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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, August 26, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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b (Veiling fSitJIttim
Thursday, auuust 2, i8.
Arrival ana I)parttire of Malls.
(Cairo Host Office, Folruary 8, iSflO.J
(Timo of cloning.)
North (llirougli.....,.,.i. a.ivi;iu.... 3:(io p.m.
North (way) sssA p.m 11:00 p m.
(4outh i through Md, 'fay). 4idO(.m.-..JI:ii p.m.
South MemphUAXo... siooa.m 4;0u p.m.
'Ohio Hirer route......-. fisOU p.m...... G:(Op.in.
Mississippi' llirer-Toute, 5 ' '
Tuesdays and Friday... C:00p.m 7;X)p,m.
Charleston, Mo.i Tuesdays'
Thursdays Saturdays. 11:00 n.m.... 11:00 a.m.
Thebes, OgoiiJilan',adl t, t
Santa He . ... 6.00 p.m Krl. TiOOa.in. Sat.
Ohio Rite route departs emy day extent Mondays.
; ' J.M.ftlUllAM, 1 H.
"BaYrdlWcei vod thefirst tmSCSm
Cotillion Party,at.ri. Gaflfoey'ii Ball
Alloy ( corner, of,?ppIar and Division St.
to-morrow, Friday evening 27tli Jnat.
Kauffraan s band engaged. M
CJncluuati Lagar Beer, just received
at Louis Herbert', Ohio Levee. nuglOwl
To Canal jrotacr.
Notice la hereby given, that the pub
no laws orisco aro now in ray office for
distribution. J. G. Lynch
Augl3lM . County Clerk.
Wo understand that the Mr, Michael
Bain, fo fotuetlme the proorletor of a
saloon anil hording houfic on the oast side
of Commercial uveuue nbovo Twelfth
street, died of swamp fovor, u fow days
ago t n ear, Vhjksbu rg. , His .. , body . waa
brought to Cairo for In tefrae'nt, -yesterday
! veiling.
"The Best in Use.1' Ender'a Stomach
Six Hunoked Dozen more of the eel
brated "Mason" Fruit Jars, perfect nnd
dmple tclf.ealcni, the betl in Amrricu
Just received and for sale at reduced
prices, at the" Quceiiswaro House. '
JPaikons, DAvitfA Co.,
Jy22tf Nos. 5 ami 7 Tenth fit.
Ender's Stomach fitters I'JTiie bet
in use."
I2nder' Chill Cure Never Failk
Two llnndrrd m 1 1 ori'vnro
The, Illinois Central railroad compuny
aro engaged at the work of fencing In
'heir track bit ween Central la and Calm,
a stretch of one hundred and twelve
miles. As the fence will bo built on both
"Ides of the track, the company will be
ailed upon to build 221 miles of fence.
Capt. D Hard, who with Cnpt. Halll
day, has been In Now York during the
past month, on bulnees connected with
thoCalroand Vlncennes railroad, will wo
understand, return home this evening.
We look forward with contldeuce forn
oiitlrmatlon-of the report given- by us
yesterday evening.
Ono or the largest furieral processions
wo evereaw was that of M. John Hamil
ton yesterday. The Araband Bough and
Heady Fire Companies nnd citizens, la
die nud gentlemen, In line, numbered
about two hundred nnd fifty. Tho pro
cession was lead by tho Calrojjjllver'.
Corrfef band. , . f
Tho young man who was arreiled,
night berore last, charged with the bur
gularlous entranco of l'arker'a store and
Ihc abstraction of $30 or $40 In money,
was tried yesterday morning and acquit
ted. The evidence was not thought suf
ficient t,o hold him for further Inquiry lu
a higher court.
Tb Water IIHow Clro
Certain newepapors aro trying to cre
ate the, Impression that there is ns llttlo
water bplow Cajro as nbovo, and Inproof
of this they refer to the grounding of the
ueoanu barges, and tho government
Pilots who havo Just arrived
from below assuro us that the
causo of these detentions is
found In the change of the channel
and that thero Is yet fully mark twnln
twelve foet) in tho ehannol houco to
New Orleans, if pilots will only tnko Mif
ilclcnt pains to And It.
