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OFFIOK: No. 13 Tenth Street. Thornton's Building.
, ' ...... TUESDAY 'EVENING tHJLY G", 1S69.
SIPPI. Tho entire Northwest 1h deeply Inter
ested In the romovnl of the Impedimenta
to foreign comtnorco that uxlut In that
stretch of the Mlslssirpl between tlio
Gulf aud Now Orleans. A luto urtlclo lu
Dellow'B Review' net forth In a forci
ble manner tho BtlmuIuH our Importit
tlonn Wo New Orleans would receive
from tho construction of tho proponed
Now Orleauonnd Ship iHland canal. It
Ih shown thnt vessel enter at New
York for ouo fourth aud at Boston for
one llfth tho cost Imposed upon vessel
enterliiK New Orleans. It will ho dlfll
cult indeed to contend against such a
innrkctl diH'ercnco. Upon a ship of 1000
toiH the charges at Ronton aro "5-WJ9.&0;
at New York, $570, and at New Orleans,
If this obstruction to trade Is tho re
sult of monopoly, New Orleans muht he
content to see the general prosperity of
tho city sacrificed to the utl vantage of a
few privileged persons, and cannot com
plain If the commerce whleii U legiti
mately her own pnt Into more liberal
hand1!. Pur, U-yoiid all depute, If an
equality of exiiotiro could be uMablishod
'between northern porLs and New Or
leans, avast amount of merchandise In
temledforthe great Went which now
seekt the former, notwithstanding the
long railway traiuportlou It muni en
counter on reaehlng them, would be
shipped to the feoutheru ports for water
transportation up the MifeMi.-sippl.
Tlie happy olivet of a ship ennui would
be todlmlnlsh the txirt elmmen in pilot
age and towage aloneSl.SQO on rvco1 of
PMO tons thu l)rlugiu tho expemo
to something like an equality with New
York and Roatoir The very groat In
ducement would tli (ii b presented to
shippers of the cheupuoM of freight on
the western waters, as compared with
the traut-portatiou acroM the country by
railroad Mure than this; a considerable
advantage in time for articles of small
bulk would be seotired. Freight sent
through the ehijt canal to .New Orleans,
aud by the Jaeksuu and Memphis rail
roads, would roach Cairo nx uon as it
can now reach New Orleans from tho
Utilize. The trade with the Went Indies
which would be entiled luto existeuco
would Itself pay for the canal.
Hurcly there is no one matter of moro
vital consequence to the commerce of
the MlneUslppI valley than the imped
inu nt to which We herein Invite atten
tion. - - - .
Tho citizens of Rullurd county a-em-'Jed
in iiuiM convention in llltintlvlllo,
on the lth ult., to givu uxnreeeiou to
their sfiitimuuM ujioii tho pending ques
tion of negro testimony In Kentucky.
After organizing a, committee of four
was named, which reported, among
others, tbufollowlug resolutioua:
Resolved, 1st. Thut it is Mir slncero
conviction that the whole bchemo of
modern "Negro Testiniouy," Is opposed
to the sjilrll and letter ol our National
Constitution, to the teachings of the great
Democratic party, aud to every princi
ple of enlightened public policy.
2. That wo regard all tne arguments
for tho admission of the negro to the
witness stand as utterly fallacious, and
therefore unworthy of serious Investi
gation. Its advocates certainly support
:i J rinclple that Is antl Democratic aud
unconstitutional. They fall practically
to recognize tho natural autagonhm of
the African and Caucasian races. Tho
"new Mtatu" of tho ueirro cannot bo
made a reasonable argument for negro
testimony. Nochaugt'of circumstances
can subvert or modify si fundamental
Ith. That Col John C. Noblo of tho
Paducah 'Herald,' Is untitled to tho grati
tude of the whole country for his earnest
and untiring opposition to tho measiiro
agaliut which wo have expressed our
selves in these resolutions.
The resolutions as reported were
adopted by a iinunlnioiu vote.
