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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, June 22, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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' "'"'"')- OFFICE:-3STor -13 Tenth-Street: "Thornton's Building.
EDITION IjfH XtfEPAy arffjft j ' M 'grf I - , f'i NJ0EERL
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R ' h'ANE ?AHYIiUM.- '
Hintery of It Location Near Anna
f t m. Q
Tke LmmcI I.eaaeil hy two HprlnjcOeld
How Did thej- Obtain their Knowledge,
Did Clove raor DoHajtacriy !!( or wille
. Pan p Ml 7
Is There Anything Rotten In the Stato of
Aad flevcral Other Very Itliuit IntUi.
On a pleasant morning, not in tlio
merry, merry month of May, two gen
tlemen mlRht have been seen, uttering
ono of the hotels of Uio picturesque town
of Joncaboro, which, need we say ? is
famous both or the hoxpitality of its citi
zens and their Aversion to radicalism.
Each of tho travelers carried n carpet
bag in his hand, wore travel-soiled broad
cloth, and looked as dry as a dusty road
on a hot day in summer. There was
about both tho men, un Indescribable
something an absence of frankness, an
appearance of dead-beatlatn, and an ap
parent desire to gobblo on slight provo
cation that Indicated, to even the
casual ebscrver, the fact of their mem
bership in the party of progress pro
greee In the direction of anarchy and
despotism; tho party of right the right
ef politicians to ideal from tho people,
and to fatten upon the life-blood of the
republic: tho great republican party of
the nation. It) accordance with the
practice of all good members of that
party, tho travelers took a heavy drink of
straight whisky on the sly, nnd soon af
ter wcro loudly advocating tho cause of
temperanco in the tap-room.
"Who aro tho strangers?" This ques
tion passed from ono mouth to another
in the hotel at Joncaboro; and, in time,
wkm fairly answered. Tho name of one
was Ames, and the other was called
lllchardson. They wcro honest farmers,
and desired to purchase hind some place
near the goodly town of Joncsboro.
Are you, render of our, acquainted
with Mr. T. !. Umiton, cilllor of the
Jonesboro 'Gazetto?' Of coureyou
aro; aud you know him to be one of the
most accommodating gentleman in tho
world. Ho can't help it. Hu was born
In that year, A. D,, when only accom
modating babies blessed fond parents;
and he has cultivated his accommoda
ting disposition until ho is one of tho
most genial of gentlemen und has the
happy faculty of rnaklug strangers feel
perfectly at home. In duo tluio, Mr.
Bouton was introduced to Mr. Ames and
shook hands with Mr. Richardson. As
a matter of course, to the strangers he
was politeness personified ; anil, although
he speedily became Impressed wth )xp
belief that Mesaro. A. and SC were yery
pccuUacpprcons, aud looked ruoro like
members p( tho, radical party than
otralgat-deallng men, he nccompalucd
tbem about tho country, giving them In
formation and mtiklng himself goncrally
usoful. Ho showed them tho desirablo
farm lands within his i knowledge;, aud,
voluntarily, gavo to them not a (little of
the bcfiviob at'hls disposal.' '
Messrs. Aand R aiervtupughtful do
liberation, Anally resolvod to not pur
chase. They concludod that they would
better subserve tholr lntpras U.by leasing;
aud upon this conclusion acted. Bo they
leased from Mr. Ike Bitter, .thlrteou acres
of Iaad,,near Annaj with tho prevllege
of tweuty to forty. Tlio, lease was for
ono year, with the right of buying for
1 100 per acre. k
About this time tho Legislature was in
session; and about this time a bill au
thorising the establishment of au Insano
Asylum in Southern Illinois, becamo a
law. A board of commissioners, with
Lieutenant-Governor Dougherty as
chairman, and authority to locate the
asylum, was created by this bill, a fact
to be carefully searched for, V'aud when
found make a note of."
The towu of Jouesboro, desirous of
obtaining the asylum, offered to donato
one hundred and sixty aqresof land to
tho commissionerH; but the offer was
rejected, aud two hundred and forty acres
woro purchased noar the town of Anna,
the commissioners agreeing to pay sixty
dollatH per aero and tho town twenty.
Will the publio beliovo tho assertion,
thnt tho'thirteen acres, leased by Messrs.
