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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, June 09, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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i aa JAafl
5Khe vcuiug j nlUixi!
WEDNESDAY1, 'jtTNlfi'o; i860.
UJIaata, Oataal R R, ClMaaiarti f Tlaaa.
The trains now leave m follows:
Mall train te .wSo'eloek'airhT
Expree " " 2:40 pfnl.
Mall trafh' arrived at'.........'. .1 s o'clock a.w.
Kipreaa " " lot
Way, learo at .. .4:30 o'clock a.m.
Eiprati, " m.....,. ..... 4.10 " p.m.
WearrlfNt at a..., 4iJ0 " ' rt.ttf
Eipreea " TiJO .m.
Daily, garirfays excepted. J
Barclay . Brothers
Cairo, Illinois.
BrreU agents
June 8 diwlw
In the production of phototrraphs ete.,
Bell stands unsurpassed. Gallery corner
of Eighth and Leree streets Hp stair.
Ball at the HU Vhmrltt 'ihun? &lfcff
A ball in honor of the opening of the
Cairo. Tobacco market, or rather for the
entertainment oi iuo strangers arawn lo
the city thereby, who may remain over
for the second day's sales, will be give
IntheWt. Charles Hotel, -on Thursday
evening tho 10th Inst.
Gentlemen have assumed the manage
ment of tho affair, who know exactly,
how-to carry such occasions througtrtorr
successful couelusloQ. 'Turn-out and
greet our guests with a kind ereetlnar
The following gentleman compose the
Committee e arrangement. ti r
Wm.Btratton, city. B. II. Steyall, Ky
James Johnson . .!.-' MiMukM.-
Jas. 8. Rearden, " Thos. Bird, Mo.
J.M. Phillips, A. B. Taylor, Ky.
Newt.ReyrioTris; d. KltWw'.iM.
RH. Cunningham, Jr. Thos. Farren,
juavia Homes, Harry Walker;
Bcott Walton. Ed. SIssob.
W.'BandtMVy, C, B..Xfyay:
For photographs and ambrpty)s, go
to uewa gallery, corner of Eighth arid
Levee streets. ; k JeSlw"
"Barrett's1 Universal HalrltcKlorntlvo.
1 ToTobarco Biiy'rni.
The Cairo Planters' Tobacco Ware
house Company will hold its ,onning
sale, Thursday, Juno 10th, 1800, when
there will bo n Inrge quautlly of choice
manufacturing aud shipping leaf-plaeed
on Kale.
Tho premiums offered for the best
hogsheads aro such as to enBuro a full as
sortment of the Justly celebrated Ballard
county wrappers, which have borne off
tho honors In ull tho fairs. There will
also bo a largo stock of Kentucky, Ten
ucssee, IMIiioIh uud MI(tourI shipping
The location of Cairo IhhucIi uh toollur
every Inducement to buyers, as tho city
lu not only cosily accebsiblo from all
points, but the facilities for shippiug In
any direction, either by rail or river, are
Purchasers from St. Louis, Louisville or
Chicago can arrive in the morning,
attend tho sale, and return by the oven
lng train, thus losing buta single day
fro aa their baslncss.
Regular sales froea aud after the open
ing, td
Wonder of the age' "Barrett's"
Save your lives aad property. A.
Fraeer is agent fac the eoeper scroll light
Blag rod company and will til all orders
ftvaaptly. Call at oace and have these
pat ob yotir balldlngs. This Is the best
aad safest rod bow asade- Shop on Com
Menial avenue, between Eleventh aad
Twelfth street apl24d3a
Mr. A. R. Whlttaker hereby announce
lo his friends and patrons thai he has re
moved front his old ataad to Ford's Glid
ing, two doors above, where h will be
pleased to see aad wall atfe- his eld
eaatomers, assuring them that his stock
ef drugs are unsurpassed for quality aad
aadvarieHr. . aeylTdef
If you want a good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-Iron ware,
tin reef, gutter, or anything la thai Iks.
call on A. Fraser, Commercial avenue,
beteen Eleventh and Twelfth street.
what he has moved to, aid f Med up fee
largest and anoH 'completevshop In
Bouthern Illinoia. " i
Particular attention given to steam
boat and. mill work, copper smithing
and sbeat iron, -work, Jiuctuu .ahlsjaejM,
breecher escapl,nHtamplpes.,etc. '
apr2jd0m ' " ' ' '
The Sunflower Billiard Saloon, on Ohio
Ivec,js furnished yith tho latest styl'es.
ef tables, aud the bar supplied with the
most excellent Uquora. Free Junch Is
lri'u cvcjj uajr v u. auu lu y, ill.
