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:f OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Stre'ot. Thornton's Building.
The millions who people the Missis
sippi valloy look hopefully to the action
of tho commercial convention that is to
he held In Dubuque on the 7th day or
September. .They look to It as tho in
ception of a movement that In to relieve
them from the grasp of eastern mouopo
lien ami render them Independent ami
Discussing the questions thut will
come before the convention, General
Vandover, of Iowa, says: The Missis
sippi river la IU ad van taxes as a carrier
In comparable only to the ocean. Call
fornla sends hor surplus wheat and flour
to New York and,cometeH successfully In
that market with tho samo products
from the northwest, carried over a short
er, but more expensive route, Tjy Jake
(.railroad ami canal. Tho great Pacific
railroad can never carry a pound of this
freight In competition with the sea.
The trlhuto paid by tio Northwest to
the monopolies and corporations of the
east has sapped the very foundations of
our prosperity. It is the onerous tax
levied on the produce of the west, by
the state of Now York, in tho form of
tolls, that has paid for the Krie canal.
That state ban reimbursed from tolls
alone, tho entire cost of the canal with
all of Its Improvement?, enlargement
and operating expenses, ami is now rea
lizing from it a clear annual income of
moro than four million dollars. Tho
enormous surplus of the necessities of
life produced In the Mississippi Valley
oonstitute a growluif ueoeaMty for cheap
er lines of transportation. Naturu has
furnished a highway which it Is the duty
of the genoral government to mould
perfectly to tue common use, by n mod
erate expenditure from the public treas
ury. Tho duty of providing means for
the payment of our public dobt, is no
more sacred and blndlog oti congress,
than the obligation to emancipate the
west, wherein reposes the nation's
strength, from the fetters of a crippled
Railroads am of Incalculable value.
They pcuetrato regions Inaccessible to
the sea orour navigable river., connect
ing them with tho trado and commerce
of the world, scattering thrift and plenty
along their track and causing tho magi
cal uprising of towns, the opening of
mines, and tho redemption of waste
places, as no other agency among men
can do. Iu aid of commerce they uro in-dNpc-nstiblx,
but they should not bo per
mitted to force It Into expensive artificial
channels against moro economical nat
ural outlet. The stimulating elfect of
railroads upon the spirit of (pecuhitlve
enterprise cao be best and most effectual
ly counteracted by improving our rivers
as competing lines. The enormous ag
gregation of capital employed lu the con
struction and maintenance of railroads,
shows a strong tendency to monopoly of
a very dangerous character. Already
this luflueuce is so great as to t-eem to be
almost above tho legislation of the coun
try. The power of selling private pro
perty, and condemning it to corporate
use, under pretense of a public necessity,
committed to railroad companies, Is lia
ble to very great abueo. The immunity
which they claim from legislative in
terference in regard to the reasonable
jam of their tariffs, may be questioned.
Their tendency to consolidation and In
crease r.f capital without adding value to
their property, or providing increased
facilities for the public la another alarm
ing feature. To guard against these, and
other possible evils likely to arise, affords
an additional reason why we of the West
should oipoolally demand of the general
government the Improvement of every
channel of trade that nature has pro
vided for our use.
LAGHER. The battle betweon Tom Allen and
Charley Gallagher to be fought In tho vi
cinity of Bt. Louis to-day, has, for many
weeks, been the theme of the sporting
fraternity that has completely over-
shadowed everything else. Old "sports"
expect it to be one of the fiercest and
most determined fights ever fought in
tills country. Gallagher has subjected
himself to tho moat effectlvo training,
and Is said to be in Drimo condition. Ho
rises at 5 o'clock in the morning, exor
Olses with .tho dumb bells, walka two
miles in thirty minutes, breakfasts on n
mutton chop, two eggs and some tea and
dry toast: then walks eight or tou miles
in tho woods; returns to his dumb bells
whloh bo uses until 11 o'clock, Ho Is
then rubbed down with coarso towels.
