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Che ffvcuittjj f ullc
Arrlral and Departure of Mailt.
(Cairo Host Oflloe, February 3, 18W )
injure. tisfiTD,
. ... (Time of closing.)
Berth (through 3:80 a.m..... 3ioip.m.
forth (way).., 4!45 p.m ll;00 p m.
South (through aud way). 4:00 a.m 11:00 p.m.
South (Memphis A NO.J.. tiOOn.m 4xip.m,
Ohio Hirer route........, 6:00 p.m 0:OUp.rn,
Mississippi Blvwr route,
Tuesdays and Hrldars... B:0O p.tn,... JiOOti.m.
Charleston, Mo., Tuesdays
Thursday A Haturdaya HiOO a.m ,..11:00 a.m.
Thibet, (loose I Mann aii
BUFe II:Op.mFrl. 7,00 lun. Sat
Ohio Hire ronto de parti ere ry day except Mon davit.
J. M. (JKAHAli, P M.
"Barrett's" la unsurpwwedT
Clams and Lake Fish, at Louis Herb
crGSOhloLeveo. auglOwl
Col. George. II. Monsarrar, a proml
oeut citizen of McniphU, lu at preseut ln
the city, a guest of Dr. C. W.. Dunning.
Btx Hundred Dqt.kx moro of thn eel
brated "Mason" Fruit Jars, perfect and
simple self-sealer, the fait hi Amtrlca
Just received and for sale at reduced
price, at tlio Queenswarc Houho.
Paksons, Davis & Co.,
Jy22lf Not)., r, and 7 Tenth SI.
Wo.have It from very good nuthorlty
that the sable divine, Jacob Bradley,
declares that his nable brother, Shores,
Is neither culled nor Inspired. He there
fore regard the "feet-washing' In which
Hhore Indulges, asnacrlllgcoiis in the ex.
tremo. Although the Key. Jacob feels
that ho la Inspired, and among the
"called" he very rarely washes his feet
only once every Christmas.
Among the predictions of those who
prophesied and then died (vide the cur
rent newspaper literature) was one to the
effect that after the eclipse of the 7th,
trio sun would refuc o to give out its usual
brilliant light, that the wlerdnessgivon
to the atmovpbere by the eclipse would
sever fully wear oil". If this prophecy
has been ftillllllcd, wo nro in such a mate
of Ignorance concerning It that It" does
ot seem to make a "single bit" of diff
erence. The Mechanics Are company, of Pndu
cab, have Indicated a purpose to join tbo
Arabs In the celebration of their next
annlrenary, which comes arouud on tho
1st day of next month. Thoro was a
1 meetlugof the Arabs held last night to
determine upon a courso oP procedure.
As the company is necessarily limited
to a procession, a supper and ball, it is
ndt difficult to foretell the programme.
The Arabs will do tblngj up right, how
ever. We are willing to underwrite for
A young man named Benson came
tlown on the Paducah packet Sunday
night, and on the way took on' board an
undue eargo of "cohoeh.'' By the time
he arrived at Cairo (t had the effect of
rendering him obstreperous He had a
revolver In his poHseoslon which he
naudlcd in n style that Indicated and in
difference as to consequences which the
police regarded as violative of section so
andBo, of "the ordinances as reviiedand
and codified." Yesterday morning the
young man as brought before squire
Brow, who, although he would do almost
anything In the world "to oblige
Benson," he could n ot let him off with
pt an admonition.
Old Anna Peru was, yesterday, on one
of her periodical rampages, When sho
gets la one of these waya she aptly Illus
trates that
"JUS! Ulh no fary liLo a worsin 'corned."
iQhe appeared yeiterday In tho vicinity
f the American house, where a number
f men, women and ohildrtn were as
cabled, and- with hatchet In band,
threatened to enter upon a wholesale
laughter of the Innocents. Sho would
raise hr"omahwk over? tie beads of
hlldren.'aa with an oath, threats to
left tbeaa to i tk brain, fctly. terrify
ing the little felliws,l,and ercttlng quite
distarbiwieShe finally aroaihcd
AldernMH!Tfieobold, and demaMMl her
self la"aanncr (hat compelled him to
wrest ibejhttclMt fro her hada'nd to
give hr (o uMtart that, alfecfcftishe
was a qulteVprlvilelred -character, tho
plKtlng open of human heads was not
numbered among her privileges. Sho
was arrested and fined, and on tho plea
that she Intends to appeal, Is at liberty.
