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H'lml the 1'iuliiciiti MIrrtilil' Hnyn
C'nlro 'Tobacco .lliirket.
' A
Slunyot our buyt'ia wwv on a
(rip ( Cnho, and l( wim (hou;;Iit
Ihi'i'u would hts hmiiu Imryulnt on
IliclU'gnU'V'niit In tlml licllisf Mow
ever, nil cr' iiiIhIuIicu, as It Wis.
tho tinlvorsnl opinion tlmt loliai'Oo
old lilglior tliau on any otlicr.diiy
durlii),; tho Kcnmn, and there yh
not a single rejection.
"Not unr KtiMf rfl.
Tlio Evausvlllo 'Journal' says:
The pooplo of Southern Illinois anil
Paducah hiivu hccn in great glco for
some mouths past over a contemplated
extension of Hut MIsxiHnilppl Central
railroad from Jackson, l'cn nessee, north,
to. u connection with the Nqw .Orleans
and Ohio road. Wo nnwlearn that tlio
contract which had tecn-roado has becu
suspended, tlio officers of the Mississippi
Central preferring to wait Airthcr devul
opmenU cm tlio part of railroads north'of
tho Ohl.t Ulrcr. This is nominally the
reafloti for a suspension of operations. It
Is not improbable, however, that want of
funds lmi much to do with it.
Well informed persons spoke In deris
ive tcrmtt of tho proposed extension from
tho start, claiming that tho Mississippi
Central lacked the pecuniary ability to
build n single nillo or it. "Tho suspen
sion of tho contract to uwalt further
' developments," shows that theso pereous
poke ndvUedly.
Southern Illinois has no interest in f lie
proposed extension, and her people ire
supremely indifitruutooucernlng It. " Pa
ducah did nil tho "glceliig" every hit
of it.
-loiir.tr mill Anniv A t'ooliih Hofttllltjr.
Tiie foolish rivalry existing lictwcen
tho neighboring towns of Anna and
Joncboro mint inevitably work great
injury to both places.
A majority of tho board of eommls
"loner appointed to locate tho Southern
Illinois Insane asylum recently deter
mined upon the selection of a .site near
Anna. Col Donglierty, president of tho
tioaru, incited by his Jonesbtiro hate of
Amm, ifetormlned to defcatrtke. wilt of
tho majority, hastened to Springfield
and fo.'bado tho payment of any money
'over to the hands of tho treasurer, avow
ing a detcrnilnajjnn sanction no ex
penditure on tho slto selected, and bo
trnylng a hostility to Anna thatamouut
ett to absolute ninunos. It wni finally
agieed that thcro should bo another
meeting or the board In Jonesboro, and
u me majority men sanctioned tho
loctlon of Anna oa tho slto for the build-
In ff 1 D .. - . I A . '
us, v"i. ijuuniivny ngrecii 10 acquiesce.
Wo cannot but think that the old Colo
nel ban betrayed a treat weakness and
petty resentment in' thl matter, tthat
win ten not only against him indlvidu
ally but against both 3bbJsboro and An
"a; i .'.J, trays a 9tAt0 o'e-'ng between
the citizens of the I wo' tp whs "that will pull
Ihein down faster than railroads, succcw
ful crops or aBythlBgelMeaB'balld them
up. It should bed Ucanled at once and
forovor; nnd until It is discarded, nei-
her town can expect very frcauent'or
valuable acquisitions either to It nop
uimiiuu ur wttaiia.
"Barrett's' Universal Hair Restorative.
Mr. Thomas W. Halllday has corn
raenced the erection of rb elegant dwel
ling houso on his block of lots Just
around the anglo of Washington avenue,
abovo Thirtieth street When tho ed
iflco assumes shape wo shall speak of It
more deflnitoly.
The heaatlful ibrlok residehoe' of Mr.
Charles Galllgher Is fully unclosed, antl
Is receiving, wo bellove. tho Insldo finish.
It Is one of tho handsomest and ju'oBt
costly resldencei In tho Htv. ""
omest ana mt
city. "7
i reputatioip..
as a hlgl
If you want IVgoooVBtqtve, or tlnwaro
hollow-warn, .copper or,hoet-irou ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything hi thuC lue,
call on a. Fraser, Commercial avenue,
boUttiuKIeyeuth tT.vvelUstreot,
where ho hus m,oved (o. and fitted up tho
largest and most tonipleto shop In
Bouthern Illinois.
