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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, June 28, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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Ik (Sfafar tfi'cning QwWttm
I- .. '.''.'.'.". -.'..I.,...V,W.S.'.....L....'.,
MONDAY, JUNE 28, 1869.
IIIInoH Onlrnl K. R., CIiMftB fTtm.
tjio trains now leu vo as follows;
ooino nokth:
illriltik'arAl...... ...... 2oVlook o.m
" ........... i&to pan.
all train arrle al... ..... 2 o'clock a.tn
iprewi " " 4:03 p.m
-J I 'I'"" -' lHtllNHIlltMIHIHIItMtltN1il1' U tlWK III.
-1 - r - I'tiii
Dally, BundiiyH excepted. r
Hnlr Rcstorn-
Ask nil wlio use "BarretUs.;'
-ur.itittcnuouso nnd family aro still
faMnnMiiff tit tin nntitifrv tiofir "Vnrfli
nnri n m nr inn i with fk ni n i u lumiiar
. will ri-Liini iiiitiiiL inn nun 111 -iiiiv.
" " ----- - -
Cairo lodge, No. 237, A. F. and A.
M.. will hold fi fttfitcil pnmmnnipru
uii Linn 1 -liiiij nil v 1 f'vpniiiLr. .iiiiih ivilll.
.. 11. I . r...i 1 . .. 1. ..... r-i
I. GSG9, at S o'clock. Visitors falter-
ally Invited, Hy order of the W. M.
Chas. Fohkkht, Secretory.
We llnd the following In the Missouri
A valuable bed of bloodstone has Just
iiiiiiv. fin iniiim nwnrwi nv i a Niinurf
osalcwork, gems, burnishing articles
Attn nf frnlil fnr u-lititt niipfuMtf.ii It It.
- 1 1 - 1 -- -----
"Barrett'" cleanties thu scalp.
- - - -
Hereafter 11 supply of Ice will be kept
r nalo on the corner of lUlh nnd l'onlfir.
t tlio Mime rate as furnished by other
.0 m f lit
Barclay Brothers Barrett's agents
niro, iiunoi. June uwiw
I'eto haup, esq., will (start for Halt
.ako C'ltv. in u few (lavs, to accent n no-
Hon uuder assessor iaiftrart. He tiro-
ww m 1 t
- . .
1. I.... . 1.. 1. . . .
irlit aloiiL'. and to return, whunhln ml.i-
011 among the Saints Is fulfilled.
'rLLnrt. It Hi-Hinn. I Tint ntinilmlrnl itt
Is friend at home. HU staff of n.iiat-
nw win be compOHCd cnlelly of Cairo
ea. I'etu will make nn active and e 111
fi III (m iiw hi ni 1 ti itl v
C'haM fe'choeiimeyer keeps the cele-
rated Belter water, acknowledged to be
Till. 1 1 1 I V IllllilllltllU IJULr 1ICBILIIIU1 Uf! I? I
! m tin 1 1 I (l ttfit Itllt 1l ul I I It fltt tAij..
.r. IfiK ftlurt la VII ulttinllnr! UItli Vi(i
I l .. .,..v., r,.,... n.l 1)1. I. w.
VVl I'tlVVf
.Sfhoi nmeyer ban a reputation kccoiuI
0 that of no other dealer for the purity
.1... I.r.itnlij ef lifu llll.u lltlit tv'lll
I ., I .I.l.t... .Iv. ..A 1.....i. n I...
I. ... L.t. .U l.....l( ..U l.l.Wd ..Wfc ....W II . W ..U U.
I 1 ... I. IV. . ..I .1... I .1
lirewery fcaioon, nnn siunpic inn unniu
A. 11. BaH'ord returned homo yesterday
Ill III II 1 IIL: 11U1II I. I. Ill 111 I1IU 1IU1 LllL'I 11
.....I.... .1 lr n 111 III., im.ll......
