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I'iniLIHIIKU BY 401IK It. 01IKRLY ft CO.
SATURDAY, JULY 10, 1809.
IlllnolM I'cutrnl It. It., Change r Time.
Tho trains now leave aa follows:
(K)IN(I nohtii:
Mail train lcint.' ...t. 2oYl4ck a.rri.
i'xprefc " " a 10 " p.m.
Mail trnlii nti'lve nt 2 o'clock ft. in.
J,iprcs " " .,.. 4M " p.m.
Way, Iiar-nt .'. .lino o'clock a.m.
Kxprrm, " .............. 4:1" " l.rn.
Way, firrlv nt fii.V) ' p.m
VprcM " TiJo " a.m.
Daily, Sundays excepted.
Arrival ami Drpartwre of .Mull.
i Cairo l'nt Office, Kl.niary 2, Unci.)
tnaivt. onrAirt.
(Tim of doling.)
bmh (ilirciiiiiii. nuKiH.tn.... 3;oip.rii.
N ithtway) tits p.m Il;fi0 p in.
S;lltli (through uml way). i(X)ii.ra-II:W)i.ni.
K litli (MrmplilK & N. O.J.. 4:00 A.lfl... t:W p.Tn.
ohio Itivtir routn............ t.ojp.m C:iQp.m.
. lippi ltlvfr roulo,J
Tudday ami Krlday... C:W) pin...... 7') p.m.
t harlonton, Mo.,Tur'laya
Thursday A Saturday.. 11.00 n.m . 11 W) A.m.
, (Ioomi ln sncl
ban In Hp . .,, COO p.m Kn. 7.00 a.m. SuU
Otilo Kive rtmtn df-Mri ry ilav xrept .Monday.
In 18G7 tho valuation of real and per--onal
property in Cairo was $4,078,000;
nnd In 1SGS, about $.1,800,000. This year
It will be lean.
Carbondalo, Du Quoin and Centralia
arc making prodigious effort, one to
prove that the other In not tho place for
tho Southern JIIIiioIh Normal fioliool.
They have given each other such n bad
name tliat vu feel inclined to put In the
' laims of Cairo for tho school, purely on
moral ground. f
Jlorr .Vi'H .'il.
Another lot of Summer Dross Goods
has been received this week at R. H.
Cunningham'. Thev are tho most
htyllsh goods tliat have been brought to
this market this peanon, and are 2-5 per
lent, cheaper than they were three
weeks ago. ( Jo and look at them.
The United Hrethrcn In Friendship, a
benevolent organization among tho col
ored people, aro making extensive prep
aration)! for a picnic and banket dinner
i .n Pleasant grove, near Mound City, on
!he 4th proximo. They expect to be
lolned by tho ''Brethren" from Evaus
rille, Golconda, Paducah and Mound
City, and to have a gay old time of It
I. U. Wood, of Selma, Alabama,
wishes to communicate Important In
formation to T. W. II. Miller, who form-
r'y lived in Cairo, and in 1607 was for a
Mme a resident of Selma, Miller was
Lieutenant In tho 0th Illinois Cavalry,
and A A. Q. M, in August, 1S(W. Auy
uforniatiou in regard to Lieutenant Mil
'f r will be thankfully received by Mr.
Wanted !
A general agent for Southern Illinois,
fcr one of the leading Life Insurance
i viiipanh'.s of tho JJagt To ono who can
jmu well recommended, and in homo
what vented In tho buslueM, very liberal
nduccmcnU will be ollered. None ex-
opt gentlemen of ability and good moral
i haracter peed apply. Addre.sf ,
Oknkuai. Aoi:.t,
.110 Oil vo street. Rooms 0 anil 7,
jylOdtf St. Louis. Mo.
Notwithstanding tho po?tponment of
tho meeting and barbecue at Blandvillc,
nearly ono thousand persons who failed
to receive the notice of pnhtpoucment,
assembled, and, having nothing else to
do, arranged for a big bail atnight,whlch
cnine oil', much to tho satisfaction of alt
jncernod. A number of Culroltes were
rrcsent and enjoyed themselves finely
During tho day two or three Individuals,
m Imitation of tho virtuous Sairy Gamp,
barely tasted a little spirits; but tho tasto
liad tho elfbctof reuderlug them slightly
obstreperous. Thero was no harm done,
however, and overybody wont home In a
good humor, determined to boon hand
when tho meeting take place, in full
force, and with a resolve to do some
thing for their country.
