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" t t EEC
In view of the early completion of the
Cairo & Vlncennee railroad, tfao aura
construction of the Cairo & St. Loula
railroad, the restoration and contlaua
tlon or the Cairo & Fulton railroad, and
the certain success of our newly es
tablished tobaece market, Calroto haye
cauae for great encouragement. The
present Is dull, undoubtedly somewhat
trying; but If we will cast our eyes oyer
the country wo will see no greater activi
ty anywhere that is not chargeable to
evanescent causes.
The past four years of Cairo's history
will not repeat Itself. The withdrawal
of government patronage from our city
at the close of the war left an element of
papulation in our midst without employ -meat.
The business of the city settling
back upon its original basis, was unequal
to the prolltablo employment of the hun
dreds nnd thousaudH who had been added,
by the war, to the original population.
The South had beon luid waste, tho Cairo
& Fulton railroad had been destroyed,
and tho tributary country thereforo could
not bo laid uudor contribution. That
"dull business" should follow such a con
dition was naturul 'enough; and that
dull business should contlnuo until the
South had in a mcosuro rccuporated aud
rebuilt her avonues of commercial com
munication with us, was equally natural.
Hut tho tlmo bus arrived, wo think,
when wo may safely declare that "tho
Rubicon la crossed;" that the most try-
lng ordeal has boon passed, and that our
feet are now ilrmly tlxed in the path
that will lead us to a realization of that
thrift and prosperity that are to speodlly
build in up as tho commercial, .center of
this great valley. i. , n
Within a twelve-month the cartTof the
Cairo A Vlncenties railroad' will render
tributary to.uur city iV vast extent of well
improved territory from which, hereto
fore, wo have not realized, In a business
way, oiio hundred dollars per annum.
"Wo refer to Johnson and Saline coun
ties, Johnson county produces largely
of tobacco and wheat, throwing Into
market via Metropolis aud Anna, hun
dreds of hogsheads of the former, and
tens of thousands of bushels of tho lat
ter, every season. In corn and wheat
Saline county is equally prolific; but
hitherto not one dollar's worth of her
surplus products' has found Its way to the
Cairo market.
The Cairo fc St. Louis road, within the
uext two years, will give us the mo.it de
sirable business connection with the up
per portion of Alexander county, with
tho west half of Union county, aud
large portion of Jackson and 'Ilamlolph
The Immediate ellect- of these two
roads on Cairo will be seen In an in
creased activity in every department of
trade pursued in our city. Ibis lucreaso
will draw new population to our midst,
cause the erection of new busiucss houses
tho cstubilshmout of now business pur
auita; but this growth will bo authorized
and sustained by the growth of tho
country. Within three years after tne
tint through train signals tho comple
tion of these railroads every county
traversed by them will'havo doubted its
extent of cultivated lauds. The interior
and upper portions of Alexander county
will become a graud orchard and garden,
giving profitable aud healthful employ
ment to hundreds where dozens now
drag out u slothful and percarlous ex
istence. And, us a contributor to the business
of Cairo, we shall, by that time, find the
Cairo tobacco market, of the utmost con
sequence. Every year i'aducah sells
25,000 hogsheads of tobacco. The hand
ling, liiBurauce aud inspection pays the
warehouse men four dollars per hogs
head. This Is equivalent to $100,000.
The proceeds of sales of 25,000 hogsheads
may be put down at 94,000,000. The
experience of I'aducah, Kvansvllo aud
Louisville places the fact beyond doubt
that the planter expends one half the
sum he realizes from salt's, In the market
where ho sells. Houco, It Is evident,
thatwhon wo give the Cairo tobacco
market the importance maintained by
that at Paducuh, our warehousemen will
receive their $100,000 per unumu from
it, and our merchauts their $2,000,000.
Aud furthermore, wo have coutldeuee
that tho effort on foot to rebuild the Cairo
and Fulton railroad, will be a successful
one. That really Important thoroughfare
will no doubt bo operating to Stoddard
county, by tho tlmo tho Cairo and Vln
centies road is put through to the Wa
bash. Wo cuu therefore couildeutly
count upon tho completion of the Cairo
and St. Louis railroad, the Cairo and
Vinconnes railroad, tho Missouri portion
of the Cairo und, F ult,ttUoa.d, ,ttMd
tho successful oporatioil of tho Cairo to
bacco market, as ends to bo accomplished
on or beforo the 1st day of Jauuury, 1572.
