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FMDAY, JULY 30, 1869.
linnet lenttnl K. K , ChsiBjrtr'or Tlmr.
Tho trains nowloavons followH:
aoiNa mouth:
Mali trslnslearM at ,'..,... 2 o'clock a.ni
Kiprowt " " .m.;...
2:40 r" p'.rn!
coming sojJTiiy
Mall (rnln arrive nt , .,...
tjpr(ttw ' " (
V . . . r
.. 2 o'clock n.Mf
.. v.m p.m
Way, leaves at ... 4:30o'clock n.tn
l.xprr, " ..... 4:10 p.m
wuv. Arrive at .. ftiao ' n.tn
r.Ai'iv , , two n u.m,
Dnlly, Sundnys excepted.
Arrlvnl mid Departure of Mall.
(Cairo l'ost OlQcc, February 2, l&ifl )
. r (Time of cloning.)
t'unii imrougii .i.j"n.in.,.. J.irip.m.
Nnrtli fir.vl MUn. ll.iyi .. .
Hoiilh (through and way). 1;fK)ii.m.i.i'.;il-i() n.m! 'jf
Hotith (Memnhl A N. O.f.. 1:00 a.m I:t0 n.m r
Ohio Hirer routo... ......... ymu.m C;uoii.m.
Mississippi Hlver roulej
Tuesday nod Friday C;00 u n....Ji)0 pju.
Charleston, Mo., Tileailay ' '
TliursilayeAHatiirdys..ll:OOa.m ...11:09a.m.
Thels, oi jMan1' 'ind
HanUro ... 6.00 p.m I'll. 7.0)n.m. Fat.
"OhUj lti to routn depart every day except Monitayi
J-J ' ,M',
Mr. I). M. KiiowIch, formerly of this
city, 18 at present connected with a Junto
tobacco manufacturing house and whole-
Bale grocery eolalilNhmant of St. Louis.
A party of young people propose a Irli;
to MIsHourl, thb evening, and a dance
at Mrs. May bo'ii.
We'd go, If we were not afraid of xet-
tlngourclothcH soiled!
The Catholic church in undergoing
very general overhauling. Tho fresh
application of paint Is much needed. The
improvements extend to tho Interior aa
well as the exterior. The building will be
greatly Improved In appearnnco
-bvery day develops new "complica
tions" in corporation affairs. There Ih
something how on the tapis to-day, and
no one Knows what tho morrow may
bring forth.
. '
Tim llnllntlii' inl, ,.mx .. ..... ii-. i
- -.. jv,t, u.(n,u in bujjjiiiuu
wuu a number of fouta of text and,
mcnpi typo of most beautiful design,-
iro ji which tno most elegant visiting
cords are printed warrauted to equal
We are glad to learn that Dr. Smith's
little boy was not Injured as seriously n
was at llrst anticipated, by his fall from
tho high sidewalk. It is now satisfacto
rily ascertained that tho child was not
hurt internally.
'PI Hi liaiktiil.i.iu -. T. 1 J
hand Hprvad n iwppcr in City Hall lust
night, hoping the hungry would Mock In
iiu-Kiuiria til Kiio (iinrnii iirnua
ami each drop a quarter Into tho bandi
treasury to help pay for tho Instruments.
Long and anxiously tho hoys waited, but
nobody came.
As tho eatables aroyct in prlmo order
the toblo will bo spread ogttln this
This Ih the first Instance on record
where victuals fulled to attract a crowd
of darkles! What's tho muttor?
Tho City Council convened last night
In joint session to tako action on tho asses
sor's returns. A commltteo of five was
appoiuted, whoso duty it will be to sit
during tho ensuing ten days to hear tho
appeals of thoso who fool themselves ag
grieved by tho over-valuation of their
property by the assessor.
It would bo well for our property hold
ers to give heed to this notice, as after
the rising of this committee all 'chance
to rectify errors or remedy ovlls will have
passed. Taxes will bo levied and exacted
upon tho assessor's roturus, and no future
opportunity for rollof will bo presented.
The commltteo will sit, wo presumo, In
tho City Clerk'soffico.
Tho projectod reunion of tho officers of
both tho Union and Confederate armies,
who fought the battle of Gettysburg, Is to,
bo held on Woducsday, August 4th.
