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&e tfvmnq title
Arrival and Departure of Mailt
(Cairo root Offloo, February , J89 J
(Time of closing.)
Norlli through 3:3" a.m... 3:UOp.m.
North way) t 4:45 p.m......ll:O0 p tn.
Houth i through and way). 4 :Mn.m ...... 11:00 p.m.
South' Memphis N.U.).. 4:00a.m...-. 4:00 p.m.
Ohio Kltcr rou(fl.... AiWp.m 6:00 p.m.
Mississippi Itlver route, -
Tuesdays and Fridays... CiOOp'.m "lOO p.m.
Charleston, Mo., Tuesdays
Thursdays A Haturdays.. 11:00 a.m. ..11:00 a.m.
Thebes , Goose Maui' tnl
SautaFo .......... ... o.OUp.mFrl. 7;03a.m. Sal.
Ohio Mvc route departs every day oxcc nt Mondays.
Tea and tablo upoous of tin, tinned
Iron, urlttnnla, Gorraun silver, etc., etc.,
at tho Quoonswaro House.
A Masonic Key Htnno, gold tiointod;
on one sldo aro significant letters form
lug a clrolo nrouud the llguru of a homo;
on tho roverso la tho tinmo J. Johnbon,
to. Tho ilnder will bo wultnbly reward
ed by leaving tbo name nt tho Illinois
Centrnl railroad offlco. augld3t
Yesterday and tho day before wore re
corded na tho warmest days of tho hoa
hoii. The weather appeared not only
very warm, but heavy and oppressive
giving one a sensation nut unliko that of
breathing through n bunch of cotton
wool. Tho temperature to-day is a slight
improvement, but Is ntlll too warm to be
termed either bracing or balmy. The
thermometer stands at about 00.
"Barrett's" is umurpuaed.
Mr. Frank Bchuckers has closed out
the office of the Murphysboro 'Argus' to
JJouton and Frick, of Jonesboro, who
will hereafter publish the paper. Mr.
Shuckers dm returned to Cairo. Just at
this tlmo we do not suppose that tbcro la
much monoy in country printing ofilces;
but the time is not far distant when Mur
physbdro will support a small oflico
handsomely. Boutoti Is an experienced
newspaper man and will no doubt pub
llflh a paper that will be popular with
tho people. With Mr. Frick we aro not
personally ucqualnted.
Work on the Cairo A Vincenned rail
road has been stopped and tho enterprise
abandoned. This will add to tho vnluo
of tho Kvansvillc, Citrtnl & 1'aducah
road, and will givo it uu Impetus that
will soon build lt.-Paducah 'Herald.'
A gentleman from Evansvillo informs
is that prominent citizens of that place,
accepting the nboyo report as true, arc
immensely hajipy. They think the pro
ject killed oiT. They were never more
mistaken in their lives. The work, gen
erally speaking, is going 6u, and it has
never for a moment entered tho mind of
any well Informed person that the en
terprise will bo abandoned. It is not
denied that Gen. Burnslde Is embarrass
ed; but tho friends of tho road, Instead
of feeling any uneaslncM ovit the aspect
of attain, look forward to a "chauge that
will place tho undertaking on a surer
footing ttiau ever. Negotatlons looking
to that end are on foot, and will be con
cluded In a few days, weeks at farthest.
There Is not aman, woman or child iu
Cairo acquainted wi(h all tho facts In
volved, who Is In tho least alarmed at the
turn affairs have taken. In fact the
matter scarcely oxcltes remark.
Barrett's" is warranted.
Wo are ready fur tho fall trade in
lamps, chimneys and lamp-stock gen
erally. Prices lower and styles belter
than last year.
Paksons, Davis fc Co.
flint .le Muackcicra.
To heat glass fruit Jars without break
ing: Whin your fruit Is about cooked,
placo tho needed number; of fruit Jara on
tho table, pouring Juto each a little cold
water, say an inch In depth, and fill with
hot water, empty, anil your Jars will be
ready for the hot fruit. This is much ea
sler and cheaper than to placo thorn In a
kettle ofcolii water and boat thb'wolbr,
nnd no Jara will bo broken.
t'ottntry Merchant N M.
Heavy stook of rjueeiiswaro direct
from tho potteries iu Knglnnd, via Now
Orleans, for salo at jijsw list piticua,
lower than over before by"
Aug. 4, 1869. ParVonh, Davib A Co.
