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y OFFICE: No. 13 Tontli Slrebt, Thornton's Building.
Br. sharker Telia the People or 1tiloi
Count? Witjr hould be Kleetert
School Nwparlatearlent,
1 Unique Combination or Peculiar Logic,
lectillar Jlodmty nnd Knehnntlnjr
Deflaltlon of 'CosaswriaMTt" ma U
Dr. D. A. Parker of Union county, if, to
iy the lout of It, a genius in hii way. . "Wo
have se.tloubt he was borngraat 5 that it was
intended, by an overruling power, that lie
hould perform an Important part ia the
irama of llfo. He is n powerful wrltor, and
hi sentences are n great deal smoother than
ll or ice. In logic, he is a conqueror; and
. 1 1IM I . 1 a.t . . f . t '
Runout uinicuity, ucmoiisnc. me loriiucauons
nil rt All tlll"k It KAHIA linAllnli A atan.t
v an iiivti unvtr vwvuuu v tali
before him in debate. c bfliitve thorn ii nm
mrn in inn worm wiin run stuff a. nrnnnmnn
- t
. -,1 a , ..... f ll 1 a t. - t -
uu kuir. wc ntn suru. win iwcomn win nciifi
.f cTery prin who rnar troftt h!milf to a
aa . a n .
s. , sr ii.. t 11 11
aouncing himiclf as a candidate for the office
. e c i.i...t..i -r ti .vi' l-i 1. f
Union county. The letter open at follows:
Fellow Citizens I hare taken this on-
1? conumuic tor oupcnnienucni 01 j untie
The Doctor then proceeds to sav th.U he I
jakes this ansouncorncnt
Because I am n friend to tho nublic ichool
ilk. Biiii aui NBiiarr rin 1 inn nrii nv in
einrnni. nnii irftss iiMnio finnami iitsii. irn nr.
rot Ijnrr filial iM,lAtan.lanl T at aIihIIaa a.
a- . " . 1 . " I I "T
......ii ' ' , - . .
Iiclgii tncxleit man, tho Doctor declares
tutu uo u-i r.oi ciaim u. ie one ox "our utu
. . a a . . .
mv vwlJ'VkV4tk 1IUI4 ill Cat 111 1 Oil
.t -..tf-l .... . a .a -
n waicugooiio ciuiiuu mo truui or our
r.r tr. .
CAUio "our bcit and most competent men1
, - "--i --
. m . a,
fVst1.. AHA...t.lMt-.. .1.- . I. 1 ri ...
, - - - r
1110 man a hu couiu rciunc 10 pro iu ircc, ana
L . 1. A fl.
we will inow you a mancavioun beyond cx
prtMfcn nnd altogether foolbh.
Puriutng th path of inodetty 'till further.
infnmnfi'nl tn fill th ntflpr If tit hntv
-r-.il-- if. .
it am I I.T r T I 1.. I.T n.M1
ttf tlA 1-nat a rs .1 n i t n ja nt n al a n n
oiaicrt by relfgian, prejudice or party Ilea, In
the county, for my couniel, adriicrs andcabl-
?ei j in wo ioinh, inouin dc conclusive
.K one, who hai given thought to theiubject,
.f 1'ubllc Schools should have a cabinet of
. v . , - - . -
'. - . t t
n nns n ritiii in iiti ijniaiMi 111 una wnv in
he county. lie may be biaed In any way
m n Miiai nut mi t 11 fa ennniv nnr in ir iin
I 1.1 t 1 - 1 t 1 ...a a j
lear.auu tliftt i)r. 1'arkcr shinos ns tno Ufs
ovcrcr of k new truth. No doubt, ho could
inn iiirtfft nrifiifiifwi min in i i mn Pniinri it
N'i . ui'iin 1 1 11- I'M an.
,. 1 r . .1.
