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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, August 09, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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Alrrlval MM Deyartara af Mails.
(Cairo Font Ofcee, FwWuttr I, law )
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CharleMon, Mo.,VtVidr
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6.60p.mf'f)..7At.in. Hal,
Ohto'HlYe hut. depnrts erry day exript Mondays,
A Great Public Want.
The firemen, last night, wore, ua usual,
compelled to resort to prlvnto clntcrns
fpraupply pf wator. To gain accesBto
these cistern fences and gates Wero de
ino)lbed,and other damage wna Inflicted
;pon private property.. As tho city is
uudoubtedly responsible for tho Josses
sustained by citizens on thlt account,
and as these lowe aggregate a large sum
during the couiuc of a year, f It not
worth while for our authorities to consid
er the propriety of providing public wells
or cisterns.
There Ih renon for bcUeVlug that an
abundauceof water can be obtained at
a Htnall outlay, by sinking patent or tube
wdlHof a nature nltlii to that In use? at
the City brewery. More than two thirds
of the water thrown upon the flro last
mgni, was furnished by the brewery
well. A larger well would, of course,
furbish a larger quantity of -vnter, and
the experiment would Involve only a
trilling outlay, we aro of the opinion
that tho public safety demands that it
should be made. It Is calculated that a
six Inch tube, sunk to the depth of sixty
feet, would supply an englno with all tbo
water it could throw. If an experiment
should establish this fact, the means for
supplying every part of tho city, will bo
placed within easy reach.
The unconquerablo cnrlosltr of men in
watch tho progress of a fire, renders it
difficult' Indeed to either coax or dnvo
mea to. work at the brakes In tho back
t yards and out of the way places where
ywroic cwierns are usually located. The
destruction of thousands of dollars'
worth of property in Cairo is chargeable
to this fact. If thero were public well
or cisterns In the streets, where men
Could work In full view of the Are, the
k brakes could be kept constantly full of
fresh men. This Is a consideration of no
small moment
Hlnce the necessity Is so apparent, shall
we not provide public wells or cisterns
at any cost? What say our city author
No longer (he Abode r Vllth,
and Halloa Slatalla.
Versa In
The Committee on Jail, aided aud as
fisted by Jailor McHale, havo divested
the city calaboose of all its horrors.
Six months ago that establishment was
in such a loathsome condition that it en
dangered .the bealtb and even the life of
.the prisoner of a .single night. The floors
were encased wltrtthree or four Inches of
1th; the" watts and the crevices were
alive with vermin; rata held bigb carnl
al on (be; floor and lu the balls, nod the
aUtteb that pervaded It rivalled the nox
ifffptraUMs.oftfaefajued Bolegno.
Kowihtlfoors'are scrupulously clean;
the sralje bay ln scrubbed and white
wastiad; MkOCf Itaht has been let In, better
thVfYo'vrt'ug Uv.trsive rr-uW.
Vm BrAndfrnon..
T 8. CrfH-
..95 Srntoi,
,1W Ol
Ga. AodarMn'a nmorlty....MT rote.
The result in this , county places tho
nomination of Anderson beyond doubt
in the District, yours respectfully,
J. 8. Baku.
The citizens of Fulaskl county are still
exercised over the county seat question.
Those who opposed lis removal from Cal
edonia to. Mound City Inslst.that tho re
moval was effected by Illegal votes, and
that a majority of bona fide voters and
property holders aro unalterably opposed
to Its location there. On tho other hand
Mound City claims that all the proyls
Ions of tho law under which tho election
was held was complied with, that tho
opponents of 'the removal failed to show
fraudulent votingsufflclenttoehangotho
result, while the matter was ponding be-
averse to a robpenlng of tho agitation.
AH tho precincts of tho county, except
Mound City, or rather persons claiming
to represent those precinots, havo Issued
a call for a mass convention at Caledo
nia on the 4th day of Beptomher, tho ob
jedt being to ascertain
1st. Tho seuso of tho people in rogard
to the present location or the county
teat. '
'Sudlyf To'tako measures to provide for
the speedy erection of county buildings
at 'Mound City, if tho peoplo avow them
selves satisfied with that point as tho
oniirifv Hft&t.
snliv. To adopt suoU a course of policy
as will nreventSsoy.""0"' outlay of
monev In erecting county buildings
there if the people shall declare them
4i v a dissatisfied with that location.