There Is a rock In Jacksonville, Ala"
baina, discovered two years ago, that
haa plain cyphers of 1870 lu large llgures
upon Its face, and the cyphers aro evi
dently formed there by tho same hand I
that formed tho rock; for it is plain to
bo no device of man. And equally mys
terious, the discoverer being directed to
it by u voloofrom a person that he could
lint. hii. mill tin. vnlrit until tlin nvnlinri
were a living witness of a now era In
tho world's history, aud of tho terrible i
day spoken of soon t come.
A country cotemporary expresses tho
belief that all tho Btato Institutions, tho
penitentiary, normal school, lunatic asy
lum, etc., should havo been congrega
ted at Springfield. Tho Springfield Reg
ister' copies the article, aud speaks of It
as "a graceful and considerate leador,
etc. ' Had tho country editor advocated
tho removal of tho State house from
Springfield, In diction equally elegant,
tho "leader" would havo been entirely
destitute of both grace nud considera
tion grucehss and inconsiderate
Tho improvements in tho littio "Wa
bash river consist of a lock and a dam
at or near Now Haven. Whoa comple
ted, slack water navigation will bo provi
ded to Carml, a distance of about forty
Chilians havo such a horror of the
night of cofllns tli at their open exposuro
for sale has been forbidden at Bauliago.
Tiio last South Carolina legislature
elected two negroes upon the board of
trustees of tho State Unorvlslty.
A "Wall-eyed Pike," with a razor In
his stomach, has been caught at Water
loo, Iowa.
A man In Kansas City charms bees,
leads them whither he will and compels
them to do his bidding.
liostou is to lead oft on tho attack on
tho blonds. An "original hruneito baby
show" opens there in July.
Tho proposed hying up of the tele
graphs will cost Kngland $32,&00,000,
Ceylon Is chiefly devoted to coflce cul
tivation, and has 130,000 acres of codec
The prairies of Northern Texas have
been literally covered with strawberries
this season.
Recently, in New York, first-class
velocipedes have been sold at auction for
from ?76 to ?).
Over 1000 tons, or 6000 hag., of cotton
seed hare been consumed during the
paj-t season, in Cincinnati, in the manu
facture of oil.
National Rank stock, according to a
recent unanimous opinion of tho Su
preme Ourl of Iowa, can be taxed, un
der a law of the state to that effect.
California papers complain of tho per
secutions to which the Chinamen lu
that state are subjected by native Ameri
cans. Tho women's rights folk will now bo
after secretary Routwell for his decision
that women cannot be collectors of cus
tom. Spuruuon's nose has become a matter
of London newspaper comment. An
Irreverent fellow says It Is as much read
as his sermons.
Three convicts attempted to escape
from Jail In Corinth, Utah, and the
guard tired half a dozen times upon them,
killing all three
The Iloosler Drill company, of Milton,
Iud., give employment to hlxty-flvo
bauds, whose wages amount to S1200
per week.
Iiong Island aud Connecticut are dis
puting on the oyster question. Why
don't they follow tho example of tho
aulmlleaud shut up?
Strangely enough the iilblo hus never
yet been published lu Japanese, Rev.
Mr. Rrown's translation having been
distroyed by a tire at Yokohama.
A big iron tank, made for the new
chemical works at Jackson, Mich.,
weigh 1200 pounds, and has a capacity of
JVTfiO gallons.
Iho strangest feature of the Ocean
Bank robbery Is that tho keys of tho sec
ond door of the vault wero left hanging
up Inside the outer dour.
Tho Caspian Sea got a firo tho other
day from an overdose of naptha. Tho
Italics were broiled and the neighborhood
became red hot.
Tho valuo of freestone dressed In Cin
cinnati, yearly, J nearly $1,000,000.
There are twenty ilrms engaged in this
business who employ about 750 hands.
Dean Alford having published a re
vise and corrected edition of tho Now
Testament, now notifies Its purchasers
through an advertisement tosttpply, sev
eral omitted words,
The Putnam's will publish In tho fall
Mrs. Nath Hawthorno'a "Journals lu
England and Familiar Letters" and a
volume of letters from th east, Illustra
ted by Mr. Bryant.
Chicago is bragging ofa new shot
tower Just built by tho Chicago Shot
Tower Company. It Is 100 feet high,
cost $50,000, aud can turn out eighty tons
of shot per day.
