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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, June 08, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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T7 riiji oi' if'O.v, jz&irafjo it
The issuo between tho city anil Fox,
Howard & Co., concerning the amount
yet duo thoso goiitlorucn Is, wo nro glad
to say, In a fair way of being amicably
adjusted. Mr. Howard, of tho firm, 1b
now in tho city; and, at the suggestion
ofaonioofour heaviest taxpayers, lias
again ronowed tlio proposition mado by
hi firm,' lu April lastr, and rJowbferore
tbo Fluauco Commlltco of the council,
viz: to take In pay m out of tho balance
duo them, for which tboy hold a Judg
ment drawing 0 per cent. Interest, bonds
of tho city, at par, running twonty flvo
yeiufl.nud drawing ten por cent, interest,
thoy agreeing to hold tho bonds one
year, and to noil them to tho city at any
time within tho year for ninety cents on
tho dollar
Thispropoiillou, in all it essential elc
menU,",l8 liberal, and.shouldbethoUght
fully considered by our people. In our
opinion tho Interests of Cairo, Its present
weal and future prosperity, demand
that this matter between Fox, Howard
A Co., and tiic city, should bo promptly
settled amicably adjusted; and wo be
lieve the proposition under cousldoratiou
a fair basis of settlement. With somo
slight modifications, it should be accept
ed without hesitation.
TUe fulflllmouL of tho oontruot .by
Messrs. Fox, Howard & Co., has been ac
knowledged, and Judgment rendered for
tho amount rcmainiug unpaid. Discard
ing, ai wo should, tho idea of repudia
tion, tho question to be determined by
the city Is: how can this indebtedness
bo cancelled without crippling our ener
gies or burdening us with taxation? TliU
question is one of great porplcxlty; and
It is difficult to glvo to it a xatistactory
answer. It will not dolo Say-tltrtlFdxf
Howard ACo's profit? wcwf so. largo hey
should be satisfied with, Bothhig; that
they mutt take cJght)pcr conl. bonds,
worth in tho market only sixty or seven
ty cents on the dollar, at par. Tho Judg
ment they hold against the city
calls for about $110,000, cash; and,
if we are able to pay them, and
are lioticU, wu should pay them tun
amount due, In cash, or its equivalent.
This tho court will compel us to do In
the end: and, In tho meantime, the cost
of litigation, lawyer' fees, Ac, will swell
the hIx per cent, interest to at least ten
percent, and In our opinion to a still
greater figure. For Instance, the Interest
on $100,000, at 10 per cent., will bo $10,
000 ixt annum; at 0 per cent., ?J,000.
The dlirerenco is $-1,000. Now, let this
claim stand in iU present shape, and we
ihall Imj Iu continual litigation; and as
we I in vo no cah to law with, and will he
compelled to Imuo depreciated clp, up
one can doubt that our lawyers' fees,
costi, and other at present unthoughtof
ex Hue , will amount to more than tho
illllerenpo between six and ten percent,
interest on tho amount due. Hut, be
tides this, such litigutlon will cripple
our credit beyond ail hope of recov
ery. Who will buy our bonds when
we advertlso ourselves as willing to con
test the payment "of an honest dobt ?
Who will purchaso property, ho long as
the possibility of a mandamus compell
ing the purchaser to pay heavy taxes, In
addition to our already not llghtbunlons,
hangs over ovary lot In tho city? It will
not tlo to Miy that F. II. & Co,, cannot
get-Mich an order from court. Tho law's
deluvs are not more proverbial than tho
law's uuceitilntles. Thoro Is nothing
Impossible with our courts, except
promptness; and ho who undertakes to
say that a court will not do this or that
is as one who guesSi'cs concerning 'the
mysteries of tho future.
Let us, thon, take It for granted,
that no person doubts wo should
pay tho claim, IT we aro able to do
so, that self interest, as well as respect for
honesty, requires this course. If this Is
admitted, wo must also agree that II wo
could borrow money, on long lime, at a
fair rate of Interest, wo should do to, and
pay oil tho F. II. & Co. Judgment.