Ames and Richardson, who arc tyrlny
field'jncn new in tho rail ettatv bmlntts,
worcpartof Jhp two hundred und forty
acres?4 Wo asauro thorn that this Is a
faotj and tho hw required tuq usylum to
bo located on land for . which n clear tltlo
couldibo procured. Horo was u dilem
ma I Governor Dougherty was, or pro
tended to bo, angry; Ho inducod Gov
ernor Pulmor to interfere; but, finally,
withdraw his objection, nnd gavo out
that ho was satisfied, that the' commis
sions could read thelr.title 'CleUrj -tbatr
everything was' lovely and.th'ei goose
hung high.
Strange, all this.
What induced 'Messrs. A. and R. to
lease the land from Mr. Bitter? and how
wonderful that the commissioners should
solect, of all the land In Union county,
about the only tract for-which they
could not, without compromising with
radical Springfield sharpers, obtajn a clear
title t And, again; how wonderful that
Gov. Dougherty should at first bo op-,
posed to the purchase, and then so readi
ly and gracefully yield !
How did Messrs. A. and R., model
farmers that they aro! A. and R., who
haunt the lobby at Springfield, ascertain
that tho proposed asylum would bo loca
ted on Bitter's land, near Anna? That's
the question. Shall wo propound It to
Gov. D., nnd to his fellow-commission-era?
Might we not as well ask tho wing
ed winds that round our pathway roam
etc.? Wc caunotexpect thatany man will
bo foolish enough to criminate himself;
and, theroforo, we shall not ask .the com
missioners to answer this question. Let
us soarch for the answer in anothor way.
Bo Jt known, then, to all men i. e.
to all men who wish to know anything
about the matter that the gentleman
who, at BprlBgfleld, supplies our venera
ble Lieutenant-Governor with the dainty
Btuffs of the market; or, In other word,
hla boardlBf-house keeper, has a broth
er, and that that brother1! name la not
Ike, but Anee, or Richardson. Now let
the reader observe, that Brother Amee has
an eye, and what he keeps that eye wide
open, looking always and la every direc
tion for an opportunity 'to display his' tat
ent for turning an honest penny,
without the trouble of wasting either
time or labor. Let the reader alto
be made aware of the fact, that
Brother Ames cultivate great men like
tho Hon. Lieutenant-Governor; that he
has a peculiar faculty for pumping out of
them very important secrets; and that
moat probably, he has "many a time and
oft" (as tho old story book has It) feasted
with his honor, tho Lieutenant-Cover-ernor.
Now, mark you, Gov. Dougherty
and the othor commissioners had author
ity to locate the asylum. If they know
whero it was to bo located, Messrs A. aud
It. obtniued their information from them
and speculated upon it. If this is not
true, thou Messrs. A. aud R. are the best
guesscrs In the State of Illinois. We take
for tfraolod, tiiatt it la more nMoniblo to
suppose that these gentlemen learned
from the commissioners, or from a com
missioner, whero tho asylum would be
located thau that they made a lucky
"guess." This granted, It follows as
most probable that tho information
reached Ames through his brother's
boarding house, and as Gov. Dougherty
was the only man In that house who
knew tho secret, that it came from him
Tako this for granted, and the ques
tion arises: "Did Dougherty open his
splggot and allow the secret to flow out,
or was it pumped out?" This Is
a question we cannot now dis
cuss, and we submit It to tho prayerful
consideration of thoCarbondale eleba
tiug clubhand suggest Senator Munn aud
Messrs -Jacob Yost and John A. Logan
as Judges, t Governor U. pretended to
boauxloisto have the asylum looated
at JoaMbaro. If the voBmiatloawe
knew In Itasca that It weuld be located
at Anna, yky did he nake-UlTj preten-
'mlx Tt t Wsi vAsalftr mhftMiiiAmi
niwu 4 na, MV wbw mwmmijM swsBsr wvrp""
felIow-cosenkwlonerlecatedr'the, asy
lum at Anna, why did lie yield wlthouly
a fulnt show of resistance? If-the secret
did run out at his splggot, did It pay ? If
It was pumped out,' has he 'any rtcolleo
tlon ofthotlmo and place, aud of who did
the pumping? How mucudid Aim' and'
Richardson make by their Innocent
lease? How much did tho commlsaloru
era take in? Was there any sheaaue
gan In the asylum business? Who
struck William Patterson? and Is there;
anythlngrotten in tho Biatoof Denmark?'
All theso questions aro to us posers, aud
we therefore hand them, ono and all,
over to the debating club, and "may the
best man win!"