" Wfi'ftnlu KoV'
When tlt "Southerns," tho crack baso
ball club of New Orleans passed through
Cairo on routo for Cincinnati, for tho
purposo of contesting for tho champion
hlp with tho "Red Htocklngs"' wo ven
tured he prediction that they would bo
badly beaten. Time has verified our
prediotiou. The Southerns scarcely
played well enough to mako tho gamo
interestlm;. Tho Jted btocklngs white
washed, them ovon times, and at tho
conclusion tho score stootl: Southerns,
t; Red Stockings, 3r.
Wo are strongly of tho onlnlou that
tho Cairo Qrasshoppors could Improve
on that score.
Col. ,s. Stunt Tuj lor.
Wo clip tho following merited com
pliment to our worthy townsinati, Col.
S. Staa(s Taylor, from the editorial cor
respondonco of the Kt. Louis 'River
Among tho first gcntlcmqu wo jnqt jn
Cairo was thiUnbUt flnUhcloraiid courto.
ous gentleman,' S. Staats Taylor, esq,,
triiAtco of tho Cairo City Property com-
puny a gentleman with u national repu
tation and an ability an unlverrally ad
mittud. Tho. Colonel Is well preserved,.
Iielng porliapfone of the' youngest men
of his ago In thovoirntfy Ho lias boon
hlentl'ied with Cairo for over twenty
years, anil will, In future ages w looked
upon an tho founder of Mllo olty. Many
l avo tried it before, but to him was leit
tLo Iviiior ''f ' ompl'r-tliijf th gIanH1 en-
' I 1 t ,
Three of Them.
Three men, named Robert, Graham,
Daniel Dalloy anil Bird Parrlsh, tho lat
ter a steamboat pilot, were brought be
foro Squire Bross, this morning on a
ohargo of larceny. On Monday night
tho clothing 0 a.ncgro boy named Dun
can, connected with the European res
taurant, lost clothing valued at $70.
The evidence was rather conclusive thai
all throo of tho accused wore concerned
in tho theft. The clothing wns found in'1
the possession of Graham, Parrlsh Juscd
his knowledge of their whereabouts to
extort $20 out of tho owner, claiming
that ho received his. Information from
Dalley who confessed to him that ho had
tuo.propeity in, his possession or knew
whore It was. Grahamiprotcste that he
Is Innocent. Thatho was carrying the,
carpet sack, when arrested, at the In
stance of Daljoyjf who promised to pay
him reasonable porterage. It may be
developed, on, the final trial tbatParrlsh
and Dalley committed tho theft, and, to
secure tho reward and screen themselves,
sacrificed (Jraliam. Graham Is an Igno
rant yoanfr. man, while tho other two
aro SljiSSllZ Jco of sharpers
Dalley Is the. same person., against
whom was lodged the- cliargeoT burglary
by Capt. Porker.
Each of them wum held to ball In the'
sura ofSWK).
Upe J?iiileriChTlT
Ciire;-r'Ht never.
"Barrett's" clegaut hnlr restorative.
Office orthpmiriiliNboro'Argiia' Iltirned.
On Monday nightlast theolllce of the
Murphysboro 'Argus,' which had Just
passed Into the liands ol-Messrs. Boutoti
Sc Frlck, was totally destroyed by fire.
It was a clean sween overvtlilnp wnnt.
G. W. Andrew, who iiad an ofilc? In the
same bnlldlhg,f'1(ita valtiable law ll
brary,juulamjtiiear losing his pwri Hfe,
by Bufrocayou, nap attempt to save, jt
portion o?hM propertj'i The most un
fortunate feature of the afltair is that the
Peoria Marine and Fire Insurance Co.,
lu which the printing oil lee was Insured,
falledjonly a-few days bt'ford, the lire.
Thus the entire loss falls Upon the shoul
ders of. Messrs. Jlyiitori & Prick. Tho
lire wffs undoubtedly the work of an In
cendiary. -
As Mr. Hotitou a recuperative energies
are great, we tlo not expect this disaster
will heii death blow to the 'ArgUtf.' It
will no doubt rise from Its ashes refresh;
ed nnd.beautllled Cy the ordeal ihrougii
which It jms passed.
Tlir .1Ui.ll rllrr Coiunirrelnl I'otT.
tnlluii. j .