' If she wjill now behave herself matters
will. now probably stand as they aro; but
V, repetition of her noisy and violent
sfpreo of yesterday will probably land her
In the calaboose or county Jail. The law
will be enforced against her, woman as
iho is, unless ihe behaves herself..
'lb Gersasua Bcbeel.
All German citizens of Cairo are re
quested to meet at the German school
house on Fourteenth street, on Wednes
day evening next at 8 o'clock, to deter
mine whother the German school shall
be continued oi closed. This course Is
suggested by the resignation of the teach
r, Mr, H. AppelJ who propose to leavo
the city on or about the 1st proximo. ,
The board of directors will hero take
occasion to state that tho Gorman School
'Association consists ac present of only
.nineteen members, notwithstanding tho
well-known fact that tho Gorman popu
lation of tho city numbers 300 or 4QU. un
less thero is u greater degree of interest
manifested the school will, urnl" should
.lose. By order of the Directors.
VYkt4t PA-utt.,0 Bouit, Beo'y.-.
fresh Oystersthe first of tho season
aOLouls Herbert'' No, 05, Ohio Levee,
auglOwr ' ut.f i
Monday morning overy contractor
along thn lino of the Cairo and "Vlncen
ncs railroad resumed work. Only a few
one hero and one thero along the
route stopped work, tho greater num
bor continuing as usual. To-day there
arc over one thousand flvo hundred
laborers engaged at tho work of grading,
and this number will shortly be swelled
to two thousand. Tho work is to be
pushed ahead with Increased vigor.
Mr. Timothy Booth has just com
pleted his contract for ion milos of the
grading from Mound City out, and In ft
very short time Messrs. Dodge, Lord
Co., will finish tho embankment hence
to Mound City, giving us a continuous
embankment from Cairo to the center of
Pulaski county,
This does'nt look much llko an
abandonment of tho work, or a .failure
either. Tho work goes bravely on.
Barrett's"1 is warranted. 1
i;aiku rfuun.iAiiis!. ,
s a a tnttMMf a r txttaar
Tlie laera (tint have I.ltrd Mini I)i.
Ono of the most serious drawbacks
with which new newspaper enterprises
have to contend in Cairo is found In the
failures of previous kindred efforts. Tbo
history of journalism In Cairo Is one of
repeated fullures, inflicting upon tuo pub
lic moro or leas disappointment and pe
cuniary sacrifice.
The Cairo 'Delta,' a weekly paper, es
tablished in tho Spring of 184S, lasted
until November of the succeeding year.
Unearned subscriptions to It were filled
out by the Evansvlllo 'Journal,' a good
paper, but of no earthly servico or Inter
est to Cairo readers.
Tho Culro 'Suu,' comtnencod In the
Fall of 1SW, lived ono year. The few
subricrlbere who had paid In advance, re
ceived no return.
The Cairo 'Times' was started in the
year ISM. The Cairo 'Delta' was started
in tho Winter of 185-5. During the next
year these papers were merged into one,
under the name of the 'Times and Del
ta,' andunder that titlo was continued
In an Irregular manner until the Spring
of 1S59, when It died out. Subscribers
lost tho amount of their advance pay
ments, and citizens who had given tho
office credit, lost tho amount of their
claims. ,
During tho year 1850 tho Cairo 'Egyp
tian' was started. In the year 1S57R
changed Its name to tho Cairo 'Gazette,'
and under that name it 1 sited until the
year 183, when It lost 1U I&mtlty In the
Cairo Dally 'NtsWK.' Nobody except the
proprietors, lost monoy on account of the
Tbo Cairo 'Journal,' a German paper,
was established In tho year 1857, lasted
longonough to obtain two or three hun
dred advance-paying subscribers, and
then "pegged out" the proprietors leav
ing tho country.
The Cairo 'Zeltung,' a semi-weekly
German paper, was started In tho year
18G0, and lasted only four months.
Tho 'Obelisk,' a republican daily, wbji
established In tho early part of 1601, and"
died In five dayn, Involving everybody
in loss who had anything to do with it.,
Tbo 'WarKagle' waa started in Ihe
year 1803, and subsequently appeared as
the Tlmcs. The 'Times' was consollda
ted with tho 'Democrat,' nnd lost its iden
tity in 1600.
