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MONDAY, JULY 12, 1809.
Illliiol C'cntrnl lit. It., Chnngc or Tliuc.
Tho trains nowlcavoas follows:
Mail IralnnlroTonftt m JoVloolc a.m.
jpriK(i " " m ZtO " p.m.
Mall trnl n Arrive at Zo'clook a.m.
K.vprees " " - .. 4:V9 " p.m.
Way, leave at.................. 1:30 o'clock a.m.
I'xprfax, " ...... - 4:1" " p.m.
Way, arrlvet at................ ...,...... fii.10 " p.m
Kxpretm " ........ 7iW " n.m,
Dully, Sundays excepted.
Arrival uuil Uerture of Mnlli.
(Cairo Pot Oince, February 2, IBM.)
akiivm. iirrAan.
(Timo of doting.)
Jnrth (through .1.8nB.m.... a.oop.m.
North (way) tA p.m lltOO p in.
South (throuKti ami way). 4:00 u.m ll:)p.m.
Hruth i.Mrinplil" AN. .).. 4:00 n.m...... 4:00 p.m.
Ohio Jtiver route !;() p.m. CiOOp.m.
Mi"i("iippl HlTfr route,
Tueidayaand Friday-. C:W p in....- 'M p.m.
OiarlMton, Ho.,Tu-"lHyB
Thunday AH!urd)-.ll:00 a.m....U:lJ a.m.
Thebcn, Ooono Islani' md I
FanUKe .. ... O.dOp.mKfi. 7:03 n.m. Hal.
Jhio Hive route depart every 1ay except Monday.
J.M.HItAllAM, P.M.
Bakkr'sDozkn. Tho Jurymen lu tho
circuit court.
The city peales are In town. Whoro
shall they bo erected? Thast's tho tpjes
tlon. Holllns, Klrkup it Co., of New York,
are anxious to induco our board of
health to use tho l'hoihlx Disinfectant.
The ferry landing opposite Cairo, In
Missouri, has been changed to a point
about a milo up tho river. This chango
shortens tho dintauce to Charleston about
n mile and a quarter.
"There will be a barbecue and plc-nlc at
the Old Unity Ford, August 7th, next.
There will bo any quantity of edibles, u
tine string bund in attendance and u
comfortable dancing iloor prepared.
There Is n rumor that the Cairo City
Trustees huve won tho celebrated Beaver
can, which for so long a timo has been
pending In the United States court.
ct Cairo Lodge No. 1137, A. I. A A. M.,
Vwlll hold a stated communication
this Monday evening, July 12th, A. L.
r,$G0, at S o'clock. Visitors fraternally
invited. My order of tho "V. M.
CiiAJi. Foiiukjt, Seo'y.
A Joint meeting of tho City Council
will be held to-morrow evening, when
the charges preferred against city clerk
Mockler will be investigated. Theses
Mon will, no doubt, be interesting, and
we fear that all who deslro to be present
cannot obtain admission to the council
chamber. Mr. Mockler has procured the
services of two of our most distinguished
lawyers. City Attorney Butler will con
duct the prosecution.
"Barrett's" Effectual Hair Restora
tive .Mora Siw JmmN.
Another lot of Summer Dress Goods
has been received this week at R. H.
Cunningham'. They are tho most
stylish goods that havo been brought to
thlH market this season, and are 25 per
went, cheaper than they were three
wecksago. t'o and look at them.
Our colorcdfel!ow citizens, of the or
der of the United Brothers of Friend
ship, propose to celebrate the 4th of Au
gust next, at tho pleasant grove a few
miles above Mound City. A boat has
beou chartered for tho occasion, aud the
'odgesof tho Brotherhood lu Evansville,
Paducah and Mound City aro expected to
participate In tho festivities. Fare for
round trip CO cents; children 25 cents.
Tho festlvo occasion will concludo with
h ball at City Hall In tho evening. J. I.
Allen, Wm. Harris and K. Taylor aro the
commltteo of arrangements.
