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lte (jhwmfl bulletin
FRIDAY, JULY 23. 1800.
(Sptclnl iiioctliiK fur jjencrnl biislnem,)
Cairo, lilt., July 21t, Iftfl.
Present Ills Honor the Mayor and Al
dermen Rruuhlc, Hcndrlclts, Lonorgau,
McKee, Mendel, Tlioobold, and Council
men Rarolay, Jorgensnn, Martin, Rear
dun and Williamson. 11.
Tlio following resolution, laid over at a
liroviouH meeting' of the council, in Joint
session, camo up under tlio onlor of un
Unified business, viz:
Resolved, Uy the City Council or the
city of Cairo, in Joint session convened,
h vlng under consideration tUo charge
preferred by John Ilyland, city treasurer,
a"iiinst Patrick Moekler, city clerk, tho
llr.it charge having been sustained by a
majority of tho council, the olllce of city
clerk In hereby declared to bo vacant and
Patrick Moekler removed and (Unplaced
from the said ofllco of city clerk.
The chair ruled that tho adoption of
tho resolution, in joint session, would
hnvn ,,no elled; that the right to
remove an oUlcer wan ono of
tho highest functions of tlio
council, and that If the council
could do this act in Joint session it could
perform any other hglidatlvo act, and
thus defeat tho rbject of tho legislature
in creating two branches of tho city
council tho one to ho a check upon tho
other. The chair, therefore, held that the
resolution could not properly bo enter
tained. Tho" Mayor appointed as the committee
to examine tho book- of tho clerk mid
treasurer, Alderman Lvmorgan and K n
ncdy and Councilman JorgonBon.
Alderman Uiileu appeared and t Ok
his reat.
Tho commltteo on claims reported la
vorably on the following bill, viz:
Of W n M jKi,iJon, thfcoblll Iitmt ..1t ii
J.lh.i Kotulti, bill luiir. Ii .... I tu
H ' .1 himW. r ofl.l Ih.I W
Wtn ,lnrifi " Jnun I . IJ II
Ji. I-1....,, s, . U1 U
V .n ' 'to lII Tnr nil nl .pLt-s 0
ii It Ui.i.4iiin' bill fur JuDf,.. I'm
IV .-. V..i rr' I fur haitliH earr uri fur
tt..l"i f Mir, for in . lurinval ir-m-it
J ....... II cu
Aldermen llrunklo and Kennedy ap.
pcared and to!c their Seats.
Alderman Memlell olli-red an estimate
of C. T. eager it Co., concerning gas
fitting In thu marlcethotise, which on mo
tion wad referred to Hoard ol Aldermen
for cmsMcrution.
Councilman Renrden presented and
read umr port of theoommlitoe appoint
id to ascertain at what price lot No. 1 1,
(the lot upon which tho city Jatl now
stands In Wool; IS, oould he purchased
for, iii follows:
l-4lro. Illlani.. July W, IBiW. '
TilhrMnn '.'' SUjrorviii fily fm.!lnf thn(y
Yuiir c jmuiiltec, appointed to axcer
tain at what price and upon what turins
lot No 11, In block No. Is, city of Cuiro,
on which the city Jull now stands, could
bo purchased, respectfully report that the
Cairo City Property 1 rustees agree to sell
tho lot to the city for tue mun of four
hundrcJ deliar In city scrip, and your
cominltteo reeomiueiid that tho lot ho
purchased at once, and that an appropri
Rtlou nhouid be made In city scrip for
that purpose. Tne committee have fur
ther u, tvr allied that lot No. 15, adjoin
ing the Jail lot, hidon" to Hllns P. Hoi
brook, ol Huston. Mr. C. Winston, the
agent of llolbrook, thinks he can arrange
to cell lot No. 1.1 to the city, at the uiiil.
price in city horlp that lot No 11 Is oUer.
t-d lor, and will oe ablo in ten days lo
give u dellulto proposition relative to jt.
J as. 8. ltK.uuir.N,
Gi:o W. llKNDItlCW,
W.M. J.oni:k(ian,
Tlio report was on motion received,
Approved ami ordored on tile, with In
truclion that CltV Comptroller 0. P
Lyon tnaUo urrangemonts to purchase
tho lot Immediately.
Alderman Carroll appeared and tool;
his feat.