The Cairo 'News' waa established In
the year 1603, and flickered, out Jn 1805,
leaving quite a heavy .score for, Its friends
to settle. ' '
Tho Cairo 'Union,' a republican paper,
had a sickly exlstenoe of a few months
aud then died, leaving a hundred or two
subscribers to swear over unearned sub
scrlption money withheld from them,
and a few radical citizens to hold oh to
"promises to pay" that had no apprecia
ble market value.
The. 'Democrat' was founded in 1864
swallowed up snvoral offices during Us
existence, consolidated with the 'Times'
In 16G0, was sold out to the radicals in
1808, and by tho sheriff In 1809.
The 'Zeltuug,' a German paper, was
established in ISO-), lasted about a year,
when It died as quietly an It bad lived.
Tho 'Leader' bloomed out during tho
summer of 165, and was killed by tbo
early frosts of tho succeeding October.
In tho year 1807 the 'Times' was re
established as a weekly paper; shortly
afterwards It appeared as n trl-weekly,
and finally as a dally, In which sbapo It
Is now published. ? -
The'Ollve Branch' appeared regularly
during a period of six or eight months,
during the year '60 and '67 then fell
into Irregular habits whloh soon killed
The 'Item' lived one year.
The purchase of the 'Democrat' by the
radicals necessitated tho establishment
of the 'Bulletin.'
From thin showlntr It appears that
durlutr tho naHt fifteen years aevontee
papers have been started in Cairo,
that all of tlit-m. with two oxountltfns
aro numbered with tho thlugH that
The hones their birth1 Inspired, thfc 111
will, disappointments and contempt
their exlsteiioo excited, tho putsunlary
loss their death occasioned, form a
fouturo In Cairo newspaper blory that
will not be forgotteu, aud perates to
tbe nerlous disadvantage ofpreseot ef
torfs. ThereiB uodoubt of Jjfils. Failure
lijUQ'ceoWedifJluretjO. frtpjently that
It Is buff1 natural for the public to look
with distrust to the future.
Wo have to say In behalf of the 'Bul
letin' that it can and will discbarge its
obligations to its subscribers It is no
joint stock affair, the office Is individual
property, complete in all Its detalln,
regulates Its outgoes by its incomes, and
is not subjeot to the fatality of cut-throat
mortgages or deeds of trust. Wo aro In
a condition to ronder onrpatrons quid
projuo, and shall do so under any con
dition of circumstances.
"Barrett's" Successful Hair Restora
tive. Cincinnati Lager Beer, just received,
at Louis Herbert's, Ohio Levee. auglOwl
Local flrrrltW:.
Thero will bo st meeting of tho select,
council on to-merrow (Wednesday ove-3
Tho retail trade in tho city la unusually
Vegetables are fully thirty-three per
cent, cheaper In Cairo at this timo than
thoy havo been known to bo during the
past ten years.
Tho school building for colored chil
dren, on Walnut street above 18lh la en
closed, and will be ready for occupancy
by tho 1st day of September.
One of tho hand fire engines, weighing
about 2,000 lbs., ran over n negro boy's
foot, yesterday, squeezing It rather se
verely, but crushing no bones.
Mound City manufactures tho beat
stoneware sold in the Southern markets.
Millions of grasshoppers lnlest those
unoccupied portions of the city that uro
overgrown with weeds.
Thero are four negro glrlH all bawds
wo understand, paying the penalties of
'their misdemeanors la tho city cala
A Heir-Acting- (.old fountain Pen.
Tho great desideratum- with book
keepers, lawyers and bankers a fountain
pen, freo from tho cumbersome peculiar
ities and Imperfections characterizing all
previous attempts in that direction has
at last been provided by Mr. Hirst. He
has invented a gold fountuin pen that Is
simple, durable, easy and perfect in its
working, and never tcets out of order.
Tho pen receives at a single dip all the
Ink that can bo used in writing over a
full page of1 ordinary letter poper; and
tho uniformity of impression preserved
ls-a featuro thai will highly commend It
to county officers aud others who pride
themselves on the bosuty and cleanliness
of their records. To the testimony iu
favor of this pen, from tholeadlng bank
ers, merchants, clerks and lawyers of the
country, wo cheerfully add our own; aud
suggest to those who have a great deal of
writing to do to call on Meesrs. W. B
Rockwell & Co , Ohio Levee, and exam
ine it That It will oumo into ex
tensive use we .are quit oarttvtB, aa It
cannot fall to please all who try It.
