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She Ci:i..::..ewiig:
OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth '&lx6et! AoVnW's Building
Jn Owen County, Ky., a gratid Jury
presented nn aged woman of that place
on the charge of being a witch; which
she sayn who Is not. It is nllogod that
she cast nn evil eye upon her neighbor's
cattle, bo that they sickened and died by
the score; and, further, thatisho ho af
fected the water of the wells upon which
she looked that all who partook of it
languished and eventually followed their
fathers to dreamland.
A west Stockbrldgo Irishman, who
had procured a niarrlago cortlflcato of
the town clerk, met the ofllclal shortly
thereafter, and aHked him for the flfty
cents which he paid for the document,
stating an the reason tiiat he had Just
aiked Bridget, and she had said no.
Aud the poor Emoralder fcobbed like a
child at the lo3 of both lilt money and
Tho negroes of Rusgellvllle and vicin
ity indulged In a colored tournament a
fc-w days since. A queen of lovo and
beauty was crowned. Khe wears 2so. 15
brognns; the hollow of her foot makes a
hole in the ground, and her under lip
weighs two pounds ' and a half, live
A young woman la West Grantvllle,
Mass , arose In her sleep a fw nights
since, and, nftordresslngher hair with the
utmost care and precision, walked five
nines to her hume in Tolland, in her
night clothe.-, never awakening until
J,t before her arrival, when she natu
ra'ly rnud quite a sensation.
A submarino diver who has been
operating in the Thomas river, at Nor
v .ch, Conn., says there U a cave under
t..e banks ofunuslderobloslzei the hidden
beautlesnud strange forniatlons of which,
ouid tho water be drawn oil so as to
make It accessible, would form one of
t'.e wonders of the world.
A man now temporarily in Nova
f- wtla does not know to what couutry he
belongs. He wa? born lti Canada was
naturalized In the United states, became
a C nfcderalc by rebellion, and ! by
rsidene and attachment a Mexican,
The country around I'umkln Creek,
Ga., is so notorious for chills aud fever
tliat It Is the invariable custom to pass
ruud quinine pills with the dessert.
A gue-st who should refine to partake
wjuld be regarded as having committed
a . i unpardonable breach of etiquette.
A young lady of Iowa, while on her
way to her wedding, was offered i'j by
another fuller If she would marry him,
a.i 1 consented. The disappointed lover
wai not to be wholly cheated out of his
matrimony; and therefore proposed, was
adopted by, aud married tho Muter of tho
jt tor on the same day.
There Is a little girl, ten yoara old, in
Kentucky who hns never spoken to iicr
f Jther. She converses freoly with any
one elfe, but when her father speaks, trim
is silent She had been whipped for her
obstinacy, but persist In haying that
she has tried to speak to him aud can
not. The chances are that the apple yield
, . l nn-ylvania thh fall will bo tho
largest it has known for a long stretch of
years. .Should this hold good all over
the couutry, the poor man may once
more havoa barrel of applos in his cellar.
For yeanTpast the fruit has been second
ca y to oranges In point ofexponslveness.
A story of hoartlessness, ' hard to be
hove, Is told of a Leo (Mass.) man. ills
wife being mortally HI, ho sold all her
clothing, and one evening went out to
attend a show, leaving her in tho death
pangs, On his return, the poor woman
was dead, and his solo expression was
tuat she "appeared natural.''
A lady, who had Just returned from
passing tho winter in Florida, states
that a planter made his appearauco In
Macon from the depths of tho everglades,
bringing with him two negroos for sale I
He wu actually ignorant that there had
been a war!Imagluo his feelings at tho
auddoa depreciation of his movablo
Great efforts are being made to seeuro
nortli6ril emigration into North Carolina
An agency has been established by u
northern houso, of which ovori member
of tho legislature is aald to bo a member,
and several men already haVo come
from tho north and purchased farms
near Ralolgh at about $10 per acre.
