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roiiLisiir.i) uy jojik n. obeklt co.
Arrival and Departure of Malli.
(Cairo Pott OiDc, PWnary 2, 1M.)
Iierth through 3:n.m.... 3.00p.m.
North (way) ..,.. 4i4a fun UtOO n m.
South (throuKhand way). 4:00 .m lliWJp.m.
South (5Ieinphln.N,0.).. 4u0a.m 4:00 p.m.
Ohio Klver route...... 5:00 p,m Cioup.m.
Mlldlppl ltiver route,
Tueadays and Friday... 6:00 rim 7:fQ P.m.
Charleston, Mo.. TUcadaya '
'rMay atfatferday. 1 1 :X B.m". . . .1 1 :ti() n.m.
Theben, Ooofio Iilani' HD'l
HnUKe.......i.. ... C.OOp.mFrl. 7iO0a.m. fiat.
pblo Hire route departs ovory ilay ejteept Momluyi.
J M,.KAHAM' r,?1,
.l"WVN..-.a,a .ja.M,,, .aajinwijj, , - . .s
"Barrett's" Ja unsurpaased.
Cincinnati Lager Beer, JtiBt received,
at LouIh Herbert's, OhloXovee, auglOwl
A negro mant.who Hays ho Ih a stcam
boaiisan mid vory Hick, lian been lying
in an exposed condition during tho day.
In theYlclnlty of Washington Ave. nnd
Eleventh street. Ho lias no evidence
of bis right to admlmlon to the marine
hospital, and In, therefore, In a very un
comfortable condition.
The Charleston baseball club hatl a
tilt with thoLone Star club, of Morley,
on Monday, and acquitted themselves
most gallantly. The. score Btood 77 to 8
In favor of the Charlestons They made
a triple-play tho second In the United
States during the present year. Mr W.
H. Pitcher, of this city, won the umpire.
Mr. Zalma Rlock, twenty years ago a
wharf.boat proprietor In Cairo, but now
of theSL Charles Hotel, Capo Girardeau,
is in the city -topping at the' Antrim
House. He wants a lot of dining-room
girls, n ml make known his want In
another column. He Is very much tho
ZaI Jllock of twenty years ago time
having dealt gently with him.
William Johnson was brought beforo
'Sjulre hhamiewy this morning, to aim
wer a charge preferred against him for
stealing a sliver watch valued at $30,
from Moses Hell, of Grand Tower. Tho
evidence being conclusive, William was
sent to Jail In default of ball In the sum
of one hundred dollars.
The statement which wo publish till
morning from the Cairo Hulletln' of the
negro which committed the fearful crime
upon .Mrs. Benson, is wholly untruo In
sum aud substance. Paducah 'Herald.'
Certainly "the statement of be nejro"
was untrue, in "sum and substance."
This was established by the second con
fession, which we Dubllshed
The article in the 'Bulletin,' aside from
tho nogrojs statement, was, however,
true, every word of It
A Flfiller among the Demirep.
A raid was made upon the houses of
ill-fame this morning aud Steven frail
creatures brought before Cns' honor,
'Squlro Phannesiy, who admonished,
them by the usual tine and trimmings
that the way of the trausgrcdkdr Is hard.
First came Bertha Castle, as the proprle
trees of a bagnio, aud upon her tho
'Squire vlolted a wrathful fluo of $25 00.
The remaining six were tlncd $10 each
as Inmates of dliroputable quarters, a
portion of them stopping with tho afore
, Mid Bertha. The aggregate of tho fines
aweaaed is $05 00.
Ed. F. SIsson is passenger agent for tho
Memphis and r3t, Louis and other steam
boat lines, and Is actually Invaluable in
that position. Active and zealous, ever
rady and willing to servo and assist the
traveler, courteous and accommodating
In his disposition and bearing he certain
ly serve the interest for which ho Is la
boring most efficiently and energetically.
He ia deservedly popular, always at his
post, and, In short, the "right man In the
right place." May there-never be even
a perceptible diminution of his shadow.
Barrett's" ia warranted.