I.lreuacil Hmtneta McB.Tixko notice.
All persons who hold Hconses for
which they did not pay the money di
rectly into tho city treasury, and receive
my receipt therefor, aro hereby notified
and requested to report to mo without
delay. Parties neglecting or refusing to
comply with this request will be dealt
with according to law.
John IIyland, City Treasurer.
J uly0-3t
DrltUta rerlodlel.
The attention of our readers Is called
to tho advertisement of tho reprints, by
the Leonard Scott publishing company,
38 Walker street, New York, of Block
wood's Magazlue, the Edlnburg, tho
North British, tho London Quarterly,
and the Westminster Reviow. No In
telligent man, who can afford the expen
diture of the money, should be without
these publications. They contain a mine
of literary, philosophical and political
wealth of surpassing richness.
"Barrrett's'1 caps tho climax.
Suvo your lives and property, A.
Krasor Is agont for tho copper scroll light
ning rod company and will 1111 all orders
promptly. Call at once and havo them
put on your buildings. This Is the best
and safest rod now pintle. Shop on Com
mercial avenue, between Elovonth and
Twelfth street. apl24d3m
"Barrett's" recommends itself.
A new lot of Marseilles, Pi ques, Lin
ens, Marseilles Trimmings, &o., Just ro
oolved at Cunningham's. Thoy will bo
Unlocked gNfe Blew Open
Hometlme between tho hours of 1 and
4 o'clock, Sunday morning, two or more
daring villains entered the business
Iiouro of Messrs. Farkor & Phlllis, on tho
Ohio Levee, corner of Tenth street, ex
pecting no doubt, that they would be
well paid for their risk and labor. Tho
fact had got abroad that Ciptalu Parker
was paymaster to (ho hands of the steam
er Underwriter, and It was conjectured
therefrom that a considerable sum of
money was deposited In his safe.
The first thing tho burglars did after
effecting an entrance Into the house was
to darken tho glass doors in rear, that
their light might not attract attention
from tho outside. This they did by
hanging a largo flag which they found at
hand In tho storo room across
the doors. This done, they be
stowed their attention upon tho safe.
By an expert use of the implement
with which they wero provided, they cut
a hole Into tho face of tho safo door, and
Into the orifice thus opened they emp
tied a considerable quantity of powder.
An explosion, which none of tho neigh
bors heeded, soon afterwards followed,
and the contents of the safe were placed
within reach. How tho rascals swore at
their Ill-luck, and cursed Parker A Phil
Is when they found out that there was
no money in tho safe, beyond a small
amount of sliver change, wo may noyer
know; butitisquitereasonable to suppose
that that prudenco In the firm that sug
gested a use of the bunk sa fe instead of
their own as u keeper of their currency,
was quite heartily damned. But the
burglars did not leave -ntlrely empty
haudedafter all. The change, amount
ing to about six dollais, and a portion of
Capt, Parker's deceased wife's jewlery.fel1
into their hands and word carried ofl'.
As every article of this Jewelry admits
of ready Identification, it is to be hoped
that it will lead to the detection of the
Tho funny phase of the nlfiilr, and one
that does not speak highly of the skill
of the burglars Is that the pafo was not
locked! They did all their chiseling,
drilling and blasting upon a safe which a
smurt burglar would have opened by
turning tho knob. This fact, and the
further fact that the safe was undoubted
ly robbed under the impression that it
contained a large amount of money be
longing to the Underwriter, lead us to
believe that at least one of the burglars
Is a resident of Cairo, and nil of them
"rather green."
In this city, this morning, Fannie, in
fant daughter of Geo. E. aud Sallie Olm
sted. Tho remains will be taken to Caledo
nia by the packet this evening, leaving
Mr. Olmsted's rcsidouce nt 5 o'clock.
Tho friends of tho family are invited
to aiteud.
If you want a good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-Iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything in that line,
call on A. Eraser, Commercial avenuo
betceu Eleventh and Twelfth street,
where he has moved to, aud lltted up the
largest and most complete shop In
Southern Illinois.
