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Barrott's" is warranted,
Cluclunatl Lager Beer, just received,
at Louis Herbert's, Ohio Levee. auglOwl
Am Artist mt Real Merit.
We examined, jjreaterday, specimens
0 fancy pointing and medallion pho
tography that Undoubtedly mark, their
author aa an artist of decided merit.
They were from the hand of Jfr. LouIb
aow, fad may be seen in the shop of
Carl Thomas, under the City National
bank, and over the main entranceto
Louis Herbert's restaurant.
The group of game, glasses, decanters,
etc., that mako up Herbert's restaurant
sign, undoubtedly speak of thq prcsenco
among us of a master painter. The per
spective, tho light and shade are aUmU
rably shown, and tbd color Is so applied
as to produco effeeta (hat rival nature it
self. The work will bear the closest In
spection. Sir. Francis is, also, a'portrnlt painter
of merit; and, desiring to locato In our
city, will tako contracts for portrait)
landscape or fancy painting on terms
that will defy competition. Thono who
desire lo satisfy themselves or his ability,
should call at 66 Ohio Levee. Thoy will
there obtain convincing evidence.
, Etlncnllon of lur Colored Youth.
The Rev. Horatio N. Rankin, President
of the West Tennessee University, of
Memphis, Tennessee, Is in the city, in
the intercut bf the institution with which
bo Is connected. The West Tennessee
University was instituted for tho educa
tlon of the colored youth of West Ten
nessee, eastern Arkansas and north
ftlsMppI, (n those higher branches that
will lit them for the moro exalted and
responsible positions In life. Of course,
an Institution of this kind Is dependent,
at thu start, upon private donations from
those who aro willing to encourago un
dertakings of this character. Mr. Ran
kin is on a tour North to raise means to
assist in the erection f the necessary
building. Ho brings testimonials from
tho leading citizens and offlclals of Mem
phis, tho namen of many of whom are
familiar to many of tho citizens of Cairo.
As the object he has In view commends
itself to all rlgbt thinking cUleens, and
as lie presents undoubted evidence of his
right to act In the premises, we hope that
bis calls will meet a liberal response, He
will remain in the olty until to-morrow
evening, the guest the while of Mrs. Wil
liams, comer of Washington avenuoand
Fourth street.
C'rnrlly to Bnmh AnfutnU.
The law very Juitly throws its protect
ing shlold around dumb brutus that havo
been subccted to tbo uses of man. Show
us a man who Is habitually cruel to his
horres, oxen and cow?, and wo will show
you an undeslrablo citizen.
This morning, William Garvin was
brought up before 'fcjqulro Bross on a
charge of malicious mischief, in this,
that ho had seriously wounded a valua
ble horse, striking It with tho sharp edge
of a boo and cutting a cruel gash, uiauy
Inches long, In its rump. His guilt was
established by three witnesses, and the
'Squire hold him lu ttrb sum of $150 to
answer the charge before the next cir
cuit court.
The penalty for cruelly beating, maim
ing or wouadlng dumb animals, is a
heavy line, or lsaprlsoumcnt In (he coun
ty Jail, or btitb, iii tho discretion of the
court. And this penalty Is not a whit too
severe Work' aniatak are Urribly
bruised and beaten for no 'fault "ot their
own. In nine cases out of every ten the
faults with the Yuen' in charge; a'ndwe
an conceive of no spectacle more revolt
ing than that of a dumb animal, whose
life is devoted to the' servico of its owner,
quivering and bleeding under a lash or
bludgeoti.ttted 'to gratify a cruel and ma-.
r llgnant heart It Is shocking in the ex
treme, and it speaks woll for humanity
that in suoh cases the law provides an,
adequate penalty.
A Xtgrn Man Attempt a Oaf rnffr upon
the Person of little White Olil.
Ii Charles Honry Owen, alias, "Nappex,"
a negro boy about eighteen years of ag'e,
was brought before Esquires Bross and
Jorgonson yesterday afternoon, charged
with a heincous crime an attempted
rape upon tbo person of a little wbito
girl, only ten years ofage. Every week
and almost every day of the week wo
read of the summary taking-oflf of negro
men for atrocious crimes of this oharac
ferj bill tl99 fearful examples seem to
have o effect.
