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UK mississippjji wer rail wa y
From a gentleman wko recently made
4 tour of the river eonntles hence to
Memphis, we learn that the peoplo whom
he met avew themselves In favor of Use
arty construction of the Mississippi
River railway; and r vast majority of
then in favor of Cairo as the northern
teraainns. He also informs us that the
people have been brought to a decision
la favor of Cairo, through the foree of
the "eternal order ef things," and not
beoanee of any tJbrt that baa been put
fct with tkat .Margin view. On the
Mtrary that people look to Cairo as the
Meet ad vna lactone terminus, la spite ef
welMlreeted aBd persistent efforts to dl
vert their Mteatlea to Paducah. The
eenatrhat been literally flooded with
asaps and circulars, showing an ad
vanced state ef aflklra at Paducah alto
gether wcnaerfnl t cealeaaptte. For
Instance, the enterprising mappist lays,
eTewn two eminently direct and highly
advantageous roads leading cut 'rent Pn
taeah te aX. Louie and VInceane, tern,
lag at Use last named cities ttse very con-,
meetlens so snath aeeded to' opea up ay
desirable Use efcommunlcatloa between
the Southeast and Northwest. The
bridge across the Ohio is aot shown , on
the map, we believe, bat that, la not so
fcecaate the Paducahlaus had any fear of
evertaxlag the credulity of the Ten ties
elans a ad Keataeklaas whose favor they
re courting, but because the draughts
man dieVat know how to delineate as
costly and magnlfloent a bridge as Pads
oahlnUads.toballdl Mack II nee, with
red dots for depots, make very good rail
roads, ea paper, and as almost anybody
ean create them, It is not to be wondered
at that Paducah supplied herself abun
dantly,. for Uie astonishment and admi
ration of her neighbors across the Ten
aeesee line.
Now we would not, for $1,000 stock in
the Paducah Bridge Co., pluck a single
feather from any plume that our' heigh
bor wears worthily. But those two rail
roads north of tho Ohio river, call for the
use of our "eraser". They don't belong
to any correct, well considered and sklll
fully delineated map of which we have
any knowledge, and as it is clear that
they are not needed for decoratlvo pur
poses, we luiUt upon their "earning out."
Roads may be built from Paducah to Bt.
Louis, and from Paducah to Vlncennes,
and the time may bo somewhere in the
womb of tho future, when mountains
will be dug down or "perforated with a
hole," for railroads to get out from Pa
ducah in the direction Indicated on the
Paducah map, for which, as yet, "no
patent has been applied for." But now,
when not one cent of tho many millions
of dollars neci'HsaryJlo build such roads,
has beou provided; now, when It li not
known where tho money, ora hundredth
part of It is to como frdm; now, whllo
the demands of travel and business are
satisfactorily met without them; now,
while their construction is not seriously
talked of, wo Insist that any map that
hows them oh actual railroads, complete
and In operation, Is not a reliable. map;
but Is a cheat that way possibly retard
the end it is Intended to hasten.
During tho week ending May SO, uix
thousand four hundred and forty three
emigrants left Liverpool for New York.
The immigration movement seems to
have received a wonderful, impetus from
the completion of the Pacific railroad,
and the policy lately adopted by con
gress to'iletribnte "pamphlets and maps
in foreign countries, , pointing out tho
Inducements ottered In 'this country to
the Immigrant.. Tho. commissioner of
the lan9 office.. Hon.. Joseph S. Wilson,
is dally recelvlug letters from all parts
ef Europe, making special inquiries in
regard to ' tho location of lauds best
adapted to the growturahd cultivation of
particular' brauches of mnnlfacture.
Large numbers of sklllod vlue-growere
are eruigratlnir from Franco and Ger
many to California; and farmers, in
Etrtiea of from flftyto threo hundred, in
Bglandj' Ireland and other parts of
Europe, have signified their intentions
to come to this country aud settle in the
west and south. Buffalo 'Courier.'