1 - " - - - . CJ -- " o
fires urcHtlll In vogue In Chicago and
Klgln, and thu corn, Is Ju.st allowing It-
I IT..... II l 1,1. .!.
.. 111 t I . I.. a.
Carl L. Thomas, sign, houHeand steam-
the corner of Eighth street and Commer-
ii.tnlu. 1 ...Mn...l 1,1.
National Bank Building, where ho will
he-pleased to meet his patrons and friends
.1.-1 . ,.A . .. . I . .. t. .. I II... nu..
as usual. Je 21 lw
Tho famous Seller Water, Wels Beer,
Catawba and Rhino Wines, cool and
pure, ore always kept at the Egyptian
Brewery Baloon, corner of Washington
avenuo and Tenth Btreet. Lovers of these
delightful beverages aro Invited to call,
as they will ho politely treated and sat
isfactorily served.
Chab. Bciioknmeykk,
Je281m Proprietor.
IIchUIiIiiI nnd lrll(Uiral Heytrmgr.
The celobrated Belter's, Klsslngen and
lioulsvlllo Artesian waters are kept on
draught at the City Drug Store, Com
mercial avenue, between Sixth and Sev
enth streets. jo 15 tf
The Sunflower Blllturd Saloon, on Ohio
Lavee, Is furnished with the lutest styles
of tables, and tho bar supplied with the
most excellent liquors. Frco lunch Is
Bpread everyday at 0 a. m. and 10 p. ra.
. 11 1 I..
Save your lives and property, A.
Fraser Is ngont for tho copper scroll light
ning rod compauy and will fill nil orders
promptly. Call at ouco and havo them
put on your buildings. This Is the best
and safest rod now made. Shop on Com
mercial avenue, between Eleventh and
Twelfth street. ftpliMdSm
If you want a good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or auytlflugln that line,
call on A. Frnsor, Commercial avenuo,
boteen Klovonth and Twelfth Btreet,
where ho has moyed to, and (Itted up the
largest .and most complete shop In
Southern Illinois.
Particular attention given to steam
boat nnd mill work, copper smithing
nnd shoot Iron work, such us chlmnoys,
hrcechor escaping steam-pipes, etc.
"lUrrettV re more Dun 4 raff.
r !-Ji"
Meata. Mlchelwn Welner, No. 88,
ouio Lve, ro ehkif ed, in the . mkru
ftcture of mil ,klad. of Fresek yrapt,
which. ivlieii Wwter, makes oit de
lightful and rerreahlDH drink eurpAsslnf
Ih Mta esiilmatloB of rany, the most skill:
fully conbpoundedlejaoni.de, They man
ufacture the strawberry, raspberry, pine
apple. Vanilla, and all other kinds of
syrups for wh(cty there is fen demand,
and aie prepared to fill orders either t
retail or wuoiesaie.
tDprerred Rlier Ilms.
Our river report and several local Items.
prepared for Saturday's paper, were
crowded out.
The. following Items from tho river
report havo not been spoiled bykeeplrigj
Tho Thompson Dean received here 21'
hhds tobacco, 1C25 sks corn,, 500 bbls
riour, and about 100 tons of other: freight.
Tlio White brought out 3 hhds of tobac
co for the Planters' Warebousd, olid a
lot freight for local consignees.
Notwithstanding the fact that over
1.60-3 tons of freight have been shipped-
southward from Cairo during the past
threodaye, our receplts'by rive? and rail1
afo bo large that there nro still about 000
tons on' hand for the next boat thnt j
wantK H.
Will nutmnd
The Peak Famllv. om-anlzed la- 1630.
-w w - w
and here lost Saturday night, will give
two more concerts and then disband. Tho
reason given Is that the family has
made motley enough, uhd can now, r-
tiro nnd repose in the shade a balance
of their days. Their wealth Is put down
ata.milliou and a half of dollars
Tho boss Peak avowed a purpose to go
from this city direct to Niies,i.Mlohlgau, J
and there break up, giving a farm to
each member of thu family, and some
thing handsome to Itusscll and the Mer
gers. Kn route to that city they will
give their last two 'jxhibltlon.
ll lire m lro IjiiI.
