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THURSDAY, JULY 22. 1800.
IIIIiioIh (Vim ill II. It., CliniiKii of Tim
Tho traliif: now left vouh followa:
. oiN( noiith:
flnlltrini-uvrniit So'clook
f'lnrca) " li to "
Mall train arrive at 2 o'clock
EiprcfN ' m 1:01 11
ii'KCinitT tuains:
p m.
Way, Ichwh ut . m ... 05 o'clock
hxprct, "
Way, nrrlK'i at ,
t?xprc "
......... 7l30
Dally, Sundays excepted.
.Arrivnl null Deiinrturn uOfaiii.
(Cairo Tost Offlee, Kul.ruary 2, W )
arrive, mi-art.
(Time ofelosinjr.)
f-orri (ttmujh U.IPtt.iii..,. 3 01p.m.
North (way) , 1:45 p.rn HiflOp in,
-oiith lh roiijrh nnl why). tiOOu.m llsMJp.in.
uth (.Mcrnphi4N. O.J.. t:Mln.m 1:00 p.m.
Ohio ltlvcr route-.. -.j aiMp.m C.Wp.tn.
lllilppl HitiT ruuu,
Tiinl.i)i find Trillion... 6:X) p.m...... 7:()p.m.
Charleitun, Mo., Tiicxltys
T'liirmlay X Hntu rduy.. 1 1:W .m . . . . 1 1 .00 a.m.
TlioU' Oooo Inlaw' vid
Hantalc ... (",:( p. m 1'ii. 7:03 it. HI. Hut.
r01.to H.vo routderk-friircrydyerrcpt Monday.
J.M.iiJIAHAM, 1 M.
Tlio fitcnmer Cumberland brought In
seven, hogsheads of tobacco for Iho Plan
ter's warohouso company, yestcrdny eve
iiing, and, during tho day, several hygn
hends arrived by other conveynncffl.
Tho night policemen hnvo petitioned
tho city council to lncroaHo their salary.
They sot forth, and uo doubt truthfully,
that scvcnty-llvu dollars per month in
scrip id not erjtial to u decent support of
tlicmclvc.s nnd llielr families.
There will be n meeting of the board
of aldermen this evening, and of the
select council to-morrow evening
The Joint session of tho oily council,
lata night, was protracted until after
eleven o'clock. The proccedlngH will be
published to-morrow.
There was a colored wotMing In thn
liurcli near Turner Hull, Jant night, that
tailed out fjultea largo crowd of lookers
ou colored folka from all parts of tho
city. Tho allalr was conducted with
ttatly dignity, wo understand, being a
live dt liar Job for the preacher, and n
hemtatlon" fur all tho others.
Six if i S'nitKD Doun more of tho eel
brnted "Mason" Fruit Jars, perfect and
simple rJf-.calcr.s, thr fcl tn Anurica,
jiint received anil for .salo at reduced
price, ut the Queonswarc House.
P.vhhons, Davis it Co.,
jytf No. and 7 Tenth SI.
- - - -
The weather yesterday and last night
was remarkable. During the iarly
morning it wjm iuitcool, thothermonic
tor Mantling below "ir. During the nltfht,
window i v. ere cloed down, and Wnnhcts
'lecaino nicesKary to tho tsomfort or tho
A J. tht i tlinii last var men were falllnt?
lown In the street overcome by heat,
tin tljcrmometor ranging from 100 to
)10 in tho day tlmo, and ai high as 101
it midnight.
Tho contrast is most extraordinary.,
"I'jiJucait can and must bo ono of tho
greatest cotton markets In the Mississip
pi valleyMut least, so Miy.s tho Patlu
cah 'Herald.'
With tho Cumberland and Tennessee
rlverd, and tlio Ohio it Gulf railroad
through Its connections) penetrating
tho great cotton regions of tho Houth,
anil centering on the OJilo rlvor at Tadu
cah, thero Is no good reason why that
city may not do something in tho way
of buying and selling cotton. It onjoys
milte all tho advantages in that regard
that Cairo does, and it Is a fact well set
tled that Cairo can and must becomo a
ijreut cotton market.