Ie Iter the Vawrtaf ward. 1 A
Hereafter a supnly of ice will be kept1
for sale ou the' comer oflOth and Poplar,
dealers. May 27 it,
Ku,.nlW yiiJltATaJtaJ
In. Cent. R B. Co.,
Caiho, May S, 1800.
Until further uotlce a fruit train will
Cairo at 11 o'clock a. ra., and will arrive
at Chicago at 7:60 next morning. Fruit
shipped! ourload(i or tumtly aeU'SNll
without olmnge of cars. PaasongewtwUL.
not bo carried on this train.
Mu201w James Johnson, Agent.
(Times copy.)
nv a .niiMiN.
7rxtljti 1 CCakJli., JiWI;i.c:
Present The chairman, Aldermaa
Carroll, and Aldermeix Bratikle.Mendel,
Lohr, Lonergaa, TTieobaM,' Beadrieits,
Kewaedy, Hedmaei aad MeKe.-I0. o
j Ob motloa the readlag of the mlantea
Were dispensed withV -
Tha faltanlatatiyia wara uraaanlil ln.
lng passed the aateet eeunoilaadbeea re
ferred to Um hafdaf aMermevfor con
eurrence, aid a motion were concurred
In by the fblloWiBg vote:
swv anNHHtvy aaVBUliVne) AkQMBVH I
LohVf Lorierg an, MoKee) Mendel, Bed
man aad, Theobald. 9.
' KaysNeae.
Bill of John P-Fi
ti for printing. amoWtejrto.SilT 00
Of tho Cairo Cit;
! mined me
nlhcd the cltV clrk. acaouaUor ta.." at on
f K. ViBccatavmaMe.HX......,M..MMi..M..i.i. c3 40
or q.D. WiUiMBaonifotausdrltj.-- :u
Of the Cairo Clljr OSaCtf. for fa... tStrSS
Sf Jamea S. Horrtfl tti 1MlW. amountloc to 3S OS
Of O. B. Woodward tor luattrM, SS
Of Patrick Wald.r WraaaiMae aatoMQ..- 24 M
Of W. J.Alloa forUcal aarfleM iendered lha
city.. ...,.v. tso oo
Of St. Marya Infirm aTf MssnisthASkk...31t 00
Of Patrick Waldor for hallnetwnon.....;.,..... 81 00
Of It. BmytIiACo.for attdriel..rM. 71 SI
, l"he clerk read as ordlaance entitled
in ordlnanee in relation to hogs, having
passed the ileact ceuncll and referred to
the board of aldermen for conearrenoe:
4nd on motion the ordinance was laid on
the table.. ttt rj, t
' The clerk read an ordii
nance entitled
an ordinance to.aMend section 249 of an
ordinance to adopt the ordinances of the
city of Cairo as revised and oddifled,
passed by the select eeaieU -lad
sent to the board of alderaseaffcr con
currence, wstsi:aisiSea: of Alderman
ldaaaoy, amsadi i by inserting after the
word "aattlxladJ' lha worda: "hatwaaa
I thejLster jvjm aad tat 1st of September,
parted that they eeald purchase tha lot
Uedty Jall ow sundsjujas., four.
uusiarea aettaxs ib eiiy ornsrs, ana reo
ommended the passages theollowlng
JoiBSl 1 akitl: wbMi.-m amstleat of
Alderman Jtocinian. with ,the" reoort of
HiuimuwT, waa ircoiTeu auu aaopt
Uewlved JJr tho. board, of , aldermen.
(tnopelect counoll concurring, that the
lmyorppoiBt-a-coraittwof-rtree,- to
nl-gotlato for the purcliaseoflhe' lot, on:
,,wiiicii iuo ciiyjau is locaiea, rrom the
tnimet'H or tue Cairo city property.
The lollbwlHfr petition 'was preietited
and readi aniipnjnotlon referred.to the
.committee on streets ; c . " r
TO lb, UoiMraH" ?tyor rtd VliJ- i'ooafU of the City
Of Uutlu.