Ex-President Johnson, in ids speech to
fio young ladles of a Tonnesseo seminary
rather congratulated himself that his
early educa tlon had been neglected
Otherwise, ho thought ho should have
boon a humdrum schoolmaster Instead
ofa public man,
At River Point, It. I, a woman gavo
a llttlo girl, thirteen years of ago, a tum
bler of rum to drink. Tho child manrged
U get home, and in climbing up stairs,
fell, fracturing hor skull so badly that
shodlod tho noxt morning.
In tho largest Episcopal church In
Mobile, aflora contribution Is takon up,
it is coromonlously handed to tho pastor,
who asks all who havo contributed to
rise, when ho solemnly consecrates tho
collection with prayer. Every ono gives
SenoraPachoco, a uativo Callfornlau,
recently died In that state at tho ago of
ono hundred and four, leaving a husband
whom she married when she was a
1 r"l f . i . r mi"
niooming miss 01 nuy years.
The owner of the potato patch whore
tho McCoolo-AlIen mill was fought
threatens to siio McCoole for damages to
the extent of $500, consequent on tho
tramping of the crowd.
Young Carr, who killed Miss Fox, in
Belmont County, W. V., some months
since, because her parents opposed his
marrying her, has been sentenced to he:
The abundance of tho wheat crop in
Virginia has already brought down the
priced of flour In that state, and It is
thought that the best quality of the staff
of life will soon be sold at $3 and $0 per
A man In Connecticut has invented an
"improved head-rest for attachment to
to church pews, formed by the combina
tion of the stulling, covering-plate, band,
base-plate, aud springs with each other.
The whlte-hatted philosopher of the
New York 'Tribuno' Is an honest, al
though at times, a mu-chievous man. Ho
coagltates profoundly and gives tho
world his conclusions. Among thoso
which the good sense of all national men
will Indorse, Is the following: Referring
to the Grand Army of the Republic, ho
gays: "Wo denounce this secret associ
ation as Inimical to tho Constitution and
the Union. The country wants peace
and rest, aud harmony andjustlce. These
men want a distracted couutry, that of
fices may bo gained."
The career of that organization has
not been in the Interest of peace. On tho
contrary, It has done more thau every
thing oIs-, the present wretched radical
congress not excepted, to keep alive tho
hate between tho two sections, aud to
foment discord, distraction and blood
shed. It unquestionably has tho control
of the president, aud commands for its
members auy olllce within his gift.
Fully live sixths of tho ofllces of tho
country are filled by Its men. If this
were the only purpose of tho organiza
tion, however, Its existence would uot be
tho source of uuy alarm; but In the
South It . bands tho negroes together,
pluces arms In their hands, and renders
them a standlug menace to the quiet
and stability of society. Further, and
more alarming still, it Ih the power that
Is looked to to erect an empire in the
couutry, when radicalism sees that the
power Is about to pass from them. It
contains many good men men who
Joined It, believing Its avowed objects Its
only objects. Hut these do not control
It, and will bopowerlejs in the work of
diverting It from its fell purposes, wheu
tho time to strike shall arrive
Tho Grand Army of tho Republic, or
its chief men, havo desigus upon our
republican form of government! Good
men, tho country over, are convinced of
this. It contains as rank traitors as ever
fought in tho armies of tho South, and,
it lias been sMd, 'isauarmyof treason."
Put it on record, then, that If ever an
empire is set up.iu this country, tho G.
A R. will bo tho agency that will accom
plish that dlalwllcal work!
Uulil r Moutlicrn IMllor Iltlo lllJuuU.
Tho Southern editors are canvassing
the propriety of visiting Illinois, some
time durlug the present season, but are
vet undecided as to tho time. The Co
lumbus (Miss.) 'Iudox,' ono of our best
Southern exchanges, urges tho fraternity
to "go slow." "Let us," says the editor
of that paper, "do all wo can to got har
monized and serene. It seems to us wo
should wait for something llko au invl.
tatlon, or at least until tho Illinois editors
have been away from us long enough to
bo glud to seo us when wo meet. Going
now, without any particular call from
them, looks too much llko we wanted to
get our monoy back, while the Illinois
follows aro still good-humored over our
wlnos and tho warm greotlug they every
where met with in the South."
