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tnin$ IMktitl
The great battle of ballots that is to
dotormino whether Tonntflseo uhall re
main tho poor, abject, radical ridden
commonwealth she has been slnco tho
closo of tho war, or whether nlio shall
pasii to tho ruin of honest, Intelligent
white men, who have at hoart tho desire
to ro-cstablish her In tho respect and
confidence of the world, Is to bo fought
Theoxtromo mon those who affect
tho belief tlitoby tho act of rebelling
tho South forfeited her property and
lands and Hint by tho natural operation
of things they pass to the possession of
tho negroes and northern interlopers;
thoso who seek positions through negro
enfranchisement and rebul dlnirancliisc
mniit, that will cnnblo them to rob,
oppress and plunder; thoso who claim
that the only right left to the late rebels
U the right to be hanged all these with
n slight admlxturo of honest, hut deluded
men, form tho forces that havo rallied
under Btokes. They uro pledged to con
tinue the radical rule In the South that
have cluvated the black man to positions
of honor and trust which ho is incapable
of filling; pledged to nil measures fair or
unfair, that will keep' the weulth and In
telligence of that section under tho feet
of Ignorance and Indolence, and pledged
to enforce that policy that will prolong
the distractions and distentions among
the people that havo hitherto been their
Under the lead of Sentcrtlio conserva
tive men rally, in sulllclcnt number it la
hoped and belloved, to utterly over
whelm their adversaries. These men
areplodgcdto principles that will lead
Tennessee out of tho slough of despond
and place her feet securely on tho high
way to tho proud position among tho
States she was wont to till. They pro
pose to accept the situation; to concede
negro suffrage, and to rcstoro whito men
to tho estate of white men. To this con
diet tho eyes of the whole country aro
, turned, tho good and patriotic praying
for a conservative triumph that will for
ever redeem and disenthrall Tennessee;
the fauatlcs of New England and their
iorfs everywhere, praying for a contrary
result one that will perpetuate that di
vision and strife that have subjected the
wholo country to the control of tho fa
natics, bad men and fools.
That the Senter party will triumph wo
aro confident. Tennessee has caught
the spirit of Virginia, ami Mill teach
those who cry blood and havoc, those
who would keopthoHouth in a condition
of vassalage, that their day ha passed;
that the sober ttecontl thought has re
turned, nud that henceforth tho South
will be ruled by friends of the South.
The radicals, foreseeing defeat, aro
raislug the cry of fraud and Intimida
tion, hoping to enlist tho interposition of
Congress lu their behalf to undo the
work of tho people. That there is any
considerable Justification for their com
plaints, no well informed man will dare
assert. Considering tho exciting nature
of the contost, tho bitterness of tho per
sonalities employed, the absence of any
movement looking toward intimidation
or violence, speaks volumes in praise of
tho people. If thoro has been any vio
lent threats or Intimidation against
whito or black voters throughout tho
Stato on account of their politics, a bona
fldo caso worthy of mention has not
oomo to light, except, perhaps, In East
Tennessee, whero threatening letters
wore sent to number of Beater men.
Perhaps less of actual violence has never
been known In a Tennesseo canvass than
has characterized this campaign up to
the present time.
Governor Senter has been severely de
nounced for his removal of registers, but
when it Is borne in mind that said regis
ters kad peremptorily refusod to issuo
certificates to minors who had become
of age alnce tho rebellion, and had also
refused to bo governed by tho Supremo
Court decision, addlug over 20,000 to tho
voting population, It will bo readily ac
knowledged that the Governor was ful.
ly Justified in his action. Perhaps thero
will be 50,000 more votes polled in this
election than In the last ganoral election.
The present registration law, which is
really a monstrosity) gives the Gover
nor almost absolute power lu the regis
tration business, but its framers never
droamod that it would bo used otherwise
than to further extreme radloal Inter
ests. Senter Is acting strictly within tho
bounds of the law, but becauso ho has
out loose from the prescriptive? ami lib
eralized tho registration business, ho has
drawn on himself the howls aud execra
tions of the small minority who havo
ruled tho Stato as with rod of Irou during
tho last fow years.
To-day tho extreme radical party is de
moralized and dlscomfltted ln Tonnes
see, and, while tho Democratic party as
such is not llkoly to como into power, a
strong national conservative party, some
thing like the Walker organization in
Virginia, will soon undoubtedly assumo
tho reins of power. ' With an honest,
upright administration, call it what you
may, tho domooraoy wlU bo contont.