TouretUloaefs, realHtate""oweBersr
on SeVeiith; steeet. betweeB Walnrit and
ueaar, pray your nonorauie body will
have a sidewalk constructed oh the south
slae of said Seventh street, aud vour no-
Itloners will ever pray, eto.
Tlie following bllli We're presented knd
read, anu, ou aouoa, iiwwa ij tim fol
lowing vot, vis:
Ayes BraUkle, Hondrlcks, Kennedy,
Ionergan, Lohr, McKee, Mendel, Ited
mati and Thcobold 0.
Nays none. -1
Hill of O. D, Wllllam.on, for uudrin, etc.. S3 CO
ofn, P. Wllllmton,liotfUhKlbrror,tc. 31 Vi
Of (I. L. Wllllmon for aundnri, etc . 10
Ufll.K. Uarrcll for nmttref far ItiecIW Jail, ol 00
Of W. M. UaTlloafor one lock rurntiha4 Uut
11 M
2 10
Of Patrick WaMer fur inoTlng carion
Of Jamea Powexi for polntlnf three plck .
OfJassaa JIuabea f"' i""""t , ,.
Of Thcmai w alder for ballBK........
Of K. A. Hasaon for autloo
taoa w
Of Joha M. Oberlr a Co. for two cosies of dm
Cairo Kraaio 'nuitaitn- to vtctmb n,
Of F. V iBMfatf fbr IIm.u.
Taoiaai wflaoa fo( lumter U-...; ioea
of Boar Bowaata r amisf wmH pbk m.
F Wfeiin - M-ti-- I- t -tr r w S SO
or one Taataacfer sswlsel aal-pescfaa
-Mltw-for rw of mmem a
aaTi, rofiawriu Totaa.iwtaiBg eiecHon
T, reflaUruif y
ur. im uairo uy uaa
its to
so t
Of, A,
Cata far aalarr
Of Wan. MaHAla rorrftarlaa yHfoatta
raroM lara NraM4 lerUS
eltr tail
la far worklag la caaJjfjaaoa
ta m
TT 00
77 00
74 2o
7 M
Of Ulckaitl Kauuy far vork m atroaU
OfN. k! BtSra fcreaiyta tar werk oti aliMwaik
Of HWOIIan on tat ork on aldatralka
Of .Tfeosaaa MMaaatM for work doaa oaalda-
OfiThoma Fltjje
raid for work
for wofk dose aa aide-
OfiThomaj Maalar tot trotk doaaea lUewatS .
ui Kawara pnaanaur tor inrea aara aalarr aa
health oaM.... :Lt.:.:...
Of John Hteeekan for three dajra work on tho
9 00
OfB. Wnnaaaay for one month 'a aalarvM
f?lea latrala...... A St, OS
Or P. Mocklar for aaiarv aa oliv.eerk..i. lfln on
Of Otla r. Lvooa for aalarr aa lty comMrHf SO es
Of Joha HMtlaad aaeily treasurer...... loo 0
ui wiw naeaai tor me muatn or Hajr. i
amouatlBJi to,
Of William I
for work dose oa Mrtata... 44 so
" su
Of John DUlea
or.Joaa Laao
rv I -I n..uiu.
Of.Joaa Bhoatea, foroaaa-l
1 SB
vt'awna Miiaaf a mswmaeeieea.ateeLt. ,fO mf
Of, John HbMhMforcomtnlMtoQ on col.ecii.itf,
itfMt lavs ! M
ttrret tax..
iin.HWne,HIHnillHIMIMNl I v w
a ( i
bills were presented.
The fellowiag
read aad. referred to the commlttaa on
elaiaw, under the rule, r
er r. Vincent ror lime a m
Of N. lilntonl
Sir Uf If WiifUrai dUa.
6 (0
... 3IS Hi
0 96
vr no fa a iema v S-iSSfcraa4eaoea.eaaaea a a
Of Jamea foware for work done for lha eltr.
and on motion jrelsi to sjMclal cest-
nl(eTonive, consfctliig of Aldormen
Redman, Maee, ' .Meudel, 'Hetidrlcksf
and ijonersan:
Ml of JoaaQ. Harawa. circuit clerk; for ooat
lo caaea AiaMiaaea la tee circuit oooet wh4re
in ma city waa lawreMea, tunonatlwto. 1 610 M
flf William J. W.lLnn Cor Llta1.,l"'' X
Ham J. Walton, for iiulatnaiU.TZaatn '
the oity. nmoMBHaa ioz..ji .7TT... o
The commlKee on streets referred back
the bill of Biehard Maglunis, referred to
them at a previous MePCflWounUBa-
to twenty, one dollars, with the recom'
rnesdatloa that the saaae be allowed1, and
onoon the ; recpmnien'datldhwW
Insfgaa'Jjohr, McKee,
nsaa aatt Theobold.
