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She (fjvcuiuji uHeiiu.
Arrival and Departure of Malta.
(Cniro I'ott Olllce, r"bniary 8, 1899)
txtivca. vtrkxtt.
(Tirao of cloiiiiB.)
(through .l&iu.tn,.., 3.00p.m.
way; utop.in inivprn.
through and way). 4:00u.in.....,ll:0'j tun.
Memphis A .V. O.J.. 4i00a.m...... 4:00 p.m.
tlVfcr rollln...... :00 D.rn.j CiOO n. in.
uiminvijii ivivf-r iMuiVfj
Tuculay iiml Friday-. CiOQp.m TriOp.m.
Chwleaton, Mo., Tuely
Tmrday a Ketu rday. U ;M .to . . . , 1 JK a.m.
Thebe. oof UJmu' iml
ttanta K...-...- ... e.0p.mKfI. 7;00a.m. Hat.
"Ohio Hlvo route depart eve.rr day pxr opt Monday.
J.JI.fJllAliAM, 1 M.
"BarrettV In unsurprised.
Cincinnati Lager Beer, Junt received,
at Louis Herbert's, Olilo Levee. auglOwl
The Mound City 'Journal' says the ap
proaches to tho Cache river bridge, need
repairing', thero being n nmldeti offiiet at
cither end that makes it difficult for hea
vily loaded teams to pass, , and gives all
kinds of vehicles a heavy and uncom
fortable Jolt. Tho repairs Miould he
made promptly.
Capt. Phillips recovered yesterday the
safe from the hull of the steamer Lousi
ana which sunk at our wharf, after her
upper works had burned off', several
weeks ago. Homo of tho papers wore
burned and charred, but the labor of tho
recovery was fully compensated. Two
hundred dollars in greenbacks was found
in a good condition, requiring only a
drying to fit them for circulation.
P. U. flchNb'a Hair.
Thero will be n public sale at tho resi
dence of I'. G. Schuh, No. 30 Seventh
street, between Washington avenue nnd
Walnut Atruct, consisting of parlor aud
dlulng room furnlturo, carpets, stoves,
cooking utensils, Ac., together with a
flno Singer's latest improved sewing ma
chine. Sale to take place on Wednesday
morning, at 10 o.'clock.
Dan IIatitman, Auctioneer.
. i . i i til.... ........
We are pleased to seo Mr. John Ham
ilton again on our street. He Is consid
erably blenched, somewhat emaciated
and very weak, but there has been a full
restoration of his mental faculties, and it
will only require tlmo to restore him to
his usual sound and healthy condition.
He has paksed througba terrible ordeal,
but has gaat causo for congratulation
that ho is, to-day, among the living.
Aaaeaararnt for IM,
Notice is hereby given to all parties
concerned that tho assessment rcll for
State and county taxes for the year I860
is now deposited in the, County Clerk's
office, where tho same may be examined,
aud all persons having complaint to
make may lay them before the County
Court to be holdcu at the Court House
on the first Monday in September next.
W. A. Hedjiak,
Assessor of Alexander County.
Aug. 7, 1669. dtd. (Times copy.)
The lll-l'alrtl Climber land,
A olographic dUpatch from Kvuns
ville to the St. Louis papers says that "It
la reported that the Cumberland's boilers
were In such a bad condition When she
left this city that a number of tho crew
refused to mako tho trip on her." If any
such report gained circulation In Evans
Title or anywhere else, it did so without
having even tho color of truth to anp-
port It. Tho boilers had, only two or
three weeks before, v&ed Inspection,
and were believed to be in good order.
The explosion U, most likely, chargeable'
to a caua that would have had tho sanio
effect on any other stoamboat afloat,
What tho causo was wo explained ye
terday. - i M
Tit Abba HotalrM .
Mr. Dupas, who was killed by White
bead, In Anna, last Krlday night, was a
man of family, and a quiet respectable
citizen. Ho alledged that ho had seen
Whitehead trying to effect a felonious
entrance Into a barroom,, aud this was
the foundation of tho fuss, and not a
drunken spree, as we were informed
yesterday. Dupas Jugular vein was
severed by a knife In tho hands of
Whitehead, and death from n loss of
blood ensued In -a fow minutes.
