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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, July 08, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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IIIIiioIm Centrnllt. K, Chrtnjrc or Time.
The trains now leave as follows:
Hrnlrxlciv". (..-. Jo'eWcU h.m.
J-.Ajn " " ............... SH 7ni.
"!i n!n arrive" nt ............ 2 o'clock .mt
hjrrtM " " - " y m.
fki:kht trains:
Way, leave at..... :00o'rfI(fV a.m.
xire, " . -Io - ji.in.
iy, firrivr at,... .... . osw
y.xjwn " .......... i....- 7)30
Dally, Sunday's excepted.
Arrival anil I)eartarn of Jrnll-
(Ctdro 1V1 Orticf, Fthrtui' isw)
.Srrf; 'throueh... .1:.V.m... a.OOpmt.
.'Illaayi l:lftfi.ti'....ll:KJr,ttl,
"i (tlirouch anil way). :CI .nt....UM juu.
t- 'll Meiniilil" A N. O.).. 4:().to.... liOHjimi.
( ) liPrrtHl :OT p.l-.. :) Mll.
iptil Klrr routo.J
T Jaynr.'l Friday... G:50 jus.-... 7-0.r ti.
T urmJnyii J.Halunlay-11.09 ..ll.U3H.tn.
i . !!(!? llnni' nnl
.!ar.. fMflpml'rt. 7:0) run. HaI.
.. .e iparl et?ry Uy -xrit Monday.
J.If.ftllAHAM. P.M.
Hoy Droit uctl.
A little boy named Here I; lull Miller,
nged sir. years, fell overboard at our
wharf, this forenoon, from tho steamer
Wanauito, und was drowned. TTo was
from Ukcesport, Ta., und bound for
Jiansas. Further nartlCV- wo could
not obtain.
The Hon. K.'jE. GoodclJ, of Springfield,
- at present in tho city, stopping with
A. B. Salford, esi. It will bo recollected
tk.at tho Illinois Pr(w Association ac
knowledged thecourtehiesund nttentloiiH
t f Mr. Ooodell through tho presentation
f a line cane.
A. .Mitchell, esq., assistant gonoral hu-
triutcudentof tho Illinois Cuntral rnll
r .:d, and Mr. John Now", vlee-prosi-t'tntof
the company, weru Jn Uio city
yesterday, en ronto for ColumUit, Ky.,
i railroad business.
''lillor Jat'k, while . the jiliit of
' j.wilug In the Ohio the othor ilay, re
. sod the assistance of a polo because It
as extended by a negrw! Although ho
i. .m in tho act of going down the third
nu, he stoutly denies that ho was in
tray danger. On the contra. y he hays
fr.it "he was Just getting roady ft swim
More Xrw liol.
Another lot of Summer Drew Goods
is boon received this week tvt IL 1L
( Jiiiilngliaui's. Thov are the iwwt
y'l-h goyd that havo boon brought to
'..Is market thl mmpou, and are 23 per
i nt. cheaper than they were three
ccknago. Go and look at thotu.
Ilr rtltlilill Mini DellK'ttruI llc- crnmn.
f. c- li-bmte! BItorH, IvlHsingen and
J. Jlsville Artoslau watora aro kept on
I'-anj'ht at the City Drug Ktore, Coni
ne rr ial avenue, IhjUvguu Sixth uud Ho'
nth ' trccts. Je'lS tf
Krem h .Syrups Mirpas everything for
I u onnde. Try them. Miohehiou
V titr, niftiitifnoturerrf, No. &b Ohio
-t-. JUw
i.'ooil Prlccw mill .VoUi'Jrlii.
The Hales by tho Planters Tobacco
Warehouse Co., this morning wcr high
ly j-atUfnctory. Tliero was a good atten
dance of local buyers, and tho bidding
was quito animated.
Tho atterlngs consisted of 31 hluk, ull
i f which wero well old, as will bo seen
from tlio.dttalls given below. There wus
not aslnglo rejection. Tho sales were as
1 hhd at 39; 3 hhds at 2 hhds ut
IJO.W); 1 hhd at $20; 1 hhds at $10.50; 1
hhdntS18.t0;2hhd.sut?I0.&0;l hhh at
16.00; 3 hhdaat 512.00; 5 hhds at $11.25;
J hhds at $11. 0Q; I hhd at 10.25; S ranging
from $7 25 to 510.00.