A big foundry will soon bo built near
Staunton, Va., by somo Baltlmoro cap
italists, who propose to mantifacturo Iron
and steel by tho Slebort process. Thoy
havo bought several thousand acres of
land in that vicinity.
Ships leaving Now York for Europe
havo beoa notified that tho Great East
ern and tho other ships with tho cablo
uro oxpocted to reach the banks of New
foundland during tho first week Jn July.
This notification has been given so that
caro can bo taken to avoid collisions.
- - -
HtraiiKC rtitUy.
There la a family in this county utlllet
ed with a peculiar disease, If it 19 a dls
ease, which probably will not bo found to
exist in ouo family In a million. Mrs.
Blakly was tho mother of four children,
thrco of whom bIjo has lost in tho follow
ing strango manner : Two of them, It
was noticed, began bleeding from tho
gums, after picking their teeth, and it
was found Imposslblo to stop tho flow of
blood, and in a short time tuoy both bled
to death. Tho other, a boy, and tho ol
dest child, died a few days ago, having
bled to death from a slight cut In tho
end of one of hfs lingers, inflicted over
ouo year ago, Golconda Herald,
Tho Memphis papers are considerably
exercised lest Cincinnati, Louisville,
Cairo and St. Louis take tho lead of her
In pushing forward tlip Southern Pacific
railroad. Tho 'Appeal', says:
"Cincinnati, too, Is looking to her In
terests by tho Cairo and Pulton route.
Memphis only is atn stand still. Except
the little that Is doneoa the Little Rock
road, there Is, positively, no effort being
made that can bo construed into aid to
the through Pacific Railroad, that all ad
mit Is necessary to our continued exis
tence as a city. We aro being rapidly
distanced In thin. and other things, be
cause our people feed upon tho vanity
that our position gives us a commanding
pro-emlneuce, and will of itself force for
us what other peonlo have to work hard
for. They aro likely, Bhortly, to he
awakened from this pleasant dream, and
very abruptly. Railroad" , which accom
plish everything now-a-days for commu
nities, that break ho ruthlessly all tne
best made calculations, are building up
cities where there Is no Mississippi, and
investing with a grand future, points on
the "plains" that but a few months ago
were the haunts of tho butlalo aud tho
red man. The same results will follow
In Arkansas and Texas, and to our ben
efit if wo but make tho effort If not,
then, for the benefit of the cities we havu
named, increasing the chances against
ut, and adding almost insurmountable
obstacles to those we already have to en
counter. Wo must be up and doing.
While wo havo u favorable position our
trade is utmost exclusively the work of
railroads, to bo increased by other rail
roads, like that to Solum aud that to
Cairo, aud theone that overshadows all,
as it will benefit all that to tho PaclUc
Ocean. Wo can never hopo for tho des
tiny so eloqueutly predicted for us, that
we aro to rival tho Memphis of the Nile,
until we have a through railroad to the
In this samo direction there is some
thing for the people of Cairo to do. They
must fcecure, while they may, the north
eastern terminus of the Cairo and Ful
ton railroad, which road will eventually
be a portion of the houthcrii Pucltlc. The
terms are such as they can accept with
out imposing a burden on themselves or
their posterity. The heavier burden
would come, In truth, as tho fruits of it
refusal to accept. Let us be alive, then,
to the chances of the times, aud avail
ourselves of such as promise us good re
The press of the State arc denouncing
In unmeasured terms tho present man
agement of tho penitentiary. It is al
leged that the convicts roam about the
city of Jollet at will, play poker, fceven
up, auction pitch, etc., from day-dawn to
dark, and openly avow a purpose to "cut
the heart out" or any man who attempts
to drive them to work. The discipline is
most reprehenslbly lax, being of u char
acter that converts the prison Into a
mere club houso where scoundrel- inettt
aud mature piano for future villainies.
This is all the result of putting tho
high moral Ideas of radicalism Into prac
tice. A Christian association Is said to
embrace ehven hundred out of the six
teen hundred convicts now in the peni
tentiary. And these christian convicts,
full of pious zeal, during their devotion
exemplary "Suuday meu," are relieved
from much of the prison restraint which
tho "uuchauged" und "uncoavorted"
convicts are made to feel constantly.
