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bt dotting bulletin.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1869.
Cincinnati Lager tfeer, Just received,
t ivouis Herbert H, Ohio Lovee. auglOwI
Brevier typo la aged In tliogot up of the
Charleston 'Courier' that la tbirty-flv
years oia. u i or tne Dottle style, and
still gives out a sharp and clear impre
aon. The German Turners of thla city, who
partleipated In tko grand Tarnfest, In
Chicago, returned home yesterday
evening jquch .pleased with what they
bad aeen Jd experienced. ,
A regular assembly 'of Cairo Council
No. 21 R. & a M., will be held atMuon
10 Hall, thla (Friday) evenlng,at 8
o'clock, for work In It. fc fl. 31. dogrora.
M. L. PuNNiNd 6ct'y.
Through'tralna on the Iron Mountain
railroad will arrive at Charleston next
Monday. Tblaapcak of a most vigorous
and successful proiecUtlon of the work.
A grand openlug celebration will come
off aorno time next Week.
Thero was a lamp explosiou In (ho
neighborhood of Fourth and" Walnut,
last night, that caused a momentary
consternation. A little child was some
what burned In tho fact, but otherwise
no serious consequences ensued.
While Charley Mehner, Jr., was hand
ling a revolvor tlio otbpr day the tame
revolver used by n IU killing of
yonag Barry one of tho chambers Wi
aocideatly discharged, the ball grazing
and tQ some extent Injuring his right
The Clel-man Draw bant! extended the
compliment of a veiy line serotiade to
ith Stephen HchwanlU and bis amiable
bride, last night. Jt la said that Mr. H.
cordially appreciated the compliment
and put the band boys through a course
of refreshment. '
W. F. .Martin, Esq., of the Charleston
'Courier,' was In tho city this morning,
on business connected with his office.
The 'Courier1 la a wcll.conducted little
country weekly, and should, a It 'dees,
command a good advertising patrorage
from Cairo merchants and business men.
Bradley says now that Shore has
"washed his feet" It woiildn't be a bid
idea to astonish hi bssds and face with
a little cold water. Ho thinks It would
make the oleaginous Shore feel more
comfortable, and permit the public tode
terrain tlie hue of bis complexion.
Mind you, this la what Bradley says.
If you want a good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that line,
call on A. Fraxer, Commercial avenue
betcen Eleventh and Twolfth street,
where he has moved to, aiu fitted up the
target and most complete shop In
Soutnern Illinois.
Particular attention given to steam
boat nnd mill work, copper smithing
and sheet Iron work, such as chimnoys,
breecher escaping steam-pipes, etc.
Tekac lata Yraterday
As is alwaya the case In this market,
tobaecoyesjerday sold well, the prices
in every Instance satisfying the owner.'
Lugs aeld from 16,60 to $7,10; medium
leaf from 10,00(10,75; manufacturing
leaf from" $11,00 to $16,00. Owing td the
laUae of the season the eatri weie
small, 22 hogsheads. The 'bidding waa
animated, aad bad a hundred hogsheads
tea entered every one of them would
have bees sold at a good price.
Tk Cvar Ratal, tJraad 'JTawtr
Pero us hayi occasion to visit Mt
Carbon will be sure lo". stop at .Covar'
Hotel. 1$ la one vi ttss best kept hotels
la Southern Illinois1, and Cover la oiio of
the cleverest and mosTontrprislngland-'
lords Charley PfiOcrling, late of this
olty, presides oyer the culinary depart
ment. All who know Charley's style or
getting up "square meals" will ask no
stranger evidence of tho excellence of
the Cover Hotel's table.
The card of this house appears in
another column.
FtnchMt Twclvo Hales torn
The Mississippi Valley transportation
uompany issue checks to bands laboring
on their bargee, punching a hole In the
obeck to iudlcato each hour of service
performed. On presentation of this
check at the treasurer' office tho bolder
Is paid aeeordlng to the boles. Among
the laborers yesterday was a colored man
named Jams Cooper, who thought a
hole one of the easiest things cooater
feltedln the world, and desiring a sur-
pltt to Invest In watermeilons be punch
4 twelve extra bole In bis check, and
presented it with an assurance that bad
not the slightest semblance of guilt about
It. Greatly to Jams Cooper's horror the
treasurer pointed out every ono of the
counterfeit-boles, the instant be placed
his eye on them ; and calling an officer
placed the hole puncher under arrest.