A shower bath follows and then another
icoarse towel rubbing. 'He then dines on
substantial food, After dinner ho ram
hies in the woods, 'culls flowers, HstouB
to song birds and admires tho beauties
of nature'' sights and sounds so con
genial to the pure of heart. At 0 o'clock
be goes to bed and dreams of puglllstlo
triumphs over glanU, and or smacking
the grinning chop of tl:? "man In tho
moon." Helsa Canadian (Gallagher we
. J ll. . uv
mean, not tne "man iu mo moou"j,
twenty-tour yean of age, weighs 170 lbs,
to six feet one aad a half Inohes high,
rather gnunt, of powerful arm and chest,
is active-as a cat and strikes with tho
forco of n trip-hammer.,
Tom Alien, whoso victory over Mc
Coole gave him quite a reputation, is an
Englishman. Hols In training under
tho direction of Jim Coyne. He utterly
refuses to communicate his mode of
training to at.y one, claiming it as a se
cret that will yet mako him tho champi
on of the world. Ho weighs 170 lbs.,
and nays that ho is lu much better plight
than when he fought McCoole. Ho is
entirely conlidont that ho will knock
Gallagher outof time wlthoutexpendlng
half his strength or science. Gallagher,
ho nays, Is n blatherekltlng Canadian
who is' foolish for imagining that there Is
tho stuff in him for a "bloody good
So much for tho personet of these
bloody bruisers, who aro to-doy to stand
up and malm and wound each other like
two infuriated beasts. That such things
should be permitted is a disgrace to our
civilization. There is a law against prize
fighting even In Missouri; but what does
It amount to. Its very existence Is ig
nored. Ofllcers of tho law sit with fold
ed arms and see ull the disgusting de
tails arraugod, see tho wagers laid, and
sco the parties depart for the battle
ground I All this and no Interference I
Surely St. Louis should have the na
tional capital. It Is the ono thing yet
needed to render her a fire-deserving
It is with pleasure that wo announce
the completion of this Important Missou
ri thoroughfare. It traverses one of the
most favored regions of the Mississippi
Vulley, abounding In a world's supply of
iron aud blessed by as rich a soil aud ge
nial climate as distinguish the American
At midnight, last Saturday, Col. Allen,
president of the road, telegraphed to the
St. Louis press, that the last rail had just
been laid In the tunnel at Glen Allen,
and that be was then passing over the
toad iu a passenger car of their owe ;ou
structlon. To this lie added that regular
trains for the public will commence run
ulng Wednesday or Thursday, through
from SL Louis to Belnovt, connecting
at the latter place with Mm Mobile and
Ohio railroad aad the lower Mississippi.
In the building of this road Col. Allen
has displayed qualities that mark him as
one of the most successful railroad build
ers of the age.
It now remains for Cairo to perfect her
connections with this road at Charleston
in order to realize somethiugof the fruits,
of its operation. That, in time, It will
operate as much to the ad vantage of Cai
ro as to auy other point concerned, at.
Louis, perhaps, alone excepted, we have
the most convincing reasons for believ
ing. To secure this connection the pre
liminary steps have already been taken,
and that the necessary labor will bo per
formed with due vigor and promptness
will be conceded when we add that it
has fallen into the hands of Col. Allen,
who U deeply Interested In its quick and
faithful performance. Tho colonel will
probably visit our city In a few days,
when, should no unforeseen obstacle in
tervene, tho contract will be Anally
closed between him and tho authorities
of our corporation.
A KanK of negro banditti have been
oneratluK successfully In Georgia and
South Carolina for the past three years,
and have perpetrated some of the black-;
est and most damnable crimes known to
tho criminal code. Five of tho gang
have beou captured recently, two or
whom were arrested in Macon, Georgia,
within the past few days. Their names
are Bob Wagnon, Levi Shepherd, Willis
Brown, Burwell Rhodes, ami Henry
Couloy, alias Bbep Hudglns. It was a
memberof this sane gang who recently
raped girl In one of the northern coun
ties of Georgia, aud for wnom a targe
reward has beeu offered.
Last whiter, Mr.Cj Michael McCoolo
hammered ilr. EdwaM, Burns over the
knob with a heavy bHss , faucet. This
occurred In Mr.!MCoole'f bar-room. A
short tlmo age, sar.'atcueoie turneu up iu
Buffalo as doorkeeper to a sparring exhi
bition, whon Mr. Burns and some gen
tlemen friends reminded him of the as
sault with the faucet by pitching ou to
him with brtss knucks, dirks -and blud
geons, The result was Mr. McCoole's
physiognomy was somewhat disfigured
by the knucks, and his arm somewhat
lacerated by tbo kulfe. This.- aud no
Tho president has turned out a one-leg
ged veteran, and appointed a rich poll
tlciau, postmaster, at Newhurtth. No
tlolng the Indignation of some of the
papers thereat, thoCIuolunutl 'Enquirer'
remarks that they are used to that sort
of thing out there. It "veuturea to say
that there have beeu a huudred crip,
pled soldiers displaced by civilians la
the different departments of the govern
mentinthestateofOhloali.ee the 4tb
The largest tub and bucket factory in
tho United States la at Mollno, Ills.
