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MOypAy, AUGUSTS 23, 186.
Arrival, and Departure of Mall.
(Cairo I'oit Office, February 2, 18W ) ,
' 1 3 (Timo of closing;)
worth (through., 3i8n a.m., ..3.00 p.m.
North (wayj.ii....: 443p.m UiOOpm.
South (through and way). 4:00 e.ni...ill:00 p.m.
South IMenlpflin 4t HfO.ii. '4:00 4.tn.....'.4:00 p.Uj.
Ohio ItlTcr route,,.,?....... 6;00 p.m JQ.p.ni,
Chajle.ton, Mo., Tuesday 1
Thursday AHaturdaya 11:00 a.m. ...11:00 a.m.
BanSFt...t.fi.X -. . . t.OO p.m Krl. 7-M a.m. Bat.
Ohlo Blre'routa depart' every da y except Monday.
,;'iBiM'a'(Jqe(Srt1blK' Rcstorai
c tiyt, i a tj -i r 1 A I
ClncIaB4 Eater Ber,Jtt received
Atltt KrtV Oh'io WvW autfdwi
Use End-lCWr'f-flTT.-"It nevei
- J-Hr. W. W. TH4rmt4, absent from tli
oi.y Buna me Baauaree weeas, reiura
jr. - v.
j o v tot
Te Ca4y
JfBiiceJhfaf-glTeB,-ia4kt-tbe pub;
UfW1MtlOB. J. G. liYMCIt A. I
Aug 18 In County Clerk.
lilt ftveceeded
la relieving the monitor sheraaafreuad
ear Na pel bob, aad k agala speediBf
her way toward Mew Orieaas. It M
tkoBght .m lkt ah wH htf'tftrbtigW
wttheat aay MHImt UtfimW
We are Informed that while a gentle
M from Puteaki ceanty was riding
along . CeatmereJal aveaae yesterday,'
about 1 Vetoes' p m., fail horse dropped
dead la the street, overcome by the In
teaee heat.
A aew supply of cool and fresli Weirs
beerand Setter water Jast received at the
Hgyptlan Brewery saloon, corner of
Tenthasd Waealagtoa. Lovers of these
delightful beverages cannot find them In
better condition anywhere In the city.
Call and try them. 2t
The calaboose contains, at this time,
ten Inmates: nine females, tlx of them
colored and three white, and one man,
the ferocious Sullivan, who finding that
violence docs not pay, has quitcd down,
and now behaves himself in a highly
becoming manner.
The Mttrphysboro "Argus' says that
wheat Is being shipped from Carbondule
to Grand Tower, thenco by river to St.
Louis and New Orleans. It Is claimed
that by this route the cost of transporta
tion Is less than via Cairo. Gentlemen of
the Illinois! Centra! railroad, how Is this?
Is it chargeahlo to you UriU'or tho fact
that St. Lou la steamboats discriminate
against Cairo? This matter should bo
lookcd into.r , . ? . If A
Clams and Lake Flah, at Louis Herb
er's, 75 Ohio Levee. auglOwl
WsUaal Tlsssbcr.
For Sale. Eighty acres of the finest
Walnut Timber Land in the country,
situated in Mississippi county, Mo.,
four (4) miles northeast of Charles
ton and within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
ill I a els. Bald land la adjoining John
Swank's farm. Also ten acres of School
Land situated three miles from Cairo,
Illinois, on the Cairo A8t. LoHk railroad
line. . ..
J or terms and particulars enquire o
Bi T. Whitaker's Drag Store. No. 103
Commercial avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtf '
We understand that an arrangement
la about to go into effect on the Illinois
Central railroad that will lengthen out
the southern division from Cehtralla to
Efltagham. This will add sixty or eighty
aailes to the run of theooaductors on this
end of the road taking that much, of
course, from the run of the conductors on
the northern division. We nevor could
understand why .the southern, .division
was made 112 miles and the northern 253,
and although we may sympathize with
the southern train employes wo" can
scarcely eay that the addition to their
run is unfair. Looking at it by our pres
ent "lanterns" It has a look somewhat
the reverse.
