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OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth. , Svpot. TUoiton's Building. ,
Well may it bo said that thoio brutal
contests, known as prize fights, form a
blot upon oar christian civilization.
They are openly arranged, bets arc made,
money Is deposited and all tho disgust
ing details seem to bo relished by the
public. There are laVH against tills; but
how lame and Impotent. "Immemorial
uaago" has rendored them 11 nullity
Ordinary the oflloers or tho law are vigi
lant enough In tho puwult of an offen
der after the crime has been committed;
but they fell with folded hands and band
aged eyes when tho atrocities of , tlio
prize ring aro proclaimed In advance,
and every opportunity is presented to
..them for preventing tho hostile meet
ings. It Is, unquestionably, time that those
disgraceful and brutal contests should
end If men have become so lost to all
sense of personal degradation that they
will expose their bodies to violence and
."lubject themselves to tho probability of
life-long deformity and tho possibility
'death, for a money consideration, they
should be made to feel that they cannot,
with Impunity outrage the sensibilities
of bettercltlzons, by such revolting ex
hibitions of brutality. Tho laws are not
stringent enough in their penalties. It
is idle to punish pugilists with linos; It
Is ft waste of Judlolal power to attempt to
restrain them by putting them under
bonds to keep the peace They mut be
."ubjocted to perianal Imprisonment for
a definite period, that Ihey may learn that
in the eye of a civilized community,
the encounter of tho prize ring Is eriinl
mil and worthy of tho severest punish
ment. When men fear the law they
will repeat It, but so long as Its penalties
nr.. iriilinL'. thev will risk the results of
disobedience, anil If found guilty will
pay the Hue Imposed out of their unhal
lowed gains.
'The few who are engaged In this
cruel business nro not -o strong In Influ
ence that they can prevent the enactment
of thu most stringent laws against it.
And that these contests have been mj
frequent In view of the power veiled in
legislative Iwdies throughout the country,
it is a dl.grnc to the nation. In the nume
of religion, social culture, and humanity,
let every peaceful citizen demand the
xnoit rigid penalties for a violation of tho
laws against pugilism, and that they be
ngldly.onforeud upon the guilty, that
the prize ring shall no longer openly and
detlantly outrage the feelings of a Chris
tian people."
tujix the scju:'&.
A Washington corrctqwndent of tho
New York 'Herald,' Miys there Is some
talk in ofllclal circles of enforcing tho
collection of tho direct land tax in tho
S.111II1. Thu .Southern Slates, share of
this tax which amounted to twenty
million among all the Staten was Mx
millions; of this sum only about three
millions has been paid Into the Treasury
from thu Southern States. It will be re
membered that when this amount had
been collected President Johnson ent ft
message to Congress setting forth that in
view of the noverty produced in the South
by tho war It would In many instances
be ruinous to that section to enforce tho
collection of tho tax at that tlmo, and
recommending that It be suspended for
time, so as to allow tho Industrial
Interest, of tho South to recuperate. It Is
htntod that tho limit of tho suspension
llxed by Congress has now passed, and
tho law providing for the levying and
collection of tho tax conies Into full
force again. It la argued by those who
urgo this proceddlng that the Industries
ofthe South have greatly Improved Inthe
Interim, that'tho crops are abundant and
that there Is no longer any excuse for tie
lav on tho scoro of poverty. Whether
tho Secretary of tho Treasury will act
nnnii tho advico tondored him In this
matter remains to be scon.
Tho argument on tho petition ofYcrg
er for a wilt of habeas corpus to take him
out of tho hands of tho military commls
aliui. nt .Tnekson. Miss., where lie Is on
trial for thu murder of Colonel Crane, o
the United States army, was made betbro
Ohlof Juattce Clrnso, in tho Supreme
Court chamber, fit "Washington, on
Thursday. Tho eouuHol for Yorger do
tiled tho Jurisdiction of tho military com
mission and deinandod a trial by jury
Attorney General Hoar, In UU reply, dc
nled tho right of Chief Justlco Chase
hear tho argument, except at a sitting of
tho Supremo Court, and contended that
tho petition must go bofore tho United
States Courts In Mississippi. Tho orgti
mont lasted four hours, and at tho con
clusion tho C'hlof Justlco said that ho
would notify counsel when he would bo
ready to render his decision.
