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Arrival 4 Bajtartara of Mailt.
(Cairo lUt Offlee,rOary S, MM.)
aiiitks. . eiPAKTa.
(Timo of cloning.)
fierth (through ... 3:&na.tn.... 3;00p.m.
ffottfc (wy)....n..i 4t p.mllip n.
South (throaghaad war). 4:90 a.m... 11:00 p.m.
ftttqiUi N.fltJi.-l.'tO wiIm,
Ohio Hirer mule-...... JflOp.in , 0:00 p.m.
MlulMlppi lrrrouW,) ,
Tuesday and Krldayi... 6:00 p.m 7:00 p.m.
,CAariea4on,Ma.,XaHaya r ,
Thebea, Ooom Ifln' wd
SaataFe ,. 6:00p.raFrl, 7:00a.m. Sat.
Ohio Rlro rouM departs every cray except Mondays.
J.M.URAHAM, I', it.
u ,xio LOCAL NEWS,
"BarreK'recelvefl the flint premium.
CoUllioaartyat'MGamiey'B .Ball
, Alley, corner o( I7opUrnil Division Sib,
to.morroi,j'ri4yAtTenlni 27th Inst.
Kauflman a battdrengaged.
Cincinnati Lgr Br, Just received,
at Louis Herbert's, Ohio Levee. auglOwl
,T CaasT SMH. J
Notice is hereby given, that 'the pub
Ho laws of 1800 are now In ny office for
distribatioto. J. Q. LYHCil f
Augl3 lm County Clerk. -
"The Best InUse.'Euder'a Stomach
-.Oi ii
Earthern fruit Jars are the cheapest and
when thoroughly glared, inside and out,
like those Mi sale at Parses, Davis, Co(
they are scrollable and'l'durable as the
The trussel work which in yester day's
paper we Inadrettly alalced at au alti
tude of five hundred feet, must come
down considerably, we Intended to
fix It, or a portion of It, at a night of 76 feet
That Is about as high as any body ought
to get while on the ears.
8ix Huhdked Dor.RN more of the eel
bra ted ''Mason" Fruit Jars, perfect and
simple sclf-sealcrs, ihtbft in America
just received and for sale at reduced
prices, at the QuoctiBwaro House.
Parsons, Davis A Co.,
Jy22tf yoe. 5 and 7 Tenth 8t.
There was quite a commotlot. among
certain circles' of the"' colored race this
morning, causod by the arrest nf tliu frail
Jennie Banks, for keeping a brothel, and
Harriet .Ssalth and Uattie Brown aa in.
mate thereof. Jeaale .Banks was fined
125, and was calaboosed 31 days, and the
others were fined $10 and costs each and
calaboosed 15 days.
Mozelle Garner, a colored Miss, was
found sloahlaf around In a state of lim
ber Intexloatteti, and Camming pat her
in the calaboose to cool off. TMs morn
ing she was flaesi $5 aad'ooats, and re
turned to the cooling quarters for a pe
riod of tea days.
A Kaat tlraMirylasT CounmMatlaa.
Capt. D. Hardj one of the directors of
the Cairo VIncennes railroad onmpany,
after an absence of about five' weeks,
returned from New York yesterday eve
ning. He brings tho gratifying assu
rance that tho work on the road will go
forward unlnteruptedly to an early coaa.
pletioa, a contract to' that end havlag
been eeacluded with the Pennsylvania
Central, one of the wealthiest and most
InflentUl railroad companies in the
UnltedBUtcs. The terms have all been
fettled upon, and the papers only await
the signature of the president of the
Penn. Central (whose presence in New
York is looked for hourly,) to close tho
arrangement Anally.
The Pennsylvania Contra! will, thus
form her great southern connnectioua
though Cairo a consummation our
citizens have most earnestly wished for,
If, now, we can secure here her round
houses and repair shops, founderles etc.,
as by proper effort wo may, Intervals of
business prostration liko the present,
will be known no more among us.