Deacon Hopkins was hard pressed yes
terday. He was in tho act of up-ending
a bale of hay inclose proximity to a car.
load or the samo article, when a second
bale came tumbling from tho cars, which,
striking the, deacon on tho head and
shoulders, boro him uuddenly to tho
earth. For a minute or inoro the dcacou
waa windless. His recuperative powers
being mighty, however, his breathing
apparatus soon commenced a perform
anco of their usual functions, and wero
not long In fixing him up again.
The Illtuiratrd AmmmmI erPhrtnulog-)-.
And Fhyslojrnomr for 1870, mow
Ready contains 60 Engravings of out
leading Jutora-iiryanr, ureeiey, jen
nett, Brooks, Marble, Dana, Raymond,
with portraits. Tbo Male and Feraalo
Form; Why Children Resemble their
Parents; Gen. Graat asd b Cabinet,
with portrait, Physiognomy In Politics,
or ".Faces and Pla6eflj" Solenceof Con
jugal belectlon, unhappy Marriages,
Temperament in Wedlock; American
AfUttajThe Sleep Walker, Psychologi
cal, Brain Waves; Sir Edward Landwer,
painter, LorenxoDow, and Peggy, hla
wife, their portraits; Royal Ladies of the
prent French Empire, with portraits;
Goiiot; tho Statesman and Historian;
How touhoose a Helpmeet; Wtiat Is
Man,? AU this, and rauoh more given
in the Rich and Raoy Annual, which
sells for 23 cents. Nowsmen have it. 8.
It. Wells, Publisher, N. Y.
To CauNiy eavsm.
Notice is hereby given, that tho pub
lie laws of!8fl9 are now in my office fqe
A PbBMMV Fellow
It Was a- fflllnW nt "Inflnltn to. fit r
met on the streets yesterday from our
neighboring city of Calrd. We asked
him for tho new of, that interesting
locality, when be remarked "that times
were precarious and money hard to pro
cure; that everybody waa falling off in
flesh in fact they were getting too poor
to skin; that they all hatl the three day's
ague, and had shook the meat off their
bones, and no doubt had Injured the
marrow In -them; that the low water and
dry weather had stopped their great
Hource for nightly music tho bull-frogs
had either emigrated or died, and the
people of Cairo wero mourning for them,
like Kachael mourned for her children,
and would not be comforted because
they were not."
The last we saw of that chap ho was
wending hJs way te tho sample room
TheJayMrd died with the wheoplng eoujrh,
Tho blue bJr.I died with th- colic,
I met a fni with a fiddle on hU Imolc.
And bo a-kedj mo the way to tho frolic,
Paducah 'Kentucklan.'
We are Very; much convulsed with
laughter.; Such attic wit-such sparkling
humor. It's irresistible IJ
When, two days ngo, this fellow of
"Infinite J'-st was uncharged from our
calaboose, lie expressed a desire to Roto
Paducah. "If I stay Acre," he observed,
"I shall end my days in the calaboose.
Tfierc I will bo aa respectable as any of
'em, and if they don't ruin my prospect
by beguiling me into tho editorial man
agement. of one of their papers; I'll be
mayor pf&lcJent of a railroad, dead
sure and certain!" And the fellow's
prospecUare brilliant. By abusing Cairo
ho has struck the tide that Is sure to bear
him on to.fortuue.
Iff t'rrntn Nupper.
The ladies of tho Methodist Enl.sennnt
congregation, of this city, will give an
Ice crenm supper, on Thursday evening
next, In tho bulldinc next door in Tilt.
tollhouse & Hanny, formerly occupied
by Mr. H. M. Huleu. The object Is to
raise money forthobencfltofthe church.
While this Is so, the choicest cream, cake
and confections, will be served at tho
usual price of such articles, bv the
agreeable and fascinating young ladles,
wnose gracious smiles and pleasing
ministrations will even add to tho ..
cellenco of the luxuries th ev i!lMnono
Ten cents will bo collected at tho door,
as the price of admission.
Ah the bulldlnc cho.en Is contml. nml
as the object Is one that warmly com
mends Itself to our citizens conerallv. It
Is reasonable to expect that tho com
pletest success will crown tho ladles' ef
forts. Everybody should attend. If his
or her Investments do not go beyond a
slice of cake aud plato of cream. Small
favont will bo mot thankfully received
and larger ones In duo proportlou. 3t
I I I mmi .....