Whitehead and a rufflauly nccompllce,
who prevoutod a separation of tho bell
igerents, were arrested by the oflicers on
tho spot and aro now securely confined
In tho Union County Jail.
Since Friday evening last, theltev.Mr.
Krlend has beon preaching nightly m the
Christian church, on Eighteenth street.
He is said to be a youug man of ability.
Indeed, we havo beon assured by those
'whoso judgment we respect, that his
talents aro of a high order, and that his
future is ono of much promise. Notwith
standing all this, tho Rev. gentleman has
uomo things to learn. Ho has to learn
that he caunot, from his place In his
pulp(t, causelessly Insult our most re
spectable young ladies and escape there
ntment he thereby provokes. Ho must
iearn that, when such young ladles aro
"drlyon, In phame, confusion and tears,
frota their seataanttluo. buljdliig, by.hls
unmerited and shameless reproofs, it Is
a sorry victory for hl'ru, a man,1 to hurl
his Jnsulta at them until they puss be
yond the aound of his voice. This la u
short lesson but when Uho Rev; Mr,
"iFriend learns it he will kuow more about
the proprieties-' lire', -and wlll'fcfelfe
friend where he now makes euemiea.
Desperate Man.
We mentioned yesterday the arrest of
s "Southern Irishman by tho namo or
Patrick Sweeney, and spoke of his vio
lent resistance of tbo officers and his
assault upon the elty jailor. Ho is cer
tainly one of the most desperatd follows
with which our authorities have had to
deal for a long time. Yesterday ovouing
ho promised the Jailor that if ho would
give him the liberties of tho yard ho
would cease htn yelling and noisy dem
onstrations, and' conduct himself quietly.
and decently. The jailor, who Is noted
forhlshumanlty, complied; butSwconey
had no sooner gained tho open air than
he exhibited a devil within himself big
enough for a whole community. Ho
seized an empty water bucket and dashed
it into fragment on the gronnd, and
then approaching tho Jailor dealt him a
blow that would have knocked almost
any other man sprawling. Instead of
procuring a club arid beating the desper
ate man Into a stnto of submission, tho
jailor ordered him to his cell. Sweoney
refused to go, whereupon tho Jailor
clzcdholdofhlm and forced him, In des
pite' hl kicking, Btrlklng "and btllng.
Speaklntfof the matter this morning tho
Jailor said: "tho scoundrel carao very
nigh biting the legs ofl Of me," and'draw
ing up the leg of his pantaloon's, ho
showed where the furious fellow had
burled ills teeth into the coarse and hea
vy leather of his boot. As he has ten or
twelve days to serve in the calaboose, it
has beon 'thought udvlsableto hand cuir
him. He swears the direst vengeance
against the Jailor, and will no doubt
wreak It tho first opportunity. He is a
full six-footer, well developed; and wo
never saw a man who was moro perfect
ly reckless of consequences.
At Tucson, Arizona, on Wednesday
evening, July 25th, the Hon. A. P. j.
Safford aud Miss Jennie L. Tracey, of
San Diego, California.
Mr. A. P. K. Saffbrd's name is Inti
mately connected with the history of our
territorial possesslons.'Jie . having most
creditably and faithfully filled u seut in
the California legislature, served as sur
veyor-general of isevadu, and zealously
devoted himself to all movements and
enterprises that looked to tho settlement
and development of those distant re
gions. He is now governor of A'rlzoua,
.under appointment from president
'Grant, and Is, no doubt, one of the few
oniclaU charged with tho .administra
tion. and management of our territorial
affairs who will honestly, tfllclently and
satisfactorily do their duty. His wife, lato
Miss Tracy, la a lady of'most prepossess
Ing appearance, and 'fine accomplish--meats,'
coming of oner of the leading
fanillleeof the Taclflqeoast. TlTero is
something 'of romance, connected with
thlimarriage In the distant domain of
Uitvred'rnan, that wodo'not feel at llbor-
17 io speaK or.
Gov. SaffoM, It will 'be recollected, is
brother to our fellow-citizen, A. 11. Saf
ford. "Barrett's" Successful
Hair Restora-
If you want a good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that Hue,
call on A Frascr, Commercial avenue
beteen Eleventh and Twelfth atreet,
whero he has moved to, aa fitted up. the
larger and most complete shop In
Sou'.nem Illinois.
particular attention given to atearu
boat abA 'mill work, copper smithing
and sheet iron work, such as chlmneyB,
breecher escaping steam-pipes, etc.