A petition from Jewctt Wilcox fc Co.
and of A. 0. Coleman, praying that a
brick newer bo constructed, commencing
in the rear of tho St. Charles hotel and
thence to Fourth streot, or elso to lmvo
tho ditch from .Second to Fourth streot
thoroughly cleansed and limed, was re
ferret! to the cominltteo on drainage.
Tho following petition was received
from David I ley wood, and on motion
referred to thu cominltteo on claims:
Toila llon nlile, the Mtyor, Council mi1 Hoard ci
Alilriinrn, Of tile Cuy of Cairo.
Your petitioner, David Heywood,
would respectiully represent unto your
honors, that on tlio lllh day of Decem
ber, A. D., 18(15, at a Halo of lota in said
city fortho payment of assessments made
against mild lots for tho construction of
Hldewalks, ho purchased lot one (I,) in
block twenty-llvo (U5,) In mild city, and
paid therefor to John M. Cyrus, who we
at that tlmo collector for mild city, SUM) GO
besides .18 cents costs. 'I hat tho law
undor wiilcli said lot was sold by uaid
collector and purchased by said petition
er, gives and untitles your petitioner to
100 per centum on tho original purchase
mn'noy and ton per cent. Interest, That
your petitioner received from mild city
collector, a certlllcate of purchase- for
Fiiid lot which Is herewith enclosed That
upon subsequent examination, It has
been ascertained that said lot had been
by said collector erroneously sold. Mr
Henry Winter, who was tho owner a
the date of sale, having built tho sidewalk
himself, us ho was authorized by ordl
nance to do. That your petitioner paid
out the amount above muted, in cash
and lias uevur received any benefit Iroin
the samr, nor bus any part of hivld
amount beon refunded by tho said city,
its collector or any poison. That tin
fnld city is Indebted to your petitioner,
In th' i.m of $2iil.5)(), besides as ocm
cost and v I ) Wi interest iimUIiil' a t- ta
of $.iw It) In caa i, wi.leh nuio mt yo -pelUlnutr
ivsj eO 'tiliy ask o. ,h, n, tt
and dlielia'fje, and your pii'iuier wi.
ever pray, elo David 11 by wood,
Cairo, Ills., JunolljH.
The clerk prcsonted and rend n peti
tion from James O. bulllvan, stating
that ho was authorized by tho mayor to
open a certain ditch leading Into a sower
near tho cornor of 24th street and Com
mercial avenue, and stating that when
ho had opened said ditch, one Michael
Galvln several times closed tho same,
thereby causing tho water to flow through
tho basement or petitioner's house,
causing inconvenience and damage, ami
that, In romonstratlng with nald Galvln,
somo unpleasant words passed for which
the petitioner was arrested and lined 55
and costs, which find of flvo dollars the
petitioner asks to have remitted.
Alderman Mendel moved to lay said
petition on tho table.
Motion lost.
Alderman Carroll then moved that
said petition bo referred to tho drainage
committee, with Instructions to report a
Joint resolution remitting tho tnUl tine
55, which motion was carried by the
following voto:
Ajos Hrankle, Carroll, Kennedy,
McKcc, Martin, Itearden and William
son. 7.
Nays-Ilulen, Hendricks, Jnergan,
Mendel, Theobald, Barclay and Jorgen
son. 7.
T.ierc being u tie voto tho chair voted
in tho afllrmative.
Petition of sundry citizens in relation
to tho plauk road on Ohloluvee, present
ed and read at length, was on motion of
Alderman McKee referred to tho street
committee, with instruction to ascertain
from the agent of tho Illinois Central
railroad, the probable cost of.procuring a
sufllclent quantity of gravel to gravel
the Ohio levee from tho Illinois Central
nil rood freight depot, to the .St. Charles
Petition of Wm. O'Callahan, Patrick
DA-ycr, P. O'Callahan, Phillip Helm
mid Daniel McCarthy, representing that
the salary, 75 per mouth, now being
paid them as night police, Is, owing to
the depreciated paper In ihlch salaries
are paid, wholly Inadequate; and asking
that their pay bo increased to such an
amount as will be an adequate recom
pense for tho r-ervlccs performed by
On motion of Aldctman McKee the
petition was referred to tho commlttcoon
police and Jail.