Coupled with modesty in Dr. PurScur, ii
I t l !.! II .. 1 -ft-
I don t know what tho ofllce U worth, but
irpiwiiin it. is wiiriii riiiiiiii.rHin. nr ifif.ri.
am ciccieu. muTK vc. 1 nm no 1 au-nrice
T . l' .!. . I..' ...
y can out of that office, and if you think I
vill net otherwiio or dlihonejtly, I advise
1 II 1 f & - fja
a T ...III a t - i .1 !i 1..4.l T
fin't MilnL' T will hn mtirii sorrv.
Thero y.uhavo it peoplti ol Union. If you
hink tho Doctor will not muUo all tho monoy
. 1. . .1 t..... i 1. . 1
ou ouuiu 10 , :imi 11 yuu 110, nv wuu v ue
'mad '
Hut the grand portion of tho Doctor' let-
or ! liU ilnllnKtnn nf tin. wnril ' I'orncrVil.
lie." Mark how forcibly thU fuvorito child
So mo of you mav wiiut to know what con-
L,ri UllL IZ 11ICJ1IL-. X Will LU11 iu 1 uuuruuLiu
y what it meant, nnd what it does not moan.
t rlnpi tint mnnn Wmlilni'tnn. .Ir-nnrinn.
acKton. Wcbtlcr. u lav. or Lincoln. John-
- . - . ' 1
ln . '.. .. .V r..
nocratio and Hepubllcan parties, but (hat
uhichia right; or, in other wordi, that tho
nml rii! nn It tma a it i-tvsim n aw nf flin Inr1
at A l.AII n 1 al Till clltlll Im iia4 urt rtil ( linahi
ind thojo men and parties, so fur m thoy havo
Iroil and acted, in cood fnith. in obedienco to
ho nnnstl.utinn. uro nnd over will ba loved.
lonored and respocted by all cood honest pa-
rieU. And at'ttln, it moans ueatn to usurpa
lon. or that tho powers not glvo to tho
United States by the States, belong to tho
ml ttA .ji7. nuAiiln thnvAAl anil T?nn.
vress. bavn tbn sole, oxclusivo and onlv law-
ote in their rcsnectivo States, notwithttand-
tliA n haIIa,! rlrttr tl til A II 1 1 til M J H l fill!
:onstitution. Usurpation nnd unconstltu-
1 . M hi n.P
)d bv the aunremo court of tho Unltou Mate.
Anil nirnln If Tnnatw fin AYlfl Ui IvrnilllV. OT
h tniiiTiiri rnninuainn. nmi iiiiil liiii Aim ui
Mir ' . .. 1 ii. .1 ii. . ii
aueas corpus snail not uo suspcuueu in nines
f peace, and that perpolnvtort of citil crimes
1 t .a .1.1 l il
shall bo tried boforo ah impartial court by an
impartial jury j it also means down with no
bility, or privllegism, and that representa
tion nnd taxation shall bo equal, and tho rich
man to pay his prornto of tax equal with the
poor, and our national debt paid in good faith;
it means frco trade, or universal protection,
which amounts to tho same, nnd is tho only
true basis of trade. In short, it means death
to secession nnd concentration, nnd that tho
word loyalty must be supplanted by that 6f
patriot, and all' usurpers, Incompetent, cor
rupt nnd dishonoit men now in office, irre
spective of party or party tics, must bo hurled
out of office and thoir places filled by -goad,'
honest patriots, and our government pra
served and handed down to our children as
our fathers gave it to us.
This is concjusivjl. We would vo(o for the
Doctor for any office In tho gift of tho, people.
Ho is, in short, ft wopder and a mystery; and"
ought to bokapt iff biloe. Vi'a ara thai 'mors
flrmly established In this belief by Urn "pleas'
tho Doctor puts in. Ila says.
If I had a mind to, I could put forth if
many, and as good pleas why I should have
that ofllce as any other man ruuning for it.
