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OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Street, Thornton'.f, ,piJ.dingi,n,Ji MW,i, j?
l!"M ' 1 ' ; ' '
''the Lnborer Wor.by of IiIm UlrcJ"
KucUforour Gltlxnn to Wrilirli nnd net
.1. ' r .
. ,, , ,o- ' -. . '
It Is not often that wo obtrudo inattera
of a personal nature upon tlio attention
of our readers, but when, osintho pres
ent Inatanco, they havo to do with tho
public, wo feel that wo may do o with
propriety and wjthput apology. '
WJc'n, about -ilx'rnonths ago, -wo com
menced the publication of tho 'Dally
'Bulletin' we regulated its size and ex
ponso by What we conceived to b6 tho
wanU and ability of tlio community.
It had boon satisfactorily demonstrated,
to our mind, thatn largo and expcuelvo
dally papor could not bo inndo nelf.
auatalnlilK l Cajro; and feeling unwill
ing to waste any portion of tho best
yoara of our cxlstcnco for tho poor return
wo might realize III tho glory .of publish
ing a largo paper, wo Started a 'jsinall
paper, Intending to make it ft live local
bheet, zealous and peraiatout In 'U ad
vocacy of'all measures and project! that
might prom Wo to redound to tho tnate
rlal or moral good of Cairo, and thu riur
rounding country a publication that
would'provo acceptable to all intelligent
and enterprising citizens, and be recog
nized as orthodox among the consistent
adherents to the democratic patty.
How we have succeeded In thh design
. wo leavo tho public to Judge, only re
marking In our own behalf that in tho
direction Indicated wo linvo labored with
zeal and Industry finding it a "work of
lovo" to which wo could cheerfully lend
all tho energy and ability placed at our
command. And that these laborn have
not been fruitless wo have assurance In
the better feeling prevalent In our city,
and In the accomplishment .of alms of
public moment, which the 'Bulletin' had
the honor of championing.
What has Ihjcu our compensation? Wo
htand to-day, In a pecuniary point of
view, where we stood nix months ago!
Our paper has labored for the advance
ment of Cairo, advocated all tho meas
ures and undertakings In which ourpco
plo expressed a concern, and our return
hau Im'pii nothing! Citizens whoshould
ttubhcrlbu for fifty copies of our paper,
take one copy. Other citizens who
reckon their wealth by thousands of dol
lars, refuse us the miserable pittauce of
twenty cent a week refuso tosubscribo
at all; and from all tho citizens of'Cal
ro, rich and poor, wo do not receive, In
tho way of subscription money, a suf.
ficieuthum to pay us for the blank sheets
upon which our paper I printed!
And the party or rather those mem
ber of the party who expect us toadvo
vate their claims to ofllclal position tho
"prominent democrat" who look to tho
'Bulletin' to tight their battle and to
praise them Into an enviable notoriety,
How has this class helpad us? A fow of
them subscribe for the paper; u few of
them do not, anu not one or them works
to oxtend It circulation a fact that will
becomo moro apparent when we remark
thnt otfiorigall the prominent and aspir
ing dPtnocrats In tho city, there Is not one
who takes a second copy of our paper for
thchsko of thu cause; not one of them
ha ollered u pecuniary aistanco lu mjy
shape, and not otic of them has acted
toward us In a maimer that indicated a
desire on hi part for the success of a
domofraUc paper In Cuiro.
Tho Job department of ourofllco com
mands tHeliulk of the local patronage
In this department, however, wo are
compelled to compete with SI. Louis and
Cincinnati, which competition leaves us
only a small margin In the way of prof
its. While wo confess ourselves under
obligations to our patrons iu this line,
we must Insist that tho obligation is mu
tual. Wo glvo overy patron the worth
of his money, nndwh!16 "wo may thank
him for not sending his work and his
monoy to St. Louis or Cincinnati, he
should thank us for executing his print
ing so neatly and cheaply us to obviate
any necessity on his part for sending It
away. Wo desire this fact to be under
stood. We aro under tho Bamo weight
of obligation to the patrons of our Job of
fice'that tho' merchant Is to tho custom
era of his establishment, uud no more.