The following notice was found posted
011 a huge-sized trunk, at a railroad depot
11 low days ago:
"Ilaggagfi'BniaahoM aro requested to
hivndlp this trunk with care, as It, con
taliiH nltro-glycerlno, Greek fire, gun cot
ton uud two llvo gorillas.
11 A CY.
The democratic convention met on
Wednesday morning, at Harrisbtirg, Pa.,
aud selected Mr. Hopkins, of Washing
lngtoii, a Cass man, for temporary chair
man. Tho convention thqn adjourned,
till tho afternoon. In the afternoon tho
Hon. Asa Packer was npmlnatccl, for
The news of the nomination wushullcd
with outbursts of enthusiasm In ull parta
of tho Slate. Tho domocraoy aro confi
dent that with Packer an their standard
bearer thev caii carry tho state ' by ft
majority of tweuty-flvo thousand.
Tho resolutions declaro against tho ex
ercise 0' doubtful constitutional pdwbt;;
that Pennsylvania, would nover glvo up
self government; that the ratification of
the fifteenth nm6udment should go be
fore the people; that tho negro should
notliavo tho ballot; that tho finances
need reform; that labor reforms should
bo encouraged; that tho whole recoil-struetl-n
policy tends to destroy republi
can government and establish tyranny;
that our soldiers should not be forgot
ten; that oui'nyiupathy Hhould bo given
to nations struggling for liberty, and that
our system of taxation, is burdensomo
aud should bo dono away with.
The report was unanimously accepted,
amid the most vociferous cheering.
A disease has appeared among tho silk
worms at Sacramento, California. The
two largest dealers have lost their first
brood of Kronen worms, aud. nearly ft
million by the disease.
Tho artesian well at the Insane Hospi
tal, uearSt. Louis, has reached a depth
of near four thousand feet, without ac
complishing the object aimed at 11 co
pious supply of pure water. It has been
concluded to abandon tho enterprise, as
the greatest and most unsatisfactory bore
of the year.
. .
Patrick Trlnuey was Instantly killed
on Monday morning lust In the works of
the Illinois Stone Dressing Company, In
Chicago, by being caught In a pulley
which he was attempting, to adjust and
by which ho was drawn around at tho
rate of elghty-llvo revolutions a minute
for more than a minute. His body was
fearfully crushed.
The floods In the Colorado valloy,
Texas, aro subsiding slowly. UoaUi have
been sent out to rescue those who nave
taken refuge in tho tree tops, some of
whom have been there two days, com
munlcatlon with Ilastrop I cut oir, and
It I Impossible to estimate the amount of
damage sustained In that town.
A S20.000 libel suit against tho Colum
bus i Ohio 'Crisis,' has resulted in tno
prosecutor paying his own costs.
Wo never knew anybody to get rich by
suing for a character. If ft man has a
character, ami loses ii iiirougu mu uu-
papers or otherwise, no nan oeuergo io
wrirk ntnl 1)11 lid tin another one. instead
of golug to law for money as a substitute.
Ah un evidence that boys aro smarter,
uow-a-tlays than they used to bo when
the men of to-day were boys, tho follow
ing Uaubmltted as conclusive:
"Remember who you aro talking to,
sir," said an indignant parent to a frae-
tlous boy, "I'm youriaiuer, sir:" --vtuu,
whoso to blamo for that?" said young
Impudence, "'taint me!"
A now and daring experiment Is nototj
bv tho 'Pall Mall Gazette:
'P in liivnrln liln Tn lint WHICH 11 lis 111UH
orto ntteutled nautical expedition tb tho
Arctic regions 1ms iiidhced two French!
tneii, MeK-leui-s Tlosuiidler nnd Do r mh
vlelle, to undertake tho enterprinu of
reaching tho North Polo in a baloon,
The machine In which tho bold adventur-
era are about to embark on their perlhnH
Journey, ami which' is appropriately
iiuiueil "Lu Polo s'a," Is now being
completed in tho (JlminpOo Mars, whh-M
riieiiincliliioliiwiiicuino uoiiituiveniur-
ipleted in tho UUnrnuUo aiiiw, wnu u .
r' ji . ..1 ll.nl.il
the government; iiavo, piaceti ai uieis;
disposal tethoipufpok.
