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SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 1869.
llUaola Cents K. ., CfcMff ef Tlsa.
The trains now leave as follows:
ksll train IUmtm lt..il.............i. S o'clock, a.m.
roMINfl KAtTTIT. '
Mail train rrlTi at.,.,. 2 o'clock .
Express " ............ 4:01 ' p.m
Wy, Icates U,.J.......-.1:J0 oHock;
impress, ...... ....... cT,4 f
War, arrives at - ..... 5:qT Tr p.rf
Kxprcfi -.. 7iw " m
Dally, Hundays excepted. a: w
The Rev. DiVoo. oVtnWuWh of 'the
Redeemer: has fbeen 'called Ea8t .by. jlll
nesfl In his fulher's family,. His pulpit
will be filled, nt tbo usual hours, tomor-
row. by ithe Rev. Dr. MItcbell,!Ofiew
Hnrmony, Indiana.
- ' i :i H 'I
Barclay Brothers
Barrett's agents
Cairo, Illlnolr.
June 15 tl&wlw
Persons rcoulrltiK tljo.aervfces of a 'first
class dentist, should call al the rooms of
Dr. Austin', over tho Btora of lepers. El
Jlott, Hay thorn & Co. JlOlw
Jnraes..Munn Imq Invented a, three-
wheel veloolPede, 4 It Is a success; and
with soma ltuproVeincnts and jnodlficftrJ
tlons will becomqjpppular MrMunn
nas applied for a patent. We liopo
mavinakoa fortunes -
Have your lives and property. A.
Kroner Isagont for the copper scroll lighte
ning rod company and will fill all orders
promptly. Call at once and have them
put on your buildings, This is the, best
uu iwtitiuuuuir iuhuu. OUUU UU VUUi
avenue, between Eleventh, ani
The proposition to take nossemlea of,
fence and ntherwlpo Improve 'Ht';. Mary's
Park, meets with general bnnrobatlon
The AgHeaUural Fair mea waul to get
their fingers' Intobe pie. They propose
to improve the Park, If the city will Mae
it, and allow them to hold their annual
agricultural fslr for ten years wlthia the
Tiro younger OooJall has velocipede
on the brain. A few evenings since he
mounted one of Jim Munn't tun
wheelers, and rolled along for a short d
. 1. t It ...A. . m . . i
lance inumpuanuy ; uui,-unronunatyly
men war ma center or gravity ana was
precipitated with considerable' violence
to the ground, ills injuries wcjrfc not
dangerously hovere.and wo are Wlad to
vi - 1.11m. im a , n a.' m i s n i j 1 11 1 1 i mm n iuiiii inn
1 VV -'
We are pleased fo learn that tho city
council of Cnlro havo amicably ami hon-
it . i.i. t t - - .a
nrni v nil mrf i iiirtmmm ni pnr. iiniv.
ard x to. for street tilling. Cairo u now
on tho road to prosperity, and her repa
tation financially will bo Improved by'
mm setiicmeiu. jonciwro uazcitc.
The 'Gazette' speaki the' sciitlment of
cenHible men generally. The settlement
of tho claim wa9 no doubt wise, ns the
city could not havo maintained its cred
it whilo weighed down by such a burden.
II 111 HI I I I.
John Hhechan. collect more money.
for street tax than is expended in im
proving the streets. The, fellows 1 who
are talking about heavy o pendltures
- fl J t 11.1. A. S - - . MM . .
present expenses of th'e'clty areTtbe cost
of repairs on the sidewalks,, and . pn.jthe,,
streets, and the salaries of officers. Re-
nnlra nil itMAWAtlra fiml atrgkntm km ahiA.
lutely necessary.
"Barrett's" satlfies everybody.
' i . i i
We learn, from the Jonesboro 'Gazette,'
that our old friend Bob Calvin, of Wet-
aug, was assailed aud badly Used on
Saturday last, by a person naaaeil Jeha
Trusty. The cause of tho assault is not
stated. Calvin was shot In the mouth
by Trusty and afterwaNkkPOcked dawn
J t . - 1 T T X.. l I . 1
revolver from Trusty's hand, and a boy
present picked It up and dlsehatgedtiM
remaining 16ads, elo the coufllot might
have terminated fatally. Trusty
fled, and has not beoti heard from.
"Barrett's" tho moat approved.
