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, ,. .'' .. -.rf.,,C
going nobth:
Mnll train leave nt -.. 2 o'clock a.m.
Express" Hij.sJJLkA940in IMid
Mnll train MriV'mHtst.Uv auxxrj; r oVJ(xik'.in
txprpni " " ............ ....... .W " ji.tn.
Way, Icawat......-....,..,..,,. iMtMpek .m.
Kxprw, " .".........4...,.. 4;I0 t" . p.m.
Dally, Bun d ays excepted.
Uso "BarreltV and gray' hairs 'Msar
. . - . - ti.. .1(1 r. t
tfi it yt 1
n mm.,' , r rr
25 day
boarders ..wantQd at ,tho bt.
otol at $2o per month.
Charles ITofol'
f nVU
Iee rdr the Jfoartn Ward.
Hereafter n snnnlv nf lea will
Jjo kept
for sale on the corner of 10th and Top
. Y
nt tlio sumo roto na furnished by other
dealers. ' ' I . i Mtiy'tftf. '"
On Thursday lat,four,fuU car loads of
strawberries were, slipped from JLJobjl
muuu. xueru ware preaencatiaB nation,
when the truln left, ono hundred team
and ono thousand pontons. Nearly all
of thcHo persons and teams wore employ
ed nttho work of picking, boxing, ship-
nlflC iltlil rintil Inrr atrntiffit-trrffia
Mrs. B. P, McCauIey and Mrs, Rastj
have our thanks for Very grateful minis
trationa to our senses of sight, taste, and
smoll. Mrs. Mo knowing our weakness
in thai way sent us a liberal slice of
delicious, frosted cuke, while Mrs. B.
placed us in possession of thehandsomest
and most fragrant boquct we hare re
ceived this year.
I. 11 1 "
Running of 1'rult Jravlnsj,
In. Cent. R. R. Co., 1
Cairo, May IB, 1809. J
Until further notice a fruit train wilV
run dally, Sundays excepted, leaving
Cairo at 11 o'clock u. m., and will arrive
at Chicago at 7:50 next morning. Fruit
shipped in car loads, or nearly so, will
reach HL .Louis at 10:30 next morning
without change of cars. Passengers will
not bo carried on this train.
MnSOlw Jambr Johnson, Agent'.
iTImes copy)
The Iron Itnros at RHmoul.
On Thursday last tho track layers on
tho Iron Mountain railroad were work
ing in sight of Columbus, only about a
half mllo distant from .Belmont. Tho
'Dispatch' Informs us that tho last spike,
necessary to bring tho track to the river
bank will be driven to-day, and that the
Iron horxe wlluhcnbe run to tho brink
of the "Father of Waters." A mixed
train will commence regular trip imme
diately. Thr Hupprr J( Might.
The strawberry supper la'st night called
out quite a number of ladles and gentle
men, but the turn-out was not as large
as anticipated and was not equal to the
preparation. Tho sum realized speaks
well for tho liberality of those who did
attend; bat there was occasion for be
llevlng that this call would be responded
to with unusual generosity. The ladles
who managed the affair were untiring la
their efforts to pleasnaod entertain thsir
visitors. The tables presented eviden
ces of an exerclso of much taste and
Judgment, while those who assumed the
part of saleswomen did their daty so
well and with sack' a persuasive seeming
that sevsral gentlesaea declared tkat
they had to leave to save the last qar
ter, which they had put aside te by m
mora lag's beefsteak!
"Benefci'a' Snatrfer
Stir MeefenU'
Save your Ut prepectr. A.
Fraser is agent far the cofper sewn light
ning rod cosapaBy and will ill all orders
promptly. Call at once and have them
put c y6w,tUdlngt.J This I tsie'bes't
and safest rod aew a4e. ' BhojpoaCom
merclal avenue, between Eleventh and
Twelfth street. v , aplMdtet
RmmS-A, B. Wklttakef's Drmtt tra.