But from the furtfier tyranny nml op-
prcssion of such a pack of thieves and
scoundrels, potty despots nnd brazen ig
norammusscs, as have ground Tenncsseo
Into the very dust, good Lord deliver tho
Their noil Doirni
Tho 'Journal of Commerce,' dwolling
on the faot that during the past thirty
fivo years no less than flfty-flvo daily pa
pers havo been started lu the city of Now
York, lived for a short time, and thon
died for want of adequate support, after
having autik millions of dollars, moral
lzes lu this instructive strain:
"Tho, reasons why not more than one
out of '(say) fifty dally newspapers buc
cecd, are not generally understood. If
they were, instances would bo fewer of
the sinking of fortunes In the unavailing
attempts to found a daily a waste of
money as literal and complete as If the
owner had burned it in his parlor grate.
"Tho first and greatest of difficulties Is
tho want of sufllcient means. Upon this
point, which hai been frequently eluci
dated, wo shall barely touch. To run a
tlrst class dally und only such stands
tho least chance of surviving In tho strug
gle for existence) costs not far from $1,000
a day, oven with a modcruto circulation
This rate of oxpendlturo takes frightful
uauy ones out or 1110 capital; ana, unless
the projector has tho purse of a Btowart,
Astor or Vanderbllt, he cannot stand the
Inroad upon his funds for many mouths
or weeks or days. Among professional
newspaper men In this city, tho cash in
hand required to give a first class news
paper a chance Of life, is estimated at
from a half to three-quarters of a million.
Its failure, without such a sum at its
back which It is prepared to invest bold
ly and sagaciously Is certain. Its suc
cess after all tho money has been spent
In the wisest and most Judicious manner,
Is still problematical. utiTess all circum
stances favor tho undertaking if thero
Is a weakness or want of tact devclopod
at any stage of it-no amount of money
can put a now dally paper in operation
lu this city. Tho failing newspapers aro
usually brought up with a round turn be
fore many tens of thousands havo been
sunk. Tho backers become alarmdd aud
back out. If the new concern Is a stock
company, tho subscribers to shares pay
out one or two of tho assessments, and
then forfeit what they have Invested,
rather than lose more. Only in a few
cases aro men bo lucky or, perhaps we
should say so foolish as to go on wast
ing a reafhalf million, before abandon
ing their ill-advised newspaper scheme
DUeouragement aud disgust commonly
supervene by the tioio that fTO,U00 or
f 1UO.OO0 havo vanished In the yawning
What is true, in this behalf, In New
York, holds good, in less pretending
newspaper enterprises in smaller towns.
Persons who aro unacquainted with tho
constantly occurring exponscsof the daily
newspaper ofllco can form any adequato
Idea of tho footing! up of a week's outgoes.
Cairo Is yet a small city, aud tho 'liulle
tin is u small dally paper, but small as
tho city is, every dollar under two thou
sand per month It falls to furnish us to
wards paying tho expense incurred in tho
publication of the paper, must bo made
good out of our Individual means. This
being true, thoso business men and largo
property holdors.tboso prominent citizens
and aspiring politicians who conceive
thatthny are dolug tholr duty iu tho sup
port of tho papor because, forsooth, they
eubscribo for a copy and pay us twenty
cents a week therefor, can iteo how com
paratively Insignificant their patronage
Is! There aro iu Cairo twelve hu mired
voters. If every ono of theso should take
tho paper and pay us twenty cents per
week therefor tho aggregate sum would
not pay ono half the expense of its pub
lication. Wo mention these facts that citizens
who are Interested In tho continued pub
lication of tho 'Bulletin' may understand
that they must do somethlug mcro thau
"subscribe," If they honestly -desire to
sustain us. All tho money we recolve on
subscription would no pay for tho pub
lication of one number of the 'Bulletin'
every ten days. It is upon advertising
we rely, for four-fifths of. our newspuper
income. Those, therefore, who adver
tlso lu our columnB, who become per
manont advortudsg patrons, are tho men
who support the .paper. That kind of
support we now iivUe, andvo hopo not
In vain. The times aro trying with us.
Wo aro willing to expend on tho paper
every dollar tho public places in our
hands. When this fails to support it it
must and shall go down!
This faot we would impress upon
citizens interested, because wo mean ex
actly what we say.