If these calculations are verified, Cairo
will talce u riso in commercial aud bus!
ness importance that will repay the most
impatient for his waiting and hoping. In
lew of that consummation property is
held nt better ilifiuos, uud day by day
henceforward confidence will atrenghten
until eyery man who has Invested In
Cairo proporty will "see his money
back," with au additional sum tint will
more than cover his taxes and the inter
eat upon the Investment That day Is
not very distant We are, in truth, unoa
ts very dawning.
tUm Twimi SUtHMtJ atate CamvaiUra
Never, slaee the morning stars eaag
ovsr the birth of the world have the bad
passions of .badjnea given rise te smhcs
and ergles that surpassed those which
characterized the late radleal State Cob-
Ventlon of Teaaeeeee. Aa assembly of
white mea aid negroes; of men steeped
ia palltiealalaa aad aaeaal pollatle; of
uie scum and otr-seoatiassi of the North
that were drawn South by the allure
menU of office and plunder; of carpet
baggers aud scalawags; of thieves and'
loafers--K)fnow and then a conscientious
man heartily ashamed of his associa
tions, the Tennessee Convention stands
branded with an Infamy which honest.
right thinking men of all parties and
colors contemplate with horror and dis
JSo newspaper report can eer paint
the sickening, riotous, drunkeu scenes
uud badinage that made the convention
what it was. Tho looker-on saw and
lleard'what iio'mayneVcr 'transmit to'
paper. The attempt of a faithful report
er fills nine columns of the Nashville
'Banner,' and froul that attempt, we ex
tract at random, the following specimen:
A toothless neirrn deleimtn "Ttnrlionr
fowls, when will you go back to Shelby?
You must, leaye.ioon.j.altourself down
.OeSfral James Urownlow-"Get that
negro a little of perfumery, aud I'll nav
for It. He will disseminate cholera if he
stays lu here any longer."
A delegate "Water melon rinds for
Ilutler's head."
Ailolph Nelson "There is to be a now
coition of parliamentary rules published
in tlio 'Press und Tlmes.'nand edited by
junior anu uaie."
1 Captain Downed, addressing Catc
"We'll give you h 11 In your district,
you d n wlilto liverod pup. You can't go
yourconsplruoyou us, you d n rascal."
Cate "i ask the privilege of reading a
iilxpuicuirombunutorbprugue." Voices,
"takc mm out: lei mm reau itr'i
The following dispatch was then read:
Mmphl, )1T S3, U'H.
Will l)iiK, CtiKlnnti, niK'ullr Cotnniltlf.
I.tlwr I iiIod
Governor Spraguw, of Ilhodo Iwland.
will arrive in Nashville via the North
western railroad, and address the work
lng men on Monday night.
(blgiicd by the dlegats to the Com
merclal convention.
General James JJrownlow "I movo
that Senator Sprague is an abortion."
TGreat lauKhter.1
Sharp, of Chattanooga "You cousplra
tors nave not got as mucu nerve as a
Williams "Mr. Chairman f Voices.
"Is that sweet William; I'm ashamed of
lilm." l movoy y.eers, UerUlye laugh
tor and howls." A voice, "Who is run
nlngthis Republican convention? and
threo cheem for Honter." 1
Captain Doivnesr "tell bid Cato tho
GUl d-d whlte livered' rascal, td tell
aooui mat conspiracy."
JlarbourJLewls "It's enough to make
tile angels weep to see what rascals are
(Ms,.f.Cla4berae "We were net1
sent nere to concentrate ourselves into a
ri6t, and to bo a laughing Mock for tho
whole country, task in, God's ;namef
can't every man behave himself In a do-
cent aud houtat manner. Such conduct,
Improperly ' appreciated by the great
messes oi.wo rteputMtesa pupie, wouiu
ua regarueu as noming. more tnau a
wart, a wind trail and a festerlnur sore to
RenublicaaisniuIt'sMa akaata. iit'sm-
scandal." ' ' '
'A colored delegate "You can rest
now. You. bare said eaaacb.'i
Myers "Can we not have a man that.