Tlio 'Times, in Its statement of tho
ruq of Thomas Lewis vs. Joel O. Mor-
. . 1 1 . mi..
gun, ft m , oiunuers wonucriuny. xiw
lury did not return a verdict against tho
defendant for tlio amount of the elierKPn
bond, $10,000. The action was ono of tho
numerous ppeculutlvo law actions In
which tho pluntlir delights to Indulgo;
and tho verdict, Inevitable probably In
view of tho ruling of tho court, was for
tenr. cm All , 1... fn.ilu In llin
fOKI, JIWI IUI ?lir,lVV. lll IIIU liiuiei
c-iso were not brought out in tho evidence,
and were not therefore before tho Jury.
If thoy had boon, the plantlir would not
havo recovered a cent, elso law Is a
farco and justice as partial us fortuue.
Louis 1. Butler, esq., lias been ap
pointed to fill tho vacancy in the county
superintondonuy of publlo schools.
Mr. Butler Is competent, and can till
the position creditably and fiitlsfactorlly,
if ho will.
Mr. Morgan, who retires ffdni tlieofttce
to accept tho prlnolpalshlp of tho publlo
schools of Cairo, lHled tho ofllco most ac
ceptably to ull concerned. Ho did moio
for tho elevation of tho standard of cdu
cation in Alexander county, thau all 1H
predecessors combined. To his exer
tions wo owo tho organization of tho
teticners' insiuuies uiruuyuuui mo futili
ty, and the Introduction into tho county
of a bettor clasi of teachers.
If Mr. Duller will, at tho conunonco-
ment of his otlleial career, "put his foot
lown," and resolutely determine that ho
will Issue ateachor'aoortllleati touo one,
nialo orfemalo, who cannot pass, nucceas
fully, a thorough examluutlnii, ho will
revel vo tho thanks of every sin
oro friend of popular education, Com-
peUli't cherrt can lie outuiiii'ti. with
out cut tl-uU, Incompetent ones cannot
securo p itlons Let us havo tho corn
petvul teat hi d. (
Turner I'lcnlo nt Flora Knrilcn.
On tho 25 Inst tho German Turners of
this city will giro a unlquo and pleasing
plcnlo and cntrtalnrrieut In Flora Gard
en, commencing about? o'clock p. m.
Tho programnio will conslstof vocoland
instrumental music, gymnastic excer
clses, posturing, pyramiding, &c., during
tho afternoon; and atnlght of tableaus,
Htatues,pyramlds,oto In the light ofG'reok
fire. Admission for gentlemen has been
fixed at 25 cents.
Tho entertainment will bo suro to call
out a largo crowd, and, wo doubt not,
will bo both novel and engaging. It
A Merlon Accident.
Mr. Thomas Porter a llttlo son, John,
had ono of his legs badly broken
yestorduy, by tho fall of some of tho
timbers used in moving Thompson's
lumber yard ofllco. Tho leg was broken
in two places, anti the belief is enter
tained that it must bo amputated. Tlio
boy Is only eight years of ago and qulto
Mr. Dorter's domestic aflllctlonsduring
the past few years havo, Jjeon of an al
most overwhelming kind. One of his
daughters, a most promising young lady,
was burned to dpath by tho explosion of
a can of keronenc; inemberHofhls family
havo been taken from him by fatal sick
ness, and now as tho work of an accident,
ho has a sou made a cripple for life.
Few mon could benr up under such a
load of allllctionas Mr. Porter has been
called upon to suffer.
A Card from .nr. A. If. Irvln.
Jfr Editor: Since my return homo
my attention has been directed to the
fact that In tho late investigation before
tho city council it was incidentally sought
to bo established that the practice had
obtained in my olllee, during my term us
City Clerk, of Issuing licenses without
the production, by the applicant, of a re
ceipt from the City Treasurer for tho
amount required to be paid for Mich 11
cenwe. Please do me the favor to Mato
no such a custom over prevailed; that In
a few instances where the City Treasur
ers, either from slcku ., or other euuse,
wero unable tn discharge the duties of
their ofllces, at their reque.-tihe money
was so received, but as noun as possible
turned over, anti a receipt taken for tlio
amount. This may havo huppeued a
half doieu times, of perhaps 1cm, during
tho terms of olllco of City Treasurers
Unrrell and Howley. These facts havo
been verified by the examination of the
records, in the adjustment of thoaccounts
of the different city oil leers, by the lato
City Comptroller, ('. Winston, Jiq. I
deMio to have this Mnteuient made, Mr.
