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'OFFICE: No. 13 Tonth Street. Thornton's" Building.
. , f''"il' T - . - - iZ.i.. , it 1 ;
It A ITiUO.il ItlKKTltVC'.
vmi't'It'S I1L0CK TO-NIMIT.
The Oil in lr I'iiKoii llnllroiul I'mpnslllnii
to In- illm'iiNsril.
On Monday next the voters of Cairo
will voto on thu proposition to subscribe
$100,000 lo tho Cairo mid Fulton Itallroad.
The proposition is ono of vital import
unco to Cairo, and should enlist thu sup
port of every citizen who has at heart
the well-being of tho city. For a full un
dorstnudino; of all benefits and advanta
ge that will ensue from Its succes, and
the dleasdors that will follow Us defeat,
assemble at Winter's Isiock on Saturday
" ntijht at the hour of H o'cloclt.
Hon. Wm. .7. AI.I.KN,
S. 1'. Wiimsi.Kii, Kjhj.,
Joilii (J. Moiioan, J2sj
will uddruwi thu meeting. .
Come and hear them, and assure each
ether by your proaoncu that you are alive
t'i the welfare of Cairo. 4
July H.
. . n t
ho far as heard from, the world did
i. 'it coin to a finale- on tho day set by tin
Th" negro jHHitmitster In Macon, Geor
gia, who wim. arrested forstoliur money
from the Jotter. Iim ooufeaMd his fc'Ullt.
An unknown man went into the Sriyor
at Alton and wa4 drowned. IIo WuS Kin
Lis way to St. Louis, and now he Is oim.
A nmll niteut who Is only fco'venteen
ears of nut, hits lieeti apoliited for the
.Viniville 5c Northwestern ralirouu.
This Is below the nto required by law.
The Chicago court .ian decided that
i;jris company nave the rlht to
forward inters acoompauyiu;: consign
ueiit in unstamped envelopes.
Paper in Itwdon announce tho ai rival
rhere of Major Satnual Kdgar Hotijjtiton,
who-e age l nineteen yoars, height thirty-one
Inches and weight forty-one
.Mr. Heverdy Johnson nys thut the
'Itieches in parliament nhw that tire
Urltlsh Kovurnmvut will not make any
further tonctlom. It will stand ttrm
and bl. h- It time.
The radical In Ohio iudurod Grant's
"domestic policy," which menus, wo sup.
I ose, the appointing of ids relativos to
V) ollU-e and thu oduuatluu of his sou at
the cxpeus of the government.!
There is u noi;ro woman living near
Lowell's mill, on Duck river, Tuiin., who
.-t 11 : ywr old, and who was able to work
i p to last year- She ha a daughter who
ii nlmottt iliwd from old nj;e.
Lurry Jhttkr, aged 70, who lived near
daleville, N. V., was killed on the 8d Inst,
ly a rani. Tho animal was put to death
I y sticks arid 'stouts In the hands of the
uiraed friends of the dead man.
A light occurred In a London police
court room, during tho trial of Lord Car
ruu;t"ti for a?Mti!t and battery. It re.
'tUlrvd tho pressure of twelve policemen
to quell tho disturbance.
Kcv. John Long, of Thomasville, N.C.i
w a-- attacked with apoplexy while preach
ing, ami whs tk'ii from the pulpit in a
'-pe i-ch less condition. 11c died the follow
ing morning.
The Detroit 'I'ostthinkH that our nav
al vcMieU, l we wouliniiavothein Inspire
terror, should reeelvlflticli name an Choi
ira and Yellow -fevor,'i3usan It. Anthony
Anna Dickinson, A.
:' are live hundred and seventy
Mnuh-, ..BOIitt'n'drciUirid ninety h'olmildts
i : ft o Schtaltta, nud a number iSmits
1 1 1 1 1 -, Schmldlln, .Stultuis and
Smyths, hi Cincinnati.
11 ic i ity of Nashville, Teuii., is in quit
alls.. 1U radical mayor haviug run up
tho city ludobtodnusn to $730,00(j for
wliKli he has no vouchers to show the
cause of expmulfturtw a writ of injunc
tion has bcuu soved upon his Honor t-im
Mr. J no. M. Bans appointed receiver.