'The evidence belug oonolusiyo tho ,dla
i.omfltted, Mr, Cqpper was ruled to bail
in the Bum of 9S50. , He hI at least
hundred frl;end;wbo were worth, each,
several thousands f dollars, who would
gladly go hls'bail, but most unfortunate
ly, the majority ot them were working
before the ire-doom of absent steamers.
He ws therefore committed to.the kind
care and watohfW keeping of Richard
Fitzgerald, Esq., under whose eye he
will remain nnlll ifm nn'( alifino f it.-
" . w M RlVMUg Uft UiD
AJexanderClrcult Court.
Tm Cwaatjr .
Notice is bereby given, hat the pub
lic laws of 1049 are how in any office for
distribution. j: GVIiYc
AoglSlm ' Cotfafty' Clerk.
- i mt 'i ,
All persons owlag me taxes, notes, due
bills, or otherwlseare bereby notified to
settle immediately, aa'I hat-alto settle
with the auditor, eounty and school su
Agl3 3t L. H. Myers.
AHcMMMt tor IMS.
Notlcois hereby given, to all parties,
concerned that the assessment roll for
State and county taxes for the year 1809
in now deposited In the jDounty Clerk's
office, where the same may be examined,
and U' persons having complaint to
rnaK6may lay ihom befbro thb'County
Court tube holden at the Court House
on the, first Monday In September next.
W. A. Redxax, '
Aasossor of Aloxander County.
Aug. 7, f800.dtd, (Times' copy.)
Walnut Timber.
For gale. Eighty acres of the llrlest'
Walnut Timber Land In tho cobrUryi
situated In MleulkHlppI county, Mo.,
four U)r miles "nortbonat of Cliarlps.
ton and within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Said land is atllolni li tr John
Swank' farm. AUo ton acres of School
Land situated three mile from Cairo,
Illinois, on the Cairo St. Louis railroad
ior term and Dartlculara eannir n
B. TV Whltaker's Drug Store, No. 108,
Commercial avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtf
jlrH War,
At 10:20 o'clock this a.m.. officer Ar
nold received a dispatch from the chief
of police at'Padnoab', authorizing the ar
rest of a negro man named Henry Bui
dry, who the day before had committed
a rape npon a white wemnn In the vi
cinity of that city, naaicd Mrs. Wood.
'At 11 o'clock, Marshal llambrick de
tected the darkiy In the, person of a six
footer, dressed in a blue coat and brass
but to us, who was coming up the
landing from the ferry' boat. He waa
fft onco taken In eharge'by Arnold aud
Bambrlck, and In less (ban an hour af.
ttr the disnalcb askinc.bis arrest wa
sent 'from Paducab, an answer was re
turned "Baldry ai rested and id Jail;
come' and get him."
We call this decidedly quick work.
Wfclle tho speefal reporter of the 'Bul
let!? was en'ptdc for tfio belt of tatallty
(that he mlght enjoy afull eclipoo and
tell our reader his experience) ho atertped
out ht the cars at Du ftuoln, and, ap
proaching an Individual who bad bis
i i r 1 1 t.i
riua uurieu tiuuw ueti iu uis panta
loon's pocket, be addrtased him in this
"Wcllj my friend, wlfat of the ocllpse,
In this sectioa? Are your folks making
any arrangement for itf"
"Nowroally," answered the Du Quoin-
1st, "1 don't know anything about it. I
haven't sees any "bills nor' notbln', and I
rather reckouits sot goln' to how In Du
Quoin at all. I jest know they aint rent
ed any ball for It."
At this Juncture the locomotive whin
led and cut short the colloquy Ourape
clal, now, Is very clearly of the opinloa
that Dii Quelfcrshould haveWie Nomal
School. ' U
Hmn&my Paitlme mm4 EJymtt.
