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Illlnoli CenlrHl K- Hi CXuinjra of Time.
Tho trains now leave oe follows:
going north:
Mill lrn!ulcvpK nt.i.. B o'clock n.tti.
Eiprcsa " " ?:0 " p.m.
"I.iil train arr.vcs fc:..... 2 iTclocl: a.m.
Kjjirei " " .... l.tp " p.m.
Way, tonrcat .,.....39 o'clock a.m.,
Rxprrn. " .......... 4:10 " p.m.
Way, arrive at , 6:30 p,m
ExprcM " 7sM " a.m.
Dally, Sundays excepted.
Arrival mill Departure of Mntli.
(Cairn l'ol Office, Ftirnny 2, !'.)
(Tiao of clottne.
horlh (tlironRh...... 8:80 .M.... 3:0)p.m.
Virthfwsy) ..... 4:p.m 11:00 pm.
youth throtleli ami way). 4.00 B.tn,-...1I:W p.m.
Vonlh MfmphUAH.O.).. 4:00j.tn..w.. I:"p.m.
Ohio tlver rotitfl.. &:) jun.. C.COp.m.
Mli8lnpil liivcr route,
TuciUayH mill Fridayr... C:C0 p.m... 7:00 p.m.
C Rrlciton,Mo.,TUfnliy
Tliurnifiyi AHiur.iTs.. ll:W(i.n . 11;C0fc.rri.
TNtt-i, Oootn Iilantf ml
fcttiita Ko. ...... . ... 4:O0p.tn Fil. 7:00a.m. fiat.
ohio UIto route ilTart crv ilavjtt MonLys
J.M.fcltAHAM, P. 31.
ThcsowoM wore closed yeHterday.
It Is not expected that the present rlso
will bo of long dura! ion. Annoyance from
rlpk-watcr thorefow, not anticipated.
There will le a cotillion party nt the
house of Mr. GafThey, corner Poplar nnd
Division streets, to-morrow evening, 2Sth
l ist. She will be pleated to sco her friends
In attendance. Jy272t
I ,youwantto buy ft good farm, on tho
Mississippi river, fifteen nif'es above
Cairo, and upon which tho Cairo and St.
Louis railroad will probably locate a sta
tlou, call on W. M. Davidson, 180 Com
roercls I avenue.
The city authorities are no doubt in
htate of pitiable trepidation (?) over tho
UiroRts of exhausting prosecutions they
liearrepeatcd on every street corner:
"Hot fcofigrn, elrfl forme
I mo hiilo myitlf in thf."
Etc. ntid-so-forth.
The temjKirary suspension of the work
on the lower section of tho Cairo and
Vlnconnes road (In consequence of tlw
water) has thrown a largo number of la
toorors out of employment, and, as mnuy
t f Mem have families, tho want of their
i jular salary Is. felt most seriously.
Jim O'Durff, formerly of the Cairo
Tows,' but at presont river editor of Ukj
.Memphis 'Avalanche,' was in tho city
yesieruay evening en route from Metrop
oils to Memphis. Ho has lost none of
his "ear marks." is the same Jim that
lie was llvo yr eo.
Tho Black Crook and White Fawn
troupe that exnlbltcu in Cairo two or
throe months ago, Is on its return trip
down tho river, stopping at such towns
as it omitted on tho upwr.rd trip. It is
nt Mound City to-day, and will give
Cairo the go by, pitching their tent for
the next exhibition at Capo Girardeau.
Mr Davis is still tho proprietor.
The monitors at -Mound city aro rap
Idly undergoing tho repairs necessary to
It them for a voyago to South America.
Tho 'Tempest,' thcflncst and one of the
most formidablo of tho lot, is now ready.
Whether they will go forward singly or
in a fleet wo aro not advised. The re
pairs are being mado under tho skillful
uperiutendenoo of chief engineer, Mor
timer Kellogg.
The democracy, who nro wont to com
plalu of radical corruption are asked to
think of Mockler and weep.
In dealing with corrupt officials tho de
mocracy have learned n trick of which
tho radicals have no practical knowl
edge. They turn their corrupt -officials
out of office. The radicals retain theirs
inofUco and apologize for their rascality.