It has been truthfully observed that
therejs less of tho spirit of mob law In
Calrd than any other town or city of tho
country. In neighboring localities it not
unfrequently occur that heinous crimes
provoke punlahraent at the hands of a
mob. Within tho two weeks passed two
negro men have felt tho severity of mob
law, within fifty miles of Cairo. During
that time a negro guilty of a more ag.
grevatlng and monstrous crlmo than that
committed by either of tho other two,
has remained secure in the walls of our
county Jail, awaiting tho action of our
court. His crime could be no blacker,
yet our community is quiet and evident
ly determined that the law shall take Its
course; that tho criminal shall bo dealt
with as tho law direcU and not other
wise. We cooamend this spirit. It
peaks well for us as a lar-abldlng peo
ple, and will command tho approval of
right thinking men even in those com
'munitles where a different course ban
been pursued.
"Barrett's" Successful Hair Restora
tive. If you want a' good stove, or tlnwaro
hollow-waro, copper or sheol-lron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that Hue,
call on A. Fraserj Commercial avenue
beteen Eleventh and" Twelfth street,
where he hw moved to, aza fitted up tho
target and most complete naop In
Soutiiern Illinois.
Particular attention given to team
boat and mill work,, copper, -aoalihl'iig
and aheot Iron work',-BUclras 'chlnin'oyH,
breecher escaping steam-pipes, etc.
Wajanf Timber
For Sale. Eighty acres of the Jlnest
Walnut Timber' Land In tho country,
situated In Mississippi county, Mo'.,
four (4) inllea. uorthoast of Charles
ton and within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Said land ia adjoining John
Swank's farm. Also ton acres of School
Land situated three mile from Cairo,
., .--i.. " i " . .
w mmmmm mm m m .m I u v a I mm mw rm- u mm m i rm w t. m
Illinois, on the Cairo & St. Louis railroad
or terms aud particulars enquire o
B. 'I Wliltaker's Drug Storo, No. 108
Comnnrclal avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtf
Six HuKniiBD Dozen more of the eel
brated "Masto" Fruit Jars, perfect and
simple Bclf.seav.rs, the beat in Amtrica
just received ant tor sale at reduced
prices, at the Queernwaro House.
Paksoni, Davis & Co.,
Jy22tf NMfind7 Tonth St.
Araaairnt far lno,
Motloe la hereby giveu to u parties
concerned that the assessmom roll for
State ant county taxes for thetnr 1860
Is now' deposited In tho County CUrk'a
office, where thes&piemay be examlntd,
and all persons having complaints tc
make may lay thorn before the County
Court to bo holtlen at the Court House
on tho tint Monday in September next.
Wi A. fiBDXAKj
' A&aeaaor of Alexander Coua ty .
Auft. 7,.J8Wf-dtd. (Times copy.)
The Xea-ro, nry Baldwin. Blipnickcd
my m Mmb.
By yesterday evening's packet, which
arrived after we had gone to press, wo
received information concerning the
summary taklnfe-ofif or the negro Henry
Baldwin, who was arrested In this city,
last Friday, on a charge of rape. Tho
particulars of his arrest, confessions and
removal to the Paducah Jail have been
made public in previous issues of our
The marshal of Paducah made an un
disturbed trip wlfh his prisoner, and
lodged him In tho McUracken county
Jail about 11 o'clock Saturday night.
The Paducah papers denounced the
crime in tho severest terras, but advised
the exasperated friends of tho outraged
family to permit the law to tako its
course. Sunday and Mouday passed,
and It wa9 thought by some tlfat tho ad
vice of the press had been taken and
the wretched criminal was iu no darjger
of personal violence. On Monday night,
however, Just beforo the hour of mid
night, seventy-fivo or eighty armed
mon, securely masked, collected about
tho Jail, aroused the Jailor, Mr. Davis,
and mado known the charac
ter of their mission. At first Mr. Davis
refused to surrender the keys; but soon
seeing how futile hh Individual resist
ance would be, ho led the mob
to tho negro's cell. A number
of them entered; placed a rope
about his neck aud quietly led him out
into tho open air. Tlio mob moved d6wn
Broadway to a point a mile or two be
yond the limits of the city, and there up
on a tree, standing near a road crossing,
they suspended him, and left his body.