"The Best In Uso." Ender'H Stomach
. i --
Mr. Thomas Lewis, havlug returned
to Springfield to clay, announces his pur
pose to embark immediately into the
dating business He certainly starts
ont under the most flatter lag ausploes
He aays that one thousand copies of his
paper have already beea.;eoBtiracted for
in Alexander, ruiasju' ana union coun
ties. On the way to the Springfield Job
ofloe, where he ioth'ri prospeotus'priHV
ed. he made'k'nown his-purpose to start
a paper, and eleven business men, upon
whom ne eaiiecr,- not oniy gavo oim
eleyen advertlsemonta but subscribed for
eleven thousand copies of .tbo , paper
0wBf tb press of other busineseMr.
Lewie will only Issue a monthly paper
uaiit tbe.lst of January next, after whleh
time he will make it weekly, The. first
Issue will appear on the 25th just;
Dr. Austin, surgeon dentist, after an
absence of a fow weeks, ia Again in the
cityi pMwulnf W Profe?.on- Tartles
needlag the services of a strictly drat
class avid scientific dentist should call
upoB Dr. Aostlni at his oMce over Messrs
Haythorn MS!''
ue. between Eighth and Ninth. f f
' a i Pt -s 1
Tvro fetal Caaen or Sunilroke.
It is conceded on all, sides, we believe,
that yesterday was',' by "many degrees,
the hottest 'day of the season? Tho ther
mometer stood at 100 at 10 o'clock a.m.,
and during the day reached 104., Tho
night was swelteflnVi'persons occiipiig
badly ventljajtedh9uses,-t1elng unable to
' About ill o'clock in., a stranger, whoso
name could not be learned, was prostra
ted by sunstroke near the corner of
Fester and Twelfth Mreeta. Be 'Was
-ftBMl abe.a'XalfaB hour afterwards la
aauieor laetmHDiiiiy'Aaci removed to
BL Mary's lBflrmry w'hefe'ktiied
aboat 2 p.m. He had on a brown palof
m&mWvMy flaaael
frit. wk-ite overrtlrti M buff
Unw Mat; iaiv biiok nM Mar. "He was
weigbM tl?B or 180 tw4n, ttd .Wis
tfrafejblack. ThereJ'wre ae
mBBit 1 awVfWHTrir Kfad'
A arattfmMDSjp JUStUgi-ouad
where tk body wan foad, vbob whieti
ta bbbm "joba iMarpiiy" waa WrUMn,
and which, possibly, may haje. dropped
otrtof h'tf pockets.' His hands the in-
His elB eallgWiTardiaeefcrVd Jby
coal dast ladlcaUd that he was either
foBBfier, Maeksmith ot steamboatman.
We are tMafpartieiilar-' la gtvlag deUila
la the hope that thereby hie friends may
ears of the sad fate that baa befallen
A beat the mate hear of the day tfeha
HarriagtoB. formerly an employe of the
railroad Mackspajth abop, was sunstruck
tear we reaMeaoe oflile rather on Twen
yitMttfttireet. He wae carried home
Wberf.he.died in aboat oae heur.Mr.
Harrington waa, a single man,
erally'respecled aVaVtndus
, and gen-
ustrious and
well behaved person. He was much
devoted to his old parents and contribu
tea not a lime wo unueratanil to their
, . i
;.The Cincinnati 'Commercial' of tho
IDih, copies so much of. tho 'Bulletin's
article oa theexploaion of tho steamer
Cumberland aa treats upon the causes of
explosions, conccivlngfit to boa happy
thought of M. 11. Hnrrell, Esq., supcrln
duceid by a 'boquet"'from Ed.Wll
leCt 'with the complltnenta of 'J. V.
Throdp. Such "boqueU'J as Ed. Willett
is ia the habit of distributing would
never reach us through the hands of
Josh Throop, though our fondness for
em might surpass that of Cons Miller.
WheB Josh gets hold of "a good thine'
he always "saves It." 11
The theory of explosions is that of the
river reporter of tho 'Bulletin,' John Y.
McKee, Ewq.; and, although wo cannot
speak from "cloven years' experience as
aa engineer oa me western watora," we
pronounce the theory highly plausible.
