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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, July 31, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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ruiiMHHKD nr john h. onsiiLY co.
llllnoU t.'entinlK. K., Outturn or Time,
Tlio trains rjowleavoas follows:
aoiNq wojvrii:
Mall tralnstcnTeaat1.., ...... '.... OftVlnett
' f a
CoKlNtf SOTJTlt ,
Mall train arrive At
, 2 o'cloc
5.ViiPv'.t oVIocIt jn
Kxproas, lu " jh
; -JiW "
aunilays excepted.
y ;!'. I . .
Arrlrnl ntnl Deimrjitre, ofJlnlU.
(Cairo I'ol qnw, F.brtmry 2, 1BC0 )
. . )1 AftMYMI. UEfAKTI.
(Time of closing
mini iiiinmgu :.'. in. -.( neis'p.m.r
North (way) p.hi......ll:00 p nj.,
Konth ithroiiKhand way) 4:00 am ....ll-oo p m. 1
South (Memphis NVO.).. :00(i.in. tiUl p.m.
Ohio Hirer route S:fl n.tn A-UI n m
n.-i.:i..r " . '
Ttletilnra and Frinn?. f,
Uiarlcstnn, No., Tuesday
Tlinradav AAlnriliv. IHvir. ... . ,1im..m
Thclies, (tnntn Man'1 sjnd
HniiUFe. OiOOp.mfVi. 7sOJ a.m.
Ohio Mho run to depart overy day 'xe ept Morula) ,
J. M. (I RAM AM, V if.
.. i
Tho teniperaiurc yesterday evening
was mat ofun yclober evcnJngastbn
hhlugly cool for tlio season.
.Mr. Wlttlg's lino string band formed
the nehestra on tho occasion of tlio Into
exhibition for the benefit of tlio orphans
Tho volunteered their services.
Our market In well attended by coun
try wagons. Yesterday wo counted nix
teen In the market space. Tills morning
there- wcro about a dozen. Tho raarkot
Is, therefore, bountifully supplied with
produce ami vegetables. Prices aro wel
Thoro Is a vein of good numor under
lying tho scales contention. Tlio parties
involved have Henee enough to know
It ralorrniihripiu&tanir Into tha woild
When sect, and factions were newly born.
Tho supper given by the colored brats
band lau nlifht wan well rmtronlcptl.
Yo fell pretty certain ihat no victuals
conhi spoil whllo tlibrti i wercl dirUIeH In
Thosuppor will be continued this eve
nlng. i'
The school directors havo secured", for
tho ensuing scholastic year, tlio u'rvlca
of .Mlaa Abblo Ootid. Shu will roturu to
tho primary department In tho Fourth
Ward .School, wjllrwlilch she wan curt-
necled lMBtyear. Mb-a.Go.-t. prdvodbor
self onoof tho mint successful t cue hers
ever connected with the Cairo schools.
The Ciilr A- Knlton ItniJruntl,
Col. Tliomtw Allen writes from Now
nrlc to tho maynr.of this , city, that ho
wilt visit Cairo on the opening of tho
Iron Mountain road, (which will .take
place soonl at whloh tlmo he will be
prejwred to perfect tho necessary ar
rangements to comply with 'tho con
ditions upon which our bub-scriptiou was
made. I To congratulates Cairo upon the
result of the election, and express pleas
ure at the unanimity manifested.
Tho alarm of flro last night tho liret
Inco the burning of tho Underwriter,
was ncoaaloucd by tho bunting of a ker
osene lamp on board thn steamer A. Da
ker. Thero whs considerable excitement
for tho moment, as thero was causo for
apprehending tho dcHtructlon of a grcaf
deal of property. Tho llamcs woro ex.
tlngulshed by a gentleman ou .board tho
boat, before they had made any consid
erable headway.
The flro companies were on hand
-Lessees of Cairo roal estate roprcaan tod
by tho underfilgnedc iipon which State
aud county taxes for tho year, Ap,
1868, remain unpaid, arc hereby nolljkd
that said taxes will bo paid by mo'ai
onco foritho owners of v tho lots, whom I
alono represent In tlio nia'tier." 'And I
hall proceed without delay to forfeit the,
leases thereon for nonpayment of such,
taxes. C. Winston.
