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t Evening bulletin
FRIDAY, JULY 2, 1809.
Illlnola tVnlritl It. It., Clin tig uf Tinc,
The trains now leave as follows; y
hoino north : '
MalltrnlimlcttVi'iit SoVlwk .tn.
Kspr-" 2jt0 jtf p.m.
' ' ' t'OMINO SOUTH. .
Mall train urrlir at..... ..... 2 o'cJotu..lrt.
KrprwwVn i .... :0? :,)m.
Way, ltat (.......M..-....4!W)VJok .hi.
Expr, " :10 " P-tn.
War, arme at.....-..-.. ........ 6iW p.m
Kjtc;i . - 7au i' -.In.
Dally, Sundnya excepted.
Blind Toin ii giving uoucertsiin Hloom
Ington. r
If tliat musical prodigy would drop
down this way ho could flit the Athe
ncum for a night or two.
nirtla una Iltoira.
An individual, Inclined to be facetious,
Approached a well-knit, hut rather green
looking passenger on board olio of the
steamboat at our landing, the other
night, and asked him how ho "sold hU
birds.1' The passenger having no birds,
put hl llugor to his mouth and observed
that that wa4 all the bird lie hud, and it
wasu't for salo us ho know'd of. Whoro
iipon the facetious man pronounced him a
d lusullmg ,ntid whacked him over
the head. Tho pimcnger submitted' for
the time, ptifsed oil' the boat, up town
and Into :i saloon. Ho drank once, twice,
three times, and was about to take
another drink when in walked the face
tlou." man, "largo as life, and twice an
natural." The Mranger eyed him a mo
ment, blowly closed hi horny bunch of
fives, picked .put his spot, and planted
a blow thereon that laid the facetious
man sprawling upon the floor. That ono
Hole was all; the stranger, in doubt as to
the result of a continued contest, mado
himself hcareo. Indeed, not knowing
but there wan Home meaning in tho
threat lie heard against tils person, Yio
ho accepted tho protection of the police,
until the hour for his departure arrived,
when he left tiwn, perfectly natlstled
with the game of "tit-for-tat" to which
he had been a purty.
French Hynijw neutralize the heat of
summer, heal tho flck, and promote hap'
plnefss; try them. For m by .Mlohelson
v Wiener. JeiSllw
The famous Seller Water, Wels Beer,
Catawba and Rhino Wines, cool and
pure, are always kept at the Egyptian
Hrewery Saloon, comer of Washington
avenue and .Tenth hlret. Lovr of thee
delightful beverage are invited to call,
i they will be politely treated and ?-at-Hfactorlly
ieiSlm ,' ' ' ' Proprietor
- -
Aritli I! t-urliii to l'niiiralt.
This old ndlublu lire company loaves
tho Cairo wharf on Mondny morning, at
i o'clock, to .atend tho Firemen's Pa
rade, and basket picnic at Paducah,
having accepted thu kind Invitation of
tho lire department of that city. They
extend a cordial invitation to anybody
friendly to the Arab to go along with
them. Tho charge for the round trip,
foradults,$l.jO;boys, 60 cents no charge
being made for ladies. They have enga
god a lino brass and string baud, and the
xplondld steamer Underwriter for the oc
casion, and from the long reputation
of thin company for conducting all their
excursion!), etc., with propriety, and
giving general fatlsfactlon, together with
tho gentleman composing the commltteo
of arrangements, are a sure guarantee
that it will be a cheap, pleasant and liar
raonious trip, and ono that will long be
remembered, both by our 11 re in en and
their friends, visiting the firemen and
citizens of our sister city. 1 3t
Healthful unit OrllKhlfal Hyrtff.
Tho celebrated Setter's, Kissingen and
Louisville Artesian waters arc kept on
draught at the City Drug Store, Com
morclal avenue, between Sixth and Sev
enth streets. Jo 15 tf
Tho Sunflower Billiard Saloon, on Ohio
Loveo, Is furnislied with tho latest styles
of tables, and tho bar supplied with tho
most. excellent liquors. Freo lunch is
spread everyday at 9 a. in. and 10 p. m.
' j
The Arab Firo Company have accept
ed an invitation from the Mechanic Firo
Company, No, 1, at Paduoah, to partici
pate in a grand parudo. and picnic to be
given by tho latter on tho 5th of July.
