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llllliol Central K. K., ChnBKO of Time.
Tho trains now leave an follows:
Mall Irulnnli-atcii at ...... 2 o'clock n.m,
Mprtm" " 2:f0 " p.m.
Mall Imln arrhrn nt ... xo'clooW a.m.
V.xptm " " - IIS " p.m.
Way, IpiiIch nt 1:30 o'clock a.m.
KlprCM, " ............. 4:lu " p.m.
Wy, nrrlvcn u(.. Sj.io " p.m
Kxpre " 7:."i " tt.m.
Daily, Sundays excepted.
Ari'lvnl ami Departure or Jtnll".
flro Pott Ollkp, lM-ruury a, 18OT ;
(Tlmo of rlo-ing.)
hot h rtlirougli S:8t.in.... S:Wp.ni. r
North (y) 4iS p.m IMG p tu.
-' itli through ami uny). IiPOiuii ll.wip.m.
-" .Hi iMeinpliinA N. 0.).. 4:00 n. in-.... -I'.Wlp.tn.
OHiO liiter route...... 6:l)p.m D:UQ ji.m.
Mi.ii.-ippi ltnr rout?,)
T : lay M)l FmUy ... 60 p m Ti0 p ro
T ' . u r J -y 4 St h rUff.. 1 1 :00 .m . . . tl tOO .tn .
T ' li, Ooo.n unc' tllil
KtutalV .. ... IWO p.HlFrl. 7:0)ft.m. Hut.
'Mo Iln routilfiirt,rryilvijipt Monday.
The Mound City German School real
ized over tlircu huhdred dollars from
their lml ehampetre, given In the beauti
ful groves near that village last week.
Tho allalr was gay, festive ami novel,
and called out nix or eight hundred per
sons -- .
Muster John Soully was hurt tho other
day by tho falling of the boiler front to
nHteainbo.it. The heavy, massive niece
of Iron crushed him down, lasceratlng
bin back quite severely. We are pleased
to learn that his injuries are not consld-
.red an dangerous.
. -
i'o hear every day or two that young
Harry is nt the point of death. Fully a
week ago it was reported that ho was
dying; hut ho Mill llvoe nnd entertains
s'r iig hopM of hi recovery. Howasn
yv.ing man of an Iron constitution,
healthy anil temperate. Should he re
cover ho will owe hl recovery to thin
On yesterday we had an Interview
w.th several tobacco planters from the
region of 1 finctclo vllle and Woodvlllc,
antlithey HabI unless Paducah moved In
the matter of roads the next tobacco crop
would goto Cairo. I'aducah 'Kontuck
ian. We think we can check-mate your
move, and bring the next crop of tobac.
( to Cairo anyhow.
pply "Bnrrott'V' and look young.
The editor of the I'aducah 'Herald Id
f the opinion that tho 'Bulletin' person
ates tho stupidity of Cairo. Ho couldn't
I ay our city a handsomer compliment,
or more pointedly assure our citizens
that they are very Solomons., If tho
Herald' personates tin inMliyente of I'a
ducah, then Uod help that poor, benight
ed people. The missionary labors of even
iu 'Bulletin' would be to them a God-
-i Ml
Theodore Booring, a hand ougaged In
MrKonzlo's furniture factory felt unwell
yesterday morning, and left tho factory
tgo home. Ills home Is somewhere in
tho vlclulty of tho city, and to rcacli it
he adopted a ''short cut" across a field.
When ahout the middle of tho field lie
fell prostrate to the earth and laid there
in tho scorching Hun all day. Ho was
most probablj-, stricken down by sun
stroke Ho Is now In the intlrninry lying
qulto lew.
o have encouraging accounts in con
nection with tlm Cairo it Memphis rail
road. Hhelby comity, of which Memphis
is tho chief town, has handed over to
President Mitchell tho full amount of its
subscription, $.100,000. Fifty thousand of
this amount were paid over by tho court
hoveral weeks ago, and sold for nlnoty
cunts on tho dollar.
Tho liberal action on tho part of Shelby
county will not only hasten tho com
menccmeut of the work, but will stimu
late other counties to an activo discharge
of their duties.