July 0, lS69.lw t i
Tblva AbHI.
At a late hour last night tho promises
of Mr. Oberly wore visited by ono or
moro Hcoundrels vhoaucoeeded In. carry -ing
off a coop of chickens, and sundry
artlcles(of clothing that wero left hang
ing upon tho line In thjar yard .-'It is
to be hoped that tlclothiwf, which cau
be readily Identified, will lead to tho vll
llana' detection. Thero Is reason for be
UVlrig that tho theft was cotnmttted'by
If they aro not ttfo most hbando'ned
wretches that over disgraced human
shape, they will, when they ascertain
that they robbed a newspaper man, af
flicted with the mayoralty of Cairo, 're
turn tho property, with a note hurably
Thero wan a hop at tho Antrim House,
last night, In which quite a .number of
our young folks Indulged. It was a real
pleasant airalr,
A young gentleman of mtr acquaint
unco who schottlshod for tho ilrst tlmo
in his life, was so dollghtcd with his suc
cess that ho Instated that all other kinds
of dancing wns ploblan, and that, there
fore, the party should conflno Itself to
Hohottlschlng. 'iho graceful evolutions
of this young man exoitod general admi
ration, Ho retired tlrod the result of
The City ftealra Itabrlaale.
Tho market committee cannot agreo
on a location for the city scales. Two of
tho committee are clearly of the opinion
that It should bo located at the south
end of tho market house, and tho other
one is equally sure that It should bo loca
tod at the north ond. The north end
man being on tho ground, ordered nn
excavation prepared, and a forcoof hands
proceeded to execute his orders. When
tho excavation was, well advanced tho
two south end taoh tfamo around, and
being a majority of the committee, they
felt they had a right to control tho mat
tor, and ordered tho hands to stop tho
W'lJ.tqflll Mthauple they had made,
and to prepare tho excavation at tho
south end. This tho laborers proceeded
r?l atlcloso of tho day,.yeStcr
dfy evening, had (ho north ond holo par
tlallyfilled arid tliCMOtlth end excavation
well auyauced towordajjompletloui The
north end map, not to be outdono In auy
manner, enlisted" "this eo-oncratlon of
,ris!glib)rs-a Joidt, sessslpn Qf, tho city
ijuuwi-was convened, the matter-waH
wujmly cauyasedupd finaUy Redded
byavoto.. Tho north "end man was in
dorsed, tho vote 6t4ndlh cloven nortli
erners and six southeriers. This was a
triumph for tho northerners, over which
.they Jubilated warmly.
Thus fortified the north end man dl
rcctclho forco of bauds to fill up tho
hole they hhd prepared at tho south end,
tuid trf again! heavo out tho dirt from tho
holo at the north end. This was dono
this morning, and tho brlcklayeriput to
work walling It up. Tho south ond men,
evidently conscious of the rectltudo of
their alms, feel disposed to contend to the
bitter end. They felt assured Uat the
property owner on Tenth street would
resIU tho obstruction of tho street; and a
civil engineer was called to determine
whqthw or, not tho scales would form
suoh an obstruction. They wero doomed
In thls.to a second defeat. The engineer
decided that'Washlngtjm nvonup being
a analn thoroughfare, ran directly
through, and that Tenth street was
Tenth strcot to Its point or Junction with
tho avenue, and no further. This deci
sion added to the comnletoncs of till)
north ender's trhimph,.aiid tho work is
now progressing uninterruptedly as origi
nally directed by him.,, Tho south end
era are, however, prolific In resources,
and wo are by no niouns certain that
,tuc calculations and rejoicings of tho
norm enueiH may not, after all, bo up
trlppcd aiid lurned Into lamentations. ,
During all this contention tho scale-
sitter, from f?K Louis, was hero on' ex
poni, no doubt jnwardly exclaiming:
Vot a'people!
'J?arretts' db'n't slain' the skin.
Hlrnmliont niarlur'.