Npw, tjhat our, bonds aro not worth pur
l Imyoiiil all doubt true. Tlo lust coun
cil passed an order to fund the tcrlp In
debtedness in bonds, at GO cents on Iho
doWur iu scrip, when scrip was selling
for II fly cents on the dollar, thus declar
ing tlio cat.li value of our six per cent,
bonds to o thirty cents on the dollar. But
aay they are worth sixty cents on tho
dollar. Now, if a capitalist wero to come
along and say: "1 see Cairo needs money;
and I am willing to take these bunds,
which tho council sold for thirty cents
on tho dollar and for which nobody will
give sixty or oven llfty centsI um will
ing, I say, to tako these bondb at par, If
you will incrcaso tho interest four per
cent;','1 how "suddenly Ills. proposition
would bo accopted I The transaction
would place Calro't oredit A No. 1. Fox,
Howard & Co. propoto to do this. They
nay: "You owe us a debt. You owe us
cash. Wo are of opinion that the courts
will compel you to raise tho cash by
taxation; but litigation Is to us both te
dious and voxatlous. It Is also expensive;
and we can save time nnd money by
surrendering a portiou of our Jtit claim.
We therefore propose to, In effect, lend
Siilif ? 1 1 1 1 1 n'fj n ," 1 1 v I n a ,T a I v . I Tit
ti .
wff4t Mn:
ji j, . . ... 1 ..
ti$fi$JihyAdr of the
----- "J.. v . . MTV. w
interest comji
country, .aRd whrchSprInleld, atul A
other cltlei! 1 ' arp bayitig) h offough
.9A0Xt.to.s-l?yio40l?tiirtltt jMdgaftit
wo uom agaiasr-yfiw; and whicli
calls for cash ' in -'liatffl'r atfdwd!i
cept jrdrf'BBliVHhlJjfirarfljir do-
r.-y v,m.uhj niirty oquw vu,wl u-
lurand which Cannot bo sold" forBlxty
or Wed-fltiy(Krnts,a par., 'Ifither
words, so thrtt'Vdta may pay thte,dbU wo
W'H RiVAsyoHTf 100,000 for $lW,O00jin
bonds, wU'6ii ;the , fe'kHei, would
sell for pnIyrfrom$50,Obo 'tor$GO,000.
And wo further agree to hId ' thoso
bonds one or two- years, and
to 'Holt tl)6m back to tho city,
or any - portion of thom. ati not
ni'pro .thtto .n lnely, Ceu us . oOv Uiedollar ;
anuaaourflnanBlaLueocsItlca may re
require us to do bo. nrobably at a innch
lower flgure,j-Aftci;tho.expratlo.n,o1two
years, under tho lato ameudmont Ut trie
charter, Voa'mayedoorn th6 'bonds, or
any portion of thom, -whenever you o
proper to do no."
VtM$fa)gWiPl3$ltoA to
believe tBlslpr6poltia"n a '.very liberal
qoocTono Uiat should. bo..accepod by thp
city; and wc.HUereforei commend it to
tl)othugital roaklctleR ew-jjjrfa
d r.
Am littmrnmrmgimg, rart-" "a"
Theafl'alrs of be Cairo fet, Louis
railroad company look Very eucouraglng.
Tbo mldeutH aloug.the,p:opoacd.routc,
of tho counties, ln.fact, that will bo trav
ersed by the road, begin to0 fully appre
ciate Its liriportance both as a cosuaar.
clal necessity and developer of local re-'
sources: "Although the pr6JectvVas not
been kept proBilnently before the pub
lic, It has been making a steady head
way, surely approaching that point from
which' its completion can bo calculated
almost to a day.
Tho present resources or the company
are as follows:
Alexander county iuWrlpUon... -......-...!... llO'i.Olo'
out of cir iiu noo.oa)
l.'nloQCountr lo Itou.un
Town of Jonior do
JnekMncounir - lo
Sionnio county do
Cuiro Pinfrl Trntf Ao M
HuUeriptUn lodale tjTJ.W.0
To this sum It Is confidently expected
that i ',.
Jackion cunt wltlndd.
Monro county "
The errml lnnh!pa fn IUndolibcuuniy
rntrmlaintC1atr tounly. .y. . .;
Kormlntf a KrAtd tout of
There Is reason for
believing that,
should tho necessity therefor becomo ap
parentj Murphysboro will 6uberlbo$26,
u00, and other towns along' the line an
additional $100,000, tho whole amounting
to Sl.iWO.OQp.
