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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, July 28, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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iiipf 'Sulktttt
: OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Street? Thox-afbiVs 'riiiiMi&r. ' ' J-' ' '' f l'1
LNQMEN. .Radical politicians propoao to com
nieuco n movement upon tho works of
tho worklugm.cn ntoncc. Tho wldo IIs
cussiou by tho various trado societies In
tlio country of Government printer
Clapp'jj dinictilty with his employes, on
account of tho colorod Douglas, has de
veloped tho fact that tho workingruen
uro decidedly unwilling to submit to rau
leal dictation as to tholr liulliicrlmliinto
followslijp with all other race.i In trade,
and that they propose- to combine against
it. Notwithstanding tho worklugmen's
.societies dlnolalm tho intent tomlxlnihe
politics of tho country excopt so far as
may ho necessary to Inilucnco legislation
needed for tho protection and higher el
ovation of their class, tho radicals nro
afraid of them, ami aro setting about to
les'roy thorn. It U proposed to introduce
u wedgo by the formation of a working-
man's union lu Washington, which shall
I o composed of tho few colored me
chanics in government employ, together
with thoo white workmen who uro will
ing to accept CIupp'n terms rather than
Ioho their soft places. It is expected that
.such nil organization will bo followed by
tho sloughing oil' of tho radical members
coucrully from the societies, and that
ruin will follow thodismcmbcrmcut. Ho
Hays, nt least, tho IJuHalo 'Republic'.
The French Atlantic cable, successful.
5y laid from lirest to tho Island of tit.
I'lcrre, was hailed by tho American peo
ple as another link uniting tho old world
with tho now. Only ono step moro re
mained to bo taken to unite the Hay Htuto
with thu Tulllerlcrf, when ouf eminently
wise Secretary of State discovered that
that stop could not, legally, bo takeu.
Recognizing as of binding force a bill for
. law that had passed tho Senate, but
had never reached tho House, he de
clared that without tho consent of con
gress tho cablo could not bo Joined to tho
tiered soil of Mubsachusctts. In this
hardly logical conclusion, the Secretary
was furtlllcd by tho opinion of tiio At
torney Ooneral, thus placing tho govern
ment in hostility to nn ontcruriso that
challenges tho admiration of tho entire
people as n scientific achievement that
promises most vnluablo contributions to
our progressive civilization.
Tho people had no fear that thu cable,
one end of which was on American soil
and under American control, could bo
used adversely to the Interests of our
government, and wore, therefore, not a
little exasperated at tho narrow-minded-nesj
of tho Secretary.
But, although Mr. Fish might discour
age tho originators of this grand under
taking, ho could not silence the Ameri
can press. With a unanimity scarcely
paralleled, it condemned his course, and
rising above tho political strifes of tho
hour, demuuded, in tho name of scien
tific progress, that a work so well begun
should go forward toltsj completion. Thu
demand wus heard, and as a result tho
French cable now unite, thu two con
tinents. Wo aro entirely willing, as u cotompo
rary remarks, to accord to Franco what
wo havo granted to England. Tho for-'
mcr Is no more our enemy than tho lat
ter In tho event of war between us and
Franco wo would taku good caro that no
iujury should result to us from this now
cable. In case of future hostilities it
might prove of untold valuo by giving
us true accounts of tho various political
movements ami combinations going on
in Europe. Tlo English cablo has Its
termini on British soil. Over it this gov
ernment has no control whatever. Hut
tho Freneli, will have ono of its termina
tions lu this country subject to our com
mand, to bu used as wo see lit, to bo
ubauuoued uud broken at our will. Wo
cannot uppreclato tho caution or political
bagaclty (hat apprehends no danger from
tho British cable, but conjures up dlro
calamity from tho successful completion
of thoFrcuch trans-Atlantic telegraph.
Wo receive conflicting nooounts con-.
coming tlie" growing tobacoti crop lu
Kentucky. We uro inclined tojtho opin
ion, however, that the crop will fall bo
low an average. Tho accounts from tho
Green rivor region indicate an average
yield, and tho crops aro said to bo good
in Crittenden and Union counties. Por
contra tho Russolvlllo 'Herald'
says: "Tho reports wo havo
from planters in Logan, iudlcato
that tho growing tobacco crop Is tho
most unpromising wo havohad for years.
