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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, August 24, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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Arrival and DijMrtara of Mall.
Akftivma. nifiifi.
a,...,. "if. - (T-wel0"")
3!MWWH U. vVi'Muiil4UI . ..... J
ooutn itnroagh and wayl. 4.Ma.nw..ii:ooji.rn.
TnHllM. flOikM lalaUW Mrl
BAnUKrtMMMU .-ia0Op.mFfl. 7:60 a, ml Sat.
I '1 V I ' I
T A1 A T IT-rtum
"iiemtvrreee,ve4 tfe Mr pr !..
Use EndeiiPMtfci
fAil.". KM T04 "HI
mere in, as there should be, a fraternal
reeling cultivated by the oMefr of deed
T-molan, Jt mekeaihe broken both
generouaW kikV.' ( Pl '
i . 8UlrAiy merlin0 a - reepectably
dreeeed ilWlem 'Jtottemkta carted
upone government gaager, wio U an
ardent Good Templar, and. giving Mai
the fraternal trip wtwilKri tad to'aaeat:
The stranger Mid he wm In tho city In "a
deBtltutt'cbtiVliUbff 'All V Wollcacy
la otHtaft o'Krtaf 'WrapaW for5 did!
Dm nm necessities were pressing and ho
j ii it i a j . ...
rett iubi ne naa at least the color of
riW. tntWJ'IM,Med.J The Good
TeiaiptawtAthrcltynrfitiid nay bb VoTaT
bill and furoiatf amT'iBoYe? enouch to
get out of town. He frltfh eoaldrolalml
that muoh In view of hie devotion to the
order and wkatW.tW times past, bad,
vrv.n'TTa"! w.a";uH1ugIg
WMfayarablvJiBDreaMd hw th
-"It never!
d wpaWeee what could be dene; the
Notice la hereby; given. Jhat.the pub
lic law. bttm 'atfUEftj .meVMea for.
dlstribuUeai r i Ji O. liYl??"
Augia lam County iXerkr
vvvumii Di1 aaa
or me Wfamaru.eoald be consalted. 1 The
waa plaaad lajMaBraadrheiwaa ih.
ured Vfolmimh wod dulv.
auSer wm uiijy graierui ana spoke
wiui.iun. .... j , I r.- r..w,OTTOo uour in which
II Lit-V "ML - -w:-:.' I I l a . - i l
wie marsn. ist jarseai sue. we ttuiam I wtAf4
from 30 to 30 lbs, can bo purchased for 16
to 30 ceaJey rjj ,no-rt ;iuo)I 1
' W - V t . f l ATI
I Two liours afterwards the grateful
("Templ.r" .4PWkimatitliacomer of
nnraanwgton avenugjnd Twelfth street.
to It.
cadeay the compliment, of a really "7
-JiyaWiJ aWft fbffleS'ffi,
j wm much enjoyed by all who listened 5, . .
Tlia rviu ait ru.t aw a i
teachers and boarders of theLoretto Si'SS" thkw,ep
w. .uv mwuu wereiav Aoimucn. He
n It, and nronouneed thn
dlasyliablo words: "Bourbon whisky."
GratefaliarfetwaldzteBiied'fo'MW u
""m&XHXA the auwayto-arfar
aa poasiNe, so, placing a dime as .the
cwerf aettlenH'-nimbler 'toihT
brim. rTha baxkaaaar.'JMwavAAr.in.
Ing a retail busincM. nrid nournrf imir .r
it back Into the bottle, The' other half
uie lempiajdrankatiigujp; lllled the
glass nair mil a?a n ami u i
guiasiorca ji witu the llrat. Thut w.
eourpon, sure enough. JIu'U tokonuoth
" nu ilUUfli 8'al fter glaM
wii-ucvo lemniar ematled H.iiin.i
Ijls untenanconuntll thecautlous sa-
loon-xeeper advised
quItCaa much onboard as ho could RAT.