The oenveatlon will also nogiiuate
candidates for the county offiees, pledged
Attention- Arabs).
You aro hereby notified to, attend
spec!! meeting, this evening, at eight
o'clock. Important business on band In
reference to oar coming anniversary.
By order of H. WJntery Preheat. ,
T. J. KBwTHjSec'y.
Cobdcn bid $),600 for Iho Normal Uni
verslty, hoping that thesuperlor beauty,
morality and intolllgonco there, would
make their $50,000 eqtml the $200,00y of
William Rice, of Cobdon. has shinned
1,600 boxesof rlpo apples from 148 trees
equivalent to $3 00 per tree.
Tho municipal government of tho
neighboring town of Anna Is decidedly
a cueap one. Tho entire outlay for tho
year ondlng August lat, amounted to only
$1,300, and this sum covers -tho cost of a
The next fair by tho Union countv air
rlcultural 6clfcty will bo held Sep tcmbcr
am, oth and loth. t
ifr. Bdmilel Itu'wlltigs, living near Ita
lelgh, was robbed, Iant Wednesday night.
of $I,CCO. Mr It. and hU son Imd'jiisi
sold thulr farms, and this was the sum
they had realized. The thieves set a
'neighboring widow woman1 house on
Hre, and while Jtawllngs and his son
were assisting her, tho scoundrels found
the money nnd inado off with It.
Saline county gavo J20 majority
against the proposition to subscribe $100,
000 to tho Southeastern Illinois railroad.
Work on the Cairo and;VIncenncs rail
road in Saline county Is going on as uau
John Klein, t citizen of Centralis, and
a skillful performer on tho accordeon.
blowed his brains out, In Mcndota, n few
weens ago. causo alleged, falluro In bu
si nets.
A Marlon county farmer hauled in to
Centralis, last Thursday, a wagon load
of oats that, measured, 120 bushels, or
4)760 pounds."
Evausvlllo has vptel 160,000 to tho
capital stock of tho Kvansvlllo and Car
nal railroad, by a majority of 700 rotes.
Total vote, 2,448.
Men or all agos aud every rank and
condition, in the neighboring village of
MayHcId, may bo found from morning
uhtlilghtfall playing marbles on tbo
commons. The "championship of tho
Purchase" was played for tho other day
byJndgeHoon and Col. Crossland, and
resulted In a draw. It is said that the
knee of nearly every pair of pantaloons
in the village havo been worn thread
baroin tho pursuit of thisgamo. The villa
gers'protcst. In tbo presence of strangers,
that tholr threadbare knees aro cliSrgea
bio to oxtremo piety to j frequent pray
era and restless ones.
Tho habit thatprovalls, chiclly among
servants, of using the coal oil can in
kindling Arcs, is attended with extreme
danger. A very eetlmablo young lady
was burned to death, by tho oxploslon of
a can she was thus employing, only a
few days ago, In a neighboring town in
Indiana. Tho death of a very promtsii g
young lady in this city, somo time ago, Is
chargeable to the same cause.
Itarrett'a" Is warranted.
The Calra Eatf.
The Cairo Bulletin denies that the
work on the. Cairo and, Vincennee rail
roaa nas oen stopped, or uiai.iue enter
prise Is abandoned. It says,' "tbo work,
generally sieaklrir. is going on," al
' a a m .a ..a
tuougti the road is embarrassed in lta fi
nancial arrangements.
