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She (ftwttittfl bulletin
IIIIiioIm Centrist It. It , Chrtnjre or Time.
The trains now leave as follows:
flOlNO nohth :
Mall trainleavr ni , - 2o'cloek a.m.
KxprcM" " J W " p.m.
Mad tritiu urr e nt..... ................ 2 o'clock a.m.
Kxprr " " . :01 " p.m.
Way, leave, at 4'3) o'clock .m.
Fxpre. " ....
Wy, arrive at..,
K.tprcM " ...
. 6:30
, 7lW
Dally, Sundays excepted.
Arrival nml Drpnrt lire of Mall.
(Cairo I'oM Office, rViruary 2, )
tiatvt. Dfrian.
(Tim' ofrlotlntj.)
frth (through wm.m..,,. "un.
,-orwi iwnyi.......... .. :
,.ll;00p m.
Kiuth (throuKhand way). 4 ("la.tn Ir" p.m.
omn linroilK'i an'
Viutli Momtlil
Ohio niter route
5:W n.m
:) p.m.
M iiiiiwippi mvrr route,
TiiMMlayn an'l Friday... W0ptn.. "i'Op.in.
f vlfat-n.Mo ,Tucdays
Thursdays AKaturday.. 11:0) a.m ...11 :Oi a.m.
T -, flvo'e I Ian' slid
haiitaKr ... fVOOp.mFn. "iMt.tn. Hat.
.. n..i ivuii- 1. nafta every day except Monday.
J.M filt.UlAM, P. JI.
A vacant JuveoTot vK Wld, the other
day, for 5-",000. Thin Is a good price for
a good lot, and Indicates a growing con
" donee among lot-holders that Is highly
A new lot of Marseilles, Plenties, Lin
ens, Marseilles Trimming, Ac, just .re
ceived at CUinningliam's. They will be
jld at nearly half former price.
Barrott's" Improve Whlakors.
.V.i licet .Vol Ice
Michelon it Wiener, manufacturers of
the delightful French Syrups, hog res
pectfully to announce that by request
they will fell their Syrups, In bottles, at
"dail, at M Ohio Levee. Try It. Jl lw
Th Jniirtxiro Cornel lliiml.
Wc h'i d.ilv grateful to tho Jonosboro
C r t hmd for n natly enjoyable serenade
I" e Li' 1 nHliough a v.. img one, but obtain
1 & J ' . ncy that pi it among the best
in? Illinoi.. Tho leader, Mr. Perry,
a '.. m y areoMpiUhed mnWnn, and a
. j -'emer, not :iiy upon ta cornet
!..t up almuit mr other Itstru
:nt extant. The uHrmtar are etcwIUnt
c -,.; . :. many of them born and raUl In
I- c i inty. Wc congratulate .loneWo
i 1 t r p 'Ion of x good a band, nod the
:embr of the band upon the bright futuro
" at ii evidently, Uifore tliem, if tbor will
n r'iin thtr rg anlaatlojD.
Add "IJarret's" to yotir toilet.
French Hyrups Mirpu uvorythlug for
lemonade. Try thorn. Mlchelson
Wiener, manufacturer.', 2f. S Ohio
ee. Jl lw
McKeuzie's Soutliweatern Furniture
Factory is now In sucoMsful operation.
The mur-hiuery if all new, of tiie moi
er.rrn !y approved ifttteriis and works
"ke a fhnrm
We vjntt-d the eataldiahment yetor
day and found thu workmen full-handed,
ome at the turning lathes, othors at the
work r.f UnWhliijf and putting up furni
urc, and Johnny lirown, with coat oil',
half concealed In a cloud of hlmvingi
( rented by u planing machine which he
was feeding. Jnhnny assured us that in
ueli articles as they propose- to nmnufac
ture they can and will compcto with
KvaiiHvlllc. All they want, he says, ii
ready sale and cash for thtlr products.
Of the success of the establishment he
has no doubt, if Evansvilio prices, with
freight added, can bo commanded for the
furniture they may manufacture.
Thocstabllshmentcertaiuly has our best
wishes, as it is from kindred enterprises
Cairo must, In the future, obtain much of
her vitality. Our citizens and neighbor
ing furnlturo dealers should lend it all
the encouragement they can. Tho first
year of Ita existence will provo the most
trying one that passed, and all will go
on prosperously.
51 urn Sow ioola.
Another lot of Summer Dress Goods
lias been received this week at R. H.
Cunningham's. They are tho most
Myll.ih goods that havo been brought to
tills market this season, und arc 25 per
cent, cheaper than they were three
weeks ao. tio and look nt them.
llriilllifiil nml IK-llK'Hf"1 Hfierasr.