This meeting is called by. the Gettysburg
Memorial Society for the purpose of
permanently locating theposltlousof the
two armies during the last stage of that
battle. A largo number of officers will
attentl, and Colonel Hachelder, the his
torian of Gettysburg, accompanied by
Messrs. Ubnppott and Walker, tho well.
known artists, will also be present. The
occasion will he one of conaldorahht In.
terest. )
Wo hear considerable anxiety ox
pressed concerning tho case of Mr. John
Hamilton. He is subject to intervals of
mental aberration that cause his rela
tives and frleuds great uneasiness; but
we understand that his physician says
that the case has developed no phazes
that he did not antlelpato, and thathols
confident of- Ills ultimate recovery. Tho
patient's appotlto is said to have re
turned, and much of his former strength
the groat difficulty being tho coudltion
of his mind. The fact that ho Imp a clear
recollection of past events, and Is sub
jeoted to his mental wanderings only at
.intervals, encourages u hopoof ultlmato
ouro. Ho still confines hlmsolf to his
Tli,('lly NraleaT
A number of hands under tho direc
tion of jailor MoHalo, are engaged in
preparing tho excavation for tho city
Hcales. They are to bo located at tho
upper ond of the market house. They
will provo a great convenience to parties
buying and Belling hay, corn, oat coal,
etc, by tho wagon load; and thoy are
located oxnotly whofo tliey ought to bo.
Tho teachers' lnslltuosof Perry county,
that elosod yesterday,' was well attended,
teachers being present from neighboring
counties, and taking part with the home
teachers, In the exercises of the occasion.
The change effected In educational mat
ters is' Southern Illinois, during the past
five years, is observable everywhere. A
better class of teachers has been intro
duced; fine school buildings have been
erected in every county, and tho entire
people have interested themselves in the
work of olovatlng tho" educational stand
ard. Very soon Egypt will become as
famed for her schools as for her fruits
and grains.
Halo,! HoMrfcoUl and KllcbeM Farnllurc.
A varied lot of household and kitchen
furniture In good condition will bo sold
at Mio residence of Mr. Dan Fitzgerald,
bnFourth BtrceJ, between Commercial
ami Washington Avenue, to-morrow
(aturday commencing at 10 o'clook
a ni. Terms,' Cash. Parties wanting
bargains BhouIdattcnd,ifor every artlclo
ollered will positively bo sold. 1
It . - D. ILutTMAN .Auctioneer,
Mollca. "
Lessees of Cairo real estate represented
by tho undersigned, npdu which State
and county taxes for the year, A. D.,
168, remaiu unpaid, are hereby notified
that said taxes will bepald by mo at
onoo for the owners of tho lots, whom I
alone represent In tho matter. And
shall proceed without delay to forfeit th
leases thereon for nonpayment of such
taxes. C. Winstok.
July 20, 1800. lw.
Tfcv MeCarmfck lirawni Arratl.
We see it stated that the bloody vll
Hans hrho, without the .slightest cause
or provocation, Hhotdown Mrs. McCor
mlck ' in her home, In Massac county,
have, Anally, been arrested. Their pur
suers overhauled them near Clarksvillc
on Monday, and after a desperato light,
succeeded lu arresting them Several
shots were fired on both sldos, but no
body was klllod or mortally wounded.
We are no advocato of mob law,but If
tho bereaved husband and his friends
should string these bloody vllllans up to
tho limb of u tree, we could scarcely con
demn them. If there evor was a case
that culled for tho Interposition of Judco
tLynch, this Is certainly the one.
Now that wo have a pair of city scales
a sure guaranty that parties buying
hiy, corn, oat?, coal, etc., will receive tho
quuntltythoy are called upon to pay for
can wo not adopt some means that will1
Insuro equal exactness in tho buying
and selling of fire-wood. Wood chpp
pers have tho knack of ho"' cording up
three cords or wood as to mako It meau-
uro four, nnl tcimtm paying them for
full measure, must, to "get their monoy
back," sell by tho name measuro by
which thoy buy. Thus the loss falls
upon tho consumer, aud tho gain goes
Into tho pocket of tho wood chopper
K very load of wood sold should bo meas
ured. If this Is done tho chopper will bo
compelled to accept the measurer's cer
tificate, or find no sale for his wood. By
the adoption of such a course Justlco will'
be done to all parties concerned. Tho
citizen who pays for his cord of wood
will get his cord, and not bo put oil", as
heretofore, with about three quarters of
a cord.