Bhoaff sold his organ to tuo'odltor of
the Cairo 'Bulletin,' and quit tho busi
ness initaiittr. Princeton Republican.'
We gave Bhoaff credit on his note for
four dollars for the thing, intending to
Jork afowj" as our time might sorvc, for
tho enjoyment of our delinquent sub
scribers. But tho first grind "busted" It,
and disclosed iu tho contents tho charac
ter of BhoufFs pickings while accepting
our hospitalities : Four napkins, marked
"St. Charles;" a big spoon; afloah-fork;
six tea-spoons, marked "St. Charles;" a
tidy; n pair of socks; a door-mat; a dog
hollar; a shaving mug; a shoo brush; a
'a buby'H rattle; a.bllllard ball aud a vial
of opcdildoc.
Being vory largoly "bouzined,'' tho
"eccentric" Bhoaff mistook tho orgau for
his traveling trunk.
A man named Brown shot Mb wlfo at
Bergen, Ohio, last week. They beoumo
acquainted with each other through a
matrimonial advertisement.
lHad lUoVbnforfWo-nloni'', tho
South eould not havo sustained a war
for twelve ntenths. F6r four years
the negroes of ehe'Soum raised provis
ions, manufactured stone;. &c., for the
Confederate nrniy.Mbejldea digging
breAM works, throwing tip fortifications,
teaming. Ac' In fact; they dfd us a
thousand times More harm than' good.
So says a radical country weekly pub
lished In Saline county. '
To the rebol negrees, (then, wo may
charge four-fifths of the war debt; four
fifths of the lives lost ; foprtlftlis of all the
horror and devastation jof a flvo years,
But what is the policy of the radicals
in thUi regard? Do thej hold tho rebel
negroes responsible forlfour-flths of tho
uvll consequences of tlii war? By no
means. On the contrary, they hug these
black and bloody monitors to their bo
soms as the "Southern loyal element;"
shed crockadllo tears over them; placo
ballots in their haudi, and call them
"men and brothers." And why not?
"The negroes of the South raised provis
ions Ac," and prolonged the war four
years. During that foar years thousands
and tens of thousands of northern radi
cals grew rich on plunder; other thous
ands tilled fat offices; little men woro
made big generals; poor men woro made
quarter-mastere, "flesh brokers" and cot
ton thieves, and there was a good time
generally for all who "went It blind"
and sang peans to the "beet government
en Earth." Hence, radical thieves were
thankful for a 'prolongation of the war;
and wko eould tbey thank but the ne
groes? The miserable white trash of the
South would have been "flaxed out" in
twelve months, (so the radicals say) and
What radical thief could satisfy himself
with theeUallngs of a year? Bo, view
the matter as you may, the negroes are
to be thanked for a big war, that made
rich men out of at least 00,000 poor
radicals. '
Wherever you and a little radical
wliluet atthe-headof alittlo"X9 newa
paper, you are surd to And Ja garrulous
little creature who claims that tho radi
cal party saved the Union.
These whipper-snappers never smollcd
gun powder in their lives, yet talk qulto
glibly ef how "we saved tho country."
A nice "save" of it the radicals would
havo made without the strong arms and
COUracenua homrtm at, JMn.l i mM
them. When a million men were In the
field If the democrats had been drawn
out, au army of brigadiers, colonols,
captains and corporals, would havo been
left, each with a command, possibly, of
a single man! Let any honest man
look at his own community und seo
from which party tho figthing stock
was drawn. Alexander county furnish
ed four hundred men, and if more than
four of this number were republicans
when they entered the army, wo havo
never seen the man who could name tho
fifth one! And, further, two of the four
were assured an official position before
they eullated. And look at Egypt!
At the outbreak of the war, there were
only 8000 republicans In tho 13th con
gressional district. Fifteen thousand men
joined tho army, and an olection that
followed 3e afterwards, showed 8000
republicans still in Egypt! JChe strong
eat democratic counties sent the most
mou. Yet "we saved tho union" is tho
chime of the poedles of therradical proas,
tfenf ttalne'jK CaBrernU." J,
If "there" are creatures In the world
that bravo soldiers heartily dotcat, it Is
thes( poodles. ftb
t Atomco, Georgia, mill' ground 310
bushols of fine meal In eleVenn'ours on
one eel of tbJrtrcii stones, tlio other
day. ,
Tlio 'manager 6t a Boston theatre has
invitod tho inmates of a lunatio asylum
to attend "representation of "Hutnpty
Dumpty.,' r
A daughter of the astrouomer Lover
rlerhasa magnificent voice, and will,
doubtless, considering her parontage, bo
a star singer.