Mr. John Bee desires to say to the
public that on Sunday the gates of the
Flora Gardes will bei throwa opes, for
the free entxanco of ajl rwpectabl per
sobVauoTreaaHlwf no -wbatever
being ralie? adMifiloniPuring the
afternoon the usual pastime and
recreations can be Indalged iB,a
splendid band of .musie giving a charm
to the eooasloa. At nlgbt ,wili be pre
sented the beautiful spectacle of an
ItIlm Night Sctne,
the trees and harbors being brilliancy
illuminated by colored lanterns.
The season fcJ99F.fYoHliiMd, tbe
can spend a few hour In bis garden
most pleasantly. Bring your wives and
children. The beat of order will be pre
served; and nothing will occur, day or
night, that caa oRend the most fattl
dlous. Come 'one -and all from Cairo
and Mound City, asul ,all tbe country
around abou Ery well, behaved per
son win bo heartily welcomed.
2t JoHifllBis, P?6prietor.
. ,
The irrepressible Bnjdjey In a decent
conversation with Gen. Logan said
"that the cosmopolitan perspicaoity that
permeates the refaphyalcal djsqulsltious
of tho lefopbyllums of " the human,
order with which. Shores affects
affiliation Is ,,lethlfcrpuly libidi
nous, and that( his own skill
In onyebomaoy prognosticated an ere
raacausls of the indulgence that would
smell to the heaveasl" Logan said "of
coureo;" and the fun of the thing is that
the obese and flatulent Shores hns not
denied It! That's one for Bradley.
' '
Six Hundkrd Dpzen, more of tho col
brated "Mason" Fruit Jars, perfect and
simple self.sealers, the bcat in Aintrjca
just recelvoirand for sale at reduced
prices, at tho Queenswara-House.
Paksons, Davis & Co.,
jy22tf J,apd7TonM'St;
"Barrett's" is unsurpwsed. .
Clams and Lae Flih. at Herli
e,il6 OWo.Livae., auglOwI
Read the notteepf the Connty Asses
sor. -
The City Clert pro tern, ha givmi
nond in the aura of I Z,ow.
The monitor. Irk. that waa rnmnoilod
to He at our wharf a part of the day, yea
-lay on Account of ttia breaking of her
pump, lert last nigac aii right, and I
now on her WaV'to 'ftaw'Orleans." The
Tempest passed down about 2 o'clock in
tho afternoori.
The Cairo steamer Ike Hnmmtif io
Mound City at 11:50 o'clock thUfbre
noorij'ha'vliig th'o mbriltors Hecate ahj
Fary ld toW. At 1 :30 o'clock p.air, she
"wis In the act of naming out of view with
them arooHd the point in Missouri, a
point thirteen miles distant from, the
place of (starting. When we consider
the immense weight and draught of .these
Irbh monsters, Wo 'are conitrnined to
vlow this as extraordinary towing.
At a meeting of tho Gerra&n citizens
held In ttii Fourteenth street School
house Thursday night, it was deter
mined to hire a teacher to fill tho vacan
cy occasioned by Mr. H. Appel'a resig
nation, and to continue the school as
usual, We could not purs udo ourself to
anticipate nny other resulL The Ger
man school, as conducted by Mr. Appe),
has been an honor to our city, and a
great convenience to all thoso families
that desire to give their children a Ger
caan education.
We regret that Mr. Appel baa surren
de'red the1 school. Ho has managed It
most successfully, and it will bo difficult
to secure the services of a teacher who
will, In all respects, prove his equal.
Cftlro, 11 Angut 11th, IfW.
Presont Hie honor the Mayor, and
Councilman Jorgenson, Martin, O'Calla
ban, Renrdon and Williamson 5.
Councilman Jorgenson, as chairman
of the ordlnanco committee, preHentcd
the following report. On motion of Coun-
cllman Williamson it was adopted:
The committee oh ordinances, to
whom was referred a report ofthe special
commfttee1- dh -licensee, respectfully re
port.'that they'h'ave prepared an ordl-iiaooe-provMfng
for tho Ifcuulngof licenses
in ' tha manner recommended by tho
committee, which they herewith flub
mlt and reoontmend its passage.