They aro given the liberties of the streets
and tho prison yards, have a nice time of
it generally, and why shouldn't tho piou
creatures "cut the heart out" of any
man who might attempt to make them
feel thoy are convicts and subject to pen
itentiary discipline?
Tlio attention of thu governor ha been
called to the abuecs complained of, aud
it is thought that ho will lusiet upon such
u change as will make further hypocriti
cal pretentions of changed hearts, on
tho parr of the prisoners, unnecessary
a change that will make the peniten
tiary a horror to evildoers, becau.e of
the strictness of its dlaelpllno, and tho
absenco of all social aud physical en
Joyments INDIAN A fit 6 CITIES.
I'i'ArrMuit t'oiue'i'hronsli Kitcriiiiuiilioii
Tho Junction City 'Union,' in uu arti
cle deploring the recent Indian murder,
Wo once asked a private soldier of the
First Colorado, what Induced the ferocity
which churaoturUed their attack upon
thu Indluns at Sand Creek.
Ho replied that on their routo from
Lyon to Denver lived a family, who
kept a rancho. Tho family wero all par
ticular favorites of thlsreuimoiit. Once,
while, a t.quad wero returning from Dim
ver to the regiment, they stopped at the
house a usual. Upon stepping In at the
door, they discovered the children lying
around ttio door scalped aud their throau
cut. Tholr mother laid there also, scalp
ed, throat cut, body ripped open, aud her
entrals covering tier face. UlUany won
der that a few weeks afterward, when
that regiment came upon the Iudlausat
Sand Creek, sumo five or six hundred
wore killed?
Men who uro developing the country
and extending civilization, want white
neighbors. Ood never madu an Indian
to 11 vo In this day and gone ration. Every
thing points to tho belief that He isjouo
with them. There will be no peace until
they ore otT tho face of tho earth. It to
reasonable that thoy should not be. No
white man would submit to see his game,
hunting grounds and all, taken from him
aud himself crowded to tho wall, as ad
vancing settlement and civilization is
crowding tho Indians. Railroads, church
es and sohool houses must cover tho
counpry. They cannot bo stopped by a
few Indians, and all of them should havo
tholr light pill out.
Tho Quakers may as well go homo as
to bo hanging around Lawrenco ond
Junction City. They had better go any
way. If any moro scalps aro to bo raised
we hopo thoy will be of the Quak
er denomination. Not that wo have any
malice toward the Quakers, but that wo
think tho loss of a few Quaker scalps
would lend to give correct views of Indi
an nil ii Irs to tho world at large. Militia
to tlie front Quakers to tho rear.
Mushrooms ot gigantic size and extra
ordinary llavor have been found grow
ing by hundreds of thousands all around
Cheyenne. A correspondent saw ono
that weighed one pound, was twenty
one Inches in circumference, and seven
in diameter. Tlio stem was two inches
thick and five inches long. "When pro
pared forcooktug, tho meat waa thirteen
inches from one rim to tlio other, aud
from ouo to-twoand a half inches thick.
They are delicious In llavor and tender
In .urMK.i, of tlx' pr"ritmii4 0f tho lifUnll and
tf.umcot or IJaUfT Gordon, Ute of Cnn GimnlrWl,
!., itx-eaafrf, neop of wliieli It ,luy In
Hi.' l:'.i.iroltl',' 'if Alpjurj'lcr county. Illinois, In
n- uril book "A A " asn HI. fU ., Uit iiinlvrigm-l
xwulrof mi'I lait m. nnd irtummt mil otfer for
wK t I'uM.c anijtioii,it the front door of the court
ho'u , m lli- nty of Cniro, Alexander county, llli
nom.onMnn'Uy, tho 9th Uy of Augtitt t.it, nt two
''clock p.m , that ial i)..- lot, with th iirfiu two
Mory lorr 40ldwHlin(-tlir0!i,ituitlJ on Twentieth
trcrt. Ixtiwti I'..pUr urn I Wtlhiugton Mnot, awl
il m: hr.iiM, anil known nnl tltticnatH on
th. r.v-i'i I .Ut '.fui'l I'ltyaitot.No, 3H, .ublurk No.
Is, iblii.- not !'!. don ft thi city of Cairo, Illinois..