Of such U thoUiiigdom of radlcalhm.
. . 1 1 i .i i i '
One of John V. Fornoy'M "two papers,
both dally," ay "it iu to tho Radicals
that this country is indobtod for tlio posi
tion it now holds among tho "nations of
tho earth." Ah that position Is a very
contemptlblo one in the eyes of "tho na
tions of the earth," the country i under
no particular obligation to IIadicilfcm
and returns it no thank.
Tho terms ot'Sonator Yate, of Illinois,
Orlmosoflowa, Itoua of Kansas, MoCroory
or Kentucky, Foaseudbu of Maine, AV11
son .f Massachusetts, XorUni of Miuno
sota, Thayer of Xphral;ii, Cragiu f New
Hampshire, Cattoll of Now Jorsey, Au
thony of Ithodo Island, Fowlor of Tonne-,
e, Williani.i of Oregon, and Howard
of Michigan, expiro March I, 1871, and
most of the election for tholr successors
Will take place next year. This gives
great importance io tho elections of next
fall for th.- Suae LeaN'atnrc-
Ai.fi. i.m'iiTA.T HWHtmy
Till Vltnl Point In lr lloolilril. (
Wo Hliall not be ablo to address our
locnl readers again before tho election
upon the Cairo & Fultou railroad propo
sition shall have been far adyauced' to
M'ftrt a close. "re, thorcfore,' fool called
ujion to cariicstly appeal to every friend
or Cairo, to every voter interested in tho
futuro growth and prosperity of tho city,
to go to the polls and cast his ballot for
th6 proposition. Wo regard It as u
measure fraught with consequences,
the most important ever submitted
to the determination, of our people.
Tho votoAvill decide whether. Cairo
shall secufe the Northeastern terminus 'of
of the Cairo & Fulton railroad, or lose It.
it will decide whether Cairo shall, for
ail time, command the trade of the neigh
boring counties In southeast Missouri, or
whether those counties shall be driven to
the establishment of business relations
with other cities, which we may not bu
ablo to'dlsturb'. -.
It will decide whether Cairo shall,
within tho next nix months an I perpetu
ally thereafter, enjoy "direct communi
cation with the great iron.reglons of Mis
Murl, with the city of St. X.ouls, tho num
erous towns and village atid the richly
productive country intermediate.
Tho vote will determine whether the
great southwest embracing tho southern
jmrtion of'Mi"uri, itnd'n stretch of three
hundred miles of the fertile territory of
central Arkansas, have its outlet to and
through Cairo.
It will decide whether Cairo shall be
the initial iwilnt of a line of a railway,
penetrating the country drained by tho
Ked Itiver, and the HmitleHs pustural
regions of Texas from whence will
come the hooves that are to feed tho mil
lions of tho Middle and Now Kngland
It will determine whether Cairo shall
become the initial point of the great
trunk lino of the Pacific railway, belting
the Republic of Mexico, and extending
to Mazatlau on thu Pixel lie coast.
These aro matters or vital lmportnuco
to Cairo, and we as firmly believe that
they will bo determined by the vote on I
Monday nexr, in wo bcllovo that that i
day will dawn. '
To make the suUcrlptlou is to inaugu
rate a new and more prosperous era for
Cairo; to refuse to make it is to vote upon
ourselvn a condition of commercial lan
guor, of bu-liiei-s sluggishness, that will
keop us at a perpetual fctaudatlll IfTt
do work more scriotH harm.
No increase in our rato of taxation will
ensue; and the operation of the railroad
law of the last legislature will provldo
us tho principal, quietly, surely, and
almost without-our knowledge. If wo
vote the sum, the taxes upon the proper
ty In oxcess of that oflSfc for tho period
of teuyears, will be. set aside to our cred
it to pay our railroad debts. If tho roads
to which we lend a helping hand operate
upon Alexander county as they havo op
erated thu world over, after the lapse of
tlve'years we shall have $100,000 In tho
state treasury and at the expiration of
ten years a half a million!