can bo hoard? an ''we' ;L'Herertbe
gentleaiau was quite overcome by a pa-
meuc emoxionj. vr e are acting line wua
to lktaa to aoa
bottforfhe candl-
mon sense. If wa cannot
aiourn sine alei 'Let
Then followed scones of disorder, pro
fane and obscene expressions, oaths and
ribaldry that would; have disgraced' the
tr 1 , ...ntn 3i-t. -Itj k't-..' . ..
tuuicsv jiuiiious ut luoum --rive roints,"
We ask caudld, honeat, radicals if they
are not ashamed of this exhibition? Ve
asKinem u tuey can wonder that, the
decent, lntellltfeat. respectable -citizens
oftthe South remonstrate and exhibit
restiyoness while living under theooatrol
of huch .corrupt blackgutirds and disso-
uwee run.. 1 Mud applause. We should 1 A &uy wbose
bff a bundle of- wisdom A voice, H the habit of
inauK you, man you, you U d s -n one evening askeu
t 1. I. I'l ..'-21.1' .H I ... .
"l"7..' nvr"u ,woOKe au excited tone. "
'"ff, comPi-J0te.riHeiLof pretty men whpm, achool girl dlo. .
ssdeBtate Convention? Ha5 the "late for: ' ' vi
robels" of Tenneeeeh"eTd suohtan infer
nal revel; exhibited suc,h a total diere
gahl of God and man, would you not
terms us demons, monsters aud ruftlans
unlit for for decent associations and tho
blasalngs of a ,beuigu , goyerqmaittS
Would you not Uuvo pointed to tho In-
famous occurrence as uroof bevond cav.
llli'nt.n,1, M,- nni ;.fri,I. aZ..t. ' '
i V ..."
ueuasoui clomoruuzeu and lit uubinnfa I
only for mjlltary ule? If you would I "trew Piuk rose leaves over tho little re-haya.done'legsr.asearch-of
-your-owa . Lwixia , t t f t )t.
neart would have revoaledi a .rotteneM
anl moral as well as polltloal unsouud-
ness Ul vesting you of the sllghfetclalmj
to lionesty or deceucy. But It is your ox
that did the gorlugi What now do yon
propose to do? Will you as men should,
aud as men Mil, denounce the ruffians
OFFtOE: No; 13 CTentlv Street, Thorntons Building.'
and scoandrels as they deserve and de
mand that the South be relieved of their
official presence; or will you, for party's
sake, but to year owa thane, permit
then to pass unseathed aad unrebuked?
We shall see, in this matter, what time
may develops.
It k declared tsjr fcwlfcat jfca Indiana
legislature shall eoaetr oss hundred
and fifty meatbe, taMBtMse attaining
one hundred aaiMfcisi asM Waato flrty.
It isalso provide that.. aaoram shall
consist of two-third ef both bouses, viz :
sixty-seven in the house aud thirty-four
in the senate. A lees number Is not a
legal body and can transact no business.
By the recent resignation of the demo
cratic members the house was reduced to
fifty-nine, and the senate to thirty-three.
In the face of this fact Senator Morton
argues that the quorum of the Indiana
legislature is not disturbed I He declares
that a majority of oue hundred, or fifty
one members, may constitute the houso
and that thirty-four of these are a quo
rum, and that twenty-six members may
constitute the senato, and eighteen of
these' are a qaoram'l 'In other-words, al
though jts a law, sanctioned and sanc
tified by usage, that tho Indiana legis
lature shall consist' of oue hundred and
fifty members, and that less tuan'one
I,i,n,l.l ..t.kMA . j.l.I.Ji -
quorum, yotlthis dlshonestj.mW tftlngs
ucuiiuu upuu (diuiaeii muu OU lu HI upon
the party whose dirty work he' is per
forming, by Insisting thil sevValy-plx.
members, and not obi hundrWaudflftV,
"V wnitrt?Uie legislature; tbay,
onobf these, a.ndnoone hundredcon
stitute a quorum. And what aro the de
ductions. Ffty-onc members forming'' a
quorum, a majority of that quorum may
pass bills and legislate generally for the
people. A majority of fifty-one, being
twenty-Beveu, we uro brought, by Mor
ton's reasoning to tho foolish and almost
lusnuo conclusion, that seventeen mem
bers of tho houso and ten members of tho
senate, may control tho legislation of
To what roeklmr denih of tfonravltv
...II, ,.-, . ... . . : v-r
ruuicausiu hoi uesceuu to perpotu-
oivun ii-usu uj power,'
It will cast New York threo millions to
open lieu Gate.
ah r.nKtisumati lias ltivcntoa u tun.
a ,
chine to make hay when the sun doesn't
A diamond worth xavooo in jLin nnn
The scarcity of water in India U Irlv.
ing tnirsty tigers Into the settlements.