Kdt. JJulletlnOESThKUEs: The In
surance on tho American House and ad
joining buildings waa placed by Mr. Louis
Matthews, two years ago. Tho policies
wero all written In Cincinnati and sent
to me for collection; aa also, tho renew
al receipts for the present year, ending
October 1st, 1609. Tho insurance is ns
On American House, $4,000 aa follows:
r-0i1e'f lnurnc Company, ClnclnolL...l,lCO It
HimlltonCo. do Uo do I,IH H
ercbacts do do do ...... 1,164 (0
Farmers' do do do 6W 00
On tho brick building, $1,300 as fol
lows Poorle'i Iniurimco Company. Cincinnati t &33'S3
lUmilton Co. do do ' do 833 33
Merchant do do. . do 333 31
Fnnr' do do do 800 00
On the one-story frame, $700, as fol
lows IVoplM' Intursnco Company, Cincinnati f ICS AT
HunlltonCo. do do do ItA C7
Merchants' do do do ...... 14 C7
Karmm' do do do 200 W
Jab. S. Heakdkk.
Cbiro, J?f., Aug. 10, 1809.
The 'State Register' intimates that
Gen. Logan dishonored himself by speak
ing In company with "Sir; J. Bird, a col
ored orator from Cairo," wti occasion of
the lato celebration of tb anniversary
of emancipation In thoBritlsu West In
dies. Gen. Logan was not in tho least
dishonored by his company on that oc
casion. -Tho colored man roferred to is
the General's peer In overy respect. Ho
Is more polished ; a hotter scholar; a more
eloquent speaker than tho General, and
a moro lutelUg-auS jMJlticifi,' IVJon (lie
colored men of Illinois beeome electors
and capable of holding office Bird will
hold us long a pole as Logan; aud will
go for all the offlolal fruit in view. If
Logan, Llnegar aud Munn caro about
official honors in tho futuro they should
proceed to suppress Bird. He is a blaok
bird wjth good strong wings, nnd is sure
to fly high.
The Hon. A. C. Hodges, our couuty
judge, has a watermellon patch this
year that embraces seventeen acres. Ho
sends three or four wagou loads of mel
ons into market every day. Hla Income
from thissouree readies, annually, about
o'no thousand dollars.
Mr. W. W. Thornton loft the city yes.
terday on a visit to Contral Illinois. He
will bo nbsont about ten days.
Ilonta Mnvjujr this Kvwu;
The steamer Bello St. Louis, Zelgher,
master, will leave our wharf for Memphis
at five o'clock this evening. Sho" Is a.
fust bout with splendid accommodations.
O. T. Hlnde, agout.
The poorloss City of Alton', Boyd.'inas
Kter, Is advertised toleayoSt.LouU,tody
for New OrleauB. Persons going south
can take passage on, no fdasan'br
1 IJt 4 1
swifter steamer. Sho wOl loavo Cairo
at 5 o'clock to-inorrow evening, O. T
Hinde is the local agent. .
Read "Barrett's'' advertisements.
"Barrett's" the originator. '
MBkl Jlot be Abandoned.
Wo were somewhat surprised by tho
announcement made yesterday, by the
secretary of tho German school associ
ation, that of the very considerable Ger
man population oftheolty, only nineteen
names appeared on tho rolls of that
society. Tho German school, now in its
sixth year, is an institution that certainly
deserves greater encouragement than
such a membership indicates. It has
been most successfully managed, and has
been pointed to with pride as au educa
tional institution tbat gave casto and
character to our young city. It is patro
nized alike by German and Amerioan
families; and its discontinuance would
form a source of unending regretwith all
concerned. We hope no such necessity
will arlso. The levy Imposed upon tho
members of the araoelatlon Is small,
being only 2T cents per month. A little
effort, It seems to us, would add at least
one hundred members. Cannot this ef
fort be made?