Ll&o the merchant, we compete with
our competitors, and give an equivalent
for every dollar tljat Is paid Into our 'Job
Hence, our Job olMce- falling to furnish
a suiplus aftor covering tho deficiency
of our nowspflper office, wo insist that
thoso who foel that the 'Bulletin' Is a do
slderatum in Cairo, thoso who would
have Its publication continued, must
oomo up to ltd support, Throwing Job
work lu our way is a matter of mutual
honeflt. If citizen uud business men
would nidus, lot thorn advcrtlso; lot
them eewl tho paper to their friends, and
becomo rogular and permuuout patrons.
Tlioro is a work for a dally papor to per
form In Culro, and wo havo devoted our
selves to that work with all- tho ability
at our.comintmd. Wo proposo no rolMea-
tioa of oflbrt;' bat thorn ,wlio. are .'inter
ested mutt come to our support.
Let overy property-holder of Cairo,
every business man, put the question to
himself: "Have 1 dono my duty In my
support of tho Cairo 'Bulletin?" If tho
answer Is generally In tho afflrmatWe,
then tho 'Bulletin' may ceaso its strug
gles, for tho fact will becomo apparent
that Cairo cannot support a dally paper I
' ..... j V '
The annual election of ofilcors of this
railroad company took place In Mem
phis on the 25th Inst., 'every county on
the line of the road between Memphis
and Union City being represented.
An election was hold for directors.
Only one tlckot was voted for. Over se v
en thousand votes word polled, and tho
following ticket was unanimously elect
ed: A.S.Mitchell, Wm. B. Orconlajr,
A. T. Lacey and A. IL. Kerr, of Shelby
county; John T. DouglaH and Wm. H.
Wooton, of Tipton county ; D. J'f. lieu
nlng, of Lauderdalo county; A. Harris,
of Dyer county, and C. X. Glbbs, of Obion
Tito new board was Immediately or
ganized by the election of A. 8. Mitchell
to ho president, and all tho former offi
cers being also reelected.
Thus, tho affairs of tho company will
remain In tho hands of the gentlemen
who havo hitherto mauaged them with
such signal skill and ability. Evory
friend of the road will rocelvo this assur
ance with feelings of tlio most sincere
The notice to contractor, published
In thu Memphis papers, Indicates a grati
fying forwardness In the affairs of tho
company, -and sottlers, beyond per
adventure, that the road ivlU find tt
nnrUt&ittcrn tcrmtnut at Cairo, Itttnoti:
Sealed proposals will bo lecelved by tho
undersigned, at the ofilcoof tho company,
No. -ISO Main street, Memphis, Ten
tic..ce. until lllo'clock noon, on the 20th
day of July, 1SC9, for the clearing, gradu
ation, masonry, bridging and cross-ties
necessary to complete tho above road
from Memphis to Covington, about
thirty-six miles, ready for tho iron rails.
A lnrj;o portion of tho work Is heavy and
wuil i-orthy thu nttontloii of contractora.
as it is tho intention of the board
to place tho entire road to Cairo under
contract, as soon as the surveys are
completed. Proposals may bo made for
cash, or for county bonds, or for part
cash, county bonds and stock.
A. 8. Mitchell
1'rest. Miss. Klver Itallroad.
Boutwell doesn't appear to havo' tho
faintest idea of what his true financial
policy Is. Ho commenced ny selling a
million of gold each Week aud Investing
tho proceeds In government bonds. Tho
bears growled fiercely, ami tho secretary
became frightened. Tho policy was
changed to the sale of gold to doublo tho
amount ol bouds purchased Tho result
was tho tightening or the money mar
ket, aud tho depression of business, as
well as a declino in securities. This
brought out howls from tho bulls, and it
iu nnw nnnmincfld that Mr. Boutwell will
sell a million of gold and buy a million
of bonds each fortnight. If ho contin
ues to try experiments, aud observes
their results with ordinary accumon, he
may at last hit upon tho correct policy.
A painful catnstropho has occurred In
Now York. A beautiful damsel with all
tho charms of maidenhood, unfortuna
tely had black hair. Female vanity and
h'iblo's Theater taught her that blonde
would be moro attractive, so sho rushed
to tho dyo pot. The artist was engaged
for $100, halflu advauco. One side of
tho turbulent dark hair was smoothed
Into golden ripples, when the hair dres
ser, to Inorcaso bis profit, rtsortod to In
ferior drugs. The effect was disastrous.
Furple and streaked and gray and
burned, and. Indeed, utterly ruinous
was tho last half of tho professor's work;.
There remalned.for tho broken hearted
demi-blonde only the poor consolation
of suing for damages.