Tho necessity of repairs on tho Cairo fc
Blandvlllo road must bo appgrtjutto
every one; and, If possible, tho$lty
should givo somo substantial aid In the
work, slnco Its completion will open up
a rich couutry aud;brlng,uucJtradjcj;o
our morohants, and cheaper, farm, stuff
to our laboring populatlbn. ThercMCer
tainly could bo no objection (o the ap
propriation of say aflOOQIf theassumuco
were glvon that our aiirpluu labor would
bo usod to do the work, and tho money
appropriated in this way be" tiislrltuVei
among our homo laborers.
i - I.
Tho original Peak Family, Swiss Bell
Rltigora, and Berger Family, Instrumen
tal performers, will arrive In Cairo next
week, aud givo two exhibitions in the
This troupe, now on itfl thlrtloth annu
al tour, is ono of tho most talented and
scientiflo organizations oxtant in its pe
culiar Uuo, indeed, unsurpassed aud un
surpassable. Mr. Fowler, tho gentlomanly advertis
ing agent, is in tho city, 'arranging ; for
tho conpatyy'scomlug. Let us extend
to this old company the warm ' welcome,
it has earned at tho bauds of all lovers
of good and novel music.
"Barrott's" is highly perfumed.
The Paduoah newspaper men are la a
the &m
come, as seasltlve as aa old sore. .Tba4lierb'
aid' is hp In arws .bauie the 'BuHsUn;
cannotuadersuatl the peculiar Enflfcf,
used ay that paper, sad asMveraMts' 'the''
we utlderstood atf piiiteoi the Cairo mar
kka paragraph intended, td, ,lerrj36mpl'
aaentkry.:ta PadHoahi and PaUuoahialoBe.
T'&iWa'JI'Vr JU't ,oae1af'.U.el
edltoM. la In a ran hecaart Uii'llM'iiAtlfi'
per did sot confine hlBasel,r teihe truth
Uiletterhe wrote about thejCalroiWK?
ket,r Now, we are very calm. The
weather 'wHInot iermlt the'labor'neces
iry to work up a cre'dltabld showing-or
anger; and we hope our Paducah friend's
wllTpause ataji,' not excite liaany 'more!1
Wo proteit'te tBe 'Herald that we are;
very sorry wecoHidVuoFundem'land U
ramblgi5ttB prdartasyuY tti6'fnft6tt
!(beKentuckian',tbat;hisaner Ms unj
called ftnVhnil 'tliat Wo naVVjio oubt'his
.correspondcHFii-'a' -IfuiHrul yiiUngmab ,
aHd reported "niytlfo oxpreaSlons'or d I s--atisfactlon
whlchOjligard;; bijt vwepro
testthat tho statement Umt t'hero "really
was any great amount of dissatisfaction
.witty tho fcnles of tobacco nt our opening,
nas no iqunuauopjju lacjjine motixue
their ruffien feathers, and are now, doubt
less, heartyceut6gisls of Cairo 'as a tobac
co.markct. Wo regret that our Paducah
friends ure iucllnedutoibeeomedlHagcce-
jnain on terms of amity with them; and
wish them to be as cool as' possible. Ice
18 cheap, and we commend tho article to
thelHse. " AS A 1- ), hTHX
J . '
Tim KshtoI,it4,I.iKk(tfi
Charley Noyes.Cecent City Circus
CalfeVtout a full house last night, and if
any spectator was not plcaseUland euterr
taloed it was ee: because he was. in capa
ble of appreciating first olaeaeting.
Master ooily 'Cook Is a "prbdlfAl
though'a mere. lad, )e Is entlOed.e.rauk
among the first equestrians and gymnasts
of the period. He Is the'only boy liviag.
f ho throws a doable-somenault, and the
dajjje' not twelve' months distant whea
hiwUl throw a treple- oaei.wlth ease.