Tho city marshal gives notlco that from
and after to-day ho will mercilessly
slaughter all dogs found running at largo
without a muzzle or tax tab. Of the
thousand and one dogs In tho city, less
than llfty have tho proper guarrauty
n-alnst destruction. Nouo of them aro
muzzled, and only now and then, one
perhaps in twenty, wears tho tax tab.
Tho marshal declares his purposo to
discharge his duty horeafter, unswerved
by fear, favor or uflectlou. Nothing less
will satisfy tho people nothing less will
afford thorn that protection thoy aro en
titled to under tho ordinances of theolty.
A l'nct in bo Itrnif mforMl.
A election to bo held on Monday uoxt,
by which It will bo determined whothor
Cairo shall securo tho terminus of tho
Cairo & Fulton railroad, will bo governed
by tho proposition of a general law that
requires that tho proposition to carry
must receive a majority of all tho votes
n tho city, taking tho mimbor thrown
'it tile last general election as tho stand
ard. Tho voter, therefore, who stays
away from tho polls Is counted as voting
against tho proportion. Tho faet should
bo romomborod ami a strong oll'ort put
forth to rally tho frionds of tho measure
about tho polls. Unless thoro Is soino
ictivo, earnest work dono between this
and Miuday next tho requisito number
of vol s will not be obtained.
"JlariTttV produces natural change.
Tho Itov. Mr. Hough, of tho Methodist
church, stationed at Metropolis, baa been
dismissed from tho church and ministry.
During his trial, which took placo last
week, It was proved that ho had been
guilty of "abusing himself," and of ad
vising the youth of the town to ruin
members of the oppostto sex whenever
they might have a chance. The white
cravattcd beast should be tarred and
feathered and kicked out of every re
spectable community he may hereafter
curso with his presence.
Tho 'Times' referring to a fight be
tween Pat Kelly and a couple of stran
gers, Tuesday nlghtHiropounds the in
terrogatory: " Where wwe the police?"
Chief McCarthy desires us to say that
under tho direction of tho mayor, Wil
liam and Patrick O'Callahan ami him
self wore In attendance on tho meeting
at tho court house, the presence of pollco
thero being thought ndvlsable. Bcforo
.starting for tho court house, however,
the Messrs. O'Callahan quieted down
what promised to bocomo a disturbance
between Kelly and tho strangers, nnd
caused tho parties to separate. A renew
al of the altercation was not anticipated.
When tho fight occurred thero was no
policeman on service on the lower beat,
and Mr. Dwycr being sick there was
only quo on service In the upper beat.
Tho individual whom we reported as
killed by the murderers of Mrs. McCor
mlck, Is still living. His name Is Alf.
Hudson, and he lives In Paducah. Mr.
H. was of the party that went out from
Paducah In search of tho murderers, and
while alono ho came upou'tho objects of
his search In an orchard not far from
Ogden's lauding. Ho demanded a sur
render, but was nnswercd by n pistol
shot, the ball passing entirely through
his body Having a double barrelled
shotgun he II red upon tho murderers,
and thinks one of them foil. Ho tho
hastened away to caro for his wound.
Meeting the balance of his party he In
formed them of what he had done and
urged them to go forward and complete
the capture. Instead of doing so they
returned to the landing for reinforce
ments. In tho Interval the game escaped,
and we fear has not, since that time,
been taken.
Barclay Bro'w Barrett's wholesale
agents, Cairo, Illinois .ly 12 w
.Mncklcr'i 't rial.
We surrender, again, to-day, a largo
portion of our -pace to the evidence
called out in tho impeachment trial of
Mr. Patrick Mockler, City Clerk. No ap
oiogy for this Is thought necessary, as
the caso Is one in which every citizen is
Tho trial will terminate this evening
and the guilt or Innocence of tho accused
be passed upon by the City Council. Tno
result will bo mado known In the 'Bullo.
tin' of to-morrow.
tiii: Aiit a.i rcrrox
On Saturday night there will bo a
meeting held for tho purpose of present
ing to the rotors of Cairo tho claims nf
tho proposition now pending to vote
$100,000 to the capital stock of tho Cairo
and Fulton railroad. Tho Importance of
tho proposition and the prevailing luke
warmnexs among tho people rendor this
step necessary. Tho places and the
names of tho hpoakcrs will bo made
kuown to-morrow. Let every citizen
who feels u concern for tho prosperity of
Cairo attend this meeting.
lAHjulirilr.1 Mrtlillg I
Go'ollU, July HU, 1-0O
Tho city council met at the courthouse
at eight and a half o'clock.
