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TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 186&.
IIIIiioIh Central It. It., Change orTlliip.
The trnhiH now leave an follows:
cioino noktii:
Mail tnilnlcavftt
, 2 o'clock a.m.
. i p.m.
, 1 o'clonlc a.rn.
, i:0t " p.m.
Mail train arrive nt.... .......
Expreat " " -.. .
Way,'Jeael . ....JiM o'clock .tn,
Bpref., ' ..).. 4:lo " p.m.
Way, arrive at 6:30 " p.tn
KxprcM " HM
Dally, Sunduys excepted.
Pur French Syrups
"Wiener's for invalids.
Mlchelson fc
French Syrups noutralljto the heat of
summer, heal tho lok, and promote hap
piness; try them. For sale by Michclson
A Wiener. Je201w
Tho Davenport J6urrial' Hpeaks of
ripe apples from Southern Illinois being
on sale, In that city, at tho street corner
fruit stands. That is something of a
luxury, that's a fact; but In Cairo wo
have ripe pears, ripe peaches, water-ruel-lons
and musk-mellousl What do tho
Davenportcrs think of that?
Tho Bolect council will meet this even
ing to put tho ordiuanco authorizing tho
Issuo of bonds to pay the Fox, Howard
& Co. claim, upon Its passage.
Should nothing unforeseen turn up
tho meeting to-night will llnally and
rntlnfiiptorllv (Hhdomo of that matter.
lllncotcry uTNoll.
Tt N an MCurUltied f.tut that Halt water
underlies the coal mines of Messrs. Hal
lldays, at Du Quoin, of sufficient strength
to use most profitably. The only ques
tion Is as to quantity. It was strcuk at a
depth of 695 feet. Further investigations
will be made, and if present conjectures
are realized salt-makitig on the prairies
of Illinois will foon become a business.
Parsons, Davis & Co. havo kept a dray
almost constantly employed, during the
past wck, hauling frulljuni into and out
of their storerooms! That Arm has an
trder out for ono hundred and llfty gross
of tho Mason fruit jars, "Jl,0' 0 Jars, which,
be It known, is only ono of tho twenty or
thirty kinds in which they deal. To 1111
up a 'Zb by 75 cellar with fruit Jars, and
to sell them all out, Is tho work only or
a few days. Whero do they go?
"Barrett's" Excellent Hair Restora
tive. Tho famous Seller Water, Wels Heer,
Catawba anil Rhine Wines, cool and
pure, are always "kept ut tho Egyptian
Urowory Saloon, corner of Washington
avenue anil Tenth street. Lovers of these
delightful beverages are Invited to call,
as they will be jwlltely treated and sat
isfactorily servod.
Chas. Schob.vmi:yki:,
Je2s 1 m " Proprietor.
- -
Hrnltliriil nml Delightful llc rriixr.
The celebrated Setter's, KUelugen and
Louisville Artesian waters aro kept on
draught at tho City Drug Store, Com-
mcrclalavcnuo, between Sixth and Sev-
nth streets. Je 15 tf t
Miss Nolllo Scott and Mr. T.Scott havo
established themselves In tho hair dress-
ing and hair manufacturing business at
121 Commercial avenue, opposlto to Win-
ter'a Ulock, whero they will bo pleased
to meet old and now patrons, promising
to sorve'them satisfactorily in all cases.
Their advertisement appears elsewhere
in this paper.
A Rail will bogTven at School's Hall,
to-morrow evening, for tho bcnctlt of
Mike Rarry, who on account of a pistol
shot wound received about throo weeks
ago, has been entirely unab'lo to provldo
either for himself or his old mother who
Is dependent upon him for a living. Tho
tickets will ho placed at a low figure, bo
that every ono may extend help to him
without Injury or Inconvenience. Mlko
Is a hard-working, well behaved boy,and
would bo ono of tho last young men in
Cairo to ask for assistance, while in a
condition to tako caro of himself.
Tho hall will bo conducted in an
orderly manner, and all Improper shnrao
(era sedulously oxcludod.
"Rarrett'a" removes Dandruff.
Tho Suullowcr Rtlllard Saloon, on Ohio
Lovec, Is furnished with the latest styles
of tables, and tho bar supplied with tho
most excellent liquors. Frco lunch is
spread ovoryday atoa. m. and 10 p. in.