Teu thousand pamphlets sotting forth
the capacities of Southern Illinois, the
peculiar adaptation of its soil aud surface
for the growth of the vino and all kinds
of fruits; the prlce.of lands, tho clmractor
of the markets, the climate, etc., distribu
ted through the commlsslonerof the land
office among tho gardeners and viae
growers of Franco and Germany, would
bring hither, in time an Immigrant for
every pamphlet.
The great philanthropist, George Fcnbotly,
ef England, tars that hit American charities
havo opornted to hi entire satisfaction. He
lias glvon away, altogether, $7,000,000. Ho
first niado his family rich, by securing to tho
mombora thereof $1,500,000. Ills gift to the
Pcabody Institute, jn Baltimore, ya $1,000,
000. lie presented something like $1,4Q0,00Q
to tho Universities, of Harvard and Tale, and
to Institutions' 'Ut SaVcm, paijvon, and else
where. Ho presented $2,000,000 to aid the
causo of Education in tho South $1,000,000
in caslwand $1,000,000 of' Missouri six per
cent. bond,fwhich," said 'Mi'. Peahody, "will
ultimately bo good."
III ON-M OA TS-JL ND-Il A li GEti. -
l l Mi iv; vuv,
Wmtnltlf r She Clreai ThrHSh ClrtUa
The Hn. JMaes '11. Sties aMressei
the folloiring MmmaalctAioB t, General'
Cyrus Bussey, ohaimttS of 'iheVNeir:'
Orleans ehamber of cwMrkeroe It wae
laid before the commercial convention
held la that city,. and Ue4Ud highly
tsvorable action. The ewsHnBaiteaitea
is somewhat lengthy but will amply re
pay perusal i-
I avail myself ef this oppertaalty to
suggest to the convention the las per
tance af taking eaeh steps as' asay he
necessary to insure thesueeess ef the re
cent laudable meveatent iaaujpi rated by
Home of the business men or Bt. Lobm
and New Orleans, and aided by those
ef the chief cities on the river; aad
wlrt this view I hag repeetfMlly te call
the attention of the convention to the
laiftortaace of Iron bargee aad Iron
eteemers on'ttoe Mseslesipprri ver.. '
Am these veseels ate betaf ,uaed in all
parts of the world, exeept la awriaa, I
would suggest that haaalry ha mi on foot
by the con vent ten to" discover 'why the
grain growers aad planters of this valley
are not enjoying the advantages afforded
by the Intflrtootloa. off eucii beats aad
barges ufM the Mississippi. They, are
used spoTailiSe aWef rliB .iaiKirope
aad Asia. evpjslstfeaaa ef which aswin-
tries are Karjpaf' rspM and ssangereas
fans, a sag of theaa
Isj 4sat9 .JVtstfl Js
are Ulafc eMfcMUd ia
lor thw sivssa off fastis
Dan u bo" aast: '-J--r' far fas-al.
moat every quarter- off tha globe,,, aave
These vessels will easry (rem ten to
Ifteea per csnt.'. snore easaje than wooden
bulls of equal sise, steeacth and drsMtght,
and never have their carrying capacity
lessened by becoming water-eeakeeT.
They cannot be destroyed by lire, are
made with water-tight compartments,
aad are almost absolutely proof 'against
sinking. They do not require to be
caulked after every trip as wooden onee
frequently do, and, being so much more
tightly constructed there is rarely any
deduction made on their freight bills on
account of damage to cargo. The plates
of which they aro made are frequeatly
? galvanized with tin at little expense be
ars riveting them together, and this pre
serves them without tho cost of painting.
They will last four or Ave times as
long as the wooden ones, and when
no longer useful for the purposes for
which they Were made aro still of con
siderable valuo for their old material.
With all these unquestionable advan
tages In their favor why aro they not used
in America?
In England barges of this kind are
constructed for about two and a half
ponco jver pound but our tmrltT on iron
makes them so costly to Import, or to
manufacture at home, nut they are a
forbidden luxury to the men who are
tilling a valley of such marvelous fertil
ity that they can contentedly see one ar
Rossy in every twenty destroyed by the
flames, or sunk by the sawyers of the
MlsAisalppi, for the sako of continuing
for the next fifty years or so, that pro
tection and encouragement to our mak
ers of tron that is ultimately destined to
enable them to manufacture the material
so cheaply eventually that further pro
tection will be unnecessary.