I.lcrnscil !liilnrs .McnraUf' notice.
All persons who hold licenses for
which they did not pay tho money di
rectly into tuo city treasury, aud 'recolvo
my receipt therefor, aro hereby notified
and requested to report to me without
delay. Parties neglecting or refusing to
omply. with this request will be dealt
with according to law. , n
John Hy'lani), City Treasurer.
JulyO 3t
Savo your lives and property. A.
Fraser IgagouUoettie. copperscroUpllKht
nlngrod company and will fill allonlers
promptly. Call at once and have tuera
put on your buildings. This Is tho best'
aud safest rod now mado. Shop on Com
mercial avepue, botwqqn KUYentJi 4anl,
Twelfth street. ' ' 1 aplld3m
"Rarrett'n" recommends Itself.
A new lot (n?M7h,o7lI(??'P,lcqes, Lin
ens, Marseilles Trimmings, &o., Just re
ceived at Cunningham's. They will be
sold at neaiiylialf former prices. . ,
k-Jt-..!'.' ats J ' ..UI 1-i
Tho famous Solter Wtitor, Wels lleor,
'at.tw'.t njia, Khift Wines, t-ool and
t ire, are always kept at the Egyptian
urewury-atmmr coiner ot vvasmngion ,lflj, ,, tho b.r s,nnt.,! wUhTtlipL
avonutMoid Tiith ti-uULovoruraiiiiStt4.J st oxceHeut llfrASTreM Wtft W
u'pi i in ut vriiiiy- ii iu in vvviiii(iari
as they will ,o politely treated and nJ
. . . .. . . ,A,a .
Ntitpld, Sleepy, La ay.
Ours Is a very peculiar community.
With reputation abroad for outer
prize, (lush ud untiring zeal In all good
works, It is, for the moBt part, careless of
its own best lntercst,and requires puach
lug from many long poles to stir It Into
anything liko activity.
Occasionally it is asstupid an Paducah,
as Bleepy as St. Louis, kn lazy as Mobile.
Just at this time it Is luxuratlng in a
happy combination of stupidity, sleepi
ness aud laziness ; Is, la short, exhibi
ting all tho worst characteristics of the
three cities wo have named above.
Here we are on tho eve of an impor
tant election, the result of, which will
determine whether Cairo shall havo di
rect railroad communication with St..
Louis within a few mouths, tho trade of'
a rich agricultural country, the in
itial point of the to-bo great Interna
tional Pacific railroad, and other good
things, and yet there Is not visible in the
public mind oven arlppleof Interest. Tho
lawyer goes to his ofllco and tho mer
chant to his store; tho mechanic to his
workshop and tho laborer to his toil, and
neither cares a fig, (or sd It seems to us)
whether tho road Is voted up or down.
Tho lawj'cr Is too much Interested in tho
affairs of his numerous clients, (valuable
citizen thought ho Is, always forward
In public enterprise, you know); tho
merchant Is too lazy; aud tho mechanic
and laborer too careless of their own
Now, we protest that this wont do.
The town cannot prosper if thero Is not
a change. To be stupld,rot sleepy, or
lazy Is bad enough, but to' be stupid,
sleepy and lazy Is a loud that will break
us down if we do not speedily throw
it ell.
It Is the duty of every citizen to give
to every subject submitted to tho people
of the city, careful consideration; to talk
about It with his neighbor; and in every
other way to throw light upon and ob
tain Information concerning It. Wo
hope, therefore, that our people will
'wake up," and pay more attention to
tho matter of tho Cairo fc Fulton rail
road. Tho election to determine whether
tho city shall subscribe $100,000 in bonds
to have the road built from Cairo to
Charleston by November next, is only a
few days off; and we would like to know
what our prominent citizens think about
the matter; we would like to ce ono or
two of them, at least, manifesting a little
Intercut in the matter. The spectacle
would Im refreshing, aud would consid
erably elevato our opinion of their com
mon sonic and their desire to advance
the Interests of Cairo.
Citizens, wake up!
If you want a good stove, or tinware
holiow.ware, copper or sheet-Iron w;are,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that Hue,
call on A. Fracer, Commercial avenue
beteon Eleventh and Twelfth street,
where he has moved to, and lit ted up tho
largest and moit complete shop In
Southern Illinois.
