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w t "OFFICE: STo. 13 Tenth Stroot. Thornton's Building. .
Tho niothcr-liiMaw of General Kosen
crnnu died in Mexico on tlio 17th, and
was burled In the Americnn Cemetery,
at the capital.
On Monday, the Otli, the Popo of Homo
entered upon tho 2 1th yenr of tilt) pontifi
cate. Only ii vo of hln predecesHors reign
ed longer tbun lie.
According to tho New York 'Donio
crut,' llfty-nlno pupeM have been started
in New York hlnco IfalO, all of which
have died, at an expeuso of $0,000,000.
Authentic news from Mo.xlco reports
thai "no mails linvo reached Santa Vo for
two weeks. Cuuhc, recent HtormH and
A Htatlstlelun announcoa that tho Uni
ted State uses up three hundred and
fifty thousand kegs of powder In getting
through tlio Fourth of July.
Kllza llnyornft, a famous cyprian, of
St. LouIk, noted for many acta of beliuvo
lence, died of apoplexy. Sho loaves an
estate valued at over $300,000.
A Frenchman propose to gather tho j
- . . .... . f kitn.liiii iiiittfitnMnM
llllllll'llto lliusi iii milium iiiiuiiuii
V jatlng went of tlio Axoro Isltindu, und
uio It an a fertilizer.
Charles S. Koy.Bon or the author of the
'-l.i angled Hantier," died nt "Wyo
HtihtH, ' hN ro-ldonee, near Easton.Md,
last Tuesday night.
'.'he I'MHlcnl oumpixor and oonductor,
Michael Coitu, who was recently knight
ucl by Queen Victoria, has been commit
Monod to upply 1'ruisla with a new
National Hymn.
At Amherst College Commencement,
July tho d'KMi of I)oeUr of Divinity
was c juferred ujm)H Hev. Edwin E. DIIm
of C'fjtjHtantlnoplo, Turkey, and Hev. E.
IJ. Cj 'lwin of Chicago.
ILo IudIatiapliH 'Journal' wiyn thero
are 2 7J0 jullos of railroad completed or
nearly ilntahwl in that State, and 2,552
more j rejected. The vahm of roods In
optra'i Jii M lghy-oo mlUloiu; the o.
tint i' 1 i't f projected rwttlii sixty-four
rnlili i .
MitiiifHoU la m rlhrmint rmrndls.
A paper of that Stale tU a fctory of two
1 rotln ix who sot a net and at outi haul
taj fired two hundred Ihrii, th smallest
wtlghliig eight pounda, and the largest
twdve, and tin uverage over U n, the
in C f them being trout
It s u cnrlom fact that New Joruy has
nevir furnished any other Cabinet otlleer
Dii. .i i-a retary of the Navy, which office
Samuel I. Southard held under Mr. Mon
roe; Mahlon Diokereon, under (Ion. Jack
on; and now Mr. Itoltuoon takes it un
dir trncral Grant.
(' 1 WO .( ST. WUJJs UAU.IIOA h.
'1 lit ! nl iVrrj toiiulj.
At the recent railroad olootlou in Terry
couut. tho following proposition were
voted'upon: Shall iliecounty subscribe
$HH),o00 to tho IJeUeville & Southern Illi
noli railroad; $100,000 to the T. & C. rail
road, and $60,000 to the Cairo ASt. Louis
railroad. On tho llrt proposition th
vote ntootfitor, 1,007', against, 12. Ontlio
hetoud proposition the vote btood, for:
9SJ:agalust, H.I. On the last propo.l
tlon the vote flood: lor, MU; against, 200.
According to our understanding of the
provhlons of the law, all these proposi
tion have been deuldod atllrmutlvely.
hach proposition wasHiibmlttodseporate
ly -stood alone on Its own merits. This
fact is manifested alike by the vote cast,
and by the order ot the oourt calling
the election.
The yoto on the Cairo & St. Juls rail
road proportion Is to be coiulihred by
Itself, the same as If the election bait
been held to determine that question
alone. Tlio votes cast for tlio other pro.
iiu Itioiiti do not etl'eot It in the least, and
uro not to bo considered in connection
with it.