Tho monster hnlbon, bejido which even
the famou.4 Qlaut would ecem a mere toy,
will contain "over 100,000 cubic meters of
gas, and Is composed entirely of a cloth
manufactured from caoutchouc, whlcli
will allow of great oxpansiou in the rari
lied strutaof tlio atmosphere ThoseauU
illiltlng tlio dlWsrenttpteeos' forni'a total
length of three IJngllsh miles. Tho cur,
a marvel, Ills said, of strength und light
ness, is constructed to carry ten passen
gers, 4,000 pounds or ballast, and provis
ions for u month. ' '
Vl ill"
Tin: l'ltnsii vr r.it i AN'r.
Tlio numerical strength of tho Preaby
torlau church in tho world is stated by
tho 'ProtesttuibCliurchinuukas follows:
United State , JSflPi'fJJi
tireiit llrituiu -J'x-Sr:
HulUml a."
SYunro l.WW.WW
Hh iijii land
Intl.,.. ..nil Itii.mu
lliniNliuud iMitell fuioilu-H fjOy.WOO
Tolal 14.0T0.0tfl
These fourteen millions oonstituto ono
sovomliof tho entiro Protestant popula
tion of tho globo. Put if to theso are
added the fotirteon millions of tlio Uni
ted Evangelical church of Prufcahi and
tho German States, whlcli is Presbyteri
an in form, It would glvo Ihem n total
of twenty olght millions I. o., a numer
ical superiority over any of tho Protest
ant forms of polity and belief.
Buckwheat may bo sown at nuy time
In July. There aro many neglected
spots on every farm which might bo pre
pared and sown with buckwheat than
allowed to remain permanent nurseries
of weeds. Tho preparation of tho soil for
this crop exposes weeds to destruction
from tho heat of the sun, and tho heavy
foliugo of tho planU prevent another
growth. 'Western Itural.'
If farmers would grow moro fruit in
their gardens, they would pay loss doc
tor's bills, and live longer. Grapes of all
kinds and strawberries arc two of tho
most healthy fruits that can bd grown.
Let auy person who has any disease of
tno uowcls eat a quari or Hirawoerrie
per day, whllo they can be grown, nnd
his ailment will disappear, unless of too
long standing to bo relieved by" any rem
edy. A pound of grapes oaten daily In
tho fall will bo found tho best uud cheap
est medicine that cau be taken for com
plaints pertaining to the stomach and
digestive organs.
The IllInolH Stato Fair ftt Decatur 1 set
for September 27 to October 1 Inclusive,
and will btihcld on the, grounds of tho
Macon county Agricultural Society.
Tho grounds- will bet thoroughly
soured to nrenaro conveniences for the
exhibition. The hotel and boarillng
house accommodations of Dcfiatur ,wlll
bo ample, and reasonable prlcea'are said
to have been llxed by tho Board. The
premium list Is large, embracing all the
industries, of tho country, mill, competi
tion is open to the world. The usual rail
road accommodations will bo extended,
and wo may expect the exhibition to be
a successful one.
Tho New Iberia f La.) 'Journal gives a
number of fac ts which seem to make out
a clear case in favor of the cow pea as a
preventive against tho army worm in
cotton. Fanners who huvo practiced
sowing tho ordinary cow pea in their
cotton crops report thatjtheir cotton was
always exempt from the ravages of tho
worm, wncn iioignoonng crops, in which
the pea was not sown, were entirely de
stroyed. One authority of that region
Bays that twen,ty-llve or thirty years ago,
uoh h thing as tho army cotton worm
was unknown, and before that period It
was the universal practice of all farmers
to sow their fields, whether of cotton or
corn, In peas.
The Inst session of tho Illinois Legisla
ture, with a view to prevent accidents by
the use of threshing and other machines,
passed a law providing "That all persons
In this State, who are owners or who may
hereafter own or run any threshing ma
chine, corn-ahellcr, or any other machine
whloU U couuecUid to, .bono power by
means of tumbling lods or lluo of shaft
ing, shall cause each nnd every length
or section of such tumbling rod (except
tho one next to the horao power,) togeth
er with tho knuckles or Joint, and Jacks
thereof, to bo safely boxed or secured
whllo running," ami nuy person running
nnv machine, without Comtdvlni: with
theso requirements, shall be held liable
to the person damaged for any damage
wllcli may bo sustained by such neglect;
uud no action shall be maliituiued, nor
shall any legal liability exist for9ervlces
rendered by or with any such machine,
when it shall bo mado to appear that thoe
provisions havo not beeu complied with."