Marshall Mathorspaugh has boon ap
pointed ticket agent at Chicago for tho
consolidated Fort Wayne and Penn
sylvania Central railroads. Mr. M. was
long In chargo of tho Pittsburg oflloe,
and comes here with an oxcellant record.
Chicago Evening Tost.'
Tho position Mr. Matherspuugh has
arcspted lu Chlcugo, is, iu par,t, that so
worthily filled bp Mr.Clelluud, now ab
sent, wo bollove, on tho Paolflc coast.
With tho peoplo of tho 'southwest the
13 Tenth Street, Thornton's Building.
rittaburg, Fort Wayno & Chicago and
tho Pennsylvania railroads, are favorites.
They therefore watch, with a feeling
akin to Jealousy any changes calculated
to change or affect tho management.
The name of Mr. Matiierspaugh is by bo
means a strango one among the promi
nent business men of Ibis section of
country, and they bear common testi
mony to his excellence as a gontloman
and his efficiency and tact as a business
man. That he will worthily and satis
factorlly fill tho position he has accepted,
wo havo the fullest assurance from thoso
who know him personally.
The ad vertlsemcn t of the Pennsylvania
Central railroad is published in anotbor
oolumn, and to it wo ask the attention
of thoso who in tholr travels cast desire
to avail thetnsolves of tho best and pleas
antest route.
Invalids who proposo to seek a cure
for their aliment iu the waters of neigh
boring sulphur springs, should first con
sult their pbysiclaus, and determluo if
their, afflictions arc of tho kind to bo ben
efitted by such u resort.
A chemical analysis of the waters of
tho Crittenden Sulphur Springs, which
aro tho most accessible to persons living
iu Southern Illinois, shows tho following
Sulphuretted hydrogen gas; free car
bonic acid gas; iodldo of magnesium;
bromldoof magnesium; chloride of mag
nesium; potassium; sodium, calcium
and aluminum; bicarbonate of lime,
magnesia andiron; sulphate of soda,
potash, limo and magnesium, and silica.
Ton mind unaccustomed to scientific
names, tho odor Is ono suggestive of eggs
past their time of usefulness, or water
from a dirty gun barrel. Tho invalid
soon acquires a relish for tho water, how
ever, aud will drink it in preference to
any other. It Is very clear and delight
fully cool.
The analysis was made by the Ken
tucky State geologist, and Is bellovod to
bo a correct one. By an examination of
it any Intelligent physician cau deter
mine what class of invalids may use the
water to advantage.
Yellow fever Is prevailing to an alarm
log extent in Fensaoola, an& it la ap
prehended It will be a scourgo during
tho entire season.
Tho two prominent Radical candidates
to succeed Boss as Senator from Kansas
are a couple of clergymen who have
mado a failure In that profession.
The length of the Paclllo Railroad la
such that a courtship begun in Ohio was
consummated In a marriage before tho
two travelers reached tho end of tholr
Tho great National Horso Fair will bo
held this year at Wllliamsport, Pennsyl
vania, September 7 to 10, inclusive.
Twenty thousand elephants are an
nually destroyed to furnish the man
ufacturers of Sheffield with Ivory for
knife handles aud other purposes.
Pollard, in his volume upon tho war,
says Gen Leo carried on the war coldly,
as a painful matter of business regarding
secession as a mistako from tho begin
On Thursday evening, an oil train Just
arrived at Cleveland from Oil City, was
accldently fired, resulting In tho destruc
tion of 43 cars and 1200 barrels of oil.
Loss $60,000.
Ten thousand men, boys, women and
girls aro aald to be out of employment in
Chicago the greatest number ever known
to be out of employment in that city.
The thinness of Amorlcans as a people
is to bo accounted for on tho ground of
dofectlve digestion. In our baste we
bolt food, not chow it. We should learn
a losson from tho beasts of tho field, who
chew their cud, grow fair, and keep
troublM mt bay.
A. Acker, Peter Acker axd James
Cochran, residing in Venango county,
Pa., went out deer hunting one day last
week aud while Peter was moving about
in a lick his brother mistook him for a
deer, fired at aud killed him.
A worm, about half an Inch in length
and with a striped body, is at work In
tho cornfields of Fayette County, Indiana.
It enters the atock either at tho top or
bottom and bores Its way entirely
through, killing tho stalk in every in
stance. All tho prisoners coufiued at Fort
Lafyette, charged with being concerned
in the Cuban expedition, havo been re
leased. No particulars aro given, but it
Is supposed they woro released ou their
own recognizances.