We aro not authorized to speak for
Illinois, but wo can safely assuro tho
Southern editors that Cairo has In re
serve for thorn a warm, hoarty welcome,
como whon they may. Wo aro not, as a
community, very wealthy In dollars and
cents, but wo think wo cherish a wealth
of kind feeling for our Southern newspa
per friends that will assuro them a gen
erous reception and hospitable enter
tainment. Tho Interests of Cairo aro elosqly iden
tified with thoso of u largo portlou of tho
South, aud wo look forward to tho so
cial commingling in anticipation, as a
means that will enlarge . and, multiply
our business rotations, aud effect au un
derstanding that will provo mutually
Rrovlty being the soul of wit does It
follow that there Is a good deal of fun In
a man because ho wears a short coat aud
has his hair shingled? Wo propouud
this interrogatory to Deacon Bross, of tho
Chicago 'Tribune,' specially.
Hero Is a nut for tho radicals to crack.
Tho Fort Warfo 'Democrat says a poor
widow and four children were found In
an old, dilapidated hut, In tho suburbs of
Springfield, Ohio, entiroly destltuto of
tho necessaries of life. Three ofher chil
dren were sick, and herself worn out by
overexertion, was the mere wreck of
what was once a beautiful and loving
wife. Her husband fell at the battl6 of
Chlcamauga, aud thus bereft of her com
panion, the world has dealt roughly and
unmercifully with her. Tho very sight
of her aud her distressed little ones
around her, was enough to awaheem sym
pathy in the heart of a stone. In tho
midst ofher trials and Bufferings, and In
full view ofher starving little darlings,
a kind, generous, and truly loll gentle
man called to inform her that tho
Grand Army of the Republic had
Aprinkled flowers on the grave of her
husband. This pious and loll radical at
tho same time, in contemplating the
gaunt and distressed form of the dead
soldier's wife, iutlmated that tho rent
on her hut was about due. Ho also in
formed tho starving woman that ho
must hurry to town before the bank
closed, as ho had a lot of coupons cut
from his bonds, on which he wished to
draw a gold Interest. Such are the glory,
grandeur, and beauty of radicalism !
The sewing machine, although a great
blessing to woman kind, has proved It
self to be not an unmixed good. Con
stant work upon it is found to be tho
cause of some of the most painful and
aggravating diseases to which women
are subject. Indeed, thoso who depend
upon it for a living, are soon worn out,
and become permanently impaired In
health. Wo are glad to seo that a recog
nition of this drawback to the usefulness
of the invention has caused an effort to
devise cheap aud simple means for ap
plying the needful power; and already
several Inventions for this purpo?e'have
been patented. One Is an electric at
tachment, which has been spoken of very
highly, hut in all probability will be lia
ble to tho objection of MzU cost, or
courso, whert many machines are em
ployed, as in a largo factory,- swam may
be applied with advantage, but It would
hardly auswer for every lady to have a
small steam engine In her parlor. It
would seem that some combination of
springs or clockwork would be the most
effectual method of attaining the de
sired end, aud we learn from the 'Mining
and Scientific Press that a device of this
kind has been patented by a California
Inventor. Something of the sort is much
ueeded, but to be of any practical use It
must bo both simple aud cheap.
Tho radical party Is rapidly going to
pieces all over tho South. Iu Virginia,
there are two tickets iu tho field; In
Tnnessec, Stokes and Senter divide the
party in an Irreconcilable feud; In Ar
kansas oue wlug'la led by Gov. Clayton,
and tho other by Lleutonant Governor
Johnson; iu Georgia, Dr. Sam Bard, of
tho 'Now'Ero,' aud his faction make war
upon Bullock aud his retainers; iu Texas,
the election has been postponed by Grant
,to permit the factious to patch up peace;
lij Florida, Govoruor Harrison Read is at
sword-points with a majority of his party;
and In South Carolina tho augry conten
tions which havo arisen In tho Charles
ton city council aro exfendltig to the
Stale, and ;i negro party, pure ami sim
ple, is nroposed by Daddy Cain, the black
senator from Charleston.