In reference to a mode suggested for
the safe keeping of the bonds of the city,
they find that the bonds now issued nnd
outstanding, amount to about f 18O.OC0.
Upon an examination of tho amend
ment to the city charter, passed at the
iastsesslon.of (he legislature, and np
proved 'Febriary lOtblast.'thoy find (see.
20ofald amendments,) that, tho ag
gregate of all sums borrowed and out
standing shall not excee4 the sum of
two hundred thousand dollar for general
purpoM. If Mil section should be con
strued to apply only to the bonded In
debetedness of tho city, it would follow.
lh"at"about $40,000 of theso bonds In the
harids of the Comptroller are illegal and
void and should be, destroyed. A there
doe not seem to be any reason why thn
others should bo preserved, tho qo rani It
tee recommend that all be destroyed
and herewith submit a resolution for
that purpose, tho adoption ot which they
Your committee also report back an
ordinance, also referred to them provi
ding for the protection of lamp-post aud
andreoommend It passage.
Louis JoaoxNso.N Chairman.
Councilman Jorgenson presented and
read the following resolution :
Resolved, That the Finance Commit
tee, in conjunction with the Comptroller,
be and they .are. hereby: authorized and
instructed to destroy, by burning, the
bonds of the city in the hand of the
Comptroller, signed by the officer of tha
city and ready ror Issue; and that a re
port ptoo numbers, date and amounts
of such bonds so destroyed, be reported
by said committee aud Comptroller to
this Council at their next meeting fer
said destruction, which, on motion of
councilman Rcarden, was adopted.
Upon a second reading, on motion of
Councilman Rearden, tho ordinance in
relation to gM or lamp post was adopt-
ff I nil lAifl nvarfnr tha ftAtinnrratinA rvf
rtric':Bbard of Aldermen by tbe following
vote, viz:
Aye Jorgensen, Martin, O'Callahan,
itearuen, wuuamson o.
Nays None,
r The following report from tho commit
tee pa, streets was presented and read by
the Clerk, aud on motion of Councilman
Rearden the recommendation therein
contained concurred In: , ,
To tn HODorAI Hnyor nl4 OiiyTsiinPfl df the City
Yourcommitteo onstroeU, to whom
was referred pi bill, of JohaSheohan,
Supervisor" 'of Streets, fqr Juy lost,
amounting t $108, and a resolution in re
lation to increaw of pay of Wnj. MoHftle
while laboring with chain-gang on the
stree 7, respectfully report, that tho, bill
be allow.e'df, and, that, tha wg.o the Su
pervisor, be fixed at $3 75 per day for
each day's labor upon the street' frora
the flrti day of the present month.) , .
We would Uo report tUatln'th'e opin
ion of the committee, the City Jailor
should be paid $3 75 per day for each
day's work on the atreot with prisoners
committed to city Jail, and so recom
mend, 1
G. D. Williamsou,
James Kennedy.
Timothy O'Calfihau.
August 10, 1869.
The committee on streets to whom waa
roferred tho bills of Jas.L.Ross, for lum
ber, aaid Rob't H Baird.for work dono
bu Washington avenue, reported tho
same baok with tho recommendation
that they be allowed, whioh on motion
were .allowed by the following vote, via:
Ayes Jorgensen, Martin, O'Callahan,
Rearden and Williamson
"2Wy Wone.
The committee reported baok t.'ao
petition of Thomes Fitzgerald, ThoikVa
Naughtou, Miohaal Mabenty, flt'SfWil-
llamson and Thomas Hoatv. Uh,.
street, which was referred to them at
me last meeting mt the Board of Alder
wen, with the recommendation that the
same oe laid upon the' table. On motion
of Councilman Rearden, the report was
.ivea ana tne recommendation
The committed dn street, to whom
.was referred the bill of Pitcher A Henry,
amounting to $237 50; for lumber for city,
reported thn sain'
it allowance, which on motloh was" al-
iowea Dy tne following vote:
Ayes Jor en sen. M&rttn. nifvtini,.n
Rearden and Williamson 5. '
4 Nays None.
Tha committee on 'claim, to
was referred the following bill.
mended the paymontpf the same, which,
wu iHoiiop, was. allowed by tho following
vote: '
Ay Jorsensen. Martin. nTallnlmn
Rearden init Wini.rvTo ' r.
lrMt!tnipt from July 1 to AuRUit 1, U0
They also reported the bill of F. E. Al
bright back, recommnnillncrthaf uk. nn
allowed. On motion the recommenda
tion of tho committee .be adopted.