Particular attention given to hteam
boat and mill work, copper smithing
and sheet Iron work, such as chimneys,
breeclter escaping steam-pipes, etc
Ladies or gentlemen requlrlug tho ser
vices of a first class, dentist should will
upon Dr. Austin, at his office over Elliott,
Haythorn & Co.'s boot and shoo store,
The Dr. is entirely familiar with all tho
advances made in his profession and has
all the appliance at hand that enable
him to servo patrons scientifically and
to their entire satlfuution. Givo him a
call. JulyO-lw
- -
"UarrettV Improves Whl'kers.
llraltliriil nml Dfllulilfnl llrirmKra.
Tito celebrated Setter's, Klsslugen and
Louisville Artesian waters aro kept on
draught at tho City Drug Store, Com
mercial a venue, between Sixth and Sev
suth streets. Je 1ft tf
"scarcity of Jloinfy."
Many of our citizens aro disposed to
complain of an unusual, scarcity of
money. We do not think that the actu
al condition of allalrs in our city author
Izesany such complaints. Somo branches
of business may bo characterized by un
usual sluggishness, but tho general aspect
of business airalrs Is better than it has
been during tho pnst three yonrs a faotj
corroborative or this. Js tho following:'
On the llrst of July the 'Rulletln' ofllco
sent out bills against nearly or quite one-
. half tho biiBlncfc.s men of tho city. Theao
bills ranged from ?2 to ?o0. No notice
was given of our collector's coming, yet
every single bill was promptly paid In
full, on presentation.
Wo are now entering on our sixth year
of Journalistic life In Cairo; have experi
enced all tho fluctuations of business from
good to better and from bad to worse, but
uover before found all of our patrons In
funls to Uqtildato their Indebtedness to
us. Where such success us this attends
tho efforts of collectors thero must be
money aud a good deal of It too, the
complaints of some to the contrary not
withstanding. .
"Harretu" retores with rapidity.
,r . .. " . T, , t - , . . , i
t'uunlngham, litiff'inUrtcfd d&whi
His Di'lccH on nil Dress Goods.. Lawns
Scu. i'EIu keeps no Shopkeepers on his
'hSlyesV.'tf again .Kljj. n;c,girered Jn.JJieso,.
a il
II 'nj
' The Su it tip Ivor RllTiatdiSaTuoif i on'obld
CR Jnraml nvorvdav at 0 a. ui. and 10 U. m.
" , ,
nr,,,iuin',li-,.! Tiln(wmrhit. trio mont
One Juurdred .piece. prhiU
Local Hrevltle.
Charles Thrupp, Intends to put down a
brick sidewalk In front of his property
On Washington avenue.
We are indebted to Alderman McKeo
for a valuable item of news. Bo Informs
us that the thief who stole the lamp post
atthecornor of Fourth street has come
to grief. He returned last night to steal
the "hole" and was captured.
Tho State Teachers' Association will he
held in this city this, fall. ' Arrangements
must bo made to entertain tho ludies free
of charge, and the gentlemen at reduced
Several mad dogs have been killed at
Centralia. All mad dogs should take
refuge In Cairo. They will esca'po all
danger here. Who dare hurt them?
The tegls of tho police court is ovor thorn,
aud tho city marshal has not yet begun to
slaughter them.
The 'Times' hopes the committee that
makes tho contract with Mr. Allen, for
tho construction of the road from Cairo
to Charleston, will not allow him to dis
criminate against Cairo in the matter of
freight and passenger rates. Of course
not. Resolutions adopted by the council
especially stipulate that the bonds shall
not be issued until Mr. Allen agrees that
no such discrimination shall be made.
The repairs on the sidewalks on Com
mercial avonuo uavo been mado as far
up as Twcutloth street Magiunls Is
"pushing things."
A fine article of cherries is still in mar
ket at twelve and a half cents per quart-
Porter & Hall have a seven acre garden
near the city, and bring wagon loads of
the finest vegetables we ever saw, to tho
market dally.
Thomas JefTerson was placed on trial
In our circuit court yesterday, forsteallng
Maximilliau's razor. What's in a name?
The present term of the circuit court
will probably be prolonged two weeks
yet. The past week has been devoted to
the criminal docket.
