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lite (jhnmittjj f uUcttn
SATUftDAY, JULY 21, 180t.
llllnola c'entml K. K, Changr, or Time.
Tho trains now leave ob follows:
(Joino noktii :
Mall train leave At .,. ., s o'clock a.m.
KiprcsH " " - zio p.m.
coMixa south.
Mull '.rain nrrlvoa lit 2 o'clock .m.
KxrircM " " ................ p.m.
Way, lenve nt 1 4-.im o'clock a.m.
hxprctii, " ...... . 4:iu p.m.
Way, arrive at . r-.w p.m
KsprcM " .. 7iw ft.m,
Ually, Sundays excepted.
Arrlvnl Ami Departure of Malta.
(Cairo l'ot Olllec, Ksbruary 2, Itm )
auiivu. rnTi.
(Timo of closing.)
horlh (through..... 3:a.rn... S.Cip.m.
Norlli (way) t:5 p.m 11:00 p m,
non'ii uiirouKiinnii wayj. i:uua.m iv.vi p.m.
Hotlth (MemphliAN. O.J.. 4:00 n.m...... 4:'1p,m.
Ohio Klrrr route.......... b-.O) p.m CiOOp.m,
Ml9llppl Hirer route,
Tuenlayannd Krldavn... riiOOpm 7:K) n.m
Charleston, Mn.,Ttiralayi
TliiiMdnyn A H.iliinln.. 11:00 n.m ..11.00 a.m.
Thebe, (Ioodo liUn' mil
Har.UFo .. ... fi.fiOp.m Kfl. 7:0) a.m. hot.
Olno Illtn routo depart every day exr opt Monday
J. .iI.MIIAIIA.tli r
Cull for "Barrett's" and tnko no other
Soma Idea may bo formed of the extent of
tuu fruit Jar trade in this city, when wo ro
mark that tho homo of Mesirs. Pnnoni, Davli
& Co., find it difficult to procure enough to
supply tlio demand. Of ono kind, tho Mason
Jar, they will probably sell 3,000 dozen during
tno Mon. llioy kcop ovcry ityU In market,
xn .union being tho favorite Their total
lain, will nt, probably, full much eliort of
ten thouinnu dozen.
If any pcrton ii of tho opinion that thcro is
no fruit canned hero and hereabout, wu
would llko for that penon to tell us why ho
thinki io.
Tho resolution to oxpol Mr. Patrick Mock
Itr from the ofllco of city clerk, wni adonted
by tho loluct council, lait night, by n voto cf
nvotoone, tho amo councilmcn voting for
hit uxpuliion that dedarod him guilty under
the flnt charge. Itronialm for tbo reiolutlon
to pan tbo board of aldermen, and as only two
cutoftho ten aldermen prcicnt on tho trial
voted for Mr. Mockler'i acquittal, he can
-arc.4y hopo for mora than that nuraborof
votM agalnit tho resolution.
Mr. Mocklcr may yet reiign and tavohim
elfthe mortiflcatlon ".ud dbgracoof an ex.
pulilon, and It would be tho part of wisdom
... 1.1 . . - - m.
m unit iu uo io. moio pcrons who aiiuru
him that tho nldermen, or any of them, who
declared him guilty of malfeniance, will now
tultify themulvei by voting to retain him
in olllec. nro either inilnccro or miitako the
character of the men of whom tlioy apeak.
TlieTnriirr Milrrln iiuirnt To.morruur.
The Herman Tumor it will bo recollected,
givo n grand pic nlc and ciiU-rtainment in
Flora Garden, commencing at 2 o 'cluck to
morrow r.fternoon. Thero will bo a variety
t phyiical excrel'o, comiitlng of feats upon
the hormontnl and parallel bar ; pyramiding,
tc , cf n very interesting character, Inter
vened with flrit-claitvocul and initrumental
inniic. In the evening u number of beautiful
tableaux will bo presented in tho glare of
Orcek lire, which will bo wall worth wltnei.
If the day U favorable the garden w ill no
doubt be well filled, for, aiide from the enter
tainment, thero ii not a pleaiantcr place of
etort in tho neighborhood. Admission, gen
tlemen, 25 cent. It
Tlio r'tfyotlnn fioviil vlnjc lilt r row.
Among the notable and most uieful inven
tion in tho way ot agricultural implements
is Hickman & UevoU devolving Hnrrow.
Thu advantage of this harrow arn thui et
It will harrow from ono-third to one-half
moro in a day than any other harrow that
will do tho work a good.