Present Mayor Oberly, councilman
Barclay, Jorgonsen, Martin, O Callahan,
Bearden, Williamson, and alderman
Braukle, Gibson, Hendricks, Kennedy,
Lohr, Lonergan, McKee, Mendel and
Theobald 15.
Councilman Reardon moved that tho
south side of tho courtroom bo devoted
to the uso of tho city council and wit
nesses and that It bo cleared of specta
tors. Tho motion was seconded, and, boing
put was declared carried.
The mayor directed tho proper oillcer.s
tooxecuto the order of the council.
Th6 readiness of tho council to resume
the consideration of tho case at tho point
where tho proceedings were left off on
tho previous evening was announced by
tho mayor.
Aid. Carroll appeared and took his
Michael Bambrick City Marshal, was
called by tho prosecution and took the
witness stand.
Aid. Hulen appea'red and took his
John Hyland City Treasurer, was uoxt
called and examined, both on tho first
and second charge
City Attorney Butler, conducting tho
prosecution, announced tho close of evi
dence In Its behalf,
Judges Allen and Mulkey, counsel for
tho accused,, expressed a desire, owing to
tholatonoss of the hour, for an adjourn,
ment until such tlmo as tho city council
might designate.
City Attorney Butler also expressed a
similar desire.
Councilman Williamson moved an ad
journment until to-morrow evening, Kth
Inst., at eight o'clock, aftho court houeo.
Tho motion being seconded, waa put
and carried t. Nama',
City Clerk, pro tern.
Erldcnco for the Prosecution Closed.
Thr Ttlmony'ln fnll,
An Immense concourse of citizens gath
ered In the court-house Inst night, to
watch the developments In the pending
impeachment trial of Patrick Mockler,
City Clerk. The deepest Interest In tho
proceedings was manifested, tbo greater
portion of tho crowd remaining In the
room until the adjournment, which took
placo at half-past 11 o'clock.
At a few minutes before eight o'clock,
Thos. Nally, City Clork, prolcm., called
tho roll and seventeen mombers of tho
council answer, alderman Jtedman only
being absent. Tho prosecution, then
proceeded to tho examination of
Mr. Ferdinand Koehler. who testified
ns follows: I am engaged In tho butcher's
business at the corner of 19th and Poplar
streets. Sometime ago Mr. Mockler caino
to market and told mo that the council
might pass a bill refusing to grant any
more butcher's llcen'o, and that as my
license would explro In about two weeks
I had better tal.ooutllceupe while Icould,
I told him I would have to buy scrip.
He said that ho had serin. T got my li
cense', soon after that. My partner was
present. His namo Is Kennlss. Mr.
Mockler brought tho license to my shop
ami I paid him there. I did not go to
tho clerk's office ntall; I paid him J 05
or SO" in greenbacks. A few days ago I
had a short talk with him. Ho said it
was mighty curious lie had turned over
tho money to the city treasurer but had
got no credit for it. I had no other con
versation with him relating to this mat
Crota-cxamiuol by Judge Mulkey : I
have been In the butcher's business about
18 mouths nt the .atue place. I have
taken out threo licenses, one from Mr.
Howley, one from Mr. Beerwart and tho
last from Mr. Mockler.
Jledircct examination: Tho money for
the first license I paid to Mr. Howley,
city treasurer; for the second I nald Mr.
Beerwart, city treasurer, and the last I
paid to Mr. Mockler, city clerk.
Michael Bambrick: I am city marshal.
My office Is with tho city clerk. I miw
him receive money for tho wharfboat
licence about three mouths ago. One of
tho wharfboat clerks paid It over to him.