Tho steamer Underwriter has beon char
tered for tho occasion, and n good tlmo Is
oxpected. Tho many friends of tho com.
pany, and tho citizen in genoral, are re
spectfully Invited. The faro for tho round
trip will bo for male adults, $1 60; chil
dren at ten, and under llftoon years of
age, CO cents. Tho time of departuro has
not yet beon determined upon, but duo
notice will ho giveu.
Col. Jas. S. Rkakdkn,
Tuos. J. JvBRTH, ,
Je2ldtd Com", of Arrangements.
If you want a good stovo, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-Iron ware,
tin roofoguttorj or anything In that line,
call on A. Fruscr, Commercial avenue
oetoen EJovoitfli and Twelfth street,
whero he has moved to, and : fitted no tho
.argest "rirm inrr i-omplcte shop hi,
'outhorn Illinois,
Particular attention given to fctuam-
toat and mill work, copper smithing
....I ..1. I I ..--!-
uu "ui'i't irui woriif mien na rninineyn,
1 f , .t . I 1 ! ,
"Barrett's" recommonda jteelf. ,.
Pure French Syrups at Mlcholsbn &,
Wleqer's for PV1W. Je291fr
Mr. F. E Swift, the affb! cltrk t he
fltfCharWHole), ha gone to Vermont,
where mmouf the Green Mountains, he
will 'forget tho hot weather aad all the
besotmcnts, duties and exactions ofj a
business life. lie will probably be ab
sont several weeks.
Memphis, like many" portions of Illi
nois, has Just been subjected to Ibo rava
ges of a tcrrrible storm. Twenty or thirty
blown down and ajieneral havoc played
among awnlngsslgns and fences,,
Notice Is hereby given, that those
licenses which expire to-day, (Juno 30th)
must be forthwith renewed. No other
notice will be given to parties Interested.
Patjuck Mocklkk,
JMOdai City Clerk.
Save your lives and property. A.
Fraser la ngent fot the copper scroll light
ning rod company and will 1111 all orders
promptly. Call at once and have them
put on your buildings. This is the best
and safest rod now made. Shop on Com
mercial avenue, between Eleventh and
Twelfth street. apl24d3in
, .T '
Kverybody to-day has something to
say about tho earthquake. Accepting
the different accounts as true, it shook
no two'house allkp. SomeVcrtf shaken
five seconds, others ton, others twenty,
and ono individual who timed It, declares
that his residence wn flhaken thirty-five
seconds. Well, ome. people need more
shaking thnn othdrv, and we" aro glad
they got It.
Itnrltprtic and I'ir-NI.
There will be a barbecue and pic nio ut
Bird's Point to-day, that will most likely
attract a large numberof our young folks
to that side of the river. The Missouri
belles and beaux will be there In force,
and wherever they usHemble there Is go
ing to be llret clam enjoyment. As Hen
ry Ward Beecher used Ut say, "you may
go your bottom dollar" that fun don't lug
among Unit people.
"Barretts" retores with rapidity.
Thu American eagle will not be serious
ly agitated In this region on tho 4th. Thu
Arabs propose to thuke him up to some
extent, and possibly other organizations
may give him a little unrCbt But all
this doesn't amount to much. The chief
happiness of tho bird will be found lu the
reflection that Muuu auil Lliicgnr don't
intend to talk at him.
The prisoners In tho county Jail aro in
low spirits. Dick Fitzgerald doesn't gl vo
them a half chance to escape. The other
day they had made some headway in
that direction; had drawn nomo of the
eight Inch wrought spikes from tho cell
ing, and were In high hopes of escape,
when the ubiquitous Dick made ills up
poaruueo among 'em and demanded tho
If we had a less uttentivo Jailor Jail
deliveries would bo of frequent occur
rence. In fact wenhbuld scarcely be able
to bring any hardened old offenders t 'to
Tho only ciroctual remedy of which wo
can think, is a now Jail.
The Memphis papors say that tho
county court of Shelby county has issued
.p0,000 iii county bonds to Col. Mitchell,
president of tho Memphis fc Cairo road,
and tiiat the Colonel has negotiated them
for over 90 cents on tho dollara better
prlco than such lKinds have been sold for
for many years.
Memphis subscribed $250,000 to this
railroad, and the 'Avalanche desires to
know why the Vv'holo amount was not
handed over to Col. Mitchell? In lets
than three weeks the road will bo under
contract, and the whole amount will
not build thoroad through Hhelby coun
ty. Tho payment of $50,000j tho 'Ava
lanche' thinks, is trifling with a great
project. t
"Barrett's1' Invigorates and Beautifies.