It works among tumps and rooU where n j
drag will not.
It cannot bo choked or clogged with corn
talks, stubblo or trash of any kind.
Onco going over tho ground is all that is ro
quired, and any boy that can drlvo a span of
horse can manage it, as it does not 1m vo to bo
lifted as other harrows.
Draft lighter than any other of tho as tno
It U equal to a cultivator to put in oat and
pring wheat or com stubblo without plow
ing. Thero U no place it will not work and give
perfect satisfaction.
Mr. W. W. Thornton, of this city, is agent
for the anlo of stato and county rights in tho
Southern States ; and having one of tho har
rows on exhibition at his ofllco, will bo pleas
ed to receive calls from plantors and othorn
interested in agricultural pursuits. It is
bound to supercede all othor barrows, and
ran bo manufactured at a cost not exceeding
that of the ordinary binge harrow.
Lcttorsof inquiry may bo addrassod to W.
W. Thornton, Cairo, or II. M. Hickman,
Vnndalia, Illinois.
Local Hrovltlea,
Mr. John Hamilton is convalescing.
Tho now saw mill on tho Ohio lovee,
near 21th street Is noarly complotod.
Tho lminnso rolling mill and nnll fao
lory nro in ttalu quo. Tho proprietor who
caused a commencement of tho work, Is
ftill absent.
The city Jailor's inooino, provided ho
works uninterruptedly on tho streets, ex.
coeds the exponso, Incurred In and
about tho Jul), six dollars per wookl A
fat ollho that!
Peaches from tho surrounding country
nro coining Into market quite freely.
They retail at from fifty to sovonty-flvo
conn per uox of ono peck.
quent for state and county taxes, will bo
sold by tho shorlff on Monday next.
Tho council proceedings yesterday
crowded out tbo river news.
The mammoth Thompson Dean took
on 400 tons of freight at our wharf, swel
ling hor cargo to 2,000 tons.
The Ohio river Is rising from Pittsburg
down. It Is rising hero at tho rato of six
or eight Inches per day; but is by no
means high.
Tho Paducah 'Herald has a witty Cairo
correspondent who signs himself "Dan."
Reckless of consequences tho loss of
buttons, etc. ho closes a letter thusly:
Cairo will bo a city some day. Ho tho
tho people say who stand first on one leg
and then on tho other, llko so many
ducks watching for tho rain.
Hal ha Ilia! hawlAau ha'v! HOH!
July tho 24th, breezy and genial
"Ono of thoac heavenly days that cannot dlo"
Or words to that effect .
Cupt. Ham McClure, of this county ( has
roturncd from tho Hot Springy, Arkan
sas, much Improved in health.
Tho Jonesboro 'Gnzetto' says that tho
recent heavy rains have caused tho early
varieties of pouch to rot badly.
The Rev. J. V. Coe.ofthe Church of
the Redeemer of this city, Is at present
In Chicago, In atteudanco upon tho trial
of tho Rov. Mr. Cheney.
The Rev. Jakft Bradley Is enlarging
his church. He has been persecuted Into
a popularity that brings hosts to his ta
bernaclo every Sabbath. Ho pays tho
cxpenso of this enlargement by collect
ing a quutter each from well disposed
whlto folks, pasMug on tho sidowalk.
The street supervisor's gaug Is at pros
ont engaged at tho work of 111 Hug tho
Walnut street slough, near tho Thlr
tccuth street schoolhouse. For tho want
of tho work now being performed, thh
portion of Walnut street was impassable
during thofllpe-wnlcrhea&on.
Tho city council, by Joint resolution,
has pledged tho faith of the oily for llf
teen hundred dollars, towards paying
for the work of grading that portion of
the C airo nnd Hlaudvlllo road, lying bo
tween the river and the bluff, a distance,
perhaps of three mllo. Tho work Is ol
ready well advanced, and this appropri
ation, it Is believed, will, if Judiciously
xpended, complete It.
The Levee plnnk road Is to bo repaired
with all possible dispatch Tho work
which may now bo performed on It for a
fow hundred dollarc, will Involve the out
lay of us many thousands, if delayed
itnothoryear. Tho decayed planks will
bo removed, and sound oak ones laid In
their places, und frequent and easy ap
proaches will bo constructed from thu
river hldo. It Ii believed that 110,000 or
30,003 feet of onk plank, which may bo
obtained for J1S to $20 per thousand, will
be HUflielent to restore the cntJro rond
from tno dopot to Fourth street to a con
dition nearly as good as new. The work
cannot bo undertaken too soon, as everj'
week's delay win increase the exponso of
the repairs.