If we vote that amount to the aid of
railroads, tho money will bu found iu tho
troasury subject to our order. If wo
refuse to vote It, our taxes will be none
the less and tho money w ill bo expended
by tho stnto In meeting the salaries 'of
state ntllolals, lu the support of Htato In
stitutions, In the furtherance of Chicago
improvements or in thu enlargement
and repair of tho Illinois Canal
Think well upon those points. Divest
yourselves of the great error that tho
road will como to Cairo an vhow. for as
sure as the world exifts, the $100,000 is
the only loadstone that will bring It to
ouTdoor GdHo tho, polls; vote for tho
proposition, and In after times you will
say it was tho grandest act of your life.
I-1. tn .lie I "r.utli .V II r. .!,.. r
As some of our city merchants got af
ter us the other day because of tho two
local notieos In our paper iu referenco to
tho shoe-fa'ctory, and stated that it was
a bad move towards gaining tho good
will of other dealers, wo heieby tender
to eacli and every one of them the uso'of
our columns upon tho baino terms enjoy
od by Mu,strs. . MeKenzio, .Quill (Jo.
These gentlemen pay for what they get.
If they cliooe to advertise that thoy can
sell better gpods for less money than
any other establishment in town, and no
ono attempts to deny it, it Is none of our
business. Wo shailihoerlftfn to publish
any advcrUaomenfcwliiclu they or any
one else may favqrjtowltli. J
The business loealsftvo 'publish always
excites tho IresJmcbodiNot long ago
wo "pulled" a" busHiepi '-house to tho
amount of eight "doUarJifevotlng nearly
it third of a column to tho subject. Wo
presented our bill nhd received the money
with tho thaiksof ourpatrou. Twenty
four hours had not elnpn-d before wo
were approached by as many as a half
doi:on b.wlnc-s m,oii to know tho reason
why wo never "pulled" them; thoy had
ttlwnjj. talu a the pai ir uinl paid for it,
and wero an much entitled to such fa
vors as anybody. "Wo told tlieso ge'ri
tlcmcn it would aflbrd us tho utmost
pleasure to notico them in tho same
way; wo would thank them for tho priv
ilege of doing so. This struck them t ax
very clover iu us; but when we added
that we had received eight dollars for
the "puff"" In question, mid should exact
thu same amount from them for a like
service, tho subject nil at onco assumed
an odious nature, and milckly
gavo placo to "tho weather" or "tho con
dition of the crops."
AVo do no gratuitous personal "puf-
fing unless it'is in thTlTitcrebt of mo
rality, education or charity. Juslnoss
locals form ono of the chief Hourcosour of
Income, and to abandon it would be to
throw nwuy $500 to .I,O0P per year an
Item iu tho cash line that ho Cairo paper
can afford to lose. '
Wo will, thcrcfon , for the dozenth
time, perllupi), repent thu nssuranco that
we exact a rcasotable compensation' for
nil local' notices in our paper aimed to
forward tho uusineV or schemes of Indi
viduals. Our columns ure open to all,
and our terms aro easy; audi wo ,a.yuro
our busincjs and professional nicnbur
mechanjes and manufacturers that they
.shali'havu at any and nil times as much
of our space iw tln.-y ore willing to pay
A New Iuciitlun i'l-rltit C'nmrjfil Owr
A railway without cuttings, embank
ments, tunnels, viaducts or bridged, no
matter how hilly the'eountry to hS tra
versed Is tho definition given by
MIcrapathV JotirnaP of au Invention
now in use in Leicestershire, and a work
ing model of which may bo seen in
Gresliom fltrce't, 13.' O. The wire train
way provides a sluiple and cheap substi
tute lor a line of rajjsi und is of great ser
vice where, fruin thescarcity or intermit
tent character of the tralllc, or the engi
neering dltllcultiesuf the ground to begot
over, It Is either not expedient or impos
sible to go through tho expenslvo pro
cess of forming u local rallwaj. For tho
wlrespaus over and evades obstacles iu
placo of burrowing under or levelling
them, and will perform its task as easily
along a rugged tract of country us on tta
smoothest road. The experiment being
now prosecuted, with complete
success between some Iiolcestershlro
stoue luarries and a railway sta
tion, three miles uisiani, consists or
an endless wlro rope, supported on a
scries of pullics cairlcd by substantial
posts, which aro ordinarily about one
hundred and fifty foot apart, but the in
terval between which may bo greatly ex
tended, as Is shown In one case, where
the pau from post to past is six hundred
feet. One of tho euds of tills ropo pasacs
round a Fowlor's clip-drum, worked by a
portable steam engine, and tills drives
the ropo at a speed of six miles an hour.