Nallcet Kollwl
MichcUou & Wiener, manufacturers of
tho delightful French Bynip, beg res
pectfully to announoo that by request
ttiey will sell their Syrups', In bottles, at
retail, at 88 Ohio Lovee. Try it. jl lw
A Wretched Crcnturv.
Wo saw a raggedslckly, fllthy girl in
tho vicinity of tho court houso, yester
day evening, hunting somo place, alio!
said, to lio down and die, Sbo was about
fourteen years of age, of u yellow, cadav
erous uppearanco; her clothing bunging
upon her In tattors, aad her hair fairly
alive with vermin. S, ho informed us that
sho had had tho aguo nearly all her life;
that tho deck hands had abused her com
ing up on tho boat, and that ehe didn't
want to live any louger. She. gave. Jut
clndallartas her name, and sald tliaV
her father was killed during tho war anil
that her mother died last January. She
has an undo living twenty ,mies from
Clurksvlllo, Tonnesseo, but suya she does
not cure now whether sho reucle him or
not she thinks sho would rather.dle.'
A moro forlorn, aliule.is, hopeless,
wretched oreaturo wo have not seon In
years. Two or threo of tho bystanders
gavo her a little money, whhih sho pock
eted, and then pursued her ptirposolesj
Prench Syrups siirphSs oveiy'hrflg for
hommmdo. Try them. MIchelson fc
WJemr, m ami factum, No. s Ohio Li"
The Earthttako, Ifcln Mvralnsr.
About ten minutes past 2 o'clock this
morning, Cairo was visited by an earth
quake that aroused citizens from a sound
slumber, and excited a clatter of window
sashen and shutters, crockery ware, etc.,
IfM iW AMI Jqlnff to .listen, to.
It was, as is usually the case, preceded
by a roaririg souhdnofi unllko that oc
casioned by the rush of dlhtant waters,
or the sweep of the whirlwind through
the forest, Te shock followed almost'
instantly, the ! motion being of fin oscil
lating naturo, gradually dying away,
and then receiving a fresh Impetus and
dying away again. The f motion was
believed to be frdmfe.ist' to west, lis du
ration being variously estimated t from
elgh't td'twenty seconds.
There was no damage done, that wo
hear, of, In. tatty partifof tho city and
fifteen ralnutjC after Its subsidence,
lights we're blown out, and the cly again
ijunk to rest.
The needful funds have been raised in
England to build tho 300 miles of 'the
Cairo. FuUori road lying within tho
State of Arkansas, and the whole lino
will be put under contract tho present
veason. Cob Allen will extend it from the
Arkansas lino to ClirtrlOtob, thus opening
up connection between Tattle Bock, Ful
ton and St. Louis. For $100,000 Cairo
bonds, the road will bcexteudt'd'on a di
rect, liuo from Charleston toBlrd's Point,
thus finishing it as originally contem
plated. Tho business tho road will throw into
tho hands of our merchants, will reim
burse the city in a year; and under tho
operation of tho luto railroad law, tho
principal will be provided for without
Increasing tho rute of our taxation a
The Nl. Chnrlr Hold.
iVo arc.glud to learn that this spacious
and flrst-class hotel will remain open for
the reception of guests during the entire
btwon; und, when wo remark that Mr.
Jewett Wilcox willcontlriuoln the direct
superintendence of Its affairs, our read
ers will, of course, understand that the
excellence of tho faro will not be dimin
ished in the least.
As It Is well-known that during the
blazing days of July and August, tho
travol through Cairo is small, and that a
hou.c of the size and character of tho St.
Charles la run nt a heavy expense, wo
hope our citizens will see the necessity
of concentrating upon the house all tho
patronage ot thelrcommand. Itis highly
Important to Cairo that the St. Charles
should be kept open constantly. Isn't it,
It l Intnlnnbln to
Tho Cairo fc Vlucenncs railroad, tho
Cairo & St. Louis railroad, tho Illinois
Central railroad and the Junction rail
road are thoroughfares of great cotifcc
qunnce to Cairo; but tbo Cairo it Fulton
railroad Is of tho highest importance.