Kdltnr, that tho public may bo informed
that licenses wltliln my control were not
.smud without proper authority. Very
rofpcctfully yours, Alkx. II. luvi.v.
A rolviiiotii Worm.
'Die green worm that feeds upon toma
to vines, and are found In groat numbers
upon all vinoa grown in Southern Mil
no!", Is as poisonous as tho viper or cop
perhead. Their sting is almo&t certain
death. A few days ago, a llttlo girl llv-,
lug in lMfcai uouuty, mis stung on tho
Jiand by ono of them, and in less than an
hour her whole arm hud becomo swollen
ami Inflamed. A physician was called,
but all his antidotes were unavailing.
The poison permeated tho child's entire
system, and threw her into violent con
vulsions, in one of which alio died.
In every gardon in Cairo theso worms
abound In great numbers. They resem
ble a tobacco worm, and persons who
havo "wormed" tobacco would snip thorn
into from mero forco of habit; but, that
unllko tho tobacco worm, they are high
ly poisonous, thero can be uo room for
doubt. They are not apt to use tholr
sting unless roughly haudlod; but this
fact should not begot unduo carolessuess.
Dure foot children should bo denied the
privilege of the tomato patch altogether.
The Shootlnjf of Mr. Tho. X. Loffn.
Vo received at an hour too lato for
publication yesterday, Information of tho
accidental shooting of Mr. Thomas M.
Logan, of Murphysboro, brother of Gen.
It appears that on Tuesday Murphys
boro was tho scono of n drunken spree,
in which soveral persona Indulged,
and out of which there grown disturb
ance. Mr. I. X. Dlanchard, tho Mayor
of tho city, attempted to arrest a Mr.
O'Drlen, one of tho partlos, and was re
blsted. While ho waa contending vyjth
O'Drlen, Mr. Thomas Logan camo up
nnd participated in tho struggle, with a
view, it is believed, to preserve tho ma
jesty of tho law, and during tho conten
tion Mr. Dlanohard's pistol, which ho
held in his hand tho while, was acciden
tally discharged, tho ball taking effect
In Mr. Logan'B forehead. Tho wound ia
regarded as serious, but not fatal. Tho
lookers-on, and, wo boliove, Mr. Logan
himself, oxonerato Mayor Dlanchard
from any ovll purposo in tho promises,
and regard tho shooting as stated, puroly
From ft gentleman from Murphypboro
this morning, wo obtained qulto u differ
ent version of the affair. It is as follows:
O'Drlen was Intoxicated and disorderly.
Mayor Dlanchard attempted his arrest
and was resisted. Logan observing the
strugglo, repaired to tho upot, drew his
1 pistol, and raising it over tho head of ouo
J ft t lin rmnl nn1 1 ti i tinrf Inu hlnnml If lw
. frKVt KWIM VIIMIH, J'ttl-ir MIVVM H lU"
tweoii them. Whllo in the net of doing
so ho struck himself on the forehead with
tho hammer, drawing blood, the pistol at
tho same Instant discharging ono of its
loads. The bloody mark In tho forehead
ot Mr. Logan, anti tho report of tlio pis
tol, led tho lookors-on tooupposo ho had
boon ohot. If this vorslou of tho nfrolr Is
the truo one, tho oocurrouoo is certainly
a very trifling ono, and wholly unworthy
of tlio general nftontlon nnd Inquiry It Is
Call fov "Darrott's" anti take no other
An AflllnlMl Printer.
Tho peculiar location of Cairo, on tho
great lines of travel between the North
and South, Rubjeots tho typographical
fraternity hero to frequent and almost
exhausting calls from their, sick, indi
gent anti destitute brethren. A case up
pealing more directly to our sympathies
than any wo over saw before, was fur
nished this morning in tho person of Mr.
J. T. Davis, lato editor and proprietor of
the Chickasaw and Choctaw 'Herald, f of
Tishomingo, Indian Territory. IIo was
brought to our door by two negroes, nnd
when he made himself known as a prin
ter tho object of his ylslt was understood.
Ho wns conducted to u seat, wliero ho
mado known his name, ailments and
wishes. IIo located in the Indian Terri
tory 'n tho year 185,', as tho editor and
proprlotorof this "Herald.' He continued
the publication of tho paper until 1801,
when Gen. Albert Plko gathered him
into tlio rebel army. Hoturning to Tisho
mingo after tho close of tho war, and re
suming tho printing" buslne-s, ho wai
attacked by what ho torms printer's
colic, a terrible disease chargeable to the
effect exercised upon, the utinophcro of
a printing olllco by tho lead In the type.