Save your lives aud property. A.
Fraser Is agent for tho copper scroll light
ning rod company and will fill all orders
promptly. Call at once and have them
put on your buildings. This Is tho best
and safest rod now made. Shop on Com
nicrclal avenue, between Eleventh and
Twelfth street. apl2Id3m
Ask all who use "liurrett's."
If you want a good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or shoot-iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that Hue,
tall on A. Fraser, Commercial avenue,
beteen Eleventh and Twelfth street,
whero ho has moved to, aud.fUted up tho
largest and most complete shop In
Southern Illinois. (
Particular attention given to steam
boat and mill work, copper smithing
and sheet Iron work, such ns chimneys,
Lreephor escaping flteana-plpes, etc
The A. C. A. ana K. (Mteletjr
M Iaalrae.
Tho effort o organize n agricultural
and mechanical fair awoclatUn In Alex
ander county has been renewed. It Is of
tho highest importance to the agricultu
ral and mechanical Interests of the
county that such an organization shouid
bo formed, it will Instil' a now spirit in
to those productive branches of industry,
and bring to their aid many methods
and appliances now unthought of. Not
only this, as often as twice each year It
will call to our city hundreds pf farmers
and mechanics from the surrounding
country; bring guests to our hotels, pat
rons to our business houses, and add each
year a greater sum of money to the
amount in circulation among us, than it
will cost to place the project on, n perma
nent and prosperous footing.
We aro sorry to add that our people
fall to appreciate these results, aud con
sequently refuse to extend to the project
the encouragement it deserves. There
aro gentlemen in Cairo deeply Interested
in the success of the interests tho socie
ty seeks to forward, who peremptorily
refuso to contribute ono cent In aid of its
purposes. There aro others, who have
thousands of dollars at their command,
who Hatlsfy themselves with subscrlp.
tloiisof five and ton dollars! Tt Is unnec
essary for us to say this is illiberal and
nut characteristic. It is inexplicable!
There are divers project on foot calling
for the use of money, but few, If any of
them, have required of our citizens indi
vidual donations. It cannot, therefore,
be urged that tho drain is too heavy. If
citizens refuso to aid this fair association
project, they cannot Justify their refusal
by allcglug burdensome exactions in oth
er directions. Such exactions have not
been made.
The few thousand dollars necessary to
put the society in working order ought to
bo subscribed In a day. Metropolis aud
Jomsboro, with less than one-fifth of our
wealth aud population, liavesetus mi ex
ample; and it would be extremely hu
miliating to confess that we cannot fol
low It because of tho cIoHe-Jlstcdness of
our people. Let not this be said of Cairo!
Let the calls of Mr. Davidson, who Is so
liciting subscriptions in that behajf, bo
liberally responded to, aud before a
twelve-mouth pabfes by, we shall have
the Agricultural and Mechanical Society
well c'tabllshcd aud on the high road to
Iirrlto Acmlciuy To-TIorrow.
The friends and patrons of tho Lorctto
Academy, holding Invitations, will bear
In mind that the commencement exer
cises to which they are Invited, com
mence at 2 o'clock p. in. to-morrow.
indicated in former notices, adding the
af-suranee, which we now repeat, that
Will dn0S3-W6T6msTd tcreiuI'lBb aTdlio
fcuked, and lost what may never bo ro-
fctorea to us. Rut we can secure the con
tructlon of tho C. & F. road to Charles
ou, and all tho advantages crowiuirout
lr lis connection with tho Iron Moun
aln railroad; and now, as rational men
et us do so. Failure in this lustanco set
Ies the matter llnally. If we refuso to
Accept tho proportion now submitted to
us, we lose the terminus of tho Cairo aud
pulton railroad, ouco and forever!
HO,no i000 deaths by starvation
,urreU ,n doa laatyear.
The- redcoats of Cauadacontlnue to do
W In largo numbers.
IMassachusetts paid $3,580,762 for educa-
lonal purposes during tho year.
Turkish Protestant communities
icrcaslng in numbers.
It Is expected that GUrnoro will receivo
k),00ofrotu tho receipts of tho Jubilee.
Homeopathy Is tho orthodox medical
1101100 in Rrazll.
Haunlbal, Mo., has an unparalleled
maud for brick.
rho cxactuuirth.QjCiihUeechoruaJ.