I did not hear the amount only from
hear-nay. At the tlmo tho money was
paid I was soveral steps away and didn't
tiear tho conversation that passed. The
wharfboat clerk paid Mockler In green
backs. There were five or six people In
tho office nt the time. Somo one of them
made the remark that thero could be
money saved by buyiug city scrip. The
wharfboat clerk replied that ho would
not bother himself running around, fur
the difference. I eaw him glvotho mon
ey to Mockler and eaw Mockler put the
money in the safe. Mr. Oberly, and
I '(Hill) nnd 7Xr. TVeatvlOU iert ill
tho office The treasurer was not
there. In about fifteen, minutes
Mockler took tho money out of
the safe and went lack towards the treas
urer's olllce. This was two or threo
months airo. Tho same day I saw Hy
1 laud and Mockler going down tho street,
. and they were talking about tho money,
Mockler saiu u ne nau roturneu scrip ior
the money they could have maoo some'
thing ofTof It meaning, as I understand
It, hlnif-elf and tho treantircr. 1 dld'nt
hear Mr. Hyland'a answer.
Croj-aii'nc(i. I don't know the
the amount of money paid by tho wharf
boat clerk to Mockler. I understood
him to be clerk of the City of Cairo
wharfboat, but don't kuow. I did not
hear Mr. Mockler say how much had
been paid. Tho raouoy was paid in tho
day time, doors wero open, persons pres
ent, mayor was present, anil it seemed a
public transaction. I saw Mockler start
towards tho treasurer's olllce with tho
money. Don't know whether ho paid It
In or not. In tho conversation between
Hyland and Mockler on tho street Hy
land did not appear to bo satisfied. I saw
them afterwards and they appeared to bo
on good terms. I havo been city marshal
since the February election. Have had
bUrilucM about the city clerk'ii office. I
havo taken out license for business, but
can't say that I ever paid the money to
the clerk. I never knew of my own
knowledge Mockler to lssuo license.
(Hero tho mayor was sworn. As his
evidence had reference to tho cashiug of
a city order by tho treasurer, and Is to
tally Irrelevant to the matter in issue,
wo omit it.)
John Hylaud: I am the city treasur
er of tho city of Cairo and havo held my
office since tho 13th day of March last,
having been elected on the -3d day of
the previous February. As well as I can
recollect It was about the last week of
April, Mockler, tho city clork, came up
to tho court house nnd left me in his
olllce. Ho left ills llcenso book on tho
desk nnd I looked over Jt. I found from
an examination of tho book (Here
Judgo Mulkey for the defence objected
to Mr. Hyland testifying as to auything
ho fouud in tho book. The book was in
court and was tho superior ovidenco and
must bo Introduced. Mr. Butler replied,
and was followed In turn by Judgo Al
len, who Insisted tho book should speak
lor itself. Councilman Reunion ndvlsed
caution, least tho tlmo nlready consumed
In tho Investigation of tho ease bo lost,
etc. Tho book was then handed
to tho witness who continued:
I examined tho record to seo it Beed it
Mann's namo had been put down. It
was thero; tho nameof Ferdinand Koeh
ler, tho butcher, was thero, and tho
names of threo merchants which I have
forgotten. Tho money for these licenses
hail not been paid over to mo. Beed it
Mann's name was thero on tho bonks.
It is now blotted out, ns is plain to
bo seen. Mr. Mockler came in shortly
afterwards and caught me in the not of 1
examining the books, I mild to him: i
Jook here, Mockler, what have you been '
doing. Ho said nothing. 1 asked him 1
who Issued that license of Been it Maun ,
and Ferdinand Koehler. .Some rough
words passed and T told him ho was a i
fool nnd a mgue. If the names had not !
been put on tlu record 1 could not havo
. a I t a ri 1 it
uoicuicu mm. Aiiorwaius mo very
next day I saw him scratch Itocd &
Jiitnn's namo lrom tho record. When I
brought tho matter-to his notlco hetold
mo tlmtsomo of tho outries woro not In
his handwriting; that Fagln did It. I
replied thld is a pretty way of doing, Is
suing llcenso and keeping tho money.