Tlu law under which that question
was held declares that questions of county
or precluet subscriptions whull bo deter
mined by the majority of tho votes ac
tually throwu. Had tho Cairo Jc St.
Louis ral'lroad subscription boon tho
only proposition submitted, and 099, out
of tlio 00S votes, been, cast in tho allirma
tlve, tho tiUc.osB of , tho measure would
scarctly have been galnsayed. Now
that Is precisely tlio light In which tho
matter Is to bt . l.wed. Kach proposition
i i determined, not by a majority of tho
vu'ei iast for some othor proposition, but
I a majority of Its own votes. Tho
number of votes east at tho election in
Perry county on tho proposition to sub
.srrlb 'fc-fyOOO to the Cairo & St. Louis
nl' iiul!.09S. The law govomlng tho
ca , H ides that tho question shall bo
dc ' b 1, pro or uon, by a majority of tho
' . ...... . e ..no 1 r. . A
v IU-.L A mnjoruy oi uuj i ou,
hlx I. ..hod and ninety nine votes -wore
'i i the proposition, showing a ma-
i. . r inn in Itu ftivnv. T'nt down
Jllil Kiv am ... no ... '
Ferry s couuty'H bubserlptlok. Iheu, at
Tho people of Southeast Missouri
many of whom, because of the absence
of roads to Cafro, are driven to Capo
Girardeau and Columbus to do their
trading express themselves warmly iu
favor of tho reconstruction of the Cairo
& Fulton railroad botwenn liird'a l'olnt
and Charleston. They correctly say that
Cairo' Is their natural source of supply,
and that tho Cairo fc Fulton road again
In operation their trado will be perma
nently at tho command of Cairo business
houses i
If this trade (which, by tho way, Is
greater than all other country trado con
centrated on Cairo) were tho only end to
bo gained by tho rebuilding of the roud,
wo should noTTfvJuco m much solicltudo
respecting tho result of tlio election to be
held in this city next Monday. That
election not only determines whether
Cairo shall enjoy this trade, but whether
Cairo shall securo tho terminus of tho
road, and through the road, connection
with St. Louis, tho Iron Mountain and
the great Southwest. II will determine,
in short, whether Cairo shall bo prompt
ly re-energized and sent forward rejoic
ing In a new and a permanent prosperity,
or whether the future shall be as tho im
mediate past a period of langor, sus
pense and uncertainty. Thcuo aro tho
'lons ut Issue, and they are subject
ir determination next Monday.
'IDoSlOO.OOO.If voted to the end speci
fied, will not cost the city one dollar
beyond the Interest. The railroad law
that gives to us the taxes upon all In
crease in tho valuation of our property
over the year 1SCJ, will provide a fund
In the state treasury sulllcieut to pay
the principal without increaslug tho rate
of our taxation a cent. Five years after
tho completion of this road tlio property
of Cairo will bo valued at $5,000,000, and
lu ls than ton yours It will bo valued at
$10,000,000. This is the prospect ahead
of us; and It Is for tlio voters of the city
to say, on Monday next, whether we
Miall speedily ornrvcr reatl.e it.
JJalzao Miys women of forty-five often
have new and stronger atl'ectlons than
over leforc, and their love Is deeper and
more diMuicreetod than when thoy were
Chicago has never oou tbw time when
he contained so many persons out of
employment as at present. It l com
puted that no le than ten thousand
men, boys, women mid girl are out of
work iu that city.
. - -
The 'Scientific American' informs
the ladles that If they would havo corn
ed beef Juicy after It is cold, and not us
ilrv as chips, they should put it into
boiling water when they put It oo to cook,
and they should not take It out of the
pot when done until cold.
Walker, the Governor-elect of Virginia,
is thus described: "In physique ho is of
large frame, an Inch or two over six feet
In height, has a piercing black eye, and
is called tho handsomest man iu Vir
ginia. Ho is thlrty-fceven years of age."
An eccentric old man near CarllnviUo,
on the line of the Alton, St. Louis and
Chicago llullroiul, has constructed'a ver
Itablo nrk. Tills curious craft has a stern
wheel of ample dimcmlous at one end
of it, and an engine with its attachments
nearly ready to vit things In motion
when tho great lloatlng day arrives.