The cltjr of Cairo, throughlhe mayor
has been (Invited to participate In the',
proceedings of tho. commercial convent
Hon to bojheld at Keokuk, Iowa, on the
7th of September. Under tho'apportlon"
ment determined ypou by the committee
of arrangements Cairo will beentltluil to
fourdolegatcs. Tlicse may be designated
by the board of trade, city ctjlincll or by
tho people. Tho object of this conven
tion Is to consider all matters connected
with tho commerce and trade of the
Mississippi river and Its tributaries; to
ftecuro from tho government "such aid as
will remove all obstacles .In tho way of
free and constant navigation of their
waters. Tho cpnvontlon wljl no doubt
embrace the leading business men of the
Mississippi valley, and e end up n voice
that congress cannot disregard. Calrp
should bo represented.
We untlerstaud, from a source that Is
entitled to credit; that within "three
weeks from this 'period, tho dmbank
ment of the Cairo & Vlncennes railroad
will bo completed between Cairo and
Vienna, n distance of about forty miles
At tho other end of tho road a!out fifty
miles of the grading haibeencompletcd,
making a total strtitch s)t Jttiarly nluety
miles that will bo ready for the super
structure by tho mlddlo of September.
At Intervals of every eight or ten railed,
along tho central portion of the routo
large forces of laborers aro at work,
carrylug tho undertaking forward with
a vigor that will Insure tho completion
of tho wholo road by next summer. At
ono point, wo ure tqld hero. aro Avo
hundred feet of trussol work to bo put up,
portion of which will bo elevated to n
hleghtoffivo hundred feet.
Couutry printing offices throughout
Southern Illinois, Kentucky and Missou
ri can mako money by sending us suah
Job work as they liavd hot the facilities
to execute. Wo will allow you a fulr per
contage for your troublu-rcharglug the
parties no more than they would have to
pay lu Chicago, Cincinnati or St. Louis.
Don't refuse stioU work horeuftor, thus
allowing it In many Instances fo bo sent
away from home. Every dollar kept in
this way Is an - ifddltlonaf1 drtllHr- -to tho
active capital of your neighborhood
whloh u time may llud Its way back to
your own pocket. Send samplo1 of Job,,
quality of paper, anil numbor of copies
desired, and we will be pleased to furnish
estlmato by return, mail. , In writing
names, make each letter distinct, that
no guessing may be required, and no
uilbtakc made
The pplondld steamer lllty- of Cairo Is
tho pakeyil84evcn)ngv fur, lempJdSj
,ig.ivili:i UL-l'lflijtlllllllJlin UIU 11111.
surpassetl on tho southern waters
Capt. 0,''1 Hlude. 'Is th agent at Cairo
Tolllorrow ovonlmr r,iiiliHri will
'ieavo Cairo for VicksbtiitrP Sho isono nt
tho best boats runnlijg, ofilcp.re jjy qlovpf
and accommdatliig gontjemen, C. T.
Hindo Is agent.
Clams aud Lake FIbIi, ut Louis Herb-
tit'H, !3Q.b0 JGV0.f OUglO.Wj
SfeetlHK oftlic Arab rlra Company Riq.
tnllona or, lleapect.
The following preamble and resolu
tions on the death of John Hamilton,
late a member of the Arab Fire Com
pany wero read before, the company at.a
special meotlng held at their hall, In tho
city of Cairo; IlllndlS, 6n Wednesday,
August 25th, 1B60, to Wit:
Tho camp of the Arabs Is again clothed
in mourning; their council Is nado deso
late, tho hearts of the' brave and 'true
stricken with grief. The heads of their
chiefs and faithful followers are bowed
low. The hand of tho great Chief Ruler
has been laid upon , them, audi another
Arab has been called away to ass from
earth across tlio Great Desert of timo and
pitch his tent in that undiscovered coun
try eternity. "I - 'f t,
I There where the vine and figireo doti
flourish and the date and the palm tree
yield forth their grateful nourishment
may dtlr" brother fl4)rcf t'rom 4tho tolls
anil burthens of life on earth.
Arabs, It becomes us to express In a
proper manner, some befitting tribute
of the living to tho dead, and plaiio
upon record our action in perpetuating
the recollection of our associates. There
fore bo It ,
i Resolved, That In thesudden taking off
juitl untimely death or our brother, Arab,
John Hamilton,' an the 21th liistTj vo re
cognize tho hand of oiir GreatChlef Ruler
,to whoso command wo humbly yield Im
plicit obedience, knowing he douth all
things well.