Of tho details of the hanging, we know
nothing. Tho belief is expressed, how
ever, that tho raobdlduotglvothe black
fiend tho benefit of a neck-breaking; but
threw tho rope up over a limb, drew
him up by hand afiitperraltted him to
struggle until he cIQfeed to death. The
mQb remained on the ground, wo under
stand, until the negro ceased struggling,
then pinning a placard to his body,
quietly dispersed and returned to their
respective homes. We are told that the
placard read,t substantially, as follows:
"Let no one cu this body down who
does u6t wish (o fill Its place!"
We hopo thero Is a mistake In this.
Tho punishment of the negro waa no
moro than ho deserved, but it is scarcely
a manly revenge that would see his life
less and unfeeling body rot by the road
side, a horror to passers-by, and no source
of gratification to the outraged family.
This would add nothing to the punish
mentit could only injure the living.
We hope, therefore, that the' placard
story Is foundaUonlets. And thim lux
tho negro, Henry Baldwin, realized his
prediction : "l have no other expectation
than that they will hang mo."
When trill negro men learn that tho
penalty for outraging white women is
severe, swift and terrible death?
Uso Euder's. Chill Cure. "It nevor
Two Ifaudrnl Jleu Wanted:
Tho undersigned wishes to employ 200
men to work on tho Ashley and Mt.
Vernon railroad, wljlch ho will pay $2 00
per day. Tayments mado onco a month
In cash. Board per week, $4 00. Good
accommodations for boardiugon tho lino
pf tho work; also good springs or water
and the most healthy par of tho country.
Applications can be made at tho engi
neer's office, at Ashly, or at P. Clancy's,
Cairo, 111. Thos. Byrnes, Gen. Con.
Wanted immediately, at the St.
Charles Hotel, Oapo Girardeau, Mo.
Two good dining room girls, Iuqulro"at
at the Antrim House for two days.
It '
The following females of easy virtue
answered an invltarlon of WJUlani
O'Callahan, Patrick Dwyer and Patrick
O'Callahan to dance attendance, this
forenoon, before his honor 'squire Snan
neasy: From the'TlatTop'' there camo
Myra Keys, Molllo Davis and Emily
Wilson. From "Big Saiy Emma
DeaaUon, Jennio Wilson ami Nelllo
Phillip's. From "Windsor Castle" JJortlm
Castle, (as proprietress), Ma&gto Kjjjly
nml Niumle KWeJitl tttvy wrp fined
$10 each and costs, except tho proprietress
Who wa& ealled upon to hand over $25
aud costs, an aggregato of $30 23.
"Tho Best In Use." Euder's Stomach
- i i i ....
Ouriiuraday last tto 'Bulletin.' on in
formation froni a gentleman directly
from Mount Carbon, stated that the iron
smelting furnace there had cooled off
with twenty or twonty-flye tons of
molted iron in it. On Friday the 'Times'
of this city re-ltorated the statement.
In tho face of this conclusive testimony
the Carbondalo '-New Era,' says tljat tho
furnace was1 cooled off for repair, but
that the' "Inside of It is as olelm aa a
palace 'moaning we presume that It Is
not dirtied by tho presence oflhe melted
iron aforesaid.
And now again comes our Informant
aud says that hla information iu most
direct and positive; that ho received it'
on the ground from an intelligent, truth
ful gentleman in the employment of tho
company. And so tho matter stands.
The question still remains: Dldfthe (used
ircu cool in -the furnace, -or ia the said
furnace "clean as a palace?"
Chills Cured in Six Hours, bv Eat'
Altoarather l!nlunkil r.
Married, In this city, on Tuesday eve
ning, August 17, Mr. A. Comings and
Mrs. Sarah A Mason, both of Cairo.
Tho first Intimation we had of this
marrlago was through master Charley
Mason, who in breathless haste came to
the 'Bulletin' office and Informed us that
wo "would have a bully Item for the pa
per to-morrow;" and In answer to an
Inquiry concerning the nature of the
Item, ho responded, ''Why, mother's
Wo extend hearty congratulations, ami
hope the futureof the newly married may
no one or tnrin, contentment aud happ
nesa. Mrs. Mason has resided mam
years In Cairo, and baa led an exempla
ry life. Mr. Comlnirs ia irovemmfiit
guager, a citizen of some years' atandiiir
aim neither too,, old or too younit lo
1 1
tuuirjr. aiay mey over prosper.