Wo understand tliat Mike Mahoney,
one of.theldaat!elUaaa efCalro,t waa
so much overcome by heat yesterday
yen'.ng that fear waa' entertained as to
hisredoTeryV He attended the funeral
of HarrlngtaB, and returned inaiaUU
oi uiier.aXJjiastatioB. r- A , -
It i OOrt vi-r t
A new supply of cool and fresh Weiss
beer and Welter water Jusfrecolved at the
Jtgyptlan BrawMyj!aaoBiaarner of
Tenth and Washington. Lovers of these
delightful beverages cannot flud tliom.Jp
better condition anywhere In the' city.
Call and try thcta. 2t
the afternoon.
on Fourteenth street
Tlw detalla.oftheaccldaat by wbh
Mr. John Hamilton cease so near losing
his life, about a month ago, are familiar
toaU or local readers. The recovery
of Mr. WJMtsloWj jnd. being restless In
conflnement, ventured, put before UU
condltlgn warrantedj ir was oif la
the city yesterday, and, attempted to re
turn home, dui'lngih6 extreme heat ht
He,had gained a. point
treat between Commer
cial avenue and poplar street, when he
fell, utterly exhausted) and, roHlngdown
up In a state, of Insensibility an.djwnyay
ed toihWboaie 'L -
Trils moxHnfJbaras still allva. but he
breathed w1tt'tfBcuUyr5?nd gave
out every evidenco of approacHIfag'liWp
solution. By the time this paper falh
In tq the hands of ita.loeal Madera hVWjlC
no doubt have entereM'on the realltiea of
another world Tbaoruahlng aaiuranei
that his caso was beydndfali medical aid,
was oonyeyed tohis wife, this morning.
Hhe had watched by Ws bediilde1 "eydrty1
raomeatof the night and was. thewfort
scarcely. uHj5rparpd ffl the modrrihii1
'warmest furnuwthles. of Ihe entire oom.
munlty. Mr7H4lhHWnvhW'resfded In
in Cairo many years, Has shown .himself:
a good citizen, and a kind hbsoand) aosj
jhls loss will bo long and deeply felt. "
rMiUJl WiTnVaer feeeivlb'fe'
upplyof splendid, hard axe veod
which he will deliver Jn a.ay quanUty
rieMlmd In mv nr rt v i.
niuiurwwu,, jH.e.cen ano.,.wiu uiiva.
meaKHnea aad still other aaohey. A
Fortunaiua purse only would be equal to
thld?"d tBM aM4 on the mayor.
The Impreesion seeaaa to prevail that
Itanot only the duty butj the pleaanre
W lojraliwnrail cases of dee
Utapp that may faR under, ha eye.
Thle U an unaceeuntabfe mistake. The
aad woukl rafaae te reimbt-se any
MMeya he might ekpeUd Ih.taVdlrec.
tltutlon, as other oitlceaa 4m. from his
fmS chargeable
M tkeeeuaift aad aot ta tae eltv. Th
warranted by lawMaMdlcation to him.
The mayor Is powerleja B) tha reepeet,
d oaa only assist ihT'por by tSiD
hla prlvate,aeaa. oc 7C jtv "X
,ai iv:rMseiaiartwroj on
.."."Pfftl meeUng held
tbh) ovenfnWrit 8'bcKeS. for th
of making arrwtaio atUnd the
"WflrtiO' broUirlMaiUoLcto.Eaorrew.
iet ereryabwrjira;xtnmc7
aumniaami, rjeo'y.
Asmmmcm sWmmm. T
, Notice is hereby given to all part
ruiuro,iMi tae assessment roll for
fitate and county taxes for th v.r ibaq
.lsjtowpit-dfB tb'e(Smaly'ciorka
flcere report the Norman at Paducah
7 .n? tr,p tor rwblpment aoath
from Cairo, but with her shaft broke.
Theaocident occurred two miles below
the city, a,nd she was towed back by the
The Wm, White i tho regular packet
forPadoeah thle evening. P
Theiilckatep, Capt. Dextar, is,th,
regnlar Evaqsville packet, to-day.
Th BeWt Iuls, Capt. Zolgler, the
regular packet tot Memphis thls evsalag.
iij ik IU !'
mj'j .
it much cheaper ' that! Illcan be bought
iwoorinree mouths, hence when the
roads becomo rough ani) muddy, and aa
10 me quality of the wood, it cannot be
surpassed. - Ho eel Id U orders for any
Quantity from a half cord up to fllve
hundred cords; promising tosell atprlcei
tnai wilt defy successful coflmetitinn:
Atig23dlw. i - ; -
"Barron's" is tho household word.