He cats audsleepsluhisark, determined
Hot to oe caught napping, at least outside
of his ship. During tho recent pluvial
visitations, it is said, this modern Noah
was noticed to be .'cry buy getting ready
for a trip to Mount Ararat.
I'lTIMtrilC, l-'OllTWAVXIS .V t'HU'.YUO
I un. i l!.i (.'In- Itmlw 'V Ur .owr.j
The lapse of I'ittsburg & Fort Wuyno
by lcate, Into the control of tlio Pennsyl
vania Hoad will involve no changes in
tho working force of the line, which will
remain to all Intents und purposes tho
sanio as heretofore. It would bo dllllcult
indeed to suggest any modification that
1.1 mi. i i tiiiinilh'liiiiev of its manairo
... .... i.rnlll'HlfII lis DO.sItlon illtllO
public esteem. Especially do we congrat
ulate ourcltlzons and tho West generally,
that W. O. Cleland, Esq., will continue
to represent Hie Ulioresisoi mo roiiu ncrp
as ho lias tor so miiuy j uuio uu
molt tn k f l.'ftl I ulillllv. Ihlnlltv and L'ood
judgment. No member of tho railroad
fraternity enjoys In a greater degreo the
alleetion ami respect oi uus i-ouuiiiumj,
and all who knew him in a social and
Tlio people of tho southwest, to whom
n.. lmtubure:. Fort Wayno tfc Chicago
railroad has always furnished tlio most
pleasautand desirable route east, will re
jolco to hear that tho management will
remain uneliangeu, n nas suowii liseix
judicious, liberal and sitcccss(ul, giving
to tho road a reputation for speed, com
fort and reliability oujoyed by fow other
road on the contltiont.
Wo Join our cotemporary lu congratu
lating tho publlo on tho score of the fact
that AY. C. Cleland, esq., will, contlnuo
to represent tho interests of the road In
C'lilcago. Ho Is a gentleman who is emi
nently fitted for the position, and to his
skilful and Judloious efforts aro due tho
success and good namo of tho road.
King William of Prussia Is huoIi nn
Invalid that his death at any time would
not surprise his household.
Tho son of.tho countess of Flandors
has been named liaudouiu Leopold Phil
llppo Charles Autolno Joseph Louis.
Tho Ualtlmoro 'Commercial' was pur
chased on foreclosure vale by the Dem
ocratic Association und will bu published
by it.
Tho drouth iu Hungary is so severe
that numerous herds of cattle aro pastur
ing on the bed of tho laku of Ji'eusio
vol. Hov. S. Klieuschuiidt, of Godhaad,
Greenland, has nearly completed a new
and corrected translation of tho IMblo
into Grccnlandic.
Sallle U. Hanks, if Yankee school
ma'am of Americas, Ga., has been ap
pointed deputy collector of Internal Ho v
euue there.
The chief of the Cherokees Is a Pres
byterian preucher, ho of the Choctaws a
Haptist preacher, and he of thd Creeks a
Methodist preacher.
MaJ. Hausen, U. S. A , a native of Nor
way, lately Initiated at Glasgow, Is re
ported the tallest Mason lu the world,
lie stands eight feet high.
A stenographic school, consisting of
twenty-four pupils of various nations,
has been established at Homo for the
purpose of taking note3 during tho com
ing council.
During a recent storm, the church tow
erof Stuvolot, Belgium, was set on fire by
lightning, and although ICO feet high,
the Inhabitants succeeded in extinguish
ing the flames before much damage was
done. '
its Noirriinn.v tiudiixis m:
at caiuo
tI rout the Cairo Time.)
Tho question of tlio most vital import
ance to tho Interests of Cairo will be an
swered at tho polls oirthelOth lust. That
tins roau is an actual, urgent necessity
to tho growth of our city and tho pros
perity of her citizens It Is scarcely worth
while for us to state. Every Intelligent,
thinking man knows and admits, that In
tho proposition of Col. Allen, an opportu
nity Is ofl'ered our city to become the
starting point of what Is destined to
become one of the greatest thorough
fares of the continent, and the point
to which will bo tributary all that vast
tract of country known as tho "great
Southwest." Southend. Missouri will be
come trtoutarv to Cairo when the road
Is finished to Charleston, and when tho
great International Pacific is completed
Central Arkansas, Central and Western
Texas, anil eventually tho great Slate of
California, aye, tho Islands of the Paoltio
and China, will, as it were, be laid down
at our doors.