That the road from Vincennea to its
juaeitoa wuu use unicago anu raauean
road will be flntstied, we nave no doubt,
buthat the Cairo end of it will beeom-
to,iaaj vrofhfv very many -doubts. VIn-
iwued counUrwa a bettar one a(, Padu.
changingthe lnltraUcb Herald; )
belonging to the dlfferenPi was right,
mlng tho consolidation; aWlMe Cairo
last quarterly expenditures of one'iedin;
mads iutcrostod exceedthe receipts
A prophet died near Paducah a few
days ago. Ho foretold tho day and hour
of his death, and at tho appointed time
laid down and sbuflled off hid mortal
coll. According to this readerof futurity
this llttlo sphere of ours la to bo torrlbly
shaken by earthquakes boforo long, and
tho heavens will exhibit a most alarming
stato of disorder. Sl,
There aro In tho worW, men and wo
men foolish enough to loek forward to a
reallratlou of tki jidllHeguostlcatlons
of silly protnisiliJ who ap
pear now fMdalipIqVllu all parts or
tho country;k5aWnWhat strange
thattheso propUeTe i "invariably forotell
ovil novor good.
Evausvlllo Is much enthused over tho
prospects' of what Is called tho Evan s
vilie, Carmi and Paducah railroad.
That our roaders may understand what
this road amounts to wo append tho fol
lowing paragraph from tbo Bhawnco-
town 'Mercury.'
Tho Evansvlllo road is only Imaginary.
They have not as much as agreed among
themselves whether they will go to Padu
cah. Bt. Loulsi Mattoou,' or whother a
road shall bo built to Illinois at all.
Thero is not a dollar's worth of stock
taken in the enterprise, outside of v
ansvllle, and very llttlo there, and wo
infer therefore that tbey are In a far
worso condition than tbo Cairo A VIn
cennes railroad, and that the rush
towards their road can not be very great
for some time to come
TIIU FIMJE ")foie Mum.
' . , , .
xrioe $0,800.
A number of persons who happened to
" iue nircet at iz O'clock last night
discovered an unusual light in tbo dluhig
room of tho American House, a large
three story frame bnlldln on El&hih
atroetwJthabrIckadUltlo,in the rear.
ToruBh In and burst down tho door was
tbo work of a moment. It was then dis
covered that tho fin, which had been
communicated to a pllo of shavings aud
a stack of dry boards piled ip jn tuecor
ner of tho room, had extuidccl tnitua
lath from which tbo Dla&tcb 1 1F iiuil liaun
removed, and was ,streamfnjr ud to "tlm
second story through a btle which had
been broken through tht celllnL'. Tim
alarm was bounded, and m duo tlmo iu
Arabs and Hough and Itmdles were on
tlio ground. The flro on th0 first floor
was extinguished. The lircmeu, assisted
by citizens, thou bestowed their atten.
tlori to tho second slnrv. Ami
had very -nearly succeeded in Hnh.
uuing mo Jiamci there, when
It was discovered thatthe'devourlng.ele-
meni was at work lu tho room over li,.nil
In tho third story. Mr. Jack Winter,
uuaney Aner ana otliers, tried to eflect
an ontranco Into thl room, but the cfoor,
which they aro Inclined to think was
barricaded, resisted their most deter
mined efforts. Had thev calncd aopo
to this room, It h probable they woujd
havo bcon ablo to master the fire. Oueo
in there It was but a fow min
utes until the flames had soread through.
outthocntlro third story, entirely b-
youd tho control of tho firemen.
By this tlmo the four engines of tho two
companies named, Including the Arabs'
steamer, were pouring good streams upon
tbo building, keeping tho lira In audi
subjectlonthat adjoining buildings were
scarcely scorched. Tho firemen were
greatly aided In this work by the tin roof,
which remaining entire, covered the
bulldlne as a canopy, descending as the
building burned down, and nreventlne
the Immense draught that usually add
so greatly to tho Intensity of
similar character. During a period of
fodr hours the Arabs aud Rough aud
Readies fought the flames, and Anally
conquorod, leaving a portion of the side
and front walls standing, and a few of
tho first and second floor partitions.
Two or three nelghborlnc dMelllncs
were emptied of their contents, there be
lug reason for tho apprehension that the
Ore would Involve U tber frame build
ings in mo ueutneoruootl.