Ho insisted that tho wrltln'g was Fagln's
(his predecessor). But before I left tho
room ho acknowledged that he had is
sued all of them himself. I asked blm
who gave him authority to do so. He
said Mr. Oberly, the mayor. I said I'll
go and seo Mr. Oberly. He then said,
"Well, Mr. Oberly first told trio I coald,
and then ho told mo I couldn't.'' "Ho
asked me how he could sottlo tho matter
up. I told him by paying up tho last
cent. Ho then agreed he would settlo it
if I wouldn't complain to the mayor.
First ho asked mo If J would tell any
body whatlhad seen. Itold'hlm If ho
would settlo up and never Issue another
license I would not complain ; and I then
held up my hand and said so help mo
God, If you over Isstio another llcenso
without my receipt, I will .report you.
This was about tho last week In April or
the first week in Maj when this conver
sation was held. I told him lie was both
a rogue and a fool. I saw him scratch
Beed & Mann's name from the record
myself, tho next day after my discov
ery. He told mo ho would settle up and
novor Issue another Ilconso without ny
receipt. I replied all right, if you do ho.
I soon afterwards tound out that ho was
Issuing licenses faster than over. My
attention was calleu to tho matter by a
jy a
paragraph in tho paper stating that
Strother was in tho family irrocery busl
nes. I saw Strothcr and told him ho
had no license. I then discovered that
ho had obtained llcenso from Mr. Mock
ler. 1 then addressed a note to Mockler
In pretty rough terms.
The following Is a copy of the note and
the reply.
Cairo. July lat.UW,
Mockler: I want you to understand
thatl cannot stand this stealing any
longer, as 1 am, myself, the responsible
party. You issue Ilconso every day with
out my receipt. 1 shall expose you as a
thief unless settled immediately.
John Hyland,
City Treasurer.
If not settled I shall put In my report.
Thank you, Hyland; if lam guilty of
any charges prepare them.
I was going to my dinner or supnor,
when Mockler handed the note back to
me over tho railing of the stairs. I then
advised with my bondsmen and they
told me to make complaint I then went
to the mayor, on last Tuesday week, and
laid in my charges. I had a scufllo with
Mr. Mockler. Itdldn'tamountto much.
One morning wo. were in his ofllco alono.
I wanted to examine his books, nnd ho
would not nllow me, and told mo to stay
in my own ofllco; I told him tho clerk's
office was a public place. He told mo
he wouldu't nllow mo to como In, and I
told him well I told him ho was a son-of-a-bltch!
Tnen wo had a rough ami
tumble, and I don't think I camo out
second best. I was in there because I
hud found out he had been issuing licen
ses and mukiug no return, and I went to
examine his books. iTho treasurer's book
was handed to witness.) I keep n record
of all money received for licenses. I put
down tho name and amount tho moment
tho money Is paid In. I never received
the money for the llcenso Issued by
Mockler to Lmno & Co., I uovpr rooelvud
tho money for tho llcenso he Issued to
Ferd. Keohler; nor for tho licenses to
Valentine liuscti, G. M. Aid on andThos.
Strothcr. When first I detected that
Mockler had been Issuing licenses with
out my receipt, I told lilm to pay over
tbo money. This was about tho last
week of April. When I threatened him
he asked mo If 1 would tell, and com
menced whining about his his family.
I told blm yes, I'll tell Oberly. "If you
do," ho replied, "whut'U I doV" Ho ask
ed if there was any way of fixing It up.
r told him yes, If he'd pay over tho
money, and never isuo another license
without iHy receipt, and let mo look at
Ills books every Suturday, It could be set
tled. He told mo ho couldn't settled It
before tho first of July; thero
was a morfgngo or tleed of
trust on his hotu-c, that ho had to pay
oil', and on the 1st of July he thought ho
could settlo It. On the 1st of July ho
settled not a cent. (Tho clerk's llcenso
record was hero examined). Tho llcenso
to C. Lame it Co. Is not on tho book;
Thomas Strothcr, not recorded; Ferdi
nand Koehler not recorded; I saw his
name thero positively, but It Is now
scratched out. I understood that Koch
ler's license nmouuted to SHQ but have
since heard dillcrently. Tho name of
O. M. Alden Is not on tho book; Beed &
Mann's namo was on the book: but Is
now blotted out, ns tho book itself shows.