First, T have a large family depending on
me for support, and In that famll vis a grown
daughter that is blind. Second, 1 havo quit
the practico of modicino because tho people
w!U not employ mo. Third, and last, and tho
ono that hurls tho mot of all, I, like some of
rny oppaneats, don't love that thing you call
work, much.
Tbcro, who can say, and afterwards respect
himself, that Dr. Parker should not bo elec
ted to the office of School Superintendent?
Every man who has a grown daughter who
is blind, who has quit a profession because the
ptoplo will net employ him, and who wants
the office because h "don't llko that thing
you call work, much," ought to be madeSchocl
Superintendent immediately. unhesi
tatingly pronounce, fer tho Doctr.
The 'Imperallst,' a sheet that insists
that our republican form nf government
is a wretched failuro, tuu.t "damua with
faint praise" the Hon. Andrew Johnson.
Wc, for our part, though rarely for one
moment agreeing with him, haye yet
been unable to deny him n certain meed
of respect and approbation for his un
yielding pluck, and the genuine self
sacrifice with which he ha pushed hi
convictions to the apparently complete
and hopeless ruin of hU political for
tunes. It must have required a very
fair degree of patriotism as well as ob
stinacy to have deliberately marched
onward in the course which ut pursued
o.n nreaideut. and the wonderful vitality
nf the man U evinced br Ua fact that
a scries of blunders uneqaaled In politi
cal history, he still retains lire as a poli
tician, If not power as a leader. A little
more capacity for reading the future, and
a little h-ai hattc to rush into tho arena
of to-tny, and we believe that before
long Andrew Johnson will yield tQ his
conNtitutlnual proclivities and come out
as a strong and sound Imperallst, but wo
do not yet venture to hope for his eman
cipation from his early prejudices
Th Hon. Ueo. H. Pendleton Bays that
nothing would please him better than to
sco Andy Johnson elected United States
senator from Tennessee. He thinks it
would be an act of retribution to givo
Andy a chance to pitch into those fel
lows at Washington who over-rode his
votoeti and tried to impeach him. All
the well prepared speeches of the claaul
cal Sumner would melt away before the
force of Johnson's Tennessee oratory
1'ke snow uuder an August sun. Andy
1 more than a match for the whole of
Bo far as the Northern democratic pa
pers have spoken on this subject thy
have shown themselves quite unani
mous in favor of Andy.
Purchasers of baker's bread think it
strange that tho bakers have not found
outthut thero Is a very material deeline
In Hour. The loaves, now that good flour
Is fS per barrel are no larger than they
were when the same flour commanded
$10 per barrel.; The bakers, it is clear, do
not fancy such dry reading as market
reports, and hence tho small loaves.
Biuce we have taken the trouble to in
form tliera In tolerable prose, of tho de
cline In flour, they will, probably, regu
late their loaves accordingly.
Somebody from New York, signing
himself as Socotary of the Merchant's
Union Law Company, haa keen Bending
circulars to lawyer In thit vicinity and
throughout tho country, making them for
the location of their hueiaeee, residence,
date of admission to the bar, and other
Items, which he state be desires for tue
purpose of using them la the new law
register and ofllcial directory for 1870,
and further stating that the book ia to
contain such information in regard to
every lawyor In the United States. Up
on receiving this Information he Bends
another circular, with the following pref
ace : "If you do not remit the rqulred sub
scription of ton dollars toward defraying
the expenses of publication, and for a
copyofthe work, tho following partlcu.
Iars must nocossarlly bo omitted thero
from." The particulars referred to are
those previously requested to be sent.
New Haven 'Courier.'
The Lafayette (Ind.,) 'Dispatch aaya
it is said that Senator Morton had his
speech "opening the campaign in Ohio''
all written out in print long before he
had heard of tho resignation of General
Kosecrans. Tho speech being, for the
most part, tirade against Roseorans, as
tho democratic caudidato for governor,
was, of course, knooke into a cooked hat,'
wheu that gentleman declined, and had
to he ohauged In a hurry to suit tho
How Smith Popped the
Smith had just asked Mr. Thomson's
daughear If she would give him a lift
out of bachelordom, and she sa'Yee.?'.