Resolved, That wedeoply and sincerely
sympathize with tho aflllcted widow and
fatherless child In their Irreparable loss
and assure them that tho Arab Fire Com
pany will over hold In respectful and fra
ternal remembrance the goodness of
heart and excellence of churacter of him,
the Jate husband and father. ' .'-
Resolved, Thab this company will
drape their hall and furniture in mdurn
Ing for thirty days as a mark of respect
lo their departed brother.
..Resolved. That the foregoing preamble
and resolutions be spread upon the record
of tho company; that a written copy be
furnished to the widow, nnd that tho
dally papers of tho city bo requested to
publish them.
Titos. J.Kkutu, Seo'y.
A Utile Cnplrnnnntrira.
We learn that the Rev. Jacob Brad
ley's church building Is a Joint slock af
fair. It originally cost some fortyor tirty
dollars, and the associated means of threo
or fciur colorpd brolhers paid for It.
Lastjjlglit a queitlon of ownership
aroso between tw.q,of tho stockholders,
when one. of them declared that he
would dlvldo the house ami make such
disposition of his share as he" might feel
Inclined to. The other stockholder re
monstrated. He was clearly or the opin
ion that ''that was no way, todo," nnd
finally a quarrel arose. ThcUlsputants
became so angry that tho suggestion of
one that they should pass to the street
and fight It out, was accepted bv thooth-.
. .
cr, uiiu, sure enougu, a ncnt ensued.
Now Jtradley loves peace. The spectacle
presented by tho contending brothers, he
thought shameful; so, In tho interest of-
pcaco he appeared at tho scene of con-
lllct, and. Informed tho belligerents (Uat
unless thtfy terminated hostilities he.
would pitch in and whip both of them
Thero was an appearance of resolution
nbout the reverend man (hut was not to
bo misunderstood. Tho hostllo brothers
saw !L,and, handing each other threo or
four more very solid Jolta, they declared
a truce.
This story Is brought to us by an ene
my or Jirauiey, nnd may bo under or
over-drawn. It may have occurred Hint
Bradley actually whipped tho combat
ants. If this Is .so, wo deslro to bo ad
vised of the .act, that ho. may enjoy tho
honors that may grow out of tho puhll
cation of it.
Tli Iliiuiliolilt Criiti'iuilal Cclrbrntlon.
Tho Oermnn Turners, of this city, havo
determined to observe in a befitting
manner the hundreth blrth'day of Baron
Von Humboldt, September 1 1th. Thoy
havo Invited the co-operation of other
German organizations In tho city, and
propose to settle on n programme this
ovenlng. . ...
Every JiiJeHIgent human being. holds
In high veneration tho iiamo of tho
great German scholar, aiid will, at least
in spirit, unite with tho Germans as thoy
commemorate tho hundreth return of
his birthday. At Evansvlllo. there will
be a grand oolobratlon of tho day, jn
which German sociotles from all the
neighboring towns wljl partcljvite. But
us Lrtlro I too roinofo to utlinlt of any.
thing like u full representation lliuiotlio
determination formed to .oelobrato- the
day here, among ourselves, will bo suro
to co in maud very .general favor;1 -Tho
Turner socloty embraces u number of
pur most Intelligent and onorgotlo cltN
tens, and wo aro willing to underwrlto
that aHythIiigthoy,. piidertAko will bo
carrlell out most fetitisfiiotorlly''11 1
ooU limit l'lrr VVooil '
Mr. J. W, Turner Is receiving
a- supply of splendid liartl Hid' wood
which ho will deliver lu any quantity
desired In auy part of tho city. Now is
tho time to hand Jifiu your orders for
winter wood. Ho can and wlll -dollver
It muoh cheaper ,.tiap It can .be .bought
two or throo mouths, honco whoa tho
roads betomo rough and muddy, anil iw
to tho quality of the wood, It cannot bo
surpassed. J lo "solicits ordors for auy
quantity froin iv hal.f cord up to lllvo.
hundred oo'rdsf pfflinlslug to soil n t prlc'ea
that will defy successful competition.
h lit: -.TnTiriM
, ... . 11 ..iisyw. im,.m-4mm.,.. ... ,v'"; m Au-uiiii'i. vi Illinois. Ueovdh d.
iV'JJarrett s" s the housoliod word. A1 .v.. ...vans s f mmj '"f rc" Plcv ",",t win apnoar befor tn.