The'greal waut of tho country is tlio
iu a speculative spirit, "but (a secure the
road. There Is a preout, urgent. n9ces
slty for it, felt everywhere along'tho cii
tiro roHto., ic ?
i Under .tho operation of tho luto rail?
road relief law tho subscriptions made
by thosojveral towns audouuties,Hwlll
bo paid without tho direct out lay of a
dollar, Tho taxes upon thoyliicrcuso
valuation of property, over tho assess
menl;of 188S, that will bo brought about
by tho.op'i'ration of the road, will, within
leu-yeara furnish, a fuud-lhat will.puy-ou"
every town and country boud issued 6
the company I -No iutcHigcutf man,
capable ofappreciaiiug tho euVicl of
railroads, can, for a moment,doubt
Fivo .hundred and suvonty five thous
and dollars have already been sub
scribed. If tho-ccouuilea, yet to make
subscriptions will add four hundred and
twenty fivo thousand dollars to Oils
sum. the aggregate sum thus provided
wilirifoflered us a bonus, secure the
cpnstructlon and full equipment of tho
road within twelve months from the
day the contract is closed 1 A like bontjs
is giving to Southern Illinois tho Cairo
& Vlncenues road, and every county on
(lie line that assisted iu raising the
amount, confidently expects the late
ralroad law, to placo tq her, credit In thu
state treasury a sum equal to her sub
scription I What tho O & V road wll.dJ
for the counties on the Ohio border" of
Egypt tho Cairo fctStLoui8.road.will
undoubtedly do for the counties, on the
Mississippi side. But tho first work iu
hand is'' to make the subscriptions,
Ler the friends of the road accomplish
that work, antl then tlje company, tyilj
bo'ln a condition to talk to capitalists.
The counties and 'towns directly and
deeply, interested can.tfurnlsh) :the" '.re
quired means. Tlio sooner they do this,
the sooner wjll.llie.ejdp much desired,
bo accomplished. '
, , , . w ,Vm " tl-
MrFlsher tlio new coipmlssner of
patents ai Vuhilin.'ioi'i. bus ordered'that
every person appoljifed to office under
him must p-s uii oxamltiatiim to deter
mbue hs qualllk-mbms beforu.le eaa te
colvo his commission.
' ' " w"
Tho ltov. Olymnla Brown is a descend
ant of Oen. Putnam, tho horo of tho
won Htory.
Mrs. Bauy iisic uraneer, mothnr of the
)ate Stephen A.
'idled at her
Ju tho 81st
alnc, says
(that ho will
o to uo
used as a
or under
any cflnsld
Junius llro
Hpurgeon. Ho
thinks Bcechercaa'Ktve'hltu flvo points
in tho gamo and then beat him at
Tho Now York broker, Jerome, took
. $20,000 for a lady friend, put in tho stocks
lor a tow wee ks, anu returneu it to ncr
IncreHsed to 580,000.
A hoy dlod at Montgomery, Ala., last
Wednesday night, of lockjaw, having
YC(inesuay mgni, oi
For, more tbau a yci
nts root .rimeaai:
year piwt, at uowaqin
Two.mc laths MlcJiliraneUto prUon
cdnvlctd of burglary last.wiuter,y. thb
p'6Bltivevideh'co,'and IdontlUcattotr'cf
twnntv .wltrlaM&kJliavo IatelV. been' re-
i HOW UVHHJIO ,U4ifcr IB; iy,jiU
week, in tha
f,mi iuu uiuiij uatiM, j
Ice water Is otirtf water, and pure wa
acts upon metal with mora cnegy than
water holding much organic or Inorgan
ic matter; benco tno imporunce oi a
Derfecly safe vessel In' which to retain it.
John Stephens threw snuff into tho
eyes of a clerk, in a Jewelry store, No.
160 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, N. Y , on
Monday eveninr, and then grabbed a
$785,dlaoadicrc ajjd made, pfi". with
it, but was captured.
ceived a.telaiwfroithefrwen regions
of LaplasMl, tfe bertr of .which had. to
traverse 69 Um Is order 'to, reach Hel
slngton. tbe'fZtfMM telegraph offlco in
north Eureee.