Mr. A. RWhittaker hereby announces
to his friends and Mtrons'that he has re
moved from his old stand to Ford's bulldr
ing, two doors above.'where he' wilt 'be
pleased to see and wait upon his old
customers, assuring them tkatjris stoek
of drugs are unsurpassed for quality and
and -variety; myl7dtr
Barclay Brothers
Cairo, Illinois.
Barrett's agents,
my2ldAwlw i
If you want a good stove, or tinware
hollow.ware, copper or sheet-iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything lu that Hue,
call on A. Praijeri Commercial avenue,
beteen; 'Eleventh and Twelfth street,
where he has moved to, aud fitted up the
largest and most complete shop in
Southern Illinois,
Particular attention given to .steam
boat and mill work, copper smithing
and sheet iron work, such as chimneys,
breech er escaping ateam-p!pes,eto,
Tiie coolest dining-room in the'oity is
at tho St. Charles Hotel. Try It.
1110 ouiiuower uunara oaioon, on uuio
Levee, is furnished with the latest styles
of tables, and the bar supplied with tho
most excellent liquors. Freo lunch ris
spreM.e.Yery day afc.JU. mfc and..lO.,p...m..
Don't fall to call on Pitcher & Henry's
for everything in tho Hardware line, 192'1
Commercial, avenue. my220t
.a 1 . ,,. . . o t.H
tho Bt.
First In tho Hair line, '.'jjarretjW' f
Cairo imA Padneah.
NtltRrtnc wlrcssflSl the bMef
tlMtctbetUvM wacwUrjiry AUytkm
!rM3!vyiH enjojr,Jload -cojecll
with Cairo, Intimating at tho same time,
jour purpose to provldo that connection
ourselves whew aha u'dw()ahMid hliza-
state of forwardness., to warrant it. To
. a r J" mi T I III.
tins tno rauuean 'juiernia';;responus as
rents and on the alert to seize tho riropl
tioua occsfoKrieVer!trptRits itself
to advanco those' interestfl. Wo admire'
ler splritjf.enterpri8e, and uro willing
.9 luuulge her commendable vanity and
iuirpruer to enjoy tho bright visions her
'anoy sees woven in the mighty woof of
houture, without, from us, one unkind
realu,"to melt the airy, fabrics If tho
southern Pacific railroad Is built which
s only 11 question of time, and tho neces
sary result of tho demanijs, of, com-
Jncrce and shall' follow tho present pro
ected route, then 'tho .branch rohd'frbm
Pnducah to Cairo p be a necessity
whih raduca.Uni.wllUbTaHtri. to supply;
find tho Importanco of tlib nillroada con-.
Contratlne at Paducah will make this ne
cessity as obviously to tho advantago of
me interests or Cairo as to thoso of our
own. When thlsrotdlsrequlrcd which
it will be beyond s doubt then we ex
pect to soo Paducah and Cairo Join hands
to miuu it, wun a mutual ucsiro auu goou
feeling which will hasten it to n rapid
completion. ,
The'New Oorlcans ' commercial con
vention had a little "llaro up" over a
majority and minority report from the
committee on tho Southern 'Pftclfle' rain
road. I- f JO
The following, which was .embodied
in both tho majority and minority re
ports of the 'Pacific' railroad committee,
was adopted r That the main trunk lint
, from Bau Diego, Cat., should be built
through the junction ot the rivers Colo
rado and Gila, along ths valUy of the-
una, ana soutn or trio same to El raso,
on tho Rio Grande, and thence to a con
venient point near the 32d parallel, west
of tho Rra.os, at or near the river, in the
state of Texas, to which main trunk
feeder roads maybe built from Bt
louls, Cairo, Memphis, YJk'ksburg, Now
Orleans')! GalveAton on Qjo cant,' and
Guaymus, Mazatlan and San Francisco,
on the western side, with equal rights of
connection .for all, and which should, bo
known ami designated art the Southern
Pacific railroad. The discussion of the
Pacltlc railroad question, was lengthy,
and the longitudinal route from Cairo to
tMazatlnn strongly advocated by Texan s
and Illluolslatis.