Boxes are hung on the rope at tho load
lug end near the quarries by a pendant
which is Ingeniously arranged to preserve
a. perfect equilibrium, and at the same
time to pass without hindrance over thu
supports. Each of these boxes carries
one hundred weight of stone, and thu
delivery is at tho rato of two hundred
boxes, or ten tons per hour, for the three
miles distance.
Already wlro traJnwnys of tho Leces-
tershiru model are iu course of erection i
iu France, Italy and Spain. Negotla- 1
Hons arc on foot, too, between thu Turk- I
isli government und the engineers here,
and it is not improbable that this gene- I
ration may "oe goods carriod by wlro as
commonly as messages. The iraiuway, I
Js indeed, not unlike an exceedingly
!ttouteleclvio telegraph ;aud there is some-
thing almost droll in the night of a regi- '
inent of wclMadcu trucks or boxes pass- !
ing gravely along It at stilted intervals,
andat a regularnace, much asif they were '
at lerlal drill- The most important pplut
In Mr. llodgaou'a Invention is ids iiath- ;
od of pasting thu point of support, ,
whluh consists in so curving the frame uf
the truck or box as to make the centre of i
gravity comu under tho rope. So adinl- j
rably is tills managed that some of our
leading onglugeid have been discu$ing (
quite rucontly tho possibility of of con-,
struotlug a stout wire trainway between ,
Dover and Calais, which should be sup- ,
ported from a lino or pillars sunk in mid
ocean, and along which passengers could
bo conveyed. 'Thu cost would be com
paratively small, and suspuiuory truius
could, it is argued, ibo dlsputibed across
tho channel without dllllcuWy or dangur,
It should bo stated that where heavy
loads uuihO necessarily bu carried: a pair
of stationary supporting ropes, with an
endless running ropo for tho motive
power, are employed, and that by these
means as many as a thousand tons per
dayean bo easily conveyed. The tost
of erecting these trainway In Knglaud,
and of supplying motive power and roll
ing stock, is from i-oO a mile fur carrying
tlfty tons a day, iu boxes holding half a
hundred weight each, to tl,5Loa mile to ,
ono of tho double-n ps lines, to tarry
1,000 tons a day, in boxes or trucks hold
ing six hundred weight each. For all
distrlots where there is tradlc, but where
it would not pay to construct a railway,
tho wire trainway is particularly appli
cable, and, a will readily bo understood,
Khere ever there is a standing room for
posts, there a lino can be erected. A re
cent application from traders iu copper
for putting up ono for them which should
i mi through an African forest, and over
au African Jungle down to the const,
Illustrate the varlod circumstances un
dvr which tho now system of transport
may bo applied.
Krum UioCci .ii .a JL.s.4i h.'
J, U, Oberly A- Co. arc now Issuing a
weekly in connection with the Cairo
Kveulng 'Bulletin it is a good sized
eight pago paper, and typographically it
is a modol of neatness; and or course it
is conducted with editorial ability. It is
not axactly a Kontucky paper, but Jt Is
as noar home nssomo of those published
in Kentucky, and ns orthodox on dem
ocracy as can bo found anywhere. We
commend it to tho patronago of those
dc.irlngtotako a first class newspaper
outside of tho state.
'ov-l .Mode or (,'oiirciillii a Theft A
.Struugi hlnry.