It therefore became absolutely necessary
to get the old geutleman'ft permission J
so as Smith nald. arrangements might
bo made to hop tho conjugal twig.
Ho said he'd rather' pop the interro
gatory to old Thomson's daughters, and
the sisters, and his lady cousins, and bis
aunt Hannah, in the country, and
all of his female relations, than ask old
Tlimnon. But it had to be done, and so
he aat down and studied out a speach
which he was to disgorge at old Triom
son first tlmohegot a shy at him. Sd
Smith dropped in on ono Sunday eveu
Ing, when alt the family had meandered
around to MBetlugrsmtf found hltn dtfeg
sum in beer measure. ' '
"How are you Smith?" said old
Thomson as tho former walked iu white
m a piece of chalk, trembling as if he
had swallowed a condensed earthquake.
Smith was afraid to answer, 'cauae he
want's sure about that speech. He knew
ho had to keep his grip on it while he
had it there, or it would slip from him
quicker than an oiled eel through an au
gur hole. 80 he blurted out,
"Mr. Thomson, sir: Perhaps it may
not be uuksown to you, that during an
extended period of five years I have been
busiy in the prosecution of a commercial
enterprise "
Ei"Is that so, and kocpin' It secret all this
time, while I thought you were tendin'
store? Well, by George, you're one of
them now, ain't you?"
Smith had begun to think it all oyer a
gain, to get the run of it.
"Mr. Thomson, sir: Perhaps It may
not be unknown to you, that during the
ezteuded period of five years' I have
been busily engaged in the prosecution
of a commercial enterprise, with the de
termination to procure a sufficient main
"Bit down, Smith, and help yourself to
beer. Don't be standing thero holdln'
your hat. like a blind beggar with par
alysis. I never saw you behave yourself
so queer In all my born days."
Smith had been knocked out again,
and he had wandered back again to take
a fresh start.
"Mr. Thomson, sir: It may not be un
known to you, that during an extended
period ef Ave 'yearo, I have beon engag
ed in a commercial enterprise, with de
termination to procure sufficient main
tenance" "A which anco?" asked old Thomson;
but Smith held on to the last word as If
it was his only chance, and went on :
"In the hope that Home day I mlgh en
ter wedlock, bestow my earthly posses
sions UDon one whom I could call rav
own. Ihave been a lonely man, Mr,
and have felt that it is not good for a
man to be alone; therfore I would"
"Neither is it, Smith: I'm glad you
dropped in. How's the old man ?"
"Mr. Thomson, sir," said Smith, in diu
pairing confusion, raising his voice to a
yell, "it may not bo unknown to you
that during an extended period of a
lonely man, I have been engaged to en
tor a wedlock, and bestow all my enter
prise on whom I could determine pos
sessionsno, I mean that is that Mr.
Thomson, sir: It may not be unknown"
"And then, again, it may. Look
here Smith ; you had better lay down and
take something warm yon ain't well."
Smith, sweating like a four year old
colt went in again.
"Mr. Thomson, sir: It may not be
lonely to prosecnte me whom you a
friend, for commercial maintenance, but
but eh dang it Mr. Thoiubou, sir:
"Ob, Smith, you talk like a fool. I
never seen such a llrdt-clajji idiot iu the
course nfmy whole life. What's the
matter with you, anyhow?"
"Mr. Thomson, sir," said Smith, in au
agony of bewilderment, "it may uot be un
known to yon that you prosecuted a lone
ly man who Is not good for a commercial
period of Ave years, but"
"Bee here, Mr. Smith, you'r drunk,
and Ifyou dont behave better than that,
you'd better leave; if yon don't, I'll
chuck you out, or I'm a Dutchman."