Tiie celebrated Seller's, Klsslngen and
Louisville Artesian waters are kept on
draught at the City Drug Store, Com
mercial avenue, botween Sixth and Sev
enth streets. Je 15 tf
R. II. Cunningham, has marked down
ins prices on all Dress Goods, Lawns,
Ac. Ho keeps no Shopkeepers on his
shelves. Ragalns will bo offered In these
The SunlloTverTTillhudlialQon, ou Ohio
Levee, Is furnished with tho latest styles
of tallies, and the bur supplied with the
most excellent liquors. Freo lunch If?
spread every tiny at t a. m. aud 10 p. in.
Nono Mich as "Barrett's."
If you want a good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, ennnor or Khrt.lrnii wnm.
Mn roof, gutter, or anything In that line,
rail on A. Frttser, Commercial avenuo
l eteen Eleventh anil Twelfth , street,
where he lias moved to, and fltted np the
largest and mo-: complete slfop In
"-'outhern Illinois.
Particular attention given to steam
boat and mill work, copper smithing
ami Hheot Iron work, such as chimijQ
hreecher usoaplug steam-pipes, etc.
Two Valuable RtcaaafaoMa Biiriin at Ike
Cairo WTkarf.
The clanging of fire belli, nbout C o'clock
yeiterday evening, ignalad tho outbreak of
a fire, and u huge column of black amoke
that arose from the Ohio at the foot of Eighth
street, located it. It wai not difficult to de
termine from any part of tho city, that a
steamboat was involved, nnd ns tho sight of a
burning steamboat was an unusual one, men
women and children poured nlong the streets
in streams toward the point indicated.
Arriving at the wharf it ijvas readily dis
covered that the attraction was two steam
boats certain, with u fair-' chance for never
al others, nnd n few buildings on the icvee
Inquiring us to the origin of tho fire we
could learn nothing further than that it lmd
broken out nmld-ships of tho sternwheol
steamer Louisiana, No person was on tho
boat at tho time, und consequently tho first
intimations of the danger were discovered by
parties on shire und on neighboring boats.
Tho flames uprcnd with marvelous rapidity,
fairly leaping from one portion of tho boat to
an other, nnd creating a heat that defied tho
approach of the firemen, who arri ved on the
ground in an incredible fbort space of time
after the alarm was suunded. The Arab',
Rough A Hoadios and Ilibornians nil rospon.
ded, but for several minute their inot de
termined eirorts were fruitless because of tho
great heat.
From the steamer Lnuiiiana the firo spread
to the wrecking steamer Underwriter, lying
immediately above. On this boat were .Mr.
Hiram Hill, the diver, Mr. Holmes and
sevoral othor persons, who, ntiwilling to ee
her burn up without an attempt, however
futile, to save her, came very nearloeing their
live. The flumes swept acroM the boat in
great volume, driving them to a coal flat, on
the outside. Frern this fiat eme of them
were rescued by tie of u kitT; lmt Hill and
Ilehnes remained at their work too long
The flames new shot acroa and around thu
flat, renJering the heat intefue byond endu
rance. A neither of the won could swim,
it was death to Jump ovorboard. nnd to re
main on the flat was inevitable destruction
by fire. At thlsjuntrturalt octurred to them
Ui swing themselves from the gunwale of tho
flat into the river, nml thus ojcajx, at least :.
the rnomnt, the heat that wa. almot run
sumlng thm. They ated upon this idea,
and by flinging wntw on each other with
their dlMnsaged hands kept their hair and
clothing from burning, and roliev od much of
the soverity of th heat. Hy this tlmo the
hend lines of the lOAt had bcrtied otT, and ihi
wind and current being up stream, the
burning masses swung around, and soon
placed tho flat, with the suffering men cling
ing to it. within rnah of atiiitautc, About
this tlmo an individual in a high W.c of in
U.xication. getting it into hii muddled pate
that somebody wanted his .iltane, dahwl
dewa the river bank, In the direction of the
buraiag bo.it, and headlong Into the river.
Sevcrnl gentlemen flew to his rcue and u".
ceoded in hauling him upon tho bank again;
but two minute had not clajnod before he
was again floundering in the wtr. A kin J
ly disposed gentleman offered him a polo, nd
was told to -go to h V when it appearing
that the man i-ould swim, he wa allowed to
take care of himself.