Trltal! from tlicl'rtnch rorUieKociiMlorl'nlnii.i
A sou of "La Pcrlldo Albion," drosseu
with torupulous care, and sporting tho
inevitable llery-hiied whiskers of dog
ear pattern thator the-lust thirty or forty
yhars luivu formed tho distinguishing
facial ornament of the malo Inhabitants
uf ISritish Isles, walked into ono of'tho
principal Jewelry shops or Palmcro, a few
weeks ago, and Iu spltf of tho wretched
Italian in which he delivered himself,
managed to make known his viesire of look
lug over tho largo assortment of irem
and prei'loiis stones that glistened in the
windows ami show-can', with a view,
lie explained, to purchasing tho hand
somest he could select for a set lie In
tended to order. ' "
.Thuijuwelcr, whom this request plun
ged Into cfstacy of Joy.' showed, as muy
be imagined, 'great alacrity in placing
before his distinguished customer tho
most beautiful pearls ami the purest dia
monds ho pouched. But tho English
man could Hud nothing to suit ids fastid
ious taste. It was not the prices he mur
mured at; on the contrary, lie expressed
a willingness to pay moat liberally for
his purchase, provided lie was success
ful iu procuring anything lie might con
sider worthy of a placo in tho princely
gift which, lie allowed It to bo inferred,
was intended as a surprise to some dark
eyed .SIclIlun beauty. Nothing dlsoour
aged by the fault-finding propensities or
the magnificent foreigner, the worthy
tradesman, who was all smiles and bow
continued his researches, literally rumu
ging and ransacking his npaclous storo
from top to bottom, in his eflort to do Jus
tice to himself by proving ids establish
ment to be second to none in tho beauty,
slzoaud variety of the prccloin metals it
contained. Finally, after a clone exami
nation of tho numbcrlcs diamonds, ruble-,
pearls, emeralds, turquoises mid
amethysts, that lay licapcu upon thu
counter, and a lengthy discussion of their
qualltits and defects, thu distinguished
looKing foreigner succteueu iu uuoiugu
number that met with Ids unqualified
approval, and after having them put
aside, gave the requisite directions for
the maui-.t r iu which he wished to have
them set.
The Jeweler, rejoiced at the happy ter
mination of so weighty a matter, cet to
work gathering up ills valued treasures
and replacing them Iu their caskets, con
tinuing all the whilu the conversation
with Ids mncnlllceut natron. A lie was
engaged in this occupation, ids eye hap
pened to fall upon a small box filled with
diamonds, when hu missed a large bril
liant which ho had held in his hand but
u moment before. "My lord," he ex
claimed, struck witli a sudden suspicion,
"I Just now showed you a diamond of
great value. You rember it, do you not?
Well, It ha disappeared!"
"What is that to me?" sold the Eng
lishman. "It is tills much, that you will not
leave hero till I have found it." ,
"As fur that I am iu no hurry rejoined
tho Englishman with great composure.
"You may search mo if you like."
The Jeweler while continuing to look
for his diamond, whispered a word iu tho
ear of ono of ills clerks, who started oil'
In great haite and returned iu a few
moments, followed by a police inspector
and two patrolmen. Upon their arrival,
thu diamond being unfouud. thu Jeweler
denounced "milord" us having stolen It.
Tho Englishman indignantly denied
the elmrge, but, as he ittd, to place the
matter beyond all doubt, hu begged that
tl.e inspector would search ins clonics
and pqr?on from head to foot, whicji thu
oniour proceeded to do without further
ceremony. Whilu this operation was
going on. however, the Englishman, in
taking oil' Jiiifii.it, madu u ..violent n
movement that lio dropped one slde'of
Ids whiskers.
"All, ha 1 my Uno follow, thnt'A your
game, J. if.'" said thu inspector: "1 un
derstand you now. Come; for your5 owyi
sake, mako a clean breast of it, and toll
us what. vou took ami where you've put
It, Tor 1 hardly suppofco you contented
5 ""I have taken no'lllillg.'ifi'id lfave'ifotlV
Ing to toll you. 1 um at ilborty to wear
false whiskers if I choose, and It Is no
body's business whoter I do or nut."
proved fruitless, the uupoctpruQtcrmlned
to hold nhd'hrlfon In custody, and
marchod off with him to tho prufenturo
of police, on the way tp vh'leli it so hap
pened that they passed by an apothe
cary's. Till-. clretunsUnees, apparently
too trivial 'and unimportant to be men
tlpiiod, curved t clear up .tho myatery,
forH undonhtedly gave birth tS thTfello
tons inspiration thut pruclaims tho
shrewd Inspector In whose brain it origi
nated. They readied the prefecture, where tho
Englishman wan pieced In a room under
tho surveillance of two guards. In tho
coiirt-e of a halt hour tho nspector mado
his appearance and after motioning to
tho guards to withdraw, soated hlin&pr
and enterud into friendly" coven-atlou
with i ho Englishman, to whom hu ex
pressed tho regret 'ho feu at linivVrig been
compelled by his duty to place him at
lids temporary inconvenience, but lie
Uoub'cd not that In tho hbsdhce of any
proof of his guilt, tho magistrate before
whom ho w;ouhl havo to appear he.v.
day would order him to bo sot at liberty.