It will bo short and sorry at least such
is thu tonor of our Information."
Logan and tho adjacent counties aro
heavy growers of tobacco, and a falluro
with thorn Is a falluro that will bo felt
most seriously.
Among tho many plans for paying oil'
1 4 rational debt, ono was proposed, by 1
au individual of muoh ingonuity but lit-1
tlo mscienco, to tho ofl'eofc that th
vl Jo (Jeu, should bo represented by ono ,
d i anil's, t' bt k pt In f 'rcuhit' m t.- i
Tho Now York 'Times' deslrod to
know why tho 4th of July, In tho south
ern Btatcs, was celebrated only by tho
negroes. Jho Louisville 'Courior-Jonr-nal
answers as follows :
"Can't tho thought peck Its way
lurougn inorauicai.Hkun that a
uisirancnisod, subjected
to military
tyranny, Kovernco in tint-son anil' nrnn
frtv1lV tlliirtVtnU 1inrf,.l.t rl1
by Jury, Hablo to bo soized.at any hour of
uiu uy or.niguf wunout process or iawf
kept in prisou-tof months with no itifor
nmtlou na to.arjy charges against them,
forbidden! to nee tho faces of fumiiy or
friends, and enduring nt intervals tho
tortures of hunirdr. the swaat box. ninl
all other dovlllsh forms of punishment,
'may naturally feel Very litllo disposed to
celebrate tho Fourth of July, tho memory
of which can nt best force upon their
minds a horrid-consciousness of tho "edn
trast between what they were and what
hoy nro?"
Whittlesy and other crazed radicals
from Virginia aro In Washington making
out papers and allldavlts for use against
the reconstruction of the State, when
Congress comes to pass upon It. By
shrieking "frodi frod!"nt tliotop of their
lungs, and bringing men as corrupt as
they to swear to it, they hope to havo
the late election lu Virginia set aside,
and again fasten themselves and bags
upon tho suffering old State.
It is gratifying to observe that tho con
servative colored meu of Washington,
who sull'ered from tho bludgeons, tire
arms, aud edge-tooLiof theradlcali'razor
crowd" at the recent election, have se
cured tho indictment of ten of thoso vi
olent negroes. Probably nothlug will
coino of it, the radical arrangements for
Justice in Washington, like those for tho
States under control of that party in tho
South, not bclug lltted to compreheud
tho punishment of colored Ku-Klux.
The negro postmaster In Columbia, S.
C, either cannot or will not havo uuy
white persons in his establishment. All
the persons employed by him aro Ignor
ant and coarso negroes, three-fourths of
whom don't know how to read or write,
uud, being unable to inako out the names
on InMoru, au their worKl8rtnti "
Inextricable confusion. Thomoet earnest
remonstrances aro scut to Washington,
but theso avail nothing. They only re
mind Grant of tho power ho Is proud of
Good natured Undo Sam seems to bo
robbed right and left, down In tho New
Orleans custom house. New frauds aro
coming out every day.yot wo aro told
thu federal officials, whoso business it is
to overhaul and punish these thieves, are
otr on a pleasuro trip to Europe, their
salaries, of course, belugmeauwhilo con
tinued. That, wo suppose, is the radical
notion of honesty aud economy.
President Grant has lost his favorlto
Morgan mare, Ada. Straightway tho
telegraph seut thu auuouuceuiuut broad
cast a9 If tho matter ware ono of nuy
earthly consequence.
Itisstraugo that only two classes of
persons cau bo secured to act as tele
graph operators for tho press, viz: fools,
nud thoso who act upon the belief that
newspaper readers aro fools.
A reform is needed, sadly.