I never authorized Mr. Mockler to recelye
monies for mo; on tho contrary, threo
davs after I took tho ofllco thero was a
dlllerence about 50 or CO cents In mouey
ho had received for a llcenso and then
paid over to me. I then told him to at
tend to his own business and I would
attend to mine; that 1 didn't wuut him
to issue any moro licenses without my
receipt. This wns way back, six weeks
before tho other cases tpokeu of. I again
warned him to quit receiving money for
licenses when wo got to talking about
tho wharf-boat llcensrs.
Croti-cxamincd. About threo days
after entering upon my office I told him
I didn't want him to lssuo any more
licenses without my receipt. I told him
nlmiwt overy week not to receive tho
money for licenses. Beed & Mann's and
tho butcher's money was the first that I
discovered had not been paid over. Once
and a while Mockler would pay over
mouoy and then I'd tell him to quit re
ceiving It. When ho came In and I was
examining his book I told him ho was a
rogue. I told him ho was a roguoand u
fool. Ho was a roguo to receive the city's
mouey and keep it, aud ho was a fool to
make entries that would show his guilt.
1 didn't roport him before, be
causo ho promised to settlo on tho first
of July, and I told him I would
wait until then. The scufllo
I had with him had nothing to do with
my reporting him. I would havo re
ported him had ho not bit my finger,
lie never ofiered to pay mo before re
porting htm, Ho never tendered men
red cent. I novor told him I was going
to havo my revenge. Ho novor askeii
mo to como back to ills ofllco and settlo
up the matter. Ho wanted mo to como
baok and talk, audi told him 1 had no
sympathy fora thief. Idon't suppose ho
feels very kind toward mo sluco I havo
reported him. I reported him to tho
mayor becauso 1 believed him tho propor
person to report to. I went In person to
the mayor. This was about' two week's
after tho scufllo. My flugor was not
qulto well thon Is not quito woll yot.
1 am not familiar with his hooka: nover
compared books with him, and when
I'd got a sight ut his he'd shoulder mo
away. Wo had a oonvorsatlon about
eoiuo ontrles bofuro my tlmo. Vo
talked about license that had been Imwl
tft Boarden and Walker & SIsson. Tho
amount waB about $250. This has beea
paid to me by Mr. Fagln. Mockler neer
told mo he was. ready to settle. The
marshal nover brought mo a message to
that effect. Tho Marshal is hero to speak
for himself.
Examination ro-dlrcct: Mr. Mockler
paid over money for the wharfboat li
cense, Thero Is no entry of Valentino'
Bosch's license on tho clerk's license
record. Ho occasionally paid over money
to me. 1 always warned him not to re
celvo uny moro. No money has been
paid to me by Mockler slnco I proforred
theso charges. Mayor Oberly puld over
to mo $180,05 said to have been collected
from Mockler on account of monoyj re
ceived for licenses.
Hero tho attorney for tho prosecution
announced that ho had no further
evldonco on tho 1st charge. Ho
then recalled Mr. Hyland to
testify ns to the 2nd charge.
Mr. Hyland said, In a substance,
that Mockler had said something to him
about dividing tho money coming Into
tho treasury for Hconses, ono day, nut he
didn't know what ho meant bylt. About
thn 1st of May, when tho money was ex
pected to como in from the wharf-boat ho
said we ought to keep It between us and
dividoit, ns it would buy us nsult of
clothes. I told him I would not keep a
cent of It. Ho replied that I was mighty
foolish, that the wholo of them riouo It.
This was in his own office about the first
of May. Nobody was present but ho and
I. Ho said three licenses were coming in
and that tlie money would not bo missed
Ho did not state the amount. I knew the
amount myself: it was $177 10 Ho said
the money would buy a nlcosult for both
of us. The amount named was for one
license. It had not como in nt that time,
but Mockler snld It was due In a day or
two. I don't know who ho meant when
ho said "all of 'cm did It" probably tho
previous olllcers. I can't tell whether it
was a Joke or not. I had no Idea he
meant it at that time. Tho matter was
nover called up after that, and that was
tho nnlv nronusitiou of tho kind that he
I over made to me.