The BelloMompi, Craue master, will
leave for Memphis utn o'clock this cl
uing. Klio It ono of tho most popular
paisengcr packets on tho AUssIiwlDnl
river, u. 'i'. llinde. local atront.
The excellont steamer Julia, Callahan,
master, will leavo for Alemnhls and
Vlcksburg to-morrow evening. Bho con
nects with 8elma aud Meredlau railroad.
and with Yazoo river paokets. Hlude,
local agent.
ThoMolllo Able, Wan. Able master.
for New Orleans, Is expected to-morrow.
The Hello Vernon, Shamrock and
Lawrence are advertised to leavo St.
Louis this evening, for the Ohio river.
Ah Huron ragtag Amu ran re.
Tho prtHldcnt, troasurer, chief engi
neer ana several directors of tho St.
Louis, Alton and Chicago railroad com
pany, met the board of directors qf the
Cairo aud St. Louis railroad comnanv.
n St. Louis, on Thursday, and on vester
day started wltli them on a tour of obser
vation over aportlou of,tho route of tho
road, 7It it ponfidcntly assorted that,
wlthv tho" capital now at tho command'of
tho C. A 8t. L. R. It Co., thero will be
no diaiqujty Iq cop trading for the com
pletion of tho road wjthlnjho ensuing
eighteen months. This is a highly grat
ifying assurance.
"Barrett's" took the Silver Medal. t
"flro 4'atlla ThlevMi
Two darkles camo Into town this mom
ng, driving ahead of them two niter.
whloh they announcod for Bale. Mct-
ng Mr. James Smith they effected a
sao qf one of tho animals, receiving
therefor, tho caah. They then called
upon Mr. Mahonyto whom they offered
to sell tho other.' MnMahonev conlco.
turlug that tho negroM hud 6tolen tho
steor, Immediately started out in pursuit
oran omoer. v-Tttl-darliles dlvlnlng his
purpose,"taa4c to their eels and lied,
loavlng their steer In tho streets. Thoy
were subsequently pverhauled, however
and tho ovideace of their gu)t blng,
nough to authorise reasiinablor susplc
ious, .ey.weMcommUtedtqJaly , '
It is believed that the cattlo were sto-l
leu from somo of tho farms iu tills couu
ty, along tho bank of tho Mlssfssll.
One of tho darkles calls himself "Old
Tho report current among our country
exchanges to the effecl that tho Cairo
& Vlncennes railroad company has
failed, and that. thereforo, thero will bo
an entire abandonment of tho work, In
unauthorized. There wns a failure to
mako connections In financial mutters
that created some alarm, but tho failure
was ohargeablo moro to neglect than u
want of ability. The work wlll goahead
as usual.
A number of ea gulls wero souddlng
about Junt above th house tops, In tho
vicinity of Commercial avenue and,
Twelfth street, thl aftt-riioon, a gfuat.
temptation to gentlemen who owned
good wiro-twlat shot guaa oJiargeil with
duck bhot.
The Cape Girardeau 'Argus' gives In
its adhesion to what it Is pleased to term
the "progressive democracy " It believes
negro suffrage an accomplished fact, and
is therefore averso to further contention
about that issue,
Michael. Grady, an old citizen of Capo
Girardeau, sixty nine years of ago, sub;
mltted to tho amputation of -his ' left leg
abovo the knee, last Tuesday. Ho waa
drenching a horse, and tuo animal gavo
a forward plunge, its shod hoofsltjtrJMlug
Mr. G, bolow the knee, shattering the
bone Into several fragments.
Through passenger trains from Cairo
to St. Louis will commence running in
a few days. Tho'- .Ibnesbdro 'O'rfzetto'
says that fruit will bo shipped by thtiso
tralfari (o rit. Louis at tbJ lamVaiqf bat
It Is shipped to Chicago ly tho regular
fruit train.
Thc Anna editor of tlio Jonosboro
GazeUc' says: Never, since wo can ro
member, havo wo sc6ri bettor cr6ps grow
ing and tho greater part of tho cum III
now so nearly mnturVdlas'ti Iplrfcelt Ue
vond dancer of Inlurv trom drontlf.