The lease, for ono thousand years, of
the I'lttsburg, Fort Wayno and Chicago
railroad, to tho Pennsylvania Central
railroad company, was, on Wednesday,
consummated by the bond and stock
holders of tho corporation. Out of ilftoon
millions of dollars of tho stock voted,
only a single million was entered In the
nogutlve, and tho principal part of that,
it was thought, was pollod by Oeorgo W,
Cass, President of tho Pittsburg, Fort
Wayno and Chicago company, who is
said to have consistently opposed tho
measuro from its Inception.
Tho shipments of strawberries from
Ceutralla this seasoii foot up tho grand
total of 407,875 pounds, or noarly 240 tons,
or 10,372 bushels, or 331,004 quarts. Boun
tlful crops of cherries, raspberries, hlaok
herrlos, peaches, grapes, pears and ail
pies' are now promised.
''Tho cotton IsVdejBfng.In tho rogtoti of
Baton "fcoHige, ,j j
Augusta, Ga., is shipping rlpo poaches
to New York.
Galveston has experienced no symp
tom of yellow fever yet,
Tneare eating rlpo vfdU blackberries
down In Texas Just nowj
Tho boll worm has 'gono to work in
the cotton fields in (ho vicinity of
Haynesvllloj Alabama.
Tho wheat harvest in upper Georgia
U universally good, ani tho only difficul
ty is to find laborers toeavoand sooure It
General Jubal Early declares that ho
favors tho Wftlkor fajtiou in Virginia,
upon tho principle of jhooslng the 'least
between two evils.
From twenty to twmty-threo bushels
of wheat per aero hare been raised this
season In many localities of Texas.
A set of scoundrefa nro going oround
among tho Lexington (Ky) negroes, pro
tonding to bo legitimate representatives
of Insurance, companies, and obtaining
money for policies which they novor
A convention of cf IzenB of West Ten
nessee, North Alabama, Mississippi and
Arkansas, has beci called to meet iu
Memphis, on the 30th, to take measures
to securo tho Introduction of'Chlneso
emigrant!. ' "
Hon. Thomas A. Hendricks and other
prominent member of tho Indianapolis
bar aro petitioning the courts for an in
crease of salary oftio Judges of the Cir
cuit and Common Pleas courts of Marion
A caso of diamond rings was stolen
from tho Jewelry hcuio of Messrs. Mayo,
Chicago, on Tuesday. Tho rings, OS In
number, wero abstracted from a show
case, aud wero not missed until tho hour
of closing.
Tho smallest real estate transaction
on record, and one of tho most extrava
gant, occurred lately In New York. A
man paldSlOO for ft lot on Portland street,
three inches wide aud thirty loug.
Iu order to bo a successful politician In
Montana it Is 'said that a man must
cither havo tho poorest memory of any
mau living, or bo ono of the greatest
liars out of the sea.
The Sooletv tnr Hn ' V"-
elty to Animals, In Now York, has caused
tho arrest of thirty persons for driving
sick and lame horses, smco tho 1st In-
Btnn'- ... ....
Tho receipts of tho Peaco Jubilee at
Boston amouuted to about four hundred
thousand dollars. It was a lluauclal aud
artlstlcal success.
Tho 'Army Register' for 1SG5, Just is
sued, shows the aggregate strength of
the army to be 49,100 men, officered us
follows: General, 1; Lieutenant General,
1; Major Generals, fi; Brigadier Gene
rals, 17; Colonels, SS; Lieutenant Colo
nels, 103; Majors, 200; Captains, 733;
First Lletenants, 8S2; Second Lieuten
ants, COO. Tho number of ofilcors re
signed is 2S; declined, 2; died, 21; dis
missed, 5; cashiered, 5; honorably mus
tered out, 14. Tho names of 11 officers
of different ranks are given as having
retired from actlvo service.
Much of tho crime perpetrated by
young meu lu our midst, Is tho natural
result of parental Indulgence If tho
first outcroppings of ovll had been met
with a determination to proved n recur
rence, mauy of our youth would now bo
filling honorablo positions, Instead of
thirsting for opportunities to kiln an Ig
noble notoriety. If this had len dono
thefts, robberies aud outragei would)
scarcely bo known. How taportant
then, that paronti should Instil correct
principles Into their offspring.
G. R. Stringer called at tho ollco of tho
Evansvlllo 'Journal' a few days ago,
wearing a vest, tho fronts of wllcli wero
composed wholly of rattlestuko skin.