Petition of II. Slmniiessy, asking for a
suspension of sixty days time, In which
to make ills last mouth's report as Police
Magistrate, was read, and on motion of
Councilman Jorgeuseu the prayer of tho
petitioner was granted; and the commit
teo on claims ulrcctcd to renorta joint
resolution lo relieve the petitioner from
the payment of the money utolcu from
him, belonging to the city.
Petition of M. J. jJuckley, representing j
inui no uau, on mo -oinuayoi January
pvit, paid lo tho City Treusurer, tho sum
of fifty dollars, and that ho had Luko
receipt fir tho haruo to the City Clerk,
uud that tho Clerk issued n license to him
as a sti-nmbuat agent, and dated tho
K-iino back to tho 1st day or January,
1S09, to run for a period or six months
from tho date thereof, and ask
ing that ills license bo extended for tweu-ty-oue
days from tho 1st day of July,
On motion tho petition was referred to
the committee on claims.
A number or bills were presented and
referred to tho committee on claims un
der the rule.
New dullness being In order, tho May.
or read the following communication:
MtTuft'i Orncc
Cairo, III., July in. 1' j
To the City Coum II of the City of Circ
Oentlcmcn: Tho recent trial of Mr.
Patrick Moekler, City Clerk, charged
with malfeasance in olllce, developed a
condition of ullairs In tho odminlstra
tlon of theolUcos of Clerk and Treasurer,
which demands immediate considera
tion at your hands. Under tho ordinan
ces us they now stand, tliero Is nosuttl
cleut check upon either tho Treasurer or
the Clerk; and, If men occupying these
oltlces, should confederate together to
rob tho city, to make discovery of tho
dishonesty would be n task most ditll
cult, if not altogether impossible. Tho
ordinance fays: 'Every llcenco author
ized to bo Issued, shall, upon prcscuta
tlou of tho City Treasurer's receipt, bo
Issued by tho City Clerk." This is very
Indefinite; nnd experience has demon
strated tho fact, that tho rule does not
hiiillolently protect the treasury.
In per.suuuco therefore of my duty as
mayor, I beg leave to recommend to
your consideration a remedy for this de
tlotlvo rule to suggest a plan, which If
adopted, will, I believe, effectually
guard tho license funds rrom the grasp or
uny clerk or other city officer. 1 suggest
that the treasurer shull bo provided with
tt book or blank license recoluts, with
stubs, ami that the blnnk receipts and
stubs bo numbered bofore tho book Is
placed in the treasurer's hands; Hint tho
clerk shall bo furnished, In tho same
way, with a book or blank licouses, with
stubs, and numbers corresponding with
the numbers in tho blank llcouso receipt
book; that when ho Issues a receipt the
treasurershall describe In the stub of tho
same number tho receipt, by thonamo of
the person to whom isnued, tho kind of
Itcetixe, and tho amount paid; that no
license blull bo Issued unless a receipt
shall bo presented tp tho clerk, who
shull thou Issue the license of the samo
number as the receipt; that tho per
sou to whom the lieenso Is Issued
shall hnvo it countervailed by tho
comptroller, who shall at tho tlmo ho
coiiuterslgnes the samo charge tho
atnoi-ntot tho license nginsi tho treas
urer, with wi.om ho shall bo loquiied
to settle every month.
'1 here Is another maltor to which I liavo
lion toforo called, and lo which I again
call your attention. Tho comptroller has
on hand, tdgued and ready to ne nego-
nated, about sixty .hinxttm! dollars of
thirty year bonds. T io comptroller's
bond In only live tl nasaiid lollars, 1 1
lave every oonllileui o in the uoucsiy of
tiopivsoit eo'iiptrol or; but I believe,
,tv rihelf-s, lion it Is un wise 111 thocl y
o p mill thu e b nids to be thus eareleaB
ly handled Jf wo bh uud cv r ek-oi a
ulbhouuot comptroller ho mit.b. sell the
bonds, pocket tho proceeds, forfeit his
bond, and go ifnwhippcd of Justice. I
therefore renew my reoommendutlou,
horetoforo made, that these bonds be
made a special deposit in one of our
banks, to be drawn out only on the or
deror the city council.