If Cmm Sb per.
The ladies of tho Methodist Episcopal
congregation, or this city,- will -give an
Ice creaBTMipptreB" Thursday evening
next, in tho building next door to Bit
tenhouso A "Hauny, formerly occupied
by Mr. H. M. Hulen. The object Is to
ralso money forthebonefitof tho church.
While this isso, the choicest cream, cake
and confections, will be served at, Jue
usual price of such articles, by the most
agreeable and fascinating youug ladles,
whose gracious smile nad pleading
mlnlstraUonfl,wIll;ev'eU,dU'1 .Iqrto'oVjex
cellenco of tho luxuries they dispense.
Ten cents will bo collected at the door,
as tho prico of admission.
An tho building chosen is central, and
as tho object (Ih ono that warmly com
mends Itself to bur citizens generally,, It
i s'rensonibTo to expect that tho com
pletcst success will orowu the ladles' ef
forts. Everyhody should attend, If his
or her investments do not go beyond a
slice of cake and plato of cream. Small
favors will bo rawt thankfully received
and larger ones in due proportion. 2t
For SaleT-EIghty acres of tho llnest
Walnut Timber Land In tho country,
situated ii Mississippi county, Mo.,
four (4) miles northeast of Charles
ton and within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Said land Is adjoining Johu
Swank's farm, Also ton acres of, School
Land situated three miles from Cairo,
Illinois, on the Cairo t St. Louis railroad
lino. '
ior terras and particulars enquire o
B. T. Whltakers Drug Storo, No. 108
C6mmerclalJavenue, Cairo' Illinois, dtf
Six HuNDliKD Dozkn more of tho eel
brated "MoW'Frult Jars, perfect and
slrnplo-felfisealersi' the'begl in America
Just received atadfor sale at reduced
prices, at th, Qijeonawarp Rome.
Pa rsons, Davis & Co.',
Jy22tf Nos. 6 and 7 Tenth St.
Claaia and -Lake FJshat Louis Herb-
Tbe Kcataeky Oalrate A flceand Con.
We have not yet learned the fate of
the negro, Henry Baldwin, arrested here
last week, charged with having viola
ted the person of a Kentucky lady,
named Mm. Benson. When the mar
shal of Pad u cah left our city in charge
of tho negro, he was; apprehensive that
a mob would board the boat aLMetropo
lis, tako his' prisoner from him and'sum
marily dlsposo of the wretched creature.
As no intimations of violence havo
reached us, we are disposed to believe
that the marshal arrived safoly at Padu
cah with bis charge nntl deposited him
in prison there.
Before leaving the Cairo calaboose tho
prisoner made a second confession, and
gaveevldenco of its truth that was cal
culated to carry conviction with it. Ho
confessed that ho seized hold of the1 per
son or Mrs. Benson, and Informed her
that ho Would till her and her child on
tho spot unless she yielded to
his beastly deslrei. She re
fused to do so und struck
him a violent blow on tbe sternum, with
a tin cup she held in Iter hand, that lac
erated tho skin. This wound ho exhlb
ted. Tho fiend then itruck Mrs. B, two
or tnree uiows, Knocked' her down,
choked her until flhewna Insensible, and
accomplished his hellish purposo whilo
she was In that condition. When Mrs.
B. recovered her senses she still appre
hended violence at the monster's hands,
and persuaddd'hltn, as ho says, to leave
the country. Sho dfd this because she
feared that if he remained on tho prem
ises, ho would murder her and her child
and burn tho house over their bodies In
an Insane desire to prevent exposure and
hide all traces of hh guilt. Ho took her
advice and fled the country, as previous
ly stated.
The wildest excitement and indigna
tion prevailed among the neighbors
whon tho details of the outrage became
known, nud armed men started out In
pursultof tho criminal in every direction.
Had he been caught in Kentucky, before
this frenzy became quieted down, he
would no doubt lure been strung up to
tho first tree.