" AT. . . . ... fe,u.. .. I
jyB 00BJiKi aaA PIU 1'lfJ
The bill of the Mayor was presented
and read by the olerk, for expenses as
aeiegaro irom tneoounoll to the Mow Or-
lng to $121, aud on motion tho bill was
allowed by the following vote, viz:
Ayes Brankle, Hendricks, Kennedy,
Lonergan, Lohr, McKee, Mendel, Red-
maa aad Theobold 9.
NayS"Bf rsaro - . ti
The followlngoommunlcatlon was pre-
aented and read, and on motion referred
I GtMWWMrtf-AbaMutke 1st of April
last we submitted to the consideration of
the authorities a proposition to settle the
claim held by us aaalaet the city for
street filling, in substance as follows,
"To take bonds bearing ten per cent.
Interest, at par; we agreeing toliold the
Donus one year ana 10 sen tnem at any
i dbc Deiore its expirauna ror w per
nt. '
This Dronosltlon. accordlna to the nub-
lshed.raaoH the proceedings of the
iouncl). was referred to your flnanna ooaa-
mlttee, which, so far, nas failed to make
frepprt, MtfiinMJffJA
both expensive ana vexatious, and If,
Without roat sacrifice 6n our part,
We can amicably adjust oar claim with
the.cjty, we' UesIrM6 do so; and there
fore we call your attention again to our
Proposition, aDdoresaectfully ask, .that 1
may be considered, and either accepted
6r rejected. ( Mr. Howard, of our ,flrm,'
is noW iri'thd city; and we deslro'ihata
conclusion concerning this matter may
bo arrived at before his departure.
Very reepectfully yours,
Fexf Howard A Co.
Cairo, June 7, 1609.
An ordinance entitled "an ordinance
ja'relatJon totrMt'fllllDgasscssmenU,''
Was preeeaBdt jead, at length, aud
referred to Um ordinance committee ua
dertbe rales.
An prdlnaace eptltled "an ordinance
k relatlra b laaap pests,'' was presented
and read at length and referred to the
t mralUee oa ordbjsaaess under the rale.
The following resolutions was offered
hyalderaaamXeiMaaa, and or motion
.the seleeceeahefl oon'currlng, that the
KijartH ewjoiarir. oi uie city oruairo,
are hereby authorised and empowered,
tb lease the ejt,4.p, rlkw, .engines,
ste., on the eoraer of 10th and Ohio
Levee, for the period of 30 years, on the
fallowing terms:' '
. j That the leasee shall erect adjoining tfie
aims a .mllL ar, aetory. capable of
etasploying'ohe hhndred hands', to keep
the said property In good repair, and to
sqaansejerpumpingouiine sipe water,
wnenever so oruerea Dy iuo proper
tporltles, for tho sum of one dollar
year lease; ine.saia ciy of Ualro agree
Ibk to keep ub'thnaih) of said machl.
jafy whea used fjt tho aforesaid purpooe
"named ror the city; and further agree
ing that the aald pump property during
the term of lease, shall be exempt from
.all city taxes and assessinents of all de
scription and character.
On motion adjoarned.
Patuick MocKLxn,C!ty Clerk.
' Photbtrrantis. executed In tho highest
style of the art . at Bell's gallery corner
I tignin nna levco slrecu, at 93 per
dozen. Jc6lw
. m
By raforonrta to th ooonoll jrncil
isgti It will be seen that bills amounting
to about eighty dollars were allowed to
certain parties for removing carrion
from tho limits of the city. Tills sum
.covers the removal of dogs killed by the
policemen, bu(r even this fact does not
divest it of Its enormous seeming.
We have no doubt that this labor
might be performed by contract for less
than a huadred dollars per year, What
say our city authorities?. Shall the ex
pense of this carrion bawling be regula
ted by ceaa petition aaaesg Um team
sters? ,1
Among other eMjr, aerip stales from
say resJdeaee e tha sight of (ha th last,
was order Xo ail 3, lamed to sae Mareh
lift, aad calllag for 48.0t. All teneas
are hereby waned- aet to buy or trade
far the sajeJMiofjrxet has hee
atopped ; and Qaas. tha sajeve hi rsoov
'fd by mat sall ladae1 ttsae apjily for
the Isaaaaee ef a deplfeate.