A negro woman was arrested 'bskAJ
charge of vagrancy, yesterday, and wlienT
as,teu wnetlier shewas "guilty or not
guilty," she "denied tho soft impeach
ment" very promptly. When asked why
sho considered herself innocent of the
charge, bIio put on a look of righteous in
dlgnatlon,and declared that ahe was"a do
cent woman, and didn't do such things."
This equals the olden-tlmo Illinois legis
lator, who, when asked what ought to
bo dono with a man guilty of arson,
promptly replied: "Well, In my opin
ion, ho ought to bo fined five hundred
dollars, anyhow, and bo forced to marry
tho girl."
Dinah's virtuous resentment did not
save her from the penalty of vagrancy,
howover, for an hour afterwards sho had
entered upon a fifteen day's sojourn in
tho caboose.
Ender's Chill Cure Never Falls.
Tho marrlago of which wo speak else
where wa tho signal for tho gathering
of quite a crowd of youug folks, who,
providing themselves -with musical in
struments more noisy than sweet, re
paired to tho bride's residence, where
they treated tho happy couple to a vig
orous aud long-continued serenade. The
neighbors say they recognized tho hoarse
grating sound of the pot-lldla; tho so
norous toot of the couconlum and ox-
hornla, and the wiry bang of tln-paneon.
It was a loud discord of unmusical
sounds, got up and porslsted in. .The
bridegroom refused to comooutorto be
charmed out, so tho boys left with "dry
A young and very likely darkoy died of
watermellon chollc, or cholera morbus,
at tho Mound's Junction last week' Tie
had subsisted on nothing elie for u peri
od of two or three weeks. A gorge of
watermellon and then a drenching of ice
water will bo apt to do tho buslneaa for
anybody, yet young and1 inconslderato
people, whito as well aa black, bold
themselves as peculiarly fortunato when
thoy have an opportunity to hazard their
lives by such an indulgcnco.
Nothing can be moro important during
tho vacation of our publlo schools than
that the children shall have plenty of
recreation. Parents and teachers are too
often unxloua that pupils shall show signs
of precocious, growth and anemia ox tho
result. It would bo a valuablo lesson if
our educators could lean that tho pecu
liar condition of the human frame,
which is generally attributed to a want
of exercise, is Indeed tbo result of too
much mental exertion, and ends In
death, or what Is worse, idolcy.
Ender's Stomach Bitters! "Trie .best
in use."
There were at least a dozen wagon
loads of watermellon" In the city tbla
morning, some of them having been
hauled a distance of twenty-five miles;
'.vjv"t'. i ?
Clams and Lake Fish, at Louis Berb
er's, 15 Ohio Lovee. auglOwl
a rrau ypuug .creature, eyniontly a
- . . I i ...... 4 t t.t i r . i '
vuuiury gin, waa uruugiib iwioro me
polico court this morning, charged with
being an inmate of a brothel. Too oVl
denco showed that she was moro sinned
against, than sinful, that sho hatl lodged
beneath the roof of tho "Mastodonia
Sarah" only threo nights and had her
traps packed to take her leave when tho
ofilcers arrested her. Tho squlro gave
her a long- moral lecture, pictured to her
thoshanioand ruinaho must encounter
should she persist hVtbe career sho had
eiuereo upon, anu uuu loiu her to go
acquit and sin no more, and she "gode.'
ur. aub tin, surgeon uentlst, after an
absence of a few weeks, ia again in tho
city, pursuing" bis profession. Partlea
needing the service" of a strictly first
class and scientific dentist should call
upon Dr. Austin, at his office over Messrs
Haythorn & Elliott's, Commercial aven
ue, between Eighth and Ninth.
Augl7 lwd
Tbla InUntlon wm foBnded In lfS3.
and CbavUr4 by ike Hiaie of
llllnola In 183,
Hoard and Tuition, Includloebedaud beddlni;,
vf aahlnx and atatlonery. ner term of bve
mojith i..M ....i.t..p.,M.....lt..l Hl....Mf 107 t)0
ror runnef iBiormauon afi.itto ne - -
blat ajaal
juaaajvior lounn Kn a war
UreatUe rrialiaa
of JkdcruB to Bride; in Mm iaaMtoUoti oTMafriaai
-aitvldeto wttdtaoalal MJcIty. ani truv hmijtiS,
teat uy aaau ia aii ittr
tj'Aii unlviari 'itasvT
3VX XX JEL O XX '.A. 3V P aB
Cairo, ZXllixaola.