He camo out of this attack, or rather,
otitof tho violent paroxysms of it, en
tirely paralyzed In both arms, anti par
tially paralyzed in both legs. He can
not stand alone, and his arms swing by
his side, quite as useless to him as would
bo his empty coal sleoves. He started
from Memphis with two dollars in his
pockets, taking passngo on deck. Shortly
after, ho got ou bnartl tho clerk came
around and took the last cent of his two
dollars, leaving him nothing Jwherewlth
to buy food. During, the passage, which
Involved about forty .hour., he did not
taste a mouthful of food, nor dltl he close
his eyes In sleep. Wo regret somewhat
that wo did not ascertain the nuniu of
the boat, that it might enjoy the fruits
that would grow otjt of the publication of
the heartless action of its clerk.
Kvery man nnd boy in tho 'Dulletin'
office contribute! lo tlio poor fellow's re
lief, and sent him on his way rejoicing.
He Is trying to reach Henry county,
Ohio, where his folks reside, and whoru
he expects to lie down and tile. Ho feels
the paralysis spreading over Ills hotly.
It Is rapidly Involving his throat, render
ing it dinicult already for him to swal
low food or drink. Ho Is greatly ema
ciated, scarcely able to move, without
assistance, and is upon the whole, about
as miserable a human wreck as our eyes
over beheld Ho goes hence to Kvaus-
vlllo by thlsovoulim'i packet.
- -. . .
"Darrott's" Wonderful Hair Restora
tive. Win It it?
The following letter, received by us
this morning, explains itself:
Niw Mbuiu, Mb., Jul) is, iscy.
rmtir ouro ijuttfitii.-
Last evening tho deatl body of a man
was found in tho river about a mllo be
low here, and brought ashore. After an
Inquest hud been hold tho hotly was
buried. It was very much decayed, the
hair all off. Tho man was apparently
a little above tho average staturt-, had on
black cloth pants, anil three shirts, viz:
a check shirt outside, a linen biwnn
shirt and a knit undershirt. In the
pockot was two two-dollar bills, u e
dollar bill, two five-cent nnd a one-cent
niece, and a small pearl handle knife.
No papers. Respectfully,
RlCIIAKI) H. Hatmiikk.
Darclay Dro's Darrott's wholesale
agon Is, Cairo, Illinois Jy 21 lw
Tux Nulo.
Notlco Is hereby given that I will sel
at tho court home, on Monthly, July 20
ISOO.at 10 o'clock, all the lauds and town
lots delinquent for taxes due and unpaid
Louis If. Myers, .Sheriff A (M'eior,
Jy20-0t Alexander Co., Ills.
Save your lives and property. A.
Fraser Is agent for tho copper-scroll
lightning rod company nnd will till nil
orders promptly. Call at once nnd havo
them put on your buildings. Tills Is tho
best nnd safest rod now mado. shop on
Commercial avenue, botwccn JJIovonth
and Twelfth street. Jy210t
Tho famous Soltor Wnter, Wels Deer,
Catawba and Rhino Wines, cool and I
pure, aro nlways kept at tho Jigyptlau
Drowery Saloon, corner of Washington
avenuonud Tenth street. Lovers of theso
dolightful beverages aro Invited to call,
as they will bo politely treated ami sat
isfactorily served.
Jo281m Proprietor.
Tho clergy uso "Darrott's."
If von want a L'ood stove, or tlliwuro
hollow-wnro, copper or sheet-Iron waro,
tin roof, gutter, or anything in that line,
call on A. Fraser, Commercial nvonuo
beteen Eleventh and Twelfth streot,
whero ho has moved to, nn.i fitted up tho
large? and mast complete shop in
Bouttiorn Illinois.
Particular- attention given to steam
boat and mill work, copper smithing
and Hheet Iron work, such as chimneys,
. ..I..
breecner escaping steam-pipes, uiv.
Great domand for "Darrott's. "
Wul mil Tlmlicr.