All persons owing me taxes, notes, due
hills, or otherwliel aro hereby notified to
settle Immediately, as I have to settle
with tho auditor, county nnd school su
perintendent. Aglb'at L. H. Mvkiis.
Mr. Safford'a private cabinet of curios
ities, In the president's room of the City
National Bank, is one of extraordinary
variety, every country and cllmo con
tributing something to Its completeness.
The collection of'rare und curious coins
Is not, perhapff, snrpaiMd In the United
btates. It embraces 8pecluiensdug from
tho tombs of Egyptian PharoahV, over
four thousand year old; coin that wan
current when Joseph was sold Into
Egypt, and coin from every portion of
the pid. World. His collection of ores
and marbles Is scarcely less complete,
including, as It does, contributions from
Arlioua, Nevada, and other territories
of the "far West," that aro not subjeot to
the control of auy other living man.
These were secured, chiefly, through Mr.
Safford's brother, Governor A. P.Jv.Suf
ford, of Arizona, who, for a number of
years, was surveyor-general of Arizona,
and who, consequently, enjoyed extra
ordinary facilities for gathering ajl that
is rare and valuable of the mineral pro
ductions -of that prolific region. His
marbles are from every section of the
globe, and embrace every quality from
clear whlTo Parian to tho blackest Jet
from tho quarries of Italy. Ho has also
much that is curious and interesting in
the way of paintings, pictures, literary
creations, ancient ornaments ana uten
sils, shells, helt; looms, eta. j
Mr. Safford places this collection sub
ject to tho Inspection of any one who
Will tako tho trouble to call at the, City
Bank, and wo aro quito cortain that any
ouo who hB a tasie for tho wonderful,
the rare, hd 'beautiful, can "spend an
A8Stthoie,even a day, 'most-pleasantly
and profitably.
To Couuly Officer.
Notlco Is hereby given, that the pub.
Ho laws of 1869 aro now in ray ortice for
distribution. J. G. Lvncji
Augiaira County Clerk.
Why Is it that with oi ioast ah&Ver
ugo jieaob orpp til frleo in maiutat'iieti
at a pitch out of all keeping vjth- both
demand and supply? Good peaches
ougbt,to,be sold In tho Calra market at
one i'dollaVpQr bushel; yc the price ex
acted is more than twice that sum. Very
Indifferent peaches are held atSl.CO and
$2 00, and are scarce at that. WJthpench
orpuardVaJI around us, aud treeaithot are
breaking down tinder 'their wolgljt of
fruit, these high prices aro Inexplicable.
Tho weather is actually hot nndop
prosslve, although the mercury stands
at mid-day no higher than 00. Thore is
a olosenesas .in the atmosnhere that
amounts 'almost :to ari oppression. A
heavy fall'of rain would be' a" God-send.
Tho growing crop3 Badly need it', partic
ularly In the hills.
I r
G. D. Williamson, Ohio Loveo, receives
frequent .supplies of oxcollont poaches
from Mr. Clomsou's orohard at Caledo
nia. They are Always In excellent con
dition, of good size and tine qual
ity. P. G Schuh's nalo or furniture takes,
place To-morrow, commencing at' 10.
o'clock A; M; i 'XrUeWiftilaMery'
well-regulated family will be sold fdc, at
anilw ajK.f iUAm will. hmlmL. l S "J ' J
Nmall BBrglarlca and Pelt? Tlirfti.
About three or four o'clock yesterday
morning some scoundrel tried to cflect
an entrance Into Mr. Cook's grocery, sit
uated on Jefferson avenue near Fifth
street. The first movement was to clam
ber on tho porch roof. From this posi
tion tbe rascal succeeded In securing Mr.
Cook's clothing, by reaching through a
convenient window. In the pockets of
the pantaloons wore two or threo dollars
In currency, a pocket knife and the keys
of the grocery. The knife and inoney
ware appropriated. The door befng barred
on the Inside tho keys did not as the ras
cal expected thoy would, enable him to
effect an entrance Into the grocery, so
they were left, with the clothing, lying
on tbe porch, whero they were found in
tho morning.
Thefts and burglaries of a petty nature
are of almost nighty occurrence. Things
useful and things useless aro stolen, tho
latter probably though a mere force of
habit. Night before last an up town resi
dent lost his front gate, and tho most
diligent scarch haa not enabled to find it.