At noon to-day tho following dispatch
was received from St. Louis:
"Tobacco JUBjJ:et greatly depressed to
lay. Three fourths of tho offerings re
jected." Which goes to prove that neighboring
1 lnuters will consult their best intercfchi
by patronizing tho Cairo market.
If you want u good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-Iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that line,
call ou A. Kraser, Commercial avenuo'
beteen Jilevonth and Twelfth btreet,
where ho has .moved to,&ud fitted up tho
largest and most cowplete shop In
.woutheru IlllnoiK.
Particular attention glvn to steam
boat and mill work, copper smithing
and sheet Iron work, such a chimneys,
breecher escaping Bteam-plpca, etc
8avo your lives and property. A.
Fraser is agent for tho copper scroll light
ning rod company and will till all orders
promptly, Call at once and have them
put on your buildings. Tills is the best
and Fafest roil now made. Shop on Com
mercial avenue, between Jiloventh and
Twolff. street. npl24d3m
"Harrett's" recommends itself.
Pure French Syrups at Michelson it
Wiener's for Invalids. je29 lw
A now lot of Marseilles, Picques, Lin
ens, Marseilles Trimmings, Ac., Just ro-
i-ciiuu in vuuuuimmiU B. 'iiiey WHJ uo
fcold at nearly half former prices.
Add 'l)arreW" toyotir toilet.
Th KcetlMC t BIB4llleTo.merrew.
Cairo should be well represented t tbe
Bland viUo meotlBgantl barbecue to-morrow,
aathe bectH of the demonstration
deeply concern our city. The best avail
able means for developing tho resources
of tho country will be canvassed, and
such actioa taken as may bo thought ad
visable. The movement commends itxclf to
every cUitcn interested In tho prosperi
ty of ttoo country contiguous and, tribu
tary to Cairo. Our Ballard county friends
manifest tho proper concern, and have
a right to look for tho hearty co-opera-tion
ef tho citizens of-Cairo. Prominent
umoag the matters that will be discussed
will bo the extension of the Cairo &
Blaodvlllo road to Hlnckloville, and tho
construction or such branches" as will
beatBerve the country ttiat 'looks to this
city as its Bourco of supply. In a work
of this klud It is not only cxir duty to
Jortn, but to manifest a real thnt will as
suto our Ballard county friends that wo
deslro their custom and aro willing to
pat forth all reasonable oiFoc ts to securo
Is not the matter of sufficient moment
to command the presence of our city
council? They are tho guardians of the
ef tho community, and It is expected of
them to encourage, by word and deed.
every movement that procures to add to
our business prosperity.
Let no trivial matter stand In tho wav
of a good attendance froai Cairo.
"-Barrett's" retorcs with rapidity.
R. If. Cunningham, hti marked down
his prices on eM Dremj Goods, Lawns,
Ac. He keep uo Shopkeepers on his
shelves. Iiagalti will be offered hi these
The Suaflinver BlUiiirt Saloon, on Ohio
Levoe, l furnished with tho latest styles
of tables, und tlie bar wipplled with the
most excellent liquors. Free lunch is
spread every day at'.a. in. and 10 p. m.
Nollcr! .t !!
MIclielon t Wiener, manufacturers of
the delightful French Syrian, lieg res
pectfully to announce that by request
they will sell their Syrups, In bottler, ut
reUill, at B QMilo Lovee. Try it Jl lw
One hundroJ pieces jtrints, the most
attractive of the se9fon, opened this
morning at'Cunnlngham's.
"Barrettf Ktrectual Hair Hestora
tlve. Mr. Joe liorbierre, a gentleman who
formauy yean has been actively enga
ged in the attempt to build up direct
trade bctwoou Europe nnd tho city of
Xew Orleans and Memphis, pawsod
through ralro vesierday p.venluu. &k
route for St. Louis. He exprcs-es hU be
lief that when the cities on tho Missis
sippi river build or buy their own steam
ships then and not uui'l 'ien, will tho
direct trade become a tvuecess.