"Mr. Thomson, sir," frantic with dU-
fiair, "it may not be unknown to you
hat ray earthly possessions are engaged
to enter wedlock five years with a suffi
ciently lonely man, who Is nut good for
a commercial maintenance "
"Theduche Isn't. Now you gist git
up and git, or I'll knock whnt little brains
out of you you've jjot left."
With that, old Thomson toolr Smith
and shot him In tho middle of the street
as if he'd run him ag-aiiut a locomotlvo,
at the rate of forty rullcajari hour. JJefore
old Thomsou had time to shut the door,
Smith collected his legs and one thing
another that were lying around on the
pavement arraugea himself in a ver
tical position, and yelled out:
"Mr. Thomson, sir: It may not beun
know to you" which made the old man
so wretched mad that ho went out aud
set a bnll terrior on Smith before he had
time to lift a brogan, and there wbh a
scleutlflo dog-fight, with odds In favor
of the dog, for he had an awful hold for
so small an animal. .... ,. ,
Smith afterwards married the girl, and
lived haplly about two months. At the
end of that time he told a confidential
friend that he would willingly take
more troublo and undergo a milllou
dog bite9 to get rid of her.
Germuu Schools and School-
Tho schools throughout Germany nro ex
cellent in some respects, tho best in the
world. Thoy are conducted with groat care,
and under strict municipal regulations.
Tho toachera aro generally peons of supe
rlor ability and thorough education. Tho
business of teaching is a profession in itsolf.
A great featura In these schools is the amount
of oral exorclso through which the children
aro requirod to pass. No mere loarnlng by
rote is permitted. Every study must be
thoroughly understood; and however little a
pupil may acquire, he must comprehend it as
far as he goes. Superficial show Is altogether
disregarded. Until a boy U duly qualified in
a primary class, he cannot enter a higher on.
Grout attention is bestowed upon thoso studies
moit likol y to bo of use to the pupil in future
life, as, for example, tho modern language,?
maincmatics, civil engineering, geography,
drawing, book-keeping, natural philosophy,
geology, ctc.j Duo regard Is also.pald,
i.paid, to ,tho
ueaitn'or the pupil, no is required to exer
,cIso at frequent enter vali; to bathe, sing,
(walk and hold himself in an erect position.
Tory little time is allowed far. idle and. disre
putable practices, Tho school hours in sum--mor
aro from .seven in themoFning,tilL'ix'in
the ovening, wittf anMntermlssfon7 'two
hours for dinner in. winter fromoight to
seven. All tho studies aro performed in
school, with the exception of such extra les
sons in music and tho languages as may bo de
sired. In this way there Tli but little oppor
tunity for street playing and, rowdyism too
common a practice hi ' onr country. At'
schools for boys, all aro considered boys, big
and little, and aro 10 treated. Precocious
young gentlemen of sixteen are regarded
with special disfavor. Neatness and cleanli
ness in dress and person nro. imperatively re
quired. These remarks will apply in general
terms to schools for girls.
The relations between teachers and their
pupils arc of the most kindly and affection
ate character. Tho samo interchange of
friendly souvenirs which so frequently takos
place in families, is also n prevailing custom
in this connection. Birthday and Christmas
presents are made to tho tenders, and on
thoso occasions the whole school unites in do
ing them honor. AfTcctionato addresses aro
delivered on both sides, and there ia always a
happy sceno of rejoicing.
On a certain day of the year the soys are
Erivilegod to scourgo their teacher with
irehen switches, in satisfaction of old Mores.
This is a grand timo, as may well bo supposed.