Communication ofjD. T. Llncgar In re
lation to bill' of coals In the CAM of M. n.
Ensmlnger, appellant v the people of
the8tate of Illinois, ex-relatlone r John
W. I rover, appellee In tho Sunremo
Court, was presented and read. On
motion of Councilman Rearden, the com
munication together with fee bill, waa re
ferred to the Cltv Attorney. renUeatlntr
blm to give his opinion a to the liability
of tho city for the payment of the cost,
anu as to the correctness of the cost as
The Clerk presented and read a petition
from John Curammgs, praying tliat hi
salary a day policeman be raised to $3
per uay, ia ouy scrip; wnicn on motion
was laid on the table.
The petition of Phil Howard, repre
senting that he In engaged In the sale of
fresh meat to steamboats which, lay at
the wharf of said city, and doe not re
tail or sell meat to the citizen of Cairo,
and that be is now called upon to pay
the licence fees charged to retailers of
meat outside of the market bouse, and
praying that hepmay be permitted to con
tinue his business' as above stated by
taking out only a merchant's license,
waa presented and read by the clerk.
A motion by Councilman Jorgensen to
grant tho prayer of tlto petitioner waa
Councilman Rearden then moved to
refer tho petition to the Ordluance Com
mittee, with instructions to take Into
consideration the subject matter of the
petition and to report to the next meet
ing of this Board their action in regard
to the same.
Petition of Francis Velad, represent
ing that he 1 blind and unable to pay
license and make a living for himself
and family; and pray lag that Inasmuch
as the council heretofore granted him
the privllego of pursuing the builness of
merchandising without a license that
they again grant him. the privilege. On
motion of Councllmau Williamson the
petition was laid upon tho tablo.
Petition of T. O'CalUhan, representing
that tho original assessment as made by
O. P. Lyon, City Assessor, on lot No, 1,
In block No. 33, in the city of Cairo, was
$2,000, and that tho Board of Equaliza
tion has raised said assessment $1,000,
thereby making the assessment $3,000,
and praying that' the assessment as It
now stands be reduced to tho original as
sessment, vlr. r $2,000. Motion to grant
prayer of petitioner lost.
The following bills, baying pasted the
Board of Aldermen and been referred to
the Select Council for concurrence, wero
ooBourrd ia by the following vote:
.Ayes Jorgensn,-MartIn, O'Callanan,
Rearden and 'Williamson 5.
Green allbJl'?ll:br'ierrl'w sttorntVB
In tho (Uitof Fox, Hoiranl A Co. ti City, for
At o hundrrt "4 nlnetoon dollir mid 34-10O
m cn; toccomm on payment or etrn lam
UriJ dollar In crlp, nu nineteen di
tlilrty.AtAeeatt In -aU...-iM-..it-.
O'Melvtny Jt I.nnaden, blllos uttorcey
nineteen tlollara and
:is M
11 for cltv
for fhc hundred
and oventy-flvo dollars
oih: reeorumend iviuunt of even hundred.