The sale of lands and town lots, upon
which the taxes of tho year 1SC3 remain
unpaid, will be sold by tho sheriff, on
the 20th. Judgment against them will bo
taken on Monday the 10th lust.
A county clerk, couuty treasurer and
coroner, are to be elected at our next fall
election. For tho treasurer's ofllco thero
arc already three aspirants.
It is Captain Dugan's purpose to tow
the hull of the Underwriter to Cincinnati.
The destruction of this craft puts a period
to our picnic aud plcasuro excursions.
Thero was but one Underwriter, and Is
but one Captain Dugan.
Attention Is asked to the notice In
another column over tho signature of
John Hylaud, city treasurer. Ho desires
to ascertain how much money has been
pata into the lmiuls or the city clerk for
Our buslne.- men coul1 jt do a hand
somer thing for thelr ,ntry patrons
than to send them tuo Weekly 'Hulle-
tin.' Wo receive ubsriptlon9 for six
months, which fact will enable our citi
zens to placo the paper In the hands of a
large number of their friends abroad. To
every man who makes Cairo his mar
ket tho 'Bulletin' will prove a present
that will bo received most thankfully.
Tiy it.
There aro only two Welshmen In Cairo,
and one Is in tho chain gang.
Joel G. Morgan has Just returned from
Union county. Crop? good, and rain
Joseph Reynold., formerly a citizen of
Cairo, but now residing at Helena, Ar
kanas, Is in this city on a Hying visit.
It Is the duty of our citizens to sustain
their local paper. This duty neglected
by too many citizens of Cairo. Send In
your advertisements and Job printing.
Tho earthquako folt hero lust week ap
pears to have shaken up tho couutry
pretty genorally. It gave St. Louis moro
decided evidences of activity than she
had shown for years. Old Shawnee, too,
tool; a littlo shake; but owing to iter age
it was not a very lively ono. Tho oontor
was probably at New Madrid, Mo.; but
as that placo has only been heard from
once since tho groat quake of 1612, it can
scarcely bo oxpoeted 'that anything defi
nite on this head will bo received from
thero during the few years left of tho
lOtli coutury.
Thoro is a largo and pleasant party at
Crittenden Springs, this season, the en
tertainment being a vast improvement
over that of any previous year. Messrs.
Miles & Henry am very popular hosts,
aud know oxactly how to maku tho most
,of everything.
Mr. O'Rrlen wants mon aud toatnh to
work on tho Cairo & Viuecnnos railroad,
in Saline county. He pays for a t.vq
horse or mulejteaiu $3 8ojtwo yoke oxen
and driver 4 00; laborers $1 65; wood
choppers SI SO. Tho location Is pleasant
and abunduutly supplied with good wa
ter. "Rarnett'ft" caps tho olltnax.
. ' ; 1
Tiic WiirU'ou tlii'rituiiiUillo Ituutt.
Mr.' JaWs, Cjaijrpll with his corps of
wor1te;!sl.'lsJi9l;)g uinqst excellent "Job''
on the ijiaudyUle.ioadnear tho ferry
at il I ..li l.A I. il.
- jamiitig. ACrOSMIlO UOllOJUOJO J3 UUOW-
' ft , 0mboitknwnt, wlthi.lltohes
at tho sides, and thorapldltywith which
ho is inishintr tho work is astonishlmr.
'.'Since he went ofthVNvorlr ttTo weather
has been decidedly unpropUloUa,! rum
"nud mud iuteniulutaYttfYwJrcQueJitJy to
idelay his labors; but he has, for all this,
been iWW )givolfiaeireethal Ifr'arid
li'ls men aro eai'iihio' their watres. aud aro
h.. n,..i.i i i
, yv, i,,H,Aw V" ' WJ;ri -
I When thls-r.artof tho luandvlllo road
rich county of Ballard and of the ad
joining counties, nnd In a little tlmo, if
our merchants know their business, will
have a complete monopoly.
rauuean is looking upon mis move
ment with a xreat deal of Jealousy, and
Is preparlng. to appropriate $100,00K to
build gravel roads to Blandvllle ratid
other points, so that Cairo may be head
off. But the rage of Paducah will prove
futile. If the council of Cairo acts with
any liberality at all, wo will soon be able
to snap our fingers at our neighbors and
take her best customers from rjer needy
Add "Barret's" to your toilet.
TtaaMlaaliMlppl River Knit way.