Concerning the origin of the fire there
seems to bo but one opinion. It was tho
work of an Incendiary. A few minutes
before the alarm was sounded, a woman
and two men were seen to enter the build
ing. The carpenter, who has been at
work there during the past two weeks,
ssya that ho walked by the building,
saw no traces of the fire; but heard the
alarm In less than a quarter of an hour
afterwards. Nothing beyond this Is
Col. James S. Reardcn, Insurance
agont, has kindly furnished us with the
following items of the Insurance on the
building and the brick addition to the
On the "House," $4,000, in the follow
ing offices, located in Cincinnati: Amer
ican, Peoples', Hamilton County, Mer
chants and Farmers.
On the brick addition, $1,300, iu the
same office- maklug a total of $5,300.
Of the value of the building we do not
choose ia apeak. , -
The residence of Mr. Pohle, Immet
dlately adjoining, was somewhat dam
aged, but can bo made whole by the ex-i
pondlturo of a couple hundred dollars.
, Tn Kellpaa Im Cairo.
The people of Cairo, being situated
so me lag1 over one handrtd nsHea south
efifteaeatbstn line of thebdtof totality,
were not nermitted to view the awa.ln.
corjring and terribly grand speotaela
Alaba1! la well discrlbed in another coJ
slppl, V a reporter of the 'Bulletin' who
norm iext . , . . .,, . ...
Territories. CertilChtjuad UautluJ, the
way of the nation, and irwi" minutes
in the West will throw awa th - .
and come squarely and cooyl f n
tcr In hand, a correct declslonS'-W the ef-
Cairo will be the result. LetA,sl plainly"
bo located at Cairo, aim inuawe
le'eper hhe
a deed that will bear mo
a wlso and happv mnven
, a was a per-
A melancholy Utile lucid
rwelrd and
of tho ex Empress ensno
fortuuate rnncess nas oo
unmn time at Sna. Tho
n thatwhUti
mslsted with suoh vehetn
gle between
ing at rouletto that it was
i the mastery.
restrain ner. un aupn u
she deliberately placed a
oration was
After five,
portion of
the number 19. The
ian wus shot on June
iiriinl ntul. thniiuh 37
ble, forming
nrriiltiHt. hor. she won. HI
it, or corona
took up the money, anil
rnnm. On her WUV OlH
" northwestern
i.irllnc tn cr7
passed by. Hhe avehlm
.-"O o
), and of too
view of "Bal
with tho Injuiiutiou tuui
for Him " It is Known
Charlotto never pronoun
is ono of the
ful attendants
A cultivated mind und c
an intellectual and evon b
as. At this mo-
depth pi' dark-
to tho face,
Modwty and taleuU ma
'tjroe of uwe In
bluo of tho sky
wntcn to mKo a loriunu.
Virtue is tho queen ef
mtitraa.nf fnnlflvanltV
i nuo, and.'oultc
o bricht aolden
conteatlon tbs evortkoiJd to glvo pl.aee
, . tint that haUihe
of all Its varied
cast upon the
mI nearly blek
.out twcmlnutes,
I .phero of
OUra Is "a irav anil hnnn
D 1-r
fv, we biiouiu certainly have most
stoutly denied It. Motherly hens tolled
their broods of chickens under shelter
ana gathered them under wing for a
Hignt's rest, and chickens that bad only
themselves to caro for, were caught by
41ba mult I ... .
mw ramrmug iigiu, settled upon their
rowing poles for a night of It.
' The nassaito of tlm mnnn, n l
sun's disk was, such as to bIiow at differ.
ent periods tho luminous crescent on her
siae and bottom, as well as at tho top.
When the point of the greatest obscu.
ration was passed, flood of sunlight,
with a diminished admixture of shadow.
seemed to lift a heaviness from Mio soul
wnue it dispersed the sombrenees from
tho face of nature. Bnghterand brighter
grew this flood of Ilght.until about quar
ter io six, when smoked glasses were
thrown away, any rIbssch tram hihoH
and tho wonders of tho great eclipse of
iow oecamo tilings to bo talked about.
Read "Barrett's'' advertisements.
"Barrett's" the originator.
Port Ml for tli 4H JUura Endlnir
Tivo oVIuek. I. H.
Of n. Andrrion, Columti. Wm. Whit. Iaduah,
Him Ilrown, Kt. Mul. lwlln, ' do
ItuUioa . do Mimwola, Memphis.