Tho government has Issued a now
batch of shluplaster evidences of In
debtedness that Is warranted to wear out
aud be lost In tho hands of ;tho people,
tho fifteen cent notes America's eyes
have been modeled after General But
ler's.; but, this may bo figurative, repre
senting Columbia's double dealing with
Cuba and Ireland. Liberty's mouth, too.
is of tho alligator order; but that may bo
typical of tho voracity of tho peculiar
freedom which tho radicalsj'ivor In con
nection with tho public funds and tho
carpotbagglng business. 'VYhen Bhall we
be rd of theso fcetldrho4y -milsauces
mat so weu represent w noisomo roi
touuess of tho party swWcti u originated
them? ffkadr
Tho Chicago 'Republican,' one of tho
most decidod of radical papers, tolls us
that "corruption in tho government has
becomo;the rue( not thquxceptlo;i., ;Th
political debauchery 'in our capital has
existod so long and beoomo so stereo
typed, that Stato legislatures, municipal
corporations, banking institutions, rail,
road companies, and oven courts of Jus
tice, havo been infected with tho samo
goneral demoralization;" and - that
"nothing is suror 'than thu fact that our
present governmental organism calls for
and fosters, not virtue, Integrity, morall.
ty, purity, uitolllgonce, capacity, talent
and patriotism, hut their opposltes."
And yet tho Chicago 'Republican'
seeks for this debauched and corrupt
party a lengthened lease of power!
Thero is not much of tho "Jowel" about
hat establishment certain1,
- - '.-
In 15.30, says tho Detroit 'Press,' when
Buchanan was elected" presiiknt, tho
I uiii
of tho southom states, m as l,St 1,75-1. In
1809, tho voto for Seymour waj 2,700,031,
almost a million larger than tho voto for
Buchanan lu 1650, nnd 483,690 Qioro than,
tho voto for Lincoln in 1801. mHa will
do very well for a dead party. -Tho poo
plo aro gradually coming bacj to their
first lova and tho support of tie old dem
ocratic faith tho union of theptates and
tho rights of tho fitatcs; u union of equal
states upon tho basis of tho constitution.
It is reported from Ballard eunty, Ky.,
that about 100 eltizcnn nro alt In pursuit
of tho murderers of Mrs. IcCorrnick,
nnd when lust heard from wero on tho
track, and only three quarters of an hour
behind. Memphis Appeal
It is qulto evident that tho report has
been circulated by an individual who is
faulty in his nrithmutlc. Ho h doubt
thought thcro wasnoharmiuaddlug ten
to tho actual number of pursuers, hut did
not calculato tho ellect of making tho 10
a prefix of tho C. But tho storv gl VvHiVy
thd 'Appeal' is qulto near enough tho
truth for Memphis digestion. i -i
JVI.Y vmsr.
83,OS3,T30 03
"Hy Uieir I'mlt yc know lUcui."
Loiact Iiid in Fifbj Ycart,
2C,2Q1,4BD 87.
Tlio Most Successful Fire Insurance Co.
CASH ASSi;i, . 3,333,332 00
Three-fourth of lh Innunnce CimirttilC" char
itre l hro fallc.l, prorintho tntstakanl Ul;HcuI
tk of a profcuion UsJ on caliraiir nl mlif.ir
tunc, with nn itnixjft.mi part of ItsiioTrlonmcnt in tho
phprn of broa. fmmin benevolence. It U a raro nud
unpo;nmon orent for ono of tlicu initltutiont to
mal:iu l'irnr"niaiiunliiiort,nl thM n Mli
f.wtory one another of iifo' jOtluwtol Uoani, "A
) oti ow tliat lull you n-ap."
Uefulncftntliiiiljr muit bo ith.ipnl nnl measurcii
only hy tlio wealth tavi growth of our country.
Losses Paid at Cairo by tho Jitua:
D. C.Stcwnrt -
Kotiinnd Cunnlni'liain
1. K. hxlull....;
txilo.tion Litllof clJ
R. Ii. Htowart & Uro...
101 U
217 11
A (luini, Orabnm it Co
Wilon Jt Tlirup
J. A, Ilcoil
Taylor. EJward X to......(
J. II. Humphrey A Co
A. 1U yotloplM-
I Vluccnt .......,.,
Itlcharil 11. Noye i
J. II. Humphrey ...... ..........
Trovtr 4 Millor ,
V. A J. W. Tinimoiiii,
llunl, WaUIi i Co
N. W. Oralmm X Co
Alieo Taylor.