JaneQit B. Bhannbosy.
We find the fellowiag paragraph in
the St. Louis 'RepublieaB' ef yesterday:
Mr.'Thoeeae AUmj preeldeafef tha
Iron Mouataia railroad, goes down to
Cairo to-day to meet Mr. Porter, of Mem
phis, with a view of closing aa arrange
ment for the building of a railroad from
Morley via. New Madrid to Men phis, on
the west side of the Mkwlasippl river?
' Bach a road would aoooBaplIsh won
ders In the work or developing Southeast
Missouri. Furthermore, through its con
nection with the Cairo and Fultoa rail
ead it will give Memphis and the con
tiguous territory In Missouri greatly
improved communication with Cairo.
Borne rascallion holding the law In
jjthe supremest kind of ceatempt, enter-
e tne residence or 'Bquire Bhanuessy,
last night, and while that functionary,
was sound asleep, helped himself to the
pententsof apooketbeekIylag on the
dressing case, only a few'Teet from the
;Squlre's,'Dedj The" aforesaid coutents
cons'lsbido jfjfom $275 to $300
la oilysejp1.ai large portion beintr of
"the greenWaeki htt wJiloh strougly
resembles the kind xrouuduout by the
i' mills of the "oitynefumagalgcent dis-
titnoes." The 'squire, for the first time
lu his life, placed his vest. In which he
usually carrles'rHS money, oetweeu the
'mattresses'. Instead of hnuurlna- It.
'usual, upon the. bud pest. Tula precau-
onary measure saved
mm tun in uur
A J'f t tun II
1. S Aae a
jfcnoy3SA X l.iliV-
( Porsnns who think "that it costs
.city little mri j nothing) tot'euforaa
alaims before the court should Iookafc'th
niavur or tue circuit cierR unug
( aK. - m a ii . tj a -a
otiys attempt to enforce street-
assossraonta.Flfjeen huudred
dollars i
Whon the iM
i,uM" lawyers', fees
etc., are added the total should admonish
tne city to avoid litigation.
"BuueUVhas high reputation.
A rroBaallla
fet AHatif
Colonel Allea preeMeat ef thb Irea
Mountain railroad company aad owner
of thefraBohlseser -the Cairo Faftbi '
road, lain the eity. In a eeasultakion
with the mayor he submitted We renew
ing proposition. For the earn of abtty
tnoueand dollars cash, or eae hundred
thousand dollars la eky boade he wilt
proceed at once to the receaetracMfB ef
the Cairo de Fultoa road, arid ,auildiB it
over better ground, will, complete It
to Charleston and have itia rail work
ing order on or befoW, the 1st day of
November next I '
We have but one eniBioa coaKrBlasf
thli proposition. It should he aceepted
without delay or hesitation. The lime
has arrrlved la tha hlaUrw of Cairo
when we must revivify, reaaimata the,
city I Indifference Inacttott, procrastl
natlonls death! The reeoaekuetlou ef
this road will eonfer beaeite heybrid the
local trade of Missouri of the highest
consequence to us. W 111, virtually,
bring the Southern terminal of the Iroa
Mountain railroad to Bird's Point. The
fleets of steamers that, at limes, line the
81. Louis wharf, waHTigTlr cargoes of
iron from tho Iron mouataia of Mksouri,
will then line the wbarvei ef this city, .
and here, two hundred miles nearer
their point ordeetlaatloa meelve their
cargoes of that prteleas ere. J And what
of Increaee there la la tlie ooaatry along
the line of the Irea Moaata'a read,, wpll
add more to the eommereial ssaeetiBsaee
of Cairo than to that ef any other, potato
But the pressing Beeeaatey aad vast Im
portance of this nltnent0i Are'
certainly understeed.' We need not,
therefore, eJaaerriie: the , quaatfilt.
let Will the eltr ;ef Cas'-aV
cept the preeoettien ef Cell Allef
The payment of tftsavJavalved
scaroely be felt, if tteoeraAipa' 'ef.jtlir
roaa nas.inai erxeei Bfaaa tae aaelBesa
and property of UMjdtyta steals; as
sured to as, ' ' '
That there may be an early expressto
of sentiment on the subjeet,,! Joint ses
slon of tho city council will bo held ithte
ovenlng for the purpose of considering
'the propriety of ordering" an eleotfotTat
nn cany r uay as possioie. wo snail,
therefore, have1 frequent oceeslon to dis
cuss the matter, and say much of that,
Which for want of space, we now leave
The lawauthorltlng tho city of Cairo
to subscribe to tho capital stock of' rail
roads in Missouri and Kentucky, will be
published to-morrow.