Particular attentiou given to ateara
boat and mill work', copper, siujthlug
and sheet Iron work, such as oh I bi Beys,
breeoher, escaping ftteanjioip;. etc.
The SunflowerlFlTHard'Baloon, ob Bhlo
Levee, Is furuishqi)Wlth tho latest styleH
of tables, and the bar supplied with tlio
'mo.st'excelleritMUjSors. Krco1 ruhMi Is
pread everyday atOa. m. and 10 p. m.
'KlirhHilSa-V5 ,
Save your lives and property. A.
Fraser Is agont for tho Conner scroll Hirht.
,?trod company and will fill all ordnri
nro'mntlw" 'r'ii 'AVJ..ii.. .
r ,.j. viuii ub unto mm ii uve mem
put on your buildings. Tills Is the bst
ami nafotodnow mad.Q,Shpnoii Com.
Very ConlemnlllilnlhrtPMl "
Wo dislike tqaperilcUI ofanybody, but
thero were two or moro parties from Padu
call In attendanco nt ourtobacco sales
Thursday, who demeaned tliomselvofi in
tumauner hat provolced tho, censurojof
Tht nferr- ( wofipertW fif itvuonlldea tly
circumieii among tlio planters durlnt; tho
the snle, -nadheji jotjflCtobacco was
olleied they managed to reach tho vlcin
Ity br llio'owVi'er. 1 Herd thej? wouhl grVo
expression to. their horror at "tho ruin
ous sacrifice of good tobacco." If a lot
sold at'$10.0l thdnanitfikhld . had been
sold in Paduoali only tho day before at
$12.00; nifd'tteooKlinf-.tothdlr showing
their was not a lilid offered that would
not have brought at least forty dollars
more had It been sold In Paducah. The
fact that it Paducah man bought ono lihd,
was heralded everywhere, ''it was going
so low that tho Paducah chap saw that
.ho mako a hundred or two- by carrying
It homo with him and fieflmg It again
to-morrow." During every iftinutu of
thosalo theso men thus busied them
selves striving to oxolto' dissatisfaction
among tho pinHtorW 'oVcVtho prices ob.
Now wo ask our Paducah' tobacco men
(rt do us tho great favor to kick overy
Cairo man thoy find attending- their to
hacco sales for so base a purpose, out of
their warehouso, along tho.strects,ncrofts
tho wliarfbont Into tho river! Ho will
deserve .every kick ho recolvcs.
Now It so happened tho priccsobtatiied
hero yesterday were more than satis
factory to every planter proont. They
expressed themselves highly and unex
pectedly gratified. Although a
as a dozen tobacco buyeri, Vcahliy men
camo down from PaducalfaVd, although
wo Had over throuhurniiv..! iu...Hi....,iu .,t
tobacco.toscll. only one ,id was tmnk
uu iu u xauueau iiiuuvr: Tins is iiu
i.i. -i. ii ...
..it' A fl .1 . .... .
uiK" cuinpiimeiii as couiu no palu our
market! Offer thesamo amount of to
bacco in tho Paducah market, and If
these same men do not buy moro than
one hhd, wo shall agreo that tobacco sells
.it i.. ii ... . ... . .
" wvn in l-auiicau as in Cairo: nicy
came hero to buy, had plenty of money
wnerowiih to buyi-and pought only ono
nud out of tlio 58 that Vfero void ! They
samo men ouy onu fourth of nil the to
bacco sold In Paducah 1 Planters wll
asK no better Qvldeiico than this of tho
excellence of tho Cairo market, tho In
sldlous lies of Paducah emissaries to tho
contrary notwithstanding. The satis.
faction expressed on all sides yesterday,
thetinoueHiMnubly good prices obtained,
unmistakably indicate, that it is tho
destiny of the Cairo tobacco market-to
grow ami prosper until it filmll take
ranic among tho llrsl in tho West
Barclay Brothers.
C'afro, Tllinol.
Barrett's agents
June 8 d&wlw
Wlinl k Jinn Hinln Hoy Aajr.
Hero Is a Iwy's opinion of the Cairo
Tobacco market, as niado public through
ma rauuean 'leniucKiau :'
we found a largo crowd collected,
uiiiuiiK wiiuiu wo iiniicea n Krest many
of our buyers, who wero buying tobacco
io uring a aero u sen again. They
.. . i ... 1 1 . .... . . & . ..