Elizabeth Hayden, mothnrauBe'rlor of
hlmhhat he ilZl r"0 sAwy, and connected
,7 T AQ. R.L,. with it from, tho UKinnlni. takM h.r
r wiis vuuiu cv . . . : .
rx HuwnKn'DoXEK more of (ho eel- clcarof the calaboose. Some- ?eWVWrQt.to.aay .for another field of
bratcd "Mason" FrelfJaraf perfect and ed,at " intlniatfon that any r ka" -T f m&n& h
simple clfBcalcw, (he
just received and for sal
f a il -ww
Jy22tf Nos. 6 anil 7 Tenth 8t,
ltt in, America ,QxxJTatjoplar cdnldget tbjft drunk, tke
ale at reduced Brnge jfqfleman ut on 'blg aobetf'
hunt fortnoVe
Koehler Co. a two dogs were bitten
by a mad dog last Saturday, and, with
out waiting for development, Koehler
?nt a bulleUbreugh tho brain of both.
r j ft
Ender's ChUl Care Never Falls.
DtMMnllt 'ualr Ccatral C'omialllr.
ITie InppraUcyuCeatralOem
oilttee are requested to meet at the office
of K. E. Albright, on Saturday next, 23th
Inst., at 2 o'clock p. m., for the purpose
of deciding what action shall be taken
in relation to the coming November elec
tion. F. K. AuraiOKT,
Connected with Mr. Safford's .CAbioet'
of curiosities Is a series of Pacific ralP
road stereoscopic views, numberingabout
one 'hundred. They arc decidedly Jhe
most laieresUag set of views we ever
saw,Vlvlog a person a better Idea of
ovcrlaad stents: and scenes than they
could! farea after a trip over tho same re
gion by railroad. .
..,.. . . ,. , ,,.
On Saturday afternoon next the dein
ocratla. eoaaty eeatral committee-will
meet In .E. AJbrlghfa offilee, to coaault
in refereace to the approaching No rem
berelectkin.lt is highly desirable that
every member of the committee should
attend as matters of muoh consequence
to the party will be presented for consid
eibWriuT P.Al c" f tho peopletJHer successor here
lW tffnraitloe nW w. n" not "Shutthafc tho good
look and
As we"
log attempting t(Tpractloe new his "Ta
plar dodjje," itiaaltegetherwobablethat
uv looH-iiwiu invested tk last dlmo
wlthwaJch , thoTbrethrenCliad klndlV
t.I..J LI
Lorctto AVdemyf prudently, economl
cany Anaacce3sfully..'8h6 has built up
for It an excellent reblilati6ri And found.
ed it securely in the corifidenco Jaud af-
name and excellence of tho school will
be preserved, the public may rest entire
ly satlafled. rt',AA u
w a a a
"Y.fflA.WWIlfw County
Aug. 7, 18W. dtd. ? (Times copy 1
Knderi Stomach Bittern r-"Tho
In uh,1
"Barrett's" is iadispensable.
About eleven o'clock lasLnleht .Tudn
Corcoran, county coroner, fras called to
hoiu an inquest over the bodv of M.
Elle.nVVyne,.a.mlddle aged woman,
L7t'Temprar, of whoWj
.iT "ary,rw'i appiiea to
the governmentguagerand other ardent
brothers for a, second supply if pWeE,
change, yesterdaevenlng; ae his
beneiSrW hadOaarnei, how.he Juad ta-
yesiea meir former contribution they
"let oat'-' ob him as an Impostof.-ftss'nm.