Without it, wo can have no communica
tion with the great fouthwest, wbicli
!ome day Is to bo tho main Mipp rt nf
Cairo. Without tho Illinois Central, wo
can reach Chicago; without tho Culco &
Vlnccnncswo can reach tho Wabash val
ley; without tho Cairo & St. Louh road
wo can reach St. Louis and tho upper
Mississippi, and without the Junction
rooii we can reach tho South. Hut with
out tho Cairo & Fulton road wo cunnot
reach (he southwest, as there aro no rail
roads or rivers affording menus of com
munication. Wo give 5200,000 to the Cairo & Vlncen
lies road; f 200,000 to the Cairo & St. Louis
road; but can secure tho Cairo & Fulton
road worth moro to us than either of
tho othors for $100,0001 Shall we hesi
tate to close In with such an offer?
Cairo needs to the main-spring to
action that this road will furnish. Se
cure it aud our future will bo one of un
Intcrupted prosperity.
Over 8300 KertlitMt,
The ball for tho benefit of young
Barry was fully equal to the expectations
of those who engineered It. Thero
were ono hundred find fifty tickets sold
at one dollar each, uud sixty dollars
taken in ut tho bar, netting about one
hundred and seYouty-llvo dollars,
This sum would bo u God-send to ul
moat any poor man, but ooo who Ib
on h bed of sickness, and Is ponniloss It
lias tut iudescriiible value.
Wo aro sorry to add tliat young Barry
Is not getting along as well as wo all had
occasion to expect. Ho is receiving tho
most devoted attentions, and Is entirely
comfortablo but not boyond clangor yet.
ArreNtor Jlnrderer.
During tho lastdowntrip of thostoai'u- i
or Blohmoud, and at a point betweou
Memphis and Groenvllle, u negro named
Joe Williams killed a negro hand on
tho boat, whoso namo wo lmvo not
Williams was tied, by Iho otllcersof
tho Richmond, 11 bopg the purposo to
deliver him. over Justloo but .somebody
cut the ropoH tliat bound him, that ho
might efl'eot hla escape. Ho plunged
overboard, gained tho hhoro, and bv
somo moans teaohed Cairo. Ho wan i
found working on ono of tlio Farrar's '
.barges to-day, by ofllcer Arnoidj and
taken under arrest. Ho will bo held .ub. '
Ject to a reiiiilsltloiirom tho Governor of !
I tlio State in which thu murder wan com
mlttcd. . Ho it a brutal looking negro.
A blowing hot sun toulay hus been
mado tolevablo b. a stlU'breczo that lias
swept over tho city uuroniUUugly. Such
breezes are peculiar to Cairo, owing their
brjgln to the dlflbrerit into of tmpehi
"BarrettW' Miraculous Hatr Restora
There will be a Joint sosslosi of the city
council this cvonlng. , v. J
.Thu nnnr oitnlnm hntmtliu''t.aiim,l -
TilgMly Imposing appearance, and jIb
wmjr uuveiuping; now aronifeoiurai beau
I'lc-Wlr 1m Keiitnck'ir on Mandav
There will be a plc-nlo in the Kentucky
groves, opposite to Cairo, on Monday,
the5th Inst, Tot tho benefit of the Catho
lic Church.
Fine brass and string bands have been
engaged for the occasion.
Tho steamer Cairo will mako "sovoral
trips during thq; day between tho city
and tho grounds, leaving on tho first
trip at 0 o'clock, a.hi. "
- j. ... Who Want WorkT
Tho farmers of Union county, now
harvesting their wheat, aro sadly In need
of hands.it Labor h very'scaree, and tho
pay good.
Wo would suggest to tho hundred or
two idle men In Cairo, whito and black,
tho propriety of striking out into the
country. They can earn $20 while they
aro bemoaning their distressed condition
here, and searching for work they cannot
find. The harvesting in Union is delayed
on account of short help. Hurry up there,
then, ave the crops, and you will do
something towardschcapenlngyotir own
Tho Cairo Planters' Tobacco Ware
house company have much cause for In
couragemenL Opcnlug their sales when
tho season had well nigh passed, they
nevertheless sold more tobacco than any
of the rival markctssold durlug the first
Next year tho 6ales will reach 8,000 or
lo,U)0 hogsheads. There is already the
most positive assurance of such a result.
The means of Ingress and agrcss pos
sessed by Cairo give It groat advantages,
and these are constantly undergoing
improvements. Furthermore, another
year, wo shall have a board of liberal
local buyers, who will take at good prices
all the tobacco our neighboring planters
can throw Into our market.
"kTvjkk sewh.
Port I.lnl for tti a I JltMira KndliiK nt
l uu oVIut'k, 1'. M.