Tho details of tho case In hand, can
not bo made public: and for the sako of
the outraged little girl, who will probab
ly grow up In this community, and her
parents, we suppress names. It Is enough
to say that tho negro "Napper" found
or luWulled the little girl in an upstairs
room of her father's resMeaoe and there
attempted tho coWmlsslon Of tho dam-
ulng orlraa. Tho rower, iuiwk wi
....! T.,
doemin it 'coticmslve, sent'taji
moustdr tolall In default or uaii m in
sending a bullet tnrougn tne uwuunuu
blact fiend, caused hls'arrest. 'Edmilrcs
Bross and Jorgenson heard theevfdence,
io oty of the negro that lie w
&B 80-
duoed Into the act, Is no doubt a He, and
one that only aggravates hi crime. A
ten year old child, alsaost aa Infant in
passion and Impulse, seduce uegro
man, qullo"full grovn and of revolting
appearance, Into the commission of a
crime the penalty of which is1 snore fre
quently death than Imprisonment! the
story is false on Its 'face, and adds insult
to the irreparable injury the wretch has
The father has elected to have tho law
take Its course. Law-abiding men will
probably commend him for the act The
punlshmont.prescrlbcd. bylaw Is heavy;
but there is that feeling in the breast of
almost every father, th'at would prompt
a more summary course.
Tho prisoner will bet safely kept and
will undoubtedly pay the penalty of the
awhd has, outraged; This will not undo
thowoiig he hits done? neither1 would
his death at tho hands of a mob; but
wrongUiOors of this kind must bo taught
the enormity of their guilt Let tho law
take its course.
A t'lr Ilirrt on thet JpckataiT aft Stm
Wo have been placed iu possession of
the details of a story which wu should
treat as tho workings' of 'a disordered im
agination, were it not that clear-headed
and collected gentlemen assure us of
their truth. They are, substantially, as
During the storm that preceded tho
eclipse a fire bird, about the size of a full
grown grey eagle, perched Itself on the
top 'of thojackstafl'of tho steamer Gen
eral Anderson. Its sbapo was well and
sharply defined, and from its outlines
there emanated constant luminous or
phosphorescent rays or Jets. When this
strauge apparition perched upon the Jack
staff, and how it disappeared, aro not
known to a single Individual on the
boat. We wore at firs dNpo-ed to be
lieve it an optical Illusion, but this idea
was dl.tslpnted by the ntturancu that It
maintained Its position Vluring nn inter
val of fifteen or tweuty minutes a suf
ficient length of time to allow of a de
liberate view and study of all the details.
Tho Entire crew on watch saw it, the
moro superstitious portion declaring it an
Ill-omen. This portion firmly believing
that the fiery visitor came to warn them
of the burning of the beat, came ashore
at Cairo, in a state of almost pitiable
trepidation, feeling that thoy had made
a narrow escapo Indeed,.
WMattbls ignlgenousobject was we
shall,! not attempt to say. It Is some
thing new In the history' of Inland navi
gation. Nearly every astonishing ma
rine "yarn'' we ever read, was esnbel
llshed with a-descriptlon of luminous
balls of light that settled,- on tho tips of
tbe raaln-inast; but woliyieflned and un
doubted fire-iilrds on the Jack-stafis of
Mississippi steamers have been preserved
for this age of earthquakes, eclipses, me
teors, and unnatural wonders generally.
"Barrett's" Successful Hair Restora
tive. Xoctarnal Btarorbaca.
After nightfall a crowd of boys assem
ble in the vlciully of Tenth and
Walnut streets, and by their riolsyw de
monstrations disturb tho wholo neigh
borhood. The gatherings have been
repeated so otten that tue, resiuenw or
that vicinity talk of appealing to the
law for protection. They have used
threats and persuasion, hut without ef
fect. Last night obo of tho boys ap
peared on the ground with an old banjo,
whenevet'negromAnfirTfwy would at
tempt to BaVUkyoWd7 arrest his pro
gress and compel blsn to taae up the ban-
Jo. If ho refused, thoy would assail him,
with a shower of clods and brickbats,
yelling like smahy-wtvages.0
Wo speak of this matter now to assure
these yeungstenvthat a repotltlo of their
orgies will not be permitted. If thoy
attempt it they wlll in all probability,
bo captured and csjabooeei. i The police
will pbuueri upon" them -wWrflekst Ih'ey
expect it.