Taking all tho Immmediate benefits
and the nrosnects which are before us into
consideration, and tho thought that if
wo do not make tue appropriation now,
wn shall probably lose tho road perma
nently, Is tho amount asked for 100,000
In city bonds, any object ;should wo hes
itate lor a moment? Most certainly not,
if wu havo any desire for tlio prosperity
of our city. Then go to the polls and voto
solid for the appropriation. Let it not be
said of auy one that ho was an opponent
to any lionoraoio enterprise caicuiateu to
benefit tho community lu which ho lives.
In after years every mau who votes tor
the location of tho northern terminus of
tho Cairo and Fulton Kullroad ut this
point, will be proud of the act. Mark
the prediction.
ti:a swi.mii.kus.
Appleton's Journal makes the follow
ing cliarge against certain New York tea
Wltliln iv fnw vi'iirn lnri'H tonom-
panics have sprung up iu the city, which
Claim to impuri uircui uuui v limn, iu iui-
uish a superior article at reduced rates,
and which advertise largely all over the
couutry. Ono street Is fairly lined for it
considerable distance with thorn. Wo
are assured by those claiming to know
that several of these tun establishments
aro orgaulzed frauds upon tho peoplo ;
that they use leaves of the Camella,
which so closely resemble genuine tea
that they aro frequently mUtaken for
them by botaulstsjtliatthey largly Import
and palm oil' upqii purchasers Chinese
"Ho tea t" that tliey use tho leaves of ash,
plum, and other trees, and mingle them
With good ten; and furthermore, that
they re-dry and color genuine tea leaves
that havo.onco been used, or havo been
dnmaged by water, etc. There la ono of
these companies which, wo are told, does
nothing elso but purchase damaged car
goes or chests of tea, and then dries it on
the roofs of certain buildings not a thous
and miles from whore woaronowHlttiiig.
Tho drylug process lmvlug boon comple
ted, u small quuutlty,of superior nrtiolo Is
added to tho damaged In order to glvo It
llavor ; and then It Is dono up In pack
ages for distributlon'oll over thocountry.
Ttioso who aro accustomed to pationlzo
thuse tea establishments would certainly
do well to analyze and test the quality
of tho article which Is dispelled to them.
.on f.iiitmrsAsVsiiim jnfiioi.i:.
The following niaulfesto from Joo Co
burn, ofieting to b?ck MeCoolo against
Allen, appears lu a Nevada paper:
Ihoroby ofi'erto baok Miko MeCoolo
against Tom Allen, In a fight In a twon-tv-four
foot prlzo rlug, according to tho
latest London rules, for any sum from
So.000 to $10,000, to bo fought anywhero
within tho limits of tho United States.
If Tom Allen does not chooso t accept
mv challenge on behalf of MeCoolo. I
oti'er It to "any other mau," itho undor
standing being that 1 am to bo tho train
er uud first second of MeCoolo In tho
ring. 1 f my ohallonge Is necepted, 1 will
mako deposit with any rosponslblo par
ties that may bo named, tho tight to tako
place within sixty days from tho nlgnlng
of tho papers. JosEtur Commrf
Tho following, from tho Philadelphia
Evoning 'Herald, ' aro well expressed
truths which no man who has watched
the progress of political o vents of lato
years can fall to appreciate:
Thero has not been siuco tho 'war tho
enunciation of any lino of policy, Indi
cating tho possession of oven tho most
ordinary migaclty or wisdom. Both
houses of congress seem to totter on from
ono blunder to another, cither regard
less of or blind to tlio consequences,
Tho perplexities of Penelope seem to sur
round each succeeding congress, and tho
act of legislation spun at oue session has
to be unravelled at tho next. There Is
no fixed policy, save that asplrltof mad
ness and revenge shall rulo tho hour, und
a blind sectional hute.shall originate and
perfect legislation without regard to con
sequences either now or licreuflur. Tuko
the whole history of tho legislative meas
ures of the radicals since tney havo been
in power, and who can point to n sIiirIo
one Unit can Jive lu history as distin
guished by wisdom or forecasting sagaci
ty? "When a revolution la over," says a
modern lecturer of some distinction, "a
government must bo founded to gather
in tho fruits and to heal tho wounds of
tho struggle. And tho only men who
can found It aro those who remain mas
ters of tho revolution." But here wo
havo seen tho close of a revolution origi
nated by fanaticism, whero tho fanatics
themselves had not the sagacity to gath
er iu the legltlninto fruits, where they
havo refused to heal tho wouuds of the
struggle, and where they actually havo
not developed intellect enough to remain
masters or tho revolution.