Krom it- location, Iwing within it short illMancu from
ib court hou)-, tin property ir deomM n. Hf IroWe
ey in that putt of tho eitr. tng adapted alike to,
ljuainvi. a for rnil"BT purpoc.
T-rm (ur.iirth . th LaUrn-o in 12 month,
with rwi iMnng inter-f, nnuifl by triut-dnitl on
the protMrty. t'--im nta on day of ial. NO
fondu.'iwn v ( W nt'in
ljv.it.1 U U.I.IAM l. ItANNKr, r.e.itor.
Manuf.vturorn of
Wliolctnla mill lie to 1 1,
No. 88 Ohio Loveo,
Kmlnfffjcllitlpuforthomanufvttirf of pure French
fiyrup, vr nro aatiflid wtioan fitrnluli the purn nr
tMc nt pribe nhioli will miit tho trade, Wholnoali,
nnd rolail dealer arc invllH to call. Jiin'J)tf
HAIR 33X131: 3SEXl.,
And Importer and iMilcrx In
Human Hair, French Perfumeries, finishes
cum us, iri o., ktc,
And all kind of Toilet Articlon,
I'urtleuU'' altctitton ithrn to ShamiKHinin and
hlcednltiK IvIleV Imr, !y .lllPvU; it win pretent
tl.o liair from fullmi? out, and w-ill re torn It to It
original color, Corimltationn on Iimo of tho lieal
Kitenfrt'U of charge. Thu public are iu Itod to oall
nnd examine our M' c. . .
, W alo hare Hcott'n and IlarrettV Hair Iteatorativc
Thoy will promote the growth of the hair, pretent th"
hair from fallmir out, er-ii'ate dandrull, and keep
tlio i.enli healthy. Jurjtf,
'"""'"' No. "80.1"""""
AHALLKV'.S charter oak
Copper, Tin and .Sheet Iron
(AUrt tlie Marital Howe.)
Jloofltm', (iuttrini?, Hpoulinis' and hlmlat Work
dona In u ut nnd ubaUntui tnamitr, nt abort no
tit. ilertl'Dltf
Toaut'nd tuiiLii IW of an ordinance entitled "An
ir 1'iioM.e to oopt the ordinance of the city ut Cairo,
a rerUed and codified."
Mniv' 1. That ruction iiuinWcU slof "Au ordi
nance to adopt the ordinance of the rlty of Cairo, ai
rewkfd arid codified," l amended hy addini; at the
end of th aet tton the followiuK ronl, "iVw
rUfJ, That no Ihn or Nut kIiaII, between the Ut day
if June aud Iho lit day of r-eplemW run at larxo
within ilia limiunf md city without hunni; u tut
taotial wiro or loalher inutile aeettrcly faalened of cr
and around it.i mouth, to a, under all cireunutmi' C',
to eflectually prevent It bltins.
Apir .w l Juoel,t. JOHN II. OlIEltl.T,
j)ii'l Mjjor.
I No. sl.J
IU!" ! ' .. U f K'. H.wnrd4Ui.,for ctrret
Ml mi. nnd providing (or the leeuin' of hond-.
Iterftw, a propaiilion luu Lwuu made to thu Oily
Ci.nn. il t.y M.inr. I'ox.llowiird fo. to tittUefiom
th. .n t- 'otid. dr-wm' clRlit pvr eetit. fnlrel
per anuuiii, and iw) able tweiitydiru yaur after thu
date thereof at par. In, settlement of their claim
i.. u-iihertty, under their contract for Knuliiis tho
lreetf JUid a nine., the ti((ht Wmti "ceuidi tl to Iho
etT to Bavort an I retieeai.at any liuiv buforu Umir
molarity .'th whole or any portion of aid Umd,
'ail I ol, at any time within two year (turn the dam
of all lrHl, t. pftrejiae the. vi holm or any portion
i i:.. nirni uineiy rem-on tnuiiuiiar, mere'
Hu it orfUtnel b the City Council of the trfty of
m liua 1. Tlmtll.e prplti(n of 5Ieirn. fox
Howard A Co., n (' abut e, lie and the tr.e l
Im rel v ae. epte.1, Willi the i ' ii-it tie iuiJ prOeni;s
ih tt anocxtd.
ft . S. Tbt, tor the purMWof c..rr)inif into of
fe t the aeltleuivlil abuu fUtl.erafl, bvuiUi (if
tbecity !li-l to ?er?.V0X, llowaril A Co., In
u h unn a- iu.iy l Htreed njx ii, to an amount
equal to the prim ipaland inteint of aald claim i that
net iion't eiian urav imerei fi inu rate oi cikiu per
eeiii jt .il ii .in -'i hi i Mimic payaiui tweniy.
nt. . .n.ilur tin date tlicreof. and nhull lute aeon.