Tho subscription of 5100,000 twenty
year bonds to the Cairo and Fuhon rail
road has been authorized by the people
of the city, and great care should lie tak
en In making the contract with Mr
Thomas Allen. I recommend that tlio
committee to be appointed to multo tills
contract, be Instructed to provide in the
agreement that no discrimination shall
bo made in rates of passage or freight
over the Cairo and Till ton or Iron Moun
tain railroad against Dird's Point or
Cairo, and that the same pro rataamount
shall be charged for passengers and
freight to nnd from Hint's Point, or any
other point opposite Cairo to and from
any other point on the Cairo and Fulton
and Iron Mountain railroads, ns Is or
shall bo charged to nnd from any other
points on said road
John II. OnniiLY, Mayor.
The Mlowlng resolution was piesetitcd
by councilman Reunion; and on motion
ltcsol ved, That the committee, to be ap
pointed on tho subject of tho proposed
arrangement with tlio Cairo Fulton
railroad company, bo and they are here
by instructed to provide In tuclr agree
ment with that company, or with tht
Hon. Thomas Allen, that no dlscrlmmt
nation slmll be mad" In rales nf passage
or freight over tho Cairo & Fulton or
Iron Mountain railroads, aualnst Bird's
Point or Cairo, and that the same pro
rata amounts rhnll bo charged for passen
gers ami freight to and from Illnl's Point,
or any other point opposite to Cairo, to
and rrom any other point on the Cairo
A Fulton and Iron Mountain railroads,
as is or shall be charged to and rrom any
other points on said roads.
Councilman Ileardeu presented an
ordinance in relation to the fire limits;
an ordinance creating a lire warden; an
ordinance making an appropriation to
the chartered fire companies of the city;
and an ordinance In relation to St
Mary's Park, and providing for bonds
to ho sold to enclose tho same.
The oidlnances were severally rererred
to the ordinance cominltteo.
Alderman Carroll moved that the
ordinance committee bo Instructed to
prepare an ordinance to prohibiting
battling in the Ohio uud MissNsippI
rivers, within tho corporate limits of the
City of Cairo. Motion carried.
Councilman Jorge u sou moved that two
additional members of the council be ap
pointed to act with the committer here
tofore appointed to examine the book-,
In the clerk and treasurer's olllce. Mo
tion carried. Whereupon tho Mayor up
pointed councilman Rearden and alder
man Mendel.
Councilman Ileardeu ofl'ercd the fol
lowing preamble and resolutions:
Whereas, the citizens or tho city or
Cairo are deeply Interested In thu ini
provemeiitol ci-rtain wagon roads lend
ing Into the fertile and productive coun
ties lying In the States of Missouri ami
tj.aitiwilrat niti.ill,. tat 4, It 1 1 1 - itt.it
in t 't'JU-!bV iw nam unit
ahould lend encouragement, to ail uud
every enterprise Jookiui; lo the attrac
tlon of tho rich and vuiuoblc trade of
those counties, nnd wherea, tliero Is
:imv, in courro or construction, an clcvti
ted earth embankment across the low
grounds between the river shore uud tue
Intersection or the Cairo and lllaudvllle
gravel road In Mallard county, Ky., and
the embankment named being abso
lutely necessary to secure easy and uimh
structfd travel between thu Cairo rony
landing on the Kentucky shore ami tho
Cairo uud lllaudvllle gravel road, bo It
therefore revived, that tlio city cun
ell in Joint sc-sion convened, hereby
pledges the faith of the city to pay in
city scrip the sum of dollars for la
bor expended in building tho afore men
tioned earth embankment; provided
that tho scrip shall bo only issued to
tho laborer upon the presentation of lib
bill, duly certified us to tho amount or
labor performed by the person In charge
or said labor, and ho being u citizen or
tho city or Cairo, Illinois.
Aid. McKee moved to fill tho blank
with the words, 'firteeti hundred dol
lars." Carried; and tho preamblo and
resolution, as amended, were adopted by
a unanimous vote.
On motion tlio Mayor appointed a com
mittee, composed of alderman McKee,
and councllmon Williamson and liar
clay, to draw Joint resolutions respect
ing the necessary books required by the
City Clerk and Treasurer, us stated in
tho communication presented and read
by the Mayor, for tho purpose of more
eUcctually securing tho funds of tho city
received forlicon9es.
Alderman McKee moved that tlio
mayor's communication be rererred to
the committee, Instructing them also to
take tho recommendations therein con
tained Into consideration, nnd report at
the earliest practicable moment.