A radical organ says that General
Grant, in appointing young men to ca
detshlps in the West' Poiut Academy,
has discriminated in favor of tho sous of
distinguished soldiers living or dead.
Now it is a fact, that for every soldier a
son seut by Oraut to West Point, tlfty
living soldiers aud sons of dead soldiers
and widows of dead soldiers have been
driven out fniu ofhee to subsist as best
they.pould or die.
A blind horse wandered Into White
river, at Indianapolis,, aud. getting be
yond his depth swam round In a circle to
tlnd his way out. His distress attracted
auotherhorso not far away from the
bank who llnrt Went to the water' edge,
A Ht'itiel to llio Wukbluiftou Klcctlen.
From tlio WwIhbsIoii, 'fc'Ur.'IS-Ll
Ypstftrdnv mnrtllnrr nnn nf tlinmi (nr.
riblo outrages which In other parts' of tho H to havo closed tho fall
uouiury wuere mo people liavo less re- ' nme, ai least
ht and tho accompauyiug lightning,
rich has been missing on 8lm,f oc
Io'n lately, did much towards purify
I the atmosphere which seemed to
.vo become laden with unpleasant va
ra. A light showeror two this morn-
rtf -in
snect for the law are usually avenged by The Mississippi and MKsourl ..oovo
tho people ynchlug tho perpetrator, took r0 Pr0 mUuk ranldlv as far a heard
place near tho northern boundary of tho ' "ipmiy as lara nearu
city. Itappear3tllatthreoofthodaugh.m ,
ters ofa clergyman, formerly wellknown The Ohio Is falling at PlKsburg w'h
as tho superintendent of the contraband nt8 feet water in tho channel and
THXl f ihia".1! Q 8.trP,e a,n? more B,rlB ftt Cincinnati and t ...i,.-Mt ,tth
recently a clerk iu tho statistical bureau ? .1 1 . ...
of tho treasury departineu t, have, since J?1 !" "10 hUt Vor tho 'ftl1,3; t ,
tho establishment of Howard University, T1,e A " -lSh and
dall Green Barracks. They usually took-ours at LIlt,c Rock on toP of tho fl00'1
Boundary .street for their road, IeavlngJreat danger Is anticipated along tho
It about Fourth street, nud passing uplver.
tho lano to Mr. Moore's houso to a by-rrilo r.limi,pri,i rlll fallliiL' with
rath directly to tho University building.;, C uber,n,l " min,,k wim
Yesterday they left home oboutS o'clock, two feet on Harpeth Shoals,
and took the usual road, chatting cheer-Here the river has again becom 'n
fully, as usual, until they reached tho iunry, after falling about one Irrh mil
lano before mentioned, back of tlm nld
Catholic burial-ground, when a stalwart , , ,
aud very black negro, who had been ly- Business is very dull.
auueau pacKet .Muuroy uiu not
miu vp.qtonl.-iv owmir to tno laCL
juuuu muy 01 noout seventeen years,
threw hor down. Her slaters, aged about
thirteen nnd fifteen years, went to her
assistance, and with sticks and stones
beat him to make him desist from his
hellish purpose and added their screams
to thoso of the victim to bring some one
to the rescue, but they did not succeed in
driving him off until he had committed
a crime for which it is hoped ho will yet
be made to suffer. The young ladles,
who are well-grown and look much older
than they really are, made their way to
their futher's residence, aud ho immedi
ately gavo information to Lieutenant
Johnson, who with some of his men went
Jn search of the miscreant, but huvc thus
far Jjeen unable to arrest him, although
they havo a clue which may yet lead to
his arrest and conviction.
lug iii ambush, sprang out beforo them, ThePn
and seizing tho oldest one, a well.grown Wo 011
at some portlou of hor doctor engino
like as she was about leaving Paducah.