By coaiaa4 of Gea. Ishbflsld, tho
comotandlBg oWeer' at Leavenworth ar
senal has transferred to the governor of
Kansas 12,000 rounds or bptneer carbine
ammunition, 0,000, rouudsto.bo sont to
Sablnaand 0,000 to Junction City.
The editor of tho Paducah 'Herald
claims that a Ballard county farmer in
formed him that tho total expenditures
on the Cairo aud Bland vllle road did not
exceed fivo hundred dollars, and that thu
work (Juno on It amounted to nothing
more than tlio digging up of a few
stumps and tho removal of fallou timber
from tho route.
If a Ballard county farmer told the ed
itor of tho .Bsducah 'Herald' the abovo
story, a Ballard county "farmer told a
palpable untruth. The citizens of Cairo
have expended, from their individual
means, about toil thousand dollars on the
road, antl have made a very fair com
mencement; but much remaino'to bo
done. A milo of It, between the blufl
and tho river, Is as stated by us a few
days ago, In a bad condition. But tho
needful repairs will bo mado immediate
ly. It wlll'tako a largo sum of money
and a vast amount of work to build this
road as conte opiated by tho charter, but
that money aud lab'bV Svlll, ultimately,
be expended. ThcobJect now is (and it
will soou bo attained)' tprovhlo commu
nication with tho iiitcrlor of Ballard
county that will serve present necessities.
What remalnsjtSIbedoae' to accomplish
this object, tho'clty.of Cairo should, and
probably will perform, in her corporate
capac1iy) X'rlKllX $tm
Tlio "turnplko," Mr. 'Herald,' will be
ouo of tho creations of the next few
years; this Is one of the "fixed facts;"
fixed a liitlo In the future, to bo-sure,
but "fixed" notwithstanding.
Wo learn from Mr. Marohlldou, who
has made very extensive persoual obser
vation, that tho wheat orop throughout
the upper portion of Alexander county is
very tiuo. armors will commoncoJiar;
vesting about next Friday.
He aleio Informs us that there la ao is
creased inquiry for lauds in hjs neigh
borhood. He recently sold a tract ih a
gentleman twhtj purposes the foimncnco
ment of a lime business, aud tho ' build
ing of au establishment for the.itnanu
facture of hay rakes and probably furni
ture ' J,t
Good news this, all of it!
HMK '4LK.flcTontyfiTO tliou9anii Hawed U'tha
UrANTKD-Alexander County Ordera. at 80 eta.
VY and Uity rterip uttAcrnUon (lie dollar, tor nil
klndaof Lumber aa BuIIJwh' WalermN.
n'" . iL. F- THORNTON,
X3Uy 3EaolK.ct.
Tko light draught paaacnger Btearuer
R. r. NORTHERN Maator,
J. M. HKVKRLT Clerk,
i Will make reguttr DAILY TRIPti hetween Cairo and
raducali, leaviuff Cairo Try eiealng (Suodaya ex-
repUd) at Bt o'clock.
The W hi te connect at Paducah wi ft UiaNew Orleana
ninl Ohn railroad, and tho Cumberland and Teanesaeo
rirer iMfkvta.
For freight or paaag applr on board, or to
p.. nuutvi't-i, Asent,
UO'4 ",Calw;ifiiol:
vm Mil mmmm
liege, uotasingio caso oi mtemperaaco;
as eomo tblthe knowlddgo of the.fac&l
f."Terhai the students let con'ceal'-l
rireVrdn theemnt edJunr. i . ,
tbretioMMp;MDirier season .a.pyra..
mid or rjatuMlif uwors, seven teea , feet
high, to bo'ebUfed onco 'of twJoe, t'tC
'-rarea.yiSMT aot mm a k
j ..ft'.'l.l'l '.- . . ! . . .
lLo(wi a't
l - '-'Jr m .W'f
mi .
1 ti
lAOAlk 6W rTHB3) VA'K1 1ATH f !
WhU Great r
IllttuO ,sitin;
Ikm1) yi(
ThdCJitiailkirCirii TlHfMt
3i ''.trfA
ilff l.