3iysti:hv"ofthi: ocean.
The I.tift ot the Nlrniunhlp X'ltlfiil Ul'iK-doui-Ktuuupctl
In u Jnlcor Nmasti
I Uy mi IcHierR.
(From (lie Hccttili.Aii)difu 'Journal. )
The steamship United Kingdom, as
most of our readers urq now nwurc, sail
ed from the port of New York for Glas
gow on the li'th of April last. She had a
fair cargo on board, and a goodly num
ber of passengers. On the "J)th, tho day
after ado sailed, she was spoken some
160 miles from Sandy Hook, it Is sup
posed by Bomo that sho was neon on
May -1, about oOO miles from Now York.
This Is all that we have known of tho
fulled KiiiL'dom since she last left Her
harbor In these water. It Is not a long
I tiuio Hlneo April 10.
April Is gone; Muy
i.i.j. ....... I.nl... ...I If. II... I .1.111 11.11V-
rw6 htivd eilttn'd upon July; but tho
1 fate of tho United Kingdom is still un-
known. TlmtMho luis perisiietl witn nu
, on board Is now reasonable to conclude;
I butfrom what.caii3e,-or in Mimtoiroum-
Hiances, wo aro leu io coojtciure, uu
(mances, wo aro left to
. the liiith of April, six dn
ted Kingdom palled, tin
rived In tills port nnd i
mid heavy galea in tho
ie liiitli or April, six uays alter ine uiu
.d Kingdom palled, the City of Purl nr-
roponou iceuergi
and heavy gates in mo nejgiiuornooii i
fl....,, D.wiA T IJ l.riCdlhla Hint tflAl III.
I V liWU VIilUt: il 1 pi.) w v
ted XCingdom iicirisaeilrumm Uiuiu kuios
and piohably from collision with an Ice
berg. It is hard to glvo up hope, but wo
aro not left any foundation upon which
longer -to lean. I.lko tlio Jiibonilu, of
painful memory, the Pulled Kingdom
tins no doubtgoiiu dowii; hut, unlike tho
llibornhi, has, in all probability, carried
with her her entire living freight. It Is
in fact another terrible aea tragedy all
tho moro terrible, in truth, that rto one
has survived to tell tho truth.
In early times tho school master in
country districts "boarded around"
among the neighbors. Tlio experioncc
of n Jackson county teacher 19 given in
tlio following diary:
Monday. Wont to board at Mr. U
had a baked gamier, supposed from ya
rious venerablo appearances to have
een ouo 0f tho first settlers of Illinois
t mnilii il ul irllf I 111 IllL'sSlOll Oil tllU DUtrN
arch's breast. Supper cold gamier ami
potatoes, went to lied ami dreamed of
luivlng caton a miantlty of stono wall.
Tuesday. Cold gander for breakfast j
swamp tea and somo nut cako tho latter
some consolation. Dinner ono leg, etc..
cold ; dreamed I was n mud turtlo and
got on my back and votild uot get over
Wodnesday.Cold gander for break
fast, could cap nothing. Dinner wings,
etc., of tho gftuder warmed up; did xaj
best to destroy them for fear they would
bo left for supper. Supper hot Johnny
cake; felt greatly revived.
Thursday. Cold gander again; much
discouraged to see tho gander not half
gone. Went visiting for dinner and
Friday. JJretikfast nbroad. Dinner
nt Mr. 11 'a; cold gander and hot
potatoes; tho latter gooui ato three and
went to school contented. Supper cold
guilder and no potatoes ; bread heavy and
Saturday, Cold gander and hot In
dian Johnny cake; did very well. Dln
tier cold gander again: wolghed and
found I had lost sis pounds tho last week;
grow alarmed; had u talk with Mr.
II , and concluded I had boarded
out his share.
IHinois Slate TcafJuirs' Institute.
By a vote of tliU body nt Its susion of Inst
year, a meeting ot two wecKi win do iiuhi,
beginning August 0, 1800. As usual, the
members of the Normal Faculty will bo pres
ent during tho entiro session. Klforts nro
making to focuro tho help of distinguished
Jucntors nnd- others from other .States.