Kvory buy in tho school comes prepared with
hts individual switch, which he uses with a
zeal and cnorgy that docs credit to his gym
nastic oducation. Unlucky is tho pedagoguo
who has laid up a heavy score to his debt, for
he Is sure to get it with interest. Thero may
bo such a thing as future rotributlon. but boys
aro not apt to think of that. Delighted at
the opportunity afforded them by this day of
unrestrained pleasure, thoy repair to school
with their twitches Bayly tied up with rib
bons; nnd, after an nffcctlonato greeting of
tho master nnd ushers, who aro especially
civil on thwo occasions, thoy soon begin to
jay about them with joyous shouts, and tho
school room becomes n scene of uproar and
frolic that baffles description. Generally tho
master begs off, after a pretty lively warm
ing, but the younger teachers are compelled
to run and jump, struggle and imploro, till
3uito exhausted. Dig nnd little boys shower
own upon their backs nad shoulders a torrent
of enorgstic blows, hold them by the skirts ot
the coat, drag thum out of their fortified ro
troati behind the desks, hop upon the benches
to get effective positions, nnd shout with un
mitigated delight when thoy set the unlucky
pedagogues a roaring with real or imaginary
pain. It is n sceno of glorious and enthusi
astic lull Alio leacuari avciu iu vujuy iv iu
much as tbo pupils; nnu aitor it is an over,
and the old scores aro fairly paid up, hands
aro shaken all round, and tno iwvs are patted
on tho head, and complimented for their nal
and activity in this essential branch of their
education. An unreserved and alTcctionato
relationship is thus kept up between- the
teachers and their pupils, nnd wo have never
known it to degenerate into disrespect.
During the summer holidays, pedestrian
tours are mndo through various parts of the
country, having in view, health, recreation
nnd Instruction. Sometimes these tours ex
tend into tho mountains of Switzerland and
iiavarla. Tho classes nro accompanied by
their teachers, who omit no opportunity of
Instilling into their minds n-practical kuowl
edgo of geology, botany, etomology and such
other studies as comes within tho sphoro of
their rambles. Each boy carries with him a
tin case, in which to presorvc tho specimens
picked up by tho way-side. Aa thoy wander
along through tho most picturesque parts of
the country, they sing glees and choruses,
make sketches of tho old castles, or bathe in
tho mountain stream. They nro tho happiest
set of beings in existence. Knowing no
troubles, overflowing with health, and in full
enjoyment of liberty, they present 11 picture
of pure and perfect happiness, if such a
thing can exist upon earth. Will any ono
pretend to say that such a life as this, inno
cent and refining in all its tendencies, is not
infinitely better than the hollday-lifo of our
American children ? Ucro thero is no dtssl
pation, no encouragement to ovll or profli
gate habit?, no morbid and unwholosomo ex
citements A love of nature in its most at
tractive aspects Is encouraged. Not a stick,
or stone, or flower ou the way-side, but has IU
meaning. Tho beautiful legends of the coun
try are tho subjects of song and story. Health
earned bv exercise brings with It an increas
ed capacity for study. The mind and body
aro refreshed, nnd whon tho holidays ara ovor,
tho teachers and pupils return to their duties
with clear heads and strong nerves. In this
way the Gorman acquire thoso robust con
stitutions which ore the admiration of the
warhl ; and among our Teutonio citizeas we
find the best civil ongineers, draughtsmen,
chemists, botanists and geologists to develop
the resources of our eountry.
fo'li MAI. .-On hccounT'ls wTfoiii Tt majr eon
arn Iho nrwV tit 111 itMmur LOUlSlODI. .1 ihO
now lies Rt tho wharf Cairo, III
PYA8 T. I'AnKKH, Agent,
Cairo, 111.. Aug- IP. for Underwriters.
FOK HAI.K. CHKAP-New Cottage and thrre
loU.uornur Locuit anl Hixtoenth alrteU.
lil-I.VM. -. . . - . - .
OK MALE. SuporTor"wr7pplng jMr7t tho
office of the Evening; 'nnllptln.' Uf
X7 ANTE n. A No, I sir) to Uo general limine
YV work. Inoiilro or P. T. Parker, corner Tenth
finilOhio I-UVtO. KU'Jt lv
srANTBO. Thoso iluirinK hoard, by lny or
Vl week, ran bo accommodate.! at Mrs. Itcdman'n
corner of Herenth street nnd Washington avenue.