Another resident of tho same locality
lost two barrels of charcoal, nnd a third
lost about half of his wood pile. Chick
ens disappear from nearly every un
locked roosilu the -city. These depre
dations aro generally committed on the
outskirts of the city where thero Is littlo
danger of encountering tho police. Al
though of noconslderable moment when
taken In detail, It Is by no means pleas
ant to reflect that while ono is sleeping
some scoundrel is probably In tho lien
house or carrying off tho wood pile,
Col. John Dougherty is determined that
tho Southern Illinois Insano Asylum
shall not be located at Anna. How bo
reconciles this determination with his
recent vote in favor of that location wo
havo not boen-Informcd.Tho Idlopathles
of tho old man are erratic and unuc
countable. Barrett's" Is warranted.
Thero is acrasy man in the city, named
Pldge, who, we are told, presents in him
self tho wrook of what was onco an
intellectual gentleman. Quotations from
Bhakspeare and our most noted authors
ore at his tongue's end for every occa
sion, and he seems to have the bible "by
heart.,, Ho Is perfectly hormless, and
lives we know not, where or how. Ho
called, this morning, at tho 'Bulletin'
office, much delighted over his posses
sion of an ompty dgor box, the label of
welch pictured a man with a olgar in his
moutb, astride, a soaring eagle. Ho im
agined it an appropriate present for
President Grant, and worth to him,
Pldge, a first-class foreign mlssfon or a
cosy country post-office. Ho Interpreted
tho plcturo of Grant smoking a cigar In
the midst of battle, aud added his ap
proval of such $ang Jroid by saying,
"that is, Just what he would do. Ir was
what tho Grants and Pidgca always had
done and always would do smoke
amidst tho mad rush and din of battle.
Lorctte AratlaBty.
The advortliement of this well known
and popular Institution appears In anoth
er column. The vatlety of branches
taught, tho excellent and paren
tal discipline enforced, tho meth
ods for imparting , Instruction
employed, and tho very reason
abe scale of charges fixed, commend
this academy to the favorable consIderat
tlon of the pub)lctand distinguish it as
one of the best and cheapest in the
Northwest. It is admirably located In a'
retired and healthy part of the city, is
surrounded by large and elegant grounds,
and is supplied with all tho appliances
and conveniences that give character t
kindred institutions In other sections of
the country.
The hogshead of tobacco that took tho
first prise at the openingsale of tho Cai
ro tooacoo market, and. was sold to Mr.
Christian Poper, of St. Louis, has been
manufactured by that gentleman, and a
portion of the manufactured article Is
now on sale at Mr. H. Myers', Ohio Le
vee, it is tue purest,. brightest articlo
ever offered In this market. Lovers of
the weed In Its greatest purity should
avail themselves of this chance to obtaiu
a supply.
Dr. Austin, surgeon dentist, after an
abseaoe of a few weeks, Is again in the
city, pursuing his profession. Parties
needtaft the service of'a strlctlv first
cJaasand solontiflo dontlst should call
upon Dr. Austin, at his office oyer Messrs
Haythorn Elliott's, Commercial aven-
ue, between Eighth and Ninth.
. AuglTlwd
t H
Wholesale and reUll dealer m
Corner Eighth Street and Ohio levee.
Ice delivered toatl imrU.uf the, cuy. All orders from
brod prompUy tlltd. pllfliAj.l
An ordinAncu apprupriuting money to tho riaitcrl
flro companies of the city of Cniro.
Ilo It ordained by the City Council of tho City of
Cairo i '
An appropriation I hereby mudo In th turn of two
thousaud dollar; i lo.the. Incorporated lire comiuiiks!
of thq city, tQ.w(tt (tau IhouUml dollar to tho Artdi
fire company, nnd ono thousand io the Hough antt
Heady tire i company. V hcu tho order for the nbovo
jppiopriatlon U lued, the Clerk ahalt take receipt
te? ,!la .?SJftn'7 I'M" Mnnt .of.all duerror'
from ald eeiAMnle iw .full payment of all due
U city up OSm Hwt day SMV.V, P. IS&T
.iTT" Tr "I "w Mrkuwa4irpa r 1
iupoa.uui pre
and certified
IVX X2 n. o 3qp A N T
ft) .
nnA.vn to writ, ilm.-yoin.