I. Mcl'orler, do City of Cairo, du
KaU Itoblnton, do 'a M. raraK, PIlialiirB.
Hon Acord, do Luminary, VicU.buAx.
fllrlfl . d0.. Amada.lit.jij.Y.U.
Lconldas, Cincinnati. Kriondihlp, fllmont.
Qa. Andienon, Columbm. Wm Wilu, I'aducit).
Mlnnola, Cincinnati. Knblexn, vleksburc.
Hrn Bruwn, Memplili. I.nmlnnry. fit. LoniS.
Armada, ETansTilla. Clly of Cairo, do
Ltonidafl. New Orleann. Kri.nH.lilr, A
vcPortr, Eaalport. Sfary Davage, do
Kato Itoblnjon, Cincinnati. Iwrllin. Capo (Jlrarcnii
The weather is clear and pleasant, al
though turning warmer. Tho thermom
eter thNurenoon Indicated 77 degrees.
The Mississippi and Missouri are tho
samoaaatlast report falling, and Jow
water In both streams seems closo at
The Ohio is also falling everywhere,
with three feet water at Pittsburg, and
three feet, six inches in tho chtito over
the falls.
The Kate Robinson received 18 hhds
sugar hero for Cincinnati, and Sundry
lots for otherpo'ntp.
The Jjewellln resblppcd hero 422 sks
corn, (41 hhs tobaco for N. O.
TJWK KBT Ttirre cottK-i on Klfhth, Ninth
.J? and bUtceothvatrc''t rriwti?ly.
HylMif v IIKEHN A OILHEItT.Att'ji.
Wo. 71
Ohio L.Tt,
sts and
TAI. II BAM ass nil A v iriiau
-P. f U? -P XJ t a renewal of tha kxau-
pliitrjomywaat, InelodlDf Uio Jataman.l
WAWTKlV-to flad th Indlfldual In Cairo, or
eUtwhcre. who haa trird Krr'a Hl.m a.nn.
rator wltheutrcltin nv.ritirn nvvt-vrr w.nv
or pur If.odlne eitlxna hare tted Ita Tlrtuca to aatls
faotian. At Barclara'.
3 MX -Iudj., Anwrican Sherry Wine, nnllka
. .other winw, i lazaUro In In rlftcu. ItU a
Masotand renattoeur foreoatlrenr. To be had
7377 ACTIO ACE-.liuierlor upen-
M. atr tat tlclrtm ar ninta . an iin.in.iui t. f
yet containing a!i iHtTlrlMs of common -uininr.
cure In Iheuae of Burlon'a Antidote. (let a box and
nuu w Bii Lo nu i pnevrni iniiaKm a t nil
cncwmK tobacco can And a aura
iry ti. Benaany.ceBW to harclflr Brolhera, Cairo,
and thoj- IU tend you a box by mail.'
TT For Sfedical iim, f
P-llrArtila mil imnnt1A
and branalaa. and th h-t -rilola nf linmh..
.'BENtlt HUkVBUNa-Thrr It a
a ixirfeot ruth
to naitilaja Pef the celebrated
nla b
icfi Hlacklnc.
;anume, ana i
unurriwsd a a boot nnd nhoe
W IB THE Tin To but Tour homei In
goodahape, Talntincand hltwahlniaio tba
vi lunuaj. nnue t.pna onu painu or ail col-
Ul Uomand. At the. uRKKN LAIIRL Drue
mi. v..
nuocaana Jjyc-iunaoi aiiaiaaa. now on hand a
luiiaiocspi vonier wane wtm, IHIla While. Lad,
wash bruthei. llarclart' ia the place,.
uTara'i The:
v you can geiine i.imnine riy I'atxr at Bar
riierhava the rnume article, flref It from the
factory. H itlraoii fllea and kills them.
Ci AKATwKIA nPKIKOn-Why go to Saratoga
p and apend ttvo to tea dollara a day, when rislit
hero at home you can drink the nelf-sime water, icy
cool and IWely as It curslea freKh from the re'errolw.
at Barclay's Vwg Store, on the Iree I a
GABBER NKEWH lUt vegetables of your mm
growlnc. Iiie no time In getting vouraeed. Oo
to !5arclayHrfor (tarden Seeds, 'resh nnd sound. Thejr
hava a foil linear Landrelb'", and IhrHnaker Seeifj
from South Union, Ky.