Auction Hale or Household nml KKclick
I will sell at public auotlon on Friday
August Oth, aV P o'clock a. m., at tho
residonce of Dr. Taggart corner of
Twenty-first strcot and Washington
nveuue, a large assortment of parlor and
kltoheu furnituro, consisting of sofas,
chairs, mirrors, carpots, bed-steads,
center tables, dinning tables, wardrobes,
wash stands, Bares, bureaus, heating
wtovin, cooking stoves and ono flno re
frigerator &c, Ac
Parties wanting bargnlnsshould attend,
for every art Iclo offered will positively
bo sold. Daniel Haktman
at, Auctioneer.
Call and see Parsons, Davis di.Co.'a
tine stock of silver plated ware, spoons,
forks, and fancy articles, single, double,
treblu and quadruple plate, of Kogers
Him' best mako,
- - -
Parsons, Davis & Co. recolvo their
( rockery from England by ocean and
river, and their glnsswaro from tho Pitts
burg and other factories by river, Cheap
freights enable thorn to tell ua low as the
btrawa for picture frames at Parsons,
Davis & Co.
Tho fleet of gunboats and monitors at
Mound City have been put In order for
their voyago to South America, and will
pull np anchors for a start next Sunday.
i i
Toothpicks at Parsons, Davis fc Co.'s,
only 20j. a thousand.
,jb A regular meeting of Doltu Lotlgo,
ANo. 608, A. F. & A'.JM'., Will bo hold
atMasonio Halt this (Thursday) evening
at 8 o'clock, '
Jewktt Wilcox, Sec.
' Tho Mason fruit Jars, atPlttsburg pri
ces, at P. D. fcCors.
Tho report that Mr. Walter .Hyslop is
sick, is without foundation. Ho Is ailing
hl position as assistant cashier in tho
Clty.National Bank, and ih In the enjoy
ment of his usual good health.
Mason Jars, self-sealers, best In tho
world, at Parsons, Davis & Co.
Tho Paducah 'Herald' says that ono
Hannah Tlmms, a gay und dashing maid
of sixty, of tho genus African, and order
Bushman allowed her Jealousy to got
tho better of her' W6mrfnly rnodesty and
discretion, on Monday, and In tho heat
of her rluhtcoufl Indignation who shot tho
vlllianous betrayer of her virtuous trust
and confidences in tho face, tho ball com
ing out at tho back or his neck.' The
wronged creature was seized and cala
boosed. Beautiful glasa setts, -cake salvers,
pitchers, vases, etc., at Parsons, Davis &
The colored people to tho number of
ono hundred or more, assembled In the
old City Hall, last night, and
Danced nil night, 'til broad davlljrht
And went homo with the gain in the morning.
And Bradley, not to bo outdone in any
partioular, palled his faithful together,
and to the measures of entrancing mu
sic they whirled away In a stylo bowll
derlngly delightful. The opinion is ex
pressed that in tho observance of initial
emancipation day, Bradley has so far
eclipsed Shores that the latter individual
is positively nowhere.
The hnndsomest tea trays ever brought
to Cairo may bo found at Parsons, Da
vis & Co.
Hrokc IIIh Arm.
A Ilttlo son or widow Fox, rcsidlug on
Poplar street, in tho neighborhood or
Twentieth, fell from a turning pole, upon
which he and other boys wero practicing,
yesterday evening, and broko his arm.
Ho had thrown his body forward, and
was in a position nearly horizontal when
his hold broke loose. JIo fell upon his
back, his whole weight being thrown
upon his arm. Dr. Warduor was called,
aud splintered tho broken limb, and in
a few hours tho lad was comparatively
comfortable. The fracture was a com
pound one.
.I i
Dolls and doll heads, in vurlety, at
Parsons, Davis & Co.'s wholesale and re
tall quoonswaro establishment.
"Barrett's" tho originator.
Tlir Iojr Tooth Niiootlnir; Nerape,
A gentleman who resides in Dog
Tooth Bend, and who professes to bo en
tirely familiar with all tho details of tho
lute dlfllculty between Elliott and Rem
mlck, gives a version of tho affair quite
different from that recently published in
tho 'Bulletin."