Among nil the men who in the pro
gress of the events of tho lastclght years
have become notorious, thero Is not ouo
of sulllclent merit to entitle him to tho
namo of statesman. Idealists, they havo
uiuiiu uveryuuni; suusniiury to tuo au
surd and wild theory of equality. Ab
stractionists, they have proposed
schemes wilder than those originating
lu Swift's famous Academy of .Lagado.
The crazy fools iu that famous institu
tion who wanted to extract sunbeams
from cucumbers, to calcine Ice from gun
powder and spin silk out of cobwebs,
were much wiser men than those who
have assembled as our law makers iu
Washington during tho last eight years.
There was a terrible accident ntl'ralrlo
City, Town, on the 3d of July. Some Ju
bilant boys were celebrating the Fourth
and for the necessary amount of noise
wero using tin old auvll. Tho unvll x
ploded, sending tho fragments in all di
rections, and killing two men and ono
boy Instantly, und badly Injurig two
other men. Two horses were killed.
The democrats of Maine havo selected
General Franklin Smith as their stand.
i ard-bearer in the coming contest, for
governor. He Is thus spoken of by tho
Blddeford 'Democrat:' "General Smith
is oue of the most reliable business mon
of the State, and well qualified lor tlio
office for which ho has been nut in uomlu-
I ation. Ho is n self-mado man in tho truo
sense of tlio term; respected nud esteem
i od by all who know him, and tho con
vention did woll to select him us tho
standard-bearer of tho democracy, nt this
Important period iu the affairs of State.
DeliT in
Choice Family (Jroccrles, ProWslons,
llittlcr, I'oiillry, Vt'uftulilr k,
Grooii d3 viod Fx-Liitist,
uml all made ii.imlly krpt in a flrt-tlas rumtly
(rufrry, loriuri't i;f.'tilt'iitli mul 1'opUr i-tritl.
Iliti-nii iik to h'IIbi cbcult a Uie cIimiI, to ki'ttp
tli r U-st of ever) Mini, unl to gie viNfuciiou in
erj- lintaiur, tliey uk n lari of piiUu treniii;e.
jj L'cUm
'l'lii! I.iiiiiIuii liiiii-li-rli ltfl'M,
'I ho KillnuliiirK Krvlt'U,
Tint AVcliuliilMtrr lleliw,
Thu Mulli lliltinli ltttlin,
lllurlttt ixmI'n IMIitliiirK JIuhuaIiic.