Tho Philadelphia 'Inquirer' in descri
bing the fall of real esuto in that city,
says that "never befort since 1801, were
vacant houses so plentiful In Philadel
phia." Mexican papers clalrx tho population
of that country, as ascertained by a re
cent census, exceeds 0,WO,000. As two
thirds of tho country isiu a otato of In
surrection, aud ' alraott without sem
blance of civil government, tho "census"
can hardly bo much moro than a careful
A young man named Powell, while
mocking a deaf and dumb person on the
cars, between Belloville and Galloway'e,
Tenneweo, a fow days ago, wasauddenlly
struck totally deaf and dumb. Ho re
turned to Bellevillo and wrote as foll
ows: "Godnas sent this awful punish
ment upon mo to teach man never to
mock at tho infirmitiea of his follow
While crossing Sugar Creek, near
Crawfordsvllle, Indiana, on Tuesday, a
small boat, containing two ladles,
waa earned over a dam.
Mrs. McConncll was drowned. Mrs.
Clask, who accompanied hei, was takou
'from the water insouslble, but waa re
suscitated. During a recent recitation on natural
history in ono of our well known col
leges, a student In tho pursuit of knowl
edge concerning tho habits of auimals,
said: "Professor, why docs a cat, while
cuting, turn her head first ono way and
then the other?" "For tho reason," re
plied tho professor, "that she cannot
turn It both ways at once."
General N. Banks and Ilonoralo B. F.
Wade are at the head of u movement
whloh has for Its object the preventing
of tho sailing of tho gunboats now build
ing In tho country for the Spanish gov
From tho Columbus 'Sun' wo glean
that the Savannah and Memphis rail
road has been graded fifteen miles west
from Opellka work worth ono hundred
and fivo thousand dollars.
Tho editor of the Burlington 'Argus'
crows lustily over a new baby in his
house, and says: "Another democratic
voter, when woman's rights prevail in
Radical Iowa."
Miss Lizzie Price, tho actress, formerly
playing at the Arch StrectTheater,Phil
adelphia, was recently married in New
York to Mr. William Wlntle, a rich
young man.
The nume of the French historian,
which, in our youthful days, used to go
around tho class asGuzzit, Gow-ls-lt,
GIzzet, Gulzzct, Gweezct, Geezet, Guzzo,
GIzso, Guizzo, Gweezo and Geezo, has,
at last, recolvcd an authorltatlvo pro
nunciation. A member of the recent
Philological Couvcutlbu of Poughkcep
sle stated that he had received a letter
from M. Guizot, Sr., informing him that
the namo should, by all means, bo pro
nounced Gu-izzo, while enclosed was a
letter from M. Guizot, Jr., requesting
that it bo always pronounced Gweezo.
Thero is a man in tho West, says ono
of our exchanges, who has moved so of
ten that whenever a covered wagon
comes ucar his house his chickens all
fall on their baoks aud cross tholr legs,
ready to be tied aud carried to tho next
stopping place.
Hrlrie and Hrlilejcroom.
Essays for Young Men on tho Interesting relation
of BrlJ groom to llrlIe,ln tho institution of Marriage
a guide to matrimonial felicity, and truo happiness.
Sent by mall In sealed letter envelope frea of chargo.
Address, HOWAHD ASSOCIATION, box 1 r-hiladcl-phU,
Pa. mySUUwSin
Tho Fortieth Annual gtsilon of studies lu tho
Will Open
Mouduy, September 1, 1801).
The course, of studies ofTcni every facility for ac
quiring a thorough
C'IsvmIcmU suU t'uiutuerclal EJnclou.
1'or Catalogue, etc., address
President St. Loula UnUersitj,
augJwIw Hi. Louis, Mo.
All persons are hereby forewarned not to give my
wife, Mrs. Catherine Campbell, credit on my account,
from ond after thisdsUirl'ani determined to pay
no debts of her contracting!
Aug., IJ. P. OAMWKMi.
City funk's Omit,
Cairo, 111., July 30, M
rublla notice is lieroby given thru a committoo has
been appointed to oxamhiQ and correct the assess-
rent year; and that snfd assessment list Is now In my
mentiiMt of real and personal property for the'eur
ottlco open for Inspection, and will so remain until
Monday, the t'lh day of August, 13i9, during which
timusaid conimittoo-will hold daily meetings in th
City Clerk' office, ami any porson feeling aggrieved
by said assessment mm iUo with tho City Cleric (in
ivrltimt lilu it.lfwit lr... TftllV ltimU'V
City Clerk, pro tin.