The valuo of tho school to tho commu
nity at largo Is acknowledged, and to
thoso families that wish to glvo their
children a German education, tho school
Is Invaluable. Thero arc, uo doubt, a
large number of American citizens ytho
would enroll their names as members of
tho association, If permitted tb do ho, arid
wo aro quite suro that tho number of
German members might bo quadrupled.
Tho thought of abandoning the school
ought not to bo entertained for a single
The Rev. Jake Bradley is bo much ex
asperated at the presumption of the Rev.
Thomas Jefferson Shores, In Introducing
feet-waahiug within tno unsanctified
wails of bin church, that wo ball not be
surprised if he visits upon Thomas Jef
ferson striking evidences of his Individ
ual wrath. Shores did this for tho sim
ple aud only reason that ho knows tbo
alphabet and Bradley does not, forgot
lug, In his extreme ignorance, that Brad
ley is "inspired," and thatr "the Lord
puts small words on his tongue to suit
his own congregation, and words of six
syllables when white men are standlsg
on the s(dewalk," What folly It Is for
Shores to try cope with a man who is
under such divine favor aa this! Why,
It's madness.
The Insurance ou tho Amorican House
Is six tnousand dollars. A detailed state,
ment Is published elsowberoover tho sig
nature of Col. Rearden.
As tho hnuso bad been vacant for the
period of a year or more, it teems tdjbc
u settled conviction with tlie ptibllo that
its destruction is chargable to Incendlar
Inm. The gas had been shut off, and
there was no occasion for Are in any part
of the building.
Mr. J. K Frlck, tho owner, was not in
thecltyattho tlmoof thcflro.
Part LUt for lb 31 llanra Enrfla at
Tw a'clitclc, P. M.
Gta: Anderano, ColumbuiWm. White, Paducah
Great Kepublin, N. O.
Hfumarch, St. I.oul.
Mtrtrtv. No 1 l'ittiburir.
UNunmou, blue wuau
Kalryywen, Wolf Island. 1'idk VnrbU, IouUtrli.
Can. Andtraon. Cotumbua. Wm White, Paducah.
Ularnarclc, New Orleans. Great Kepubllc, St. Ixnilx,
Hairy Queen, Wolf laland. Cham luii, do
l'lnk Varble, Mtotphli, Llbajly, No. 4, do
Tbo weather continues clear and
pleasant, although becoming gradually
warmer. Thermometer 78deg.
The Mississippi la becoming so low as
to occasion some trouble above Cairo,
and boats aro compelled to bo careful in
fining the channel. The other rivers of
theJNortb and West are all falling.
The Ohio Is about stationary at Pitts
burgh with 3 feet, U inohe water In the
channel. It Is falling at Louljvlllowltli
5 feet 2 Inches in the canal.
Hero tho rivet1 has fallen ten inches
slnco last report
Business Is fair, nnd slowly but steadi
ly improving.
The Paducah packet brought out n fair
trip yesterday.
The Fairy Queon brought 1,000 sacks
corn for roahlpment to New Orleans.
Tho Liberty No. 4 rcshlpped 1,000 kegs
nails here for the South.
The Pink Varblo had nearly 00 tons
for reshlptnent 8outh from Memphis.
Tbo White leaves as usual tlijs evening
for Paducah.
The Quickstep Is tho Evansvlllo packet
this evening.
The Belle St. Louis is tho packot for
Memphis this oveulug.
Kntate of William Itottier, dcceaiad.
The undersigned haTiog been appointed adminis
trator of tho eatae of William Itottier, late, of the
county of Alexander, and Htato of flllnoU, deoeas- d,
hereby glrea notion that lit will appear Wore tho
county court of Alexander county, at the court houo,
In Cairo, at the July term, on the ad Monday in July
next, at which time all peraoBH baring claims agaioat
said estate are notfBed and 'requted to. attend for
the purnooe of liar lng the camo adjusted. All per
sons inrte btd to sildetute are requCstrd fo nuko
immediate payment to the tiodersignt-d.
Dated thU Jd day of June, A. I). 180.
netr IMNIKI, 1IK11I,, AdmiaHIMor
LAMIaCM, ATTKNTltiJI-U you want pick and
choice ot the nlceit lot of tine soars In tonnt if
you want the test CotOfne, l.arender Water, Florida
water, or other toilet water; if ynitnant anything In
thoway of Cosmetlct.TomleM or Perfumes, goto
BarciavH'. (
SWEET qVmiNK-'iWgenulne article t be
had llarclays'. Quinine freedom bitfemesa, and
yet containing all ihn rirtites of common quinine.