If Cons would have a practical lllustra
tlon of It let him drink a glass of water.
Barrett's" Is unsurpassed.
Ender's Stomach
Hitters !-"Tno best
in use."
There is considerable apprehension
felt on the acoro of mad-dogs In the city.
The dog that was killed on Friday night
la known o. haye butea Aye dogaen
Eighth street, some of which aro permit
ted to run at will, unmuzzled, In the
netcfcborfeod:30r coutae'theae " wiir ik.
noculate the doge with -tke poison, and
thus we will have our'towa' full o'f mad
dogs before we becomo fully apprised of
our danger. In the neighborhood where
the bitten doge spoken of are permitted
to run. at large, there are a great jaaay
children rhs iBfeat:the..treU- at-all
times of day, aBd ahould aay of these be
bitten tho consequences Would be most
appalling. All tho dogs In Cairo are' net
worth the life of tho smallest child or
humblest citizen among us 1 'Why then
aro the Uvea of many men, women and
ohlldren so fearfully Jeopardized to save
the Uvea of four or fl vo does, which are
of llttle'value at best?
Tho ordinance,- tf .enforced, would Af
ford ample protection to the people; It
is the marshal's duty to enforce them.
He has been pointedly Instructed there
on by the council, yet' unmuzzled dogs,
even those that have the terrible poison
that breeds hydrophobia coursing In
their veins, are permitted to run at Jarge
without let or hindrance! The Inevita
ble consequence i of this state of affairs
Is fearful, to contemplate.
Chills Cured In Six Hours, by
Chill Cure. , A
If you waut a good stove, or tinware
hollow-ware, copperjor sheetlrou ware,
tin roof, gaiter, W anything In that line,
call on A. Fraser, Commercial avenue
bo teen Eleventh and Twelfth street,
where he Kaamoved, to, asfltted'up'the
large? "and most complete shop in
Soutnern Illinois.
Particular attention, giyen to steam
boatJand mill -work, copper suilthlag
and sheet Iron work, such aa chimneys,
tbttfechec eflceplag steam-pipes, etcr k t
"-! i ;,- v i ' i
Two MMtlrct Men Wauled S
The undersigned wished' to employ 200
men to work on the Ashley and Mt.
Vornon.rjilrofid, wblehhe.wlll.payliii 00
In cash. Board peftflrcek, $4 00. Good
accommodations for boarding on the line
of the work; also good springs' 'of1 wafc'r
and the most healthy part of thocountry.
APPlkatloha can be mada at the Bgi-
neerB bfloe.M Ashly, oi: at, F, Clanoya,
Cairo, jll. i mcThos. Bubnbs, Gen. Con.
Mr. Turner, tho wood man, turned out '
one of his horses last jweek to graze on tho
commons. As the animal failed to come
home after the lapse of a day or two, Mr
T. concluded that he had better hunt
him up before he became, too badly lost.
Accordingly yesterday morning he start
ed outyand fnslohgh earGreenfleldls.
ferry landing, hear the upper end of
Stewart's field, he discovered his horse's
head, tho animal's body being entirely
conceaieu in me quagmire, xno'norao
had ventured out' upon the yielding' sur
face in search of water, and becoming
mired the more JhV struggled to release'
Mr. T. succeeded in getting straps and
baridraboutthe body of bin horse. :Vndi
ferlngleWWWnVVrd. from
his perilous position. r m .