Ibe KattrlalNmtat Laat Ificnl.
The exhibltio'n on the boards of the
Athoneum, last night, called outono of
the largest audlencos of the season. Tho
auditorium was filled, and a large num
ber took seats in the galleries.
A number ef tableaux were presented
(n very good style, somo of them dieting
rapturous encores.
Tho violin solo by little Miss Wlttig
was received as ono of, the best things of
tho evening. Tho solo by Mr. Ed Wlttig,
on tho samo instrument oliolted un
bounded' praise, aud deserved it.
Tho ''tour of the family" was a good
feature of the occasion. An ordinary
flour barrel was placed on the stage, aud
when tho rising of the curtain disclosed
it and nothing else, the audience regard
ed tho whole thing as an Innocent
"sell." A moment afterwards, however,
the barrel flow lu twain, exnosluir
la petite Powers, who Immediately
Bounded off into tho graceful measures
of the highland fling.
( The Cairo Silver Cornet Band volun
'teered their servlccafor the occasion, and
Executed several very fine peices of mu
sic In first rato stylo, as a signal for, the
people to gather.
Upon the whole, the affair wbb a grand
success. An 'immense amount of ico
cream was sold and probably threo hun
dred tickets. The proopods will probably
reach f300. ' ,
Ttoe l'ubllc RrhMl Library.
For the sum of Ave dollars any citlron
may obtain one share In" tho capital
stook of the Public School Library, en
titling him to one vote In any meeting
of the stockholders, aud to all the privi
leges of tho Library.
On theshelvesof tho Library aro about
four hundred volumes of poetical, bio
graphical, Iltorary, scientific and histor
ical works, besides a miscellaneous col
lection of books donated by citizens. It
is the purpose of tho Llbrury Trustoos to
open tho Library at an early day, a li
brarian having already boen appointed.
Those, therofure, who desire access to tho
Library, and a volco in its management,
nhoiild come forward and sooure a uharo
of the stock. Apply to M. B. Harrell,
Secretary, at the 'Bulletin' office.
Hi! p. ntt ImII lni.ll itiiln tlm clrl.i
Orphan Aylum.
The ladles connected with tho Orphan
Asylum, who were Instrumental In get
ting up the entertainment at tho Athe
neum last evening, feel called upon to
return especial thanks to the ladles and
gentlemen of Cairo who gave so liberally
of their time aud means. as well as
patronage for that purpose. Whero so
many contributed they find it alniost
Impossible to mention anyone as more
deserving than another.
They feel under particular obligations
to tho Cairo Silver Corne baad for. their
grattititous Bcrvlccs for tho the occasion.
Cairo may well be proud of such a bond.
Tho Messrs. Wlttig furnished the or
chestra music and Miss Emma's per
formance added much to the pleasure of
the entertainment. Little Emm ., too, Is
an orphan. . 11 "
Tho fine plnno used' was1 klndly furrflSlf
ed by Mr. Carson, from his. rooms mi
Eighth street. Ho Is tho agent hero for
tho manufacturers, and lias thes Instru
ments for solo or hire. ,
Mr. M. W. Parker furnished convey
ance for tho orphans, from ,lhe Asylumio
tho Athoneum and return. "
Mr. Kaufman kindly volunteered his
(Ino string band.
Many othcra rendered efficient and val
uablc eorvlco, and all havo tho warmest
thanks of the orphanH they hove eo gen
erously aided and of the ladles of tho
The entertainment will net about $85.
This evening a fow benovolent ladles
will give the orphans a supper of Ice
cream and cake.
"Barrett's" took the Silver Medal.