Northern Texas has its best crops In
twenty years.
There is only ono Protestant place of
worship In New Mexico. ' il
Accounts from the Rhino representlhe
wine crop an very promising.
A ball room' lias been .fitted up In the
Mammoth Cave.
It la popular now to present burial lota
In cemeteries to defeated candidates for
ofllco In Virginia.
Crops In Prussia promUo to bo large
enough this year to make up for last
year's dearth.
Gaa wasOratusedJn Loudon. lnIS07.
Pall 'Mnlf being tho street earliest Illu
minated. T
The house and s,ore rents paid in Lou
don annually are estimated at one hun
dred million dollars.
A negress one hundred and nineteen
years old la Kentucky's latest claim to
One of the railroads running out of
Chicago has determined to run no moro
excursion trains.
There are now four thousand miles of
horse railroads In 'the Unlted'HStatos
against four hundred in I860,
McEttrlck, tho Boston pedestrian, is
matched to foot it against Bill Iloblnson,
the English walklst, for $1,000. Kf
"Miss Sarah Redmond, a colored girl, of
Salem, Mass., has beeu admitted toprac
tlco mediclno in Florence.
Brigham Youugand his wife arc hav
ing their portraits painted. The latter
will be done in a group.
Gen. BreckonrJdge has aettled down
at Lexington, Kentucky, to practico law,
and already has some business.
Not long ago two nuna had a duel near
Genoa. They popped at each other with
pistols, but neither was hurt. Sja
'There are sixteen! portraits of Mary,
Queen of Scotts, fiTthlin3rltlBhNatIoEttl
Gallery in London, each of them unlike
all the others in every detail of feature
and complexion.
Tne floods in Texas having subsided
and tho peoplo having become calm, ft 1b
found that a fair crop will tie gathered
even from the submerged tract. BPj
A pump dealer in Minnesota sells ou
credit, agreeing to take pay this fall if
wheat sells at two dollars a bushel,
otherwise to wait another year. rva
Fifty thousand workmen of Paris havo
signed a petition that they may .have in
that city the same municipal, liberties
thataru accorded to other cities of Erance.
The "Southerns," the champion! base
ball club of How Orleans, achieved an
easy vlctoryover the "Atlantlcs," of
St. 'Louis, on Sunday afternoon. The
playing was simply wretched on both
sides. The Atlantlcs were whlto wash
ed six times. Worse batting was pro
bably never seen in St. Louis. The
fielding, however, was pronouncod good
at least, bo says the St. Louis 'Demo
The second game was played yester
day afternoon. After playing with the
Union club of St. Louis, tbo Southerns
will Incur the trouble and expeuse of a
trip to Claclnnatl, that they may realize
tho mollification of an overwhelming
defeat at the hands of tho "Bed Stock
ings." A sew trouble has been encountered
In the silver mlaes of Nevada. Hlth
erto the water which was encountered lu
sinking the mluea has proved the most
serious hindrance. Now, lu somo of the
mines whiah have attained the greatest
depth, tho water lsno trouble but the high
temperature is such as requires the Inject
loa of currents of air Into the shafts, to erv
a bio mlliarai io tvoric Itivrviaa. At depth
of a thousand feet, the Bullion mine, the
deepest la Nevada, is as dry as a lime
kiln aud as.hot as an oven.
A correspondent of the Scientific
American' gives an account of an In
geniously extemporized apparatus for re
moving carboulo auiu gas rrom wens.
It was simply an umbrella letuownauu
rapidly hauled op a number of limes In
succession. The effect was to remove the
gas in a few minutes from a well so foul
as to Instantly eitlngulsh a candle previ
ous to the use of tbo umbrella.
r -
Tho Memphis Avalancho paints tho
following ploture of the wretched Ed
win M. Stanton, ex-war secretary:
"The murderous twodegged hyena, ev
ery fiber of whose vile carcass Is satura
ted with sore, his Jaws drlpplntr with
crimson froth, reeking with the blood of
tiair a million reiiow dbiuk aaoriuoou 10
.... 1 1 1 tr
the Moloch of hellish ambition, ranati
clsm aud hate
In bis ipeeoh before the Sangamon
county radical convention, Gov. Palm
er had great deal to say about radical
thieves and plundsrsrs who were in
power, and urged, that the aext great
duty of the republiean tarty we to tam
these bssb out ofpiaee.