Particular attention given to steam
boat and mill work, copper smithing
and sheet Iron work, mich as chimneys,
breecher escaping steam-pipes, etc.
Add "Barret's" to your toilet.
Ladles or gentlemen requiring the ser
vices of a first class dentist should call
upon Dr., Austin, at his olllco over Elliott,
I lay thorn & Co.'h boot and shoo store,
The Dr. Is entirely familiar with all tho
advauces made In his profession and has
all tho appliances at hand that enable
him to servo patrons scientifically and
to tholr entire satlfactlou. Givo him a
call, JulyO-lw
Raft or WhU Pine Lumber.
Mr. Samuel Walters, Commercial ave
nue, between Tenth and Twelfth
streets, has Just received, out of tho Al
legheny, a raft of white pine lumber,
which, within tho next ten days, ho will
havo stacked la his yard. As Is already
known to most of our local readers, Mr.
Walters deals quite extensively In all
kinds of lumber for which there Is any
demand In this market. The addition
of this raft to tho supply he already has
on hand, will mako his stock very com
plete, and worthy tho attention of build
ers not only in Cairo, but in the country
surrounding. It
"Barrett's" Improves Whlskors.
Ifenltnmi and Dcllghtfe! Bevcragca.
Tho celebrated Belter's, KIssIngeu and
Loulsvillo Artesian waters aro kopt on
draught ot the City Drug Storo, Com
mercial avenue, botweon Sixth aud Sev
enth streets. Je 15 tf
"Barrett's" retores with rapidity.
It. H. Cunningham, has marked down
his prices on all Dress Goods, Lawns,
o. Ho keeps no Shopkeepers on his
shelves. Bagalns will beofTored in these
The Sunflo"ver"Bliriard Saloon, on Ohio
Levee, Is furnished with tho latest stylos
of tables, and the bar supplied with tho
most excelleut liquors. Freo lunch ie
spread everyday at 9 a, m. aud 10 p. m,
Ono hundred pieces prints, the most
attruotlvo of tho season, opened this
Col. Schenck, well-known to many of
our citizens, was in town Saturday, last,
en routo for his home in Iowa, Tho Co
lonel still clings to tho public teat, and
is, now a treasury agent. Why not?
Tho government owes to the Schenck
family a llying aB well as to th Grant
In ono of his letters Grant says, ''the
rebellion originated at Cairo," and ho
hopes it is not ended. If tho President
wero to imitate Senator YateB and join
tho temperance socloty "for good" ho
might occasionally write tho truth and
without a ludicrous confusion of
thought. t ''
ltobbery Mtiiplclon or Font Piny.
Mr.Gilmore, tho watchman on Messrs.
Halliday's wharf boat, report tho find
ing of a valise in a rather secluded por
tion of tho wharf boat, that had been bro
ken open. The clothing It contained,
with several letters addressed to JameB
H. Ileager, wero scattered about tho
From this circumstance the suspicion
has been aroused that tho owner of tho
valiso had been knocked on the head and
tumbled into tho river, by somo of the
scoundrels who at times rendezvous in
our city. The moro reasonable conjec
ture Is that tho valise was stolen from
some steamboat and carried to tho wharf
boat and there rifled of Its valuablo con
tents. Mr. Vincent, going home a few nights
ago, lit the midst of a darkness that
could be felt, stepped oil' the high side
walk, at a point where the railing is mis
sing, and "shook himself up" qulto
lively. JIo wus so much injured indeed
that It became necessary to call a physi
cian. A Stw riitully Mroccrj.
Mr. Joseph Swoboda & Bro. have
opened n first-class family grocery storo
on the corner of Eighteenth and Poplar
streets, and are serving the residents of
that locality with the best of everything
In the eating line In n manner that is
highly satisfactory to everybody.. They
are honest, active, accommodating young
men, and deserve a liberal patronage.