While our wooden vessels are de
stroyed by the half-score or half-dozen
In a single- conflagration, aud hundreds
of thousands of dollar vaulsh in the
(lames in an instant, It la idle to argue
that transportation on our rivers Is as
cheap as it should be. I say nothing of
'the danger to human life, but view the
subjeot as a .money question alone. The
destruction e-f steamers by a couple of
fires of seeeatdato one ' at our own
wharf atwl oae at Cincinnatiwould pay
for the transportation .of ten millions of
bushels of wheat from St.' Louis to New
Orltang. I would ask those who are" re
sponsible for tats state of thtajfe to point
to any other .eeaatry on the globe where
such wholesale; deetractiea of property
occurs. Yet we eialm to be the most en
lightened people on the face of the earth.
If tho gentlrmen who have iuaugarat
ed this most laudable "Grain Move
ment" think they can make It a perfect
success, without cheapening the present,
cost of river transportation, thoy not on
ly underestimate the cost to the shipper
Incurred by tho 'present dangerous and
expensive use of wooden vessels, but al
so the energy und Ingenuity of their rail
road competitors. Nature has stlven us,
boyond nil question, tho cheapest, medi
um for tho transportation of the products
this valley, but we cannot reap tho bene
fit of her lavish generosity so long as wo
send our cargoes forth in tinder-boxes
and antiquated wooden tubs:
Tho enormous tax Imposed upon tho
people of? this great basin by the actiou
of the preecat tariff,, through its effect
upon transportation alone, is not, I am
sure, appreciated. On land as well as on
water, the onerous duty on Iron Impairs
the prosperity and retards tho progress
of the great .valley. Every portion of it,
not Immediately coutlgousto one of tho
Sreat rivers, needs a railway, and this
uty taxes tho building of- a railroad
about two thousand dollars per mile.
Tho present tariff is. therefore, synony
mous with high freights on land as well
as on water. It curtails tho extent and,
Increases tho cost of railroad facilities,
binds us down to a dangerous and antl-.
quated syetem of freightage on our rivers,
und dooj tint loose its blighting iulluunce
upon tho commeroo of the oountry, oven
alter our wealth bos readied tho shores
of tho ocean, for It prevents our country
meu? there from iloatJng the protecting
llagiof their own laaL over thoir owu
shins, unless they Ixflullt oh American
soli, and, us it costs them so.muoh word
to do this at home than Jt.doen tholr
French, German and English competi
tors to build or buy theirs on the Clyde or
ThumeOt forces Into foreign bottoms
the carrying tradaof a 'people, claiming
to bo the most enterprising ana progress
ive of the age, and whocertaluly should
be the most maratlme In Christendom.
iiUk UflUlAlUB liLBlHillVti. IV ? 'UJUV Aiil. .111
talnk-it -M1km-mritw
mrfmn In tha n
ntUrlfTupon the
jiutm miui, r iiu. i
.yw,yg'''l'giyy' ,!g.7."l I
saojecssii ueawateaooiiaiwsr i; a i
or suoBmmpaHsjiMo as to .warrant T.r
commindatron In flavor of a convention
to consider the queetioni,. n.
. Very ,'tsjepeetfally. LrejU'oletfit ier-
'The communioatioB was ordered to be
convention, wnnm sb ;ism same uenaec
tlcn, adopted tha ftUfwlBg resolution.
iUeolved.TkMthc hUd4Mand em
ploy log of iron barges nsdsleamboau
In fmnsKrUrigaicsjsics and flretghts gen
erally cn WwOilMlHlipl Her aaoT Its
tribaiarles, Is hlgfaar PsenssBuiiiiil as a
earo means, iff adepVd, of lessening the
eostef freights aad iaenranos, mm in
srssslag the amount off tm asportation
on cur rivers: sum! that the farther eon
slderatlon of this subject be referred to a
eoamMee off three, to he appointed by
the president of this convention, which
committee will report to the commercial
convention to be held at Louisville in
October next, to whom also the commu
nieathm.of Col. Kads, ef.St.. Leuls, on
this sahject ha referred, as it contains in
rermatiea of ntueh Impertance to be con
aidercsL The followiag arc the names of the
Entlemen composing the committee:
Iwia Warrieea.'mi Loois, MtssoBri;
Andrew J. Keilar, Mtmakie,' Tenn.; and
John BchscB, Weaoaa, MlaB.