Amostdellchtfulsonsatlon wad nipped
n tho bud tho other night at Saratoga.
A loyoly apd , charming , blonde, whoso
father was cruelly obtluraterbiid nearly
escaped through tho window to Join her
anxious inamorata who had arranged ev
erythlBgwugly;i"or an 'immediate wed
ding. As she put hor tiny foot through
tne window upon tho first round or tno
ladder, alas her crinoline caught up
on tho bell handle by tbo fireplace, and
tno poor gin, unable to advance or retreat,
was detained, until a chambermaid acci
dentally entered tho room and released
hor from hor perilous condition.
Tom Collins challenges Harry Blood-
good to play a boue solo, for any sum.
from one to five hundred dollars. What
next? Who wants Co blow noaea for a
onl nt c-o i federate cotton trands?
CAIltO, -
Tlili Institution warn fouatleil in
nun Clutrtereii iy me state oi
Illinois la 103.
Hoard and Tuition, Includlngbed find bedding,
washing arm ruauonery, per term oi nve
monlha ...llrJ7 00
Mu-tc, dancing, painting and the languagea, extra.
ror uiriucr imormmou appiv uj me .
ujr.l7dam HuTHKtt SUPEMOH.
Fur Hie t uuiiUuilunttl Convention.,
We aro authorized to announce iho Hon. William
J Allen aa a candidate for membership In tho Comtl
utlonal Convention from tho Kint Repreicntatlve
OiatriC, rnmpoed of thecniintloi of Union, Alexan-
derind Pulaski, aubject to the decliion of the Demo
cratic party. c ault td
'wholesale uhocerm,
NatMiii, Tobacco, Clgara ,
FLsIi, Caudles, TToodcnware, Willow-Ware
Mallf;, Olios, X4lXXM,
Wiudow-GlaMH, Putty, ltme,
C'tntnt, Plasier-paru, Gunpowder
Old lt'cr afouoaffahclo and Bourbon
Xlod XioacA m.xx2L sqtVi of.
AUo keeps coQitantly on hind a mot comnleto
itocV of
I'ort, Madeira, Sherry and Catawba
l0, AO KM? rOB
We icll cicluiilvelr for CAdlf. to which we invite th
attention of cluMcaah buyer.
pecii attention paid to nlllnjt orderi.
dec2l8dtf - T '?
r ''if -'!
Quickest Keate frem the Soatk
Ht. Loula, Loulotitle, CloxUanatl, Cblcago,
New York, Boato;
Paaktsger trains arrivo at and leave Cairo aj follow
ARRIVE 3i5U A. M. ...
OKi'ART'-ttiSO A. M.t....,.
.,S8 P. X.
iO0 . M.
Uoth traina coonect at Uentraliawlth tralaaoo tha
Csalxx Xiiaet
At l'ana
a, Decatur, Bleomlngton, Ifl rJio, I
Mendota, rteeport, Galena, DUBttque,
La Balte
ana ail pomut iu .
Illluoii, Iowa, Mluueaota, ntaMB,
rVlacoaata, : '
Anil with line running Kaat and West for
St. Louis, SuriagHeld, LohIstIHc, Clacln-
uati, luuiaoapoiis aaa toiuwuu.i,
And at Chicago with Michigan Central, Michigan
boutlivru, anmnuuurK. ran niijinwu
Chicago Bailroida for
All 3EQlxs-ta attoait.
For through tlckeU and lnfonnatlOB, spply
Illiuol. CenTrU Jtailrort Depot. p J0HN8ON,
General Paaaenaer Agent, Chicago.
J4.MEa JOUNSON, Agev,Colo. aMI
mate M ta t
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thyhalillf Ofcourta youde. Then ret llarton'r
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VrMlc!. ,
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tho Drug Htoro, on tho Levee, you can get a nice
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PraatdUoWstMklc Wlac.
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Young Lmlictt
And thoie who are older! young men ami old men.
tho rich and poor thotn who havo block Hom lo( loeiui
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French lllacking.
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