"When tho three Are companies com
menced playing upon the fire, it had
made .uch headway that no thought was en
tertained of saving anything more than the
hulls. One of the tugs, with the "Little
Arab'' engine on board, approached tho out
side of the Louisiana, and threw a good
stream en tho flro from that id, whllo two
good streams were poured upon It from the
bow. After working at the Louisiana a half
hour or more tho tug, with Ih'o Little Arab
bestowed her attention upon tho Underwriter,
while a second tug hitched to her stern and
towed the wreck to the Kentucky shore
Hero tho Little Arab remained, hoping to
save tho hull and the valuable machinery It
contained. About dark tho L'tttlo ltongh
and Kcady was taken over and worked to
good effect, with tho same object in view.
Heace, what there Js saved of the Underwri
ter is due to tho tireless exertions of these fire
men, Captain D. T. Tarkcr and other gen
tlemen who will bo remembered by nil who
witnessed the fire. , ,'
A lino was attached to tio stern of the
Louisiana, after the cabin had burned off, nnd
the hull Ws swung around to tho shore, giv
ing tho .Are. companies a Vettr chance to play
upon it, but it was found impossible to savo
It. Tho Louisiana, therefore may be put
down as a total loss. Sho was next to the
largest stern wheel boat on the western wa
ters, hsr capacity being 1,200 tons. Sho was
owned by Captain Phillips, of this city,; who
had, a few days before, laid her up hero "for
repairs. If tho Captain now persists in carry
ing out his original Intention, the repairs will
be rather extensive.
Tho Underwriter, tho hull of which is prob
ably damaged beyond repair, may also bo
called a total loss. She was a massive steam
er, nearly now and worth $60,000 or $60,000.
Sho was owned by tho Cincinnati "Wrecking
Co., and, it is said, wis not insured. Capt.
Phillips we understand, wus insured on
J the LouIcUun to tho amount of two thirds of
her value, which was probably, about u,uuo.
Thus commenced and onded tho first day
light stcumbout burning that ever took placo
at the Cairo wharf. No Ices than three thous-
nnd ,nen' W0,UC11 ,ind -,''l" lined tho river
ouhk, cieopiy unpresseu uy me nwuu euuinu-
i Hy of "a steamboat on fire.''
I The firemen did u noblo part, and showed
themselves "Prompt to rally at Duty' call"
fearless and untiring. No rity has a better
lire department than tho city of Cairo.
Ono hundred plucos prints, tho mo.it
iijttraclvo of ,tho seasiu, opened this
morning ntX'tmnJnghnm'r'.
A KeecRt Trao Merolani.
Three thousand people stood upon our
wharf yesterday evening, looking at
what they considered to be the death
struggle of Mr. Hiram Hill and Mr.
Holmes. They had been driven from
the burning steamer Underwriter to a
coal flat along-side, and frdm the flat into
the water; and then, far out in tho
stream, unable to swim, they clung to
the flat, the flames fairly kissing their
faces. Tho heat was too great for tho ap
proach of a skiff or tug, and it was ex
pected that It would prove unbearable to
tho two sufferers, nnd that they would
rnlcaso their hold, and accept the quick
er death by drowning, Hut at the most
hopeless moment tho. head lines of tho
burning boat burned in two and the boat
commenced swinging towards shore.
Nearer and nearer It came, until within
fifteen or twenty feet of the shore, where
it'stopped. From this point Hill, aided
hy poles and lines, reached the shore;
but his companion, Holmes, now nearly
exhausted, sank in tho Mater. Tho heat
was too Intense tp approach, without In
curring great danger, nnd for a moment
it was thought that, after all, Holmes
would perish. Hut n young man in the
crowd, whose name we could not learn,
more self-sacrificing than the rest, plung
ed Into tho river, and iu the very face of
tho roarlngflames, rescued tho struggling
man from what promised to be his wa
tory grave. A great shout arose over this
heroic achievement, and many sought
tho young man to thank him for his he
rolsm, but feeling that his success amply
rewarded him, he left the ground, ns if
averse to the shower of compliments that
on all sides awaited him.
"Barrett's" retorcs with rapidity.
rrnctrtllns; from 'I O'clock P. M. on Vo
trritay up to tlir hoar nf Kolnsr to prcii.
The People vs Jerry Pierce; man
slaughter; continued for service.
The People vs Emily Johnson and
Joseph Carter; adultery and fornication;
same order.
The People vsThomasClarkson; arson;
same order.
The People vs Thos. Farmer; perjury;
same order.
The People vs Ed. Gibson; larceny;
same order.
The People vs Mary D. Miller; larceny;
same order
The People vsMary D. Miller; same;
same order.
Tho People vs John W. Gordon; em
bezzlement; famo order.