For Sale.--Eighty acres of tho finest
Walnut Timber Land In tho country,
situated In Mississippi county, Mo
four miles northeast of Charles
ton and within eight (8 miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Said land Is adjoining John
Swank's farm. Also ton acres or School
Land sltuatod throo miles from Cairo,
Illinois, on th CalroitSt. Louis railroad
for torms au.l particulars onqu Iro o
D. T. Whltaker'a Drug Storo, No. 10H
Commercial avonuo, Cairo Illinois, dtf
Notice Is hereby given that a special
mooting or tho City Council (Joint sei-
slon) will bo held on Thursday, July 211, j
1809, nt 7J o'clock, to hear and determine "
appeals from tho assessment of tho As- ,
sessorand Collector, and to correct nil
errors that may be found In tho lists,
John H. Ohkmv, Mayor.
John Drown', City Clerk, pro tern.
Jy22 ttl
Mr. Marchllilon, of Thebes, Is u very
enthusiastic friend of tlio Cairo and St.
Louis railroad, and has no patience with
his country friends who carp and growl
about tho subscription of the county to
uid it. Ho believes that tho country por
tion of the county Is all that it over will
be, until the roud gives It ti forwanl Im
petus. Ho expects to seo the beautiful
mounds and hillsides overlooking tho
Mississippi at Santa Fo and Thebes,
thickly dotted with the flno residences of
Cairo merchants; arid the Intervening
bottom lauds a vast garden, ft vo years
after the first train passes over tho road.
If the road is not built, ho looks for uo
change Horn the present thriftless condi
tion. Ho Is about right in ull tills, and
time will vindicate his forecast of what
tho mail will do. All ho expects and
more, will bo realized
ici"viTA ivs. .
Port I.InI for ilio !il Mourn Kmlliii; Mt
'two oVI'irk, 1. St.
Ofn. Anilcmon, Colurnlrt''. Wm. Whltn, Piwluunli.
htnr, Nnw Urlcans Cunilx'rlintl, Kiuvlllu
O.McPortcr, Trm rlrr IHIt McmpM, Memphis
nt.n In.lAf.ftn. rAlnml.tifl. Win White. I'aiiimAli. I
t.timUitUnd, KtBtmiUo Htur, l'lttl)iir
Il.-llo Mcniphln, st. Ioul n. Mcl'ortr, Caronrlalet
The weather is beautiful anil pleasant
as could be expected In tlio latter part of
1 ho Mississippi is rising rapidly at St.
Louis, but Is falling at Keokuk and
above. The Missouri Is rising In the
lower portion, but falling at Omaha.
The Illinois is very high but subsiding.
Tho Ohio Is rlslug rapidly at Pittsburg
with fourteen feet in tho channel As
tho Monongahela, from wheuco the rise
comes, is falling above, it Is probable
there will not be more than two feet ;
more water at Pittsburg. Tho Ohio is
rising at Cincinnati and Louisville, with
four feet eight Inches In tho ehuto over
the fulls.
IK-ro tho river has risen neven Inches
slnco last report.
Business Is dull.
The Win. White made her appearance
here yesterday after a prolonged visit ut
I'adueah, during which sho has been very
thoroughly repaired and repainted, be-i-ldes
receiving new chlmnies and a new
wheel. Sho Is now one of tlio most
beautiful bouts of her class running to
Ciiiiu. She reu mes her place as a dally
Cairo and Pnducali packet, leaving here
wot-? cvoiiIiib u tau arrival ot the l p.
m. train. Sho brought out yesterday 5
hhils tobacco for tho PJunters' Ware
house, 11 bbts Hour for I). Arter it Co., 12
bxs fruit for G. D. Williamson.
Dy a letter from Mr. James M. Dov
crly, whoso imrrlage, on the 10 Inst., to
Miss Maggie L. Kellogg, of Clarksvlllo
Tenn., wo noticed some days ago, we
learn that ho, In company witli Ills ac
complished bride, hun reached Smith
land, Ky., tho homo of his parents.
After remaining there a few t.luys
ho will proceed to Paducah where,
hereafter reside, ami will shortly resume
his position as clerk of the White. Du
ring Ills nbscuco his place has been filled
by Mr. D.irsey Dunn, of Smlthlautl; to
whom we havo been Indebted for many
fa vois.
Wm. White, Captain Northern, for
Armada, dipt. Gus Fowler, for Evans
villo City of Cairo, ('apt. Malln, for Mem
phis. Tho Thompson Dean was to leave St.
Louis ycstortlny, for New Orleans, and
should be here to-nlu'lit.