Capt Halllday, Gen, Raum and Col.
Smith are still in New York) but will
tart home the moment the terms agreed
upon are ratified by tho signature of the
president of tho Pennsylvania Ceutral.
The self-sacriflcing devotion with which
these gentlemen aud Capt. Hurd have
bestowed themselves to tho work of
plaoing the enterprise on its prcsont
favorable footing is worthy of all praise,
and deserving of something moro sub
stantlal than the moro thanks of a grate
ful people.
Uoosl Hard Flra Woo
Mr. J. W. Tumor is receiving
a supply of splendid hard flro wood
which he will deliver in any quantity
desired in any part of tho city. Now is
the time to hand him your orders for
winter wood. He can and, will delver
itmuoh cheaper than it can bo bought
two or three mouths, hence when tho
roads becomo rough and muddy, and as
to tho quality of the wood, it cannot be
surpassed. Ho" solloits orders for any
quantity from a half cord up to Hive
hundred cords, promising to sell at prices
that will defy successful competition.
- - - T '
Ender's Stomach Bitters! "Tho host
in use." .
Business Cards 'at tho lowjratcs of
t4 00.to$8 00 per thousand printed at
the 'Bulletin' Job office. Hend for samples.
lry Decks, Cettea Factories, Woelea Kill,
Feiurierta ate.
A Law Anther! alag Xatakllshmstat.
There are no branches of business that
could be pursued more profitably or ex
tensively at 4ttils point than the docking
and repairing .of' steamboats and tho
manufacture of woolen and cotton goods,
machinery etc. This Is a fact that no
well i a formed man can for a moment
We present below the most prominent
provisions of an act of the legislature
approved Feb.,18. .1,867, authprizlngthe or
ganization of companies for manufactu
ring parpoaM, hoping that a publication
ef them will haye tko effect of drawing
publln attention to the opening now pre
aarited by Cairo In that particular.
Any three or more persons who may
dealra to form acompauy for tho purpose
ef aattyiag oa any maatiotariBg,ml
n'af y e"rical branobsfj buslnoss,
nail frepare a certificate in which they
shall state thenameofthecompaay; the
object of lta formation, the amount of
capital to Be employed, tho' number of
,ofharMofstock, etc., whichacertl,flcate
must be duly acknowledged, and' one
copy flled with the clerk of the circuit
court and aaether with, the secretary of
the Btate.
The capital stock shall not be less than
$10,000 nor more than $600,000. The
term of the company's existence may be
nny years.
The clerk of the court shall, after the
cerHicates hare been filed, Issue a 11
i4eae ta. tae1 company, upon the recep
tion of which they shall be considered a
body politic and r corponReTwUH" the
uaaal powers of.eaeeeaslori, rights at law,
etc, prlvllego to hold, buy and sell real
estate, personal property, chosen in ac
tion and securities, negotiable or other
wise. i
j The, affairs of tho company shall be
managed by a board?of not less than
.three nor more than seven directors who
must be stockholders? and elected an.
dually; TheTdirectors may make by-laws
and appoint officers, agent and servants
a,the'buslricsfl of tlipcompany may re-
quire, and ax their duties and compenia
tioa. Any director may bo expelled by
a ypte of two-thirds of Jthe board.
Btoekholdere may vote on all questions
and occasions either personally or by
proxy, Eab stare of,stock shall repre
sent oso vote. " Kj
yacancles occasioned In the board of
directors by death, reaignation or other
wise, shall be -filled by the remaining
directors. w
The capital stock shall bo regarded as
personal estate, and shall bo transferable
on the books of the'eompany.' Stock
shall be paid as the board of directors
may require, and forfeiture may follow a
refusal to pay.
Stockholders shall bo'noverally individ
ually liable to the creditors of tho com
pany to amount equalto the amount of
stock held by them, for all debts and
contracts made by the company prior to I
the time when the whole amount of its
stock shall have been paid In.