Fifteen years ''sJgo; tho 'alto upon which
Cairo stands' waijfeovered by monstersyo
amoror, many oQbem twenty-four fept
In girth, afid perfectly aottnil and'aolia.
But wo are'compelled to yield tho palm
to Mississippi county for bb trees. Thero
ts, or was short time ago, a sycamore
tree in the vicinity of Belntbiit, that
measured forty-two feet two Inohesjin
circumference, five feotabove thegrouad.
It was hollow, and furnished ample room
aud shelter Ybr twenty -men. v
In cloaring off tho slto of this olty trees
were cut down that furnished ovidonco
of over two hundred years growth. At
a point two hundred fqt beyond Fort
Cairo, and within the same distance of
tho Mississippi river, a cottonwood treo
measuring over five feet in diameter,
was cut down in the year 1861, because
it obstructed tho view of tho river from
tho fort. It was said to be over a hun
dred years old.
These facts satisfactorily disprove the
Htnteinent of earlv writers, that two hun
dred years ago thero was a vast lake at
the' mouth of the Ohio.
Six Hundhkd Dozen moro of tho eel
hrated MasOuM-Frult Jare,, perfect PPf
slraplo sctf-Healers, the best in Amtiioa
Just received and for .aalo ut reduced
priqeBi ai ine Huee.uswvq Wri
Jiv2tf , iNos.'6and7'Tenht.
-iiifSi tiM i :,v.V!,r; Vvi ex vis, S7!.
OflarrettVMH unsurpsaed.
A Mob at jfMjrflcld-A Io Klditll with
The Paducah 'Kentueklan,' of yester
day, lias correspondence from Mayfle'd,
Ky., to the effect that a mob consisting
of about forty strange men took a negro
man from tbo Jail of that place' to a point
about a mile outsldb of the town, where,
sending three or four bullets tu rough bis
brain, they permitted his body to remain,
until cared for by tho county authorities.
The name of tho negro is given as Charles
Usher. His crime was an attempt to
rapo a little white girl only six years of
age. If thero id an offense known among
men that calls for tho vengeance df mob
law this negro was guiltyof that ofTense.
Why the father Of tho wrongcil child did
not take tho law in his own bands, and
kill tho black fiend on the spot, lajnot
stated. That death, sure, and if possible,
terrible, should bo tho penalty of crimes
of this nature, no fathor who has tho
fcolings of a father, will for a moment
deny. Had Usher been dispatched by
tho little girl's father, no man could havo
condemned tho act.
rouudlnn Uylnis t'onillUini.
An old man, a Swcdenborglan,. and
a strauger lf tho city, was (juud lying
out in tho commons, near Williams'
mill, this morning, In a dying condition.
How ho reached Cairo, aud whithenhe
was tending, wo are not Informed. Ho
is perfectly destitute, poorjy clad; but Is
only one of tho scores that aro charged to
tho charity of this people every month
of the year. Of course this poor inau
must bo helped, if not beyoud help; and,
should he dlo, burled at tho public ox
penue. It Is cases of this kind,geuerally foist
ed upon us by passing steamers, that
swell our pauper expenses so far beyond
legltlmato bounds.
WbIbbI Tlnibf r.
For Bale. Eighty acres of tho finest
Walnut Timber Land in tho country,
situated iu Mississippi county, Mo.,
four (4) miles northeast of Charles
ton and within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
J iMiuols. Said land is adjoining John
Swank's farm. Also ten acres of School
Land situated three miles from Cairo,
Illinois, on the Cairo A 'St. Louis railroad
or terms aud particulars enquire o
B. T. Whltaker'a Drug Store, To. 108
Commercial avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtf
In some respects Cairo Is unfortunately
situated. Her peculiar situation renders
her a center for a large share of tho pau
pers aud beggars that aro possessed of
Jho notion that thoy can bettertiieir con .
dltlon by traveling. It Is a common er
ror among the extremely poor and desti
tute that if they can reach somo distant
locality the days of their want and desti
tution would, by somo Inexplicable pro
cess, corns to an end. Tho town and
countykuihorl'tles arc besieged almost
daily by persons who aro quite confident
that if they can reach sucb and such a
locality they will be placed at ease so far
as tho goods of this world are concorned.