iub n air or injure, Janoeenoe, lw
Frucu ioem io beware how they ad-
areesea Wm ; be had done wrorifg,' 't6 bo
T ' tyxouiqtwamafo their
acnunc.auons, He. tFaa( a geaUemaa,;
uu, .i mey wouiu -stake him" aeafn.1
K",Bfponri;no:g'ii job"
at cutilng-broonr corn! 'They'dldn't
"Btak0 faJSv&r 3 no n i jcoaj
Dr. Austin, surgeon dentist. artir n
absence of a few week; Is agato in .the J
cuy, pursuing his profession. Parties'
needing the service- of a strictly first
clashd( scJeutiio. dentist sheald call
upon Dr. Austin, abht office over Messrs
Domntic iMi.iiehy. " "aywiorn & Klllott's. Commercial even-
There is a great deal of domestic lnf- Miwe-a-EigiitMaatt WlnW.
llclty In n certain up-town family, that I . Augl7.1wd
not unfrenaently obtrudes Itself undn 1 Read "Rrr.tt'.n .it.. .
puWiiLattcnUon.. Thaparties involved.- 1 .' .C '
are a husband, wife, father and niotlior. I or air. JoN HhmIIim.
Tlio husband, at times, patron'lzfa the I At flfleen ra'nufea past oae o'clock
auernooa Mr. John Hani tl inn
as -A a. o SsX a. imt
4 InM ,tl l W it Ml blwt J
oj 71iW" (
! " 'I '.! )-.. n.iul kw t
'j' - ah
BAao Tewita, iM.ineia.
" 1 in
ajrOPA'A 2M y;AU) NIOIiT.
m3 d wiy
ORDINANCE' NO. 82. ' ' '
An ordfnWwsfBtfwilolnff.oii. imprortntf RfiuVK'
Prkn the city of C!ra. and (o im.tTl8 Win
And mcn to y for lh Mint.
iSn! i roufJ? ,n i1! ": h-wnt part o? S3
city, and kncwii muI dcribt in the rrcordrd nlst
o( irifi rait or af v iwr nstitt i . i
aSSSi""! ""T..!,."'',
I nomination of nrtr do in p.vh. in.l u.au
or nor doii,Vh r; r:.iN:"s.??:
fare IUr Ui i .'nrf f.,i -JV."'!"" 1
thoCayTT.nrrr.nnirrtiAd'J I S"A
Iiir tnlthU miinHiM-i. .!. .1.. ' !""?
.r.tirr. a. 11. i: "1" -rt
JW H.OHKItl.Y. yoi.
Claras and Iake FlshTat XoulVHerb
or'8, 15 Ohio Levee. i auglOwl
Tho Catholic church has recently un.
dergono a very general overhauling, In
sldo and out, j It haaibeemrepalBted, re
roofed, and presents n bettor appearance
man ever.
In tho basemout is a very cool and
pleasant school room, capable of seating
about ouejiundred children.
WhIbhI Timber
For Sale. Eighty nores of tho llnost
Walnut Timber LVncl in , lo country ,i
situated In Mississippi county, Mo.,
four (4) miles northeast of Charles
ton and within eight (8). miles of CalroV
Illinois. Said land U adjoining tTohtil
Swank's farm. Also ten acres of School
Land situated thrco miles from Cairo,
Illinois, pn tho Calrp & St. oiiis railroad
lJne . . .
tot tcims and particulars enquire, p
B. T. Whltaker's Drug Store; Nb; ""lOS
Commercial avenuerCalro:Illiuols; dtf
AUq ,MV9V i a y kyAAtviA
B'! v,,l,rl," -
Mr. A Fraser 1ms n splendid stockr 'btj
stoves and. tin vara on hand' and a'sup.
ply o( materlai'tUaleiia'blcs film to un
tiortako aud put'thrbugh on short notlcV
any Job of tin,8heot'Iron, or copperwork
that may.bo intrustyilmejan
A. No. 1 workraanwrovervbodwlll at
test who haH had Ueulings'wuh him. In
Htearaboat work hols "right at home,''
and prompt mid sklllfMliu.ajlbusIness in
his line. Takea look through liUpstab
llshinont.n ' - ' . ill
flowing bowl. This excite hU Ul-hur i
mor, which ho almost Invari
on ui9 wire, tijo wire's father and
mother Interfere and then a hallaballoo
father an? fnoon yy. nd spent tho greater
ifY"" u mu auerneoB at .his pjnco of
ccs& mszz yjwwzussz
faw aiiirAAf tA tii.a a ...