dollin In scrip.....; TOO 00
Coiro city ga company, for ris fumlihed
treet lamp for June, 1WJ KM SO
HarcUy llros., bill of medicine for June and
July . 4 21
S Waller, tilU of lumber. ;ioi t
W W Thornton, bill of lumber for' April lil 83
V Vincent, bill of nalla .-. 3J va
H U Cunningham, bill for Ualr blankela (3 00
11 trie It Walter, bill forlianllug carrion, forr-';
recommend payment of 13 00
W M William?, bill of lumber for city scales-. T3 Ml
- do - tw blila lumbtr, for July . W '
V M Tvldon, bill Ut ildf wah brunh and
tnok .-..f.l.h'.fi'.SL..- 1 M
W I Hockwell A Co., bill for afaHonery, oy cur
elerk fr Mri;)i. Jkprll W'iad Jun $ 19 PJ
Wll Itockwell Co., bin nr arntiouery, ly oily
oiiij roller, for June, 180 ; 74
Jaa Koehler, bill of ammunition .for Slay nnd
Jane, by city comptroller ,.. .. ....' IB
u a vinrx, lur vn vi i uuiiuuii r.uamuer Dlx
t Hottrlgan, bill oflumler...
Tlio mil or sciimiut to. for aundrlea tur-
na Der'bi'fi."
ai 00
a so
:o is
70 13
W S3
worU ontljle-
Of Thou ll&nlejf.'jjvj dayawork on aldewallr....
Of ltichat-d Mctiinni', dais work on aidc-
wll(fereman) t, ..
John Bheehaa, Ills perceulaga on collectiouiaH
Im.I .nn.nl.A.
40 :o
.13 S3
Wm Callahan, for labor on atreein
t1 . 1 I.VI ... .!. ....... ......
John Dillon.
00 00
3 87
........ u 00
, K ii
...... 24 75
, 5 'JO
7 OD
IS 00
Daniel Sullivan,
Jno Lane,
Jerry Callahan
Jo Karrfll
Dan'IFiUMrnld, dQ
.lohnBhBaTuui, do
Of M Mahony tor 25" J dura work on streets ,
0 J3
Of Wm
Meiinle for iadaja chargo of chain'
Ring woo
U Hhnnneaay, two bill, for June and July, anil
SJotllco lentfoi'lIolAini! Iat knooial election W 00
N A Dovore, work done on iidennllca TO 00
T l'lticerald. aidewalk litior
it n williamion, aiaevaiK lunox. , 01 za
Daniel McCarty, Chief of Police, for July
Patrick Dwyer, Pol loo Oomtuble, lor July
W Q'CalUhan, . ,
PO'CaMaluui, "
Pulliaj Helm, "
John Uimnilng, ' " "
i 33
T& 00
75 CO
73 00
71 00
DarnqricK lu un iuu uiy... ... . , iw w
O, P-liyon, formilary u City Comptroller. July w W
Jno Jirown, for aerrioea aa city clerk, pro teln.i
from ISth to Slat or July liioluiive... 4.V J3
A Calm aalary ai marketmaiter fur July .- '0 00
Jobn ljylana,(oralrxa TreaaurtrforJuln.JiW to
Of Tl,oiMflruuvtftulb wd lbqr favr.HT...-.S ,W
Of Krflsf,OreucUar, for aundrlea juraUhedih v.
Wan. ...... .... vj w
miiwSRiot July.".. 1.;........-..
TheCIerM theapBtd aad read a
number of bills which were referred t
the commltteoon claims under the rule,
On motion adjourned until Thursday
evening, August 12.
Jon Bkoww, City Clerk, pro tern.
Barrett's" Is warranted.
fort Lint ror the a4l7onni EndlnK mt
Two o'clock, r. M. ,
gn AndewoB, Columbus. Wm. White. Paducali
City of Cwro, St. too.. Indiana. NC(V OHolan"
Armada, Kionirllle.
pen. Anderaon. Coltimbtw. Wm White, Taducah.
Cltyot Cairo, Memphis, tnd ona. Loulavllle.
Armod.i, Ernnavlllf.
Tho Armada brought for Wm. Schiok
1 keg wine and for shipment south 070
pieces hardware 200 bbls flour ill bale
hay 211 suirar kettles 11 lihrl tnhnnM in
bbls apples and a largo lot sundries.
The Wm. Whlto Cant. -NTrirHmr,, U Mi.
Cairo and Paducah packet this Evening.
Quickstep Cant. Dext 6r In thn Cairn
and Evansvillo packet this Evening.