I , lOftiee County 3i!f'tJ;ffuhq".f, T ,J-cpunty court of 4b xandor county, nt Mio imttlutal
lluslness -0nn- .-ttt-lh lowrnttof47tUl,uWbyieJ.u,,aiaS ft,. 'Xhkta uWs'Lltrtt
$100 tow 00 per WwuBtiud printed nt1tf(?i-W ' K Z' nJ, '
tho'jlullaln'jubc.m, . amd for sam- SS!fSMia MOTSa.1
pies. cjt '"JLtrJi4'u,A'l11'
I, " 'I'll'S , e , ,r r,, , fl,
Hlft-b Frlctafor Kaw Tobacco.
At the Planters' Warehouse to-day,
were sold the first' two hogsheads of now
tobacco brought to this market during
the present season. The ownnm nt thenn
(two hogaboads were the fortunate wln-
uum ut. my premiums onered uy tne
Planters' warehouse company, for the
first and Second hogshead of now tobac
co offered, besides realizing very high
Thej first premium hogshead was
grown by J. C. Cooper, esq.f of Ballard
couh'ty; arrj yaa sold to It H, Cunning
ham, esq., qt?o of our leading dry goods
merchants, at nine dollars per hundred.
I The second-premium hogshead was
grown'by Stephen Moore; i.esq., of Hln
klevllle, Ballard county, and was sold to
A. B. Salfbrd, esq., cashier of the City
National Bank,t ,at Jhrje,. dollars and
twenty.flye, ceijta .hundred., The
-premiums gfven were, fof'tho first hogs
head, twenty-five dollarsjln money, and
for the second a two gallon Jug of Billy
Scbutter's best.
f. Theaales wero.satlsfactory throughout
and there wero no rfdecUon-.
(HBinboldl'M Handrath Mlrtbday.
Tho Cairo Turners' society mot on Mou-1
day last, In extra "session, for the purpose
of deciding on the propriety of celebrat
ing tho one'ihundreth anniversary' of
Alexander Von Humboldt's birthday,
and passed the following resolutions:
Resolved, That on f heth of Septem
ber next, wo will celebrate the orie hun
dreth anniyenary of, Huraboldt'v birth
day. Aauiveu, inai a committee bo ap
pointed to confer with the , presidents of
uie uutBino ana uerman School societies
and Invite their co operation, and to re
quest the same to delegate a committee
to attend a meeting at Tumor Hall, on
Thursday. 20trJMti, at 8) jhtn.for the
purpose pf agreeing on a general pro
gramme. -
Resolved, That all faerman citizens are
Invited to attend and express their views
on the subject. "
If you wnnt a good stove, or tlnwaro
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-Iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that Hue,
call on A. Fraser, Commorclal avenue
beteen Eleventh and' Twelfth street,
where he has moved to, acu fitted up the
larger and most complete shop In
Soutti cm Illinois.
Particular attention given to .steam
boat and mill work, copper smithing
and sheet Iron work, such as chimneys,
breecher escaping steam-pipes, etc.
Two Hand red Jleu Wanted t
Tho undersigned wishes to employ 00
men to work on tho Ashley and Mt.
Vornon railroad, which ltd will pay $2 00
per day. Payments made once a month
,lxi cash. Board per week, $i 00. Good
accommodations for boardlngon tho lino
of tho work alao good springs of water'
and tho most healthy part of tbecountry.
Applications can bo mado at tho engi
neer's office, at Ashly, or at P. Clancy's,
Cairo, 111. Tiros. Byknks, Gen. Con.
, "Burrett'a'Ms Indispensable.
Dr. Austin, surgoou dentist, after an
absenco of a fow weeks, Is again In tho
city, pursuing his profession. Parties
needing the services of a strictly first
class and scientific dentist should call
upon Dr. Austin, at his office over Messrs
Haythorn & Elliott's, Commercial aven
ue, between Eighth and Ninth.
Augl7 lwd
Read "Barrett's" circular.
Waluut Timber.