Only a day or two previous a fine eow
as meued from like perl, and, we t are
inforaed, thMUk quUeacommoH thing
foranlaials to mire therein their search
for water, andajaeme of them per
ish. Itwould.be well for citizens, .who
leee aaimam, le Hke a.vi.Wt to.'thls
slough. 'i'
Themiiwaai qatNraa ado la the lower
lowing iau wUl show, aet. without oc
casion: "
First, there was a cry ofYflre. Smoke
was seen to Issue from the wlndowiiof
the palatial Bleloek reeMMoe, but 4
burning, su bt a b ee, t profra My Lppi cloth
teg or strap OT,,was cast oat of,B wiadow
A little lawr HLtpe Blgnt.a negro wo-
man at or Bear the corner of Tilth aad
Walaut, raU4 a Urnbl. cUryiWuee
her huabuuei was "a iwbib ot-Heri"-"
And still later,. ,a cry of "stop thief)
wan heard, which was occasioned by tho
discovery of aman on the porehaf Cook's
grocery, corner of Fifth street and Jeff
erson avenue, trying to effect an en
Co IlarU rtrs Wol
Mr. J. W. Turner ia receiving
a supply of splendid hard fire wood
which he will deliver In any quantity
desired In any part of tho city. Nbwi Is
the time to hand him.! your orders for
winter wood. He can and will deliver
1'. much cheaper than It can bo bought
tvo or threo mouths, honco when the
.roads become rough and muddy, and as
to tiio quality of.ttio wood, it cannot be
surpassed: Ho solicits orders for any
quantity from a half cord up to Hive
hundred cords, promising to sell at prices
that will defy successful competition.
Aug23dlw. , f
Dick Fitzgerald Informs us that ho is
charged with the physical and spiritual
care of twenty-two honest. men,. in-the
county Jail, fourteoh of whom aro persons
of color. Four of the number nr females;
viz: "threo wnllo women and one
colored lady." Tho charges agates
them are aa variod as the names tiicy
bear,, the most, serious being that pre
ferred agalnst a negro man for attempted
rape .upon a little Ave year old ,grl.
Since Fulton has given the jail, or a good
portion of it, a new iron ceiling, there is
no danger but every one of these "ladles
and gentlemen" will bo forthcoming
when called for.
Mr. A. Fraser has a splendid slock of
stoves and tinware on hand, and a sup
ply of material that enables him to un
dertake aud put through on abort notice
any Job of tin, sheet-Iron, or copper work
that may be Intrusted to him. He k an
A. No. 1 workman, aioverybody will at
test who has bad deallBgs wlth'blm. In
steamboat work, he is '-'right at home,1'
and prompt and skillful in all business In
bis line. Take a look through bis estab
lishment. -
The Flora garden, last night, presented
a scene of almost oriental grandeur.
From the folkge ef the trees aad through
the lattice work of tho arbors at least a
hundred colored lights danced out, daz
zling the sight of the scores of persons
who thronged the walks and avenues,
while delicious music pleased the ear and
made glad the heart'' of - those who lis
tened. Charmed by the delights of tho
place the crowd prolonged Its stay until
'J o'clock in the morning.
There was qui to a lively muss kicked
up in the vicinity of the Bulleun'nfllce
tiiia mornliig helweesj n Mr, Drum niiil a
Mr. Burke.1 Of the cause .feare not in
formed.' Drum drummed Burko over the
head with a bludgoon In a manner that
was calculated to cause more anger and
bloodshed than patrlotio inspiration.
Burke's scalp was considerably lascer
ated, but his Injuries are not believed t,o
be ver '.serious. , n fc- a -
", rrr 7 rmi'W
Some colored fife blowers and drum
pounders traversed the streets this fore-
nooB, calling attention by the din tjwy
made to a banner borne among them
upon whioh was an inscription
substantially as follows: "Grand ex
cursion ,tq Padueah on. the.-Fairy.QBeen
at 4 'o'ock Round trip JT5 centflr'
' Six Hundhed Dozek more of tho pel
brated "Mason" Fruit Jars, perfect and
simple self-sealers, the bel in America
I Just received and for sale at reduced
I prjfeiat the Queensware Hbuso.
Pabsons, Davis 4 Co.,
I Jy22tf Nos. 5 and 7 Tenth St.
,i r---) i'n i i- ih
Koehler A Co.'s two doura were bitten
( -by a mad do last Saturday, and, with
out Jrvalting for. developments, Koehler
sent a bullet.tbrough-tha brain of-bothy .
i ' ' - ' " '
Ender's Chill Cure Never Falls.
Cniro Lodge No. 237 A. F. and A. M.
will hold a stated communication,
this (Monday) evening, August 23d, A.
Li. 5809, at 8 o'clock. Visitors fraternally
nvlted. By order of tho W, M.