PLL-iiieu in uiverj' och aumor, a5 taey
.can bring it here and mako money "
Wo heard 'u great many coranlaints
and heard several tho planters say that
it.. ...I.I . t . . a I ak. . v
mey wouni rejeei me oias as tney could
do much better'ln I'aducah,
' The young man confesses that he ar
rived too late to got any of the $1200
dinner; but that's no reason whv lio
should go home nnd tell a palpable un
In tho adjoining' column of tho 'Ken-
tucklan' yrcflmi "Man'. opinion of the
Cairo Tobacco Market." It Is as follows:
Somo of our buyers were on a pleasure
trip to Cairo,' ahd It wos thought there
would besom "bargains on tho breaks,"
In which all were mistaken, as it was the
universal op mien wx tobt.ee sold high
er than any day during tho season, with
uui n mjic rejecil9)l
Wonde of the age rBarrett's" ' 1
An omnibus will run to and from tho
Flora Garden to-morrow afternoon, bass
inrougu we uinerent streets of the eitv.
ana carrying passengers cither way for
ten cent each. '
The Garden Is now wearing iU most
Inviting garb and Is by far the most do-
lightful place of resort forlndjjflduals or
lamilles in the city.
H Joii.N BKI4S. Pror.
VRiintljr'o'r rriilt Trnlnn.
Ih. Cknt. K. R. CO., I
. , 5 iCAiiio, May28, 1809.
l ntll rnrther nptioo. a frnlt .train will
run.'dallyj- Saturdays oxceptedf 'leaving
Cairo at 11 o'clock a. m and will arrlvo
at Chicago nt 7:50 next morning. Fruit
shipped In carloads, or noarly.'sot wjll
roacji .St. Iuls att 10:30 next morn log
withoul' nliahgo of cars. Passehgers will
not be "carried 6b his truliii
Ma291w Jamks Johnson, Agont,
For photographs and arabrotyne co
to Bell'a. gallery, -corner ofJSIgUtnahd
Tvr. trn Trj.
Lovce streets,
Read tho advertisement directed ."To
Life Insurance Solicitors." An unem
ployed gentleman of active and correct
business hahlLs.'cah.securoa rood situa
tion by applying. as thorolu directed, . j
KrinorGtl-A. K. Whlttnkrr'N Ilrni,- .Store.
Mr; A. R Whlllakerilicrcby anuqunces
to his friends and patrons that ho has re
moved from his old stand th Ford's build
ing, it wp. doors above, wboro Jto Will !bo
pleased to seer and wait upon his bid
cuntoniers.aufliirlng'thom that his stqok
ioT'drugs aroainaurpasic.il for qynllty uhd
and variety. inyndt)"
In tho production of photograplrajuh;,,
Bell stands unsurpassed. Gallery corner
of Eighth and Leveo streets up stairs.
jurjug mo pusi, wcok various causes
have conspfred o delrty tlSe'publlcatlon
of our paper nil hour or two, Ijeyond tho
usual time. Hereafter wo shall go"" to
pretaB Jioitr that,, will -seourfticthb
delivery of tho paper to all our city
readers3 uVftYlyltoit tluio.J I A O '
Our KurcrMn nml iitul it llruli
"riib oh'lrig iUo ht tlio CalroMbbacco
market closed yestcrdny, and the expec
tations of tho most.iauuguiuocndof
tho onterpioo hrtVe bfoii morath'ah',ro
allzed .During tho duy ywt(efu'ay,auut
ono hundred ami clghty-flvo hhds wcrb
sold, tho prices obtained being highly'
satisfactory. Tlio. rejectldtif verp re
markably fow, and'tniMt ,f, these ,would
have beffn only jiarllal, if tho rules gov
erning Hiibh matters had permitted 'par
tlul rejections A few persons' holdipg
lots of from two "j flve .jihds rfued to
confirm tho sale, because,' perhaps, of
their pudillar notions as'to tho value of
ono or two hogsheads. Very little of tho
tobacco, however, will be sent elsewhere,
as tho ownorst generally express jtlio
highest confidence In our market, 'mil
ard willing to iry It again.