TlioShiiwneutown 'Mercury' speaking
In complimentary terms of the labors of
tho 'Dullctln' in the work of placing
Cairo's "best foot" forwnrd, gives expres
sion to a truth that canpol be galnsaycd,
It is n notorious fact that when tho
people of a town or city desire It to grow
in size or Importance, they look to tho
neitpaper to do more in that direction
than any other ten agencies, and many
times the publisher l neither rewarded
tir even thanked for his services. In tho
case of tiie MJullutln' wo can bear testi
mony to tho fact that It has labored hard,
on small grounds, to do something to
ward building up a flourWiIngcIty there,
and the pay is coming over the left. '
Tho disjoined expression "over the
left, "4s called out by our mention of the
fact that necessity compelled us to In
crease our prjee of subscription five cents
per week, and that a small number of
citizens, unwilling to submit to the In
crease, stopped tho paper.
"Barrett's' preventu.baldness.
Go to Pitcher A Henry's, for Rrittanla
Ice Pitchew, and Fruit, Flower .and Egg
basket. my2Mt
Matasr Imm Ulna Wi
We wHt ImmedWtely, at the, St
Charles Hotel two' or three dining-room
girls; liberal wages pe44 te these whe
thoroughly understand their business.
my38d9t Profrietors.
The Cmlra'Planters' To eases Ware
heose Coaapaay vWheHa epeaiag
sale, Thursday, Jan 10th. ' 1899. whea
,there will be a large qaenttly of choice
maauracturing ana snipping iear piacea'
on sale. " ' " ' F
The premluras-offered for tho eest
hogsheads are sueh as to ensure a full as
sortment of the Jastly celebrated Ballard
couuty wrappers, which have. borne off
thhmi-on all tlie fairs. 'There will
also be a rf stock or Kenteeky, Ten
nessee, 'Illinois and Missouri shipping
The location of Cairo Is such as .to oflVr
every Inducement to buyers, as the city
Is not only easily- accessible frera all
points, but the, facilities, for shipping In
any direction, either by rail or river, aro
Purchasers frobVBtiliQuls, Loulsyllle or
Chicago can arrive In the morning,
attend the sals, and return by the even
ing train, thus losing but a single day
from their business.
Regular sales from and after the open
ing. t td
oar FMr KMSS City.
At 10 minutes past 10 o'clock this morn
ing thp steamer Uqderwrlter, with about
four hundred" laillsa and' .gentlemen of
this city, and a small admixture of col-
ored people, pushed out from our wharf,
and with banners 'flying and the Cairo
Sliver Cornet Baud playing-, steamedup
the Ohio for Mound City. Every family
group, nearly every individual member
of the groupju faqt, was supplied with,
boskets of flowers and refreshments.
Of, the ceremonies jmd jaylngs.QuihD.,!
ground, wo now know uotblngr'b,utthe(i
jjjuiieuii' oeing wen ropresenieu on me
ground will tell its story in tho next Is-
CO day boardoM wanted at
Charles at $35 pefimontfe) YFJCJ
,uvlkQ mu.iui -' 11 ,i&
tho St.
ItafiMlna r rrult Trnlns.
The agont of the Illinois Central rail
road nt thlspolnt, gives notice elsewhere,
that' untlJyftiefj,n!otico,Hlt trains
will leave Cairo daily (Sundays excepted)
at 11 o'clock a. in., arriving at Chicago,
at 7: )4StcIieil -at . I0:8 jrext
morning, without change of cars. Know
ing the weakness of tho human family,
tho. agent wisely excludes passengers
from these trains. m
Strawberry dralna dally!
that, and you can form some
what Egyptjs and ,lfto,bo Jf JfclR
. t, wor , ...