msni.uiiiHi'ijn r. ii7ii mani n at r re aiinn a
ieenth Mm v.vn V7:.V P,,e ro ?lvprce, but calmer cpunsols
tjiepnin. ainx AYAyne hod cooked sunner.! rnu.ninB. tv, Mnu.,.i..
c MMikvin i.a -.iil.t.--iJ "-.-M r,v'"," -i-wm.uih.uhcu were
'iT' ," .'An. t by the husband, at
w "I'rc reu io no in
taejadeya)ea-ef ar usual gdd heSlthT
one naa beea ta eed bat areWmomenta.
when ao.oltUady in the siise bed) nb
aeryed ber get out on the floor and as-
sume a kneeling posture. Shortly after
ward soma oae entered, thrf nh.mu.
and prosecution
staved. The husband, hownvpr.
unable to resist the alluremenbi ofiW
wine cun. and now. wlmn itimnint.i
" f ----- - MMAMVU il
paid by him to squelch the aforesaid pro
ceedings seems to goad him to fury. Ho
rails at the whole family, threatening to
uever anerwaraa awoke to MnsMmi.
nes.t Heiwas aboat fortyitwo years of
age, and leaves, a wife md., ni.iM
Those who have known'hlm, most JntU
mately speak of him "in ierma,pjhlghest
praise. He li ved the life of . AD thnnnaf
industrious man, leavlaga namo behind
mm mat win be a. dear lea-aev. to hi.
siriekea wife and fatherless child.
toaiaiua win. do interred, mnut
Joi.ryfHur., .
Ch AiaU M.
Total fjahiiiriM..
. ISSf..
..s.jaaiaa aav
- aee.Twa u
a3,0H.i,7ae as
"y5.lp fr"" y ltuow them."
faB,aai,4Qrj 87.
Mod, .Successful FIrn Insurant i!a.
.(.. ii .! . " -,ri wi.mw ntimni iub whuic uuiii, lureawninsr to I v. . . iuwhwi mom
JiffiV, W LL
noor. one 1mestAaylde.iUy, died
Without a Btruggle.
The coroner's Jdry: made diligent In-
quiry inio mo racta, hut were unablo to
determine the pause of tho, deaths They
Al m e.ta a . . . .
uierciore aeciuea mat "deceased had
come to her death by
M.l .1.. 1. I . .. . 1 .
inu uciiicnuuit; uiiuseii generally jn a
noisy, turbulent and; frenzied manner.
-A Jew nights ago, we understand, tho
Jajher resorted to harsh means to quiet
ms refractory sonialaw, and was en
tirely successful. It Is probable that. In-
asinuch as the sarao means aro, always at
due notice will
city paptra.
be given through.' the
Wo heard at noon to-day that M E
W a arJi m ! -1 i;.
x-owers, or me Kourth wardr was Ivlntr
.l. ... , . ' . --"-o
uBuBcrouajy jow ifPm sunstroke,
come to ner death by means unknown. ; i 7i rr11.r-r'''-""-.Mi'7j'p,fc
p the Juron." unKD?.wPi . hand, they will be employed by tho old
It Is thought probable that the woman
died of heart disease, r tt n n
f .in' ,.- .1 4 V
' I. ! 1 1 n I . . - i. .
vuiub curea inoix itours, by Endors
uniu uure.
If you want a gopd stove, or tinware
uouow.ware. oopper orheet-iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that line1.
call on A. Fraser, Commercial aventio, .fn Union county, there , has been.lin.
- -- w nsitA a cut i
gentlemanwhenoveF omergencles re-
nulre It.
WW At . . . .
rvo menuon no names in the hope that
peace ana quiet win reign in that "War
saw" hereafter, aud that from this tame
forth the days of tholr domestic Jnfellolty
may ue counieu as nt an end.
A Valaable rver-.
' i.
ior (a. ai Har Eaaiar al
. Andmon. Columtui. Wm.Whit. Puduculi.
Iti. St Louli. P W btrhder. N O
Ion , lit. Lou!.. . F.lrrQillllitt.U
W. II. Arthur, Ht. Loulf.
On. AniHrbn. Colnmbut. Wm. whlU. Padui,.