Tho marshal has commenced tho work
of slaughtering dogs. It Is his duty to
persevere in this work until tho streets
are relieved of tho unwelcome preset) co
of dogs upon which taxes havo not been
paid, and upon whoso heads arc not He
cured sulllclent muzzles. Tho muzzle
alone Is no protection against tho fatal
charge of shot, nor Is tho tax tub. No
dog Is safe Umt docs not present both of
these evidences of Im right to the liber
ties of tho Btrcotsand commons.
Now that tho marshal hus commen
ced tho slaughter, wo hopo ho will bo no
rospecter of dogs, but will shoot and dc-
troy, right and left, visiting equal wrath
upon Tray, lllancho, and Hweet-heart,
until tho dog-days are over and the
council says to him "hold! enough!"
Ono of the villages located within ono
hundred miles of Cairo, wa;the scene tho
other day of a druuken spreo that In
volved about ton per cont. of the malo
population. The mayor, who had omp
tied as many cups as anybody else, was
greatly exasperated that fico whlto
American cltlzons should demean thorn-
selves in such n roprohonslblo manner,
aim therefore gave the following ulreo
tlons to tho marshal, wno wan duly no-
her: "I say hie Mr. Marshal shu
must snatoh hlo to a calabooso a furst
man shu shee hlo drunk on 'e hie
highway, an lem me kuow 'bout it."
" on mtmn what von isv. tn vnn?
, v
inquired tho marshal.
"Ov acourso I do," repllod tho mayor.
"Well, then, come along, sir,'1 and de
spite thd ohlof magistrate's protestations,
tho marshul hurried hlra oft to tho cnla
boose, and actually left him there.
Tho famous Soltor Water, Wels Beer,
Catawba and Rhino Wines, cool and
pure, aro always kept at tho Egyptian
Brewery Saloon, corner of Washington
aventio nnd Tenth streot. Lovers of these
delightful bovorages aro invited to call,
as they will bo politely treated and sat
isfactorily served.
Je281m Proppttor.
If you want a good stove, or tinwaro
hollow.iv.nrei copper or nheot-iron wuro,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that lino,
jail on A. Frttser, Commercial avenuo
hcteen Eleventh and Twelfth streot,
whoro lie has moved to, a:.j fitted up tho
lurge?' and most comploto shop in
Soti'.iicrn Illinois.
Particular attention given to steam
boat and mill work, cupper smithing
and slieot Iron work, such as chimneys,
bieueher escaping steuni-plpes, etc.
Their llUla Allowed ul no Order turned.
Tho Hal1 flare, nd Perrerae Official,
Tho Mockler mutter is a Gordlan knot,
uot to bo untied and difficult to cut. ills
trial has thrown tho city into confusion,
and his determination to not surrender
tho combination of tho safo Is compli
cating tho affair In a most Inexplicablo
manner. Tho safo contains many papers
of value, the dray licenses record book,
and tho book of blank scrip; and now
como men inquiring for documents,
and inquiring about dray .licenses,
and city officers, laborers, and other
creditors of tho city asking that the
orders he Issued for what h duo them.
To all these the samo answer: "Safo can
not bo opened; Mockler refuses to give
up the combination."
This kind of conduct has, from tho
first of the difficulty, greatly injured Mr.
Mockler. He has promised to surrender
tho combination pledged his word of
honor that he would do to, and has per
sistently broken Ills word. And what
has ho gained? Nothing; but has lost
friends. Many people who sympathi
zed with him at first, have become an
gered by his pointless stubbornness.
Keeping tho safo shut, does him no good,
but puts the laborers or thu city to great
Inconvenience. The.io men live from
hand to mouth; audtolay out of their
money causes them great Inconvenience,
possibly suffering. Most of them nro
Mockler's countrymen, and thoy do uot
very graciously receive the news
that he Is the man who stands
between them and their hard-earned
wages. If ho were outof office, tho mat
tor could be speedily settled. The safe
could, upon his refusal to surrender tho
combination, be broken open, nnd his se
curities proceeded against by thu city;
but tho better way is for him to surren
der tho combination without delay. We
believe, If tho laborers to whom tho city
owes wages were to wait upon Mr. Mock
lcr and demand tho combination, that
ho would uot refuse to deliver it to the
proper ofllcer. In no other way, that we
can think of, can they got their money
without great delay.