Tho entertainment In behalf of tho
Orphan's Asylum to-morrow night, will
beheld In the Atheneum and uot in
Philharmonic Hall, aunt first determin
ed. Tho entertainment will bo more di
versified than was originally Intended,
and well worth tho attention or all lovers
of Innocent and pleasing pastimes.
A couplo of bruisers crossed the river
nt Paducah, last Sunday, and (staking oil
a ring, commenced Jolting ouo another
according to the rules of the prlre ring.
Tho 'Kentucklan' learns that the ruffians
were from Cairo. This may b& true, and
on tho principal that ''birds of feather
Hock together," we And them in Padu
Tho young folks proposo to have a
dunce at the St. Charles this ovenlng.
No tickets have been issued. It Is whol
ly tho result of agreement embraolug
certain young gentlemen and excluding
t thors.
Tho hall of the St. Charles Is ono of tho
most airy and spacious assembly rooms,
nt this season of tho year, that can he
U nnd In the country.
Notice-is hereby given that n spoclal
ii ootlug (if tho City Council (Joint sen
ioni will l.o heard on Thursday, July 21),
W 'tr uMockjtoneurund detormino
H "iU fioni thu itsfaetwmont oft ho As
- nnr and collector, and to correct nil
..i rs that may be found In the lists. '
JojinH. Ow:ntY, Mayor,
JcHNHliOWN, City VtetU.t.fftffiH
v U
One of the largest and most brilliant
meteors ever seen in this country passed
over Paducah about nino o'clock on Sun
day night. Iti light rivalled that of the.
sun. It seemed as large an the moon
and was in eight a considerable time be
fore it burst Into brilliant fragments.-
Paducah 'Kentucklan.'
We wore strongly impressed with the
notion that this raotcor wa peculiarly a
Cairo affair. Is was seen by a number
of our citizens, and it explosion was
heard by everybody. Tho conclusion
was formed that It exploded In tho vicin
ity of Mound City, but tho donlzcns of
that locality nolthor seen tho meteor nor
heard tho report caused by Its explosion.
A second meteor passed over Paducah
Monday night, omitting J Jlght suffi
ciently bright to enable cltlzonB to rer l
newspaper print in tho streets.
Certain Individuals In Cairo are deter
mined to "bo there" when a certain
young gentleman "gori through" on
tho matrimonial line, A few1 evenings
since a larger number of this anxious
olass assembled nt tho Catholic church,
oxpecting a colouration of tho bans; but
the bride nor tho gropmput in an ap
pearance. Last night a' portion of -the
samo crowd, suspecting that there was a
purpose to consummate the nuptials
were tgaln On hand, but to meet a second
disappointment. They expressed a do
termination to see tho affair come off,
however, If they have to watch p'l sum
mer. Murkier Bzptilalon.
The board of r.Mermcn have, at last,
followed up tho Judgment of "guilty"
rendered against the city ekek, Mr.
Mockler, by expelling him frocn office.
The meeting was held Jn tl coundU
chamber last night, Mr. Mockier being
represented by John H. Mulfcey, nq.,
and tho city In tho person of the mayor.
) Tho vote upon tho resolulf Ion of esnul-
eion stood, yeas: Theobold, McTCeo,
Mendel, Gibson, Kedman, Rrenkle, Car
.roll, Lonergan, Hulen and (Eload
rlcl" -10. ,
Nays: Kennedy i.
The vote upon the. fame resolution be
fore tho .select-council stood:
'Yeas: Barclay, Itearden, "WltHarocoh,
Jorgenscn nnd Martin. &. '
.Nayst'O1 Callahan. 1.