Kvery ptiitu will bo tnken to mnko this ses
sion 6f tho Institute tho most intorostng and
profitable in its annul. .Statements in detail
annot now bo given, becauso the arrange
ments nro not yet .complete; but a full an
nouncement will bo inituVus soon as possible
. RiettjUtiJ EnwAitn. '
I'rest. fitntii Teachers, Institute.
oum Mi, 111. May 21, lfeoo. y
J ... '
I'rom the I'iI0toirj;li OJDimi'rtfiftl.j
Corporal Punishment in Schoolv
Among tho regulations introduced by tho
Central Hoard of Education, t.lnce Mr.
I.ikkey assumed tho City Supcrintcndcncy,
wns ono reoulrinir each assistant teachor in
the titv to make out and Tcnort to tho Prin
cipal a correct list of tho corporal punish-
menu In cacli school tluring tiiu montn, ami
reiuinnj: tUo principals to seiio. a truo copy
of the same to the Cltv .Superintendent at the
closo of ouch month. Tho regulations went
inttt cilect on tho 1st of .Tumntrjyand Itis 'n
very significant fact that during the past llvo
months, thu number of cases t whipping in
the city schools has gradually diminished
from 4un in January, to less hn 100 in tho
last month reported All the principals have
reported regularly, excepting one, who acting
under tho imtructlonso! the Local JJourd, re
fuses to report. Tho Central Hoard clnim
the right to enforce the rule, whllo tho Local
Hoard denv the rliiht. Tim principal Is thus
placed In an awkward position, and tho point
is boing tested by tho Central Board with
holding the salary of tho principal until he
compile wiiu mo ruie.
AVIihI Inn caused tho lurce diminution
tho number of corporal punishments? Doubt
les the simnlo fact that teachers and princi
imh nro ulikoiisliniMLil of freouciit whhitiiuci,
nnd havo no ambition to head thu list in that
line. Tho lloggings in tho school-room, liko
tltoso in tno lamtly, nro tiotstinjects lor ikkiu
In?, and this Airni.Iiw a fair argununt
ngaiiKt corporal punishment. People should
not bo aahamcd of acta which tlioy know and
fe. l to o right. AVo do not say that punish
uitfiit nhould nuvur l in dieted by Urn parent
nnd teachor, but wo beliovo that in nine oa.-es
out r-f ten the whipping in tho family and the
school nro unnocesary nnd useless, nnd bru
tnliio rather than bonellt tho children. With
a diminution of moro than two-thirds in tho
number of punishments, tho principals report
that tho discipline in thu schools U bettor than
ever before. This is certainly encouraging,
nnd undor tho new regulation, may wo not
hopo that tho day is not far distant when tho
rod will bo abolished altogether, or but rur'jly
What llroakh louu 'uitii(; XLvn.
It is it ooiiiuioulv received notion that hard
sludv is tho unhealthy element of eollcgo life;
Put 'from tables of the mortality of Harvard
University, collected by Prof. Pierco frgm
tho last triennial catalogue, It Is clearly dem
onstrated that tho excess of deaths lor tho
first ten vMr after graduation, is found Jin
that portfon of each class Inferior in scholar
ship. K vury ono who lias iunn tlio curriculum
knows that where Kschylns nnd political
(.cvUviny injure ono, juOt hour itnd rum
punchta 'iwe up n doan, tiud that tho two lit
tle tingoM aro heavier than tho loins of Eu
clid. Dissipation is a sure and swift destroy .
er, and every young, mail -jv (lower :xHrtd
to untiineK-lrost. Thosft who havo heun'In
voigled Info the path of vice aro named legion.