Tilt- London (luurlrrlv Itcxlriv,
Tlio Kiltiiulmri; Hcvlrw,
The IVritiiilulkter Ilevlcw,
Tim .North llrltliii lU'VlcK,
llliirlnvoo 1'h lNlli.liir JlnRuzlitr.
The rrp.'lnu of the leading quartoilUx ami lllaok
wood nro now lnilliMe!iiiM lo ull U t illr to keep
ItiPnut lioK fullv Informed with ri'KiirJ to Iho B't
siiliicotrthoduy, a vioweU ly tho lt itcholar
nndHoiimlKt.tthliikcrH In tlrrat Ifrltnln. Tho c-ontrl-l.iitop.
I) Iho iice of ihcto IIpvIkwh nr men who
RtMiul at th hnul or tho lnl of l.uvll-li writern on
Koiriioo, Itollifion, Art nnd fieiiernl l.iteratiiro, imd
iilmlpx rln worthv of ilitcuatlon tlmli Attention In
th pRC of thee Kevlcwii and lllacUwool. Tlio va
rlcty l .o great that no subscriber cnti fall to bu villi
Mod. Theo pcrlodicaU uro printed with thorough
tldrllty lotlio KiikIIhIi copy, and are ottered at prlceh
which phicc thctn within reach of ull.
Term fur ItMtt. Year
Any opo of tho ltovicwi 8 4 mi
Any two of iho Iteviews 7 nil
Any inreo 01 in iievmu-. v m
All four of tho Ucvlcwa 12
lllackwood's Magazino -I 00
ltlncltwood and any onoltavlew . 7 00
lllaidiwood ami any two Ilnvtewa lu ui
llhukMOod aiiilnuy three ltoviewH 13 ou
HU'.'WnooJ and tho four KovimtM 15 '
A dibToutit of tvYenty per cent, will lo allowed to
elub of four or moro peritomi. Thun, four eoplei of
llhtekood, orof one of tho Hevlew, will i.o tent to
one addre'H for Sia W.
"Sillurrlliera nhouhl pmpay by tho quarter, at tho
ollieo of delivery. Tho piihtnyo to any part of IU'4
United Mates Utwo rKNrnnnuinher. Tiilrato orjy
applies to current mihvriptloiu. Tor hack num'Jor'J,
th'' postage li double.
terms lu a'W NuIim'i-iihtx.
Now KUlxeriliern to nny two of tho aho t f, .
. At fur ltO will be entitled to nveivo, y ..... ' ..
of tho four ltuviews for 1808. New nr- lj'"'L
Iho of tho poriodlenlH for l-U lunv Vlvo. eriit
liliu kuood or nnv two of tire four S 'Vl.V.. r-.t.ini'
Subscritieii limy, by npnljhr iltl.i Uiek
set of tho lteviottufrom'iua ti lleecii lr.
. ao,t,,1,'l'.!T.,Vi1',''''''-ni uio.lrllwri.. nordi.gouut
v, price fur UwkiiuinberH, cnn ho
nil i nvmt-i Milliard direct to t.h
piitiliiier. hrpmininR am l Kiven toj.dub.i.
j I lo rj,j-RBr,i Krolt I'ulilUlilnir
j 1 10 ruhou trt:uf, Nvr YorB
1 . H, l i ll, CO. ufo publish tho
I VAlOiKll'N UUIllE,
i l liemy hieplienn, or l.uiiitJDiir, ami no i -Norlon,
i r Uolfcjrc 8 voU-. r'J,i'tav:0'1,l'S?r
paKOK, nnd niirmirouf) cnuwuhisV. ItIw, 87 t tor
tho tvv i oul j mall post paid
wan rs.
WiTfP'L VMn,Jr County Or-lnrs, ot 0 ot.
Y n.l (Jty Hcrlp nt WlcrnUnn tho dollar, for H
lnnl3.Ur W, Mr, THORNTON.
ir'l "KNT.-Tlio offleo on the seeond floor,
1 out ; Miller JLMIIIiTVoUllnnR store, nt rraionnl.le
li'imi. Apply at Millrr A .WUlor.
liltHt KENT- Thre coiwrcs on Eighth, Ninth
J mil riixli-ctith street ruictlvf lv'.