By buylngyourgroeericsorj. H. Metcalf
'who kccpn a Inrgo und eoleel itock of'tifolcst'
family ru))pllo, and bcIU clionpor tlmn the
clicnpefffp.) 334 Washington nvwiUQ, op-
poMto the court liousCt . jnur.&tt
An tTnnceou stable Anlmonlty. f
Wo nro ot a loss to account for tho
hostllo attitude Memphis maintains to
ward CairW Vlfefolrf IsttferoVclashlng
of Interest that tho denizens of tbat
hurg should display an ill will toward
Cairo upon all possiblo and Impossible
pecasions? In all their elaboratlonsj on
tho Biibjcct.plhe. Southern Pacific xallc
road that people ai'sedulously omit men-.
tlon of Cairo as the initial point of oho'
or tho feeders as they could were there a
fatality lit tho'very name. This feeling
is very foolish, and quite as harmless as
foolish. Cairo has. no desire to deny
Memphis a half-dozen connections with
the Pacific railroad. VVhy then do the peo
ple of that city act as If stimulated by
tho conviction that if Cairo secures a
single donnectlon, Memphis will, Inevit
ably, bo ruined? Ae are astonished.
Now we beg to assure the hostile ele
ment or that city that their angry
mountings and fulmlnatlons against
Culro are idle. They' can neither set
Cairo back nor Memphis ahead. Why
then arc -they 'so persistently indulged
in? Is Cairo's resentment deslrsd? It
may have stings of which they now
wot not
V. A. Lemma, esq., who defeated
Prlckott last Tuesday, in a race for the
town Judgeship of Carbondale, is a dem
ocrat. We will set radical newspaper
men an example in the line of candor In
this matter by acknowledging that party
linos were not drawn.
Gen. Logan voted for, Prickett, but
took no active part in tho election.
A single drunk constituted tho police
business befcru 'Squlro Shannessy to
day. A laboring man took on board too
heavy a cargo for a craft of his size. Tho
result was such zig-zag sailing that ono
of our conservators felt called uoon to
"pilot him to the calaboose. The charges
of SI and trimmings were paid by him,
this morning, without a grimace.
Tlia flora (Jiirtlra.
The Flora Garden is now thepleasant
cst place of resort in tho city. The trees
furnish moot genial )inl, Woh itawom
sweeten the air, and vino clad arbors in
vite families or groups to pleasant chit
chat. It Isopen every Sunday, and to
the means of enjoyment, choice music is
udded, giving everything u charm that
tbo visitor cannot fail to reallzo and rel
ish. Friends from Cairo, Mound City
and tho surrounding country are cor
dially Invited and will be heartily wel
comed. John Rem, Proprietor.
Laeal Malls.
Every Item inserted In our local col
urans Is read by at least ene thowaad
persons, dally. While we wovJd not
disparage oar advertising eelamns as a
medium of communication with the
pubUe,vremsy say, ntrtbeleae, lhat
the Increased price charged for business
settees law ieeal eel em ia falty au
thorized by the Increased notoriety
secured. This Is understood by many of
ear patrons and hence the namerotu
bWlnese and perseaal notleee that are
found Interspersed among our Items of
local news. Our charges are SO cents a
line (10 words) for the fret insertion
aad 10 cents per line for each subsequent
i Bring on your business "locals" then,
and In less than two days we will have
tho wares you advertise, talked about In
every family of the city. ' c tf
The entire first floor of the hundred
feet brick building, ereoted by O'Calla
han, on Commercial avenue, between
Eighth and Ninth streets, is occupied by
Elliott; Hay thorn & Co. as a boot and
shoe store. Their stock is probably lar
ger than all the other stocks of the city
'combined, as they do both,, wholesale
and retail business. Since Thursday
they have added seventeen cases of ton
dies' wear, embracing some of the neat
est, daintiest and unlquest styles we
ever saw; The ladles will find no dl
culty In sulting themselyes alike in qual
ity, size and price. Men and "children
are fully as well provided for, as their
stock of Bprlng and Bummer wear for
the masculines was never so complete as
now. Prleea are a little lower than
ever. it
Henry Metcalf; the only fourth ward.
grocer who advertises, is full handed
with business. He sells exclusively for
cash, Is his. own clerk, and is enabled,
uiciuiuiO) iu givu uiKjucoiiuunuia uar-
gains, Iu tho artlclo of butter he Is ut
terly unsurpassable.". 3
Cairo ic Vlureuuet Kallrond.