On Aii'lrtfln, Oilmntn MiHtvt, Tflii-ah
I'ettfl. No. 2, Cincinnati. Atmmiu. Kun.villn.
iuc. Omr. I'ltt-imrjr. Oily of r(ro, M. Um
Vick'-liuf.', New Orln. I.iulu (iill. ' -lo
Tyretiu. N hvllle. irini.hlM, ilo
ll"n Aci'ortl, MtrojH)l -.
DF.l'AltTU rtK.
Ocn. Anil"rKiii, Columbut. Milliry, Pinltieali,
t!y nl Cairo, Mcminu. U.U. Gray, do
VlektburK. l-oitville. Ovu.R. Wiki, lo
I -viiti'lr-, 1'itt-lHirir. lion AitopI, l
I.iftin Mill, Vw ortr.un.
Tlio weather Is clear and even more
sultry than usual, but a stronger breeze
prevails to-day than for somo days past.
Tho earthquake of this mornlrig 'seems
to have had no effect upon the weather,
but it murdered bleep, rattled windows
and crockery and suggested prophesy-
1 igs from the timid souls. We hear of
no damage.
The Mississippi and Missouri rontfntto
Tho Ohio Isrlsing nt Pittsburg with 8
feet 10 inches water In tho chuunel and
falling at Loulsvllio with four feet six
inches In chute over tho falls.
Here the rivor has risen fourteen Inch
es since last report. (
Business continue fair. '
Tho Mllbrcy brought 23 bbls meal, 30
and bxs and bbls peaohesund apples, 12
bdls sundries, for Cairo, and 20 hhds to
bacco for rcshlpment south.
The Tyrone brought 013 bars and bdls
Iron, 26 rolls leather, 6 bbls brandy, for
St. Louis; 30 hhds tobacco, for New Or
leans, and the following for Cairo: A.
Mackto ACo., 50 pieces bacon, and C. T.
ninde, 1 box.
Tho Lizzie Gill received 340 bbls flour,
13Ssks oats, 150 pieces bagging, 17 bbls
whisky, and 5 tons sundries for New
Tho Mllbrey, ('apt. Magurle, is tho reg
ular packet for Pudticah this evening.
Tho Quickstep, Capt. Dexter, Is iho
regalar packet for Kvunsvllle this even
ing. ThoTyrone, Capt. Snlller, is the Cairo
and Nashvillopaukot to-day.
Tin T.iimlnary, Capt. Conway, leaves
this evening for MruiptilsHiid vlcksburg.
IfOR HKNT.-Tlio cf!Uo on the second floor,
ovor Miller A Minor's olvtliluj- more, nt rtnuomMu
term. Apply t Miller A MiIIit'i, jnj S-tf
t'oincr Wushlu'gtoa Aye. ;aua HtkTlSts.
I urn prepare! to All onlent for slitulc of any iiiio
or color Mohcap u any oilier factory. Extra hIui
ln.vlp tocnlor. I also liavc opened a new anil freih
wlileh lwtrUrU m low as ''auy otljer mua.1' Clioio
XXX family flour f) CO pcrlmrrcl warrntl.
, y JOHN II. l'JUI.Iiliy,
lnrltilltn (Oppntlto i-imloin limiiel Cnlro. IIIihoIh.
,,-t "ills
liiKlliiitt A lliiylhorno h lloja im Sluii .itMSvq-
ifOOn" U!t sou ii fhrt noli. e niurwi
mivto an. I llrhlfKroom.
J-N,ayfnr Vonug Jlfn cn Iho inerejliiia riiatio
of lwdogrw lo toa'. W Iho .uM.tutjoa of Marrhfti
JOS. 180 AND 182,
V '
Coxnxnox'cinl J3k.-xroxi.xo.
II ( 1Ullll' firtiTvrn
Brown's Check Row
n.iiiiivii li.riiii,
Corn and Cob
.Mnrvlu'n Itui'Klni nil I'lre Proof
5fi .1
S u3w "SP 33 .
1 1 ,jf-
U. Him X. Co.
Wiwlihig Machine,
Clolltps Wriiigers.
Plow BrM Ics,
Back Hands,
Step Ladders,
Chain rumps,;
Ox Yokes,
; i ('. k m r. i
Au.l nt I.At
4oveMy or IHghty TIiouautl
u"IOA ruf
-A' J
OEI3EJ-A. X"Oyit O

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