Iu this vlow tho Uiigllshman fully con
curred. A thoy wero conversing tho
hor opened au'i an attendant ciaio in
bearing a tray ladoiied with refit h
monts, among which wero two glasses of
beer. One of them th olllcer handed to
tho unsuspecting foreigner who, knock
ng his glass against that of his host In
truo British style, quailed Us content oil'
at ono draught.
Tho mixture was not slow In producing
f" "licet, and the fact wnn revealed that
"Miford" had swallowed bosldo.r the dia
mond that was missing, three other dla
inonds of tho purest water, four pearls
and a largo turquoise, reprinting n to
tal value or from 20,000 l5U'25,000.
The Washington correspondent of the
New York 'flerald' says: Senator Came
ron is hero for the purpose, it Is under
stood, of protesting against tho appoint
mentof JlenJamln II. Urowster, of Penn
sylvania, to a placo In tho Cabinet. Cam
cron had an Interview with tho President
to-day on tho subject, with whnt success
is not known. Urowster and Cameron
were formerly old friends, but have late
ly quarreled, and Cameron 1 auxlous to
keep Itrowstor out of tho cabinet.
c. r. vi:.nnii oo.,
1Uhj imrvha-H the entire Hoek amlfliwui. .
AOJ. htrmcyT, Mr pri-pured to Uo alt bVi ..:
(J a s a u d S t c a in P 1 1 1 1 n g
In anvninn'l w.irl.ninnliko iiMniipr. Wourr a: .
jxtre.l to rrilr nil kirtiN ofOn (Ulnrw, nn.l I - r
.ri'iof uroiidiignnd (riMinicniiiMn Hum inVvry
iHirlionlar n imhI n ntr. Tliotit Itnvlnr mmh fx
turn, will j.Uuf.0 KOuuiuiJll iti,fiwiion tjuiunn
toot In . h. .'. V, VU.MJfiK,
Hm9.Ur K. K Mt'ttltir
-iH alcr u-
raiull.v ;rn rrli', I'roi Islmit, Vccetiiltit-.
i:tr., ):ic.
A Ur(?p mipplr of l'ajr nrocfrlc. Cann'l Kin.'
-t" , alwuyit im lumi. Ilvrrlliing pur and frMli
aim If
1iiT in (fO-'-nri, .im, Ilatr I'fl, I-'.l.'r."
Jian, (cnitul.
in iulk, iiUaiA on Imiid. Corner Kighlh
Olii" I.'-m q. t'liiro Illlnotn. inytsl'
w ii o i: s .v I 1: ti it o c 1: u .
ovc s n. o rr a w t ,
V. 7G Ohio Levee,
Cairo, III.
Hpix'mUttention tir(iiloL(mi)iitii. iit nnl fi.i ne
w. r. 3iki:k a mtoTiiuit,
Il.it iiw trf.--ti a tli...r urruuvmrnl far Um iui....
tur of Iirootnii in l!u it v. r now trnir I : i
onUra 11 u
Xjow 3?rioo
A tin- in-qMtiii ..nr.j.im, i, i pun l.u-i x ..r j
Ord en left nt lliodnn- uf . P. Williamwn. Ts 0: j
l.fxvt; or nt Ilia
Maiiiiractoi'', I'oiirtrriith klrcvt, lirlttrrn
AValimt mill Ctiliir,
Will Lv )ironill) iiltiiiilc-il Xu,
Ortlrr .)' iii.i il vl.uul'l i. ft.,lif-M-.t to
W. V. M'KKK illlio.
1. O. II01 -131.
Iimlf.lii (;iin. lllni.. .
WA.V'l'KD-Alminl- r Ciainiy OtOara, ui ni -anil
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