Col. John Noblo, if you are still resting
,undor the singular and unaccountable
delusion that Paducah Is much of "a
railroad center," put tho following par
agraph in your pipe, etc. It In from tho
Memphis 'Appeal:'
Wo regard with plcasuro tho interest
taken in this enterprise in other sections
of the country. Cairo and Paducah havo
long contended for tho facts and figures
in favor of cither that It would be difllcult
for a novlco in railroad matters to decldo
which preiented tho greatest advantages,
which was tho hotter of tho two points.
Wo lean to Cairo: not because our friend
Oberly Is Mayor of that thriving city,
nor becauso he cdlta a lively and admi
rable written daily there though such
facts weigh heavily with us but that ft f
a railroad center, a sort of halting plaoo
for tho Iron horso: a point where that
tver-moving "critter" xs competled to
stop and take note of them.
That the point may prick keenly, we
Italicise to suit ourselves.
"Barrett's" Effectual Hair Kestoro-
tive. t
A Very Remarkable Man.
What ire Don't nnd Does Of.
Everybody knows M'Cartuoy, prosecut
ing attornev of this Judicial circuit. At
least, everybody ought to know him.
Thero can, we affirm, bo no doubt of this;
since he is a remarkable man, one among-
ten thousand, nnd, If not altogether
lovely, possessing features which never
fail to attract attention, nnd which would
bo of invaluable service In crow-pestered
corn fields.
For a long tlmo wo wero under tho Im
pression that Mac was a "remarkable
man," but wero not thoroughly con
vinced of tho fact until wo read a lato
number of tho Mound City 'Journal,'
when all doubt on tho subject vanished
from our mVml. Ho la roiuarUftlrto
In mauy ways has romarkablo
eyes, unsc, mouth; makes remark
able speeches, romarkablo blunders, nnd
romarkablo remarks; Is remarkable in
his comings in and goings out; and, In
general and particular, is a most remark
able man, man, man, a most re
markable man.
In tho matter of his diet ho Is very re
markable. "Ho has not," says tho 'Jour
nal,' "tasted animal food, malt or spirit
uous liquors, tea, coffee or tobacco during
tho past fifteen years." Wo thought as
much. No beef-eater could possess ns
delicate an appearance; no drinker of
malt or spirituous liquors, could bo tho
owner of such a face ami no
tobacco-chower could boast of linen as
Immaculately white ns that owned by
Mac. Of course not. To look at him,
ono would think ho had been fed from
babyhood on rose loaves aud lucent syr
ups tinctured with cinnamon. But ho
wasn't. "Ho subsists," says tho 'Jour
nal,' "upon vegetables, fruit, milk and
cold water." Thoro cau bo no doubt of
tills, either. Every person acquainted
with htm knows him to be a "milk and
water" man, nnd his favorite vegetable,
we havo no doubt, Is tho beet, nnd yet It
is difllcult to beat him. Hicks and Line
gar know this to bo true. The fact Is,
Mao beats almost every body ho has any
thing to do with. Query: Is ho a dead
beat? Wo havo designated tho beet as Mac's
favorite vegetable, and in this wo are nt
issue with our Mound City cototnpornry.
" His principal article of diet," says tho
'Journal,' "Is tho potato. Ho alouo con
sumes as much of tho Irish potato ns a
good-sized family generally does." This
habit Mac contracted whllo ho was a can
didate for ofllco. In order to conciliate
tho Irish electors of Cairo, ho took to
Irish potatoes, aud has not yet succeeded
iu breaking himself of tho habit.
Indeed, It Is growing on him;
and ho occasionally finds himself
flourishing a shelalah and asking somer
body to tramp on his coat tail. A pleas
ant brogue Is very porceptlblo iu his
speech. All attempts to m'oo him from
the Irish potato havo been futile. Even
gruel has been tried wtthqut, ,any
effect. A wet nurso might suc
ceed, but ho has very sharp teeth and a
pestiferous habit of biting. In conse
quence) of this fact, uo nurso cap bo ob
tained who is willing to say: "Como
rest on this bosom, my own stricken
dear." Ho must, thorefore, breast his
his fate, aud contipuq to eat,mtly Irjsl
potatoes, in quantities at once aurprlsin
to tho world and ruinous to his hotel
m Hi.f .i ii
Tho 'Journal' truthfully says: "It is
needless to say that Mao Is a radical, nnd
a firm believer In 'riegfo drfiV 'WtKa'rV suf.
irage.'Meh'HIra Mo trtko tt) rndMHrtrFf
as naturally as porkors to wallowing iu
the, mjrp, H.fyis posted. iu saUrtyq my,
terles of tho party, and is very well in
formed In ovetythlng but law. The
truth Js, hals notn lawyer, but a'vo
HI. LoiiIh Ilaninurw C.