Chab. Fohbbst, Scc'y.
- I! .1 .1 ,1. (
A little sou of Mr. Latner was, Ave un-
understand, bitten last Thursday, by a
rabid dog. ,
" AMCMmeMt fWr 1WSH.
Notice is hereby given to all partleo
concerned that tho assessment roll for
State abd counfy taxes for th'd year"l669
s now deposited in the CeuBty Clerk's
office, -where thosamemay bo examined,
aad'air rsit havlar comokints to
make aaayky -themi hemraythe.CoBBty
Court to;b lieldea. at the .Court Mouse
ea the first Afoaday latkmtombsrJMMtt.
Af-wseor'et5 Alexander County.
Aug. 7,1889.dtd ..- 4?JhM"Oop70
Barrett's" k warraated. ' '
i -i'tBIYmmWrnMrt. ."n
-cw: rrr-rvi
i - -a .ji. f ,!
Bfdl M'aiDbi.rllil.
I. S .1 It.
Iiital Oill,
Balror Ko. S,
Ham Brawn, j
" CH7 af Cairo, Menfc4f?.
.SMAMknoa. Coabui. Wm.WMta, Falueafa.
auravj, umr-MiT, flewa-a aa.
i.umiBanr, . utnw mm au-.M, mm.
Boblcoa, Vlefcabarf . Baal Halt, CtnctnBatK
Armaoa, t.ifms-fium.' . Maaaay JfciaBai.
' ' BaiTor no. a, sran wry.
rL.'illMU V. t.i.Ut.l.r
The weather ooatiBBes sultry aad
clear. Thermometer ft degrees .la , the
coolest pUees wbik, 1b -nrdmary shades
itrkeatol02. ' '
TheVisslsaipptkmlUBf at Si. Laak,
with sight feet in the chaajiel to that
port above air6. A light rke k oomlag
down from the upper Mississippi, but
not enouih to make an v material chance
in the channel. The Missouri is falling
The Ohio is falling its wholo length
with 22 inches in the channel at Pitts
burg, 3 ft 6 Inches In the canel and 'at
Portland Bar; and 4 'feet' below Evans
ville. - r ,
Here the river has fallen eight inches
since Saturday, but is now almost sta
tionary. - ? ' c iia
Business is not very brisk', b"UtJtho
regular Ohio river packetabriagout good
trips for rcshlpment south, whilo tiio.ie
from St Louis tako all that is ready.
Tho Painter brought out tho wreck of
the Cumberland. Tho hull Is scarcely
injured, but all her upper works are en
tirely blown awnj as far back as the
pantry. Tho fnture disposition of the
wreckBotkuowBi fM,tt -
The Win. White is the regular packet
forPaducah this evening.
Tho ,W. It. Arthur ia expected to leave
for New Orleans th Is evening.1 1
Thesafeoftbe .Cumberland has been
recovered, and is at Shawnectown.
Dispatches from the Ike Hammltt an-
nrunce that she has succeeded in getting
the monitor afloat whloU she had grbulid
ed, and that she has proceeded to New
Orleans.'- -' - f v ' ' '
jrr tba tMMrMilal rwvaiUm.--
We are authorlced to aanounco tho Hon. William
J. Allen a a candidate for raeinbervhlp In tho Corutl
tuilonal Conrenton from tho fnti Rapreeentative
Dittrkl, compoitd of (he countfc of, Union, Alexan
der. and Pulaski, aubjoct to the dccUIon of tho Demo,
cralic party. auH td
Wholcaaio and retail dealer in
Corner Eighth Street and Ohio
IceJIeliTered to all prtsf the cliy. All ordera'fraoi
abroad promptly filltd. apUtoepl
"I KMr ?ven (hifd'efanU iavTngocctifrfia 1h
performance of tlie condition expressed Ina certain
moriR"0 or ueenioi iruii execu'.m Dy jonn n. i at'
ton to bamuel Staata Ta, lor and Edwin I'arion. trtu
tee of the Cairo City Property, dated tho lithdayol
Marcn, a.w. iw. anu rrcorurajn me recoruer i
(Ice, In aaelfcrAUxaadtr county. In ihoHuteof 1 1 II
no, in book h ofltoed. pace ,6. Ac, said niorfpuire
or deed of trust. cqnTeying lot numbered fifteen (14).