'HurrettV can't be beat.
jo-morrnw jh Uio iy JiaeU lor our
opening tobacco sales. Buyers and sell
ers aro coming hi by every boat and train,
giving the assurance that tho attendance
will be large.
During tho day several largo consign
ments have been recleved, and every
thing is worklugas satisfactorily as the
most sanguine friends of the enterprise
could desire.
The repast is being prepared under the,
superintendence of Capt. Stratton fc Ban
dusky. A new case of small pez maaileeted
itself oa 14tk street yesterday, la the
perseaofa widow weeaa. This hi the
oaly oase that has oems te ear kao wedge
daring the several weeks past
The order ef Good Temalars will held
their plea te aest 4erday. leaaiiral
grcuada have beea selected aear thererry
landing in Kentucky; elearW ef the aa
dargrowth and etavenriee pespared tor
occasion. Seat aad a plalsarm will he .
provided, aad a Iret atoag aMac haad
will rarakm mueie far these wee wish te
dance. ir
The turnout should aad ae doubt will
be large; Because, la tlie tret plaee the
programme is laviHaf, aad because, sec
ondly the alms ef the order ef Good Tem
plars are such ae every el ti sea feels dk
poeeelte eHMrarage. , &:
SW ea-Tgjsae
Tw 'ataak. faV
(ha. ADUaraoa, ColumfcWaa. WUIia. PMucah,
Oora H, Arkaaaaa KUtr. Qulekatcp, Eruinill.
lklle fit, Ixul,8t. IiOiils. Kobt. Bnrna, Olnelnna
Ortat Bcpubllo. HL Ixiuia. Moliulaar. Uouiav IUa,
Can. Amlamoii
aulekatep, Ooluaibitt.'
Kobt. Burn,'
Rul)lcoi Bt.rJoHlff ( ,
The weather is somewhat v
shiuo aad alouds alternating.
mi.. JiriZiii iii
St. LoaU and above, alii the:
lng llkewlsejm aw.mylialiroBi;
The Ohio is stationary at Pittsburg and
falllug at Cluclnnatl, It la rising slowly
at EvaasviUe. f
Hero the river has fallen two Inched
since last report, aad appearstaiionary
as our report closes,
Business coiitIauw,'iied4tattj.-. --.-i
The White bqHghtetit27hbds tobaiiMf
for the Planters Warehouse, 1 ditto for
N,0,. and, 15 kegs beer f9t Memphis, ft
TbePaducah Paoket" Wm Whit n.JS
Northum lea veei here us usual thls'evln
Ing, and will leave Paducah to morrow,
Thursday, inoralnnt o'plock, for. .the
accommodation' of. all who deetra' ta arv
j tend the great TdbaMxalr and formal
oiiuniug -tuaewnaBcerav Warehouse
In thlsreKy, Parties residing 'aloriK.'We'
uuuiu war tuts in minq,
The Cumberland, Capt. Lowth, Is tho
ropiilar packet for Evausvllle thin evening.
. OsluBiaiaa.VWai Wkaak? uniiii
l .
Thraa ailla aX Iadlag tjlrea' to " all
Available Polata by Rail ar Water.
. a . .
BOfM.,.-. ....I'KOKAM. MasJnr.
mIiukk. Jlnater.
E-XWS!? OA1UIOI.L WHITE, alaaler,
SsftjHLA".C.H TONER, Maitw, "
gBHUIgg' ii"."w- OKEEN. Maater,
M9I.LIB1 ABIiR ... ......... ABLE, Maatar.
Coaspriatoxalltho tlani mul large, t boat out of HI.
- . Loula.
Onoofthaabotft lino of ttamers
Wm leave Cairo for New Orleans crery
Ferty-clght Bean,
CoBBacting at New Orleaci with Ocaaa Line ofgleam
I.tVaiyaal, Taw Tack, Kaatam, aa4 Oalvaa
taa, Tasas.