Many, If not all, of these must be assist
ed. The only alternative is to take them
in charge as paupers.
Then, again, tho thousand aud one
benevolent, educational and religious
Institutions of tho south that depend
upon public favor for existence must look
to the north for help. Cairo is tho first
point reached by the soliciting agents,
and at course, each and every one of
them must determine, before going fur
ther, what Cairo can do. Cairo will and
has done her duty in this regard. The
aggregate of her glvlngs in tbe last
named direction, amounts lo thousands
of dollars every year. A little is gWeh
to everybody that applies, and these
littles added together form, a sum, in
the course of a yliarthat certainly will
shield our city from any imputation of
close fisted uncharltableness. Those
'who canvass Cairo In the Interest of edu
cation or charltv may regard thoir in
gathering small, but if they will reflect
that puroitlsens ire subjected to almost
daily cans or inai nature, mey win nave
occasion to wonder that they were not
sent away entirely empty banded. It
Is give, give, give, day after day and dol
lar after doliarl
you" want a good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or shool-lron ware,
tin roof, gutter, omnythlng in. that, llae,
aall on A. Frasor, Commercial avoasie
whore ho has'moved to, act fitted up the
large? and most complete snop in
Soutuera Illinois, i '
Particular attention given to steam
boat, and mill work, copper hmlthlng
and sheet Iron work, such as chimneys,
broecher escaping steara-plpcs, etc.
The most delicious peaches we have
seon this year came from the garden of
Mr. W. W. Thornton. Col. Haynle, who
planted the trees, exercised great care in
selecting tho choicest fruit he could ob
tain. Had ho lived until this tlmo he
would havo evldenco of success equal to
his most sanguine expectations. Mr. T.
has our thanks for a supply that gave us
an experimental knowledge of the ex
cellence of his fruit.
Arrangements are being perfected In
Evuusvlllo for tho celebration of Hum
boldt's centennial birthday. The meet
ing will be hold In the opera house In
that city on tho 14th day of Soptembor,
and It is proposed to oxtend an invita
tloutotho admirors of that great Ger
man scholar and traveler, living between.
Cannelton and Cairo.
Pete Saup and Jliuwy Arrlck hive .re-,
tijraed home'ljtok
fn good health? They arrived last aight,
and report Taggart as flourishing like tho
green nay tree.
Clams and Lake Fish, at Louis Herb-
er's, 05 Ohio Levee. auglOwl
For a very beautiful pyramidal boquet,
skillfully formed of tho brightest colored
flowers of tho season, we confess our
seivefl indebted to Miss Laura Hendricks,
daUffhtor of Alrfermnn TTm.l .
. ...... Mvuu.tvn n
sprightly and promising young Miss who
AaUnMn f t 1 .
iccauiivu ii u i. nuiiMii woen sno concluded
that WO would nronnrlv flnnrpplnfi. Mia
ovldcnco of lior good will when manl-
resiea in a girt or really charming flow.
AaetioM aal.
I will offer for sale on Thnradav An.
gust 12th, at 10.o?elock, a. m., on Third
street between Commercial and Wash
ington avenue; a largo assortment of
bedroom and kitohon furniture, consist
ing of chairs, carpets, bedsteads, mattres
sos, pillowB, stoves, bureaus, knives,
forks, cooking stoves Ac. Ac. Terms
cash, salo possltlvo and without rcsorvo.
DanieIj Haktman Auctioneer.
iiiver .i:wh.
rort lUt far th 34 Hactra raalnr
Two o'clock, V. St.
Ita. Anderf on, Colomlrt". Wm. While, Pidui'ali.
Iwtllln.Cupo Glratdrau Katn I'utnnm, St. Lottl
Hllrer fipray. Htw Orltnni BlleHt. Lnulu, mm
QuickflUp, Rranaville I'nr tl, 81. Loulf, -blnArr,
LouiaTllls Julia, Vickaburg
r,ra, AndcraoB, Colnmbui. Wm Whit, Paducah.
Kate Putnam. PitUburg I.ewrllin, 11
Uarrett, ' Silver Spray. Cincinnati
llrlle-t. Memphis Uulckitpp Kriumille
yiraJtr, NnwOrlrant Jtlttn, Bt. IOUH
Shark, New Orlean.