iito (lt), and aeveutaen (17), In block uumbrrtHt
dcvenly-nlno (79) In tho tlrt wldltlon to tht cliy of
Cairo, In said county and State, We. the
uadrlsnod sajd trutve,rwillon -Wducsday.f the
Dlh day ofBeptambernext, A.tt, IMS, at lu o'clock
In tho forcnoon'or that day, under and by Tirtua of tho
power of salo contained in said moitjrae, sell, at pub
Ik) auction, to tha highest bidder, for cash, at tho of.
nee building of snldtnutees.corner of WashlnKtoi
avenue aud lSthhtrot; tn salddty of Cairo, lu Acx
andcr county and State of Illinois, said lota numbered
uitoeniioi, sixteen iij anu seventeen (m, in block
i to
, - , Txutet of the Cairo City J"roperty
Dated, Cairo, 111., August 18, ti). auW-dfa
Jn the Circuit Court of Alexander County fc'cptembrr
s. Term, 1W9.
Samuel Staata Taylor and Edwin Parsojul..
- -Traetee. of me CreCtty Property, '1',
ChajlM8chonemejeraadAarcw Popp.j
Hill to enforce Vendor' Lien.
Affidavit of (he non-residence of Androw l'ppp," ouo
of the above named defendant having ben tiled in
tho Clerk' offlce of the Circuit Court of said connty,
notice la tbereforo hereby given to the said Andrew
Popp, that tho complainants filed their bill of,com
plaiat la B)tntte IsUUed cause Ifn aafd Court on tha
Chancery aldo thereof, on the 3rd day of July, 1800.
and (hat thereur-on a summon-i Issued out of said
lur( returnable n tho law direct. Now, unless yon
the said Andrew Popp shall personally bo and appe.
uctore ine uircuii voun oi said county on ma nrsi
day of tha next term thereof, to bo holden at the Court
House in tho ClW-qCalro, t Hid County, on the
Third Monday of September next, and plead, answer
or demur to tho said complainants bill of complaint,
the aamo and tho matter and lhin therein charired
and stated will be taken aa ooufeaacd, sad a daeree
flrmea , GllUrt, PH3I, t JyWwvl .
lg,"-.' 1 !
qjjltil. MIADS,
maDeroa eveniynioeiw, in saianrst addltM
Mcltyof Cairo, according to the recorde4f
mwcoii win, mo i(uucimui.ci, hj sattsiy lue pur
'IvhiM ai tka attee r ui x
Ma t. iJirMiJtiJ ijn'"! ' d T
' - !
".. y-'a
o aax
t .
. . T;.."fa'"l
i '! 1.
' - at i "
' l
CoymtvB HoTWi. ."CTi'vr;
. v ''1
cnuAMB fwwt tuumm.
TamaaPmwlfcAiTJ 1
light draagai pantattf Blaaaiw
war. wmitk,
J. N.BEVlUibr
Will rnaks retjnlar DAILY TRIPS batwarn Cairo and
raoaeao, tearing uairo erory arenlnf (Sundari ei
eptd) at Are o'clock.
t he While connect at Paducah wil) (ha New Orltu.
aal Ohio railroad, and thoCurobrlaDdaad Traar-rte
river packet..
Kar freight or pauaa-a applv on board, or to
laaMdtt Cairo. lTilnn'i.
An onlloanca for enclosing and improving 8f Maj
Parkin the city of Cairo, and to pro-Mo nj
aml monnn to pay for tho mo.
D it ordained by tho City Council of the City of
Cairo s
That an fppropntHon of three thotmnd dollars tx
id Inhcredy mivle for tho parpore of encloilng and
ina Krotinua in me no, inwrt part or raid
nown nnd dncrlbcd id (ho recorded pIV.