Ai jum'ner he is swrpassed ,ealy
-by a few. And the reno wn'eaV Wilson 1
Brothers! . Too much unijot". 'he
said in exfoliation of their wonderful
acting. They are favorites In Cairo, and
will always "draw' when other attrac
tions utterly fall, The boneless man is
aptly pamed, but there was a constant
.ear, during ,Jhls perpruaace that be
would forget the fityioof tho knot' aud
fail to untie himself. The clowns wro
good Glbbs was very happy and infused
'mfrjk aud Jollity into tho heart of t Uie
verfesl boor proieaL To-nlglU Ifio closed
lni Av'ltllilllnn Ii itln.n n A rli .'.Flf
lAittor. tlian any that 'h'aiT " proceded
It. ArcCarthywill fllag himself over all
tho liorses that' can be conveniently
placed In tho ring, and all the others, (It
being tiio last exhibition) wTlPoxert
themselves to leave a good Impression.
"Many of our buyers were on a trip to
Cairo, aud It was thought there would be
somo 'bargalBsun the breaks, 'bat la that
ociier. uowovcr, an were mlstaKcn as it
was the universal opinion that tobacco
sold higher than on any other day du
ring the season;"
8ove,raV days1 ago we copied Iho above
r'aragraph from the Paducah 'Herald,'
accopUng Jtf as au hoaest aa4' eaalid
showing of the result of the Ca)ro toj
bacco market. It appeared hv ttfe
Herad' the day after our salee.here, and
after a, portion e-f the Paducah deJegatiea
had returned bpme, 1
The (editor of .the Herald' now inform'
us that the eoaapllmesUry portion of .tba,
paragrapn nas no. application to the
Cairo market, and coolly euMeafa te ps,
the propriety of employing au "Interpre
ter," thaVla' therrtitaro we may1 know
"what's what."- If we had many, ex-
changes like the 'Heald,' such aa sbsIs-
taat wottM beooata indispensable, and
we should Mndoubttdly employ one, an
lees, lrd,edllk theraJdJ. one Issue
would .xfiUitt" , thoA contents "oOhat
'The 'Herald' assures us that the com
pliment was Intended forthePaducah and
not the Cai bJarket. ' eiran'df'good.
ubimw accept ii jn wat.iigni; ana, we
beg of him, if BefWUKtV't? make 'the
frleuds of the Cairo tobacco, market
"feel good", to "puflf.la,a like vein, the
Paducah tobacco market every day.
"Barrett's" freo from dlrl and
Col. aralmua," thev post-master.v dU-
lsed. the two Munns because he be
came intensely angry with Senator
Munu. What the pfTensQ w wo., did
not learn; but this Jw'o4 know 'that he
senator docs not like' tho post-ma'stef,
and the post-master does not love tho
senator. .They stand aloof from each
lother, and fight with words p iraost. YplK
auioaiue. uo.iu, gonuemen; and may
vue j uuhi man win.
' '.1
'.The remain of Mrs., -Dovoto will bo
conveyed to Villa Rildge for burial to-',
morrow afternoon, by." spo'clal train, at
half p4st one o'clock, and not thiaovuV
nlng as was heretofore determined. The
train will start from tho foot of fourth
sroe,t. Tho fiends of tho deceased arp
invueu to attend.
1 . . . . . r - X - .
1 ThePa'diioahHerald' iHfrikwe need
au EnghsU Interpreter,, ffthaJHrajdy,,
English Is to provallwetf8hmp"robably
need two Interpreters ono to solve
iloul'.e entemlra, and the other to explain
what u man means when ho don't say it.
'-When Colonel Allen, durinc last vear.
proposed to terminate the Iron Mountain
readl0ppc4!t. '(Jalfoirtaiclly would
ttbierlbe $100,000 In bond, the cry was
JWhI: "He irjpte rthai toA
ha'de dmmmm.rnbvmjfttiiH'
toklto the bonds, and the soutbtra ter
minus of tho Iron Mountain road U jiqw.
oa the MlMlsslppi-rivsr, WuV'Afteeaf'
panyj we oeiieve, placed a wnarrboat at
the bank where the road runs up to the
rlyer arid! tnii M (thef rlIy;betferl Cairo,
ojtany of I Ls. citlaeiis, re'eelvoHfronl that
railroad. Col. Allen now proposes to ter-'
'mlpate .tbexCalra Fulton road at'
p6iu.t opposlto Cairo, anil to' h'aVo the1
cars running from tho Mississippi termi
nus to ChaHestoh 'wltliiii' felk' ino'tftW rr
tbe'cjty will satescri $!00;00O' I rr botfds.
tiirauge .tp. W . wptfi earifepeated unit the'
try'rjf last year: "He wiirtflr&ruaft tho
tfff mta any way, mXtilhfto,
.rdoes hoj.cppapfll Uio(ColoUeUto bflng'blsl
roaajto Cairo, this cry should not bo
listened to. If it Is listened "toflwo shall
tind the,(Jalro & J".ultpujroad terminating
at Be) mont, nriirCftlroSyill'be left'outlu'
tlfo c61d. Tills question .should bo care-,
fully ppiisfderod,lauU, tue.motlves of.aay.
