and pur
ses aro ever open to such calls.
Many of tho first families of tho city
claim connection with this church, and
aro lending their help to render this sup
per and festival everything that could be
desired. There will be a diversity of en
tertainment' to render the evening pleas
aat and engaging, aside from tho luxury
of the supper.
A full house will certainly greet the la
dies of the Christian church on Thursday
evening. Let us all go, aad aot forget
to take the children. The expense will
be small, and every dime it costs will be
devoted to a deserving end. 2t
100 prompt paying day boarders can
be accommodated at the St. Charles du
ring the summer at $25 per month.
Considerable shipments of tobacco .are
shipped east from this point per tho cel
ebrated rallroad"BlU9 Line."
'Nasby" recommends "Barrett's."
Part 1.1 at for turn t Hoara Ea4lar a
t Two o'clock, P. Bf.
On.AnJfrhon.Coluni. Wm. Wlilt,Pilucli. J
l)lrrin;k,Kl. l.ouln; Armvla, KrannTlllo;
U', Xw Orleu; Mohawk, New Orleans;
Dghlwood,. '
Gu. Andcr.on. Colum.t Win. White, Fiulncfth;
I)tnirtl:, Nw orlrans Armada, KTantTllli",
I.liimo9il,Cinciontiz bec, it,tuUj...
Mohawk, "
C Wo were visited by a very heavy rain
storm, which lasted without latermlsaioa
during the greater part of the night
TJjf axoraUm theatmoanhere Is oool aad
pleasant, wltb but few clouds dying.
The Mississippi Is stilt declining.
The Ohio is Hill oa tbo decline, with 5
feet 2 inches at Pittsburg, and 4 feet 4
lh6hes in the pass over the fails.
Here it has receded 10 Inches in the
past 24 hears.
nue Armaaabroagnt so bales sheeting
and 300 de batting for St. Louis, aad a
few lets fer other aetata.
The Bismarck added 580 ska, eats, 130
bbte beer, 117 hhde tobacco, 18 bbls flour,
166 sheep, HbMs ami aad left MataJght.
The Wm. White, Capt. Northern, is
the rsgals Cairo aad Padaeah packet
this eveaiag.
The Qulekstep, Capt .Dexter, ia the
regwCsiroasMlKvaaevaie aeketthis
evealag. t.i ( t t' r .
The TyresM. Caatala Teas Marsana. is
The Uaierwiliet saeisted Taa sayiag a
warehouse to a polat opaaatts.
win go tt Mm wreehs ef Oee. Tbeeapsea
and Coral, ta,tha arhaaMat, laav.sW.
days. What will ws do Ibr aa esxamiea
boat while ahe is away ?
' tin
Tba UfBt draught puir Bteainrr
al M MKVaCRIiYaaaa a e aa aa w wimm aOsirst
Will make rrsuUr. OAILT TRIPU btwM Calr asd
4ncali, lea? Ins: Cairo avery
Tanlaa (Soadara ax-
ceKfui unit o ci
The Whiteconni
attl) alB to o'clock. "
The Whit connects at Paducah wifi tha Hew Orieana
and Ohio railroad, and tha Cumberland aad
riier packeta. y n 4, v . u b V rt) lf p
l For freight or raaMaaBalraaaaa7er to) f! U
j- tj i ia, vviijft, Aea, ;
- fi i . - ' -vtw.mwM.
hi ,
ANTKB-mader County Order. n't'MetL,
and Cltr Serttv at M cents on the dollar, far; aaV
klndi of Lumber aSd.aulldere' MaUriala. .V. w
lanuau i" 7 v w. w. lavaMwi.r
tittrtc rnrvHTAT. T.Amni'. -irnir. . ' -'
eS Ohlq Levee. Cairo, nilooU, U prepared; to furnlah
citltem or itoaailioat with the aboa pure artlcla of
Ice at the loweit market price. Citizens will be re
gularly supplied ty ltonesi, aeuomtnoiaUng salesmen.
Orders from abroad solicited,. mylSdlra
-New" Cottage and thrcp,
Ixteenth streets.! I'' il
f lot. corner Iocutand sixteenth streets.!
marlOdtf GREEi plLUERT, AltT.s
. k lx.v.tiiaiiS(Ol
T?OK RENTr-The Leveo bnttdtng on Lots, B
X' tatemoccupiea sx wtcer raiuifa aa-Wnu
wlBtor.'rPos M'Oaajw lsajais"lstslr.
p'rWdlC-r.rtt Qf iWoflTNoTttfObte
A .