Within thirty days after all the stock
Is paid in a majority of the directors
shall make a certificate setting forth tho
amount of the stock aad the fact of its
paymsatln full and-shall file the same
with the circuit clerkC
The directors are restrained from de
claring dividends when the company is
Insolvent, or when the dividend would
diminish the amount of the capital
Money, or any property or material
necessary in the prosecution of the busi
ness of the company may bo received in
payment of stock at lta caih valuation,
to bo Axed by two competent aud disinter
bees ted persons, one to be chosen by tho
company and the other by tho party
whose property is to bo appraised.
The company is prohibited from loan
ing money to any of Its stockholders.
Executors, administrators or guardians
may represent the stock in their hands
and vote upon it. Stockholders may
pledgo or mortgage their stock and still
voto tho shares the mortgaged or pledged
stock represents,
The stockholders may increase ot di
minish their stock, as tho Interests of the
oorupauy may 'demand, or enlarge or
contract their business, and are not con
fined to any particular branch, but may
pernio any or all contemplated in the
act. The capital stock caunot be dimin
ished to a sum less than outstanding debt
of the company, without first diminish
ing tho debtsso that they shall not exceed
tho diminished amount of stock.
A vote of "two thirds of the ftockhhold
era is neoeBsary to adopt auy proposition
to increase or diminish tho stock or
change or extend the business.
Ofllcers of the company are held to a
strict personal accountability, and tho
issuance or preperatlon of any falio cer
tificate, reportor exhibit by them, sub
jects them, Jointly and severally, to
hoavy penalties.
The foregoing oonstltuto the leading
provisions of ho net, and they seem
abundantly broad and liboral, not only
for a dry dock conipauy, but to authorize
the establishment of any manufacturing
pursuit for which, there is any demand
In tho country.Atiy company or' asso
ciation of persons. may avail themselves
of Its provisions at any time, as, fort the
purposes contemplated the act is com
mon property,
t.ili.n.-'i i
Emler'a Chill Cure Nover Fails.
Mmm Torm im Fleeea jr the Cara-Riupl-Uaaf
rati Ha jr.
While yesterday morning's outgoing
passenger train waa passing the traesel
work, about four miles from the limits
of the city, It ran over a man who waa,
It Is thought, lying asleep on the track.
Where the man was. lying tho track was
rally fifteen feet from the ground, up
held by timbers over which only the most
fearless would attempt to walk In tho day
time, and upon which only a crasy man
would lie down and go to Bleep. The
cow-catcher tumbled the body along
over the rough timbers for a distance of
twenty or thirty feet, when it, most evi
dently, passed under tho wheels. The
right arm was ground off at the shoul
der and the top of the head was cut off
nearly to the base of the forehead. la
this condition the body dropped through
an opening In tho trussel work, and was
.found lying on the ground below The
timbers and Iron rails were stained and
smeared with blood, brains and frag
ments of flesh for a distance of about
twenty feet.
- Judge Corcoran, coroner, was duly ap
prized of tho accident, and, summoning
a Jury, repaired, to tho spot, and held an
Inquest. From papers on the body it
was 'ascertained that the naaacef the
deceased' "wah Herman Krauss, a Ger
man. Letters from' friends In Germany,'
now in the hands of the coroner, 'giye in
timations that the deceased cainefl'of a
respectable family ..and had, at intervals,
received 'considerable sums' of money
from home: " "The Jury came to the eon
clueloB that the deceased bad come to
his death by being run over by the cars
of the Illinois Central railroad, while he
was lylaa; or sitting on the' traek. The
body waa burl'eci at the expense1-of the
railroad company.
We are not satisfied, In our own mind,
that there has not, In this case, been a
murder committed. This man Krauss
was seen in Cairo on the afternoon pro
ceeding his death, and left town on foot,
following out the line of the railroad.