Bvwnnm vfBACOtt' Aniiuan-rthotb
who trfih to arait ebewiw tefeaMeean siafS'iini
nd they will send youabo by mail, - j
2V B H O XX -A. 2ST T .aV
70 OHIO LEV UK, . 7
Cairo. :T11iaa.olaw.
o!o,.lef '
Molaaaca, Tobacco, Clears,
Fish, Caudles, Wootlennare, Wlllcr-TTaw
JKTfllm, OUss, XA.lxxta,
Wlndow-GIiiKs Putty, Lime,
Cement, Plwler-Parli, Gunpowder
Old Hjre, Monongaliel and Bear
Hod IjoAdancl A31xot
Alto keeps constantly on hand a most compute
stock of 1
Port, Madeira, Sherry and Catawba
tso, Aotxr roa
Wo sell e xcluslTfly for CASH, to which we Inritetu
attention of close ciwh buyers.
"Special attention paid to fllllna orders.
3VLY FIHiT..... IS0t.
eSMls Aaasta
loml JLlaalllura
ja,vaa as
9S,0K9,730 M
"By Ihclr IVuItu ye kuow tltcm."
Losses Ibid in F.Jty Yean,
$ao,aai,4oa 87.
Tho Most Successful Firo liiarice Ce.
Three-fourths of tho Insurance Compaulea char.
,teru J httTO Culkxl, proving tho mUUikes aud diOcul
tlea of profession bssed on calamity and mltfeo
tune, with an Important part of it dvyelopnitnt In iW
sphere of broad human Ijenevolence. It u a nr uA
uncommon nrent for onn of thes Institutions ta
make, Its niTIKTHannnslieport, and that a saris
Ihctory on another of life's rlalnst old lessons, "A
you.sow thst shall you reap.1'
Usefulness and duty rnmt l shsped an I mesiuree"
only by tho wealth and growth of our country.
Losses raid at Cairo by Ihe -Etaa:
D. C. Stewart 797 at
Rnedand Cunningham .... u Ob
k k. ichii...... ......:.:L..:..:r..r.": i s
Holomon Llttletlsld MTU
II. h. Htcwart A Itro . .. MS)
Adams. Graham 1c Co.
IIIICl..... , y 4
Vftlson Ihrupp
Ill w
J. A. Reed
Taylor, Edwards A Co
Wm. Winter ,
J. 11. Humphrey A Co ...
John Antrim a
40UU t
4w n
M ao
A. n. Harford.,
V. Vinoont
hiehsnl 11, S'oyes...
, U0
, 20 10
, f I OU
, . l
, M0
, It K
long ox
j. 11. iiumpnroy..
A Miller.
W. P. k J. W. l iromons
llurd, Walsh A Co
N. W. Orsham A Co
Alico Taylor ;.
Uaflr. Oichraii A Co
Johu WnrTin....
D. Hurd
.... no 1 17
.uu e
M. Huaaaker aou
4W U
Troter A MUIer.....-.......-- tal Kl
Harrell A llro.....H.......M................M........,...MI, 2QUQ ee
V. J.Yost A COm...m...m.....m.mm.....m ........... 4M7 t9
K.Hlainkensburg , .. 4ti O
R. Krgauia...- rsl.W
It. II, Cunutngham.M M. ,.. itw OS)
J. J, liarman - .. 75 OJ
Wm. HoharfT.- m-.1 C
Hiram Henhum lui 00
W. 11, ITla , .......... 600 O
HaUi(bvAllro .1 1M8 6i
J. Loiterer ; . itt u
11. Hmvth A Co u 3 VJ
John Q. Harman ,.. 30 01
I. rarnoaicer w
It. Alley IT
I. Karntiki!).'erM..MMMM.....u.M.M......"............ ir It
U UoliUmlth. - 400 00
T W. Galfruy .. tux W
llBnh Smith...-. - .Souo ou
l I. tfhluman .................... .aiJJO 00
Michael Powers .-.., 10 00
Ul j. uticKier - 10.1 ID
Htt'i nuismre...."- u.m..m....m.., euu vj
liV'Miilil! ,..,....v WO CO
.Martin Keating..... 400 00
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