A few huiirs of sleep each night, high living,
nnd nlentv of "smashes," maKo war iip-'tt
ovorv ftmctlon of tho htitmin Uxiy. 'Ijio
brains, tho heart, the lungs, the liver, tho
spino, the limbs, the bono, tho lleMi, every
part aud faculty, aro overtasked worn and
we iki ncd, by the torrlllc energy of puion
ln.jencd from rctrMiit,' until, like a dllapl.
daU-d mansion, tho t'eurthly house of this tab
I'rmiclo'1 falls into ruinous decay. 1'Vt
voting men, right about '.Sclantlflc Ameri
Ill the nix-nit Court of Atexamlai t fni) fp'eiiiln
i . I Titan,-1bC9. JJl I . c -
Stimunl sl.at Taylo; nod Uwu I'mwjns ,
Trustee 'if tlio 'airu Hly Property, ( t Hli (.
vi. i
Cltarlt'.SfhoiioiiK-) fraud Amlro i'opp. J
Hill to enforce Yeiulor's I.ieu
Atliilnvltnf tlio tion.resldeneo of Andrew I'opi, one
nfthealiova name.1 defendantH having heen lilwl ill
ttitU'lurk'B otllie of the Orenit t:ourt of id i oiinty,
notico i therefore hereby given to the said Andrew
l'ip. thul llic i i"nil Mti.uiu lllnd their bdl of eoin
piaiiil 111 tin" uImivo entitled ''BUm- in mid Court on thu
Chaneery mdo thereof, on tli ard ilay f .lal. Inw
iiikI iIihI thorenpoJl a silintnoiH lu d out of alll
I'nun rotiirnulile an the law due. t. No . Ule yon
Hie uud Ainlrew l'epit shall iK'nomdiy U anil -pptm
before tho Circuit Conn oi said Comity on the llr'
din oflhti mist term thereof, to 1 hnldeii at thet'oiiit
lluie in the City of Cairo, la aid totintj . on ih.
Third Moui.iy ofi SeplomlHT ue.it, iiuilpluatl,
or demur to tho nam complainant I dl of eoiniilaint,
lite fciimo and tliomattern und tlmiK therein charged
and stated will lio taken aa ruutml, and a Uvcru
entered agannt you aeoordlnn to thoprayer of aaUI
briM, JOUNQ. HAltMAN.tUrk
tjrecn ii Qllbert, 1'llV'n Att)i. Jy"-wi-
At tke0cf to MMtin,
Crittenden Countv, K"y.
Tlifno well known nrltiL'ii r nnur Inclinrcnnf
Moure. It. A. Milei ami W. lliiuhtiv, wlio imtci ovcr
Intilcil niul rcnovhioil Dm ImiMinuit ami m.vlo pucIi
other Improvements ti will Insure tho comfort of the
lurnlld nnd llio proper nCtiommotUtlon of tho peri-ou
of leliure.
In n metlicinnl noint of v cw tlio uatcH aro nnsur-
piptl, f llpetlns cures of ileranited IiohcH, chronic
dlnrrliea, clynpcpnin, gcnrral ilehilliy nml tli.encx
of theJOtlnny uua U)iaiu-li of tho luoit Bgrut.itoU
hii(i manning riiumcier.
ino proprieiorit, in meir circular, uiy mat incy
will tno tlirir utmost cxrrtlonn to mukc them a pU it.
nut I iiKr-',':'M report ilurinK d cunuiKir moniln.
V 111 U'lpureil 10 inakoKUeittscomforUlle. Tho
Cair iiiid KvaiiHvillo
O 3tX
JP v as W o t
Ford's Ferry ID inly,
Hud IIAI KM will ! runmns from there tiomts ! Hie
ill 'H' runmns rruiit iner
HupniJ the KitroimH 1
tin; pri.iK. HupiiiJ the KitroimH hitherto lesion
c, m ill 1m coniiniieil to tho t re-cut proprietor, they
trutt tli.-V Will Im' .l1r 10 Cif mtufjli'tioll to the public
ft. A.
K y. ii
I Uf) 1 1 K-, l'roprlctcr-
llnvlnir ixircLi-c.l tlipcntira tMlc mkI fixture s f
Aii). ICorsmeyer, are prepared to ilo all kiwis of
G a h and Sloain Fitting
Inn neat nnl workmanlike manner. We are u, -u pre
pared turepalrul' klmli or(!ni Ililurec, nml tiy our
proceMof liroiuiiiKHi.d KddiiiKinuko them in over
piirtloularnji co'xl new. Thofi, having such Hi
iure, will plwiro Kl'o u acAll tuitiitfitution Kitnran
l.l In all Cttieii. C. K. VIJACJKIt,
lan'xltf V. K. MIlKltAI
Dealer lu-
I'lHitllySiroeiTlcn, lrivlHlniis, Vcuetuliles,
K.tc, t:tc.
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