.r. B. Is tho author of several works,
among tho most recent of which is
"Leaves from tho Prlsflt Table" a book
suggested by his experience during the
Another bevere, drenching rain fell
last night, and during the day there has
been a lively prospect fyr more. Groat
ruin ! being wrought, fariuid near, In tho
wheal crop. Vast quantities of grain,
cut and shocked, ure sprouting, und
other vast quautitlesbavo beeu ruined
byjrust, overflows, etc, Fifteen millions of
bushels will scarcely cover the loss In
Illinois alone.
On the 10th Instant the peqplo of Cairo
will determine by ballot, whether thu
Cairo A Fulton railroad, stretching henco
four hundred miles toward tho Pacific
ocean, shall terminate at Cuics.
Tho destruction of tho caulao species,
siiuso it became tho duty of tho marshal
to shoot, stab nnd klllsuch as might bo
caught running nt largo without tho tax
tab, almost surpasses belief! Fair notice
was given that tho killing would com
mence on tho first day of June, but tho
dogs unawed, continued to run at large
incredulous creatures that they wore;
and now what has been tho result? Count
tho dog graves? You can't do it, for
their number is COCOCO.OOO!
Wo publish in this Jssuo h commuui;
cation on tho subject of iusuruuco com
panies, Tho laugtiago of tho communi
cation is very igorouB, uud gives somo
indications of auger. Wo know nothing
about the assertions made, and presume
tho other side can make out a case quite
satisfactory to itself.
. . ii
C'liluc Laborer for (be Hoitlfa.
Tho introduction of Chinese into ths
South to supply the flemand for labor i
regarded a necessity, and active efforts
are being put forth to supply it.
Messrs. Miner & Barter, of Selma,
Alabama, passed through Cairo yester
day, on route for San Francisco to pro
euro Chinese laborers for tho railroads
now in course of construction in that1
part of the South.
Tho prosldcdt of the Ceutrul Pacific,
upon which road thousands of Chinese
wero employed, writes that "as laborers
tney aro steady, reliable, and cannot ho
excelled" an Indorsement of John Chi
j unman of which he may well feel proud.
Tho calaboose gang have been doing
good service on Washington avenuo 'du
ring tho past few days-, nnd yesterday
commenced tho work of filing tho gul
; lies washed 'by'tho ruins. It Is "Intended
Mat this worK" AhiUl1 berrteCr Ihrotigh
M Eighteenth street, ,
Atawrt 'insurance t'ompnnltn.
The Yollowing insurance companies,
"via: the Insuronco Company of North
'Africa, .Etna Insurance Co., Albany
'Oily Fire Insurance Co., N. Y., nnd the
tutnam Fire Insurance Co., seem to have
fallen on a very easy plan of discharging
their liabilities as, insurers, whenever
their patrons happen to meet with a
loss. This Is particularly true where tho
Insured are poor nnd tho amount of loss,
consequently, Inconsiderable The plan
is simple, nnd, to say tho least, If not
dishonest It Is manifestly oppressive. Itt
will be observed that the homo ofllces of
all these companies are in other States,
nnd tho construction given to the act of
Congress permitting a party when sued
in a Stnto court outside of his own State,
by a citizen of another State, to remove
too causo by petition into the federal
c&Urt, has extended its provisions to
foreign corporations.
Now, exporience has shown that par
ties living In Cairo cannot prosecute a
suit upon a policy of lnsurnnec in the
federal court, at Springfield, for less than
at a cost of from two to five hundred dol
lars; and n, great portion of this expen
diture his to bo advanced in the first in
stance by the plaintiff, and a larue por
tion of it Is neyur recovered back, let the
result of tho suit bo what it may. Hence,
to require tho unfortunate sufferer front
fire (where the loss Is but a few hundred
dollars' ti go into that court, is equiva
lent to denying him relre9S and defeat
ing lite claim altogether, however just
and meritorious that claim may be. tine
would suppose that a cense of Justice and
common honesty would not allow tlieso
companies to avail themselves of such
mi unworthy and oppressive advantage,
but wo are sorry to say that such Is not
tho case.