SA?iip;r, covisr, I'hop'R.
terppEif da y and xiairr.
Daily 3?noltot.
iKht draught pwenger Steamer
?' " SSSSWS Mmter,
J. JI. llKVI-.KI.V ......cierk.
Will mako reRiih-r DAM.V TIUIM between Cairo and
raducHh, l;aiiiKCilro vttj evening (Sundayi ej
cepted) lit five oYlork.
The White connect at I'adncah wit' the New Orleana
and Ohio railroad, and the Cumberland and Tcnnene
rlrer packet.
For freight or paa?e applr on )oard, or to
, . . if. J. 11UCKLEV. Agent,
'n"d Cairo, llllpola.
An ordlnaiic! for enoIns nnd improving fit" Marj'i
l'ark,m the city of Cairo, and to provide ways
and mean? to pay fur the time.
Ue it ordained by the City Council of tho City of
Cairo: '
That an appropriation of three thounnd dollari a
and I herHiv mmle for th purpose of enclosing and
ImprorlnR tho t;roiindi In tbe no in vent part o? fld
city, and known and d-ribed In tho recorded plat
theref f a. H. Mary ' rk, tho appropriation to bo
made in bond of tlm elty, benrintt interett from dat
attlierateof per cent per annum, and to belaiaed
In the manner and format follow, vu. Ten lnJ of
tho denomination of one hundre-l dolUr each, and
jaiyable flvo year after UtOi twrnly !ond of the de-
year after date ; and forty bond of
lion of twenty.flvo dollarn each, and
tear niter date.
nominniina or nuy uouar encn, anl payaMO tcrto
hum iiiriy imiiu oi inn
a dennmlna-
1 payable threo
tear niter date.
'l'hlnt'rtt linll niiinand pay ublv at the office of
tho City Treaur"r, annually; and all bond provided
for by thu urdmuien hall lUto from tho nrt day of
Heptemler, A. 1). IS0O. Tho xmd o tuned aballbe
nenotlable, and after maturity hl m receivable by
ttm city In pajm-nt for taies, licene,tmprovemcnU,
nini-nt-, and for any Indrbtednes duo (8 thn
cllv of tiro. Appr ve.1 Amr. it, iwki. "
anxlftllv J.VO If, ODEltLV, Mayor
Ni:ni.ri:.Ti:.v.tiiAr. kxvohk.
Caah Aaaeta.
Totiil LiHlilllilr.
wui,7a as
3, 03,700 U
Ilielr fruHt y linow thciu."
Lot sea IhUl in F.JHj Ycart,
32S,I3El,-aa 07.
I eeeaaet
The Mot Successful Flro Insurance C.
Three-fourth of ilm In.tiranK.i r,n,..n.c. .t..
terr havo f.dlol, proving tho mlatakea ilnd dlfllenl.
id II
tie of a protection Iwied
tunc, nun km iinjHMinni pari oi itaucrelo
spneru ur nroaa unman u nevolence. It I a rare ud
uncommon event for ono of thote Institution t
factory one am Hi, r of Jifu rlainct old lcjon.'"A
you oirthnt thall you reiip.''
iiibko in nr i ir i rinnnnni leporr. ami tlial a all-
IWulne; and duly luust I hi shaped and meatured
only by tho wealih and growth of our country.
Losses I'ald at Cairo by tho .Etna t
n. c. stvvort............ : 7, M
Kreilund Ciimiinuhaui
H. K. IWhall....?.
am 13
27 11
ku k
" 121 W
ill m
" "............ 1(0 00
4KM 6J
li Ca)
- 3 (
4S W
. JiO 70
lteeee,M,MMM i tt
'"""H..H, MhI 4 M
HoloiiK.ii Ultletleld.
K. I.. Hleart k llro
'.. Klliott...
ArfaniH, (irabum U Co....
Wtl.on & Thrupp
J. A Ititd
Taylor, KdvfnU & Co
Win. Winter
J. II. Humphrey A Co
John Antrim
A. II. tfcffiird
K. Vincent
H.iohnnl It. ,Voye.M
J. II. HumphreyM..
Trover A Miller
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