IDo-lly X?aokot.
Thff light draught pMnengerfiteimcr
f-JT- SxTllt'" " ...Matr,
J. M. Ilr.VKItIjV... ....Clerk.
WillmAko ttmltr IMIT.T TKtltj bttwern Clro and
I'alucAh, Ifavlni? Cairo every urcning (HuoJart ti
cptcd) atUtp o'clock.
Th Whito connect nt I'lducoli vil" thoXew Orlcatn
and Ohio railroad, and the Cumbrian J and Ttnnct tt
rtter packet.
For freight or paage anplr on Iioud, or to
Ciro. Illinois.
Anortllnanceforencloiin and improving HfMrj's
rarK,in me city or ualro, and to provide vfaj
and mcami to pay for th time.
Ho It ordained ty tho City Council of thn Cltv of
Cairo : '
That an appropriation of threo thouiand dollars bn
anil l h'fthy rnndo for th purpoo of enelonlns octl
improving trm Kroun l In thr north-wrt part of Mid
city, and krwn and dcritd ia tho recorded plat
thereof an t-t. Mary' Irk, the appropriation to t
mad in bond of the tit) , beuriug micrtit from date
nt the rate of fix per cent pcrnnnuin.and to hemmed
In the manner and form an follow, vli: Ten bonds ot
thodenoiulnatlon of one hundred dolUra ejeh, and
payahlf flto jrar after d.uo , twenty tionilt of the de
nomination of fifty dollrnt flcli, and imvoblo tnr
yeAM after date ; and forty bondn of the denomlna.
tionof twenty-nvo dollar ouch, and payable thrte
teara after date.
Tbo Intrreot altalt boducand wvaMeat tho odice c
the City Treanurer, annually t nnd nil bond prorlded
forty IhU onlinanro hU d.to from tho ttrat dayef
SeptemUr, A. 0. 1M.0. The lnd lolnnued aha.lte
negotiable, and after maturity hH m receivable by
tho city In inyment for win. llcene,lmrrorementr
OMcfui'nU, aiiii for any liid-btwine due to the
citr of Calm, Appr vod Aug. U, I fa.
naiedlf J.voH. OIiKIUiV, M.iy"-
JVI.Y F1HST ... .1H00.
CmIi Asm! a
Toial MMblllllee
..t3,XV,fl32 M
... aoe.72 n
3,03,730 S
their fruit y know tlicm."
Zobics Jhid in FJty Years,
The Most Successfal Fire InstimnrA r.
canh ahsets, - y5,a5a,gaa 0
Threo-fourth of th Ituuranee Companies ehu
tercd have fulled, pruvinu tho miatakeaand dlfncol
tlea of aprofeloul.ata on calaniitv and tnlifer
tuno, wlili aulmiKirtaut jiartof Itsdovelopment in tho
ephern of broad Imman bviievol ice. Jt n a rare axd
Uacoinmon event for one of Ihete initltutlon. to
maknitt MhriKTilstinnal upon, and that a ati
faotory on. nnollierofllfu' plire)toldlcfson, "An
you imjw that ehallyou leap."' '
Usrfiiluesandiluiy muat bo ahaped and raeaureJ
only by tho e4ltjriuid jjrowth of ourtonniry.
Iwstti i'ahl nt Cairo hy tho Jtua :
D. C. Stewart .
Bolnmon I.lttletlcld " 7,Vi ,
V- Hro .... (, a
7 Klllotl " L:
wiiaon Thnipp.....v.'".'.'.7.Mi.".";:!: IS
Wn. luter ZZ:?M &
J. H. Humphrey 4 Co.... """"JS ho
i.k. .....1... - . v..
a. it. sonoru
K. Vincent.......
......, ij w
rt 0C
45 00
.......... US JO
9i CO
Kiehitnt 11. Noicn
J. 1). llumnhruv..
Trover Jt Sillier
W. 1 J. W. Tiinmoni,
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