"Dmtky the: Barter," ie, the way
they aacMuaee kapglng suicides in Lou-
vUisi. i a w: fi
The bow Montreal license law baa
made, all the saloons "hotels" and "res
tasjfMts." Sevenly-fcur peoele were killed la the
London streets In? nineteen' weeks, ac-
coraiag u use preTions estimates.
Colfax Is vlsttioe New Yotk. New
Jersey and Nsw Isjuai He , will not
return aeme until Juiy f tn. '
Sir Edwin' Sandseer appeared as wit
ness recently In the London police
.'court, aad protested against cropping
the ears of dogs.
The Boston papers are making a .great
ado about a horse choetnut;tree which is
about to be cut down. leveral poems
have been written on the subject. '
A French paper thinks Breckinridge
will be made President of the United
tttates before he dies. r ' '
Nearly f twenty-five hundred immi
grants arrive in Wtceoaatn ia the last
week in May. TfcaVs the wav. North-
watra Bin
see arc inner aw.
Last month
birth to twine
a lady
in London gave
like the Siamese
The Continental papers ridicule the
cable telegrams sent by the agents of the
Associated Press In England to this
country as unreliable, unintelligible and
A man, who died lately at Braunan
confessed on his death-bed that he had
poisoned sixteen members of his own
family. Each of them owned a little
property, and he wanted to Inherit all of
S. C Hall, the author, Is one of a very
few persons living who remembers to
have seen Garrlck act. He alluded to
this in n recent lecture, and also said
that he had talked with Bowell.
There. Is a child, born in the Ohio
Penitentiary, it Is said, who has taken a
great liking to Mrs. Victor, who is im
prisoned there for murder by poison, aud
the latter treat the little oae a a mother
1 -S A . W ll'l , kJ
would treat her,owa child. )
A corrsspoadent of the Rochester 'Kxprsss'
rslates the following episode of Hon. Wm.
H. S ward's early career a a Southern school
tekr, sCs kertceived it from'hls o'yta lips i
"When'I was in my sopboraore ysar I ran
away from college and went te , in
Gsorgla, and opened on aeademywhich soon
prospered under my earnest eifertf, and I
soon acquired great popularity, ftMwas en.
jsying the. new field of my lators.vory much,
, when nay father found out my jhldlsg place
and sent for me to return to coll! and' I was
compelled to lcavo.Buri successful 'enterprise,
to the great sorrow.ei.my patrons and pupils,
who could be reconciled to ay departure only
by my promising theaaithat I wuldx wnd
them the best yousg mm! eeuld flad in the
college to take my pkes". X returned to my
studies, and as'tke best I could do in fulfil
ment of mypfaiaisftt to my asw-found friends
in Gsorgla, seat tbsm my excellent young
friend, Mr.'W , of tho Mnlor class, an ex
cellent scholar aad a finished gentleman."
Many years after, Seward visited tho scene
of his early teaching to see how the Academy
and his successor had prospered. Upon in
quiry, says tho Secrotary-r-
''I learned that ho had married a plantation
and' settled down and enjoyed himself many
years, free from the petty annoyances of the
pedagogue, and tho desperate excitements and
turmoils of the political arena. But I set out
to find the dear old spot whero I taught my
first school, At last I camp upon tho place
where tho academy had been. But tho osage
orange, that in thodayi of my prlncipalshfp
had been an adornment, had. continued to
thrlvri with no band to check its wanton
growth, till it .'had completely covered and
bidden from view the entiro "building, whbh
was inaccculblo to mo. School was uuinlssed
andjtbj s'choolmastor was-r-whorsj?" "
An election has boon hold In Clinton coun
ty to yoto on tho question of tho county's,
giving $50,000 in aid of tlio SouthornHlinoIs'
Normal Univcrnitjv provided it is located in
that county,' and wa learn that there was a
majority of 414 in favor of Issuing tho bonds.