It Is said thatRcmmlck was intoxicated
and very abusive, that ho grossly Insulted
soveial ladies present, nnd approaching
Elliott struck him n violent blow In the
face Of course tho blow was resented
and tho parties clinched and, fell to the
iloor. They were separated; but Re,m
miek expressed rt determination to kill
Elliott aud again rushed upon him, when
Elliott drow his pistol and fired. The
ball, as boforo stated, struck Reromlck
in the breast, Inflicting a very serious
wound; but ovou after this Remmlck
continued to pursue Elliott in a violent
and throatonlug manner. Our Informant
further states that Elliott remains at
home aud thoro has been no effort made
to arrest him. It Is said, Indeed, that
publlo sentiment Justifies tho shooting as
an act of Keif defense.
This Is tha third version of the affair
that baa appoarod In thoBullotln,' and
as It comes more directly than the oth
ers, wo aro disposed to credit it ns the
true ono.
A splendid stook of Jara, churns, jugs,
butter pots and other stoneware of supe'
rior quality, at low figures, by Parsons,
Davis A Co. ,
Read "Barrott's'' alvert'somouts.
TfcVlr'KmlleTlii ,'
We are now receiving tho Cairo Eve
ning 'Bulletin' rcgulary. It is a large
eight page paper, tilled brim full every
week with Interesting reading matter.
It is now decidedly ono of tho best papers
publlshea In Illinois, and a paper that
tho democracy or Egypt Bhould reel proud
or. Every democrat, in this and adjoin
ing counties, arter subscribing for their
country pnpera, should send for tho 'Bul
letin,' for it truly deserves support.
Marlon (III.) 'Frleud.'
Fresh stook of French china, tea sotts,
Parian busts and figures, and Bohemian
aud Belgian glassware, this day opened
at Parsons, Davis & Co.'s,
'"Barrett's"" Success fill Hair Restora
tive. - - ,"
NewHtyles of goblets at surprisingly
low prices, Just received from factories by
Parsons, Davis & Co., Nos. C and 7 Tenth
Coaaactlofta With Southern KnllroiMta.
The St. Louis 'Democrat' of tho4ih.
commenting upon an extract from tha
Cairo 'Bulletin' employs the following
Uufortunately, that town has been lo
cated at the southern extremity of u gi
gantic monopoly, managed exclusively
In tho Interest of Chicago. This hna
forced St. Louis to look to Belmont and
Paducah for other, and, ns it proves,
shorter nnnnnntlnna wllli Knnii.n... ...ill
roads. Wo have found tho eonnontlmi
by Belmont to Mobile, and weshall short-
IV havn f hn nntihnnllnn lit- t i. .
New Orleans, whereas Cairo can Mfler us
uouiiog snorter to eitner. Uut for all
that we want to seo all Southern Illinois
thorotlirhlv nut. tin with rnllr,..l. .,.!.
and dovelopod, and shall rejoice If tho
Cairo and St. Louis will give us an addi
tional and Independent route to that city.
But Cairo has gone down sadly, and tho
jiiiuuia ui-iinui, wicraung ior Chicago,
has sucked tho life out of it. Its epitaph
should be, "tiled of too much Chicago."
Tho 'Democrat' starts out on the as
sumption that tho Hllnoli Central Is
managed exclusively In the Interest of
Chicago, aud that, therefore, St. Louis
was compelled to provide other avenues
of trade with tho south.
We'havo no disposition to enter into a
defense of the management of tho Illl
nola Central railroad, but lack of
on the part of tho 'Democrat' compels us
to maae puouc a ract or two, somewhat
damaging to St. Louis and vindicatory
of the fairness of the Illinois Central. St.
St. Loula essayed a rivalry of Chicago in
the grain business, and certainly bad
our beet wishes. The Illinois Central so
regulated her freights that tho farmers of
Central and Southern Illinois could
chooe between 8t. Loula and Chicago,
tho freight to both points belug the same.
What was tho result? Farm era who
listened to the extraordinary overtures of
&U .louis snipped their wheat thither
The returns showed thnt r.vr.rtt mr Inart
wasfjlecn buthde short, ami that the price
ootatnea teat tMrty ccnti on the Luihd lest
man the tame wheat had commanded in
uucagoj in fact Chicago, possessed of
a dash and liberality to which St. Louis
is a stranger sent her agents Into and all
around St. Louis, and paid prices for
grain -vblcb would havot bankrupted the
oiu iogy at. .louis dealers In a scaon
Herein Is tho reason why tho Illinois
Central carries tho wheat of Southorn
anil central Illinois to Chicago. It is
not so because the road discriminates
against bt. Louis. It is so becauso St.