.Hi .uit iBMMvd therein, thnt the i lty tmiy ruleein the
wiioie, or auy portion iiiertmt, at aT tune neioro
iniur IIWIill tout imi llliuteni linil on mativ imjie
I'leeeini'itJimmlly. andaiHipon. hlj;ned ly the Jlayor
an 1 ( ity Cirrk, provtdinir for thu aymenl of laid in
tari 'i. hull laltai lu d Ui m Ixindii ; and Out Mid
Ivn l-ihnll bunne. lij tlie Mayor find City llerk,
D t h.il IniM- tin-' uy attai bed thereto.
Mi. ! Th' f'.i tl.. .i:ti..)f. .f pnymK the mtere-t
i:tiu the UuU..mitliirii.ilbv the nrctioin Motion to
l umuJ, the lifoper oltii i-rn of thu city ahull, at thu
4iiiutimoa iIiokcihImI and other pi'ial taxn ol
the oily uic lotiMl ami coJIt-eteil in Hie pre.nit and
ut ew n nnd ctery Miiseecllng year until atd
tiende alwll it Jid in full, oe iiiou mid
eollwt liom all Iho pruMrty rml and perno
lull tn id uitv now to-iable for Kcral pur--,
a j lal tax urtli-ieul In ainmini (o fy tho
intewt on eMid hond., which aaid tax ahall tw iet
ji.ii ..1.4 - i.l.y apiiropi lattd to the mcnt of
iil mt.-re-l, and U me t ji" oUtt r pnrpone tvhnt-
ApprotedJiine.il, lvi't JOHN II. OlIK.Itl.V,
jem.llw.1 Mayor.
And rmrehaw the leading
Stovo of tlio -Womt
A t;oo. variety f Conkinirand Heatitiif rftoteitai
vtaj on IjuiI. Al a com let o ttortmeut ot
Tlmtarc, Hollotv-AVnic, itv.., 4iC.
Manufacturer of Guitariiigand Itnorlut;.
Our motto i ii" k fal an Ismail Profit.
Dillfiction ptarantel In crcry intanco.f
"l I7ASTKI)-Alexander County Ordem, nt M ct
Y and City fcnp utcjeenu on the dollar, fur al
kind. of Lumber an-1 Dnildern' Material,
lanlldlf W. W. TIIOI1XTON.
. x. s n a i, l i: x n u n fs.
a y. i t -
1' .i.r.. tor of the
O n i a." o City O t i-c I on,
V(UltiUil,t , , , ,
W'lioIcsnlt I'rlcvs, nil Kinds ol'
v :.n -t .1. ii 'l.i ''I.irKet ll'intc, i orticr of U'onliiBg
t.n Hieniieanl T. nll.Ktriet. leltillm
i IJMMl SAI.K. OllKAI' New Coltoge and thriw
I ii lou.oorucr l.ocutnnd Hixleetith troit.
in.ninu iiiu.r.A x mi. ni. iw. aiiv
K"ra'nwr dmnentii urtu-lc of real utility l mccla a
imivoral HHiitl foils at night; uncnmpoiition. rV-nd
Mami. for i- r.-ular Mrrl.KFlEI.U A UAMK, No.
loa Wa-hmiitoi. utroct, llokton, Ma.. Jwaiwlw-
At tlio Ofiicp f Uio.Calro IlulleUu,
9) !
A i
0 i
H :
f :
C5 :
H :
(0 i
a :
u :
0 i
H :
0 :
! A
: 0
3 A g
0 s
0 5
0 5
-- -A
Vc.lxrox-tiwixs.?? IVCCocii-LXixi
OlUce, So. i:t Tenth Sirool,

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