I HffJl"""" ! m I miiiai ' ii WJ,. u... ......
and 191k, 180..
ttio clCn aUr of tiio arena ilfji
KM MA HT10KNi:v, ; 1
d.aiiRhlr of the far famed "Old Bam Wlckney," W
old utne IlTprite ; w noao aaahiiiK aria ai.ciuatntion
hate won fur lier tho proud title Of'Quoen of the
Clrnue." Mile.
1 , ( C.VBLOTTA, . t
tho ferlce and U-antlful eiuctrinno. Tho chAttipt
ud Ioaper, Mr,
the toy Mondei . filgnor
thr Mdiiderfiil conlortionlit, or Ixinolcis tlio.- Th
Ihree in mimtiflr, (l'o of Pime r' Clrcm). '
lvo of th ftmnfeU Ctown",i'1n America.
llnmemlKr tliedayaim.l ilxiat Friday tmilHatiirday,
Jitnoltlli ana iin, ivw
Doori oie n nt M o and ixtcb,
ppvLu day iiuoi'iiKits; 'M f
i EN Kit A I. AKXTS,w
.v , tA
MJ K54.1
nrJHW H 4 -mm
33 XX. O XX A
OAlro, i 'XUlailoia. W'V
InBllloU A: Haythorno' Boot and Shoo fcwrr
A1io,ttMSbl&. w.
aurOuttlnu done a ehort notice,, wirfldti
H. M. HU Ij B'.N .
Wbolesiale O-X" o o X-
CoihihIsmIoh Merckaui,
HaTlng removd lo No. 73 Ohio Lotc. next door to
City National Bank, vrhero with tmior faoillllea and
larger atocka, he solicit tho contlnuanco of patron
age of hi former customers, woll m Jtui or as
many now,
NiiPerlot- aowwatlo for HUragfl
a Che MatHtliMsr r all klU mt
fraxtucc na t'oWMllI . r ,
Cairo, 111., Juno I, WW. ImySldU ,
t Oll RENT
T?OK KKNTi Tho otBco oa the aeceai floor,
a1 oTor Miller A Miller' clathlog atorf , at reasonable
term. Apply at Miller A MtllerV ' wrS-tf
iar . I
T,d ,rjr H t'lnmi', i.M Y'. T1 iP a ,
1 I t'.vjo .If orfot
M ,. -ori . ia :fiitl IT AO t(jil
I amtiirm i llmmrr ) -r -T
-B-ft7i"ilOi,oi ojv ra!-iam tiafflo rfT
-gulhA ia iaurtiiii'i to mlrm-yb rf II
v,flw a too nt m if tdatHMll mMhn ,Jf,,
1 odJ s) f u V4 v "smltt aalbfi9rMmo'
Ifom ubA A - .-!(; b.ii! "TjatriJ tnwpoq
j to ,9TrfM ' Jtfgrgxi.at j aldntliuulnn
i vdl II vVAwAMgmjp,,,jv hud m p1 U
-JiV "5a.il i mm Ai mi'' vnanoinoirt
I oldlawtj i K3tfrMafjr- -'i tjisii ltar
0 '
CWS'' .';""! iwo
loa mom rr '
1 I-it a itnt.li.-ia
isTfllb nttat
l.finoil sldi nl
.ttnliwVUK tl ij i,t
Oi JllolKHJ v,.f
ovmavdt 'iff .lim'
en-tii. mi
WlhUniand) At' th JRKK!V tABBI. Drtii'
lUroa Ott Ony Ixitf wu' erttret(liiitj.I.OilKilVl
iiincsanu vjt' wiu m,iijiuuM. . AaWaOUUuuja.JU
wnvsHii u.w uwu , wiku iui,i( varnmi
'aan uriunea. nan iirf.uikonwr.
lit That Toucan irM thorLtalilolna-Kit I'amr aelW
fclayaU I
clay'' Ifiey liavtrthneenufnii article, fresh' (root thr
U.aUrauU.iJlaaauUJillla Uioau.