1 i.t-ririnti of (ho liMilln (iuarlnlion mJ llluok
w...l urn now iniliinoiisablo loallulio leiru lu kerp
tlifiiiclri fully tnr.rmol wild rcaarJ to tlio Krvut
nilntii of llifl ilny, m Mctfd tv win til nclml-im
uiiilKOiiiiiloKttliluKrri In drout Ilriuln, Tliu uoulri
ljiilm lo ill" VS'' "t lioi' llcrlru nru iiipu hIio
ntuiiil ut Hi li'uit of tho Imi ot VupUiU urilur on
N ii'iioi, Ifeliclnii, -rt nml (Ii'iutuI l.Uuruturo, ami
uii.u.-wni uuriliy of Uin uion tiuili ullcntioii In
Hid t. of tliei- Itev i. wl ttluaKwooJ. 'l'lin
j i i i .ogrinl tlmt no Htiho-ribei enn fail to bu ittitta
tii' tln'Mi iruJ I' uis arc I'nuiixl uuti tliorouKli
li.ipht) KitUe i:i!illkUi.ui, anil mi.IIitI nt rric-M'
wlii. li Aw iiimi witlnnri'in ij.hi, ip), t
'IVrum fin- lS(t0. Vmii'
Xu . .u.-i.f the Himi'Mii ..4 I.W
All) two of Hie ll4'tiwn.,.....i.j..M....J 7 01
Any mreP oi inn novum. iu vj
Ml i.iiir "t tin" Utio IS 00
llhu kwoo.1V Mntiaiino 4
111 kMiKnl tui'l any ono lttiic;,,.., .,.(.. ,7U0i
llUi'kHool unil Hiiyurn HutiMw mm
llliukwootl iUiUuy.llir"' IUijeii......i)T,.f;.. 13 00
III ,. Kw.xxl Venl the fntirUVTew IS M
v .ii.i'i.iiul of twi'iuy ir I'cnl. will ! ullouixl to
rlulM of tour or inori1 ii!r.oni. TliUn, four i'0i of
IHnrfc'vooil, oroi one oi uiu iirnw, inn i.r mn ut
cn Mn- foi SIS '
-ulMTilwrx rtiwilil iroviy by ilm iUttir, ut ilio
otlli-p of ilolivor) . Tim iiotngi to iiy wrt of lliu
I'uitMl Staton l two ctMii u nunih,. . tiim nl only
iiiiliiw to current MiWnpiicmx. l'or Imvk iiiiinUn
Him iolmjf U .iilili
'IVriu lo Xoiv Stilifrlberi.
Ni h milw riiMTKjio iinv mo of Uiu iiUuve, I'ari'iJi-
,-ii tur !'- mMI !) anuitt'l ly icokIvi', cralik, uy olio
of the four He ! lor lsw. Now muM riUirw lo nil
live of tlio poruiilu .U for lki iuv rooolvo, RnitU,
1)1 w:kvi"l "r uny tuo ot Uie f,ur Ituvmuj for 1"W,
SiiliM riU m may, ly npply mi; - "rly, ohlnln bpk
n'ln of tho Kovium from Jummry, 19iA, to Uocembor,
1S8, una of Jllatkivyoil's Slueaxiuo from Jjnnsry,
lxi'i, to liercmbor, at hall tho uutrwnt utnori
li. .ii iirici
BO-Neither iiri'iniiimi to hiiusi riUrt, noraUi'ouut
lo 1 IuIm, nor roluei'il jiiliuw for biu'k iiumlicrM, can ho
nllowoil, imlo.n tho tiiiin) it roiiuilrd itiicot lo I III'
ptibliiher. No.pit'nilUiiiHimn bo glvoii loolubl.
Tliu I.iMiiiuril Nrolt l'lililUliliii; tin,
1 10 Fulton. itr"v I, New York.
Hi. I I'l'JI.CO. iiUo jmbl.-sh the
1' AIlMHIt'.N iiuiui:,
l,y Hi-iiry fcienhciw, of IWiusbiirg, wut tlioL.loJ 1'
Kortoii, of Tal CoKoko a o1k-. royal ochuo. l.fioo
pages, imJ iiumernutf onruvlnsi I'riri'. w (Q
tlio two i old. -by mail, pout iM
j-os. i8b and 182, .
nt t
IV t I
Oommorolal .-croaa.'u.o.' i
corx siii:i.li:rs,
Brown's Check Re,
Corn r.nd Cob
. 'hut
' V
Mnrln' Uurglnr mul I'lre Priinf
It. Ilnr Co'.
Stcvxxclnx-cL Soalo.
. !
Clothes Wrhiu'in's. '
Plow llrliirt'S1
llaik IhiiitR
ilftllll, . , , ,tBW ' '
niiiiic5 ,
Viti- LntlUdrsr.' ...
Clmlii Ptiinps,;
Ox Vokcs,
Seventy or SJltfhtj TIioiihjumI
. otivbii tiiisqs i-ou hauk
. a i -
Slu e "OUt I'low."
march 13
i, i '. I

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