Tho weather continues clear. Ther
mometer 77.
The Mississippi and Bllssouri are both
going down rapidly, and hunt tho chan
nel carefully.
The Ohio is falling everywhere, with
three feet scant at Pittsburg, and tho
same In tbechuteover the falls, Thoro
ts five feet In the canal.
Hero the river has fallen twelve Inches
since last report.
Business Is fair and Increasing, owing
to the low water above. In a few days
moro It will bo impossiblo for tho larger
clas boats tocomoout from St. Louis
fully ladon, and then Cairo freight for
below will be gladly ro eelved by Ihem
The Paducah and Evausvillo 'p&ukels
brought moderate trips, and roport a fine
way business.
The Cumberland river is so low that
navigation is suspended to Nashville,
but boats still run to Clarksvillo.
The Cumberland, Capt. Lowth, is the
Evansvlllo packet to day.
The White, CapUIn Northern, Is tho
regular Pacucab packet this evening.
SrASfTKD.AaItnatfoii aa heutekrcpr hj a fa
VT iprlencod luuiJ. No objection to the country.
Addrtai "Houaehe eper." Cairo. 111. an 11 lt
WA1STRB. A partner with 1300 to go Into- juy.
log btidncaf. Apply at 151 Commercial Avenue,
twtwee nSthanU 10th Mr frit. mil If
FIK NALS. THOhundrtdheadofbaefiterM,
i yeara old and upward, at Prentice, Boltvar
county, Mln. In tine condition for feeding this full.
For particular, addrea J.T 11KKKV, Reulali.Holi.
Tnr county, Ml. atlll 1m
WANTED Alexander County Order, at to ct.
ami C'ltv Hi!rin at Cftri-nU on lh dcllir. for all
klnda of Lumber and lluildera' Material).
lanlMtt W. W. THORNTON.
)IVOT AtjrioBr HKACK A auperlor auipen
I derfornklit-or pantij nn unequalled brace for
the ahouldera a.way n auipeader a brace, or not
at pleannre.
FOR BALK. CHKAP-Ncw OitU and three
lot, corner lcuat and Sixteenth tret.
marltVltr GREEN OlLBEttT. Attr.s
"O sally Xaola.et.
The light draught pMsengerHtearrnr
n. T. NORTHERN Master,
J. H. DEVKHI.T -..Clerk,
WjUmake rcgulcr DAU.T TJUIH btwn Cairo and
Ptucah, leaving Cairo every eventnjj (Sundays ex
centeil) at five o'clock.
The White connect at Paducah wit' the New Orleana
and Ohio railroad, and the Cumberland and Tennessee
river packet.
1'or freight or pwaag applr on board, or to
Jr." J. BUCKIifcr, Agent,
landtt Cairo. Illinois
Arrlral and Departure of Malta.
(Cairo Post Olflce, February 2, le )
(Time of doling.)
. . 3:00 p.m.
...11:00 pm.
forth (through..- 3:tea.in
North (way) i!5p.m
Soueh (Memphl H. o.)..
KoiiIJi (inrouenanil wari. :iun
:00a.m-.... J.oou.rn.
nhlA ltJvr nu(o .
.... &:0U )iin......
M'il..lnnl II I .. mm.. 1
Taeidava and Frldavn... t:00 n.m 1JM n.m.V
Charleston, Mo..Tuday8
winrmnj a pauiruayx-ii(U o.m, . . u:w a.u.
Thehoi, fiooso Iilam1 ml
KanlaKo Ja. 6.00 pinFrt. 7;W a.m. Sat.
''Ohio Rive route departs every day extept Jlondaya,
fy PorMollral use. ('alifonilaand Imported
and brandies, and the ltt illclo of llonrbon.
TMBWUH HI.ACKI-There tit a perfect ruth
JC to larclay.i lor tho celebrateit French Ulaeklng,
It la genuine, and u unturpaaied as a boot and tho
XT" I THE TIVKTa put your house , in
Xy. good shape. Pniiitlngand whitewashing are the
order of the Jay. Whito l.ead and paints of all col
ors are in demand. At the OK KEN LAHE1. Drug
Store, on the Levee, yon can get Paints, Oils, Var
nishes and Dye tufla or all kinds.' Now on hand a
full stock of Collier White Lead, Nelta White Lead,
Lone Stsr White I.eal also ralnt varnish andwhlte.
wash brushes, liarelnys' Is ike place.