A 8(eam' barrel factory thaltdrns olC.
from one thousand to twelve hundred
barrels per week Is In full tide of opern
tlbuiu the neighboring town of Anna.
Tho Jpnesbpro depot is constantly
crpded to.replollon with all kinds of
produce seeking market. 'The rush over
taxes' thV capacities of tfiat station.
Irish potatoes, at Anna, Are abundant
and dull at 25 cents per bushel. Good
apples comaaand 60 cents, but Inferior
ones cannot be given aw.ay.
The enterprising village of Du Quoin
offers $150,000 of her bonds to secure the
Southern Illinois Normal School.
Tlio negroes of Centralla propose'1 to
celebrate the emancipation of their race
at Centralla, on tho 4th proximo. The
Cairo and Mound City negroes wilt do
tho same "llkowlso." ' 1 1
The Paducah 'Herald' Is of theoplulon
that, In tho event of the success of the4
Imperial movement, John A. Logan will
be declared emperor. "His Koynl High
ness," "His Mnjesty," John A. Logan.
.Faugh I
T1(0 'Herald' has Information from
Mayfleld, Ky., tint Mr. O'NIel, while
standing under the shelter of a tree dur
ing tho storm of Wednesday, ,waa struck
by lightning and killed Instantly,
Messrs. Hale, Buc'kner ami Terrell, of
Paducah, received dtf Thursday last, u
hhd. of tobacco grown this year, by Mrs.
Milton Vance, of Ballard county. Thj
Is the first hhd. and takes tlio premium.
In tho cultivation of tobacco Ballard,
county beaU tho world ! A
.Murphvsboro la dem,ocnitlo.tqJhcji;.qre,
and Dr. Blauchard mid Tmii Logan are
both deroboraU. Tli6ybbthlept In the
lock-up the night previous to uie affray,
ntul both woro Immibv. TUcro Rrenrteii
lleonncd doifgcrles In thl lemncratlc
village. Sallno County 'Chronicle.'
Andthero aro ns blg-sotitod, liberal
hearted, hlghmlndcd men in this demo
cratic village aa tread ou God's footstool..
Tom Logan i and always has been a
democrat, and wo are proud of him.
John A. Logan, giving the He to his
whole political life, Is a radical I Which
Is tho worthier and most reliable politi
cian? The Baltlo Insurauce oomitany.of Jfow
York has failed. This company has
taken a great many risks In Cairo,. and
somo of its policies are now In force.
The holders, of oouree, will be sufferers.
As a crisis intheatralnt of iusuranco
companies is inevitable, It behooves our
citizens to Insure in such companlos
only as they know are entirely sound
and reliable. Cheap rates ottered by ,oli
scuro companies should at onco 'excite
distrust. 4
The Sallno County 'JRaglster' of Thurs
day says:
"Work on tho Cairo A Vlncouues rail
road, at this place, is prpgrewlrig.tiuely.
Jiaxersjones navo me timuercui on
almost to the Mlddlo Pork, and grading
1b going on along a distance of about a
Below this point work has been dis
continued, though for what reason wo do
not kuow. Tho most probable rumor Is
that' It was discovered that1 the cttinriol
near titonefort would have to bo arched,
which, would cstjio mucUJhiij.lr,.wlll be
cheaper to abandonHhat'partof tho lino,
and run tho road through Slouefort."
Purl Mai for'ltie' -Moatra Kndlar at
nvu u-riurH. a.
JL11111VALM. 1
Gen. Anderaon, Coluiribi, JVra. Wl'.fle. Paducah.
nieudalr, !jt . , J.WVon, .anvlllo.
Mollis Wrj io vuirKiten, co
I.timlnarj,',0vlcl i t."n.,rok'i "en Orlewn.
'lorn Rff. do . Jtytona, Uo
lndiaia,'l.nlUII; JWIeHc. I.otila, MeniphU.
. . , toEPAKTUBKS.
Octi. Anderaod. Coliimbm. Win Whlti', Paducah.