I' W StrAdrr,
Weather contlnupg1
being too high t6 allow ilz&n
.. .. . . '
iHuseuiwourseives by tnk up nlu....
tIon5??o thurmometer, and report tho
iuti lomnernturn lim ni(.u
covered mi 'inexhaustible bed or clav out
where he lias moved toiaca fitted un the of whloirmay- bo' manufactured VfW
u wv soaPie uop in ana purely wuite article or queonswaro.
Soutuem Illinois. Messrs. Klrknatrlcks aro (ho dlsdflvfl'm'r
Particular attention given to steam, and. wo believe, the owners of tho clav.
boat and mill work, copper smlthinc Fandmre full handod with ordm it following! At ii , i. '
and eheot iron work, such as chimneys, froiu abroad. A late Jonesboro Gazette'.' "oated 90'deg! u At Ti p in So de am-
....... .,., nA.tnt ril Al b . I 1 U . 1 " - J CO .1 .. .1 1 n.-
nas oruorea puoiuunurea. auueyeity '"anu,4 am we obtained a Httn sleep
five tons, "fully satisfied that It is eual, and t the latter hour mado another obi
Bi-i vnuou aim ronna the mercury nt 80
g. i, ivuriuuu ai mat figure
(mdUre fllnl. pfu,iu , ml.tAkri "inS dlfflc.
-iV.?.?,,,!ri,ri,M nrtK,itaul.Iwlof 'J'lpnint n lbc
limitation to
'""' '"'iirniiwnnalicport.ami ihni itiT
Uelulnend.luty inii.t b. hped nd misumJ
only by tho iulUj4.d Krutli of oiircqSmry.
Losses Tahl nt Cairo hy tho A'taa:
i). t.8iwrt -...;...
I I a 1 avc IiaI1m.........-....mi. .........u.
rliU)i'UUIIUCIItuuMm. , . ,
Z. KUICtt....M....M,w,,4f(Mr, MM Si1
Wllon .Tlirui-p. " S
li. numpiiroy A l'o .
I'M U)
767 6
lot Ri
, All Yt
breecber escaping uteam-plpcs, etc.
apr-MUm r p x T. JL. O
Col. Monsarrat, of Memphis, for sever
al days tho guest of Dr. C. W. Duuulnir, in H respects to tho clay heretofore ob,
cii, ujr i0t,uicKtjiep"tnis erening for aineu, ai greni expense, irom ew Jor-
Ford's Ferry, inteadlngiitoJeeek- Jrellef
from tho paruhlne ravs of our
In Pulaski
county there aro immense
sun, In Uie ,coo shades .prcrlttendem beds of white sand, as pnro and cloan as
Springs.1 ' r. marblo daat,' aad along the banks of
' Tho Springs aro about nine nillos back
from'Ford'B Ferry or Westbn?'and aW
reaohed by hack, oyer , one. of tho. rough,
ost roads Jn Kentucky: '
wo Hundred Mtu Wanted I
DlltivtaA tvlinh I . . '
MU..fv., rn,Mvi jv, uu4iuuaceu ascend In a-
cMuokunui ruaCUfill. All rlor. A
noon It waa registered 93." '
The Mississippi iarlslair slowly f u.
.wuiuiiiujruuq AJUUUOUe. Tim Ml..
souriis falling everywhere.
i ua owojjsjcatotioaery rati PittshBrir?
Caoho rlveri.i(ro.-.Unllmtted. quaatitiea.of
such sand as is used inot successfully In
mo mauuiaoturo or glassware iq yneel ' Mr-l "7"TO"wV'i'li'ittsb8rirV
Ing and Pittsburg, ft is subject to the L,wVyr.f ,y. 'lnones Iu the channel,
completest vitrifactlon, and experienced "B atouisviiio with 3
Tho undersigned wisriesTo employ 200 ? Ma ff? W&'K Wuaa? WWW tSh. toXXZL . .
men to worsen thi ABhldv0kridMf'M,aBu' .Ko-k?.- "TSfVCTl'.10 ou
Veruon.rallroad1-wbl0,.wn..-v.r Vho, therefore, shall say that Egypt r " 1 "vw .ine ra"s r two
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