The People vs Patrick Hanley; rob
bery; same order.
ThePeoDlov Mtch'l Hawk; robbery;
samo order.
Tho People vs Annie Ray; larceny;
same order.
The People vs Henry Hush ; Mime: samo
The Peoyle va James H. Pillow, et al;
riot; nolle entered.
Tho People vs John R. Green; larceny;
coutiuued for service.
The People vs John (alias Jack) Kelly;
same; same order.
The People vs John J. Robinson ; rape;
samo order.
The People vs John Jack; robbery;
same order.
Tho People vs Byron J. Thorndyko;
larceny; same order.
The People vs John Strieker; false pre
tences; same order.
Tho People vs Scarboro; assault;
same order.
ThoPeoplovs James DInan; larceny;
samo order.
The People vs Michael Ratio; assault;
Jury, nnd verdict guilty; line ?25 and
costs; McCartney for tho People; O'Mel
veuy A Lan&don for defendant.
The People vs St. Clair McMurry et al;
larceny; nolle entered as to St. Clalr
McMurry; verdict not guilty as to his
sous; boys discharged; Allen, Webb &
Butler for defendants.
"Harrrett's" caps tho climax.
ThoCnlro Ilulletln.
"We havo received the Cairo Evoning 'Bul
letin,' a well edited paper, sparkling witli
local news, but wofully In tho dark on polit
cal mutters actually clinging to tho dead
carcass of democracy- Olnoy 'Journal.'
A decent "dead carcass" is fur preferable to
n living "carcass" that feeds on corruption,
tho lloortlcs of white men nnd tho subtunco
of tho toiling poor. And never before was
thero u "dead carcass'1 that caused so much
alarm, agitation and terror among radical ty
rants, thieve and scoundrels. Possibly that's
tho reason we "cling to it."
For tho complimentary portion f tho par
agraph, thank.
Save your Uvea and property. A.
Fraser Is agent for the copper scroll light
ning rod company and will fill all orders
promptly. Call at once and havo them
put on your buildings. This is the best
t and safest rod now made. Shop on Com
j merclal avenue, between Eleventh and
' Twelfth street. npl24d3m
"Barrett's" recommends itself.
, Pure French Syrups at MIcholsou &
Wiener's for Invalids.' je201w
"Barrett's" Etl'ecttiai Hair ltestora
live. The famous fc'olter Water, Wols Beer,
, Catawba and Rhino Wines, cool nnd
pure, nre always kept at tho Egyptian
Brewery fsaloon, comer of Washington
nvonuo nnd Tenth streot. Lovers of theso
delightful beverages nro invited to call,
as they will ho politely treatod and sat
isfactorily sorvetL
JeSSJni Proprietor.
Two VMlnatt e Books.
Mm. Vnndeventer i canvassing tho city
for subscribers to n "Dictionary of the Bible,"
by Dr. Win. Smith, classical examiner in tho
London University; nnd "Sunshino nnd
Shadow in yew York," by Matthew Halo
Smith. Tho Dictionary Is indispensablo for
tho elaboration of all subjects treated by tho
blblo, Its antiquities, biographies, geogrnphy
and natural history. It contains 800 pp. Is
printed upon heavy book paper, and elegantly
illustrated. It should find a placo in every
christian family in the city. Price, cloth
3,50; leather $4,50.
"Sunshine and Shadow in Now York," fur
nishes a pleasing nnd profitablo reflex of the
great metropolis ns it is, giving the reader an
insight into those mysteries nnd miseries that
rndfr that city n wonder nmong men. For
the employment of an idlo hetir wo commend
its pages ns loth pleasing and instructive
Price: cloth, $3 00; leather, $3 50.
These books are sold only by subscription.
I.ocnl ItrcTttlev.
Mrs. Gaffncy lost n Jet breastpin with
a gold cross In the center, on the 5th, and
will suitably reward any persou who will
return the samo to her, at her residence
on Division street
The stcumors Star and Fairy Queen
were lying a short distance above tho
burning Underwriter, and for a tlmo It
was thought they would becomeinvolved
in the conflagration. The Tom. Farrow
dashed in ami hauled tho Star out of
danger, which bo relieved the Fairy
Queen that sho wna towed oil' by hand.
The buildings along the levee in the
vicinity of the fire were considerably
scorched nnd blistered. A freo use of
water was required to prevent Al. Susan
kas house from taking fire.
The sun was obscured C to-day, in
verification, perhaps, of our announce
ment of an eclipse at 5 o'clock. On tho
7th of August, nnd not the 7th of July,
the great eclipse will take place.