Out of everv 100 women In Oroiit T?rlt.
aln above tho age of 20, fi" are wives, 13
...1.1 .. i ni t a '
wiuuwa uuu spiusiors.
Daniel Boone discovered Kfiniimkv
juuuiai, nus, uuu mo iventucKians pro-
u ceuieuuiui ceieoration next
fclovon hundred persotiB In Em-land
imy ii ma. lor Keeping in uieiraiouseuolds
more man ten male servants.,
. A Now Orleans gambling house claims
that It lias lost '3(39.000' tho feaitWw.
nuuciaiiuM iuo -proieci on or tne law."
A person In Ixndon advartUml a hnliv
for udoptlon. for which there wore .170
applicants, all of whom sent money an
pieuge oi goou lauu.
It was au apt answer of a young lady
wuu. unioK Keu wuere was tier nativn
place, replied, "I have nono; lam the
uauguter or a Aietnouist minister."
In tlm SvrAnnan nnllon onir ann,tM
. I" - - w. w npvVMkVtO
mtv uueu 8 vagrauu, tne court wisely
noiaing that if they had any visible
means or support tuev wouldn't imm-
.. I ... . . " . III. 1 . o
aiyuiiuaui'u au iiuavoreu spot.
a An M, P. recently In debate shouted
"Amicus Plato, amicus Roomtou. ii
major Vertlas." The reporter next mor-
JLlu madaUapeech read,, "iaiay cuss, m
W1 !F w&Bum 'id -hTaJor
VerUaa. '
family were very muoh
making conundrums, was
by Uer husband, lu
Why are these doors
always open? 'IJglve
it up,
sianuy repueu tue wire.
"Dararo." aald a sable aratnr.
M..I.. ,1., . I . 1 . . 1
uaua turuuKQ idm wonu. ua mm nm n
b;9ad road aud narrow road dat lends to
fniuiuuui uuu uu uuuci am u narrow
aun uroau road dat leads to sure do-
-atructlon." I'lfdatumdo case," said a
aoio noarer. "uis cuuuti indivldun
taxes toue woods."
Fanny Font thna ades fnri(th?.lnni-L
But your-r conventional "haadsomn
men" of the barber's window, wnx.flo-nra
i." . i ...... i . i . " , , .
i""ji.nirii fD iuua iu v suu-!
me oi ine roreneau, an apple-sized head,
and a raspberry mouatacho with bIx hairs'
in u, paint pot on maonaeK) and a, little
uoi or a irnaiAa nn ma num. Willi nm
blinking little studs In hU shirt bosom-
und u little necktie that looks as If ho
woina ralnt were It tumbled. I'd as lief
i M. . P00tl - 1 a'way8 feel a desire
10 nip it up with a pair or sugar Iohrs.
dmn ir nnuMviiiin & hsiuri nt
r""rJome dava uo-n. In SL JjOhIh: by puhloe
or a Ahlrd street bank. In countlnor un
m O : ' ill wimi-i
his gains at the usual hour of closing for
t hn flaw VlirliDlnMliilliMAnl '4fTl. T.l T it "
I iaj ao aoiganumaiii. ivunu (110
oasn account ' snort" to tne amount of
about 96,60". If had beea I'grabbed"
aotmetlme during the clay by some thief.
lng that the national debt baa decreased
I $228,531,836., How atuehof takrdeerease
is caused by the selling off by auction of
unused army stores at a discount of ninety-five
per oent from cost price; and how
long will ft be Wfore the' aMini class of
goods will be bought again at the same
The population of Charleston, S. C, is
estimated at 40,000 souls 30,OO whites
and 20,000 negroes. .The , mortuary sta
tistics for 1888, show that the number of
whites who died was 300, or one out of
every 61, and of colored persons 818, or
one out of every 24. The aerro
population ia all parts of the South U
rapidly decreasing. Thero are two deaths
for every birth.
The Radicals fiercely abuso the South
for complaining. Dr. Johnson, aceord-
lug to Boswcll, heard a fishmonger; curse
an eel, because when he was skinning it,
it didn't lie still,
The two
lie two great radical organs at Chi
i, the 'Trlburio'and'the 'Republican'
are quarreling with each other for the
leadership in thedenupciatlpnofQnj.