Sol Smith Hussell, nt whoso wonder- i
ful facial contortions ourplny-going jmio
ple recently enJoycd"a hearty liitigh, was
nt one time a supernumerary Ju the old
Defiance theater, in this' city.' Mun'of
tho old frequenters of thai establishment
recall his presence on the stage a a trim
mer of lamps, spreader of carpets and
arranger nf furniture. At that time ho
didn't give the i-llglitest promise of a re
murknblu, outcome In nny direction.
We never saw any person who enjoyed
moro perfect command over tho muscles
of his face. He 14 notHurnasSed bv elthe c
WlllChell Or Burnett. He Studies his
diameters, wo understand, almost uu-'
ce.wlni:lv.:nml Is constnutlv Imnrovlnir.
If tfiis Is y.o, he has a fortuiuj jvlthln his,
reach, within thu next llvn vi-.ify. AnV
t. .. i:'-il
viivaiinv ii iiuvnii i iiuiuiiui in iiiueil.
"Barretf" makes mow hair.
In this city, at T o'clock this morning,'
Mrs. Julia Kchuh, wlfe .o. Mr.,PM G.
Hchuh, aged 11j years. Tho remains will
Ihj taken to Evansville, for burial, per
steamer Quickstep, to-morrow oyenlug
funeral from .Mc-Schuh's residquce,
M Seventh street, nt 0 o'cloclcp. rm- Tlic
irleiid.i.of tho family are Invited to at
Tho community wijl heartily pymp
thlzu with M. Schuh in his loss of one
bound to him. by the most sacred of mor
tal ties, and nearer and dourer to him
than the world beside. May time, speed-,
ily lighten his weight of sorrow, and deal
kindly with, all those who mourn tho de
parted one us no more of Earth 1
The commencement exercises of the
Lore tU) academy wlltytako place Wcdnea
day next, commencing at 2 o'clock p.m.
The programme is an excellent- otie,
promising an entertainment at onco
chaste and pleasing. Quito all tho young
ladles and little misses of the institution
will participate. (, '-f ,
There should be a full turn 'dutof'tho
friends and patron of the school, to
wiiom invitations have been extended.
Tho character of the exercises will waV
rant it, and tha uanagerijof Uie academy
deservo the asssurauce a large attend
ance will ufford, that their efforts in the
cause of education aroappreoJated. '
Vi ip,
The foul den on tho corner of Poplar
and Thirteenth streo'ts, proprletored-by
Mrs. Moran, was the Hcene ifijlyc-pf, nn
unceasing rumpus. Tho lodgers', tho
most brutalized beings that over-disgra
ced tho form of womoq, cqrnmcnced a
quarrel and light about nine o'clock 1 his1
mornJugi and kept It up until about one
o'clock this p.m., when u policeman en
tered an appearance and took the bel
ligerents uuder arrest j
Would it not bq a pious proceeding to
declare the Morau rookeries a nuisance,
an A.riiV.o them to tho ground ? The neigh
bors think so, and would lend gratuitous
assistance In the razing process, with a
hearty' good will.
The switch engine ran off tho track1,
opposite the foot of Fourth street, yester
day, but was "pinched" baok again with
out much difficulty.
Tho Illinois Central Railroad company
will sell, half fare tiokots to fourth of
July celebrations, commencing on the
3d anil eliding on tho 5th. Honco, pa
triotla gnd-abouts can travel cheap,
qqpinmch enrd'eahnbt bo 'exercised in
tho usa 9f greon fruit. Green apples nro
coming Into. uaurket, freely, overy po9k
of wjjfeli there aro several cases of chol
era morbus. Bo careful.