Their business card appears in another
On Saturday evening a boy on Eighth
street throw a flre-cracker under tho feet
of a horse attached to a water-cart. Tho
animal becoming alarmed, dashed ofl" at
a break-neck speed and pitched the ne
gro driver headlong against a post inju
ring him quite severely. Tho liberal ap
plication of cow-skin to that boy would
be good for his health.
NIxMonltciri Nulil.
Mr. William IXnuitUun, Into ongtncor
of tho late Underwriter goes hence to
Mound City to put in repair tho six mon
itors now lyingnt that point, preparatory
to their removal to Now Orleans. They
have been sold to the Chilian and Peru
vian governments, and will essay tho
trip thither as soon as they are put In
Tlmt Premium Iliad.
The Paducah papers deny that tho hhd
of tobacco that took tho first premium at
tho Paducah fair, was sold in St. Louis
at ?5fl.
We made the statement on the au
thorlty of a letter from u St. Louis bust
nessllrm to a business firm of this nityj
This letter stated, in plain terms, that B.
A. Grantham fc Co. put up a lot of "bright
Kentucky," among which was tho hhd
that took tho 1st premium at the Padu
cah fair, and that this premium hhd
sold at $56 and was rejected. This Is tho
whole story. If there la any mlstako lu
tho matter it Is certainly not chargeable
to us.
Tho 'Herald' says the sale of tho prlzo
hhd at $225 was a bona Jldc ono. Wo do
not question this; but when ho asks us to
believe that tho gentleman to whom it
was sold, paid $225 per 100 pounds there
for, out of his own individual funds, wo
must politely Insist that ho tell all such
tales as that "to tho marines." We havo
no ear for 'em.
LUt orCaim Net for Trial ou TuoUajr,
J mix niki IMt.
No. 1. City of Cairo vs. Richard M.
Haydock;L. P.Butlorforplaintlfr; Green
A Gilbert for defendant.
No. 2. David Adams vs. James Clonan ;
Mulkey, Wall & Wheeler for plaiutlft";
O'Melveny & Lansden for defendant.
No. 3. N. W. Davis vs. Henry Winter;
Butler for plalntlfl; Wheeler for defen
dant. No. 4. John Major vs. David Ford;
Allen & MoKeaig for plalntlfT.
No. 5. Tho People, etc., for uso of
Thomas Lewis, vs. J. G. Morgan, et al.;
Llnegar for plaintiff; Allen, Webb &
Butler for defendants.
No. 7. The People, etc., vs. Wm. S.
Tuttlo and D. T. Lluegnr; McCartnoy
for the People; Llnegar for defendants.
No. 9. Wm. Garvin vs. Marluda Mar
chlldon; O'Melveny & Lansden for plaln
tlfl; Allen, Webb & Butler for defendant.
No. 10. SamuelS. M. Barlow vs.Fredo
llno Bross; Green & Gilbert for plalntlfl';
Allen, Webb & Butler for defendant. I
No. 11., Miles W. Parker vs. Andrew J.
Clark; Allen & Webb for plalntlfl';
O'Melveny & Lansden for defendant. '
No.. 13. James T. Parker vs. St. Louis
& Momphls packet company; Mulkoy, ,
Wall & Wheeler for plaintiff; Allen, 1
Webb & Butler for defendant.
No. 14. Manly Itodgors vs. Georgo G.
Mayo; Munn i& Popo for plalntlfF. j
Wilson, vs. Robert Wood, et al.; O'Mel-
vony & Lansuon for planum; Alien,
If a Kntabllwtimtnt oril ttM f the Pt
Xfanter ticucral.
The Postmaster General has addressed
a letter to Gen'l Logan, stating that ho
has directed tho establishment of a dally
mall from Cairo, via Blandvlllo to May
flold, Ky., to bo carried by two-horse
coaches. An advertisement for bids for
the transportation of tho mall is being
prepared, and such other arrangements
being made-as will speedily Insure to the
peoplo Interested n regular and reliable
mall service.