Terms: Si 00 r week board j 7 w perwecK
bounl and lodging.
OK HAIjK. Two hiindrtd head of beef stoers,
6 yenr old nwt upwania, 01 i-rvniicr, iwiivar
y. Mia), in nne conmiioiuur leeuing una un.
irtlculars, a4drena J. T. BKKJIY, Heulah, Boll.
Vnr unrtlcul
var county, Mlm.
ault lm
kinds of Lumber and Bulldwa'l Maleriaja.
and City ocriP ni eocenia ou inv uuuar, iur an
-.-vaa-ik-r airrniM hka; a sunenor suiDen-
if derforskitnorpantsi an unequalled brace for
tho shoulders j a.ways a suapendor a brace, or not
at pleasure.
r OARPS, Ac.
Printed at tha oce ol the Ca'roBulletiD
Arc You a .Slave
Jh.H'.! 0.T0,)C,, Jon wish to quit the fil
thy hsblt J Of course you do. Then net Burton's
-Such lo the otpcrlnnce of hundred. Many in Cairo
haraniMt It ami rnrtn.i i i .J. -
To t tho girl or boy who dnct not Ilka TOLU. At
the Drue Htor. on the Levee, you can get a alee
wet artlcUthat docun't stick to the tooth. Now If
yoar tlma during vacation.
BrsmslicH, Whtnktc, Wines.
,.HrJrr,''v?1 PurPv"! nly, at wholesale and retail,
py ilarcuy llrothers.
Iapullaparlablc Cement.
This baw and rnllable article Is mannfaclurcd, r
Mmmendedandfor.il )y luirelay Srothara. food
tbrcementing wood, Iwsiher. las, chinswnre. etc.
Young IrfuUcN
And thoio ho aro older! younif men and old men
win rich and poor j thorn who Imve black flowlne lotlcs;
thoso who aie gray and thono who, havlniloil thelt
hair and are KafninR It Kin. all uie HaiTctf'a Vcs-eta-No
Hair Ketor.t Ive. ft ,on havo not use It If
onco and get a botUe. HarcUy." Is tbo placo, as ihelr
SiSf.'J '" ,h."Tr,& hoadMturfen fur niTirtlcle , In
feouthern llllnoln, Kentucky and HIsourl.
French Blacklapr
The demand for thin article has so Increased at to
neccMltat the purchase, of another loraa suaply. W
hare the true article an made by the noted mKoTactn
rers. Marcoroa and llresson. For either kind o Sn
Bsrclsys. "
Fr SHlc-Fljr Killer.
Co to rurclsyi' and set a sheet of Dufchcr'a I.ijihi
nlnic Fly Pr!ie 8numo article. One aheet will
Kill a qunrtof Flics.
' California Wine.
Ifyou want Iho pnre article, from tho original pack
en, received dlreet from Sunny Slope vlneVurdu, Lor
AnI(M countv. California,' go to Barclays',
riav Ir Inonllaa Da.l '
" nufivinuiiiu
NaratoKa and liluc Mck Water.
As cleAr nnd lively as when drank at IheBprlng
Thevjrtuntofthesowntcrshavebceu and nro boini
teited to the great benoru and iitlnfrvctlon or many or
ourcitlsens; As dealt ont at the counter of Darolsv
Ilrotheri), they aro always cool and refreshing. Bars
togs, Bfleta tickets for one dollar; net e tickets for
Illty cent, niuo Mck-lwcnty lav for one dollar
While Leael.
rlol, oil, and colors of all kfnds-cheap for caik
st IUrclay.i.'
Inlang Ihlang.