TTOR RSMT. The oce on (he aecead ioor.
over-Miller k Miller's clothing store, at reasonable
tenni. Apply at Miller Millers. tayS-tf
rji ClltOCltT mml
) Itrt
1&) itfSK
lli'l" i"c tm til
V, lift it pi Ml
M. ' -art tvr m MMiatfr
r i tun rr.r.rvnus
nilli of Kadliir
rIvcb to all
AvnlUble,lVtKU by.IUll or Wtu.Hl
ii j tm rati mm
I .X'
l MM rw
i .a . r
... M
AT1.U1J.J.U A.MI Jiisai&sii'ri1
V "
-TO- W '
3 3rL Xj 3E3 J.
W.R. AiiTiiurt
DV OAYi......
.....M..J0SE3, Mai(r, -i
.....llUltK, Mm tcr,
KVTII.I.. i l'b(i(A.ti. iiamer, :
PAVIilNR OAKIlolj.....WllITK.MMler,-l
HINNAMCK ....KNTH1KKN, itaatcr
KilZZIR RII.Ij .U'NKIL, Mantpr.
OLIVE HUACll.M....J()'B.4. Mattr. .
THOMPSON UBAN....J'Kl,i, Stiller
MObElK ADLR ... .......AHLE, Maxtor.
Comparing All (ho finct nml Inrgo.t boaUctltof HI.
One of tlm alxirn lino of itrnmrrii
Will lea v( Cairo for Now Orlcaa every
tertj-elglu lloiirs
Conncciing al Kfw Orlcani with Ocean Line of 6 team
tm to
Liverpool, TStw York, notion, and Oalt-
raavneen anil Shippers can rt'ly on one of ines
boat learlrg Cairo punctually n axT. will rf
xtlctilnr attention to all way irpiam wiow nempaa
wurln. uiias. i. mnvp, ,
(JCnprai Kni, uniro.
OffiCB. on Wharfbnnt, lnblle Landin.
Th Mlnwinir IlooU uomprUu thl Lino and Will
run In tho foMowini: order:
I Aitito at Cairo.lArrtTff at Cairo,
11KLLKST I.OU18, Tnlay,5 j..mfnturJayl a.m
Ziitlpr. Maatrri
Thttnday 5 p.m Monday. 1 a.m
Huturtlay, Sp.m Thura., I n.rrr
DEI.LK M KM I'll 1.,
Crane, natter.
vicitsnuno packets.
ArrlT at Culio,
Arrive at Cnlro,-'
Wedntl'y, 3 p.m
frlday, I ax
'Archer, Materj
, Muter;
.lltikp, Mit;
Voawmr, Malr
Friday, 9 p.m
Sunday, 1 a.rri
Ib'uilil.l) , ft J'.lll
Wednd'y 1 a i
Callahan, Master.;
Connecting al St. Louis wttli
NarUierM I. In a Packet Company,
Keoknk Packet Company,
Omaha Packet Company,
and Various Ilallrond I.lacff.
AtMenphU with
M ecapbla aad White River Packet Ca
Arkaaaaa River I'acket Company,
Meaaakls and Charleston K R.,
and Mlaalsilppl A. Tennessee R.R,
At Vkluburgwlth
Yam River Packets, and
Vlckaanrc an Meridian Itallroad,
Oiving through bills lading and tickets lo all available
aolnts by tailor river.
' aiAS. T. HJNriE, General Agent.
Office on Wharf-boat.
ED. F. dIPSON, Ticket and Paseenger Agent.
Consbtiag of the followiay
plendld passenger, itesmsrs .'
17a JBBD e eaeae aaMa
Master HAKPKR -Xlll
a jax.iaxaAJi,
-Master WOOIM
Master WKAVKK.
m tee CI CPgel
AVW....- Master CAViy...... qeJat
Making all Intermenlalo landings, and giving spec'
ufouuu u way uuuneas.
CUAS. T. IUNDE, Oeaeral Agent
lecn 'ftd
Once oa Wharfboat.
DAVIS, Snnl, Memphis, Tcnacjsee.
Tho snloadid sido-wheel
libehty a, a,
Leave Memphis every TUE8DAT. THURSDAY aad
SATURDAY, at ft P.m., for Whlto River, connecting a
Du rail's blurt with tho Msniphis and Llttlo Rook Rail,
road for Little Rock and liot Sprlugx. Time flrosn
Memphis to Llttlo Itock, IS hours.
Freights aad PassenKers receipted over the atcva
Line at lower rates than any other route.
C1IAS. T. 11INDK. Agent, Cairo. III..
ORke ou Vhar-boat.
Gonslitlnt; of tbo following
plcudld I'wseiigor 8Uaaier M
ummm ARMADA,
' f M&avea Cairo Sunday and Thursday at 5 p.m.
Leaves Culro Tuesday and Friday at 6 li.tn.
Leaves sawcduuuay iuul baturda- at S pJao, n
.1 1. . ii. . . i 1 1 . i j .
IMtiair ail inieriunuiuir lauuings, nnu pariug jwg
,l.1r.nntliiii la Piukt l.lul.f. '
CUAS. T. H1NDK, Oeneral i

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