IkeHammit With two Monlromln tntv
left for the south at noon to-day.
"g SMYTH & CO., '
Molaaiea, Tobacco, Clgara,
Fish, Caudles, Woodcnwnre, WUowWare
JSTtillm, OUi, I'evXxx.tm,
WlHdowOlnaH, Putly, time,
Cement, Plaster-Parit, Gunpowder,
Old Rye, Slonongahela nnd BoRrk)
H.ocl Iieadand fJIIxota
Alfokecpi constantly nn hand a moat complcW
atock of
Part, Madeira, Bharrr andCatanM
tao, aocxt roa
We fell ercluiliely or CAail, tonhlch we IotSUMm
attention ofclna caah buyer.
Special attention paid to nlllnc orders.
.' r
jvi.r yiK.ir..
Oaah AaMla.
Total Llabllitln...
,o3,7se, e
"By their fruit yc know them."
Zones Jbtd in Fifty Years, .
$BO,BBl,4Qa 87.
Tke Most Successful Fire Insurance C.
CANUA8NKT8, - 95,352,533 m
Three-fourths of the Inauraaco Companies char
tered havo failed, proving tho miitakes uad difflcnl
tics. of a profetaion Used on calamity and mfafar
tnne,ulth aulmtoitaniArtof its dcrelopmtnt i ttc
sphero of broad liumnnbenvToUnco. It la araroas
uncommon erent for one of the ImtltnUoM
make its FlFTlFTiUnnnalteport, and that a atlR
factory one Another of life's plainest old lessons, J 'As
you o it that shall you reap,"
INefiilneas and duty must he ahnped and meinred
only by tho ucaltliitud growth of our country.
Losses raid at Cairo by the -Klaa ;
D. 0.8Mwart $ 7o7 0
Heed and Ciiiinlimlium 101 U
J. I'. I'aMhall ftla W
Bolomon Lltlledeld. MT 11
K. .. Stewart A llru.... ) B
Z. Klllott .. 8
Adams, (irabain Co.......... 12J cm
WlUon k Thnipp,............ la w
.1. A. TVeed , fOUl M
'raylor. KdwardsX Co , ....,4luo M
Wm. winter ...- at83 m
.). H. Iluinphrey A Co 4(U,M
J0.? Anlrim. .. itf m
A. 11. Killord , WC
K. Vlncent......M.........,.....
Hlahard H. NoycA MtW
.1. B. Uuninhruy. uw
Tror. il.llcr... "!
?f' ,i,!,,vVAr""",on'' - - 251,0
Hurd, Wblt.li A Co I U 35
:,W,?r,hm Co '
Alice Taylor , -.,..,.10tw 00
Oaft". Cochran A Co m 37
John Marvlu M. w,ta OS
I), Hurd..... ,. 490 ts
N.IIunsaker .. fou M
Trover Miller. GLIB
Haxrell It llro 2000 00
W. J. Yost A C'n 487 60
K.HhilnWeni.burg iz fO
11. Frgauza 7SS ti
It.H. Cunningham sm CO
J. Q, Harman ,... I do
Wm. H hartr. . .1411 SS
Hiram Henhnm .,..., v... ltW-00
W. II. Davis KU W
HallMayA lira ,., M -...Irt
.1. l.oderer . ..287a 0
B. Binyth A Co . ...... 5 H
John Q, Harmon 39 03
I. Karniwker 8 to
I,. Axley 17 96
I. Kftrnbuker 17 (IS
0 ooldtmitl - 400 CO
V. W. UiUlrcy , 2SU SO
Hush Rmllh aooa oo
O.N. fcihlpman 2000 00
Mlohael Vovrcra 10 00
M.J. Iluckley IB C6
fiaw'l Wlitshlru - i 80000
31. Madden. I,.,.... 8009
fartlo KeAtingM - 400 fio
Agents In all the prmalpal Cities and Towra.
Kates and texuis as ItUarAl aa eensittent witll Vi!?dk
rote profit and subttantud aeourlty.
'vtaffviel, Morrlit t&.tfM1,
1 jaiaria u AaEi'rs, csJm, fu.

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