To the well dlroctcd efforts of General
Logan and Capt. V. I Halllday, tho pub
lic aro indebted for all the blessings and
advantages that may" grow out of this
mall. It Is a service tho peoplo will long
remember with feelings of gratitude.
i . i j 1 1 -
We shall have, in the course of three
or four months another Underwriter
Underwriter No. 2. If Bho will, In all
things, tako tho place of No. 1, sho will
will be gladly welcomed as peculiarly n
Cairo institution.
On Friday last tho engine In use be
tween Belmont and Charleston, on tho
Iron Mountain railroad, was thrown
from tho embankment near Belmont and
now lies thero bottom upward In tho
The property owners on Walnut atreot,
in tho vicinity of Judgo Green's resi
dence, are auxious to obtain an appro
priation from tho city, to pay, in part,
for filling tho slough between Sixth and
Seventh street Thero can bo no doubt
that this slough should bo mado passa
ble In bad weather, and there are several
others requiring tho samo attoutiou. If
tho city wero ablo It should contribute
enough money to make all theso improve
ments, but is it?
None such as "Barrett's."
Who WaaUa Hltuntlou?
The Mutual Life Insurance Compauy
desires an active enterprising agent in
Southern Illinois. Tho company is
the most prosperous and reputablo In the
country, having during tho five years of
its existence built up n business and a
reputation that render It one of tho easi
est aud most profitable companies to
work for In the United States.
Parties desiring further Information
should address M. G. Tousley, esq., Men
dota, Illinois. Persons who cannot pro
duce first class recommendations need
not apply.
nml nog KlllcitoOfllrlal s1Ikcu-v.
A rabid doc was killed by Comptroller
Lyon, at noon to-day, near his residence
on Cedar street. It was a clear aud un
deniable caso.of hydrophobia. Whoro the
dog c.tino from, how many other dogs and
cattle, hayo been bitten by it, of course
no ono knows; but that, from this time
forth, every precautionary measure neces
sary to protect tho public from danger,
should bo takeu, all will agree.
Does tho City Marshal intend to per
form his duty? An ordinanco is in forco
requiring that all dogs within tho city
shall bo muzzled during dog-days, yet
the marshal has not even attempted to
enforce Its provisions. We need not udd
that tho public Is justly exasporuted over
this neglect of duty. They aro entitled
to the protection of tho law, and if Mr.
Bambrlck feels himself unequal to a
faithful discharge of his duty, ho should
at once resign that his placn may bo fill
ed by a moro active man. This is plain
talk; but tho emergency demands It,
A general agent for Southern Illinois,'
for ono of tho leading Life Insurance
companies of tho East. To ono who can
come well recommended, and is some
what versed In tho business, vory liberal
inducements will be offered. Nono ex
cept gentlemen of ability and good moral
character need apply. Address,
310 Olive street. Rooms 0 and 7,
JylOdtf St. Louis, Mo.
The famous Belter Water, Wois Beer,
Catawba and Rhine Wines, cool and
pure, aro always kept at tho Egyptian
Brewery Saloon, comer of Washington
nvemioand Tenth street. .Lovers of these
delightful beverages aro Invited to call,
ds they will bo politely treated and sat
isfactorily served.
Je28 lm Proprietor.
Port Mat for the 4H Hoars KadlNf at
Two o'clock, V. St.
Gen. Amleuon, t'olumbu. Mllhrey, PatlucuU.
Commonwealth, SI. J.ouli. Cumbcrlnnd, KriiHvilc.
MollluAUe, do Aimtda, do
Hello Memphis, do lHiviil Watt. Kaitport.
II. O. Gray, do Alaska, Cinclnnatf.
Kubluon, do l.itmrden,NailiTlll.
Aim.i, do Hum Hale, Memphis.
Luminary, VIcktbttrK- City or Cairo, do
Oreat Republic, N.O.
Ren. Atnleroon. Columrmi. Milbrey, Paducah.
Cumberland, Kvnnsille, Commonwealth, N. O.
Armada, " Mollio Able, do
Helle Memphis, Jlemp, Alaska, do
I). Watt, Hi. Uan, I.iunadea, Nanlnille.