For Said. Eighty acres of tho finest
Walnut Timber 'Land In the country,
situated In Mississippi county, Mo.,
four (4) miles northeast of Charles
ton and within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Said land Is adjoining John
Swank's farm. Alo ten acres of Sohool
Land situated threo miles from Cairo,
Illinois, on the Cairo & St. Uuis railroad
for terms and particulars enquire o
B. T. Whltaker's Drug Storo, No. 103
Commercial avenue, Cairo JlhnoN. dtf
J . AJcaiujt far ih9.
Notice li heroby glvou to
all iiiti'tlou
concenieu mat tho assessment roll for
'State and county taxes, for the year 16G!)
is now deposited In' tho County Clerk's
ofttcoj'wliero thoBamomay bo examlnod,
antral persons having complaints to
raakoraaylay thewiJaefore the County
Court to bo holdon at the Court House
on tho first Monday iu September noxt.
W..A, Redman,
Assessor of Aiexandor County.
Aug, 7, 1609. dtd. (Times copy.)
Democratic Cauuty Central L'ouiusltte.
Tho Democratic County Central Com
mittco nro requested to 'moot at tho office
of F. E. Albright, on Saturday next, SSth
Inst., at U o'clock p. in., for tho purposo
of deciding what action shall bo taken
In relation to tho'coihliigNovoiuber elec-
F. K. AiiimiaiiT,
Jitter Heads prluted aLthqJBullotln'
Ofilco for $0 00 perlhousand.
3VC 33 XX. C IX -A. 3r T
Cairo. ZXlliiioiiw.
oil 13 ilawtm
mvlu,uniKuiurrKiuiing nnii improving st'Matv
I'ark,in tho city of Cairn, on J to profile wan
and moans to pay Tor tho i.-uno.
Bo It onlalrtfil by the City Council of th City of
Ualro t J
Tlmt nn n
nnd la li
cny, am
made in
nt the rate of x jm r cont. per annum, nnd to biruuii
n tho manner and form as follow, tU. Ten bonds tf
the denoiulnatlon of ono hundred dollar cneh, and
Iyable flro years nfter date i twenty hoivU of the de.
nomination of liny dollar mcIi, uixl itaynble thrre
I, ""roaio , nni; icriy nonna or tlio denomlna
tlon or twenty-lire dollars each, nnd payable (iiree-
khii miLT uaie
Interest ahall ldneand paval.lent thooffleecf
tho City Treasurer, nnnuall
ami nil i,onis nrov ileil
Heptember, A. I). 109. TIib bonds aolmtied ah Ul.i
iui ut l i uiu nuirn inn i ti.m irnm t .in i ... , ...r
negotiable, and after maturity shall U recilvaljle by
i'" j ........... ."a., ii.-liinii(nriiien I
iwioaainents, mul for any tndebtedncs dno 1 3 the
cltr of Cairo. Approved Aug. 12, Imu.
aiigldlO J.NO" H. 'oDKnt.V, Mayr ,
Hr.HI-CF.CTKN'rtlAI. K.Vl'O.fK.
Jti.y ynisr .
Oaah isstti
. I sail,
HI1,IIH5t7.1l OH
,Tolnl l.lnlilllllcN.,
"By their fruits yc Uiuv tliciu.
Lows Jtd In Fifty Years,
The 3fot Stipcessful Flro Innirniue Co.
' Three.fonilhs of tho in
tered hare failed, prorlnis tho inlntake. nn.l .linirn.
Ilea of a profusion basei
calaimlv l.n.1 ml.fn..
nine, wiiii an im
i no
mtimt partof itsdtolonntnt In tlio
spnerc oi uroiui unman WUCVOICIiCu. It Is h rant nml
in.i?.rn.i,.,;!. j;rsi...for ono. ot inmtutioiu. u
"'" - i ir i ii nnnn ai i eporz, ainl that H atis-
.iw. tv.j win uiiiiiiirr in nie a iiiai
alliejt old lenoniK, ' Ah
you mw inav snaiiyoii reap."
Ukefulneya and duty must I shaped mi l miymred
only by tho Health and gronlli ofonreomitry.
losses I'ahl at Cairo by the .Etna :
I). C. Stewart . 7ttr (
Heed nnd Cunningham ' " mi
i. k. 1'a.sehsii...!: i.'i ,.i
riolomoaLlttlefleld. u fi
E. I-.Hlewart & Hro ;n "
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