Union,-MMfnphlf. . olei5d,t 1'l'"irBh.
Qulckaiep, Kyiuiavlll .Molllp J.berl, ilo
lliHinarck, H. Ixill. Tom llcea, d0
llelle Bt. Loula, do imroiBary.- i(l
Holle i?t, otil, ilo Indiana, Ke Qrleaw,
rcytotm, i.ouitTino -
Tho weather contiuueaclear. with a
pleasant, temporaturo and cool nights.
Tlio Aitssissippi is inning at Ht. JjouIs nt
tho rato.of ten, inches per-day, and Is fall
Ing steadily but more slowly abovo. The
Missouri Is.alsb .falling every where, with
only throo foot water abovo I bloux City.
aaiV nat i I. ... ..t nin.i f . .
ino unto ih rising av t uwnurg, wan
nearly six feet water in Uionhannel. and
fulling ut Lnuisvlllo with four feet, six
Inches In tho cliuto over tho falls.
The (HimlMtrland la again fnllingnftcr
a small rlee, ami only two feet Ih now re
porttd on Ilurjiotlt Hhoti's.
Hero the river has fallon about four
Inches hIiico last report.
Iluslncs waa fair yesterday, but not
The White yesterday brought out 188
r-kn wheat, 1 lilnl tobacco 15 pltgd butter
ami ukh tor Cairo; 7 hhdi tobacco for re
shlpmi'iit to St. Louis; .'10 pkgs wagon
stud for Chester,
Tlio Q'llQlixlop brought 71 bbs apples,
5dox uliulfH, 3 tons stores and ware for
the I. C. C. K. It.; CO sks oats, 17 pkgs
furniture. 2 bbls meat for Cairo; 870 bags
wheat, 0 bales gunnies for reshlpment to
Ht. Louis; 2 crates cabbage for New
The following rogular pnekota leave
here this evenjng:
Wm. White, Capt. Beverly, for Padu
can, Cumberland, Capt. Lowth, for Evans
Til Io. t
Hello Memphis, Capt. Crane, for Mem-phis.
Cm Ciikk'a OrritR,
Cairo, 111., July 'JO. IM9.
l'ublic notion iabtrtiby alVen that a committee lia
lccu a
inpiiiiic(iL.io vxaminn an
ft I irf rMl and nrtonil
id correct the an
propcttj tot ln
unit Hit li nov i
rcntjrar; ant that iajil fti'SimtTitlliili now in tny
jfnte opon for, JrwTptlon, iinJ wju o rtmafii until
Munitar. Ih tli' ilav nt Aumiit.. lM'.ilnrliiir ulilnh
time alrt commlttffl, will hold .daily meeting in tho
JJity ClfrkS 'oftVe, and tiny poraon.tV'cllhK aBrlevo
by nahl a.xnnincnt can filo with tlio City1 Cle rk (In
City i1ertf,pr ttm.
c. if. snanvL . co.,
Marine nirchwrJ tho oottra Jtoclc and flxturn f
AnKrKVmTtipjrrraro-pTcpnreillO ilo alt kinda or
A'rf a lad 8 1 e a w "F 1 1 1 i ng
In n nr at and workmanlike mnnncr. Wearnalonro.
pared to repair all kladaofOaa (lituro, and ly our
rrwcMOf Promina and gildlntf make th-m Inorery
particular a good an Bew.tThoo bnTln mjoh flx
urrs.Mrill jpteaxt giro U a tall-allf faction gitarau
od (n nil ea.es. ' J.C, Pi TKAOKK,
lanvuu t, K. HUmr
for. ElevMtli mm4 WcIiIs(ob
Keep on hand the calibrated CranoA Breedi
najmonaa meuine snruu run.
Alao, black rrlrat, walnut oritalned Cbfflnamado to
order, at Terylow price.
Mr, Faith perforata hi owa work, be I or a pract
coffin maker, and It therefore otle to acll cheaper tnan
aoyb dy rlie.
RKM111ENCG Cor. Vtk aad M'alnnt Htrcata
OfTlCC-Cor. 0th Street and Ohio Levee.