A TU 9ttm thummH reratlt.B ,.TM."
Tlfp'JPiduchlang, have, tlmeandiigaln,
bera'ttd he people of Illinois for opposing
the grantlnrfiirt'"raUroa4e eU
culated and Intended to build up Padu
eah at the expense oJ.IJHnois. , Our
"State pillcy" was denounced as'bDnif
IlllbenUity, and Hdl'ctiled ms unbetdrblHg
In-an lntcIllgearj4enterprUl8gpeeple,
Wjuafiwas a mote tin our eye. In that
Connection, Is now a beam in the eyes of
.1 . ... . .. . ii-h. p ,
ournelgnbors, and they ran to, see, any
thing In It that Is cjlher .llllberiiVr'ybJ
tlonable.i It was bciloveu mai me non,
OscarTurner reKarded Cairo aer eligibly
situated for" a tobacoo market, and some-
body reported lo, the. editor, flf ho, kor;
aid' that that honorable gentleman had
said that a uortlon of 'Ballard county was
tributary! to Cairo, and tho "pMadtora of
that, poiftlon might llnd Jf; to their
a'dvatrtago to patronize tlio Cdro mar
ket. Straightway the Heruldi fires sev
eral broadsides into Col. Turuer, and
koepn up thd bombardment, until the
Coloiiol publicly dcclnres that he Is qulto
obllviouslto the existence of Cairo, and Is
not qui to sure, .that he oyer heartl of any.
other tobacco market in tho world except
that at Paducah . Now, if our iPaducah
nelchbora think they can extmd tholr
urmi oit into Illinois and gather its trade
to themselves, and nt tho same timo
whack our knuckles every tluiu they see
Uicm venturing1 boyond tho wtierlincof
Dullard county in search of n
f.nv lines.
heads of tobacco, they are si ml
ken egreglously so. They mul
ly mlsta-
the liberality they preach, oj the first
thing they know they will stlrup a spirit
o'f resentment that will stand tip like a
Chinese Wall between tliea nnd the
"corn and oil" of Egypt. 1
' Since Colonel Turner declares that ho
did not encourago the movement to build
tip a tobacco market in Cairo, wo believe
hlin; hulas lie lives nearer toCaIro than
he does to Puducah, and Tlthln that
scopo of country that sooner or later must
pay tribute to Cairo, he ought; to encotir
ugo our market every way ,1m ta,n ; and ,ho
would dona. If he wera not inivcrticd bv
tuose notions of "State policy" that were
reguruen oy .ine rauuean papers as so
enormou.4 and old fogylsh in the people
of Illinois.
ItdmU I11I0 MnllnrdCoiiufjr.
I'ndtnnh if nllre to tlio Importance of con
structing turnpike road to tho surrounding
country, nnd nt a meeting of clthccni hold on
Friday night, et nu example that Cairo
might follow with groat ndvnntngo to licriolf
ttnd to tho country surrounding her.
It wai proposed that tho city should, in her
corporate capacity, ubicrlbo ' 100,000 to
thrco ronds 6r $83,338 3.'! tJ thu Vadu:ah
and North llnllunl tnrnnlV
the Paducah and Dlnndvillo turnpike, and
433,3:13 -33 to the Piiducah nnd Ilenton turn
pike, nnd thtt, in nddltion t UiU hnndionio
turn tlio ctty.ilnuM bo thoroughly can valued
for individual ititcripuon?.