Oarf, Cochran & Co
.lolm Marvin ,
1), Kurd
N. Ilun.aker
-.. HO (A
........... m ta
- 7ll,W
,a ..,4'J'rt iD
4 1 00
19) W,
!rt 70
4 oil
25 W
IS 3
4i a
10VJ w
.... S'.i 37
.....Ju8J 1J
m i$
.... saw ou
H7 V)
425 Ul
. "w C5
Troror A Miller..,
liurruJl nro ,
W. J.ToJt Jt to
iK. Illinkc tikljurg
R. KrlKuta
11.11. CunninKliam
J. (), Iannanv.Hi .
Win. harff.;.
Iliraro llcnliam
W. in Itavi
HallldayJkllro ,
J. I.edrrfr
ll.HmjIli A I'J .
John U, Huruinn ..,v .
nil 25
lm u
au) a)
...lliil It
..t...MM.....M.J4Hi. 39 U'i
i, rnniuaKvr.
8 IU
u. A.iri.., -
1. KurnbaKor
(1 Oolditinith
T W, Oailroy,
Hiieh Bmllli ,
U. N. fclilinii!in....,..i...
Michael rowen ,
M. J.'llurklvy
Hain'l Wiltshire.......
M. Ha dden
Martin Keating
, 17 OS
. 17 15
. 41 0 ()
,.. ii) 00
... 10 (0
... 1W 05
fro rw'
... wo O)
... I'JI on
Agent in alt the principal Cities and Ton(ii.
Ilalra and torms aa liheral m cemlttent with. rnod
cfato pro lit and nulatautial accurliy.
SaUbrd, 31 orris A CaiiUee,
JtilyCT lm AOBNTj, Cairo HI.'
rAM'i:i)...AOCNT3to8. 'la thoroughly good
TT dometic artiuli, Muntod ut every family. JUr
excliinvo territory Kiven. lliislneis ple&iaht and re
spectable, ono ngent sold BW m ono small town;
one, looo in i) tuwn.s ; oik, 31 in enlllng on 3.1 funl
lies , nnothor. 30 per Jay fi da) m succ vanion, upon
whu-li heina lo Slj perdayi and others tlo eousllyns
well. Kcnd lor circular,
M'ni.r.KiKLi' a iamk,
jyw It Vfl Wnthiiiglen t., Iloxton, Mum.
An cniiieiy ht woik that has been in Mtivojiroii
nrution for over thirty yeium -m lially endurMil 6
IcHding clergymen of all the pi-iuriiiul tlouominatioiu.
For n 10 pao circular, h'ivinv full )rtioular, with
anmple pKi, and n taiuplo of tlin elegant full iko
t'ligraviugs wi'.h which the work ntll Ixi emboli Ishod,
address O. P. VKNT, liilUihr,
jyAlvv lm 8 W. Knuith ffvect, I'm 'imiati.o.
ill. . CI iv."1 ' ' 1 ,'!' 11
, . . i-
riio I.outton lHiirirlv Kcvlciri i,
Tlio Killnt-lmrcr Hcviun',
rhn AVcsiiiituuicr Ilevlcw.
Tlie JVoctUJUrllIsItKovor,. i . W
Ulackuootl'a Kainlnrg Mnftuf.
, Tho reprints of iho Icadlnu Quartetllo and Dlaclt
ijtod nro now indUpensablolo all who deslro to keep
iii-niu ijoi Juiiy inioruicu, wmi reuard do the Rteat
rtiloot.of.tli;doy. mi viewed by tho bout scholars
and soundest thliikcM In Great lrlUln. Tho contri
butors to tho pages of thcuo rtovlew nro men who
atan I at Iho head of tho list of English writers on
Hcienco, IlcliRlon, Art and Oeneral I.ttcratnre, and
whatoveris worthyiof dlscnssion llnds attention In
tnopKci of thee notions and lllackwood. Tho Ta
ndy irtiOgratUiatnomb5oribtcsil fall to be satls
!7v . Thr,. flPl'wls.Mp.rrlBtod. with thorough
Q M.ly lotheKnglKhcopy, nnd nrc offered at prices
which placo them withm reach of all.