The Matrimonial 1 rouble of I'harti
Something over a year ago, ono Pharcs
Bell was victimized by the charms of one
Miss Bosa Anne, then a resident of Cai
ro, and tho inmato of a house of ill
fame. Phares was not wise, .as tho
world goes, and fully believed Boea
Anne when she protested that she was
alone and friendless lu tho city, and had
been beguiled into tho hell where he
found her; that she was pure and virtu
ous, and that the "s n of a
b 'i didn't Hvo who would
dare Intimate to her tho contrary. Phares
looked at her situation through tho eyes
of lovo aud felicitated himself that it had
been appointed for him to rescue such a
lovely creature from slmmo aud ruin.
So ho married her. The two left Cairo,
lived awhllo in St. Louis and then moved
to Chicago. Ten days after the marriage
Rosa Anne betrayed her liuo nature.,
Sho called the clouting Pharcs "old Bees
wax," and assured him ho wus the
easiest man "bamboozled" she had ever
comoit" over; und if ho dldu?tllk&.
her midnight - flirtation., wUh "the
boyHi" o might collt-ct hln duUs
and skcedadle. Wono than this,
on divers and sundry occasions tho frail
Itoxa Anno cssayod tho soratoing out of
Phares' eyes, and on ono occasion, while
in a paroxysm of rage, attempted to "let
daylight through him," by perforutlug
his much abused body with a carving
knife. Phares couldn't stand all this,
and henco we find him sulnj, in tho
Chicago courts, for a divorce Meauwhllu
Rosa Anno is "cutting it fat'' and defying
her "bumbooiled old Beeswax" to "do
his dirtiest."
There are Ave establishments In Padu
cab that mauufaoturo aud soil tiu-ware.
In Cairo there aro eight. Tho business
is no doubt overdono in both places.
The 'Kentuckian' is of tho opinion that
a largo foundry will bo established lu Pa.
ducah, within three months. '
Ono of the McCormiok murderers is a
notorious horse thief, aud formerly
worked in a Paducah brick yard. His
name is John F. Simouds.
The groat tobacco sale In Evansvlllo
came off on Wednesday. There wero
two hundred hogsheads sold, the best
hogshead commanding f 178 per hundred
pounds. A fino lunch was prepared, sev
eral speeches were mado, aud the uflair
was pronounced a success gouerally. Tho
best hhd was raised by O. N. B. Rollins,
of Ballard county. The second (best,
rhlch sold for $146, was raised by tho
same gontloman. Rollins ovidcntly
knows his business.
The recent earthquako was felt very
severely in Murpbyeboro, Jackson
Tho citizens of Columbus saw burj
Meteor, Sunday night. Theytdeorlbe It'
as being about the size of u naau's head.
The young gentlomou pf 'Columbus,
Ky., havo organized a brass band. The
'Dispatch' referring to It says: "Toot,
toot I What was that? Why, that was
quo of the' new locomotives on tho Iron
fountain railroad. Toot, toot, too oo oo
oooo OOooOOoo.too toot! Syhat was
that? Why that was ono of the hornB
of tho Columbus brass band Just organ
ized." At a recent public gatherlug lu Colum
bus an observing gentleman, counted
Jfty-sU babies, and It wasn't a very good
day for babies either
Milton Bartloy, of Shawnoetown, an
nounces himself us a candidate for
county Judge, subjeot to tho decision of
tho domocratlo county convention.
Shuwueetowu lain voted, by an over
whelming majority, tho sum of 125,000
to tho capital stook of the St. Louis &
Southeastern railway.
Tho Shawueotown 'Morcury' says:
'Our wharf is lined with tobaooo await
ing shipment."
Mr. Daniel Jacob's now mill, ut Shaw
noetown, doatroyed by fire a fow days
ago, was valued at $10,000, Taero w.s
not a dollar o( insurnuco on It,
(Special Meeting.
CnVi Cairo. 111., July 2!), 1859.
Called (or the purposo of examining
the assessment list of personal property
and real estate, and hearing appoals
from same.
Present: Aldermen Branklo, Gibson,
Hondrlckn, Kennedy, Lohr, Lonergan,
McKee, Redman, Theobold, and Coun
oilmen Barclay, Martin, O'Cullahan and
Rearden 13.
The Mayor being absent, on motion of
Alderman Redman Councilman Barclay
took the chair.
Alderman Mendcll appeared and took
his Bca(.