Tlio best buyers of tho country wero
hero, nnd somo who felt n prldo In build
ing hp the market." Whatever might have
been our cKtimato of their dplnlons Jih
ring the progress or the sale, wo can at
least believe litem now whtn they de
clare that tho tobacco told brought every
cent it was worth. Hut tho most eucour
nglng featuro was the evident siitlsac
tiou of the planters. Quite all of them re
turned homo well pleased with tho re
sults of tho sale, u'ud with the kind and
hospitable treatment they rccoived at
! 11,0 hands of our citizens. Messrs Strat
I '"n llt-"-ty. "urui James, Parker,
igicsion, 1'iiiiiips, ami others were
tireless in their attentions to our visi
tors, and seemed dutcrmined that no
ono should leave the city dissatisfied.
The Cairo tobacco market is a success 1
Tho Rubicon has been nafcly crossed,
and from this point forth wo can seo no
Impediments that are either Insurmount
able or discouraging. And what will bo
the fruits?
Tho planters, th6Ir wiven nud daugh
ters who thronged our dry goods and
grocery stores, our hardware establish
meutu and hotels, during Thursday and
Friday, and who will hereafter mako
Cairo their trading polut, show, some
thing of witat the fruits will be. Of the
fifty or Hovcnty-tlvo thousand dollars
realized from tlio' sales tho lion's sharo
will ultimately 11 ml Its way Into tlio tills
of our merchants and traders! Laborers
and draymen will find Increased domand
for their services', and every department
of business In tho city will directly or In
directly gather an increased vitality.
With thoso who mote, wo aro jubllaut
over the grand success; of. tho opening
sales of tho Cairo tohacio market and
with them wo cry: Long live tho Cairo
Planters' Tobacco Warehouse Company 1
Fox, Hownrtl 'A t'e.ntiil iHeClly.
All good citizens will rejolco that the
differences, existing between Messrs. Fox,
Howard A Co. and tho city of Cairo aro
in a fair way for speedy and amicable
adjustment. The sincere desire of Messrs.
F.,iliStVQi to effect an honorable and
liberal adjustment of their affairs with
tho city no one will any longer question.
They have acted most magnanimously
and we are more thau pleased to see our
city authorities disposed to meot them in
the same spirit. The Arm, to avoid lit!
gatloq that would be troublesome and
expensive to them (bat more' so to the
city) have consented to accept a rate of
Interest twenty percent, below thorullBg
rafe, and that muok less, too, than their
money would readily command should
tho city pay it to them to-day. They
not only do this, but consent to hold the
city's bonds (issued to them iu payment
of their claim) subject to redemption at
any time within two yearn at OOceoU
on the dollar! This is liberal in the.
highest defree,qtf certainly no citizeu
can regard It otherwise who is not In
favor of outright repudiation !
Tbe adjustment is most favorable to
tho city, and will, meet the cordial ap
probation of all reasonable men. Our
authorities are cntitlod to credit for so
manfully standing up for the latere. ts of
the city. Messrs. Fox, Howard & Co.,
are asOiOp titled to, credit for display of
a liberality .as raro In this day, as precious I
TA f ' . It
A goodly number of ladlcH and gentle'
men. ami a, smart sprinklo of children
crossed the river to-day to participate In
tho Good Templars' picnic, given on tho
Kentucky ehorp near ,tio ferry landing.
The day has, up to tho hour of tills writ
ing, been most auspicious for such an
occasion, and wo doubt not thotcrowd
enjoyed itself immensely.
A .. . .1 It
. V.u",-W MUmber or gentlemen and
ia?Sr?M Mf , U1 9 nrte
Lmluetl on a half I"y'H recrer
oon deter-
recreation any-
r KelrttlBr HevernvM.
'All'toW relish . palatable, healthful
and refreshing drfnlc should call on Chas.
Hhoenmeyor, corner ofTonth street and
Commercial avenue, nnd partake of his
gonulno .WokfObcQr, reshly imported
from Borlln, SKLTZER WATER, 'from
tho famous Springs In Germany, and tho
Incomparable Rhine nnd catnwba
Kfyea from, tho Wa.oCHenuaiiii,
Mo, Besides thoso ho keeps thof purest
brands of liquors and tho coolest beor to
bo found In C'l-P. Bpruomber tho plaqp
anagooitout - t t
I II ,' ! Ifi-
rirotbgfap'hs",T'xeodredln tlfo"hlghest
aiyioormo art at iieH'A'galJerycorner
of Eighth nnd
Levee streets
at'SC per
ti...! ii . i. r
HI,. jmi
C'nl'o JllM;, .Ivnc! 1
Prcsoiit May6f Ob6rly! mill
maa.UarclayJorgqusi;, .Miirtiu, 0'6il,
lanaii, uoaroen ami Williamson. 0.