0 will be out to-day, nil right.
rho Cumberland, yesterday, brought
bags wheat, 1 hhd tobacco, 30 caddies
to,ji ' his amriesnnrisnvoral lot of fctm-
In Alabama, a colored man named
I'oman (who announces himself as a
candidate for congress; asks: "If colored
people are good enough to vote, are they
not good euough to bo voted for?" That
can only be answered in the aillrmative.
iue auvocates of negro suflrage must
concede this aud the various demands
growing out of it, social aud political or
they are "holding the word of promise
to tn ar, au.l Uroaklus: It to thi hnpo."
It Is either all rlsht or all wrong.
70K HM.K, C1IKAP Cott.ng nad thr
; lotf.i;orner I.. ,mtn i Sixteenth Mrrcti.
mrli.ltf (.IlKKV fJIMinilT. Atlv
It hcit-Lv c.ten,
ti.it ft' u tin. I after thu data I w ,1
-.-If ron'nft:hl f..r nnv ilftlit prill.
trswt.fl by iay w.r- WILLIAM a. LAWRENCE.
July 1. l'-w-lil
r. --.
T r...
xi uiu imuese are as xonu or rats as
they pretend to be, Cairo would provo an
elyslum to them. They could feast hero
on old lile-tail fellowi that havo prove-
Keu tne orick oats of boys, and eluded
the Jaws of terriers during the past ten
A writer in Columbia, S. C, says the
negro postmaster there has a corps of
conceited, inexperieuced, aud ignorant
negro clerks, who cause inespllcablocon
fusion In the affairs of the ofllce. Delay
of tho most unfortunate character aro of
dally occurrence, by the hundreds ot that;
But that's a good way to finish "the ac
cursed rebels"
'Virginia may rejoice In antjcipatlon of.
au early, release from the thraldom of
radicalism. Youug men turning tho age
of twenty-one are doing that work.
Theie, are beyond the .reach, .of. radical,
msiraucntsement, and will save the State
from tho r'utn and degradation in which
coutlmied radical rule would, inevitably,
engulf ft.
DM I X i stiVato 1 1 s TfOTiciT !
Estate nf C Itrard T. I!oi, tletva.'.cd.
1 . ur tin.ler- -ne I ha.r? U en appointed admim.
tntorif ;!.-. .stve .f EHvirl T if..,, to or tho
'"ii My of AVvtuiJr'.d SW- .nil(yoi, doomed,
htn ly n i I, . 1.. o Our h- will piear beforo Uio
entity curt of ,v!ox 'lfr'uunty,Attie rotirt Itou.o
la Curo. at Hn .Si-pt.-m'- term, on tho ad Monday
spimir noxt, it -ulucb tinn.ull pron' hnng
U.iosiijjflm.tKaidi si.ii-aro notidod and reoueitej
t 1 ; .it (cud,-tor lh pmii ui ti.uinc tho tstuoailjuit
Mt All peron.i indtbt. to -iid ei.7 ito nro (ooue.tfd
to ninko iimnt'd at,, piyti.rnt to tho mnlcMistii'd.
, ruio.1 till whd.iv f JlliV, A. I
!jvfvr iKt. W WAI.L.AdminUtrAtnr.
z I
m vi
5 "
7L v.
-; " S
I H 'u
B 8
.vir.o asdpaduuajT
Thn l.iri.t lriicht im- su
J. M. 11EVKHI.V .... "Vark
Wmmak ri?i.!rr PAJI V MNn Cairo and
lUducati, IraTliicCtiro vwty erruiiitr (Sundays ox
centedutrivaocliwk. Th Wiitdnr.ttRt PdnehirifWh.nTOrIwa
aft. 1 Onln railroad, ai.( tiioUimlrlondand Tenua
Porfrflgtttorp.i-tijApilrnlK.ird.or to
, ,,, M. J. BUCKI.EV, Auent,
'aniMdtl liiiro. lltinon.