Louis has "died of too much Chicago."
"Wo havo," says tho 'Democrat,'
"found the connection by Belmont to
Jiouue, anil wo shall shortly havo tho
connection by Paducah to Now Orleaus
being shortor amt better connection
than anything Cairo cai nAnr"
An Intelligent eontleman
our bearing this morning that tlmo was
when tho SI. Louis 'Democrat' possessed
both tho ability nnd deposition to tell
tho truth; but that tlmo bos passed
Now, if by any chance that paper falls
upon the truth, It Invariably makes eager
haste to correct Itself. We shall not be
quite so sweeping, and will satisfy our
selves by saying that tho 'Democrat'
for veracity shall be determined by the
paragraph abovo quoted from Its col
umna, for It Is not true that St. Louis hits
found connection with Mobile via Bel
mont, It Is not true that sho will shortly
And connection with tho city of Now
Orleans via Paudcah, and it is not true
that theso routes furnish her shorter
southern connections than anything
Cairo can offer. '
The Iron Mountain road is not yet
completed andhenco St. Loula has no
southern route via Belmont; and as for
the connection with Mobile via Paducah,
If that venerable city waits for that, Bhe
will undergo a completo state or petri
faction while waiting. Whatever may
be said, there Is no presout purpose to ox
tend the Bellovilloand Southern Illinois
railroad beyond tho town of Athens, In
SU Clair county. Connection with, Du
Quoin is looked upon as a remote con
tingency. When It can be demonstrated
that a connection with tho Illinois Cen
tral will greatly add to tho revenues of
tueroau, tuen and not until then that
extension will bo rhnde? but nt thistlmu.
aside from $160,000 voted by Perry county
lid iuuvvwiiui. miaiuiBij in iiint iiiicuijua
has been made. As to tbq ,qx(onslon of
the road to Puducahf what la a thing en
tirely too farlrfthofufuri'for tho present
generation to talk about. And those
are the' ao;itlierii .connections that St'.
Loula enjoya. that are to Ineolato Cairo.
Faugb I
That such couueotlqn.8,,lf completed,
would bo shorter than any Cairo can pro
vide, la another mistake, into which the
Domocrat" could scarcely havo fallen In
nocoutly. The distance from St. Louis
to Belmont, via the Iron Mountaiu rail
road, Is IQt miles. Tho distance from St.
Louis to Cairo, via tho Cairo and St.
Louis railroad Isf 110 miles. The distance
from Cairo to Co iimbus Is IS miles
making a total of ICS miles from St.
Louis to Columbus via Cairo. Tf tho wri
ter of the 'Domoorai' Is skilled In tho in
tricacies of subtraction, ho can learn by
employing theso fltures that Cairo en
joys an advantage Iieroof 30mIes. When
tho Junction road U built to Its Intersec
tion with tho Mob'leand Ohio railroad
this advantage will bo . Increased nix
miles, showing tSat St. Xouls' outlet
Uiilt ,l.k 'Pnlrn to 1 lllllna .lin.lnii fhan
nnv other that can to provided, wbiob is
equivalent to a ssving of twenty per
eont. in time and at least ten per cent. In
the cost of freight and travel. If
St. Loula ever expects to amount to any
thing more than she Is a moro plaything
in the hands of Chlcatro she must avail
herself of theso advantages, and wake
up -generally to the necessities of the
times. Her prattle about her outlets.
that have no existence and do not prom
ise to bo existences oven of the Imme
diate future, indicates uttrowth of second-
childishness dpon' her that sho must
shake off. She must, In truth, bo born
again, for If thore is anywhere a town
that has "died of too much Chlcatro" St.
Louis is that town.
Glass shades for ornamentt and nrtm.
clal flowers at thn Quecnsware House,
Nos. 5 and 7 Tenth street.
Tho sales of' tobacco to-day bv tho
Planters' Tobacco Warehouse Compauy
were, an usual, entirely satisfactory. Ow
ing to tho lateness of tho season tho of
ferings wero not large, but tho bidding
was spirited, prices good, and no rejec
tions. Tho prices obtaluoi rauued from
$5 70 to 530 00.