Thus Iirs a vexed qarV'on 'leeu
brought to a (Slosoj nnd n way opened
that may lead to the eud of exM'ing
About twelveor fifteen couple ofyoung
folks resolved themselves Into a "sur
prise party" last night, and walked in
upon Dr. Holdon. The surprise wpi -complete
and genuine,, but tho Dr. and h's
estimable lady showed themselves equal
to tho occasion. Tho parly was heartily
welcomed nnd entertained most hospi
tably. Tho realizations of another surprise
nartv wo wot of. about two ";- ant, .
niUu IIUl n iiIvmIiik) Tko BlltPntO wan
entirely on the other side. Tho lady of
tho house mot them at tho door, and, em
ploying uunccc.-crtiy emphasis, informed
them that when she wanted thoJr com
pany she would notify them. Surprise
parties aro all well enough when due no
Hoc is nken. OtherwJso they .are of
questionable propriety.
Lessees of Cairo real estate represented
by tho undersigned, upon which 6tato
and county taxes for tho year, A. D.,
JSCS, remain unpaid, are hereby notified
that said taxes will be paid -by mo at
onco for the ownoru of the lots, whom I
alone represent in tho matter. And I
shall proceed without delay to forfeit the
leases thereon for nonpayment of such
tares. C. WtN'EXox.
July 20, 16C9. lw.
OrjiHaiM AnjrluiM.
Thero will bo a soolahloatPhilhormos-
ic Hall Thursday ovuulng, in tho tutor
ent of the Orphan Asylum. Theoccasloa
will bo varied by tho presentation of
tableaux, vocal and Instrumental music,
etc. Xtefrcshmeuts, in the nature of Ice-
create, cake, confections, lemonade, etc,,
will bo on salo in thoihall. The prico of
adtulHuion has been fixed at 23 cent.
Those who feel that 'tho Orphan Asy
um h&a claims upon tho public should
attend. They can, by speudlng a fow
hours In pleasant coafpany and by tain-
storing to their appetite for luxuries, nut
money In. tho depleted treasury of the
orphan's liomo. Jy264t
Mr. lJlubte' M'rsmn.
Mr. Mockler, wo aro Informed, has the
receipt of Mr. Beerwart, as City Trept-
urer, for Mr. Dinklo'a Jleenae. Wo nave
reason to believe this hi true j and, there
fore, without hesitation, without soliolta.
tlou, ruuko hasto to say that in what we
said about tho Diukle license wo did Mr.
Mockler Injustice. SVe do' uot wish to
oad him with anything he should not,
of right, carry. Asserting, however.
that we had every reason to believe tho
statement we made true, we will hero
publish facts In substantiation of this de
claration. John Hyland became Treas
urer on tho 13th of March, Patrlok
Mocklor Clerk on tho same tlay. We
obtained Mr. Dinkle's llceime. It was Is
sued by Mr Mockler. Wo found no re
cord of the money on tho books of the
Treasurer, elthor In Hylaud's or Beer
wart's timo. It to not there. Tho city
never received tho money. Wo inquired
of Mr. liyland: "Did you over glvo a re
ceipt for Dinkle's license'1'' Ho answered j
"1 never did; nnd have not been paid
thy money." . We Inquired further:
"Mljjlitnot thin money have huun paid
to ireSrwart?" Mr. Hyland ropliod; "The
book show tl ( If wnsiiot; and it could
not ! leei-, ! c m Mr Ji)K'f- ransf
r I -.,a
and saying bfs license was about out and
that he did not have scrip enough to pay
It Just then, oked If ho could not have
a little timo." To tW-J a policemen add
ed this fact: That he hod notified Mr.
Dlnkle that b's license Wi about to ex
pire, and hat Mr. DlnklfPdho "would
wait until Mr. Mockler came into office
as that gentleman had an uccount
w'ith h'm." These are tho grounds
upon which we based ,our state
ment. Could any person hare es
caped tho conclusion we" t i.ved at?
But now comes Mrr. Mocklor, with a re.
celpt from Mr. Beerwart, by Mr, Ken'h,
his deputy, given beforo Hyland bocam0
Trcpsurcr and before Mocklor becarao
Clerk. This ) n fearful mWiug of mat
ters. It Is, con fusion worse confounded.
We can make nothing out of it, except
that tho city has never received tho
mone It is a conundtum, a rlddlo.
We feci discouraged; but, somehow or
other, canlt glvo up. Tho solutko of the
mystery, of the confuIon in clly natlotfi,
wlUcomo up by wHftby corai beforo
tho expiration of the term of the present
administration. Mark that prediction!