,uan Svho opposes or ad vooates tho sub
scription should be Critical ry cattvasee'd.
'Die commencement oxcurclgns nf ilm
Iretto'AcaaemywIil5&iieyd jfn Wed":
ffilo,. nnti. i..,.IVTtrt....'i . .r
n wnuitj v.iu uviu iuoimiii, auu gltlUCU III
the programme arranged for tKe occa
sion assures us tha't tliat' Vormer' er.'nl
bltlous, faultless as.ihey have beeu, will
bo Yirpa8sedy the coming one.. There
will be dialogues: cpiiaaudlettas. recita-
'tlons,' vocal .muk."'diWtli. auartetts.
ch oruses,- m"atc on Hhj harp aad-plana
ana a diversity of presentatIorns,at once
chaste and pleasing!' We can only say
now that the friends and patrons of; that;
iniiuuuon may prepare memielves for
a rich! treat, and one that will Inspire
them with an Jaoreaaed pride alatafa
the y6HBg.:ladlee ofjClraindith,i Acad,
easy of Loretto.
The dog problem hae, not yet been
solved. Unmuzzled aud untaxed curs
have nc?caasVfbrfeaV.u.The Clt'Mar'.l
shal deals very ge'nftywjth, tliera., In.
time ne will burst upon tueraJIko a thun
der storm, or somotblngof tho kind, and
work havoc In their ranks. Ho Js getting
"a good ready."
Thq sweltering term has opened In
this city, and tho denlzerts, who havo
loose dimes In their pockets, ro begin
ning to look around for lodges la vast
wildernesses, and baandleM icaBtiuuities
of shade.
Tti ToIimm ManafectHrlBtf ProJct,
If Mr. W. P. James Is sUtieesaful in the
formation of his tobacco manufucturltifc
joint ptockOMHoclatlon project, in loss
than one year Iho city of Cairo will boast
of as prosperous a tobacco factory, and
as lively a trade In manufactured toba'ceo
asViiy town iu tho country can cfa'lm.
r..S-'L i.l i .
incro is ume yei no particular uurry.
James proposes to form a stock comnanv
'w'lf h-a capital of 160,000, payablo In ten
pel cent, calls; three trustees to bo ap
pointed, and 'tho udmpauy managed
generally as like organizations are.
the 'Times,' of this morning, Is alto-
getb'er too hasty In pronouncing the ef
fort a jfallure. Jantea declares that his
sqecess has equaled his expectations;
that ho has worked ogly one day, and
baa 15,200 subscribed, andjproposee'to put
in a "square month at the work, as he re
gards the enterprise of sufficient .mo
ment to authorize his orin'tiaued exef
tlehs. After the 1st of July the banks
will have declared their dividends, trade
Wlll)opou, and inspected tobacco be
elosed out, and fAn-hecangVupne
foclc company, and make It pay a divi
dend every thrco months.
James say he is full of determination
in thii project, and all he asks t the
rlfht kind of assistance. If citizens will
leek to their own interests this enmun.
cesaia certain.
.McHale, theCity Jailer, kaaexeellent
officer. Hehas aeraijaslveg manner,
whid induces' the most stubboracala
boose nmates to do good work on the
street.. Mo and' his gang have labored
very faithfully, and have repaired many
of our. streets with neatness, cheapness
andjdlepatch. 'PW. ArJ
Dr. N. R. Casey was in tho city yestor
day,' and attended Noyes' oirpus In full
force last night, i f .
" Physical and Intolleotual'Devulopment of
Youth by Electricity,' the'iUbJcct of a paper
read beforo the Britlih Academy of MeJieine.