The now paper money to bo issued at
tho cloao of (he month will bo water
marxed with a largo "UfcS." The paper
is that known as all Frenoh eilk paper.
Secretary Fish Is confined to his resi
dence by illness, and has not visited tlio
department for two days. This leaves
but ono cabinet minister on duty.
A handsome synagogue is now build
lug in London, toward erecting which
Lionel Rothschild has contributed ono
hundred and tweuty thousand dollars.
. . ,i
Tho city of Cincinnati proposes to aub-
Hcrlbo ten'milllotiH of dollars to ti south
ern railroad. Tlio friends of tlio propo
sition, confidout of It success boforo tho
pcoplo, were making preparations on
Saturday, to lot ofT 100 guns as uu indi
cation of their happiness over such a re
sult. Ten millions of dollars! Cincin
nati is certaiuly waking up. For years
she has beeu Huubbed for her old fogyish
uess, but this (lush tthows her to bo ex
ceedingly wide-awake, or crazy.
rm. r. i. r-ii.. in... ii ,1 .
xiiv vuivngn jvmirrnj iwiow naym
that between,, the 8th and loth of the
present month, there were shipped from
our neighboring town ef Cobden, thirty
seven car loads, or 300,(108 lbs. of straw
berries, Tho total marketed thus far
since tho season opened Is mora than five
times as much as last year. The profit to
growers and pickers has boon good, tho
returns to Cobden station alono being
nearly $30,000. Tho experiment of ship
ping through to Dotrolt and Buffalo,
though not a pronounced success; suffi
ciently proves that berries can be readily
sent to Eastern points and better prices
Tlio Jonesboro 'Gazette' says: Tho
southern ladles aro decking tho graves of
their confederate dead. It is not a po
litlcal dodge liko our northern parade,
by such scamps as Sickles and Logan,
but a genuine offering of pure and lov
ing hearts. Wo havo no taste to bo dead.
But if we were dead, and our grave was
to bo decorated, wo should much prefer
to be confederate dead, so that flowers
might bo thrown upon us, not by the
hands of murderers, thieves and assas
sins, but by the sweet and loving band
of a woman.
Tho Chicago Elevators, it is rumored on
'Change, propose to reduce the rates en
grain to one cent for handling, with
privilege of ten days, storage, and a half
cent additional for each five days ..after
tho first ten days. This would lessen the
cost to the shipper by one to one and" a
quarter cents per bushel, as It Is often
found Impossible to get the grain out
within five days now allowed on first
storage, while the charge to speculative
holders would remain about the same.
The trial of Capt. Donaldson for the
murder, of the negro Andorson, is svlil
progressing. Evidence to impeach tho
principal witness for the proseoutiou and
to establish an alibi has been Introduood,
Judging from tho present aspect of tho
coso we should not bo surprised if tho
Jury return u verdict of "not guilty."
Colpnol French
Woodall, of Illinois,
New York recently,
found drowned in New York recently,
wns onco in command of Columbus, Ga.
IjlOK bj!i.is. a ro. i riatooar, in rert long, to
feet Hide, with two aklfl. ono check line. En-
3ulro of C. Procter, at the Antrim Ilouoe, for a few
aya. JelldJt
TT7zraa a a tlx and aotix
Thirtieth Annual Tour of tho Original
Artd.thtCeleliratM r
Bors 5x 3T" s assaL lyl Jw
Ilarplau, Vocallata, Viollaiata, MU(eJ l.lf
hoi. Nxrru KVMstiit., fi
The grrateu Character, Vocal IIumprffof th H
KTertthlnir .mew. brllllaar andlatfra'i)afcl .
iiukukk, tuo cnarmingeanc.UMi
willoppeareiicliftrenlngin everH of Tier f
chractoraorur,Mdalao Sa her weirfti)i:
aneea on ino.vi
Onrf Of
The ticket oftlca will Ih) open throughout the day.
Beat can art-ured without ritra charge.