If a suit of damages would He, wo would
sue St. Louis! By abandoning her
steamship project she has knocked our
expectations into smlthcreene. We felt-
assured that tho said steamship could
reach Cairo. Wo felt equally assured
that sho would ground boforo reaching
Thebes, and thus demonstrate that Cairo
is the hend.of uninterrupted navigation!
The question now arises has St. Louis
the lawful right to "smell a mice" that
plays such havoc with anybody's delight
ful anticipations? If she hasn't that
right, wo shall sue, unless, indeed, she4
confesses that sho was not ablo to incur
an exponso of $50,000 to prove that a
steamship can navlgato tho Mississippi
river no further up than Cairo I Wo nre
greatly exasperated, and nothing lees
will molify us.
Tho Cairo 'Times' avows itself in fa
vor of the proposition to subscribe $100,
000 to tho capital stock of tho Cairo &
Fulton railroad company. The propo
sition is growing In public favor, but Its
friends are not sufficiently warrnod up
on the Bublcct. It should bo thoroughly
canvassed, and the dangerous impres
sion that has got abroad that tho road
will bo built anyhow, should bo removed.
The road will como to Cairo If tho $100,
000 Is voted. If that sum is not voted,
tho road will not como hero! This has
been already ascertained nud is undeni
able. None such as "Barrett'H."
Port Mat for the it I Hour Eliding fit
Tuo o'clock, I'. M.
Gen. Andwnn, Coliimbua. Mlllirey, Pnducih.
Garrett, I'ittaburg. Oiiivkntcp. Kran.ivlllo.
MarblsClty, St. l)Um. gt. Loulj, Meinphii.
l.anrencc, t. Louli.
Gen. Anderson, Colntnttu. Mllbroy, Paducah.
Quickstep, Kraiuvillo. fjarrctt, Ht. touU.
Jlartlo City, Vlckalitirg. Hello St. I.ouU, St.
Lnwrcnco, Cincinnati.
Thejwcathcr la warm as over, but a
refreshing brcczo has removed tho "eul
try, oppressive (feeling from tho atmo
sphere. This forenoon was almost
cloudless, with no indication of rain.
The Mississippi nnd Missouri aro re
ported tho samo as for thejpast four days
TheOhiols falling nt Pittsburg with 6
feet water In tho channel, and falling at
Louisville with 5 feet 7 Inches In the
chute over tho falls. It is rising from
Evansvlllo to Cairo.
Tiro Cumberland is falling with two
feet ou Harpctu Shoals.
Hero tho river has risen 4 inches since
last report, and Is about fifteen feot be
low high water mark.
Business continues dull.
The Milbrey yesterday was nearly
light, but had a good trip f people. Tho
White will take her placo next week,
fully repaired aud painted.
The Nashvillo mid Cairo packets Talis
man nnd Tyrono havo both laid up at
Nashvillo on account of low water nnd
want of buslnesf. Tho placo of the Talis
man Is filled by tho Ella Hughes, whllo
tho Air hals tho substitute for the Tyrone.
The Lumsdeu still holds her place and
will bo horo to-night, doparting fer
Nashvillo in tho morning.
Tho Quickstep yesterday brought out a
fine trip, consisting of several tons of
produce and chickons for Cairo; 11 tons
groceries for reshlpmont to Halo's Tolnt ;
448 sks corn, 323 bbls flour nnd meal, and
soveral lots auudrles for Vlcksburg and
Now Orleans.
Tho Milbrey, Capt. Magulre, Is tho regu
lar packet for Paducah this ovenlng.
Tho Belle Memphis, Capt. Crane, Is
the regular packet for Memphis on arri
val of tho evening truln.
Tho Cumberland, Capt. Lowth, Is tho
rogular Cairo and Eynnsvlllo mall boat
this ovenlng.
WATUIJ-AlexaniUi'Cuuniy OrJou, at fO cw.
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