I'ulnxkl County Itcini.
An agricultural society has ben organ
ized In Pulaski county, and twi thousand
dollars have been subscribed toward tho
expenso of fitting up ground, otc.
Tho Pulaski county court contemplate
the early improvement of the Meridian
road. Tills road follows tho meridian
line from Mound City to a po-!ut on the
Thebes and Caledonia road, about two
miles from Valley Forge. When put in
good order it will give Cairo as well as
Mound City, -easy communication with
all parts of 1'ulaskl county.
A eoldred Methodist brother was ex
horting his hearers in Mound City to
have faith -and fear nothing; not to bo
afraid If tho house above their hcads
should fall 'down on 'em; faith would
bring 'em nut all right. Tho confiding
divine had scarcely uttered theso words
beforo tho miserable old rookery in which
they were assembled came rattling about
their ears, suro enough. Tho colored di
vine gave a tremendous Jump and landed
on tho outside of tho house, with the ex
clamation: "Bless God for faith; but no
odds how much faith a man's got, it's ft
mighty good tiling to bo able to jump."
Tho building, which was a light frame,
fell to the ground, but tho audience es
caped entirely uninjured.
Pete Williams lost his hand three
years ago, by tho premature d'schnrgo of
a cannon. The hand was preserved in
nlcohol until ono day last week, when
Pote conceived the singular notion that
It ought to bo burled. Acting on this
thought ho obtalued tho company of &
couplo of friends, boarded tho trnln, and.
in tho solemn precincts of the Villa-,
Jlldgo cemetery went through tho cero-
- o- - iUl. UAtheranoveir.innrr'v
The fuel) embodied In the foregoing;
Items we obtained from tho Mouml (Jlly
'Journal of the 21th. From the samo pam
per wo clip the following:
A couplo of buggies from Cairo, each,
contnlntug ,c fnir i.nll ononud a inaLe
compnnlon, were cavorting about our
streets on Monday. All hands frequent"
ly halted for (Irjots and thus were not
long in getting decidedly intoxlcatedv
Tho final scono nero was a raco between
tho two females, each lu hex respective
buggy, their gallants being auioug the
spectators. The result was a collision
between the buggies, one of them being
overturned and having a wheel bro
ken. The Inmate was thrown violently
to tho ground, but apparently not mucn
injured.. How tho party returned to Cai
ro wo dlu not learn. Our city authorities
ought to liavo made about twenty dol
lars out of them, for the benefit of tho
Horse nnd Dray Loit.
Mr. Wm. Iionergan's horse, attached
to his dray, was driven to tho river this
morning, ,and In some unaccountable
manner got beyond its depth. The horse,
with body at right angles with tho shore,
passed under tho .water, and kept -down
by the weight of the dray, was drowned.
Tho negro driver .escaped.
Tho drowning of this animal is entire
ly unaccountable. ITJio river being high
thebank Ib of on easy, gradual slope for
.many yards out under tho water. Tho
only reasonable explanation is that tho
ihorso was driven Into tho water at right
i&ngles with the shore., .and by the aot of
drinklug so euhtngled the lines in tho
hrtsof the (hay, tha. the drlvqrhtd
uotcomroi over iuu. 'Alio norso wneu
ordered to "get tip" Jcapt right etrao-lu
ahead Into the,rlver, betaking both him
self and dray beyond tho reach of sight
and grappling hooks. The property thus
lost was valued at $150, .and is a set-back
for which Mr. Louergan feels himself illy
Xn, KHrtiey'a Urease,
Wo havo.been requested to publish the
following affidavit, and comply, very
wll)ingly, with the request;
State of jlilnoic a &
Alexander County, f ' t
I, Mary Karnev, after belngdulv sworn
do state upon oath, that I never paid to
Patrick Mockler the sum of ninety dol
lars, or any other" sum, for license to me
whatever. Mauy Kaiinky.
Subscribed aud sworn totefororne this
7th day of July, JfcGO.