Froin iho fact.-thatnrrgetatlon is quicker anil
ricnor In it growth ythep clsctrlflod than
whin Joft to nature. ijUo -8(1 tlorhold, tbnt a
imlla result might bo obiitinodan' tho alujsl
kingdom. He instanced fire cbildroii, ranging
InJ'sgo! from four to sixteen Veafs, who,
through tho application of oleclrfcitj attained
a remarkable dovolopmentbbth-physionl and
inejcc;tual. It Would bo a good plsn" tp-try
thp.cjjporimont in soma of ourchools begin
ning with tho teacher. ' '
Durbar the year I Soft two thousand, hnV
.hundred and sixty-nine now books vrsro is-
sufcl.ir tho United States, These were di
vldcd as folys ; Aybrkq of ilqtton, sven
hhndrqd and forty-four;1 religious, two hun
dred and flfty-elglit" law, one hundred' and"'
tweptjj-threo ; biographical, ono kuua'red'and
thirteen; poetical, ono hundred and five.
Tifejbslancc consisted" bf' Works on medicine,
hlsibry, literature, education, philosophy
inatheinatlcfl, etc. Only one thousand, eight
hundred and sixty-six of the number wero
. 'j :
Our system of instruction, with1 ail 1'tsnu.
mcrom benefits, is still, however, auseeptlbU..
xa joars oi me me or n ciiiia msy now
be spent in a.coairaoa school. In two year the
elematsof imtraetlon may be aequlred, arid
the reaislnlBf sigh t'yea re mart cither bo sporit
lnVepetltloa.er Idlseess, unlut.Uio teachers -of
eemmea eheok'aVe eempstent to initruct Wi
the hlghsr.bfiachM.oCifewledge.lljOat;
lints of irsogrspliy, algcsbraji jniaera1ogy?mg-:
ricultunu ekswiitrv. mcchsnlcsl Bhtlosohli.
mthAkpsrled'bf.tiH,5by abe preceptors,"
witnqut oMontlflyntcrrorenco with? Wf (alls)
oi ooflncstio inuustry. xno vocation ot
teacher, in its influence on. tho charn
.destiny of tM'rNMfajpjaMfMar
tions,- Has eitl
duly estims
, is, or c
loarticd nroi
oftii6 mor!
who now
that enpacity
tho Informoti
must bo conccdcWMat
of tho instructoisaf;
tcnu poyon4TrnUBnucswon
oxpftiiding immaimsninWAf ci
ccMlon to thcir'nutilpisMlfla
tiisuerviuws, it is necessary that somo now
plan for obtaining ablo tcachera sliould be do
for tlioeUDcaUon ot teachers hi. those usolil
braiuilics of knowledge which nro,popcr .to
cngrrtft on elen(orjtrtryfl(tiri'mcnts.'0 .s,i '
('A. pomplianc04with -'thta recommendation'.
will linTd the mb!t lomhgn, influence, dn Tin
Dr. Austin, surgeon, dentist.. extracts
teeth without pain, and In the'Insortlon
oiyiow ieeuj(iBgiy:or;iH:8eu gives. tnoj
r i . . . I
kndetj complete satisfaction. Rooms,
Commercial avenue, between Eighth and
Ninths tree ts'iyia :k2?JF c'JWlwl
Jle.tiafBl ftnd nellgh (Yul Bvr?(M.
The celebrated Setter's. Klsslnirea: ahd
Touisvillo Artesian waters aro kept on
draugbtmithV WDrak tiMnf "CdnV-H
aserclal avenue, between Sixth and Sev
inth streets. JolCtf
The 8unflower Billiard tialoon,on Ohio
ayee, Is furnished with the latest styles
ofi jabfes, aua'tbe b kspplieci 0'feith the"
most, excellent liquors. Free' lunch Is
spread 'every day at 9 a. m. and 10 p;- m.
Ii yon want a good stove, or tinware
hollow-warei'oopper'er s4ieIroB''ware,
tin roof, gutter, or, aBylhlngia that lia,
call on A. Fraser,' Commercial avenue,
teetien Eleventh and Twelfth 'irpf.
.where ho hasasoyed to,aBdfltted, up.the;
largest ana most complete shop in
Southern inin'ots.
Particular atteatioa given to steam
boat and mill work', copper smithing
and sheet Iron work', such as chimneys,
brcecher escaping steam-pipes, etc.
aprtMdOm ,. ,. ,
L'Uarrett'H" Infallible Hair Reutoratlvo
IeaMth Wmmn waiCi.'Vniiit
Hereafter a supply of ico will bo kept
tor saie on uic corner or 19th and Poplar,
I ftv mmtm m mm fa 11, J ,ky oJ,
dealers. May. 27 tf.