T ABIKH. ATTE.TIO.- f vottwant di
pick aud
Xj choice ot the nicest lot or line soaiuiln totnii If
you want the bent Coloiiie, Lavender Water, I'lorida
Water, or other toilet watorl if you wantanithiog in
thewayof Cojtmllcr, 1'ondera or I'erfuint-, goto
if..'w.11 Sftt Wur?ho.1co of KcaloralWeii-
"i iwir mac iou once oridnr in? ir tn: n
Kstatoof William Rottirr.deci'Aiod.
The undersigned .liaTlnn. litpn appointed adminis
trator of tho oata'o of- William. Rottier, late of the
county of Alexander, and Htato of Illinois, drccAS d,
hereby glres notice that he will appear before Die
county court of' ilovander county, at the court houre,
in Cdro, at the July term, on thn 3d Monday ,1a July
next, at which time all pemona harins VlMma .igainjt
said clate are . BOtifltd aud'- requested to atUmdaMr
the purpotui of having the same adjusted. All H-r-.
sous Indebted to said estate are tcquestrd to make
immediate payment to the undorsigunl.
Uatcd tnla 3d da funj, A.p. M, j, .
M X R o
v m
Molaurt, Toliacco, ClRarf ,
Fish, Candles, Woodeimare, Willow Ware
XSTaU, Oil, Xa.xxtm,
WliitloK.GIaHH,trti(tj-, i,e
Cemtni, PlaUet-'Parii, Gunpowder
Old Ilye, JUonoiignliela and Bewrfce
Hod Zioadancl Shot.
.Af''1 con,Un"Jr on hftd a mot compltt.
Mauons, -vviiisiciKs,
Port, Wndelra, gherry and Catawba
liU AJUE. .i
i1 cJl-'y. f?r aSir, to nhlch we Invito u
tntlnn nfclniie cajh turnrt. """"
raah a mmm.
Talal Liablililrv".:
5,S3SI,33a as
S,0M,7M m
y Ihtir Irults yo know tkei
Iaik IMUl in Fjlu i'car;
$BB,BBl,4aa 07.
The Most SllCCeaaful FIr Bat.
1ST ajuuuga.
CASHASSErS, - 93,351i.SMM
.-Tft,"r?,?.h,.of ,,1B tnuraneo Cornpsnlai ebaa
Uta eraprofaaalonUaed ou rltXu Tj
tune, with an irn
factory one another of Jlfr'a plain
yuu aow inai anaojou reap."
HXSy.lW' '"'bo hapJ aa.1
"i nw.u anu growtn nrnur rniniMj
Ue raid at Cairo by tbe Stati
11. J. Hlawrt.,
aeaitand Cunnlngha
..-.i......,M a fm aa
i ii d....ii .... loa ar.
E. It. Stewart A Uro... " .. ""
Z. .KliloU " I
Aimat. (irabam Co - '
Wilson Thrupp ZZZZZZ
J. a, a-vi ......
Taylor. Edwards A Co......!..."...
J. n. Humphrey Co M -
Jokn Antrim...' "
. wintr.
iu& - - :::
J- H. Hnmnhrsv. "..
Troar A Wille'iCT '" : T""" H
W. P. A J. W. Timmons... Jf
Hurd, Walsh A Co . " "
ST. Wlaraham A Co :. "r" 2f
AlPe Taylor ..VZ ,JS S
oair. Cochran A Co " ljsB W
John WarTln V. "... JfiJ 5
Nillunsaker Z'ZZZ
Trorer A Miller
U. Hum
w. .i. vn.t a- r'A' ' ans
P.lJlalnkensburg....V....','.V.'.'.'.' ' "a
It. Kraanra . "' Mo OS
H.lf. Cunninarliam vf..............
j. u, narman
Wm, Scharff.
iuo I
75 OS
...M.lftll 3&
Hiram ifennam...
W. 11. Paris .
HallldayA llro....
' ("...,... IVt 00
- 600 0
. 'JU JT
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