ThU notion on tho part of our neighbor!
been hftt"nrd by thu -ilbrts Cairo Is put
ting forth to claim lior own In thopatronngo
of Dullard county. Andwhntdo thorn af-
fortntnount to' Klgkt or ten thousand dol
ln liavo been expended by our citizens in
the preparation of a road from Cairo to
Jllandrjllc! A thotifand dollar uro required
to render that road pannbln, and tho proposl-
tion tvivoto that mm a a corporate ulcrlp
tfon prflonutlon llnd ppoier! Puducah
evince her willingneii'to vole $33,333 33 to
.Vpminnnd or even to liare in a trndo, that
Cairo jnay xcaqh and con(rl by the expeudi-
tureof $1,000, and there are thoo among ut
who qutition the propriety of voting that
' If wo would enjoy thotrado of our trlbuU-
ry country, wo inuu mow ourieive dcierv
ing of it. We mutt nt utand on trlllci. Un
lcti we place our city In roliablo communica
tion with lllandvlllc, the trade of that rich
icctlon will inoriUbly go to Paducah, and
once centered upon that city tho uxpendl
tare of hundreds of thousands of dollars will
scarcolT divert it. Tlio tfmo for Cairo to'act
isiwu'.' If $1,000 will not accomplish tho end
nt which wo aim, give $5,000, and if $5,000
wljl notiufflcc, give $M,000. It Is no time
stand on trifles. Wo must show ourselves
equal to emergencies, or tho consequences will
beSeen la tho prosperity nf rival interests nt
.1 . ... - -. . .
u0 0Jjicnse 01 our own
Bill jLake claimed that his arrival at
Charleston was delayed by thu imper-
fecuerry accommodations ntCalro.
iiiu uuiiuqueuuy is cuargeattie to no
uch cnuss. T)i.q ferry boat could have
placed liim, "bag and bnggago" on tho
Missouri snore by 8 o'clock In the morn
ing; but owlngto his own feluargteh mo
tions ho did not get his trapsullon board
until ahout noon. Had he not arrived
atJCliarleston at all tho people would not
have been denied much pleasure, for, of
ait mo numougsuows irayeuug "Liako's
HIppo-Olymplad and Mammoth Circus,"
Is the' most stupendous.
- -
'Squire ShannesBy's oftlco was full of
lawyers and lookers-on this morn lug,
the occasion being a trial between .Greon
?P Garner, of Villa Ridge, and a Mr.
of this county, (namofurgottcn) concern
ing certain forry rights over Cacho river.
Garner claimed that his ferry franchises
had been Invaded by Mr. , and they
probably had been; but;ijo failed to pur
sue a legal courso in protecting himself,
nnd got "thrown out of court," Tlio
caso'was regarded of sufficient moment
to necessitate tho employment of threo
or four lawyers on both sides.
(Jrnuttj ISxt-urNloii to l'mliicali, July 3 111
Tho Arab Fire Company hnvo accept
ed nu Invitation from tho Mechnulo Fire
Company, No. 1, at Paducah, to partici
pate jq u grand parade'n.nd,plcnla to bo
glyonby tho latter on tho fith of July.
Tho steumor Undorwrltb'r'ha. been char
tore for tho occasion, aud a good timo is
expected. The my friends; otjhp
pany,na tne cRUen in f neral. ai
spectfuliy InvlUd.-TI15 fart tortk$
Irfp will be fWMrMtiMCVMi
ureu ai wu, aia ;Maer.MUMiyfMi: pr
.age, 0 ntittaHeof deparittWb,
not yet been MMbined unon. butiia1
notice will b,"glnv $
( AaeriMitY.EidWAClk Iti
JolMdtd Com.&fWacncnts;
Those citizens who have received no1-
tlce of their liability to perform street
labor, are requested to come forward imr
nedlately and perform the labor or
pay over thrcejMlara In Ijeupf tho labor.