' Itis satd that the city of DuQubln will of
fer one hundred thousand dollars for tho
SouthernlUlnolit Unlvorilty,
VSfMHViapenisu saresjIMsi
sUclaiKaWinaTitlti effcdf
A-Weetsrn paper soasaisatke-feisowiaf
imt prtaierv
oi anv aonartment in i
rlntlng and publish-
a professorship in
any oi me acaae
fgeoWryi Wgontfaeigr, aaOny oJTscl'
enoes. It nartleaUrf. suited 1 act asVutor
kasnuUevatujlMKhurch, el as eflocal
preacher. He wouki have no objectioa to
term a meh bat" telsetf cJalarinterestlae
yeaag kdies te iastrict U ths'hsghest bran
cnes. To a dsatiet or chiropodist he would
be iavalaahle, as he eai;dc ahheet aaytsHag.
Would ofe'eerfuliy accept a pecition as a bass
or teaorsusger in a choir. Ifould board
with a family if decidedly ptou. Forfar
iher panienlars, Inquire at Brown's sajoea.'
The Greski MHi hfrs-harmsalis '; k
war the feeling they had ef the laasr struct
ure of Nature, that the soul of all bar voices'
sad utterances was perfect aussie, reetry,
therefore, we call tnasteal thought. Thepeet
is he who thinks ia that Manner. At bottom
it Urns still sn power ef iaUllect;"tiis man's
sincerity and depth of vision taait awhss him
a post. Musical I How mpsiy Itss la
that I A musical tneugnt it one
mind that has penetrated into
tftC Utmost
fl M.
heart er the thing detected tbe iimaet saga
tery of It namely, tha melody, that li MtV
den In It tho inward harmony" of cokefsJsCB
which is Its soul, whereby Henhts, aM has
a right to be, here M.tsde world. slAUM
things, wo may sat, are i
uKer themselves ia . Tl
sens' soet deep. Jfhetetbaret
words, can express the effect masse
A kind ef Inarticulate, uahmssaal
wkiah leads us to the edce ef the Ialalie.
lets us for momenta gase late that Chwtyis.
Br:a sail rHsc;seesss.
lese ft tot Teaas Ma on Ute UtUresUsf rlatii
.ef Biidegroom to Bride, In the Inetltutloa ofMurkf
a gaide to atrlmoalal fllUr,aa4trae happlaets.
seat t7 aatii la iaied letter BTiUpa a orohri.
pate, Fa. v m;Uwm
CommcrcUl eau between ltli k 10th atreots,
It prepareJ to furnish all kinds of
to order, er to lea and adorn Cakes in the most eklll.
ful manner;. aud can defy competition In' point Of
Oinger snarw cheaper than at any other hbone In the
city. jeiaum
g F. FAItKKR.,
Dealer In
rasaei, Wall Immt asiWlBdw
With his Orest M J '
' I !
The Chasaplou C'lrctw TroHBe mt
t s , m - I n ' "
Will exhibit at
Jm X XI.
(For two daya only)
Frldny aad NHttirduy,' Juue 18h
and 10th, 18v.
Among the hoit of talent will bo fouad MUr.
' ' J03ErHINK, . 1--.
tho elfin star of tho uona. Miss.
aaucliterof Ihe far famed 'Q!ra;SUellney,,r Iho
old time fuvorite ; whose dashing tusk et oueiitrAtion
hitft won far her the proud title of, "Queen of the
thofearlesi and bontifilSiU(;lrleund. Tt
on Leaner, Air. iwHte.'vj
CHAIII.B9. lcCjaClikY;a' u
.niuicr ...
the boy wonder- SJA-aer"
Ihe wonderful conlortlonisl, or
tlireo In number, (le of rowers' Circuj.
.two of tho funniest Ctowui In America.
Remember the days and daioi Friday and Saturday,
Juno Hill and 19iU,l8vV. Doors wn at two and xeveu,
o'clock p.m. JOHN A. WOOD,
JeTutd Agent.
5 ,
T ' t
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the thing to stake
ColKata aad
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at pleaaur.
article to be
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