. Tcrnm for 180U. ' Ve.ir
Anrenoof tho itoviews ,., I oo
An two of tho KcTieits..... 7 (l
Auy three of thn Uovicws. M 10 00
AllfurOf thojtorlews . 12 no
Hhcliwood' Msjiatlno 4 00
lllackwood nnd ruiy onvtcvlew 7 00
lll.iekwood and any two llevlew. 10 00
Hlackwood ond any three lletlews 13 Co
llhtUwoodand tho fourlieTlewn... 13 M
-Adifount of twenty per u-nt. will Im allowed to
!"& f ij'uror.inoro iM'wons. Thus, four copli of
UlaekWHl, nrof'our'.if tlio ricTlcir, wlll'tio sent to
onoiaddres for 13 f).
i , Postage ' -'l
Sd'rrllt rs should prupny by tho iunrter. at ho
orr.4o of delivery. Tho t09lrgo to auy jiart of Iho
United fctates Istwo rtn n number, thli ratb Only
apiea to current subscription. Forljaf.'k numbers
tholOdtao is double.
Term to Xvvr NnlM-rlbcrn.
, t Nfcw siili.crlbers to any two of too aboro pcriodl
ealisfor HCO willtwcntltftxl to rxelve, gratis, nny nno
of the four lictlows for
GveVf tho periodical :
irw. iew suirtcriiicrs to an
ponolicali for isffil mav receive, pratl?,
niadkwood or any two of tho four lloviows for l&tt.
8ubcrilr may, by npplylug early, obtain hack
seWof tho ltcviews from January, lbJ, to December,
lft., and of Dlnckwood'a Macaiino from January,
1WC, to DeccmUr, l!CC,rt half tho cuirou t subscrip
tion prfro. ,
ir Neither premiums td snbscrllicrs, nbrdlscounl
tnclul, nor retluccl prices for back numbers, ran bo
(illorcl,ualethomon!y M remlitel direct to tho
publisher. No premiums can bo given to club.
A The hronnril Nrolt I'ubllslilnK Co,
1 10 Ktilton stroet, Now York.
Tho L.S, I'L'Il. CO. also publish tho
If 11'nry Stephen, of KJInijiitirg, and tho lato J.
Norton, of Yala College, a vols-, royal octaro, 1,0
)iags, nnd numerous tngraviugs. 1'ilcc, S7 V) t
the two vols. by mall, post paid.
'TX700D1 WOOD 1 1
.T. Y. T IT 11 V E It
Is, prepared to furnith
Good IZax'd Wood,
At lit res win. h defy competition, un laUo to
Deliver linjv.rl . .rr,ltJt
Oa the hortit notice.
Lear a orders on shtes nt Jtulen's CTocery, Loner
gau'j feel store, and Woods aud ltoach'n grocery.
J McKDnrT "
ii vKi:n axi) ofi:ctioi:r.
Commercial arcnuo between 19tM 4 asth slrcoU,
It prrpared tofurnliliall kin It of
C'llICKS AMI coxrucTioxs
to oriler.orto ico nnd nd.rni Cakes in Iho most skill
ful manner; run! can defy comitetltlon In oiut of
pricoi and rharacter of work.
ninger snaps cheaper than at any other house In tho
oity. clW3m
Oaxxto. IlliXLOlsi.
tjiest., ciiiitLts iiaria, " " '
Isnosr m Uiemoit nnexceptionabMonlerforgncsts
having undergone".
TirOltOUGH eovation 0 v
llag(;ntte Carrlrtl to nnU fro'm (he Hotel
' free of Clinrgc.
Dayifioqrtl, Ttfcnty'Fivc Dollars per month
decildtf Troprletors.
A11 barbora iiao "JlarreU'H.".
Cojiiht, Till ami Slicot Iron
JOBBING S'ttt'O'll?