Tliere will fie aJsacrc5d concert' glvon at
Hcheel's hall on Sunday, tho 20th Inst.,
by Charles Wittig,' senr., hkj Jgrabd
daughter and sons. Admission, 2o oents.
"Aru sohluss des concerts tauzkraent
chen. ' JelM2t '
l- -r
Coaaty Order, for Sale.
Dick Fitzgerald, at tho Court Honse.
has county orders for sslo at tho ruling
market rates. He can furnish any
amount rrom live to a thousand dollars.
- w mm mmmwrn m ST
G. Anderson, Columkiui. ;W. White; Psdocshi
Aboons, St. Louis. T. Dean, New Orleans.
Cllfof ATtOB. St. Leal!. ST(r Mo'"? Meironnti.
Lorsna, ritUbur(. Delle St. Louis, MempUls.
Sen. Andenutn, Cnlumbu. Wra Wkiie, Paducah,
T. Deaa.Ht. Louis.. rAbeo-s, anclnnatl. .
Belle (H. Loots, SC Louis. Luminary, Vleksbura.
Lo"" . . " Cijr or AftoniNetf Orleans.
Qukksp, EiransTUIe.
The weather Is clear and very warm
the thermoneter indicating 00 cleg. A
light breexe from the Mississippi river
renders the shade quite pleasant, but Is
not strong euouga to do much good to
those who are compelled to be out is
The Mississippi is falling at and above
St. Louis. Tbo Missouri is low but a
"sudden rise of Moderate proportion i
reported at Sioux City.
yhq Cumberland Is still rising with
nearly seveu feoton Harpeth Shoals.
The Ohio is falling at Pittsurg with 5
feet water In the "channel. It Is risidf
atCinclnnati and Louisville with 5 feet
water Ju the chule over tho all. ' '
Here the river has fallen., nix, laches;
since last report.
Ruslness is moderately goed. I k
The Thompson Dean camo from N. O.
in a little over Ave days with 1,400 tons
freight. Shedischarged 77 hhds sugar,
125 bundjes hides; 45 .casks hardware;
280 pkgs steel and aboutv25 lbs sundries
Tho Qulckstop brought out 50 pkgs
Cairo freight, 100 bales sheeting for St.
Louis, 87 pkgs household goods. S pkgs
Xurnl(uro forresblpmout south.
The Wm. Whito brought out a few
packages butter, eggs and ohlokens for
Thomas 4 Green, Cairo; 50 bbls meal for
Memphis; 150 bdls hubs nnd spokos for
St. Louis,
The Mollis Able added here 1.083 'ska
ptf, lOO bbls flour and a few tons sun
dries Tor. Jew Orleans. ,
The Luminary received here about CO
Tu for Vine-aim
way points. x
TSt "iisMtor yesterday says, "it i
of nduso for a steamboat to attempt to
commit suicide anywhere witbla reaeh
of Capt. Dugan and his Underwriter, for
Re(fnb0iMW aol
JgliallM "
i I h
a chance." Wo think that tho raising of
the Bwallow in so short it Citric; reflects
jpjrMt credit on tho. management of Capt.
ngan, and proves the lncidr writer toI
be one of tho best boats for her peculiar
Tlie Wm. 'While, .Capt. Noftiferir
Reaves here, as usual, this evonlng for
Paducah. 1 -.'.. ddX
, The Cumberland Is tho regular packs
fpr,EvansvHie fhlsbVenlng.
TSe ,8110 Memphis Is tho regular
'packet for Memphis this evening. ".1ii'
a ?
HAttEY'S 0 H Alt T KB
.Mi I
Copper, Tin and Sheet Jhrea.
(Abovd'thd JMrtttHoMcf.) M rcwi
KAoflne. (lulturlifff. PnrtMlln..
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ManuCjtaryr)i )t Guttering ou.l rUie(lng. f9ffjf
Ourjnotto l-Quick Sale sndgmsl) I'rofiu.
MUS-8tlfcllon ifiimaulcol In every inUao.rVa.
yj'W. GREEN,
",- (Siioccior lo KiOlls, Orfn & Co..