Tho Clerk laid before the Board the
list of real and personal property (re
turned'by the City' Assessor) within the
city for tho5 current year, together, with
appeals from same,' which, on motion,
wero referred to a committee of five.
Whereupon tho follpwlng resolution
was offered and reud, andt on motion,
unanimously adopted. . 1
Unsolved by tho city council of the
city of Cairo, In Joint bcsslon convened,
That the chairman appoint a committee
of five, threo members of tho board of
aldermen and two fioin the select coun
cil, to nit and hear appeals from the
assessment tnado of the taxable property
of the city," to correct and revise tho
same, and that they be allowed ten days
to hear such appeals aud make suoh re
vision, and that tho comptroller be pres
ent at such meetings, with the assess
ment book.
Alderman Hulen appeared and took
his seat
Tho chair appointed Concllmen Wit.
llamson and Martin, and Aldermen Lon
ergan, Redman and Kennedy.
On motion adjourned.
John Brown, City Clerk, prot em.
EJM tor tha 34 Memra Bradll
Tw o'clock, r. M.
0n. Anclenon, Columbo. Wm. While, Paducah.
Ann ml, KTarmlllc. City of Cairo, fit. IjouU.
Alpha, NahTlllo. '"!' "ill do
Umpire, do Rfn, , do
(Sen. Anderson, Columbtu. Wm. White, I'aducali.
Armada, Kranillp. Alpha, Nanhrllle.
City of Cairo, Metnphln. Llale. fllll, ewOrlam.
Tho weather continues pleasant, with
but a few llghtclouds flying; tho mercury
Indicating 7-i ut daylight and rising.
Tho Mississippi Is falling at St. Louis
and above, and tho late rlso in the upper
rivers is about run out.
The Ohio is receding atall pointsabovo
witn 5 feet 2 inches in tho chute over tho
Here the river is about at a stand.
The White brought for tho city, 25 sks
oats, 147 sks wheat, 1 hhd tobacco, 10 bxs
fruit, 37 skB corn and Jot sundries for St.
Louis, 120 sks wheat.
Tho Alpha brought 230 bbls flour, 0
hhds tobacco for Now Orleans and 23
pkgs iron, OpkgH rivets for St. Louis.
Tho Umpire, for G. D. Williamson 4
coops poultry, box eggs, and forSt. Louis
210 pkgs buckets, CCO sks wheat, few lots
Tho Armada brought 138 sks wheat for
St. Louis, 20 bbls flour, 2 hhds tobacco,
8 tons sundries for the south and fow,
lots for city.
Tho Quickstep, Capt. Dexter, is the
packet for Evausvllle this ovohlngT" '
The Wm. White, Capt. James M. Bev
erly, is the regular packet for Paducah
this oven lug.
Tlie Umpire is the Nashville packet
Citt CitaK'a Orrict, 1
Cairo, III., July 30, m. f
l'utlic notlcn la hereby given that a commltteo ha
been appointed to examina and correct the auesa
mentllat of real and perianal propeityfor the cur
rent year ; an4 that aaul atimenl Hat la sow In my
efScoopen for Inspection, and nlil ao remain until
Monday, the 31 h day of August, ISeV, during which
tmioBuid commltteo will hold daily uiectiuf In I ho
City Clerk' office, ami any person feeling arrlTe'
uy aiu aaiesmeni can me wuu ine uuy uerK (in
writing) hia objections.
City t'lork, pivfm.
lUTing uurchuod tho entire, stock and fixtures f
A". Korinejrer, are prepared to do all kinds f '
(Us and Steam Fitting
In aneat and workmanlike manner. Wo are alao pre
pared to repair all kind of Or fixtures, and by our
procesaof oronsingand gtldlngmakn them Inerery
particular as good a new. Those having such fix
tures, will pleats giro u a call satisfaction guaran-
ieeuiuauca.es. i. r. iuuui,
ll .1 w sjsrfc--.aaa.jfcM jst
for. Klevrnils ml WaehlntoM Avenue
Keeps on haud the celebrated Crane J?" Breed and
Raymonds metallic burial caae.
Also, blaok velvet, walnut or stalnod coffin mado to
order, t very low price.