XV That tou can get tho Lightning Fly Paper at liar,
clays'. They have the genuine article, fresh from the
factory. It attracts flies and kills them.
SABATOGA aPKINGH-Whyso to Sarntoga
and spend tlve to tea dollar a day, when right
here at home you can drink the stlf.Mnia water, Toy
coot and livtly as It gurgles fresh from the'reservolrs.
at Barclay's Ihnig Btoro, on the lve t
fnunSouth Union. Ksr. t
! mail, acloee thliiy-Sva t'4ssHse WMmfn.im
i Ak& ssa aaa ssua AianiaksTsl- al
sv win evf j "srrf W
iAIDH NL'eiM-Bist vegetables of your onn
growing. Luio no timo In getting your seeds. o
arclaysrfor Uarden Seeds, 'resh and sound, They
rf -'
: u
5 1 H '
3VC 3E3 ft. O
v -
Oix-o. ZXlllxxoim.
- t-,f.aLWI 1
Hiii,KSAr;i: giiooers,
Molasses, Tobacco, Cigars,
risk, Candies, Wooilcnwarc, IVUlowTfare
1ST a-ilis, Ollssi, Z?Alxxtt,
Wiudou-GhiKM, Putty, Lime,
Cement, Plasier-Parh, Gunpowder ' ..
Old Rye, Honongnhela and BoarlMts
Z.oids. Xjoh.cJ. .3a.cl mixot.
Also keep constantly on hand a mo.st complete
stock of
Port, Madeira, Sherry and Catawba
tso, aoext roa
Wo sell etclunively for CAdll, to which we invito tins
attention of clous cash buyers.
srfipoclal attention tald to filllnc orders.
irjfi.tx.VTrsiAi, exposk. '
jvr.r hr.it. . i so.
Cft0Tl r ( eta
Total J.lBbliltlea-..,
....$a,aaa,33i a
una, 7 hz as
a,0HS,730 BX
Ky Iheir fruKa yc know Uiom."
Loscs Jhtd hi FJlu Yeart,
I isMsisttsMetsts(i
The Most .Successful Firo Insurance Ct.
1 m
95,353,533 ft
Three-fonrths of tho Inuranco Companies char
tered havo failed, proving tho mlsOikraand dincnT
tics of a profession hated on calamity sod mtsfaf
lune, with an important put of II dcrelopnunt In Ibr
f pherof brood human benetolenre. It ts a rsro aai
uncommon ovent for one of these Institutional
make Its yiKTI KT1I ai mi a! it port, and that a satis
factory ono another ofilfe's plaliu-at old Moui, "As
yon sow that shall you tenp,'
Usefulness and diry mutle shaped an ' meaturs
only hy tho wealth nd ;rmtli of our country.
losses Paid at Cairo by the -Ftua:
n. C.Bteivart f 787,
Ileedand Cunnluuhara
P. V. I'!hll
lot M
Solomon Llttlelleld
Alts Hi
vat W
io lj
too oa
K. Ii. t tewart liro M.,
'.. EUlov... a
Adams, tirahum it Cu
wuson a Tiirupp
.1. A. need
Taylor, Edwards A Co.,
M UK 0
uni, winter
J. II. Humphrey .A Co....
John Antrim- ,
A. II. Hatford.
K. Vlnount.....
Klchitrd H. Noves
45 ft
36. A
31 00
J. II. Humphrey-. . ,
Trover A Miller...... ,
W. P. A J. W. 'Ilmmons
. 0
. 13 35
. Is Jt
, SM 97
mini. Wnlah s Co..-.,
N. W. Qrahain A Co.,.
Alice Taylor
Until VvW. IU lAil A VlUlliMHIItHtlMM
.lobu Maryhi
N. Hunsaker - - 600 W
j rwi mo
'lYover A Miller ua.3
lUrrell A liro .. 2000
W. J. Yost A Co , , 467, lu
R. Frganta
It. II. CunntoKham
J. Q, Harman
Wm. Scharrr.
Ill ram Ilenham..
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