Tho prosecution hero closed as to tho
second charge, and dismissed tho third
chargo as too general In its terms to ad
mit of proper proof and defense.
The counsel for tho accused then an
nounced that the hour of 11 o'clock had
arrived, and that as they had six or eight
witnesses to examine, it would bo Impos
sible to closo the case during tho night,
lie therefore fctiggestcd an adjournment,
expressing the belief that tho case could
bo concluded to-morrow evening. There
upon, Councilman Williamson moved an
adjournment until 6 o'clock this evening.
Tho motion prevailed, nnd the large
crowd dispersed.
"Barrett's" Bellablo Hair Bostora
tlve. itivi:ic .vuws.
I'url l.ul for tlie it I Hour Enitlutf Mt
Tiri) o'clock, 1. Af.
Of n. AixWinn, Colmntiu. Mllbrey, 1'nJuouli.
Huii llrnvrii, MvtupttU. Jo I'lcmltiKi At. Loitl.
Hello M-niplil", d Cumbf tlaoil, Krunirlllc.
ItolxTt n. f.ff, N. O. .MoliaWlr, N O.
0n. Atit!eron, ColnniliUi. MUliroy. VndiM&U.
Joe Fleming, St. Lm. lUltn, Mtmpliln.
Ham llrown, l" C'limtwrlund, RmiHTlllr.
IklloMeiuphM, do Kobvrt K. Lm, JauIti11
Mohnrk. W. Lmil.
The weather Is still clear and unpleas
antly warm, with tho mercury ranging
from so In the coolest hall whoro a stiff
breeze Is coursing swiftly through, to 98
In an ordinary shade on tho street. Our
readers can strike air avcrago to suit
Tho Mississippi Is falling everywhere,
but a small riso is reported in tho Mis
souri at Omaha and Sioux City.
Tho Ohio Is stationary at Pittsburg,
with 0 feet S luches in tho channel
rislug from Marietta to Louisville, wltb
5 feet in tlie chuto over tho falls and
falling thence to Cairo.
Hero tho river 1ms fallen inches sluco
last report.
Business continues dull.
Tho Milbroy brought 182 sks wheat, 4
hhds tobacco for St. Louis, 5 bbls pota
toes for Thorn nt fc Green, .Cairo, aud
few lots sundries for reshipment.
The Cumberland brought l hhds tobac
co for the Planters' warehouse, and a lino
lot of bacon, and sundries for Cairo; 60
sks wheat for St. Louis, nnd 8 tons for
other ports.
Tho Milbroy la tho packet for Paducou;
tho Armada for Evansvlllo anil tho city
of Cairo for Momphls this evening.
Tho famous Selter Water, Wcls Boer,
Catawba and Bhlno Wines, cool and
pure, aro always kept at tho Egyptian
Brewery Saloon, corner of Washington
avenue and Tenth street. Lovers of these
delightful boven.gea aro invited to call,
as they will be politely treated and sat
isfactorily served.
Je281m Proprietor.
"Barrett's Improves the appearance
If you want a good stovo, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-Iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that Hut
call ou A. Frasor, Commercial avenu
boteon Elevonth and Twelfth streV
whero ho has moved to, aud fitted up-l1
largest and most comploto shoin
Southern Illinois.
Particular attention givon todpm
boat and mill work, copper imjthlHg
f ... tt AVtk
and sheet Iron worn, suon as iii""j-'
broecher escaping steam-nlpes etc'
, apr24d0m
! Oiu II ii ml rr, l ami r'lfiy U..IH ,t'w1"'
i. ,.i..i. f in. nt June itBli
yjll wiu infill, i i imu -IV - .
my store on Commorcul avenue, Be
tween Eighteenth aad Nlnetunm
streets, was entered, and cotto . "
woolen goods, shoes, etc., stolcr tncre
from to tho amount of about Jvo hun
dred dollars. . -
I will pay one hundred ad fifty
laracash to any person wjio wU ,onftte
tho goods so stolen, or a lmJJ,
amount for any portion of tlj
jyiatf .F";- , ,,
No poisonous drugs-iV ,,ilurrL'tt ,

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