It IS expectod that the sain nnrf
Thursday will bounusUally full.
- i i.i.i,
Fori Mat far tha 34 Maura Ending at
Tot AT.
Gen. Anderafto, Colmnbm. Wm. White, Paducah.
Pharlc. Ntw Orleuu. lull lfmrj.l. u.ni,i.
H . 9- Cumberland, Eranatillo.
Comet, Grand Tower. A.J. Baker, Pittsburg.
O'n. Andereoa. Columtaf. Win Whit. Paducah.
Ikllo Memphis, St. Loula. A lax, Pi tu bur jr.
Hhark, do Co But, ltembl.
Ham Brown, 4o A. ), Baker, Sew Orleam.
Cumberland, Eraaarilla
The weather continues cl ear and sul
try. Mercury 88 to 02 according to loca
tion. Tho Mississippi and Missouri aro still
falling as far aa beard from.
The Ohio la falling everywhere with
three feet, nine inches at Flttaburg and
scant four feet In the chute over the falls
at Louisville.
The Cumberland river baa only eigh
teen Inches water to Nashville.
Horo tho river baa fallen ten Inchon
since last report.
Business continues dull.
Tho White yesterday brought out 5
hhds tobacco, 25 bbla flour for Cairo, 23
ska oats and wheat, 21 pkgs wooden
waro for St. Louis, 30 hhds tobacco for
N. O.
Tho Cumberland brought 111 hags
wheat for St. Loula, 70 hhds tobacco, 040
bags corn, 145 bago oats, 22 bbls Hour, 4
bbls eggs, 70 pkgd furniture and sun
dries forrcshipineutsouth, and tho fol
lowing for Cairo: B. S Harrell 4 tables,
D. Fieldo 4 cattle, 1 horse, Stratton,
Hudsou k Clark 1 box eggs, Thomas,
Qreen & Alden 17 bags corn.
The Wm. White, Capt. Bovorly, l Uio
regular Paducah packet thU evening.
Tho Armada, Capt. Gus Fowler, is tho
regular ltiVanHvillo packet this evening.
Tho City of Cairo, Capt.Malin, leaves
for Memphis, and thn Commonwealth,
Capt. Thompson, for Now Orleans, to
day. ThoMlnneola had considerable freight
for Cairo merchants.
Tho Cobb-Webb took a largo number
of tho colored population to Metropolis
to an emancipation celebration,
Tho Wm. White, Capt. Beverly, Is tho
Paducah packet this evonlng.
The Cumberland, Capt Lowtbt is tho
T7IOR RENT-Three roimgrn on Elihth, Ninth
1 and blxteenth utmet respectively.
yiadif UHKKNOlLlJEUT,AU'j.
W IIOI.ES ai;k guocehn,
Alolaasti, Tobacco, ClRari,
Fish, Candies, Woodenware, Yillow-Ware
Nalla, Oil si, XMlxvtav,
WiHdew-filnHK, Putty, 11 me,
Cement, I'lasUr-Parh, Ounpotcder
Old Kye, MonongaheU and Bonrbom
Zted Zioadandl Sliot.
Al'okeepit constantly on hand a rnoit completa
lock of . .
Iilflt'ORS, WinBKlES,
Port, Madeira, Sherry and Catawba,'
no, xotur roa
We soil oscltisively ior CASK, to which we inv.lethe
attention of closo. aaih buyers.
urcipeclal attention paid to filllnc orders.
- decsmdtf
In the Circuit Court of Alexander County, September
Term, liC'j
Alcundcr Miltonl, )
va. ' In i-haneorj Hill lor Pivorco.
Minervii JlillorU ) . . ,
Affidavit or Iho uon-resldcnce of Minor vu Milfonl,
tho nhovo named defendant, hnviuff been Hied In tho
I'lerU' orlloo of the rlrcuit ourt of said county, no
tice i thereforo hereby sit on to said Minerva Milfonl
that tho (complainant riled UU bill of complaint iu
(.aldcour , on the chancery sldo thereof o Iho 10th
day of Ju'y, W, and thai tliereupoii ft summonti
lnued out of Ul court remrn.ibloan tholaw Uirevta.