The skins of ten rattlesnakes vere used
lu Its manufacture. Tho snakes from
which tho skins wero derived wero a
port of tho lot of 100 klllnd In Jno day,
In tho month of Novomber, 1607, In Hop
kins county, Kentucky, by An4y Gal
bralth. Ho discovered their deU on a
bleak day In November, when tho ground
was covered with suow and slejt. Ho
commenced digging them out, aid per-4
severed until ho had exhumed lUddes,-,
troyed 100 rattlesnakes of various sizes,"
aud somo fifty or sixty snakes oj other
Tbe Detlre of Iiuiuortutity.
In the beatlful drama of Ion, tlio in
stinct of immortality, so eloquently ut
tered by tho death-uovoted Greek, llud a
deep resnouso in every thoughtful soul.
Whon ubout to yield his young exist
ence us sacrlflco to fate, his belovtd Cle
mantho asks if they shall not meet
oguln, to which ho replies: "I havo ask-
eu mat ureauiui question oi mourns time
look eternal of tho clear streams that
flow forever of tho stars among whoso
field of azure my raised spirit hath walk
ed In glory. All wero dumb. But while
I gazo upon thy living face, I feel that
there is something In tho lovo that muu
ties through Its beauty that cannot whol
ly perish. Wo shall meet again Cle-manthe."
It is stated that tho Illinois Central
Railroad Company have leased the St.
Louis, Vandalla and Terre Haute rail-
roau ror a term of years, aud that It will
not for thopresent bo extended beyond
Efllngham the point torhIch It Is fin
Ished. -Through trains from 8t. Louis to
Calm nnil Chlaatrn will fin run nvnw !.!
' . - j tv ... auu wtcl, wna
track, virtually running i as a St. Louis
branch of tho Illlnnia Cnntrnl. Tl,t, nr.
rangemcnt deprives the' Pennsylvania
vvuirui ui uo., ojouis connection oy tuis
routo,"aa.they contemplated, but they aro
said to havo bought out the lessees of tho
St. Louis, Terro Hnuto and lndlanapolia
road, and will run their trains to St. Louis
by that route.." , "
The S't-iiMilloii JR-ftci-lbcd by One nholini
Had Ills Ilnlr Lifted.
From tho Dlrolt Pros.
Delo.sC.. Sandbertou lost his scalp at
tho battle of "Washita. Ho has lenu au
inmato of Larnmio Hospital since that
event, and was discharged about ten
dnys ago by reason of tho expiration of
Ills term of service. Ho Allowed the
curious to examine his poll, and a look
at tho still red and tender spot from
which his scalp was jerked away, was
not calculated to prejudice any person In
favor of "ha'r lifting." As but few per
sons havo ever lived to undergo tho pro-
cess, perhaps the sensations experienced
by Mr. Sandbcrton will Interest and .en
lighten. Says he:
"I was In the Infantry. Custar had
command of tho troops. There was quite
a forcoof cavalry with us, but they wero
about a milo In the rear when we first
discovered tho reds. Some of tho troops
had been Bcntnround so as to attack from
the other side. Tho reds wero camped in
a sort of valley, and wo were within eigh
teen rods of them for half au hour boforo
daybreak. Just In tho gray of morning
the firing commenced on both aides, and
we had It nil our own way for a few min
utes, tho cursed snakes being much con
fused and not knowing what was up. At
length they rallied, uud wo could hear
Black Kettle shouting nud ordering. The
vermin got into holes and behind rocks
anvwhero they could find a place and
began to fight back with a will. Wo fired
whenever we could boo a top-kot, and
shot squaws there was lots of them
Just as quick as Indians. Wo Just went
in for wiping out tho wholo gang. Whon
It wm fullv davllirht, wo Ml itavo a blc
n. mid charged right down into the
Camp. ThO IUUkco utm ll standlut:
vet. nnd lots of Indians in them. As we
ran through tho alloys, a big red lumped
out nt me from bohlnd a tent, and beforo
I could shorten up onouirh to run him
through with my bayonet, a equaw grab
bed wo arounu mo legs anu iwisteu me
The camp was then full of men fight
ing, and everybody seemed yelling as
loud as ho could. Whon I fell, I went
over backward, dropping my gun. aud
had Just got part way up again, tho
squaw yauklng me by tho hair, when
tho Indian clubbed my gun and struck
mo across tho neck. Ho in lulu Just as
well have run mo through, but ho wasn't
used to mo uayonot, or uiun't think.