. Paaaangara aml'fihlppera can raljr oa ana or thesa
aoate leafing Cairo imnctnallr aa aboro. Will pay
articular attention lo all war frelghta brio Meaipnta
lo Now Orlaaaa. CitAS. T. filNUE,
Oeaoral Agfnt, Cairo.
Office, on Wharfboat, rnblle Laadlnj;.
: iso. :
Tha following lloata uomprlio thla I.tno And will
nm In tha followmc order t
Arrtvo at Cairo,
Arrive t Clro,
'Mgrt. Matter;
Tuesday, 8 p.m
fcnturdaTl a.m
ThurailayS p.m
Mondnjal a.m
Thura., I a.m
Malln, Mater
11&1.14& MKMl'llIH,
Crane, Maater
Satnnlay, 5p.m
vicKsnuna packets.
. i.lrrit UniroJArrtreat ClUro,
Boat. Dawn, vr.
CTTT OK ALTON, Wednd'y.fip.m VrUly, 1 n.ro
Archer, Mauler
, Maatert
lluSl Sla.ter- VMnh 8 P-m f ""'' 1
LUMINARY," 'r' ..
Conwar, MAntert
M.E. KOrfflYTll, Sunday, S p.m Wi-diud'yla m
JIaney, Maxtor; '
JULIA, ii .,
Callahan. Master.
CbonctingatKt. o wi
StorthcrM Llae Packet Company,
Keokuk Packet Company,
Omaha Packet Company,
and Varlowa Hallroaa Hats.
AtMemphla with
Xtatsfclf a4 Wklte Rlvar Packet Ca.,
Arkaaaaa HJvar 1'aekat Caauswaiy,
Maaayhls aaa Ckarlattaa BU
aad J(UwUalpil V Teaaaaaee R. BV
At Vickaaurgwita
Taaaa Ktrar PackaU, and
Vlaxai mm W..1J. ... .
, m w " UU,
I alflai tbrottih billa lading and tlckela to all 11S(
bout, bv ml nr river.
CUAtf. T. UINDJC. General Ajrenl.
n taeanv mi i. . , Oace on Whart-boal.
XD. F. WaSON, Tieket aad Faaaeaxer Agent.
I'f Conslttiug of tho followlcg"
KaploQ(iI'pauenger stoamers:
........Master I HAKPR. ..Clerl
tfrRONO M.Maater I WOODS..,.,-, Clerk'
BAVIS .....Mauler I EAVW ci.jii
Malting all Intermenlato landlngi, and Eltinr cpeela
attenUoa to way butlneaa.
vtuw. t. Ul.-MDK, ueneral Agent
5n.''l Otrfce on WharSeal, ,
1 .X
TiTTi'T.i,! unriir '.
VT I on 1 T Hit A aa tail vaaaa
J4HUI DAVIS, Sr,MemPhl,ToWsietf.
.BCk - Tho splondld altlo. wheel I d
rtOWaS5fcR0T0VMi?o,0,A? "
twll mwevja.iw .
BATUBUA Y. at A n.tri:. fnr VhH W .A ii.!v.il! L.7
T.AAWek' Hf atmnrita n.a Tfl A Tat iPtntnt. . l
Meaniaiotiimqitocif.tShouM. . ,
Kreiohta and Piuacngera receipted orer tho abovd
Une at lower rates than any other route.
All m .ill vriP l.ani intM lit
IZ2ZSl7iZ V.YS . ".tg apr"""- 1S now
Offlco on Wliarf.boatJ
C0D9lJttntr Of tha fnllnwlr.
Spleiidld lsVeagw Sleataersrd
riTiinnaifxqi tnLt trnui Dn
v uv . t, r, n, v
Mia wi ouiiuay nnu jnurauay at a ji.nj, . ,
h t ' Ollinuu'rvD i- .oil
PEXTEK.M. Moator. qR:iMMeR,.,-,.-J.3'k J
Leavea.OtJrp TUttday and Frldav at a tj.ni.
I ...A 1 . ,vti.UMa,Kni.AJYB,
WM.A.LOWTr(...Ma1.ter WKIOJirl Cleirk
LeaTes tairo ednojday and Saturday a. S i.rj.
Maklnk all Intermedluto landings, and ttaylcff pr
tiUluFtentlou t Packet Freight. 1 ' S F
OKAS. V.MlHVk, General tgent.
Office ou VMT.boa.

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