Now unlosh yuu, Iho td Mmenn Millo U, alul I jior
wnally to 'uid appear beforo iho circuit court of mild
county on ihouVt day of tho next term iliereor, to
Iki holdeu at the court home In the city of Cairo, Iu
nald count y, on tho third Monday of September next,
ami plead, uivr or demur to tho laid complainant'
bill of complaint, Hie .mo onii the, imiftcrH nnd
thlna thcicin charged, nud stated klU bo taken ua
confoaierllaittd'adecreo entered against yon oeooiil
ln8 to the prayer of ,?d Wll. mm
&!ro,lll July nAm.
K;3, Albright plalptlh'olfontey JylSwlnr
r f- t i
t.'nah A met
Tntnl Mftbllllle.....-.;:
Sr,,W,W2 96
... aa.7Ha as
Sf0,0H5,7rt 6.1
it;s past.
"By tliclr IVultM yo know them."
Losses Paid in Fijtu Yean,
iat3,!au,-&ea 07.
The Most Successful Flrcilnsitrance Co.
in AJir.rticA
Tliree-fuurtha of the Inminineo f omrnnlc flhxr
tered havo failed, proving Iho mistake aud dldlcul
Ilea of n profcuili'ii !! I on calamity nnd uti.rnr
tune, with nn Important pnrt of Its uft clopment tn tho
pphero of brood human benevolence. It la mnruaml
uncommon event for ono of llicvo InMllutloun to
make, its KUTIFTHnnnnalierorl, nnd that a aatla
fartory one another of llfe'a jilalnct old lt"ion, "A
yon sow that ihallyou renp."
Usefulness and duty mustlio shaped and measured
only by tho wealth und grotvth of our country.
Losses Paid at Cairo by the .Etna :
D. O. Stewart
Heed and Cunningham
P r. Taschall ..-
E. I,, filewart & Iiro
.. I-lliott .
Adams, (Irabam & Co
Wll.on Thrupp
J. A. Reed...--
707 00
101 tA
618 12
247 11
t'C-1 S2
HVt 6"
122 W
13 M
700 0U
Taylor, Kdwarda go ) c
Win. Winter - .21-3 hi
J. II. Humphrey & Co 4H
John Antrim - . I ID 00
A. II. gafford - 00
F. Vincent. . . 45 On
Rlehard II. Noye 2rt 70
J, II. Humphrey.. 21 I
Trorer & Miller t i
W T. A J. W. Tlmmons 23 tfi
Ilurd, Walsh Jt Co 1- Jj
N. W. Graham & Co H 25
Alice Taylor ICW3 '
(lair. CoMliran X Co - Mi 37
John Marvin - J'H On
l, Hunl.. , - tW CR
N. Ilunsaker M
Trover A Miller 3 2
llarreil it llio . 2tX) ui
W.J. Yost Co m...... 4H7 W
Hi U)
It. 1 rcanxa
It II. CunnlnKham .
J. J, llarman -
Wm. Sehartr. .v r. -
Hiram Ilenham
W. II. lMVla...... ...... ".mM....MMM......
HallidavA llro .
. 7M "
. 2.VI HI
. 73 ll
.1311 21
. 101 W
. M) 00
,.i;ai .12
,.2!72 tl
.. '-OT 27
.. 33 02
8 i")
.. 17 05
.. 17 l i
.. too co
250 00
,.,K) Wl
.na to
.. iM f5
.. WO Co
.. H) lO
.. tOO I'
J. Loderer -
ll.Hmvth A Co....
John J, llarman
i. t-arnu-iKcr
l. Axley... H..HM...t.ii.i.H
1. Farnliaker
(I Oulilmlili..........-..............
T AV. OurlYey..
Hirli Pmlit... ...... f.-..-ai;swiBi.ii;.
-i. iiij.iii.ii.m.
Mllial VOMIT
M.'J. Hurklv
hHin'l Wlltiliiro... ........
Jf. Madii.'ii
Martin KpaUiiC...m
,lterrts mall the pMnelpal Clllenand Towns.
ILites and teruia as liberal a ccnitstent with mod
erato profit and auUtantlal een-lty.
S'airortl, KforrlM A Cnntlcc,
,nlv271m AilKXTS. Palm, ill.
Alkxanuek County, bs:
In tho Circuit Court of Alexander Comity, September
Term, 1603.
BiileyS. Harrell, 1
JPhnK.cSf.kand. InAUaohmoni Dcmaud
Henry A. A!thouJ, J .....