These companies comehere, open mag
nlficeut offices, advertise extensively,
engage tho service of tome of our best
citizens und moHt polished gentlemen,
who vie with each other in extolling the
virtue nnd magnr-nlmlty of their respec
tive companies! Day after duy pre
miums are paid rjhI policies aro renewed
without u word or grumbling on the part
of tho assured. Rut let a loss-occur and
how Is It? Some foreign agent must bo
i-cnt here to look Into tnemiatter. and he
goes smelling around for n day or two,
to ceo If iie can't dlscovor some fraud,
foul play orfiomiUilng whereon to base a
plausible fxc-ue for doing thnt which
i. i... i ..ii .,.r.i. i..
uun 1IUUIIUV.-U mi inu wuiu, ti.,
to pay altogether. Finally, some Imag-
lnary excuse is given to the assured wny
the com imn v cannot nav. hut In order to
-impress the community with tho Idea
that the company is very magnanimous,
he is offered one-half oronc-third, as tho
cae may lw, of what lie is Justly enti
tled to. If he refuses to take ft and
brings suit here, at Jiome, wnere ins wit-
can afford to enforce his legal rights at
one-fourth what It would cost him at,
SoriuiMleld. This maL'nanlmous com-
pauy, that received the hard earned pre
mium ay I th so nnirh complacency, uud so
many assurances of its 'honesty aud lib
erality, comes into court und presents its
petition setting forth thnt it Is a non-resident
of thU State, and the case Is at once
removed to .Springfield, where, in my
cases tho plalntlU ia wholly unable to fol
low u. T., pirc nu instauco of the kind
I will mention tho enso of Jnmc.s Sulli
vau vs. the Putnam Fire Insurance Co.,
which has been removed at the present
term of this court to Springfield. Tho
plaintiff, a poor laborer Jiving in the up
iwr part of tho city, having by honest
Industry feuved of lil. hard earningH
means enough to secure him a little
home for his wife and children, was In
duced by the vory flattering accounts of
this company, to havo It Insured. Wo
are informed that tho Jtgent of tho com
pany, at tho time of maJdug the polloy,
went In per.on uud made n survey of the
premises, and a risk, of four hundred
dollars was taken ou thd property. All
was right and everything fair thin, but
now wo nre told that the company alleges
that it has been greatly imposed upon
In estimating the value of tho proporty,.
and for that reason refuses to pay the
loss. It is strange that this did not occur
to tho company when It was receiving
tho premium! nad the dUcovery been
made then the premium would havo
been proportionately smaller! The plain
tiff in tho case now has the very disa
greeable alternative presented to him of
either abandoning his claim upon tho
company altogethor or prosecuting It iu
tho federal court at Sprlugflohl, ut n cost
of three or four hundred dollars tho re
sult In either case being n substantial
loss of his property. This Is all wronir.
and wo say to the property owners of
Cairo and elsewhere, spot these compa -
nlest If you have property to insure, se
lect homo solvent homo comnauv or
Koaio hlghmindcd and honorable foreign
company which ha not sullied Its repu
tat'oti by defeating Just claims against it
in mis mnuuer.
In conclusion, ive rental. 'Snot these
"Barrrctt's" caps tho climax.
The famous fc'elter Water," Wels Beer,
Catawba and Rhine Wines, cool ami
pure, ure always kept at the Kgyptlun
Brewery Saloon, corner of Washington
avenuo and Tenth street. Lovers of theso
delightful beverages aro invited to call,
as they will bo politely treated and tat
.dafactorlly served,
"Barrett's" improves Whiskers.
French Syrups neutralize the heat o
summer, heal tho sick, and promote hap
piness; try them. For sale by Michelson
AWloner. Je291w
Tho outward bound passenger train
was delayed a short time, near tho stone
depot, this afternoon, by the locomotlvo
and tender running off tho track
The mishap was occasioned by a
turned switch, Auothar locomotive was
attached aud tho train continued on i's
way as if nothing had happened.
The work upon tho Cairo & Blnndvillo
road is progressing finely. Mr. Carroll,
with about twenty Cairo laborers, Is do
iiig a first-class Job, and ono that will
prove durable.
Every'dollar" expended in this way is
nn Investment that Avlil bring its cont
per out every twelvemonths,
rre NmKk (iot tit Chlenco.