ThVnUyor;stildJmt thd crtonell had
been called togelher for tho purposo of
COliBldorintr.ttio nronnqltl
raado by Fox, Howard t Co. , to tho cltyJr!"BM,n1lK-llli'1 m0(imcatlon may bo great
authorities. Ho called adeqtion- lo' iho fam ' ",JUrr to'"m' "ard W.
jiiiii;fihiiiui:iji;u iiiuu iiao rpasscu 00-
tween him and Mr. V. B. Howard r and
..... . .1 ii. V I.'
said, thiit,ls.l.nciliQ publication of the
correspondence ho hail had sovorul In
terviews With Mr. noward, had persis
tently urgeil uponihlm tho oocoptonco of
a lower ratoof Iritiffcsfthun ton per coni;
and tlia.t. lie had impressed upon that gen
tl'era'ah tin! fuc, that tho mcmbcWof the
solect council and of tlio' bonrd'bf alder
men, ns well as tho majority of tlio citi
zens, wlillo anxious to Bottle tho claim,
felt unwilling to givo ten per cent, if
they cquld settle for ilht felt thus un
willing, because tlioy wore not certain or
their ability to pay tbb annual Interest
ut that rate on so large an amount. It
arrbfifoff 'tlto 'mayor great pleasure, ho
said, to say to tho council that Mr.
Howard had Anally acccdo.1 to his re
quest; and ho asked fiat tho correspon
dence In this subject bo spread upon tho
record. On motion of councilman
Hearden, seconded by councilman liar
clay, this permission was granted.
Tho correspondence referred to is as
follows: '
(Mayor's Oj-tick
Cairo, Illinois, Juno 11, 18.0. j
W. JJ. Howard, J-Jsj.:
Dear SirAfter carefully, considering
the contents or your answer tb!niy letter
to you of the 8th Inst , I am constrained
to ugain call your attention to the subject
matter of tho correspondence, and to
again ask, whllo recognizing tho spirit
of liberality which has characterized you
in this controversy, that'you" consent to
amend your proposition by accepting
eight per cent, instead of ten per cent.
Interest. It Is true,-tho Board, of Alder
men liavo adopted tho report of their Fi
nance Committee, nnd havo accented
your proposition; but the meeting of tho
Board was not full, and tho members ac
quiesced In the report only because they
believed ten per cent to bo your ultima
tum! I am free to. say to you, that I
would rather givo you ten per cent, than
litigate with yon, and I believe the inter
ests of the city would bo better subserved
by this settlement than ly oootiuued
litigation; but many of our citizen, souio
of the n In their personal business rela
tions most scrupulously honest, men,
would bo exasperated by tho, settle
ment, and it would thus becomo n
thorn in our municipal body which
might result in disadvantage to you,
and whlcht undoubtedly, would inflict
great injury upon the city. I know thesw
local considerations may not havo with
you much force, but thero Ls another
point or view In which I ask you io look
at tho question. If you could obtain
twenty per cent, bonds, tho casual ob
sor'er might esteem you lucky; but such
would not be the cane. The high rate
would shatter tho credit of tlio city,
drain from It all tho currents of prosper
ity, and leavo it bankrupt, unable to nay
you a cent of the interest or a mill of tho
principal. iiiim,ioo. m irtio or naeoii
UVl VTIIIll Mill! U il'l yUUI., HIJI1 J
Is an all Important hue tfou? Caii 'Cairo
per cent., and of twclyo per cent.; urn! it
witli its other debts, carry $I10,30U,(j9 of
bonus urawjng ten pef cent, interest?