The Rough A Readies saved the fine
bell of the Louisiana, yesterday evening,
justu.1 the hull was In the act of sinking,
and now have it in their possession.
The engines nnd machinery of the
steamer Underwriter are 6erlousIy dam
aged, but not ruined. In its present con
dition tho machinery Is worth $S,000 or
We have on our table a specimen leaf
of the hhd. of tobacco that took the 1st
premium nt the Paducah lair. It Is of a
beautiful orange hue, flue flbercd, and
upon the whole about as fine a specimen
of tobacco as we ever saw. It is of Ken
tucky growth.
Tho proceedings of the circuit court are
without special Interest so far. Reference
thereto in detail Is made elsewhere.
I'orS I.IS for tiie M4 Hour K ml In f nt
s wo u riuru, 1 . ji.
Gn Aailfrion. Columbus MilLrer. Paducah
ham J. Hal", t'tneinnaii Belle Si. I.ool, M. Ixwil
Odiaft"i, i.rnfHip. Tom r arrow, uu
Llia Hugu,NaMiie. I5"t'on, Vfcbtir;.
Bll Memphis Memph.!.
r,B- AnWn, ColumUti. M'lbrey, I'-ulucaii,
Bl!e St. I.ou., Mctnf ln. QuickMrp, Kmnnvftto.
.ni J.Hale. do lUiWon. et. I.ouia.
K1U Hughe. Nashville. Belle Mmifai, fct. l.ouls
our, iseir onranf. ion rarrow, uu
The weather Is cloudy nnd n light rain
for several hours this morning.
The Mississippi and Missouri were
aboht stationary at last account?, and are
doubtless falling everywhere now, un
less the recent rains were more general
ami heavy than we havo reason to be
The Ohio Is falling at PIrtoburg, with 7
faet large in the channel, and rising at
Louisville, with 6 feet In the chuto over
tho falls.
Hero the river is abuut stationary, but
seems to have fallen a little.
Business Is vciy dull.
Particulars of the destruction of the
Louisiana by fire, and the burning of the
uppr works of tho Underwriter, will bo
found lu tho local columus. The sy mpa
thles of our citizens are freely expressed
for Capt. Dugan, of the Underwriter, and
Capt. Phillips, of the Louisiana. The re
malnlng owncisof thoso boats were bet
tor able to bear the loss.
The Mllbrey brought out 85 sks wheat
for St. Louis, 50 hbls meal for Memphis
ono lot of apples and sundries for Cairo
The Quickstep brought out 3 hhds nnd 1
box tobacco for St. Louis; 57 hogs and 25
bbls whisky for resplpment south, and
about ten tons mdse for Columbus.
The Ella Hughes brought out 1,600
cedar poles, for vineyards, 232pkgs cedar
buckets, 5 tons machinery for roshlp
ment to St. Louis, 10 hhds tobacco for
New York, 14 ditto for Evansvllle, and
lOOiHttoforN. O.
Tho Belle St. Louis revolved about 20
tons' flour and assorted freight her, for
Tho Jennie Brown Is delayed here re
pairing her boilers.
Tho Mllbrey, Capt. Maguirc, Is the re
gular Paducah packet this evening.
The Cumberland, Capt. Lowth, Is tho
regular packet for Evansvllle this eve
ning. - - -
French Syrups neutralize the heat o
summer, heal the sick, nnd promoto hap
piness; try them. For sale hy Michelson
t Wiener. JeSOlw
i iron n:vr. Tiie oinee on the aeeOnd floor,
j a, ,jw.r jidir Miller' cltatli'iiy slore. at wuouaUe
I I nn. Apply at Miller : Millers. niyeMf
llrlilu nuil llrlilfirrooiii.
' INaAvt! for Yoims Men o.n'liio Interesting relahoit
of Bridegroom to IlriJc.lu llio Institution of Matil.iio
a guido to matrimonial felicity, and true lmppln
Sent by mall In nealed letter nY!pe freo of charge
44dr, HOWAUD ASOCf,Vflrf,Wl', I'hlladol.
nUjiiI'A Iiiy31dlw3m
OS. 180 AND 182,
Commorcinl Avouuoi
(iltlNI) STONES,
Brown's Check Row
Corn and Cob
Marvin' Iliirslnr nml I-'lrc Proof
& J. JP 2U 3 .
u. iiuc & to.
Washing Machines,
Clothes Wringers.
Plow Bridles,
Back Hands
Stop ladders,
Chain Pump?,;
Ox Yokes,
And at
Seventy or Giglify Thousuml"
Big t UQUpviow."

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