The wounding of Thos. M. Logau, of
Murphysboro, created a whirlwind of ex
citement throughout every portioti of
Jckson county. Ou Wednesday (ho
village was thronged with country peo
ple, manv of whom had com In under
tlio IiunroiMslou tlmt Jvotiui lind been
killed outright. When they ascertained
that his injuries were trifling and tho re
suit of an accident, they left for their
homes again, feellug that thoy had, to
some extent, beet) .sold.
Tom Logan Is the most popular man In
Jackson county. He has his eccentric
ways, and at Intervals "courts tho flow
ing bowl," but when ho "cools olT" he al
ways makes duo amends for his excesses.
lie is a bisr-uearteu man. a sound uenio
crat, known by everybody, and a friend
to overybotjy
Tho action of cur authorities looking
to tho improvement of St. Mary's park
will meet with tho approval of our citi
zens generally. Onco enclosed the city
acquires tltloaud complete control of it,
aud can Improve and beautify at ploas
It is n beautiful body of ground, con
tainlng twelvo acres, situated about mid
way between tho Mississippi and Ohio
rivers, and, when tho city shall contain
forty thousand inhabitants, will bo
It Is a princely gift to tho city, worth,
in Us present condition, nt least $40,000
to $50,000.
The fencing of tho park will Involve
nu outlay of about ?J,000.
Our late fellow-townsmau, Wm.
Standing, esq., was tho first to discover
that a vory palatable and useful artlolo
of flour can bo made out of Indian corn.
Tho yield is about 20 per cent, of Hour to
80 per cout. of meal. Standing is also
tho inventor of a corn dryer that will
probably supcrceilo all others wliou it bo
comes known. Ho rocontJy returned
from New Orleans where he erected ono
of his dryers in connection with n grain
elevator, and report says it Is everything
it is reenramenucu io ue.
Tho perambulating prlutor, Hubbard,
who loft Cairo, for Texas last Fall, with a
dollar nnd a half in his pocket, has re
turned very much In tho samo condition
In which ho left. Business was very
prosperous with him in Little Bock, and
ho loft that city wearing a vory line suit
of clothes. AH that he has now left to
remind him of tlioso gay habiliments is
an embroidered shirt.
Wo aro Informed that tho Cairo City
Mills will tako all tho cholco old white
wheat they can got at $1 CO por bushel.
If our Paducah and KvansvIUo friends
can buy such an article for $1 10, they
havo hero a splendid margin for profit.
Jonesboro otters $50,000 in corporation
bonds, and a largo body of valuable land
as a bonus for tho Southern Illinois Nor
mal School.
Ravo your lives and property. A.
Frnsor Is ogont for tho copper-scroll
lightning rod company and will fill all
orders promptly Call at onco nnd havo
them put on your buildings. Thla is tho
best and safest roil now mndo. Shop on
Commercial uvontto, bntwonu Kb?
Commercial uvontio, bntwonu RiovonHi I Jum m i im nmnv, tt i,,.ir Mir JPJmi-- JLmMmkmmmmimmmm
Wo hoard it staled that Mr. Jesio War0'
a prominent lawyerof Union county, is nego
tiating for tho purchase of valttablo binds on
tho lino of tho Cairo & St. Louis railroad,
near Cairo, with a viowof ultimntoly improv
ing nnd occupying thorn. Mr. Wnro is an
cnirgctlc, enterprising cltizon, and wo should
bo glad to welcome him to Alexander county.
A Itlch nody or Land.
Some of tho finest and most produc
tive farm lands In tho world, skirt the
Mississippi river iicnco to Santa Fe, a
distance of about twenty-eight miles.
Tho surface stratum Is of a rich, dark
loam of an average depth of three fcttt
Only a small portion of It Is subject to
annual overflow, and ovcry ncro may
bo mndo to produce ono hund
red bushels of corn. For horticultural
uses It la unsurpassed in tho Mississippi
Valley. Thla Is particularly truo of tho
old 8panlsh claims, embracing 2,000 to
3,000 acres. When the Cairo am! Bt.
Louis railroad is completed ovcry foot of
theso lands will bo brought into tho
highest stato of cultivation form, In
fact, a vast garden extonding from Cairo
to the highlands of Santa Fo.
Port I.Ut
for th Hi Honrs
Two o'clock, V. M,
Kartlnir at
Gtn, Andrnon, Columbm. Wm. White, Paducah.