The Saline county 'Register' says:
Wo learn that Creedon 4b Wheeler.
wjib have been reported as contractors
or tne uairo s vmoenues rauroau from
his placo. to Curnil. havo but sLxteon
miles. What the'v have. howovoV. in
clpared. aai being anpldly graded.-
75 day boarders wanted ut
Char!? Ko&V hftti 'peTmiTn th.
100 prompt paying,, day boarders can
bo accommodated at the Bt. Charles du
ring tho summer at.$25.per month.
"Nasby" recommends "Barrett's."
The Rev. C. II. Fpote was seleoted, a)
the.Calro orator for the day,tf MoUrittJ
City. Other localities, no doabr, selected!
orators, so that there will be asmuch'1
speech-making as the assembly will have
time or Inctinatlon to listen to.
The lapse of many a year will be noted
before tho memorial address delivered:
by Dan Munn, lasttyear; will find Its
equal. It was Impromptu, but so full' of
pathos, poetryrpatrloticflre, stirring pic"
tures and appeals (hat few., heard and'
comprehended who did. not respond In
a tear, or thrill of'enl'husiasou. Herod'
out-Heroded Herod on that occasion.', " '
A fresh supply of White Beer, direct'
.from St. Louis, just'Tb'c'elved by Charles,
oonoenmyer, at tno .Egyptian saloon.' '
" Tiie Coming- Tabaccoftala.
Tho officers of tho Cairo Planters' To
bacco Warehouse Company arc rece(v
ing dally assurances thut the Balo fixdd
for the 10th proximo, will be, in every
respeet, a great success. Several entries
fot the prizes have already been made,
and information of others has been re
ceived. Ballard county manifests a deep
Interest in the sale and will be creditably
represented. We hear of preparations
for tliQ sale being made all over that
Tho attendance of buyers will bo very
large. Tho salo following upon the
heels of the great Louisville tobacco fair,
a large number of gentlemen from that
point will bo here. Bt. Louis, Chicago,
Cincinnati and Now Ypric buyers have
signified their purposo.to give not only:
the first, but future sales their close at
tention. And so It gpes. Who doubts,
now, the success of tho Cairo tobacco
Wo are not bestowing unearned praise
upon our newsdealers when we declare
them as enterprising, and wide-awake
to the necessities of their calling, as any
gentleman connected with tho trade in
the state. Wo find few, If any, such
bookstores as that of Rockwell & Co In
either Bt. Louis or Louisville, and In no
western city can tho retail buyer be ac
commodated on better terms. Mr. Hor
nceHnnnonls also watchful for all the
turulugs-up In either tho newspaper,
book, periodical or musio line. While
his couuters are accessible no family
need want for the choicest and freshest
news or literature. In this regard Han
uon's house Is hard to rival.
For our usual Sunday supply both
houses have laid us under special obli
gations. As thero Is no shelter in the vicinity
of the Mound City National Cemetery
tho hundreds who visited that spot to
day were no doubt thoroughly drenched
by tills afternoon's heavy rain fall. '
Mr. W. W. Thornton, after an absence
or m couuu or weeks from (he city, hu.
returned home. His absence was pro
tracted somewhat on account of sick
ness lu his family.
Pert liat
for th at Hours
Tw a'elveh, p. si.
Euttlaa; m
qolckiUip. ETMinvMe. arone, NmIitIU.
J!!.'1 wAft, uu1' """ Louli, Memo
Molll.Abl. CiiralrlaJ, EwTllii
Mublo City, tit. Louli.
Oen. Andron. Colam. Wm. White. Pln(-h.
&t2?1I?!2rtlx.. . SWM Watt.Taa. RlTr,
oeta.SI. Ualt,'. MarbJo Citv. Vkkabi
vumuciisaa, cTaaiTlli.
The weather to a UtUe eleady to-day,
out very warm, nit prospect to Mir for
a storm ef rain befsra the close of the
Business to net very aciive.
i The Mississippi to .falling as Ikr.as
heard freia, while the MtosoarT to still
swelling. The Ohio to falling with 6 feet
at Pittsburg and 4 in.the chute over the
Here the river has fallen at least 10
inches in the past 24 hears.