Councilman Barclay usked tho reason
why tho City Marshal did not proceed in
killing dogs as ho was required to do by
city ordinance; wiieroupon councilman
Jorgenseu remarked that thoro was no
use in having city officers unless thoy at
tend to thodutles devolving upon thorn
by vlrtuo of their ofllco, and if thoso In
ofllco would not do so, othors would have
to bo appointed In thoir stead who
would do so.
Whorcupon Alderman McKeo moved
that tlio City Marshal, Mr. Unmbrick,
stato his reasons (ir any ho had) why ho
did not execute tho ordinance In relation
10 tho killing of dogs. Carried.
Mr. llamorick, City Marshal, gavo as
his reason, first, that ho was not nwaro
of uny ordinance being in force that would
protect him from fine for shooting with
in tho corporate limits; second, that his
ammunition was looked up lu tho City
Clerk's olllce; third, that ho rccolvt il no
compensation ior his uorvicos while en
gaged in killing dogs.
Couuollmau Darcluy moved that tho
City Council, In joint session convonod,
pledge themselves to romit auy lino 1m.
pou'd upon uny olllcer of tho city ror dis
charging Jlionrnia within tho corpoWtp
limits while enforcing any order or the
council or or tho mayor; and that the
City Marshal bo ordored to forthwith
proceed to destroy all dogs found running
at largo without being muzzled and
upon which tho tax has not boon paid.
Carried, by a unanimous voto.
Alderman Kennedy moved that tho
city marshal be authorized to procure
what ammunition Is necessary to bo
used while engaged In killing dogs, nnd
present tho bill to tho city for payment.
Alderman Carroll moved that a com
mittee be appointed to roviso and codify
all ordinances and amendments to ordi
nances horetoforo passed, nnd to com
mence so doing nt thoir earliest con
venience; that tho mayor and ono mem
ber of eacli board or tho council together
with Mr. Tlutler, city attorney, bo ap
pointed such committee Motion carriod.
Mr. Rearden of the select council, nnd
Mr. Carroll of tho board of aldormon
wero appointed members of the said com
mittee. On motion or councilman Rearden Jos.
15. Taylor was engaged to copy tho as
sessor's book, ho to bo reasonably com
pensated ror his services.
On motion, the finance cominltteo were
Instructed to report to this board at tho
samo meeting at which nppcnls arc heard
the rate of taxation necessary to be lovlcd
on tho presontnsse-sment.
Tho clerk laid bofore tho bonrd tlio re
turns of tho lato special election held In
the city of Cnlro fortho purposo of deter
mining tho wishes of tho people as to
whether or not the city of Cairo should
subscribe ono hundred thousand dollars
to tho capital stock nf the Cnlro and Ful
ton railroad and issuo bonds therefor;
rrom an examination whereof it appears
that In tlio
Tho whole number of votes cast were
For Subscription, 100
Against, - - - - -SECOND
For (subscription, - 100
Against, - . - -
Tlllltl) WARD.
For Subscription, - - 50
Against, -1
For Subscription, - - - 10S
Aitaiust, 0
The following preamble and resolution
were presented by councilman Rearden,
and, on motion, adopted:
Upon a canvass of tho votes enf-t
by tho voters of tlio city of Cairo, at an
elt-ctloii held on the Kith of July Inst.,
on n proportion to subscribe one hund
red thotiruud dollars to tho stock or the
Cairo & Fulton railroad, there appearing
a majority or votes in lavoror sain sun
scription,lt is therefore resolved by tho
city council, In Joint session convened,
that the subscription nf ono hundred
thoiisnud dollars is authorized to bo made
by said city.
Resolved, That a committee of three,
lu connection wlih ' muy, . -pointed
to confer with tho legal repre
sentative of the Cairo k Fulton railroad
and to make such arrangements as may
be nece.s-ary to entry out tho Instruc
tions of tho city council relative thereto.
Alderman McKeo moved that tho
committee or three be constituted as fol
lows: ono from tho select council, ono
from the board of alderman nnd one
from the city nt large Carried.
Whereupon tlio mayor appointed as
such committee, councilman Rearden,
alderman Moudel nnd S. Stoats Taylor.
Tho following reports wore prcsonted
and ou motion referred to the city comp
troller, for iilsslgnaturo: F. Uross, P. M.,
report for month of May; D. McCarthy,
chief of pollco for May; Michael Barn
brick, city mnrahnl, for June, nndJosoph
Arnold, police constable, for June.