Notioe la herrtiy given to jou, tho said John Jv.
Cook, thatw wr't of iittaohiiient has km sued out cl
the offlcr of clerk ef the dretilt rourt of al I Alexander
count)-, nt the suit of iho nald llalley S. Harrell. and
acnlnst tho etnte of ymt, thu said John K. Cook and
llenry A. Althmise, for four hundred wid
forty-four dollars and slxtv-fle cents, dl
reeled to the cbcrltr ot mild county to
execute, whlfh said writ has teen returned by aald
sherltf executed, by levylnr the aameonlotsnuml'er
ed fourteen (14) and fifteen (15). In block numbered rlf.
ty .one (tu in the city of Cairo, lllluou, as the property
of John K. Cook. ..... ,
Nowunlcss you, thoaald John K. Cook shall per
sonally bound appear before thftc.rcu.it conrt of sa I
county on the flrt day of tho next term thereof, to be
holdru Iu tho city of Cilrd, In sahl county, on the third
Monday In Iho month of September next, give iipecial
ball anil ideail to said netloii, Judgment will in ciitc-t I
sunlnstyou In favor of the ait plaintiff Mid the prop
eriy attuohed sold to satisfy thoaame with rnsu
Cairo, III., July 20, m. ;
Allen. Webb A.Tlutlcr, plnlntlU ' nttorueya,
' iiMSKpaacovNrr.
In the Circuit Court of Alcxumlor County September
Term, lHrt).
Samuel BtaataTayler anil Kdwln Pnrsona
Tiusteea of tho t'airoCity Property, tiuChauceiy
Charles Schonomeyerand Andrew Popp. J
Hill to vnlorvo Venilor'a Lieu.
Atlldavlt of tho non-resideuco of Andrew Popp, onu
of thn above named ilefmulunU huvlntt been filed in
tlmClsrk'a otniMof Uu. oiromt Court of aaldoouniy,
notlco la thereforo hereby gtvtu to tha suid Andrew
Popp, that tho romplalunnla fllcil their bill of com
plaint In the abovo entitled causo in said Court on the
Chancery aide thereof, ou tho 3rd day of July. 1$89,
and thnt thereupon a summon isjued out of aaid
Court returnable as the Uw directs. :ow, unleM you
tho said Andrew Popp shall personally 1. and appear
before Hie Circuit Court o aaid County on the rlrs.
day of the next term thereof, to bo hidden at iho Low
Houso In the City of Cairo, In said County, on Ibe
Third Monday of s'eptcmlier next, and plead, answer
or demur to lli ini cvuiplainants bill of c Jinplalat.
thosamo nnd the matters nnd thinps therein clurged
and stated will le taken n confessed, J lifor?S
entered ajrainst you r.ccor.lln .Jh PW''?' .f ,d
bill. JOHN Q. II AItMA.. Clerk.
Green 4c Gilbert, Pitt 'a Atls. JylVwSw
f3 Alexandeu County, ss:
In tho Circuit Court of Al-x. nder County, Beptembei
Term, wco.
Henderson M. Hulen,") In AttAchment.
11 ii?' " f lnituid$127W.
J Notlco Is i.ereby uhl-n toyo.i, the MJohn ImTl;.
that a writ of attiiohmem hn. been sued out of Iho of.
fltc of the clerk flf the tin nil iffr' "f J,,C!V,nJ
county, at the suit of ttu. said HeiiJersoil M. Hulon
nndAMinst thocMntoofyou, the said John ml for
ine hundred nnd twenty-seven dollars and 1 ninety.
nmocems, uosiue lnieresi, mi.v..
t ".Jd rounty b. pxecnte. which said writ liai ln-en re-
I Urn til uy m Kiivtni wvs..--, w "o - -
P'nJow uleis'volneld John Daviaahall per.on.il
lboroid apnear beforotho oircult court of said coun
tv on tho tlrst iUy of tho next term thereof, lo be
lio'lden In llio el'y ol Cairo, lu :ii.i county, on the third
Monday In Iho month ofe. plemlrnext, oivo spoola.,
lull mid Plead otlouijudment will bo entered
nsaliistyouln favor of Iho said plainuUand Iho prop-
(lilro. III., July 20th. 1WW.
Geo. W. MoKeulK, plalutlifa attorney. ;y2a-lliM)w

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