Mr, rami performs iiu owu wur, "" piu
maker, ana is inereiore io w ceuuur
anybody else.
mye am
0. W. 1)UNNIN, M. J).
KKSIDKN0E Cor. tla awtt Walnut. Street
OI'KICE-Cor. OtH Street und OhlolUeve.
OKKICK JIOUKS-Kiom 0 a.m. lol3 m.,andfrm
a to a p.m. dcoaiif
I'll 1311,1 AH AUXf nVHUMM,
(Ovof llaauou's Hook Store.)
j i:tiklne, Ko,51 ThlrUieaDi Hiroei.
JVl.Y FIRST. ...1HB.
rnh ami...... ts.iiaa.Baa oe
Totni j.inbiiiiicaj aee,7aa u
9s,oas,7so ea
"By their fruits ye know them."
Lastca JPtild in Fifty Yeart,
Tlio Jfost Successful Flro Insarance Co.
I.V AM ICltlC'A.
C'ANiI AHSHl'M, - g5,:ia,5S!1Ml
Three-fotirfhn of tho Inaurntieo Companloti cliar
fered linvo fulled; provlmr tlio tnitAkeii and dilllcnl
lion of a profession based on calamity and misfor
tune, with nn Important pari of Its development In thct
plicrn of liroad liiinvm benevolence, it la n raro and
nneommnn erent for ono of thoso Institutions to
mako iU KiKTlKTIlaiinnal leporf, mid that a satis
factory one another of life' iiUinuat old lesson. "A"
you !ow that hhallyoti renp."
U"efulnea and duty must be. shaped and measured
only by tho wealth and growth of nur country.
Losses I'altl nl Cairo hy tlio .Etna:
D. C. Stewart
Heed and Cunningham...
P. F. lachall
K. L. Rtcwnrt i Urn
'. Klliott
Adams, Oraham ft; Co
Wllion A Thrtipp .
J. A. Heed
Taylor, Edwards A- Co...
i jtn
.. 1M ,V.
.. Sit 1J
... 217 it
.. K53 &
.. 122 W
.. 1S3 C3
TOO 00
4000 0
403 01
wm. winter
J II. Humphrey A Co,..,...
John Antrim -
A. It. Hoironl
V. Vineent -
lllclmrd II, .Nojon.. ,
J. II. Humphrey. ...m
Trover A Miller
W. P. J. W. Timmons.
Hurd, WaMi A Co
N. W. Oraham A Co .....
Alleo Taylor
riatT. Cochran Jt Co
iao oo
4.1 on
!M 70
Si rn
25 (U
4 Hi
.10H0 01
. tfX 37
John Marvin...
I. Hunl........
N. llunsaker -
Trover Miller
Harrell A llro.....
W. J. Yost A Co :.
II. Krsanr
It. 11. Cuiiulngliatn
J. q. llarman
Wm. Seharlt'........
Ilirnm llenhnm.... ?
W. II. DavU ...........
IlallldayA Hro
J. I.ederer
11. Smyth A Co
John Q, llarman
I. Kurnbakcr ..
!j. Alley..
cooo or
4a o)
7M 65
'Jo o,
10) OH
. MJQ in
.1720 W
..26711 W
,. m 27
. ) 02
. 8 Oil
17 oa
.17. U
4i ai
2M 01
1. i rarnbaKer...M..
fl Ooldsmitli
T W. Ostlrey
Ifnirh ftmllh .
O.h. fjlilpmau
Michael rowers..
M. J. ilueklev
HunVI Vllfliiro...
M. Jlnildi'ti. .......
Martin Keating....,
... 10f
... im ';
... wo ri
... WJ Ol
... too CO
Agent III all the principal ('tiles and Towns.
Kate and terms n lllieral ns ecnslstent with mol
erato profit am) sutntantlal security.
Snilord, Itlorrl it Camlcc,
JulyS71m A (IE NTS, Cairo, 111.
f Ml '
t i,. ., e 1
. . , n . . .
' .( . .
. '.. K
wK t , -'- .
,. , , . .- '
JkxH-xroxtlmtxxs 3VIociiviM3. "
it w;,ta; m i
I r
ban auy other daily paper ever published la Cref
avlng readers in' - ,
OlHoe, No. V,l Tcntk Street,
H inoitNro.N'i brick block.

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