(,lovo tho Market HoujcO
Itooiim.'. f i ut io rfii c?P i iQ uHc odS 8 1 eambo a f Ww
dAuolnuncat mid suluttantiid manner, at short no
tlce. decSMtf
JJ1AME! . , 4. .
' TH miTAlN IT flfl Tfl
HEERWAItTj OllTJI & C(rrf 101
Aud purehmo the leading
f3J t o vo io! t Xxo 'XTO" o'm t
! 1 1 - m t
A gooil variety of Cooking mul Heading Stoves al
ways on hand. A'o a eoinplcio assortment or
Tlivvnt'C IIoUuvv-Viu),.4liio., oio. -Manufueturers
of aiiltcriugaud Hooting,
Our motto w iuu k bulea and Small ProtlU.
f88tlsfaetion iiimiauteod 111 every instance."''
dei'31'olkltf ,
Cor. lUovctim ami IVueliluutou Av(Hi0
1 , n i.tlKc ra.c I Cvano Ureodij ul
V isx ,iiui iw Miriul eav , , , I
t' etv w ix ,s siitdnai'.nfjaaaaWi
. .V III ii '
r.i)irfimMJMia - I, t-nta priti'l
omco ortho Cairo i. bt. Louis Ilallroad Co., t
i, cIm, HI.. July 2lat 18a. f
i,.iimocti ,Rof,tho'!lro;,0f? of this company will l
i. !h-STaur'U,.hff,hl,,,' al, o'clock, a. M.,
at tho So ithern Hotel, In tho city of St. Louis, Mo.
Jy2i6t 8. HTAAT.'s TAYLOIt, President.
JDrlilo nnd BrldeKrootn.
Ksisys for YounR Man on tho iatercstlnft relation
of Bridegroom to llrlde, In tho Institution of Marriage
a guldd to matrimonial felicity, nnd truo happiness-.
Sent by mail In seated letter envelopes freo of charge.
Address, HOWARD ASSOCIATION, box V, Phllader
P'lta P- my3ldJtw3ra
Is hcrol.y given that default having occurred In the:
pcTformancaof tho conditions oxjiit..d in neertaltt
Mortxsgo or Icd of Truit oxocutod by Edward T.
Hoss to Samuel Stoats Taylor and Kdwln IMrsorw.
Trustees of tho Cairn City Property, dated tholNIi
day of April, A.D., 1WI, rtconlcl in tho Uccordci'n
Otfice. Irtand for Alexander county, In Iho Stato Of
Illinois. In.Ilook I'of Deed,paiio lOT.tcjsald Mortiijii
or Deed of Truid couvoylng lots uumberod 3 (three)
nnd t (four), lu block nnmburM 3(thre'), n Iho first
addition to thooliy of Cairo, in tho sold county nnd
Htnto, we, trio nnder.'igfled, cald Trilsleew, will on
Friday, tho 13th day r f Ati?ut next, A. DISCO,
oi lo o'clo' k in tho forenoon of Dial day, ttnder nui!
by Tirtioof the power of said contained in said Jlorl
gage, sell, nt Public Auction, to tho hlcjiest. bidder,
titrCnn,'nt thnnttleo bnlldlnsof s1dTratce4, cor
nerof WsthinitonATuniioanil 19th .trcct, innaidcitj
ofQilro, in AU xandorcouuty on l htato of llllnoi.
aid Iounumlired3(threo) and I (four) Inblwdc nnm
lereil a (three) mtbe Mmlndditinn to Mild city of (Uro
according to tlmrccOrdftl plat thereof, with thonp
purtenanvo, to 4tifv pttrpOH-s and condition of
sold JlOtlgngc.
Tnutee. of tho Cntro City I'roperlr.
Cilco, III., July jilst ItOO-dtd. ' ..