No further notice wTlFbe given. If ifinre
is not aprompt response to'tViTfcollec
.tlouswlll be enforced by law. ,. . , , ,
John Shkehan, Btreet Suporvlbor.'
je25-2t t
1'orl Ht for th 4M,!ItoHr Ending 'at
Two o'clock, . U.
rtfn An'lTKin,Clnm6ti Wm.WI)lt-. rndneah
nolle Jlrmplii", at, loulf , cumbfruml, Ernnut llln
Cliampion, do
Italiicon. M
Mahnwk. 'to
nri-.-il tiuhlln. ilo
(Irand I.uIip. ilo
Mary Houston. IuitTllla
Luminary, VkWiihurg
John Ltimolen, Nimnvillo
Kiln HukIiih; do
Kmmn, .Vo. 3, Cincinnati
cilycf CilrcOlemplu
Jlinnoold lo
I.luio Tt-. N O.
CotiuiiuiiKpAltli, do
w fitrnuor, io
Otrf. Anderson. Columldti.
Wrn Whil, I'adncak;
uinberltn'i, f.v.ilc.
nllo MrmphU.Mrm..
Arma'ia. liraimiiie.
.Mi-ficDgrr, ri, iioun,
. . I,. - ., .
Ti'l iivnoiviri w.f i.iiiiiiiini J , un uvuiii
Etumn No. a. Sew Orlpan. Commonwciltli. SI. li..
111. V lf..,n V .1 I IIM.Ia.h U. I a.,1.
(treat It politic, N. O., Oily of Cairo, Ht. lsun,
I.nin'len. Nashville: Cluninlon. Cincinnati.
Htrndrr.Ioui'YlIli', I.lrno Tate. Cincinnati,
uuuiron, Ri- ioui. .Minneoia, cincinnau,
The weather is odpresslvcly warm, and
an occasional shower seems to but add to
tho sultry feeling. Nothing but a down
right storm, which as we may soon ex
pect, will clear up tho atmosphere and
render it pure.
Tho Mississippi and Missouri continue
to rise, slowly above St. Louis, but the
rise Is not expected, to amount to much.
Tho Ohio Is falling at Pittsburg with
scantO feet In the channel, and rising at
Loulsullle with four feet eight Inches in
the chute over tho falls.
Tho Cumberland Is still receding with
only threo feet 8 inches on Harpoth
DTere tho river has fallen ten luchcs.ln,
the 4S hours since last report.
Business coutleues fair.
The Lumsden brought out 66 hhds to
bacco forreshlpmcnt east per Blue Lino
cars, nud tho'.followlng for Cairo: C. R.
Woodward S3 pkgs nails, Planters' Ware
house, 1 tobacco freak, W. H. B. lot kegs.
Tho Armada brought the following for
lairo: a. jjou, ju uuib aie; owner on
board, 1! horses, 1 mule, 1 wagon: I. C. It
It., 12 pkgs sundries, lot caddies tobacco!
THO XiUminury Ulaunargeil hero 100
bbls apples and potatoes.
The Republic received here, 170 bbls
flour, 2S0 bbls meal, 2S bbls whlskv 125
nan dois ucer, -tu ions ossortcu freight
Tho Win. White, Capt. Northern, is tho
regular Cairo and Paducah packet tills even
ing. Tlio Molinwkwai still receiving as our re
port cloxod, She will tako fully COO tons.
from here.
Thp Ella HuUcf, Captain nugUothas
aken tjio place of tho Talitjin?flnd will
cavohoro for Nashville to-morro
- j-j. i .
. .... Bailee atlalced a
.A'HT: .1
. 'a : r . r i r v
. i
Than any oilier daily Wtr tier rullished in C!jo,i
tiaring rv Jom m
Every Fauilly.
juuntiiii; kooui,
, ttotel,.a ; ,
OlMce, nnd
DAVlfbSON'S roi iiMw1
1 '
Brown's Check Row
Corn nnd Cob
Mrvln, IIurBlur nnd Fire Proof
II. Hoc b Co.
.i .
Washing Machines,
Step Ladders,
Chain Punps
Clothes. Wringers.
Plow Bridles,
Ox Yokes.
And at Leant
Seventy or Eighty Thou&md
MigM or tn'c hugiu mow."
laiucklWvf , -
til I
v-.- .in -.wife:

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