The Quickstep brought a rather slim
trip. The Tyroae brought 60 bhto ioar
aOhhds tobacco 30 bbls whisky 5 corn
mills for shipment south. 120 pkgs
buckets, 309 pkgs lot sundries for St.
Louis, and tbo following .Cairo freight,
S. Wilson d-Son 2, 'chests, Ayers A Co
5 bbls fruit, Chas T. HlndeS boxes, G. D.
Williamson 0 boxes, butter. , The Tyrone
brought 60 bbls meal, '29 hhds tobacco,
SO pkgs mdse for the south, and 120 pkgs
buckets, 24 pkgs Iron, 154 bbls do, 185
bars do for Bt Louis. Capt John Noss
bought the tow boat Hawkeye for $3,600
at Pittsburg on the 26th Inst, to run be
lt ween Pittsburg and Parkersburg.
1 Tli a Wm. WhitA far. XTUl.n. l
the regular Cairo and Paducah packet
this evening. ' . I J il
The Cumberland', Capt Billy. Lew,
is the regular Cairo andEvaasville paek
et thlsevenlag. ' A-j
The Tyreae, Captain Tom Hamout is
the regular .Cairo and Nashville paecet
this evening - vvv
, A
kv vlrlun of AsnMlal KsArllAXa inj amJa Af oaIa I a
fine directed by tlie'clerlcof the circuit court nf Alex
utl Wilwn and sgainat Buckingham C. Nye, Implead
ed, with ono John V. Clark, I liavebeen commanded
ander coumy . in inenuueoi iiunoia, in rurororbanv
uy mmu apwiiu Mtx-unuu uu vruer oi saieiaproceea
to aril tho follow ins deacrlbed property, to-wlt i Lota
numbered thlrty-nlx (8(1) and thirty-aeven (37), in
block numbered eighty-one In the Arit addition
to the ulty of Cairo, county of Alexander and State of
Illinois, the aame remaining in my poiwulon through
a certain writ of an attachment iauedouiof the nold
court in favor of tho said Bamuel AViUon,'an.dai(aial.
Iho aald IluckiiiKham 0, Nye, Impleaded, eta,, as
aforexald. and belnjr the property of the aid Iluoklnfr-T
ham U. Nye, which I will orfer at publlo aolo at the '
door of tho courthuuao, inthoaaid city of Cairo,
county and Htato aforesaid, on tho TVeuty.goventh
day of .May, A.l), 1W9, betweeu tho hour of nine
o'clock a.m; 2nd Kauet ofaald day, tot oath, totatia
(y lad execution.
m) lawlv aherlB of Alexander county, 111.
oCJUBOOlTt , ,
,'QHAS. f. 'HI-NDK,'' m tmit
' ...: . .,....("
Through III1U nf Iindinp Rlvru in all
Avniinuir inii)injir fffuxftr wnicr.
-speci.Ij attention to kouwahdi.no.
t' t in
'.Ta 4 ft rrr mr mrr -
' an
. . A.ND J(fc
TlV . .,
XV. It. AllTHt'it. .. . ..
i.ady o,vr... ..
L.IZZIK (ill.I. ...
....iu;niv, fT,
..I'KRIIAM, ilniter,
WII1TK, MnMer,
...i:NTIUKKN, Maiilr
,.r..-0'NEIIi, Mtr,
COM.Y, Mailfr,
.-...JUNKS, Jllr,
nur.KNotmii Mmi'r
MOIiLlE ABLE... A11LE, ilMif r.
Compriflngttllllic lliictt nr, largot bontooutof St.
One of llio nlxitf linoot imor
Will leave Cairo for Now Orleans every
Forty-eight Hours,
Connecting nt 'v Oiltiuix with Ootnn Lino uf Slcwn
rr to "
I.lTrK'oI,KeAV York, Iluxtnn, nnl Gnlvci
(on, Turn.