I believe, if our peoplo werd all uiilted
In effort', that we could;, but acceptance
of your proposition will build up a party
of carpers, who, with ddleful croaking,
will discourage .enterprise, aud forever
keep alive hostility between your firm
and tho city; and. in this way, business
will be retarded and your ten percent.
bonds bo tho shibboleth of attack
and rally in our futuro mu
nicmai coniuois lor omce. But. on
the other band, if you consent to tako
eight per cent. Instead often per cent.
oooas a.our.oiuzenB,wiui .mo exception
of ,tbough4cM or prejudiced men all
those citizens whose opiuloBsfife entitled
torespectrui consiueration will bo sal s-
Med, and friendship between, ypur firm
and the city will be re-established: Cairo
can carry the eiabt percent, bonds easily.
The tax to haV the Interest-will be'onlv
about two and a third mills, taking tho
valuation or looaas a oasis: auu. in a row
yearn,' i aw aimiu,iii)o uicrea&aor, bu
siness and wealth of , the city will innko
interest oh' the.eLaht ber cents. 'can bo
paid promptlyj'buF prompt payment oh'
the ton per cents., for the reasons I have
given above, la only probable. ' Besides,
wnue an our nest citizens will be satis
fied, your ownership of tho bonds will
give you an iaterest in the welfare of
Culro, which will bo of, groat value to us.
IUNtead of classing'' Fox, Howard A Co.
with our enemies, we shall then place
them on the list of our friends. Iustuad
of laboring to get your Just dues by bring
ing. the law to bear upon us to crush out
our substance, you will be' Interested in
our prosperity, since every step wo then
laite lowarus weaiti) aim our proper po
sitlon as a great city, will makof'your
claim moro valuablo, nnd placo tho
prompt payment of tho interest on ypur
bonds among the Certainties of tho fu
ture. I have' probably written at too great
length; but I have only touched tho
subject; yet I hope. J, buy o suggested to
ytu food fur thought; and Iara satisfied
thai, if you look nt this matter In Its
trun light, you wlil accede id my request
and take olght Instead of ten per'cent.
bonds' Hoping; that yeu may camo to
this couolusfop, oelloye me.
Respectfully yours, etc.,
Jno. IIi Obuhly, Mayor.-
Caiho, Illinois, Juno 11, 1860.
'Hon, Tno. JT. Qbcrlm Jfrtjor of Chiro:
Doar Sir Your letter of this dato has
been handed mo, in which you urge mo
to modify tho proposition formerly mado
to settle tho pending litigation with tho
City, presenting mmiy reasons .why J
should do so, Feeling assured that ''
proposition submittod by me waf
nontly Just In Itself freo from r
unfair or oppressive toward ' v
am reluctant to modify It ' '
Jar, especially after Its falrn ' '
have been reeotrniced. by vw
AlrfermeD. AplKeolatJng,, ho,
considerations you so earnestly " J
Ibly sot forth In favor of an e.
ilnal termination of alllecal troub .
your city not the least of which ai
strengthening of Its credit and hai
nlous lelatloua with Its croditors; ai
desiring to mako still more' , manifest,
fllllt To lrn,nH.I if... I .1 f
- mu uuiiivHiuesiro ou'ox,
i Jlnwanl &Co. to curry out In the most
i fnercct good faith, (tho. tylter and spirit of
their contiaet fdr sireet-fllliilg, ahd to act
toward tho city not onlyitlstTv but liber
ally, i nave, after reflection concluded
to amend the proposition by substituting
8 percent, for 10 per cent, as tho rate of
ntcrcst on the bonds-tbls modification
tO UO COliS dfTf'll ftr)A4 'unfir, ArCyJtL
?,V1VVl",tlV.,,t.l.,'. .to10"' to the cityVriris-
.Very trulv. vnnr nhi.
I'or Fox, Howard & Co.
AtUhb 'oAndtuslbtf of .the. Mayor's re
marks, ho submitted the following reso
lution, and naked that it should bo addpt
cd.fVj?.: .
Jlciolcccl, That tho notion o'flhfi Board
of Aldermen adopting tho nlnt resolution
reported by the-Fliianco Committee, in
their report on tho claim of Fox, Howard
A Co., bo hereby concurred in, excepting.
In so far as it relates to tho rate of Inter
est, and that tho resolution be amended
n th sregnrd by striking' out tho word
"ten" and Inserting the word "eight," in
accordance with nn ngreumont mado be
tween tlio Mayor and W. B. Howard, of
tho said firm of Fox, Howard it Co.