Si. Hary'i Park, tho approprUtlon to bo
nd of the city, brnrinR lutereit from' dat
: itrotimla in lh iw th.wrkt nart of mid
C1IJ, puu KH
thereof an !
made In boml
at the rato of tlx per cent per annum, and to bo liittied
In the manner and form a follow. vU Ten bond of
thodenoiulnoiion of oim hundred dollar each, and
payable llvo year after dalo ; twenty bond of the de-
uonuruiuun 01 nny uouar cacn, ami payable tnrrn
vpar inornate : and ronr ixindn or
(Ion of twen(y-nro dollira each, and
vcara after date.
I llio drno
payablo (hrttt
ThA.Intret diall boduo and payabloat tho office c
tho Clty.Treaurer, anntiilly hnf all liond provided
for by thl ordlnanro ihall dto from tho lint day of
September, A. V Tho bond o lMied (halt l
negotiable, anil after maturity shall bo receivable r y
tho lly in tay tnent for taze. Ilccnara.lmpiovemente,
aMCtimenU, and for any tndebtednc dua to lci
(tr of Cairo. APprutod Aug. lie, 1M.
nnsia-UO JKO ,11. OHEnf.V, Bayer
CMftfa AhiIi
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... asa.Taa as
aa,0M,7se a
By Ikclr ft-Hlts ye kaew UieMB.-T
Loisct Ihtd in Fifty Years,
$an,aai,4as a7.
e aeaof a
The Most Successful Fire I us a ran cc It.
Three-fourths of the Insurance Compaaiea char
tered have failed, provlne the mistake and dlfttcu)
tie of a proftsslon laed on calamity and mlsisr
tuae, with an important part of It development In tcu
sphere of brpad hmnan benevolence. It Is a rue and
uncommon event for one of these Institutions te
make II FIPTIKTHannnalieport, and that a afiils
lactory one another of life' nlsln? t old Icaeoni, "Aa
you sow that shall you reap.'' '
Usefulness and duty must bo shaped and measuitd
only by iho wealth and growth of our country.
Losses Paid at Cairo by the .Etna t
D. C.Stewart .,
Keedand Cunningham....,
P. -. l'ascliall
$ 707 W
Kolnroon I.lttleoelJ
K, h. Htewart A llro.,
i. Kllintl ,
.. Ola a
Adams, tirabam It Co
... 604 (5
,.m 123 (0
wuson Tiuupp,
J. 'A.- ld,....
Taylor, Edward A Co,
,., 100 CO
Wm. W nter.....
.M..... .4KMJ W
'J,'U. Humphrey A Co.
John Antrim -
ete MtMaMet2iatS (J
iteaaeeaaetfeaata 40i CO
1 W1 MJ
dVvt iBn?ru S 00
Riehard H. Noyes !.., .... M 10
Ji U. Ilumphrey. & ft,
lllird, Walsh A Co 13 S5
N. W.araham A Co .....J.."..'."- 4
Alice Taylor....;-.. .......low CO
Oaff, Cochran A Co ; jttx 37
John Marvin .063 CO
P, Hurd. a )MlMWMHM'MHlMHHSlis ttfO (41
U. Buosaker... ................ ...,. - WO 60
Trover A Miller
Harrell A Bio.......
Yftl', Co -..........,.-........ 47 f
Knamkeniburif co
It. Krsanxa ikA r.
vsv w
.Ui Cunnlssham.M.... 8M 00
J. Q( Haruian.,
Wm. cVharff..,
19 00
1 ,i.,i
M..1511 24
... 100 00
. 600 CO
...1720 62
W, II. Dayl
J. I.edercr
B.Suivth A Co
.....2e7'.l 40
29S 27
39 as
, a (a)
xr ta
John Q, ilannau.
11 IS
rfW, QaHrey...
Horh Smith
O.N. Hhlpman...
m.., ...... 400 00
M..MMM..m.M.,M..,, iao 00
.(MHMM.MMM M... (Aj0 00
..M...M.M....M......MM...,...,(2O0O CM
kMel fowers
, 15J 06
M....MMM.,.,l,...t. ICS) UJ
in Keaiing..,
A-Wtf la all the principal Cities and Towns.
t W i1?"' s.,,br1 " ceBsistent with wed-
'VS rofit aad .-absUutial seoority,
) i Jf . ' U '

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