OmCR HOUfW-Krom: 3 a.m. to 11 m., and &ra
3 to 0 p.m. dec2Hf
' ' i
JJR. W. lli SMITH,
Otl'ICKt I'iO cmm:hcia.i. a voice
Orrr Hannon'a Hook Pior,)
He.l JenceNo.'l'Thrrh iil(i Wfeet. aplt tf.
Bvor ytlii xx s
t J I
3B" x o Mix
IUv.ua cloff'd ont thttlr old stock of Clothing, )iar
Large and Splendid Niot-k,
Wliich embracen etcry kind of
Faahlonable Gentleuieii'n Wear,
And JKb. m It nulled to allelasaet.
They would ak epeclal attontion lothelraupply of
XZn.taa jaotad. Oapsi, . ,
In nhlch thay
their f
profen to leail tho market.
Alio to
Which embracw all styles of aolhit, Caslmcra
TweedK,o., from. Hhlch. they manofaetura
In thn beit manner, and atrlctly faihlonable.
Wieir atock of
,GctdIosJEri7ilsMrig Goods
If yery complete, Including many noveltle.t noior be-
ir irougui io mia nturKci.
TraNka, lof rrtry at jrle, Vnllaca, OarfMt
nacHi, a.c. '
AkurMl of thlr ability to tell good from their new
atock, cheaper lltaa Yr beJore, 111
criminatlnK publto to extend them
i iney
RiTiti hT Periodic XiiT
The I.onIoia tteinrterlv KaTiaWi '
1 ho KUlBBburir KTlWi .
Ttie WeatHilnlatrr atevUW,1 '
The North Brltlafc SUvlew,
Blaekwoo4'a Kdlubatrf Maa;aalaie.
l ThffVefinnlKer)lheleatliHff Ouazteilii-' an IUick
woou are now inuinpenaaDiit io mi who ueiroiorrH
themteltea rul r lnforniwl Willi r-anl toiiesrcai
.aubjecta of tlio day. n viewed by ih l?! actiolara
and apuudeal thinker in rft Jintain. i " conm-
ktnd nt tha fiend of the lil of Kucllnh writers on
tiilence. Itellirioi). Art nnd (leneral I.ilerattiro. tuid
whatever l warthy of tiiwtifiilon tlnda attention iu
the pajte of them Bev( a Jid lilackwood. Tl6 va
riety t ko great that no subscriber can fall to aatie
rted. These periodica) I jure prlajed with thorough
fldelily tothoKnKlltli'copy, ond areofferrd tit prlcca
which jitixethom within reauh of all.
Ternaa ir 1M. itffat
Any ono of tho BvTiewa.,. ....4.. t vo
Any two of iha Hvia'.rM.,..,-.;..... 7 oo
Any threo of the Kerlews 10 tiO
lllwkvood'd Maculae
Alt rour oi int. iteviewa la uv
iltwkwood and any ono Ilo lew..
lllacktrood and any two Kovlews IU OO
lllaokwood audnuy thro ItovlrAu 4,.... 13 00
lllackwood and tha IdnrRerlewa 16 00
, Olaktv
A dltottnt rf twrrity per cent, will l allowed to
club of four.or inoro persona. Thus, four copies of
Hlekrorl,orof one of the llMtiew, will r.o acnt to.
one qddreaa for 913 HO.
HutMeribera ahould prepay by the luartor, uY tho
oflie'e of dellrcry. Tho potuao(to any part of ilm
United Htatca la two o.Ta a number. Tnbj rate only
anplloa to current rulMorlptlona. Korlmck number
tho potox l double.
Trrmi to New Hkcrlbra,
New KtibMribera to any tvtu of the ntoro rrioill
cala for will bo entltUMl to reoeive, uratls, any m
of tho four Itevlone for Unit. Now Mibscriborn to all
Ate of tho periodicals fur l&ft) may lecelrr, Krntls,
Illaeknnoil ortiny tno of the four lU vlewa Jbr jses.