Kj large and amall, lore them,, crjuor them, nnd oat
Ihomwith avidity, ami are quickly rHleved of worma.
re centa a box, or, I f you wish them sent lo
ose thlrtr-flTo cents o Harclar ilros.. and
.TTWBNAIiK-SilrofSoap.Juit the thing In make.
(X? yr Silremare Might and ncw.l Colgate's and
the IBdaxIcal at Ilarca a'.
I S ' ' 9 '
CHTIUV-lo ou uniit arcut-Malof the beau
lad-of hair that voti onco t,ri.Icl In? If no." to
lo Barclay'' and Uk- jour caoicolcf IlaatorallTea
arren-,'nAira, i iinir. iting-a,,Tvr , uneMiet .
Vooda, Jayne't, Mrav Wiiialotra Eureka, and 'an)
nthor.yWnmywHitl, lucluding tho JaUnianal,
TirAJfVrD-To llnd Iho Individual In Cairo, or
TT elher, who haa tried Kerr'a Hyiitem ReflO
vatur wilhaut rcorlilnn BEOIDKB BKNKKIT. Many
or our leading olliion-linya tetcd IU Tlrtuva.tu aatl
rpiin. At iWIti!I. J v-
rilRV IT Sfudae'm American
Khetry Win, unlflc
X other Vrint'n, ih laxatlvn Iu IU efftcl. It Is a
To bo had
tileaxantaad rvliaUecUre for cosllvcncs.
ni uarciayr.
rJ-, .
PIVOT ACTIO ?-BHA:E-Aiil)crlor outpn
dcr fot krt or rautu i mi uneqiullcd biacn, for
tliokhouldirs ulwayjuiiiiiinlcrj a brace, or not'
at pleasure. , s
Swfirr ui'i.vivr-TiioHomifno rtich to lw
had llarclaya'. (ulnuio frenfrmu bitlornra, and
yet ci.nl.'iiiiiiiKftll llm virtue nf cniiimnn qiiliilnr.
L who uih lonuitTlienliiirlot.acrooaiiflmt n ,i.m
nure In lhwiio of rturton's Autldolf.i tlctu box arid
try ii. r-enu imy ccni to onn ujUJIrolhor, Cairo,
nnd thoy trill n ml you u Nu by mufl.
ri.rw 1 1 rK i rs-Awn rr a xni km
For MviHiiliifv ,lifiniiatidii,oiedTfljiM
tJmlc9.hi?dtliKUWnrtl.j tf Boiiehon;
8te tnomA'j .o y
L tllVlllliA
YJ and
I !eild thr to U H llull.uj a il.n. ulion rlltn?
hrrfft'l iu' ... 'air'drlnlr'lii' fetr.iuiniKuaii-r.Tni
cool nnd lirely n it gnrtl- freh from th riwermlra.
M uaruaj munpioii'.n Wnii.iM'u?
ri Aiti)i: m:i:iis i ai i.,u.
.f your oud
VJ grownii;. Mm no tuije in ki itiiifcMotir mciU. Uo
lo Uariliivii'fc
tor tiaiueli htm. Ii-Hi nu.l wnind. Thtu
han a full line.
f l.nmlr. tli'. Hii.l tl.fliiiir Hri'iU
frnnif-oiiil. L'iin,u,lCy,,Jff -r,r,
'mtTmwwc nr
Corner Wasliiiuioii'.lte.
: ma ntii
I um .ifphrriltoSll onltw-ti fdrahiliYaii ufuny It.
' color na I'lii'iin un uu oilmr ftutnri. lfir. uti.j
milo toonlvi. 1 uUu li.ito oicued a n hiuI froth
itock of "
whl.'li 1 mlUell u li.w ft -any otlit-r mini.'' t'lioko
XXX famllj; flour.SU rer.lurrulvvtsrntnted;
myllilliu (Ojioilo lUttom Iioum) Uniro, Illinois.
Doaler iu (iiik
lllr. l.illie, I'lllH.T
Han, ivment.
1'arH, llattert
i. mmm.
. . .. vr . . ii.
Olilo.Ivco, Cairo Illinois. uiyUd:
Car. Kluventlf mill . ViiUiiiirluu: Acat)
Keeps on han I thu celebrated Crauo A Ilreedi andv
Raymond metuilie Luriul ca-ea.
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