Mr. A. R. Saffbrd exhibited to us, this
morning, a "burglar alarm," of which
Messrs. Ruck & Adams, Elgin, are pat
entees and manufacturers. It Is easily
adjusted to a door or window, aud no
burglar can either open or tamper with
the door or sash unless the noisy Ilttlo
trick sots up a clatter that is sure to
arouso the house. And it keeps on clat
tering, too, In spite of all tho efrorts to
quiet it, on the part of thoso who havo
not the keys.
Woregard this as a highly valuable In
vention, and tho only one of Its kind
thatls sure to como Into general use. It
supplies the place of a watohman; Is
hotter than a half dozen hull dogs, and
cannot bo knockod down, garroted,
poisoned or made drunk. For liotols,
ofllces, residences and steamboats it is
'invaluable, and if generally employed,
Will strip thloves aud burglars of their
occupation. Price $3.00, or $30.00 per
dozen, sentC. O. D.
Messrs. W, R. Rockwell & Co. are sup
plied with all tho popular monthlies for
July. Their countors, indeed, present
rare attractions in tho way of family
weeklies, periodicals, pictorials, sheet
music, etc.
Our reading community Is peculiarly
fortuuato In having access to an estab
lishment so well supplied as that of
W. R. R. & Co. They aro constantly on
the alert for new and popular publlca.
tlon,and secure them in Cairo simulta
neous with tholr appearanco at head
quarters. In everything that constlutes
a wide-awake, enterprising nows and
bnok firm tho public Is constrained to
confess that W R. R, & Co. aro an emi
nent success.
Local Brevities.
The Free Benevolent Sons of America
(colored) propose an appropriate celebra
tion of the Fourth, on Moaday.
The Mound City 'Journal' desires to
know if there aro regular, genuine lodges
of colored masons. No colored iriasonlc
organizations are sanctioned by char
ters from the Grand Lodge. Herein, wo
predict, are' seeds that frill germinate
destruction to the order, sooner or later.
The Planters' Tobacio Warehouse
company are arranging for another
grand sale of tobacco to Uke placo on the
1st day of July.' Several consignments
have already been recelred from Ken
tucky, aad Johason, Puliskl hntl Mftssac
An unusual number cf thieves havo
rendezvoused In Cairo. We have heard
of ncr depredations as yk, but wo ad
monish odr citizens to Je on the alert,
and shoot the scoundreldown liko iIohh,
whenever they illscovertheua plying dr
attempting to ply the!,' nefarious call
Itlg. The weather during tae past few days
has been prbvocative of a rank growth
in vegetation, and Ill-temper among be
lated harvesters.
The present tho 03rd anniversary of
America's independent will bo celebra
ted on the 5th. This appears to be the
general understanding.
Keep your boys oH'tbo streets at night.
They come !n contact vlth the most de
based, and acqulro hablta and inclina
tions, under the cover of darkness, that
finally bring th"em to riln.
The hands of MessrH. Wood aud Royle,
engaged on tho Anaa public school
house, struck for higher wages yesterday.
Wo have not learned the result. 3-
A gentleman was Id the city yester
day, to arrange for the establishment
here tills fall, of a Urgo pork-packing
house. Cairo is certainly an eligible
point for that busincis, and the tock
ralsersof thcsurroundliigcountry will do
all they can to encourage it.
Everybody Is much pleased with tho
Improvements .progrtssing on Tenth
street. The surface drainage has been so
greatly Improved that tho washing of
ruts hereafter will be quite impossible.
It Is proposed to continue the work as
far as Jetlcrson avenue. As tho street Is
much used by farmers coming in from
Missouri, it should be put In tho best con
dition possible.
Mound City boasts of Tyrolean quar
tette, styled the "Manerchor society,"
that commands lavish compliments
at tho hands of the wdltor of tho Mound
City 'Journal.' The 1st tenor "has a
clear, high voice, full of sympathy and
sweetness.'' The profundo basso has a
lino "thorough" baas voice, full and ex
tremely rich., T - '
..cu niH part with that life aud exprus
slon that characterize a fine musician;"
and the baritone "has a full, clear aud
powerful voice that can 1111 a hall much
larger than tho Stokes," (50 by 100ft).