Grant. "
" ."P" - L ,n,! cm iy, io ifKn miuio na
! o?tonu;M5jln'nJeed- Ue,t
I . iiaitiiuu.,
m) 2r.UH wlw Hu C mmerjll nuo, C'riro
0-t Oliio lToe, Catro, lllinoU, U prcporislto furnlih
tiilu-ni or tAtnbottt with tho above nro nrtlula of
front the lnrnt market price. Cilliu'n will s rn.
ruUrlr inpfilleJUr honrtlntrc
yommdrtttlrtft Mltitdtri?
Onlem from abrovl solicit
Can HccomnnxUto tli public with tnuio for IwlU
partir and yrrrnsdt-n, nt ulinrt tiotlco, nnd on rfuion
lle terms. I.-otM iri n rTcr;intrnmcnt. '
Krldrni:c on Ulh ftn-ot, bet.
Wnlnut and Ccrfiir,
JOm.ljr Faol&ot.
. i . t - , ,
J't draught lMnj(rr&tfinirr
f aiter,
JWIIink rentier DAILT THIIM between Cairo and
IVtduciOi, leavlns Cairo eery creulnir Sundv ex.
OA tit A. I , itlllA iiiilui '
III) White comiecu at 1'iulueah iriiS l.
and Ohio railroad, nnd the Cumberland and Tcmicwea
rirer packet.
or ireigiu or passage applr on bord, or (o
J.HUCKIiEr, Acent,
: . ; 'Cairo. llnol.
In23ltl , .
7 1 1 t- 1 1 ur rtia.-j
WA!5T.SRrA,xV"icr Cp'"V Order, al (0 ot.
yV'atid Cltrfterip at Mt-enU on the dollar, for all
klnd of lumber aad Uulldera'. Materials 5
Ki. "TTVie Uveo bultdinr on Lot . n 5.
'rlftltf O. WINSTON. No. 74 (
I Ohio I.eoe.
RKNT. The omen 'an IK.
second floor,
7 Vrteiluvr- "IPrcIiMhlBX I
teruijd Apply at liHrMillrV
tor, at
FJU SAT.K. VHKAP-New Codaso inV Ibre,;
loti.rornerliOcuitandHlxteenth atreetf. "3 "
, Vialunble IIohsm, Lata, klc, Kle..
Will lie iold at nnLllo'liliiVii .1 . .iy,ir,.L
f'x.n?0?.l.'i,.-..n.,.th.': r.""r of Koana and Water utrneta,
n CU WlUU,i. KENtL'CK V. qb Uia.fti day oft Jim.;.
lM.enmmIIClUK atOO'cllU n 111. ttlliliinntlnllin. till
an aom.
ONE THItEK-STOItV llltink IIIMIVVjU liniuv
ANU I.OTooVtr atrvnt, (litaly occupied by T. M.
Three blank Iota on Roane atriwt; ,
II0IJ.SE. threo
oiie, on aieratreet, occiiiiied by llingo & t
Uo., a .
VI-.tflIMT T,-il f?ttia l.'lnr.l..i.r... 1
f .., .14 .1
. . uvwulMUO tIAiX.lb ,,UIIIn
All belno in Cnlutnbuf , Ky., and Monu-ins to ettato
11 uuuy.i nun 11 a 1 Ml ouiirvni
ui i..u. iiurms u ifciuui, uidli rti r
I viuo re a'
llllliri H,,IILillIlf IHHltK
i .1 hi .... .jt.' ' . i
nuwn at aalif. or mrinlra i
i'nUiu aht-Ky.l
. AtaiKni!!
H OT'T. il
To Eliiil-th 'IVJIulbcotiU Cliarles USl erVrJoh'; S.
1, Imiraluin, truxtee of the e.tnti) of Darnia
'ill HulbrooK, iliHiea.t-dj Jphji Corconiii uul nl
nllifr vvlinm tliltt iiia v i..rti..n . ' ' T
..litii. aiiuvaoitof.ydu, uni hurony iiotlrlmp llu nt
J .- ""V "'v- ... .