The Flower of Flowerc Thl new and populnr anJ
delightful haadkerchlefextract, manufactured bv the
celebratfd Ittimmrt, of Parle, ii to le had at the Drujr
store on the Lvee. Id tlm porfmncry line it la the
"lno qua uon" among tlm Uppvr-ten-dom. To be re
cognised 1 a person of "clrgant t jle" you must use
cWOnuiKi.tME. CAlinot.ic acui. en mm or.
l-ui.VK.htr.El COPl'EK, for salccheapai
KiircUyt. 0ne your premliev
health you must breathe pure air.
Ifyou want good
sUmIJom, Allentlon. "
The pure.t and lient articles nf extract! of Lemos
and Vanllln, for rlavorlnc re cream, jelllc. puddings
ef. To be had at Barclays'. r
I'ure Cream or Tartar.
Trio best F.ncluli .SoIa, Jamaica Olnger, clean anl
sresti, Ture Allspice, Klack IVpner. Nutmegs. Cinaa
mn Hark, etc".
e al Ihn la) llrothrry
lJlaek berry Wine anil Cordial.
Of ozlranualitr N'ow i the time to line a mirnarti.
le. For ule anil gmranteed by llarolay Ilrotheri'.
jLavendcr Water.
l'loriila Water I IHv Itlllil nnd Colocr.ea for thu toil.
etami the bath. Consult yourcomfoit during ibis hot
wrauier ni uic tn-'i rrirenuing anicirfl. Al ir.v
Drug store on the I.mtco jnucuu gvluliat ou want In
Floating Soap.
Just the soap for bathing. It does uotnt. St
dangerof lolng II It float on the nurfacc of th
water. At llarclays..
IUtia's tooth powders and paites. French and Kb
gliih preparation for the ti-tAli. and tonth powder of
superior quality of our own tiiako. Call and tako your
choice at Barclays'.
Tooth bruidir-, thue brmhei, p.ilut hrushr, sna
brutheji of all kinds, at Barclay.'
hoalder liraeeis.
At Bin-lays' you can get Iho PIVOT ACTl
Whuletaln sud lieu ' I 'ruler iu
Xj xa. u. too-, flniugle
LA'l ll, T1.M1IKR.
Cellar I'o.lit Dour., aah, llllnd. aait Wtw
don i.la.t.
Ofllee on Tenth Street,
H-tween Qommercial and Wa-hingto" AvenUM
AatkV rot
Hock HU'er I'tip'r Oumpanya Sheathing Feti
Ii. IV. Johu's Ituproud HooQng
...v.. .... ,vr .m.fti',j Cairo, Ll.
',. , Mrlilo and iiriile--rooiii.
hesaygfor loung Men on lha interoatlng relation
of Bridegroom to Brido, in tho Iuatltiitiou of Muntft
-a guido to iimlrlmoninl felicity, and trua happiness.
Sent by mail In sealed letter envelopes free of charge.
Address, HOWARD ASSOCIATION, bor I', 1'hlladi'.
Ph'a. t'a. myaidw3ni
Kxtaloot W.lliam llntlicr, deceased.
Iho underained huiuig been appointed admin...
tfutor of tlm ttii of William Itottier, late of ib
Cnnty of 'AU'iiidor, and State of Illinois, decvas d.
l(frby sxtu notice that he will appear before that
culinty court ; . f Al. van.ler county, nt the court knu
6i (
Ice t
jnm.ro'.nttli. July i. rm, oiHJioa-l Monday its Ju v
nest, at wb rh in all persons having clmn's mrn i
jSiiPMtalo ar- n .tiiif.1 ii, rrqiWsn.do a(t,n. f'
thbpurpojuf. i a. a liio mine nd qmcI A it
Mrti ilnlsbte 1 ; iisii nra ir t tJ ' i0
n'm'ilLVopa' tiiii.-iiio umli-rn in. a.
r )W',1.ji(U. , ( ' u,A Ij.ic4i J

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