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" mjrl tf
CommlssiOH Merehiat,
w lx oloieialo Gr r o o o T
CohiiuImh1ii Itfurclinnt, n
Jlavlni rmovnt lo No. 72 Ohio hurt, ntil door t
Olty llonl naik. vrticrfllth txMir rclll'i and
larKtr stocks. Iiesollclu the contlnumico of patron
M of ll former cuitomrrs, as uoll $m that of w
HasMrlor Kcruinninlatlnii T,tr Nlor;.
Froducc Coianiloless.
Cir, III., June 1, WJ.
' mynidlf
it j: it g,
rreprWor of HTo
'Cftlro City G-nrd'eBi1!.
Wniltetail.at ....)
AVliciKftHle JljrI(!t!H, nil lClud, f(,.,4,
i a V.'Kiablcrt
At his PU11 In the Market IIouno, eormrf W nnhlet- 1.
ton avenue nl T.'nth ulret. Victim
-In Elliott
A Ilaythorno's Hoot anil 6 lion Store..
A 110, ILLINOIS. " tfm
Cuuinsdone 'it ehort notloe; "margin
.Notice. Is hereby pUca, that xcaleil proporale mil
l freshed at my ofllco until Ii iiVlo:k in. of Mon
day, llio 21t day of June. for mJcninc ond ti
imdins that pnrdnn of tlif rlro and Jonnjl-iro rof4
kuuwii 04 the Po'.ts road, aa follow, lo-wlti
, Comrnenclnpatthc uppvr end gf xnlil I'otl road,
nd laying wbito or Our oalt ralU, at least four Inchee
square, eiabt feet loiitf md iurt at one end! said
raua io do laiu crosswife, iu it unirorni nuuiner,
whole length of tald road, on the east side of sn
ftbuttlnx the raiU laid by Parker A Hodges ou said
road the square end to be fitted closely un to the
rail uot on Jid ra.. 8 n,iu to be covertxl -wll)
earth six Inche In tli cenler, rlnpliiK gradually to
thriHi Inches thick on elheriit The wholo work to
be dono la ngood, uurkiiiiuillkonianuer, und tocos
form as near aa oilblo to tliu road built by said Par
ker A Jlodse To b comnlelel bv thv first Hit r
Bptember3. ...
Parties blddineon said road will bid en nooah basis,
by the lenlal yard.
The court will reserve th right to reject all bids,
By order of the county ronrT.
i f j JAACOll CI, LTWC1I, County Clerk.
JuarflT, lsso-utd
(Comntorolal avenue betwuen Ninth and Ti'nth streets,
in tho building formerly occupied by A. O'Doumll,!
Manufactures aud dcuU Iu
Iliilr uiid millinery oo1m.
Keens h snleudid varli'ly of everv loud of Iliir. and .. .
andMsnufacturoson short notice
Curlswllcliri, Wnlrli CJnsiil, Kur Kluo,, ,
HrMcleis mill Jlolr Jewelry (JoiierHlU'.KM, -ff
Idlen may have the combing of Ihelr hair mahu-' M'
rMnfnrrtil In nnv ulvln tlmirrii
A nno joioi .iiiumery uomm nnon iiand.
JanBdtr.K a
Daily IPrt.o3x.ot- t
Tan light drau.sht asenger Rtuamer
wm. white:,
J. if. BKVEUlr Clerk.
Will maUq KKuIer THIN between Cairo and ....
Pwlucah, If nTln Cnlro every awning (sjundays'oi-, '
n.nl..h M..ni..lMl. ' ' ' '
Tho white conneots 'si Pudticah wl tho New Orleane "
and Ohio railroad, and tho Cumberland and Tenuev, ' . ,
ror iroiaiu or pavage annir on Doarn, or io
' il.J.IlUCKliKr, Agent,
lanMdtl Cmro, Illinois.
Cor. :ieveu(ls ustst Wueaiugtoss Awcsim .'tf.!.
Keeps on hand the celebrated Crane A Ilreeds end.
Raymonds metallic burial cases.
Also, black velvt t, walnut or stalucd cofllns made to
enter, at very low prices,
Mr, KeWrt performs his own work, belnua pract
cotBn maker, and is therefore ablo tosvllclieaertnajs
t 0
ne is sure to resurrect iter if he has half
anybody else.

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