Tho Clerk laid beforo tho Hoard tho
following report1", which wero approved
nnd ordored on tile:
Of F. Bross, P. M., for month of April.
Of R. Slmnnessy, for month or April.
Or A. Cain, Markotmnstor, for months
of May nnd Juno.
Of John Sheehan, Street Supervisor,
for month of June.
Of Louis Jorgeuseu, J. P., for fine in
caso of City of Cairo vs. Pat Kelly, for
assault; tried in tho absonce of
police magistrates.
Of Michael Rambrlck, City Marshal,
for the month of June.
Of John Ilyland, City Trensuror, ror
tho month of Juno.
On motion adjourned.
John Rnow.v, CI tyjClerk, pro tern
For local News Sco Secoiul Page.
0izo, XlllnoiM.
It Klvor, II UnllromW nnd Adrantm
KrntiN Nitrtoumllng.
Intelligent men, tho country over,
ugreo that it city or considerable magni
tude must bo buht at the coniluoucoof
tho Ohio and Mississippi rivers; that
without tho display of energy and the
lavish expenditure of moucj , such a city
would spring up in answer to the com
mercial necessities of tho Mississippi val
ley. This conviction led to tho foundation
of Cuiro. What wise in n predicted that
nature would accomplish for tho local
ity is being accelerated by men nnd mon
ey. Wo enjoy here, to authorize the
Lull ling o fa city,
Ihlrty thousand miles of river naviga
tion. Uninterrupted water communication
with tho principal cities of- tlio South
niiu tho gulf of Mexico.
A climate that Is a delightful nienium
between tlis exircmoi of tho Nortu uud
tlio South genial and healthy.
A surrounding country, fertile
us tho famed valley of the NUo or the
bottoms of the G eat M ami.
The cotton, tobacco and rice of tho
South on the one nan I, uud the .'niits
and grains of tho North on the other.
Within oai-y access tho finest forestn
of timber in the wothl, xlinust esH Iwds
of bituminous c at; mountains of Inn;
cl Ill's of lime and building stone, and inl
nicusurablo beds of marble and und
stone. Seven hundred miles of railway,
stretching away through the centirof
tho greatest agricultural Slate In the
Union, and forming connections with
lines extending east, wont, uortheant and
Flvo htindri d miles of railway, bolting
Kentucky, Tennessee, Mlssissi, pi and
Alabama and termlualiug on the shores
or the Gulf.
The unuual -r -sence of live thousand
steamers, beaiing to our w,.nrvo the
people nnd rotnniodliles of sections of
country a thnu-nnd miles awuy, and des
tined for poll. yet a ihotnand mlloa bo
yond us.
A railroad In course at construction
that Is working Its way southwest,
through Suitlu a -t MN-ottrl, tlieS'at 8 or
Arkansas, ami Texas, acr. si therepuollc
of Mexico to tn-js i.ires .f .tlu Pai II J.
A railroad In course of construction
through Southern Illinois, ooiiui'olliig us
with the rami d Wubash Valley, ami dca-
lined to form th Mhortesl possible route
of travel between tho northeast and
A railroad prnvMed for, traversing, for
tho distance of ono hundred miles, tho
coal tlohls of Illinois, and giving us ac
cess to the. vn.t. ttriuiriuti of tho north
west when tli gronrFfitliof-Bf' WTitorH
is bound lu "ley iVUhn," uud rendnrcd
comparutl wly useless by drouth anil
To thc-o add tho lser tlmulants to'
prosperity that aresurrflo grow Into be
ing a succecsrul cotton uud tobacco mar
ket, a system of wagon roads through
out all the contiguous Usr rltory; numer
ous uud stilliclout -team f- Ms, uiu.. etc.,
nnd you have agencies that will
create hero Hie great metropolis, (ho
grand central en r-pot tnd ompurhita or
tho Mlssl-sippl Vall.y.
The London ln i-'rrlv Ketli-tv,
'tlio Klii;l.iir Kt-vl.-u,
Tlio WrliniMllr Itfvli'W,
Tli ortli llrlll. Ii (tlow,
lllnrkwnnd'h :tl-lilirf .Miiarlnc.
Tim roprnu f Hi- Irn-lunr qtmtittl nul lllak
noi.it aro im 1-1 -. -..l.t. i.i .ill hIhi iktirrlu hnisi
llimnrlvcH fully inform.-1 with rfMrl to tit gftl
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