Wo did not i-tnte that Mrs. Karnoy had
paid Mr. Mockler any money, or that
Mr. Mockler had Ifniied Ucouimj to her.
What we did say was, that the i&UrWa
book slmot that Mr.' Karney took out II
ceugo running to January 1, 1S70, and
thnnhcTremum's books does uot show
the receipt of tho money for this li
ceinti. Mik. Kanjey, on the ;th
ins., u, vt i. taring ii ;w-i .?r.tle
. r .1,1 , Mvy.r (J rt lad
license, and that Mr. Mockler issued
thatllcense about two months ago. Bo
this os itmay, there Is the Clerk's book,
and there is the repord, showing that
Mrs. Ke.v t1ey bps taken out license until
1870. More, the record of Mrs. Kear
ney's lost license shows, ps originally
wiltten, that It expired December, 1808.
Somo person hos marked out "Decem
ber" and the "P" and hos wiltten, In
peneU, above tho erased word: "Fcbru.
ary 20," and ha a changed .the "8" to A
"0," thus making the license run until
March, at which time, according to the
record, the license which Mrs. Karnoy
never paid for and never received, wps
Issued. What was tho object of the per
son who thus tampered with tho book of
tho Clerk? Tho officers who notify citi
zens that their licenses liavo expired ex
amine tho Clerk's book, and notify only
those who, according to thin hook, ore in
arrears. If th's exposure had not been
made, any person who had looked at tho
Clerk's book would havo at onco con
cluded that Mrs. Karney had a llcenso,
nnd tho city would not have received
from her, as it now will, tho amount of
a license running to Jauupty, 1870. From
this It will bo seen, that tho person who
mado tho record on the Clerk's book,
made it out of friendship for Mrs. ICpr-
noy, to savo her ninoly-flvo dollars,
which she owed to tho city for license.
Toputltrdalner. tho person who made
that record, In effect, attempted to take
ninety-live doan out of tho city's pock
et and put It into the pocket of a friend
of his.
A Morrirriee Spectacle u a )lraloo
Mr. Jcsenh McKcnzle, with his two
Uttle daughters by hla side, aged respec
tively about four and a half and six
yars, wasdflvIngalongTenth street th's
morning, when tho horse became J-iju
enedatBomo object by the way, and
cavo out some evidence of its Marm
by ahvinir off to the oppeetto side. Mr,
MoKenzlc gently touched tho animal
wltlrtho noint ef tho wbb, expecHng to
dlveu Us attention from the causo of its
alarm; but the whip had tho effect
mnkiuL' tho horse bound forward at
frichtful spoed down tho Htreet
Tho sudden lurch threw Mr. McK and
Iwth hU little c's violently backward
audfu attemfitlng to recover tho chU
dreu, Mc fell head-long to the ground
the younger child follawlng him. With
dm ether Httls L-Irl in the carriage, the
horco dashed down tho street toward tho
river with the speed of tho whirlwind.
The child clung to tho seat, and those
who saw her felt that sho was taking a
lido to inevitable death. AVlth a speed
--- tnd n-be eocelcrated at every
bound, the -tunuUneu uuituui i.untmi
forward, until It reached the corner of
.Tenth nnd UJeveo-street, where the car
riage, with e. -crash, came In contact with
a iamn nosu. ana tue nttio kti was
thrown head-long, tv distance of fluieu
or twenty feeC, upon the hard ballast of
the railroad. Tho hundjed persons who
looked on oxpected to seo the
child picked up a mangled corse. The
-violence of tho collision had broken tho
shafts and crushed In tho front of tho
buggy, and ht'rlcd the llttlo
ch'ld far out among tho iron rails of tho
railroad! Thoro was no room to hope
that sho had escajml, nudnsMr. MeKcn
zio approached ho expected to see the
spot shined by tho Jlfo-blood of bis
child. But, fli-ango as it may appear,
tho little g'rl scaped, with a few slight
aud JojuiaterM bruVs. Sho had fallen
outher side between tho rails, nnd
slight scraping of the scarf skin from her
elbows and knees formed tho sum of her
injuries. Her cscajpo wrs miraculous
Tho younger cbf Id was, wo fear, more se
riously Injured. IntfaWngshe evidently
became entangled La tho wheels of tho
carriage. Her clothing was torn from
her body and her dlcsh considerably
bruised. Sho was unable to stand on her
feet and complained of internal injurin.