JyKMif OKEEN & niUlErtT, Att'yf
jlOll KAI.U. CIIKAP-Ncw Cottage and thrw
lo', corner l.bcutt nnd Slxtconth ulrooti.
mariti'iti ti itr.fc.ri tiii.iir.KT, Atly.c
l V It I. K 'I' RACK.
(il .11 Ilex Hie .Nliorfpst Konte lo Xow VorL !
Ai I'ltti-hiirs trains from tho Wett run direct to thu
Union depot, whero pojoiengcra for HarrlMmrg. Balll
more, IVinhlngton, rhliailelphla, Nw Totk.Tloslon,
And all tho Have Knland lo'.rn, . ro tmnsferrnd Ut
trninsof tho
lluy you tkketn for N-w York, l'hllailelphln nnd ll
liolnti. Knot, Yin tlio i'lttatnirc, Kort Wayno Jt Chicago
anlthelVnnjylvanU'Vnlinl Rnllrisd. TlifilrniM of
I 1 I I V I S V K TV 'I' R A L.
mako vlow 1 1 r.iieHi'ini .it .Mtttonn nml Chicago anrt
tho ontlrc trip tn Nw York i mmle with only tT'i
chiller of ran.
I'ilogniif Wltlo Ia.siiger Curs,
Itnlooil ItooNiti Iiirovei! Nenln!
ThetacaraMthorouhl tenlllaliid and prOTided
with every moilwrn linjiroieiiont ne'oAry lolhi
afty and comfort of tiavclcM
Woodruirs Patent,
Hun through to Phllivlelphla on nil Night Train-.,
and New York vii I'hlladelphla and Altentonn, with
out chango, ufloriling IWf-ni," ti n nlht of unUl
turlied ret, nnd
ltiiUlii lliiii lu .Vfii' Tork irourN Ik
Ailtiiuce ol" nil oilier Linen!
And m tlmo t secure Hotel accommodations bnfoo
tho arrival of the panongern iy othr nmt.i,
To Iloton nnd New Knlnml rwitienffrra tlil rinti
in especially di-.irnbk, lw It KH' th.'in n ojij.ortiinlty
of seeing tho finett ricwii amonji tho AllrKhaay
.Mountain, I.hi.im jjiillim' I'ltuburg, l'liilnddlrhlm
nnd New Yor'i, Without i:x(rn Vii.
tus All New r.nlJid paener holdlnt; thiouh
ti'k"tn will 1- tmnrferrnl, w.Ui their lig&iKe, lo llril
mid llont CcnnM'tion, In New York, without elwiifie.
Four Dally Trains I.cineX. V for lloslon.
Tlilricen Dally Trains Leave Philadelphia
lor New York,
Via Juiey t'.tyand CMndeR and Aml0). DManftr,
mile, Tiuh , t lu lira .
Thio H the only route l.y which en(;ern nan lAti
thh-HKu Hulur-l.y wftiwiKimi, in a iliroiijli our. Tbii
train leaviM the I'lltabur, Kort Wnyno It lUlUto
Ilailway IK'pot nttr.:o p.m. and run ihroiixli without
drliy,rriiiig m ."ew Yorl' aK'-i'M Monday moiolur;.
Hours lu Advance of Other Lint's !
Tlio "' p ii Ir i u friii t'luruo anlM u Sow
ltork ut tMi n.m. thoSKCONll HAY, V! I. -J lftiuri
tit Ailvuueo of mi) olli-r ltiiul(! wild cor
repondln rmliH-non tn JlCU'l'tiX, I'llll-Anr.t.l'in,
er lhazui "h-kd ihronli to nil otatlftM tm lk4
I .Inn nf Ih? IViiu.ylvnnla Hallway, nod to IWItiuKIM,
I'lillailolpliiHio.) .N Yoik, fruiu t'ttburjb Cn(fJft-c,
and ull )irlliciml Wentm ntl,-. .
on Iuiok ut fri)ht Mini cxprrif frwiatU to nay
Kf tern yli I, i.ri- nt all tun.K fnTonuM Hi ai
ehnrieil Dy ili r linn.
nir Throiinl. tiek.-H for tale at itie priaclpol o(ll
in th M
(! nial Mupcrtuti udont, AltoMu lVi.
T. I.. KIMIlAl.I.. l'.ini;erAaenttnilc4Co.
' a any &J, i(''n'05,Ji
1 Kvery FamKv.
Couiilli'fV "

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