I lilt Mil u oi l ll V' iota, us inn uniir nrilift rt.iivi l.rji..
in ieltv of Cairo, (mho i.tumty, of Alaxuudvr ami
miMild for tho j far 1667, 1 l-re.uiid the purchaser of
ineiouoitiiu; ticcnoeu mi. a t laieu . n ilia uiiv n
Calrji, county of Alexander Jmtl Statu of Jllinoi"
uiiiu mini ioi wa aoiu in uioinunu or J. II. liol
I.it.Nd. 7, In mock numbered St, Ju tho city o
Culm.. '
Althn aamo Hule. cutlie J.iv and iil.irn nf,ir.i-ii,,l.
mill fur the nme taxea afqreaald, dui umj unpaid for
thoiearl6G7, C. Winaton became tho purchaser t
the SillowliiKilo.-oribed nt altuutd In tfi.i city or
Cm 10. COUIllV Ol' Atl'lUlllllT Ullil nrilfn c.t llllnnla
v. liia 1 1 lot . uoId Jut Jionama of I), is. lIolLrook'n
ostalo, to-witt
i,tio. , m jiiock no. m tno city or Cairo,
wlm ilulv ttanlaied anld certiiicato of liumliuu.i ii. ih.
And that tho tlinn clicn bv law for tlm rmlmnnltnn
of tljo above described city lota, anil ea;li of them bo
mirqha.ieil as uroreaid on tho loth day of December.
iStiTi will einlro on tho 10th day of Donemlr iH.ai
andihjt unleaa tooucr redeemed, I shall aDnly far
n ued lor tho iiosscssion or tne eume.
Cairo, lllliioln, Moy 7, 1109, mviodow
FRENCH WMCKISfn-TJioro Ja A norfoctrwh
to lUrctotn for theclehrtl jrraflaJKHfcirW
poiT e' W ui,u1mc1 "a boot and aho
goodfhnpp. l'lntlnnnil
put your bouses la
P IntlDf nnl whltewnohlniAra th
nrt uro IB demiml. At tho OIlEES'LAllEli Druit
T "ii""-"")! uuu uran nn mini ni nil pnl.
more, oo.iiia irc, toii can get l'nlntu, Oil?, Vit-
r U i tL i !. i.i .7. ' " io on Imml
Ixno 8tr Whit Uwl; ao paint mrnilh nnd white
WMh brmliw. llnnlayu'ln lUo pl.u-e. . P
rl-v'. TfierhavotliBseiiuinoartClefrcK frotnthV
ftflory. 1t aUracb. Slew and kill, them.
( rm 'J V
XTTtan nr UAVVlXKHS-nr ToothachJ
T T atBnrtly't 5 '
;lr5J"'nll,lovBthMu, rry for them, and eav
Jhem with artdity, nnd arp quickly rcl!ted of worm?"
Cfii 7" , enl '"ij?r 1 1 ) 011 wIkU tlinn nent bjf;
nuMi, ri iwium ininy-nto-crmi 10 jinrclay llro., an
Ulcy will be Mint you promptly. "
PRACl-8tlvirSep,)Utt the UiltiK tn mk.
your Bllverwaro bright riiul new. 'CoiuatoV and
thctIndelcnltllarcU)V M
iiw-im yon wni nrencwKi or tlicbeiu-
WARTRD To find tho Individual In Cairo, or
eluewhere, who ha triMl Kerr Pvitetn Keno.
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Alio, black velrt wnlnut oralalnedcoOlnamar
orii-fr, oi very low pricca,
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day f i June, u fnnut will Iki de.trojiHl. Own
orao. l-vuiidkluik Hill Ikj uuvvrued uicordinly,
una .ill at the City Murahal'a oltlce. No. jat dhfa
J.ve, up iair, uiu iiu- your ilo liutoa
, Jiivii.r.i4 n.v.
MIIIIK'K, Cin-Warlul.
im,, amy -jo, iMjj.
Ci W. GREEN, mrcj AT
(Succeaaor lo K.illisl Green & Co.,
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tilul head of Walr that you onco prided Mil If o. to
toIUrclayit'iinil tnUn 0ur pIioico of Relorattve
"S'V't ,U" I!l','c,.1' ninK'i Arer, ChevallerVT
fVood', JayneV, Mr. WlnfIo'i. Eureka and any
'other yo may want, Incladlng the Jatnmntial.
mi iiiii ii.'iiiju Loun i ir
y of CMueiiea. IWderV r reVfume ' gS Z

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