Luminary, do Sum !Ulo,Clnclnnti
Itepublio, do Anna, Cincinnati,
City of Cairo, do It, O. Oray, PiltaburK.
Itutiicon, Vickuburg.
The weather continues to threaten
storms aud occasionally wo havo a Ugh1
ono in tho immediate neighborhood, but
not strong enough tho change tho
temperature for any longth of timo, and
tho sultry, oppressivness whloh has ohar
aoterlzed the atmosphere for tho past
woek still continues.
Tho Mississippi ami Missouri continue
falling every where ubovo Cairo.
Tno onu is lauitiDT irom rmsuurg io
Thoro 1b about fivo feet In tho channel to
to Pittsburg and tho samo In tho chute
over the falls at Louisville.
Hero tho river has risen five Inched
since Saturday, but appears nearly sta
tionary at present.
Business was very good on Saturday
and Sunday, but quite dull to-day.
Tho Commonwealth added 266 hhtto
Tobacco, 771 sks corn, 30 tons Hour and
The Mollio Able added 1100 bbls flour,
295 bxs petroleum, 05 bxs glassware, 10
tons boiler Iron, 20 tons sundries.
Tho Rubicon added .'10 tons hay and
The Milbrey, Capt. Magulre, is tho reg
ular Paducah packet this evening.
Tho Cumberland and Armada had fair
trips for rcshlpment south.
Tho Lum8den brought 100 hhda to
bacco for resliipment to Now Orleans,
and 90 pkgs cedar ware for St. Louis.
Tho Great Republic discharged hero 10
hhds sugar, 175 baskets champagne, 20
bale moss, 40 bbls potatoes, 50 bxs toma
toes for reshtpmont north per rail.
"VTTAXTED Alexandor County Order. KL fd ctt.
W and City Scrip at Mccnta on tho dollar, for all
kinds of Lumber and Builder' Material.
IOR KKA'T. Tho oinco on the nevond floor,
1 over Miller A Mtiler'acMhlnK tore, nt rcaon-blo
term. Apply at Miller i Miller . myt-tf
JTHHt .SAi"k,"cHKAP-Now Cottago nncf three
lot, corner Loo u t and Kixteenth strooti.
f.UEKX i OlLHiniT.
Is hereby Riven, that from ami After thli date 1 will
not consider myself renponiiblA for nny dehti eon
tracted by my wife. WILLIAM a. LAWKKJt'CE.
July S. lfiffl.d.T.1.
INo. SO.
To amend K-otion !I9 of nn ordinance entitled "An
ordinanro to udopt the ordinance of the olty of Cairo,
aa rovmed anil codified."
hictioN 1. That heetion numbered 211 of "An ordi
nance, to adopt tho ordinanees of the city of Cairo, tu
revised and coddled," bo amended by adding at tho
end of the eetlon the fl!owlni viords tlx: "iVe
rideJ, That no Dog or HuUhall.botvreentho Ut day
of Juno and tho lt day of fceptember run atlarcu
with:n the liinitftof wid-ity without having a nub
tantial wiro or leather muule aeturely fAlened oier
and around it mmiih, ao a. under all circumstanctr,
to ellectUAlly prevent itn biting.
Approved Juno 19, 1M9. JOHN It. ODERLT,
JytUlOd Mayor.
Taken up by Thoma Whitaker, of Alexander ccun
ly. Illinoi, on the ?th day of Juno, IBM, n moun
colored mule, with a black utripo acro. In nhniil
derv. marked with tho haniena, nppraicd at Vi.
Poted before (J.W. Short, J. 1'.. on tho flat day of
June, A. V. 1TO. JACUU O. LYNCH,
Cairo. July l. UcJ-dld County Clerlr.
flavin; atta!cen
laiigi:k circulation
Than anv other dally rarireter Lublhhedto CaJrf.
having readera in
Every Family
Counting Itoom,
OlUeo, and
Place of Buftlaeil
Admtiso evi-rythingjou have to sell uakefex-CV
your business.

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