Both of the children were convoyed t
tho residence of Mr. John Q. Harman,
ana a messonger was 4Mipatoned for Dr.
Smltlu We understand that tho Dr.
gives It as his opinion that tho younger
child is seriously hart.
Mr. McJvenzIo was thrown clear of the
buggy, and although wl! advanced in
yoars aud .of considerable wJght, esca
ped almost unhurt.
The horse had been in McKenxle's pos
session only a short time and was be
lieved to bo -entirely tractable. Th first
evidence lie ver bad of the anlaiAl'a
unreliability carriage horse, was the
gad experience of this morning. .
Fort LUt for tl, 24 Hour Eudlag- at
xvo o'ciacit, . ai.
fien. Andorton, Coliimbun, Win. W)ilt, Fcducali,
in iin m. j.niiix, Di, inum. vn;IPl jsvarnviie.
lint ):tv, iNakliviIIc, Julia, Vivktbyrg. . ,
Oen, Aiidertnn. Cohimbiii. Wrii.AVhHe. Paducah.
()u:o!..i (., Kvan-ulic. Ilelle bt. LouU.Mrmrhu.
ulia, st, I,ou.. Ellallught, 'mhyill.
The weather was clear yiterday after
noon and night, but cloudy this morn
ing, with a lino fchowov about" ton o'clock.
Tho temporuturo was not very high on
ly "S this forenoon, but the air was op
pressive and sultry.
The Mississippi and Mifsoitrl are Mb
f!'-i 1 1 '"W where above St. Loui'.
Th Ohio is still falling from PWsbiirg
to ILvausviJle, and riving below. Tbtio
U ivurUiih'K tu 1.1 s In ?he el an el .t
I'Jttsu k and s.x feet large in t ",':e
over the fall?
Hero the river
has risen six incho
since last report.
Business continues rather dull.
Tho White, yesterday, broM ok m
bags wheat for Bt. Xouls, lObWofrjiif
20 sks corn for Cairo,
The Quickstep brought 101 otnnU rlotA-
barrels for C. Galllgher, Cairo, 25 pkgk
sundries for tho 1. C. It. lt.,0) sfcswhena
for St. Louis, 01 bbla ilour for reahlpeht
The Ella Hughes brought out 115 r.:s
wheat, 1022 pkgs bar Iron, i!3 tons) to.'
reshlpment to St. Loiil". iobhdatobac.w,,
27pkgsstovo ware, 1 cotton screw for
reshlpment south.
St. Louis having abaudonod tho plan
of chartering propollors to ply directly
between that port and Now York, I ttty
forming a Joint Block company, to luilM
soveral propellors for that purpose.
Mr. Jas. O. Dimr, formorly conxtccru
with tho 'Democrat' of thin city, but for
some years past tho river e(jit-c
of the Memphis 'Avrtlnnchc,' pas-fid
through our city yesterday, with hl
family, on routo from his boyhood'H
home in Metropolis, III., to Momphh
Mr. Durff, in addition to his other hon
ors, is an alderman in tho clly of ho
The Wm. , Capt. JamesiT. iJcv-
erly, is tho recu'nr pPnV.t for raducaH
this ovenlng.
The Cumberland, Opt. Wm. .L w
is tho regular racket for Eva 11 lid
KEaiDENCE-Cor. f.U and Walnut Mxrttx
OFFICE Car. Oth Street ana Ohio Levee.
3 to 0 p.m.
0 o.ro. to 12 m.,Dttrm
(Orcr Htncon!! Ecok Store,)
lledMeticc, No. 51 Thirtcooth Htreet.
. ...( ... .
lUvtsrtitntnrd a
lian rny othviUHjr .ptfee t jcrF:
..'4 imurjiiu
' 4
Ml 1 11'
Evcrj Fnuiilr.
tOMRUUi; If 00m,
Ollico, and
your t'uslctfa.
1 1-

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