Councilman Roarden, moved that tlio
resolution bo adopted; and, tlio motion
hnx'ing been seconded by Councilman
Williamson, thu question was put; and
upon n call of tho yeas and nays, result
ed ns follows, viz: , ..,
Yeas Barclay, Jorgenson, Martin,
O'Callaliau, Reunion nnd William
.son. 0.
Nays. None.
On motion tho council then ndjourned.
Patiuck Mocki.ru, City Clerk.
"Barrett's" can't be bent.
Ice lor tlio fourth Hani.
Hereafter a supply of ico will bo kept
for sale on tho corner of 10th and Poplar,
at the same rato its furnished by other
May 27 tf.
mvjEJt xuws.
Fort Mat for tli ill Hour Eiidlnir
Two o'clock, 1. at.
, abrivals.
Cfn. AuJcrson, Columlmi. Win. White, Ptdueab.
lion Accord. Mi-mplin, A. (I. linker, Pittiburc.
Qulrkstep. Eramviltc. llrsrhnund ilo
Marble City, bt. I.ouln. H. llornr, NerfOrlemi.
Mlliflppi, ilo MoilleAbrl, Ida
Abeonn, Cincinnati, Utllot. Irf)iil,'Merop.
0o. Andorion. Columbtii. Wm Wbltp, Padncah.
A (I-D.iker, New I'rlcutn. lion Accord, St. Loui
MliMMlppl. do .Mi.IIIb Ablf, do
Qnlckilrp, UrausTilk'. Abcona, . 'do
Marble Citr. VlPk-burr- Ilille Ht. do
a. Ilorn-r, Pittaburg. Orybound, EramiTltle.
Tho weather continues clear, with tho
thermometer rangiug In tho neighbor
hood of 60 dcg.
Tho Mlbslfslppi Is rising at St. Louie
nnd Qulncy, nnd the Missouri has ceased
falling, and become stationary. A small
rlao N expected In tho latter.
Tho Ohio is falling at Pittsburg With
flvo feot of water in tho channel.' hi is
also falllug nt Cincinnati and Lnuisvlllo
with llvo feet six Inches lu tho cbtitu over
tho falls. Thero Is ono foot less water on
tho rocks, at any time, than Is reported
ns being in tho chute, and there is gtucr
aJJy two feet more- water In tho cunnl
than lu tho chute.
Hero tho river has suddenly risen ten
inches, aud iu still rising rapidly. Tf,
Business coutiuuc3ratbqr,dull.
Tho White, yestorday, brought out 1
hhd tobacco, for Planters' Warehouso; .
ditto, for St. LhuIs, and 110 pkgs wagon
stun, for reshipment to Memphis. We
are sorry that wo aro unable to
report the cargo of tho Ado littlo packet
on the day of her arrival, but sho gone
rally comes down about tho hour at
which our paper goes to press, and we
aro compelled to omit the report until
next day.
Tho Quickstep brought out 60 bbla liq
uor, 10 tons in duo., for roalilpmeut to va
rious points south, and tho following for
Cairo: I. C. It. R., & pkgs; Thomas A
Green, 1 box egg; Jan. Smith, 44 akn
potatoes, '
The Marble City brought about ten torn
for Cairo, and received about 40 tons for
Mompbis and way points.
The Tyroue depated last night full of
people, and with about 50 tons' assorted
freight for Cumberland river. We are
pleased to ream that Captain ToulZHar
mou is recoverlug from tho uttuclc Of par
alysis which we reported somo two weeks
The Underwriter is still at our wharf,
ooklng us bright us u now silver dollar,
(If our readers can romember what . that
looks like), and Is ready not only, for
excursions, for which she is bettor adapt
ed than any boat on tho river, or for her
regular business of wrecking hteumers.
Her facilities for tho hater cannot bo
Tho White Is tho regular pneket for
Paducah this evening. ,'
The Cumberland is tne regular packet
for Evausvillo this evening. ,
Tho Belle Jlfiupiils is tho regular pack
et for MemphlH at fi p.m. ,j
-n Atwi .tvn ia iiirn, i? .
Tlio light draught p- ' n4
war. " ' m
n. v. NoiiTiiKn"
Jl. 1IHVKUI 1 ' Hi
win mnue
.'ihlucoli . , A j
-1 .-. -n i
' '1 .fe'"' t'MiI
"-tii .rl nSf
V v 5V

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