W. W. r'OWLKIt, Juir(fi Manager,
Comme;eutl.iYenuaLolHen I3tl i 20th tr'Cti,j , ,
U prepared tufurniihall kind of
to order, or to Ice and adorn Cakea in the moat akill
ful manner: and cpn defy competition in point of
price and character of work. ' I
umuvr iiiupi cnenper man ui any oilier nou in me
Shop In the b-mment of tlio City ICatfounl Bnnl,'
building, on Ohio Lever,
Oo&xo, XlXlxxolns.
II. M. H IT L E N'.
w liolo sale G-ro o ox
C'oiniultkStoii ItrciNL'hant,
lla vino; removed to NorrJyo!ilo Lorcc, next door-o)
City National Bank, whero with better 'facilities'. aMi
larKorHtocka, hoaolicits the contlnunnoo of patruu
uguof hl former uutojncrb, a well aa tul of'nf
nianyiieir, k aJ. '
NuiiiTlor norDiiinirHlatliiiiM 'for 'Maratf'c
nnd tlie lliiuillliit; or nil kind. of'
l'rotliicn iir I'omuUaloH, ' 1
(Mlro, III.. Juno 1, 1809, fmy31dlf
r j. xijo xi,
InKlltott & Ilujthorno'a Boot nnd Shoo Store,
irciittini? done a Uon not!s. marSdtf
AtMlaait SB1 ' Slime
wo. ii
Ohl Lsret,
T7EWtir BLACKIMa-Thtrn perfect null
JL to llarclaxa for tho celebrated French IJIaoldng.
It la ponulae, mJ la unsurpassed Ma boot and hua
NOW IS THE TIWB-To put jour house (a
food h;ie. rlntln mid whllewnshlrif nro th
order or the day. Whlto Lead and nalnu of all col
or are In demand. At tho OREKN LAIiRIj Prua
Store, on tho I.otcc, you can Ret I'alnti, Oil, Vor
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fall atoelc of Collier White toad, Delta Whlto Lead,
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waah brnahaa. llarclaya' la tlio place.
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elaya', Tnfy baro the genuino article, freah from the
factory. It attract flic and kills them.
ATKR HAPPINKNtt For Toothache,
at uartiaya
larro aad amallf lore them, cry for them, and cat
them with aridity, and aro quickly rellored of worm.
Twealy-Sre cent aboi, or, If youwtah themaentb)
aaail.encloMi Ihirty-ftTe cent to Marclay llroa., and
they will txaeat you promptly. '
- f
B BAtlfi-SllTer BoD. luat Ihethiaatn make
four Hilrerwarn bneht and new. Colirata'a and
the ladrxlcal aiUarv aya'.
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tiful head of hair that you once prided in t If ao,
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other yoa way want, tncladlna: tho Jatamanal.
WAIfTRD To And tho individual In Cairo, or
elsewhere, who ha tried Kerr'a Hyalem Iteno
rator wilhaut rrceirins; DF.CIDKD 11KNEFIT. Many
or our lett.llnc cltixena havo tcatvd Ita tlrtuea to aati.1
factlan. At llarclaya'.
fPBY IT ludge American Pherry Wine, unlike
JL other wine, la laxativo in ita cflVcU. It In a
pleaantand rcllaUncttre forcoitlvetxetf. To lo had
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FVOT ATIOX I1HACE-A aup rlur unpen -der
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the ahouldpr ; alwaya a auapuuder i n brace, or not
at pleaaure.
O WERT iVININr Thegentllnn nrticlo to be
U nau uarciay'. ijuimno irrtiirom oiuerneita, an i
yel containing all the virtue of common quinine.
fitraarojwat vouaico A.JTIIOT: Thoe
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cholcoot the nieet lot nf dim oapln town; If
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N ' -Itf t" .
t -m r-- a ir iiLvru
i s ir,ir,i, 4J Jt rj.
' ,.!.. !4 t' I r
FOltWAKWM; and cohmissiost
ivac b n o h a. 3r t
Cairo, Xllixxoiias.
iVt't In liioeerii', iVlinV,' PlaViifr I'.r1.v l'lastet
llaii.- (Viiieni.
inbulkinlwoxiioii haul., Conur Uifihtli atroetuii I
OhloLowo, Intro Illinois. wyl't
lis OIiid Leeo, I'alro, IlltnoN, UpYcpariilJIofiirimli
citiieiw or atu.imboiu with the abotn puro article of
Ico ut the lowost market prloe. Citlien will bo re
gularly aupplied by lioni't, ucuomniodatinK wiletmen.
OrddraYrom olro.td colicileuj.aejj mylsdSm

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