PtenRer(i unil fhlpper can rely on ono of these
Ik.iU If Hiring, t.alro pnnotunll; n rIoto. Will Jy
pRrllculdr attention to hII war frelahtu li1ovr Jtcnil'his
io New.Orleani. CH.CS. T. HINUK,
Ocnernl Acini, Cairo.
Orflrr, on WlinrfUmt, Pnbllo Ijindlnp.
Tho follnwmi( Iloat uompriti Oils Lluo anl will
run In the followlnKorJer:
Arrtrn at Cairo,
11KM.K 8T. WW. TiirtJa)-, 6 p.mfSatiinlaj-1 .m
Kelirler. .Maftir,' I
CITr OKCAlltO, ,Tliur-.lyS p.mlMomUj-,1 n.m
Malln, .Mslert I
IiKLI.K MI'mi-IIIS, Siunlay,5p.miThur., 1 n.m
Crane, Jta-ter. ( t
lArrlvo at Cairo
j bi s.
Arrhe at Cairo,
FrMay, 1 n.m
, Materi
Illake. Matter;
Friday, S jMiii
.Sunday, 1 a. in,
31. K. FOILVVTH, Stind-y, S paithVcdnid'yla ai
Callahan, MaAtcr.
ConnecliBijutEt. LouunKli
Northern Line Pncket Coiuimiiy,
Keokuk Pncket Cmiiimiiy,
Omaha Packet Coinpany,
and Varloua Ilnllroad Llnci.'
AtMemplila with
Xcmpiila aud While Illver Packet Co.,
Arkamaa River I'acket Couipany,
Memphis anil Cliarleiton It. R.,
Dd 3IUilailplScTtitueaeeeK.R
At Vicluburgwlth
Tai Hirer Packet, and
Vlckabarg- and Meridian Kail read
GItId throuuli bills lading and ticket to all arallAltla
polnta by rail or river.
CHAS. T. H1NDE, General Aeent.
Ottlco on Wharl.boal.
ED. F. BISSON, Ticket and Paiaener Agent.
Comtitlnir of the followln
aplumlld pMncngor stcamcn: , ,4
'Arrive at Cairo,
dfASU1LI.B, t
.Maater UAR1'EB. .Cleric
..Maater WO0M Clerk'
HABMON Miuler V HAVER.. .-....CIeik , ,
Manterl DAVIS ...Cleuk
Making all IntermenUte landings, and ulrlnc tx:cja-
attention to way luinea, - .Hrt
viiAa.T. JU.viiK, Qeneral Aent -
Omco on Wharfboal. ' -'.
JOHN DAVIS, Sup't.Mcmphli.TeuDee.',
Tho eplondld slilo-wheol -
Leavo ilemphla every TUESDAT, THUllflDAY and
HATUBDAT, at S p.m., for Whlto Ulver, connwstlna"
DUTall'a lllutr vrltfi the MeiiiphiM and Little Itoolc 1U1N . 4
road for Little Hook and Hot Spring. Tlmo from '
Meinpiui io bime kook, is lioura, . -.j
rreicnta ana 1'iutenKors recelnted ovf
tecelpted over (he abora
T I L . ...... " . . -
Line at tower ra nutu iuit omer route. yi
CHAS. T. llLNpE. Agent, Cairo. III. v
iner route,
K, Agent, Cairo. III.
Olllfii on Wharr-bnat.
Conalstiriffof tho followlne
Spleudltl rneHger Steamers t
DU80UCHET Matter I KOWLKH Clerk-
Leaves Cairo Sunday ami Thtiwday at 3 p.m,
si if
nCV4.T7t fttatni I Hll AIXI d'U ...1.
Leavea Cairo Tuwday aud Friday at fi p.m. j
WM..A. I.uwll,rjwaair itiuutt r
Leavea Cairo VVdu03day wjd Saturday at 8 p.m.
Maklnaall jolermodlaU.laadlngii.- aud paying pajf,m
tlcutMtootiou t Pockol ftelchTa. . . 1
Utt-i 0HA3X.lU&lE.CaneralAeat, u Oa

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