Tlio blow stunned nio; itdldn't hurt In
the least, but gave me u numb feeling
all over. I couldn't have got to my feet
then If all alone, whilo tho sauuw kept
screeching and pulling my hair out by
"I heard some of our boys shoutiug
close by, nnd the squaw started nud ran
one of the boys killing her not thrco
rods oil. Tho Indian stopped ono foot
ou my chest, aud with his hands gath
ered up tno nair near tnu crown or my
head. Ho' wasn't very tender about It,
nnd Jerked my head this :wny and that
way, nnu pincneu iiKecinian. Aiy eyes
were partially open, and J could see tho
bead-work and trimmings on his log
gings. Suddenly I felt the uwfullcst
mtlng, cutting uasu go rounu my ueaii,
and then it seemed to mo Justus it'
mv whole hcud had been Jerked cleau
ntr. 1 never foltsuch pain In all my life;
why, it was like pulling your brains
right out. I didn't know any moro for
two or thrco days, and then I came to
find that I had thu scrcst head of nuy
human that over lived. If tho boys
killed tho viper, they dhju't get back my
scalp; porhaps it got Inst lu tho snow. I
was shipped down to Laramie aftor a bit,
aud nil tno nuislngl got -hain't made
tho hair grow out ou this spot yot.'1
The carpet-bag black-and-tan legisla
ture of Florida havo ratified tho propos
ed constitutional ameudment. Thus
negro suffrage enforced by the
bayonet at the South, Is tho meaus of
enforcing It upon tho States of tho North.
Thoso who muy have supposed that tho,
so-called "reconstruction" pouoy was
destructive of tho rights of tho excluded
States only, can now seo how it has be
come tho Indirect but no less efleotual
means ef destroying tho rights of all tho
States. None but a legislature composed
of negroes eleoted under bayonet gov
ernment, nnd radical allies elected by
negroes, would give tho consent of auy
of tho excluded States to tho amend
ment. '
A young girl In a village In tho Ar
donne3 forest recently killed her illegiti
mate child, cut it into pieces, and put
the pieces Into tho barrel In which her
parents kept their salt pork, Tho fam
ily is said to have eaten the remains of
tho child without noticing what thoy
were. Not ft pleco of it was left.
General Dulco has arrived at Havana, Cu
ba. Look out, now, for trouble.
T.J!?.!s,l'. alcero. button. Jet. ,n In t.i
jlj wiinnraoii pearl in cenler. Tho HnH.. in".7-
i "vl V vU4UiUK WHO UJ
Manufacturer! of
WbaltMU aud Kctall,
No. 88 Ohio Lovoe,
n,J.? ngrci,l,lc'roJ,homanuflwturoorpuroPreneli
'"P". o "tl-Ocd we can furnlih tn puro r!
iCcIi0."i rric, which will.ult tho trade Vhoitslta
nnJ retail dtalen lire Inrlted to call. ' l"n2 "f
Ami Importers nnd Dealer- la
'HnmahUalr, French Perfumeries, Ilrushcs
And all kind of Toilet Article-.
TlUl'H M.OCK. CAIilO.ir'l, '
T).4lj.fln .......
Til ..it """'r, oy.clllBScott; It will prevent
5iV2f'.c',or chftr-. T,1 public nro InTitcd to call
-"if uurniocK,
I.ttZ,. ,n'5,e owfti oftlie hair, provont tho
hecSpheai;iry.""'' UW,K", USnar,,"
Kepoil of the Condition'
or THK
.ii mo oioe or uuiineij Juno 12th, l&W.
' - finuiiuiB
V. H. Ilonila to aecure Clrculatlon.'n!
I . H. Itinla rn Imn.l
ftjtnc nitil Iki.AAn...
5130,910 07
4,017 4
...... lOO.O'lO OI
Other Stock, nonda'anTMorlffiiKva
. ..no( I'viiu. win, .ttunC tUVD J.IL 1L
I no from oilier National IUnk...... si feu to:
ltanklnff Homo ja.uw iu
urrentExiHnicii. it.BOl ftl
iiu 2,512 03 9 W1 Si
Caih Itcnn, (Inoludluic utampt).... 71219 :a
raetloniil fTnrr.,ii.v ftnMii..nA
HH-cle a. -233 M
,,;eS,.irn."erol 14,000 Oil
u. rt. Mint , 'joo 110
SIU.W 01
Capital Slock paid In ...j
Burplu- Kuwl- .L.'.!--
lntcre-t M10.77 03
Profit and Lo 'll.lci li
Individual DejHMiaa ZZZZZ
Due to other Rank- and Hanker.-.