The many friends of Mr. Fred. Smith
will learn with regret that he takes his
final leave of Cairo to-morrow. Fred
has filled the position of Superintendent
of the telegraph office here, during the
past three or four years, most acceptably
to all concerned allowing himself com
petent, courteoas'ahd as accommodatlBg 1
as tho Interests'1 rfo served allows any.
man to be. Socially he Is one of the best
fellows alive, and makes friends where
ever friends are to be made, and has the
faculty of preserving his friendships.
Hojjoes to the "mother office" in Chica
go, and to the people of that city we com
mend him as a genial gentleman, first
class business man and a No. 1 tele
grapher. Iu the hyeroglyplilcs of tele
graphy wo pronounce this
lie will bo succeeded in Cairo by Mr.
Deiit, of Chicago a ynungman in every
way worthy of the position. While wo
wclcomo Mr. Dent to Cako, we surrender
Fred to Chicago -with a very decided,
audible and almost vlnible sigh of deep
regret. He take with him tho "73" of
every man, woman and child in Cairo
that has met him iu cither a business or
a social way. Frederick! xood byo to
you. 33 but not ll.
tjik city gm:kk.
Ill Sttrnt The Charges Prefrrrctl
It is already known to many of our lo
cal readers that Mr. Patrick Mockler,
city clerk, ha been suspended from hU
office, because of charges of corruption,
malfeasance In office and incompetency,
preferred against him by the city treas
urer, Mr. John Hyland.
These charges aro to tho effect that Mr.
Mockler, without tho authority of law,
collected license .money from sundry citi
zens and refused to pay over the samo on
demand to tho officer authorized to re.
ceit'e it; that he had deliberately
and corruptly proposed to tho treasurer
to divide the money between them that
should come In to tho city treasury, and
to do, as ho alledged others had done,
"oteai from tho:Ity." Ii !a niso charged
that Mr, Mockler is not equal, because of
I, . . ., , . ,. ,
incompetency, to n satisfactory discharge
; oi me uuues oi nis oiuce.
Lpou tuc strength or tlieso chnrges tlie
mayor suspended Mr. Mockler from
ofQcc, giving hhn notice that on Tues
day evening cxt, before a Joint session
of tho city council, he would bo furnish-
ej an opportucity to meet his accuser
' an'' e,,Uer .,w lJefe"ce-
During tho pendency of this Investlga-
lion ii wouiu ue uiguiy improper m us to
, express au pplnlon as to Mr. Modeler's
guilt or innocence. If innocent, he
should, of course, be acquitted and re
stored to his office; but if ho is guilty tho
Interests of tho city, of tho party that
clcclotl UWvi, anil -vury amibtdarallmi of
right, Justice und good polloy, demands
his summury dlemlssat from tho office,
ndu the appointment of an honest and
competent man in his stead. We have uo
feeling In this matter beyond :i sincero
desire to secure a full, fair and searching
Investigation. If Mr. M. hus abused
tho confidence of those who placed him
In olllcc, has violated his sacred pledge
to faithfully and honestly dlschargo his
duties, ho can expect nothing le.s than
n peremptory dismissal from his position ;
but, if ho establishes his Innocence of the
chnrges preferred, he can claim as a right
his restoration to ofllce, aud ull the rep
aration that can lw made.
The Cnlro ,1- Ml. I.oitla Hoilroxil,
The St. Louis 'Democrat' is of the
opinion that St. Louis has never been
asked for help in the work of building
the Cairo & St. Louis railroad. As that
city Is one of the parties in interest, she
should move in the matter of her own
volition. Why should she wait for an
appeal for help? Sho Is vitally Interest
ed, and should havo taken action, unso
licited, as Cairo and other interested lo
calities have done. But is It true that
St. Louis has not been applied to for as-
1 distance? If wo mistake not, tho claims
of tho project wero urged upon the atten
tion of the principal citizens of St. Louis
at an early day In its history. The re
sponse wassodlshearteuliik', that tho be
lief was then and there enirotnlnroil tint
n. ,..
mo wuimhiij nuuiu to lumjieilBU IU rtiy
wlinllw llnnn Tlllnnlu Mw.
i WSJ Vt IUV litWUCU i0"
sNliuice. But let this pass. If St. Louis
is now willing to relax her purso-strlugs
and give, ns she ought to give, the road
will bo ono of the creations of the next
eighteen mouths.