8nbcrlter!t tnny, by ptlj Ihb early, obutu Uwlc
net of the ttuvieutfrpm January, lAdi. to Uecember,
IhfiH, nod of lll.tokwnnd'H Mauntinn front Ja"ttary,
im, to !e-f mljcr, lWd, nt half ih current aitbacrlp-
ion priuo.
Mff" Neither preiiiiuma to HttbsKirllK-'ra, nonUeoount
to elntw, nor roiliiccd prices for back number, ton b.
allovod,uolc4 the iiimiey li remitted djroct to tho
publishers. No premium can bo givuu toclilln.
Tltp r.t'onard Scott Fubltalitiiir Cu,
l0"Ultuu -,wt, New York.
'i hy I l't ll.CO.iUiii jiiiT.luU ha
bv Henry Wephena. of Kdlnsburjf, and the Into J,
Nort')ti,of Yalo College, a qU-, royil octavo, 1,6
MK, nnd tumorous cnj,'rtiiiuiM. I'rjco, 7 00 f 1
fir ' '.by mull, Hst paid
JVI.Y VlHtiT..
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oinl Llnltlllili-n "
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"By tholr lVnlts yc knew' tli'cm."
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The 3Iosl Successful Fire Insnrsuicp Co.
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Three-roitrtlia of tho Inuranco Cominmle ha
lero.1 hate filled, pmrin the mistake nnd tliment
Ilea of n prafei'nn led on calamity and irt&f r
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uncommon event for onn of these Institutions b
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factery ono another of llfo'a nl.ilncst old lewnr, "A
you sotrth.tt shall you reap.''
Usefulness nnd doty must bo shaped aud me,jteil
only by tho wealth mid growth of our country.
Losses Paid nt Cairo by the Ulna:
D. CPtewart 7t i
Itaedand Cunningham . M W
r, r. rascimii mj
Holomon l.lttleflald ..M.. J7 t
K. h. Stewart X Urn. ........ HI ' j
7.. Klllott .. nr, U,
Adams, firabam ft Co Q t
Wilson A Thrtlpp in to
J. A. Reed .., 7M) Wl
Taylor. Iwlwardi k Co tnoo oi
Wm. Winter , ............... .iiin It
J. It. Humphrey Co ....., 4"2 tv
John Antrim .......,. 1) ()
A. II. Sttford yi Oi
F. Vincent 43 0i
Hlchard li. Noyea M 70
J. II. Humphrey.. 2t (it
Trorer A Miller 4 at
Vft V, A J. W, Tlnitnonh Sr. i
Hunt, Walsh A Co . 12
N. W. Graham A I'o ...,,.., i w.
Alice Taylnr 0a r-t
(latT. (VKliratt A Uo itM XT
John Martin ,......J(3.l li
If. rlanaakftr -..-t.. &0U OI
? 'rarer A Miller .. it! 51
larrell t llto 'Xw l-i
W. J. Vot A Co 167
K.lllalnkeusburg Vi (!
11. Frcanra m (
H. 1I. CtiiitiiliKbaui ItV)
J (J, llarman 75 (i
Win. H.-harir. lill . .
Hiram Henhntn 100
W. II. I)avis.M... ...... V0
HallidayAHro 1710 W
I ItPl?rt?ra...n MawtMUltiMtiiMtstMi ?T? A'i
lt.fmyth A Co I M a7
John . Ilarman JO Oi
I. l'amtaiker... ........ S oi
I,. Alley 17 VC
I. Vnrnbaker .. 17 1
(1 (loldamlth i...M...... 4'sl (
T W. aaflrey m
llauli Umltli ....m... iin-Ti.- in .. i n-win
O.K. tihlptnin M0 ti
.Michael rower 10 f
JI. J. Huckley IM If,
fam'l Wlltshln ,.. aoOOi
M. Madden... soo m
JIarflti Kcallnir 4'l i
(;entn In nil thnr ilu. i-il riliaaaiHl Towns.
lUIci and terms aa llberr.1 aa tensi.teut with nil
orate profit and stlbttautlul atourlly.
StitlorJ, MorvU at Can dec,
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