MollioAblr. M.O.i A'ph, No.ihTlllfi
AlMko, N. O.i Wulckltop, ETunnYlllci
Commonwealth, N. O.; Mnrtih City, bt. Louljj
Hollo St. Loul, Memphis.
Gen. Anderson. Columbus.
Alpha, Ntuhvlllcj
quickstep. Evinntiltei
Mnrlile City. Vlcksbnrgi
Alaakn, Cincinnati;
Wm White, Paducah.
Thompson Dcn, N. O.i
Mollln Able, Bt Lonla.
Belle St. Louis, Hi. I.ouli
Commonueiltli, St. I.oule
The weather continues nearly clear.
Tho Mississippi is still rising at St.
Louis, although tho water is on tho
ground floor of some of the houses on the
loveo ot that city, and the river 1 three
miles wide at BIsscll's point, a fow miles
above . Qrcat fears aro entertained that
n largo quantity of lumber, covering
many acres above tho city, will be
washed away. Tho Mississippi is falling
at Keokuk and above, but tho Missouri
is still rising rapidly from Omaha down
It is falling above that point.
Tbo Ohio io falling as rapidly an it roso
at Pittsburg, with only eight feet water
in tho channel, but It is rising rapidly all
tho way out from Wheeling, with over
Ave feet in tho chuto over tho falls.
Tho directors ot tho bridgo now build
ing over tho fulls havo given notico in
the papers, that they will, for a short
time, close the middles or main chuto
by the trestles necessary to put up tho
span over it.
Hero tho river haf risen six Inches
alnco last report.
Business Is moderate, on tho river.'
All tho packets yesterday brought ou
good trips.
Tho TLompson Dean cleared last oven
lug with over two thousand tons, and
with hei guards fully eight luches clear
of tho water in the lowest place. Capt
l'eppora to carry threo thousand tons of
freight to New Orleans free, provided ho
cannot carry Hall at ono load. Shippers
who Insist that tho Dean cannot carry
over twenty-flvo hundred tons should
makoa notoofthls. The Deun received
hero 183 hhdfl or tooacco, lirosks corn,
3S1 sks oats, 780 bbls flour, 200pkgs fur
nlture, 03 hbls whisky, 105 hogs, 125 half
barrels ule, 50 tons wagons, cheese, glass
ware and sundries.
Tho Marble City addod about 50 tons
Tho following regular paoketa leave
hero every Saturday evening:
Gen. Anderson, for Columbus.
"Wm. "Whlto, for Paducah.
Cumberland, for Evansvllle.
Belle Memphis, for Memphis.
3Vt an n. O II
t i
(Commercial avenue between Ninth and Twit h streets
in tho building formerly occupied by A. O'Donnell,
Manufactures aud deals In
Hull- ami millinery fJeotln.
Koenn a snlondld vurlalv of every kind of Hair, and
and Manufactures on abort notleo. l(oa nrlvhto rooms
fur oiiltinp liulfcV nud children' Jmlr.
iir)a,KvllclirN, wulclt "wards, far Minora,
itrncelelM itil llwlr Jowoly tieiiorully.
Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron
(Abovci tho Market Home.)
rtootlnR, OiitterlnK.PpontlnK and Steamboat Work,
donu In n neat mid ruluUuitlui manner, at short no
And rmrchmo the leading
Stovo of tlio W m t
A good variety of Cooking nnd Keating fitoT al
ways on hand. Also a complete assortment of
Tinware, Ilnllow-IViirt, 4sc, Ac.
jranufoctnrcrs ofGntterlngand Roofing.
Our motlo l tyifck yalei nnd Hmall Prodi.
SAtlf.ictlon puarantoed In every initauce."
A.dX7-ox-tIiiM.C IMCocf&l-uxML
Marinr attained a
han any otner dally rP" r pobllihedln CMr,
arlnc readers in
Every Family.
Cyouiitliiir JSoom,
Nil op.
OlIIoo, and
IMilCC ol IlllNinc
Advertlso everything you hue to dL make keftv
your business. "77. " '
. t -
An opportunity to do Ihli at I cwit latti w! s
rejonted In tho city.
,. ... f .i
J ,
OUlcc,No. i;t TontJU Street,
INTaotMr iN'd InrKHVITC.
j F.'aromrttiU,
Coinmerclat avenue between 10th A Otli strcetf,
la ireirid to furnish all kindj ot
to order, or to (cn and njom Cul-.ci In thjmpi,' ekUI-
iui iiikimon nnn run tw?
Tho snlo of Ir.pdi

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