Our friend Recs would inako a ten
1 strlko by beguiling tills "'Jyrolean tjuar
tetto" to the en tracing shades of rlora
Garden. A sacred concert by them
would llll the garden full to repletion,
with delighted listeners.
"RarrettV makes new hair.
Shannessy, yesterday evening, In two
cases. Ono for disorderly conduct, and
the other for using obscene language.
Being of a resentful turn, Mrs. C. en
tered complaint against Mrs. Moran, who
was the principal witness against her,
for selling liquor without license. Sho
swore unequivocally that sho had fro-
fJ quently bought liquor of Mrs. M., and
that a few days ago, sho and "her mum"
got blind drunk on whisky obtained
from that quarter. On the other hand,
Mrs. Moran introduced several while and
black witnesses who unhesitatingly
swore that she didn't sell whisky; that
she kept a prlvato bottle for the use of
hersolf and child, but was never known
-to part with any portion of it for a monoy
consideration. The neutralizing charac
ter of tho evidence left tho old 'Squire in
a quandary. Although satisfied, in his
own mmu, mat Mrs, su. was guilty us
charged, the evidence failed to set up
such a condition of affairs. After cog
ltatiugawliiio he permitted the accused
to go acquit
t.riiml Exfurslou t Jul) 5lh
Tho Arab FIro Company have accept
ed an Invitation from tho Mechanic Fho
Company, No. 1, at Paducah, to partici
pate In a grand parade and picnio to be
given by the latter on the 5th of July.
The steamer Underwriter has been char
tered for the occasion, and a good time la
expected. Tho many friends of tho com
pany, aud tho citizen in general, aro re
spectfully invited. Tho fare for tho round
trip will bo for male adults, $1 50; chil
dren at ten, and under fifteen years of
age, 50 cents. Tho time of departure has
not yet been determined upon, but due
notice will bo glvon.
Coii. Jab. S. Reakdkn,
Tjios. J. Kkhth,
Je2-ldtd Com. of Arrangements.
"Rarrett's" cleanses tho scalp.
Street I.itlxir.
Tlioo citizens who have recoived no
tice of their liability to perform street
labor, aro requested to como forward Im
mediately and perform tho labor or
pay over three dollars in lieu of the,labor.
No further notlco will bo glvon. If thoro
is iiota prompt responso to this, collec
tions will bo enforced by law,
John Sukkhan, Streot Supervisor.
Je25 -2t
Part Ltflt for tha 94 Har En4lf mi
i wo o'cioea, r. JB.-
Gen Ati'lenon, Columbus Mllbrey,' Pndaeih
A.J. Baker. M. O. 8hmrok, Cincinnati
Iuiilnn, N O Friendihlp, Uclmont
BamJIerwIn.NO DlcUtor, 8t LouU
Oen. Andernon, Columbtit. Milhrejr, Paducak,
Shamrock, Ht I.ouU A J Ilaker, Pittsburg
Friendship, Ht Louln Ham Mcrwln do
Dictator, CoiiIitIIIq Ella Hughes, NmIitIIIc
Mohawk, Now Oileaiis,
The weather continues variable with
occasional showers. Last night was cool
and pleasant, but the temperature this
morning was sultry and disagreeable.
The Mississippi and Missouri aro still
swelling slowly above St. Louis.
The Ohio is stationary at Pittsburg
with 5 feet water in tho channel, and
heavy rains reported. It is rising at
Louisville with Ave feet in tho chute
ouer tho falls.
Tho Cumberland Is rising with four
fceton Harpeth Shoals.
Rusiuess continues fair.
Tho Shamrock discharged considerable
Cairo freight, and adout 2.t tons assorted
merchandise for rcshlpmcnt south.
Tho Mohawk and barges cleared for
New Orleans lost evening, after receiv
ing here 315 bales of hay, 000 bbls flour,
175 bbls meal, 83 hhds tobacco, COO sacks
oats, 25 bbls dried apples, 12-1 bbls vine
gar, 50 tons assorted freight all for Now
The Mllbroy takes tho place of tho
Cairo dnd Paducah packet Wm. White,
while that steamer has laid up at Padu
cah for repairs. Captain S. P. Magulre,
formerly of Cairo, and an experienced
and pleasant steamboatman, is in com
mand of the Mllbrey. She brought out
yesterday, tho biggest trip ever brought
by a Paducah packet, consisting of 75
hhds of tobacco, 20 beer kegs for icshlp
ment to St. Louis; 2 hhds tobacco for the
Planters' Warehouse, Cairo; 20 bundles
plow handles for C. R. Woodward,
Cairo; 30 bbls meal for rcshlpmcnt to
Tho Louisiana has laid up here and
will reship her freight.