For a now domestic article of great utility , meets a
universal want sells it sight; no composition. Send
stamp for circular. LIITI-KI'IELD A iUMi:, No.
l'.H Washington street. Hoslon.Mft. SWIwm
The co-partnership heretofore existing between
Charles (layer and Henry Wuldsmlth, in the butcher
ing business, in this city, has been dissolved by
mutual couseut. All debts duo the firm may bo
paid to eltlior Mr. flayer or Mr. Waldsmlth.
Cairo, ill., Atif.a, lsM13t
I"j",roby given Hurt default having, occurved in the
performance of tho conditions expressed in n certain
Mortgage or Deed of Trust executed by Edward T.
lloss to Bamiiel Btants Taylor arid Edwin Parsons,
Tnuteeg of the Cairo City Property, dated the 18th
lllif April. A. O., 1801, recorded In tho ltecordcr'a
O lice, in nnd for Alexander county, In tho Htnto of
Illinois, in tsook P of Decds.pngo ltt Ac;sald Mortgo
orlljcd of Trul cont eying lots numbered 3 (throe)
nnd 4 (ibtir). In block numbered 3 (three), in tho first
addition to i city of Cairo, in tho said county nnd
btatc, wc, the undersigned, said Trustee, will on
Friday, tho Uth day of August next, A. ., 1800,
nt 10 o'clock In tho forenoon of that day, under nnd
by virtue of tho power of into contained In said Mort
gage, sell, at Public Auction, to tho highest bidder.
rorCoali, at the ottlco building ofisnld Trustees, cor
ner of "Mhlnton Aveouoand lMli street, In said city
of Cairo, in Alexander county nad HlUo of Illinois,
jald lotsnumbered 3 (three) and 4 (four) In block num
bcreil3(thrce) In tho first addition to said city of Cairo
according to tho recorded plat thereof, with tho ap
purlf nnn.ics, to satisfy tho pUTtose and condition of
oaid SVrtgKf. 1 1
Trnslees of tho Cairo City Properly.
Cairo, III., Jnlyalst IW'.Mltd.
Is hrichy given that default having currcd In the
prtrnianco of tho conditions oxprnuied lu u certain
Mortgage or Ieetl of Truid executed by Henry Hunker
to Hamtiel Htants Taylor and Kdwln Parsons, Trustee
of the Cairo City PruffTty,dotod AligustWIi, 1, and
recorded In the lteoorder's otllce, in and for. Alexan
dercounty, In the State of Illinois, In Hook Pof Dcnl
pngo ll'j, said .Mnrtgago or Hod of Trnst conveying,
ots numbered 17 (t.iventeon) aud 1 eighteen), In,
block nmiilmrod 21 (twentj-onel, In tho fourth addi
tion to thrrlty of Cairo. In snld county nnd State, wo
tho undersigned, ald Trustees, will
on Friday, the 13th day of Angmt next, A.K., 18M.
at 10 o'cloek of tho forenoon of that day, under and bj
vlrtuo of the wcr ol r alo contained iu said Mortgage
sell, at Public Auction, to thi highest Udder, for Casli,
nt tho ottlco building of snldTrutecs, corner of Wash
ington Avenue nnd ifth treet, In said eltydf Cairo,
in Alexander county and Htnto of Illinois, ald lot
numbered 17 (evenieen) nnd IS (eighteen), In said
Mock numbcreil '.'I (twenty-ouo) in said Fourth addi
tion to raid City of Cairo, according to tho recorded
plat thereof, with tho appurtenances, to satisfy the
ptiriwf and condition of said Mnrtiraso.
Trmtees Cairo City I'rorcrly.
Cairo, III., July il. iwn-dtd, t
Is hereby git en thai default having wrurrel m the
performance nf tbe 'nmtitlofi-- expreMed Inn certain
mortgage or de ed of irut executed by Mnrgnrut Kw
Ing to Samuel stunt Taylor nnd 11 win Parions, trus
tees of tho Cairo City Property, dated the lidhdayol
March, A.I. lsH. and recorded In tho recorder's of
lice, In and for Alexander county, in theStatoof 1111
nols, in book E of Deeds, iago3,o Ac., said uortgage
or deed of trust, conveying lot numbered rtfleen (14).