Is hcrc'y uiven that default havmg occurred in Uki
iierformaneeof thooondttions expressol In nccrtnlrt
dnrtgsito rr lieed ofTmt exceutfd by Cliatl
Kchoenineyer nnd Andrew I'opp to Hsmiiel btaats Tay
lor nnd Kdwiu l'ursous. Tnuioen h( tho Cairo (lily
I'ropcrfr, dateil Heptember llth, 18f3, and recordeit
in tnn Kecorder's Oilloe, In and for Alexander county,
and Htato of Illinois, In Hook I'of leuls, pago 125,
sild Mortgago or Iieed of Trust conveying lot num
berol f, (.ixjond 7 (seluu), In bloek numbered 8 sis,.
In tbo third addition to tho rity of Cairo, lu said comi
ty and btatc, wc, tho undersigned, said Trustees, will
on Fruljy, thu lath day of Augiut next, A. I ltbi.
at 10 a'clocl; In Iho forenoon of that day, under nnd by
virtn of tho iower of m!o rontalned in said Mortgnsat
scll.atl'ubllc Auction, U tho highest bidder, (or cosh,
ntthc ofMcobufMIng of rai I Trutcs, corner of Wash
ington Arenuo and lmli streut, In Mid city of Cairo,
In Alexander county and Hlatn of Illinois, said lot
numbered 0 (tlx) and 7 (seven) in said block nmnlvr
eit)(ix)in k.iiI thinl addition to said oity or Cain)
according to tho recorded plat thereof, with thu nppnr
tensiices, to satisfr tho purposes and condition otsm
Mor(aa(5. H. fcTAATS TAYLOIt,
- Trustees nt tho Cairo City Property.
Cairo, 111., July l!lt, liiw-dtd.
Is hereliy lven that default having oeciirrel In th
tcrformanro of thoeinditions expressed in n certain
Mortstw or Docl of Trust cxecuttsl by Henry Dunkef
tobaimielritaata Tavlornml K.lu.n Pirum.. Tm, im.
of th Cairo City Properly, dstd August th, moo. and
recorded In IhirKeconlcr' Olllie, insnd for Alemn.
dercounty, In tho Statu of Illuwl, lu Hook I'of U00.1.
tiago IIP, said Morfsauo or Deed of Trust conveylnjf
lots numbered 17 (aetenteen) and 1h giuhtovu). in
block nnmben! II (twenty-onej, In tho fourth addl-1
Hon to tho city of Cairo, lu said county and btate, wo
tho uudersiKed, raid Trustees, will
on Friday, tho 13tblayof August noxt, A.D., ISOO,
at 10 o'clock of tho forenoon of that day, under nnd hf
virtue of the jiower of saiv contained 111 said .Mortsax
sell, nt Publlo Auction, to tlm blithest bidder, for Cash,
at the ollieo building or said Truteestcornerof Wash
tngton Avenue and loth street, in said cilyof Cairo,
In' Alexander county and Utatoof Illinois, said lot
numbered 17 (tevetiteen) an I li (eighteen), in said
'block numbered SI (twenty-one) In said Fourth addi
tion to said City of Cairo, according to tho recorded
plat thereof, with tho ammrtenanef , to' satisfy th
purposes and cm litioniit said Jlortcago.
, Trnteo Cairo City I'roert y.
Cairo, I!)., July A, lu-M,
Is hereby Eivt n that dxfauU I'lartn oeeitrrcsl 111 th
p rforman oof the conditions cxpr'cd inn certain
,inortgns or dee.of trut cxeentixl by Margaret E'
Ing to biuiiuul dtaat Taylor nnd Hdwm I'art'ons, trli
tees or Ihe Cairo City Projieny, dated tho litlidayof
MaMi.A.D. Ulil. and rtcordrd In thoptHinler'sof
tlce, Inand ror Alexsnilirei.iimv,-m ihoMatoor HIU
ABu.bu book n ori'ved, vii:o aifl. ,vo., said nortp ti
or died or trut, eonii-j ngl.it nunibt-red tinoen(la),
Unblock num'H ro m vV), In tho second addition to
tho city ofL'airs, in .aid cuunty nnd Stato.
Wit tho uu4rixnil, wild tni-te, will on Pri'lty.