The Friendship passed up tho Missis
sippi last overling with barges laden with
immense logs, cut noar Relmout, for the
now bridge now building across tho Mis
sissippi at St. Louts. .
Tho Milbroy, Capt. Magulre, Is tho reg
ular packet ror Paducah this evening.
The Quickstep, Capt. Dexter, is tho
rcgularpackct for Evansvillo this even
ing. Tho Relic St. Louis, Capt. Zelgler, is
the regular packet for Memphis this ev
X tWr'
.1 iui..uutucr uvsuvfcuuu nuirriuii iirrru.
1irtVTn-il...l..rnn,. .1 m ...
) V iuil City ivrip at r nts on ttio dollar, lor all
For a new Jornentla arllelaof jrroat ulllltv; meet a
umterral MAnt, elU nt (iKnti noeornpomtion. grml
jiamp lor circular, j.itti.kkiki.u a IMMn, No
.v. 11 tt
taahlngton atruct, lioaton, ilati.
01 Miles the Shortest Route to New York !
At rittuburc train from tho Wet run direct to the
Union depot, hero iiaateogcri for Ilarriibari;. Haiti
more, Waihlngton, Philadelphia, New YqrW, llonlon,
nutl all the New Lug land lowni, are tratwerred to
traimof the
Iluy you tlckcti for New York. Philadelphia and all
polnu Kast, Tla the l'ittabiirg. rort Wayne A Cliicaco
and tho l'cnnylranli. Central Itailroad. The trains of
make cloie connection at Mattoon and Chicago: and
Hib entire trip to New York is inadti with only two
clungt of car.
Elognut Wide Pu'Nt'iiKcr C'urm
Itnlacd Roofa mlpr oved Neat!
These car are thoroughly ventilated and provided
with every modern impioveinent Decenary tolho
tafuly and comfort of traveler
Woodruff's Patent,
Bun through to Philadelphia on all Night Trains,
and Now York via Philadelphia and Allenlown, with
out change, ailprdlng Passenger a night of tuutls.
IUI "Via 1 KU4
Landing; them la New York Honrs la
Advaace of all other Uaest
And in tiino to eocure Hotel accommodation? before
mo mural oi 1110 patienger Dy other route,
TollOitouaad New England paaienger this routo
cpecially desirable, as it give them an opportunity
' ee lie the nneit view amnno th (ll,.i,.n;,
Mountain, bosldc visiting Pittsburg, Philadelphia
and .Now York, Without Kxtra Cot.
KU All New Knuland mnnirra lml.lln.. il,,,.i.
ticket will b tmnnforred, with their baggage, to Kail
and Jloat Connection, in New York, without charge.
Four Dally Trains Loavo N. Y. for BoTtou
Thirteen Daily Trains Leave Philadelphia
iui ivuu IOI h,
Via Jersey City and Camden and Amboy. Distance,
miter, Tune, t hour.
Tills It tho only route bv which nflfttn(rla rain lSVA
ChK ago Saturday afternoon, In a through car. This
tram leavra tho Pittsburg, Fort V'ayuo k. Chisago
lta.lway Popot at 8:30 p.m. and rims throuso without
delajr, arming In iNcw Vork at CtOO MoJiday mornlox.
Hours lu Aavaaco of Other Jos !
JOS. 180 AND 182,
t ' '
1 t
Omxxxorcial -Vtroxxixo.
LOG rilAi.VS,
Rrown'fl Check Row
Corn nna Cob
. .Mnrvln'a HurBlar and Fire Proof i
U. line Si. CoU
Stan.cicvxcl Scales.
Washing Machines,
Step Ladders,
Chain Puwjis,;
Clothes Wringers.
Plow Bridles,
Rack Rands,
Ox Yokes.
And at Leant
ftevcuiy or Eighty TUousnurt
'YM. M. DAVIDcJ0f,
..fte aiHWow.'

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