8I3S.S3. 01
n.,A."!'Iri'.i'V,V Ca!l"r of "Iho City National
Hank of Cairo, III.," do 1 oUmnlywoar that tho ubor
ta emcnt it trilo totheb.-t of my knowledge and
"ef- w. llVSLOp; A't Caihler.
Stile of Illlnol, Countv of Alexander, CllvofCalro:
Sworn to and ubrlled before mo thu 21th day of
June, 1809. 11. H. r.vNDEE, Notary Public.
Correct oltet: O. 11. WILLIAMSON,
. W. P. IIALLIUir. J
JunSVdlm '
Twcutx-roiirlli i:ror( or llic Condition
er nir
Condlllon nt clitte ofbiulnw, on tith of June, U99.
1IIIU receivable..
,..il,7.y 13
-.'.uw Ut
..... 81.2U0 OI
6,710 V.
10,.'sS 21
15.U4I IU
o.vua m
ii,lM S7
..... 3,tCI3 Ot
..... 3,310 14
..... SM 24
unr ilrartu ...,
y.t. iiomu iowjiiw ClreuUtlon.;.
V. H. Itonil. and S.llrill.w i.n l.nti.i
Duo from Itedecmlm; ,l-iiu
Duo from other National I Lank j
Dun from other liaiikii urn I llmilinr
Jiner siockx ani iiomla..
Ileal Kutato
Kuriilttire and Klxturei
'iaic- rani
Caili 1 on hand iueliiding Ituventio
ciamin ..,.5
II1N of National llnuk
'raclionul Currency ..
ipecle 1
.! Tender 21
0 ZSflV) M
,.2C3,270 3
t'AlitMl ritock 8100,000 W
f.AVUMUJU U.H(... 9..IUI .J
Intercut nt...-.l ".an ot
i'rotlt and 771,1'i B.SI3 U
C'irculatint; Notea 70,513 00
innivi'imi iieiMKii' S(J.M IM
itio Hank and;il!inkrr 197 i t
TOtal ,..,tJtiU,270 24
I. C. N. lluuhes. Catlilur of the Klrat N'mlnntl
Bank. Cairo. Illinois, do milenmlv kwunr that ili
aboru statement ih true to thu Imh of my knotvlodzo
and belief. r. N. HUOlIiy, Cuihler.
Slate of IllinoU, County of Alexander:
' Hworu to and mibHcrlU-d before me, tliln 2.1l day
Juno, iwa. Attet. H. It. HAY, Notary 1'ubllo.
Klllll-.KT w. MlUkUIl,!
JOHN T. ItKNNIE, .Director.
J). llUltl), ' J
ID-vily 3F.ols.ot.
The light drauehl p.encer Steamer
It. V. NOltTUERN Master.
J, M.DEVKItLT Clerk,
"fill make- rettuler DAILY TKU belueeu Cairo and
lSiducah. leavini: Cairo eterv eveninc ISund.iva ex.
i-epted) nt tire o'clock.
Thu V'hlU coiinecla at Puducah witMhn New Orleaui
and Ohiu railrciivl, and thuCuinberlaudaud Teuuu-e
rher packetii.
' V ""6 It 1. JIBOKLkr. AKont.
)an23dtl Cairo, Illinois.
lUtit or William llottier, deceased.
Tim underslirned havinir boen mDOinted adminu.
lrin. of the esbt'o of William llottier. late of t)i
county0' Alexander, nnd State of lllluoli, deceased,
Krebr clve nolleo that ha w HI Appear beforo the
county court of tlexandor county, at tho court home.
In Cairo, at tho July term, ou thuOd Mondav lu Jnh
nut. at which t mo nil peraon hnrlmr elalma acnlnit
laid eatato urn notified ami roiiueitud to nttend foe
the purnono of having tho bamo adjusted. All per
ona IndobtcU to -aid citato aro re quoited to maka
immeuiaio payment to me uouorkiyncu.
uaieu ill is oil nay 01 Jimi-, ,. 11. 10m.
wCw DANIEL 11EI1L, ADmlnutratoi.

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