'tfio llth day of A"gnt next, A.D.VjJ, nt 10 o'clock
in th forenoon of mat lay, iilidof nnd by virtue of Iho
iHiwor of sl oontnitml In mid mortgape. sell, nt put"
lie suction, to llm iimhe.l bnlder, for cash, at thd of
ricoUiildfngsor said trusleos, corner of Washington
nveuao ami lSlh street, In nld city of Uiiro, in Alex
ander county and tetuta of Illinois. ai I lot numbered
flfteep (JW. in Monk two W in sold oond addition f
saidltyol Ciilro, according to tlo reeonlol plat
llmriir, w.tli the njpurtcnanciJ, nuttsfy Ilia pur
nesai and coiwitiouuf Aid morteaio.
I Trottee orths Cairo City Pioporty.
toJi.(iiMUt..JHiSUJflS. - -Jyil-JU
IsHoHdivuiv. o th.it default lavlntr occurred In lilt
lierfi"lniiwf tno condition, expressed m a cctLUiL
hi iy uuilll pi-
or thfCrtlro Oity proixfrtif and dated ,nau.tih, A.
D. lisp, ami 1
ror Alexander county, in IhoSlato of Illinois. In boolc
f ordeetls, igrt 13i, ie ssld marlgngH or doedot
trust rouveyiug lot numbered Ihirty.four (51) and
Ihlrty-flvo (Ul), in blol numbered (lo (5), In tin
thlrdiu'diti'ii mtl.ecdyof C.:r.', in said county and
Statoi Wo the underigued ntd trustees, will on trt
day, tho lsth .lay of August next, A. D. li. at 1
o'clook In the forenoon of that day, under and by vlr-
rocordoU lu the wxmler oniee, in an
tuoof tho power of sale contained In taid inortjjaie.
tuool tlio powerol sale cnutainiM in sniu inoriBair,
n. ill iinl.li.' aiii'ilmi. initio lilj)iet bidder, t'liruasn.
at thi(olllco buildlngofsald trui.tu,cOirer ol Wash
ington Avcuuoiind 15th street, lu said city of Cairo, n
AlOiiuulercouniy nn'ipiaiooi Illinois am iu iu n
liere.1 ihirty.four (l) and tl;iry.fio (), In block av
(S). liJtlio third addition to siidLdty of Cairo, accord
IpVtoillieietoixled plat thcroof, lth thooppur(e:
I if ! Trustees of the Cairo City Property
Dattd, Cairo
, III., July il.t, leflJ. 1y21.nu
Is hereby given that default Imving occurred In tin
perforiiianeoofthocoudltloni'xprosuHl in n rcrtatit
mortgage or dee.l of trust ex.-oute-l bv toward 1.
Kosh u hamufl Sluuu Taylor aud Kl-in Parsotw,
TrusttPH or the Call l ily Projwrly, dstel tha irth iUJ,
orOcUiir, A. I). 13, nnd roorled in the recorder!
0HI00, m mid f..r Altander ooumy, in Iho stato or ill
jnols, in book P of Deed, page 1 .te., said inortgnsiit
on deed of trit, ionvoyiug, umoni others, lots nuin
leered thlrty-six (SO) and (liirty-wen (.11 , in blook
iiumtrel seventean (17) In tho rim addition to th
cltv o(Ciir, In Mid county iuid fatwo.
WoJ it... undcrslgnel. wild uuitoos will ynFiWay.
IholU hdny or.Viu aet, A, U. IWO, nt 10 o'oloib
In tho forenoon oflhat day, under fmd by virtuuofth
wnrpr.it -, mitjinad iuai 1 mur'aMC. sell, at i.nt
Ilea bulr
ieuiwtiJw,iio nui""--" xi""t."."r""
loo billi'l ' .' M"d rriteos, c.in.r ! Wtiilililjtott -
en us ittul I
.t. n - ' ' ' ' ul r , ii A . i
count; no' i "
siHSAjeoit t' i
M-tOrlllH . U 1
1 . I. u :cd tfwy
- e Ol 'V I : . i"i tHkt
Pi ' I Hi V t MJ
Ti ' S , A
i ' 4 i'lK

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