In block numbered two (3), in tho recond addition to
thn city of Calr, In said county and Stale.
We, thn undersigned, sold trustees, will on Friday,
the 13th day of August next, A. V. 1n;, nt lu o'clock
in tho forenoon of t hat day, under and by virtue of the
power of sale conWim d in said uiorlKago. soil, at pub
lic auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, utthoof
tiee buildings of said trustees, corner of Washlngtoi
avenue and loth street, In said city nf Cairo, lu Alex
ander rounty nnd State of Illinois, said lot nutnWod
fifteen (K) ' block two (2) In said second addition to
saldcityof Cuiio, aruording to tho recorded plat
thereof, with the appurtenances, to satisfy thn put
iiea ami coimuiodui sum uiuriKng"
Tnultra of tlm Coir City Property.
Dated. Cairo. 111., July 21st. Is0!. jyil-dtd
Is herebygfven that default liuvinx m-currex iu
performanco of I lie conditions expressed hi n certain
mortgnenrdeed of trust exwtiteil by John M-Cyrus
to Samuel Staof Taylor and Edwin Parsons, trustors
or the Cairo City proiwrty, nnd dated Am:ust'tluA
I). IHM, and recorded In the reennler's olllee, In and
ror Alexander county, In tlio Stato of Illinois, in book
Pof deeds, pago 132, A"., said mortgairx or deed of
trust conveying lots numbered tlility.foiir (31) nnd
thirty-five (A', in hlix l; numbered tlvu (V. in the
third ni'dltlon In the city of Cairo, in said county find
Stato. Wc the iindrrsigued said trustees, will on Fri
day, the 13th day of August next, A. D. 1! nt 10
o'clck In tho forenoon of thut day, under and by vir
tue of the power of sale contained In said mortgage,
sell, at public auction, totho highest bidder, forcah.
nt tho cilice biilldlngof aald trustees, corrcrol Wash
ington Avonitonnd lSth street, in snld city of Culm, In
Alexandercountynndiialitof Illinois, saVI )! nunt-In-red
thlrty-four (3t) und thlrty-flvo (ii), in block tlv
(,), 111 the third n.ldltloii to said city of Colro, accord
ing to the recorded id.it thereof, with tho aimurten-
nnces, to satisfy the purpoi- nnd condition of saM
a A -1 k 1 St Vff . Tl
n.ni,iAini.ii i,'n,
Trustee nftlie Cairo City Proiioriy.
Dated, Cairo, III., Julyilst, H. . lyiil-dnl
Is hereby glen iX. dofmtlt having n-uincd in the
norr,irinnii-niif tliiM oiiilltlonsexnre.ied In n certain
mortgngn ordeeiiof trut executed by Edward T.
Ilos to Samuel Sums Taylor and 7Uln Parsons
Trustees of the Cairo Cliy Property, tinted I ha mil do)
of October, A.D. IS03, and recorded in the recorder s
otflce, in and frr Alexander county, in tho State of 111
inols, in book P of Deeds, page lv. a.. said mortgage
on deed of trul, convey inir, amour others, lots imm
bcrcd thirty-six (M) and thirty-saven (17), In block
numbered wren Wen (17) In tho tlr.l addition to the
city of Cairo, In said county and State.
We, the undersigned, said trustees will on Friday,
the Uth day of August next, A, 1. I", nt 10 o'uloek
In tho forenoon of that day, under nnd by vlrtuo of th
power of sale contained lusxid mortgage, sell, at pub
lie auction, lutlie highest bidder, for cash, atthnol
ftco bulldiugof said trustees, corns r of Wnshinton at
emte and I Mil street, in said city df Cairo, in Aluxande
county ami State. Jlliuvi,-am wis niiiiu-rv-ii iinri)
six (3!) and thirty-seven (371. In block iiuiiiUrcd set
enleen (17), In the tlrst addilfn.r to said c ty of Cairo
.....r.Hno' in thnrecnntcol llat thereof, with thoapnur
(Mianecs. tomtlifv til uiirixjses and coiiditinn of said
mortcage vi' vaiuw,
Trustees of the Cairo City Property
Date.1. Cairo. 111.. July st.lwl IsilwIM
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OK HAVK, CHEAP Now Cottage and
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