Iron aud Coal at Natlta Ke,
Mr. Green Mussey, now iu attendance
on the Circuit Court, assures us that all
that has been said about the valuable de
posit of coal at Santa Fe, In this county,
is true; aud that furthermore, the re
ported existence of .iron, iu vast quanti
ties, in the samo locality, i also author
ized. The coal, he says, is Bald to be of the
same kind as that at Mount Carbon, aud
lies almost at the surface of the ground.
Mr. Llvlugston, of the firm that com
menced tho foundation of a foundry and
nail factory iu this city, actually pur
chased a body of land In that locality,
fully satisfied that it contained Iron ore
In almost Inexhaustible quantities.
Wo should be glad to see tho claims of
this locality to coal and mineral promi
nence fully Investigated. That coal and
iron exist there to some extent wo are
satisfied. If the deposit is equal to tbe
expectation 6f if r. Massey, who Ii an In
telligent gentleman and lives right on
the ground, why then the iron smolting
business ut Santa Fe, must, in time., be
come a sourco of incalculable wealth to
tho whole county,
Port I.lt for tli !U Ilonra EiiiIIuk at
TWO o'clock, p. M.
nn. Andennn, Colitmlua. Jtnry r)AY&3, Kt I'OiiIs. . , -
A. J. fner. j.uuiBTiiic. r-iri1! o. i, no
Cumberland. Ktnnivlllc. JtKuVtye So. 1, do
Wdnanltc, IMllsbuig. Jlary lfoulon, N. O. .
Atiilrron. ColumMn. A. J. Bal:cr,N. 0.
rinnlx;rlanl, KvriiitiIIo. Mary HoiMton. T lr.
I'cirfi !o. z, nuimiTg. wmianite, Kt. mollis.
iiawKcytr no. i, m. j.oiii?.
. , t,
The weather continues vnriablo but.
with Indications of clearing off and bo-
coming settled. A heavy ruin fell lait
night and the uccompauylug lightning,
which has been missing on elm"1" oc
casions lately, did much towards purify
lng the atmosphere which sqemed to
havo become laden with unpleasant va-
pors. A light Hhoweror two this morn
ingseoms to havo closed the fall f
for a time, at least.
Tho Mississippi and Missouri
Cairo f-o f'lllug rapidly as far a heard
from. . 1
Tho Ohio Is falling at Pittsburg wIMi
scant 8 feet water In tho channel and
rising at Cincinnati nnd T "-iirvith.
0 feet iu tho chute over tho falls.
The A-1" r i'gh and;
stevdy rains hue tailun for forty eight
hours nt Little Bock on top of tho flood.
Great danger Is anticipated along the
Tho Cumberland Is still falling with
only two fectou Harpoth Shoals.
Here tho river has agnln bocom
tlonnry, after falling about one Jr" ot1d
a half.
Business Is very dull.
The Paducah packet MUbroy did not
come otu yesterday owing to tho fact
that some portion of her doctor englno
broke us she was about leaving Padncah.
She will be out to-day, all right.
Tho Cumberland, yesterday, brought
3!) bags wheat, 1 hhd tobacco, 30 caddica
ditto, 5 bbls apples and several lot of sun
dries for Cairo; 22 bbls whisky. '"
com, 10 tons merchandise and "-vr-ware
for reshlpment south.
The Mary Houston passed up with u
pefect crowd of pasongors, many cl,
whom disembarked at Cairo. Among:"7
the latter was Miss GeogioIIagey, of "
city, who has been spending somo
mouths in New Orleans.
Tho Milbrey, Capt. Mngulrc, is tho re
gular Paducah packet this ovoning.
The Armada, Capt. Dusoucl'' ' 'o
regular Kvansvlllo packet nt5 p.m.
The City of Cairo, Capt. Malln, l- nt
regular packet for Momp''' p.m. .
Tho Molllo Ablo and Commonwltjt
are both duo this ovoning for N. O
Nono such us "Burrott's."-
FOR KKXT.-Tho omeo on tho K0. SOOT,
ot r Miller X iUU rVt -i-thlna Uir, at rvMonaVlt
rrnn. Apply t Miller MlUofi. my:-lt
Fornir iomt-t" srtu e t grMl utility! mvfta
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