1 i T".
.1 ... 1
1 X. S 51 A r. 1. w n,v. it. a.,
lrpr mr of the
C A i l' o
uud trted-.to direct tho . blind horse 'byi . , ii,. .,,1 ,
neighing. Palling In this, he took to thel " f ol1.?,,Tli:iFuf i i1" Ml
water and swam out ti his relief, and Ycijetablo
Mu.iut.wiurir 01
UhoU.nl iiutl Itt-liill,
rso. 88 Ohio Levoo.
after swimming around him for nearly a
ninrinr nf nn liour he tluallv cot the A llr sta!1 ,tt h Holm, ooraor of Wuilnns
Ifianer 01 an uour in """"J un- tin vnuaniTntli.tr.. JUdliii
4 nd horso to understand iu what d rec- Ja '" I
tlon the laud lay. and tue horses came
to tho shore side by side, amid the cheers
of upwards of ouo hundred persons who
nau necomo speumors. j
,. - --
Since the loyal Stato of Minnesota
voted last year tO'iuako negroes the
equals of white people, there have been
four cases of rape upon white women in,
that Stato by negroes. In these days of
"necessary consequences" (vide republi
can Stato platform, 3d resolution), such
entorprUIug Ethiopians are entitled to
distinction of being styled tho "pioneers
of mlsceguation'afcer their fashion.
i" y t '
sota j ilf
..r...... ,..'Y-.'-
LN... 3).
T rviifn I .h -t i, 21j of .iu oiXaai). e ontitlcd "An
orai.uKv tu uduur IU-orduiautw uf the uityof Uuira,
ai revised and t oilirtoil."
Mtri'Ni Th it action mmterod 2Uof "An ordl
une 10 :mui ti.u oMuiiuaea or 1110 cttv or Cairo. a
j-!v:a ana couttun, ' i)o iinicnilcl liy uJdins ut lliu
enuiot tue Hection tno raiiowimr wor.u. vii:
ivtti. 'I hat no Vojl or bint nhrtll. ltuoou tho Ut dv
vvorils, vli: "Vo-
of June u.i I tho lt d.iy of September run at l.irco
uitftm thu limits of city without liaving u kuU
otantial wliv .rlcatlitr lunula nurilv AuiinA,l ni
and nround .w tuoiith. so as, under all clroiim.tuuct's.
Vtivtiia'I) preii'nt Its lntm:.
to vtivtua'l) preii'nt Its hi
Approvfii Juaal?, 15S.
Having ;11iih. for tho manuf.iotiir of pure French
hyfI. wearoatjhodwooanfiirnl!i tho puro or.
ttvla at prUcs whiuli ulil uit lliw Irudo, Wholejala
and retail dealer ar lnvitt-d cjll. Jnuiiaif
XX.A.XX?. Xn.X3SS33X:LS,
. Andl't 1 1 to- anil'. alei, In
Hiiiuau Hair, I'leiieli I'eiTumciies, Brushes
' 'f 'o.MI).S, r.TC., KTC,
V1. utl kind of Toilet Article,
ft. 1S1 rnsniEIiriAL AVE., OPPOSITE Wf.N".
Particular nttontion jjhwi to siiampooaing
lili'udalnir ladiva luur, by .Nellie tvioit; if will pru
II provn1
lite lUllrlromfulMiijruui. hii.I u-ill rulnro It in I).
oriKlnalcolur. lVuisttlt.it iom on D'neiuei of tho head
mmiirtooi vji.-iro. i no puwic aro mriiod to txill
ami examine oui U.
We aUo have tkiti and IlartMt' Hair lteitoratlre
They will piuruoi. it.. -ru(li. l tholuir. pruruut h
hair from fidlmg out, ertidteate dandrutt, and keen
the M?alp healthy- JuSDtf,
WA.NTKD-Aleiander County Orders, at
and lUity scrip atMcenUon tho dol ar.
uina of Lumber and Duiidi ra Material.
St) ct.
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