The letters on his person spoke of remit
tances of money to him.- There was not
a single dime found on his person. Is
there not room for tho conjecture .that
one or more of tho transient thieves and
burglars that Infest Cairo,-followed him
out of town, way-laid him, knocked him
on the head, rifled his pockets, and then
placed tho .body on tho trussel work
.where the care-would wipe out all traces
of their' violence? That a man in his
sober senses, as this man was known to
be, would attempt to walk over, or He
down or sit down, In the darkness of
night, on the trussel work where tbo bo
dy was found, surpasses belief. Further
more, It was not yet sundown when the
stranger was seen within three miles of
the point where his body 'was found.
How happens it that at half past 2 o'clock
the next morning no had made such slow
progress? If we will concede that he
was knocked In the -heed, robbed and
the body placed on the trussel work! all
that k strange and mysterious in the
matter is at once made plain.
Use Ender's Chill
Cure. "It never
"Barrett's" elegant hair restorative.
If you want a good stove, or tlnwaro
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-iron ware,
tin roof, gutter, or anything In that line,
call on A. Fraser, Commercial avenue
beteen Eleventh and Twelfth street,
where he has moved to, aza fitted up the
large and most complete shop in
Southern Illinois.
Particular attention' given to steam
boat and mill work, copper smlthlag
and sheet Iron work, such as chimneys,
breecher escaping steam-pipes, etc,
A Xea-ro Mum It II la Ilia Wife.
About noon, yesterday, officers Cum
mingsand Arnold received a dispatch
from Columbus, Ky., authorizing them
to arrest a colored man named Daniel
Hill, who had, a few minutes before, tak
en passage for Cairo on the transit steam
er, Gen. Anderson. Tho dispatch stat
ed that Hill had committed murder. On
tho arrival of the Anderson ho was tak
en In chargo and conveyed to tho coun
ty Jail. Tho authorities at Columbus
were thon advised of his arrest, and re
turned instructions to hold him.
It seems that, during tho morning,
Hill got Into au altercation with his
wife, and falling into an ungovernable
Airy, boat her to death. When arreatod,
ho acknowledged that ho had whipped
his wife, but feigned an Iguoranco of the
result. Tho particulars of tho killing
havo not yet been made public
On four several occasions, yesterday,
we were assured that Mr. Michael Bain
had died at Vicksburg, and that his body
had been brought to Cairo for interment.
Wo saw a lady who was making prepara
tions to attend the funeral, and n gentle
man who expeoted to attend the wake.
In the face of this evidence wo are told
that, yesterday evening, Mr. Bain In
formed a friend that he was not dead.
But the poor, fellow was fhon at death's
door, and at midnight, passed it! He is
now a corpse.
Two Hundred Men Wanted I
The undersigned wishes to omploy L00
men to Work on tho Ashloy and Mt,
Vernon railroad, which ho will pay ?2 00
per day. Payments made once a month
In cash. Board per week, $4 00. Good
accommodations for boardiugon tho lino
of tho work; also good springs of water
and tho most healthy part of tho country,
Applications can bo mado at tho engi
neer's ofilce, at Ashly, or at P. Clancy's,
Cairo, 111. Thos. Byrnes, Gen. Cou. i
Tha Oafarfa
the Mar
The following dispatch says as much
about the international rowing match as
wo have a "stomach" for reading:
"Cairo Bultet:'Yfe have met the
enemy and we are theirs.' 1 he Oxfords
beat the Harvards to-day by three
lengths or six seconds. K."
rkafcla Arttclca.
The letter of "A Progressive Demo
crat," and a lengthy editorial article from
the Chicago 'Tribune,' on "living politi
cal issues" fill, to-day, the available
space of our outside pages.
We do not publish the letter and article
because we thlak there la any national
movement of the parties that puts the
questions therein dtooasaed in aromlnent
issue, nor because we'lndorse tho argu
ments or Ideas therein elaborated: but
becauso we are of the opinion that,' eom
lng as theydoifrom.the.acknowledged
organs of. the democratic and radical
parties In the Northwest, they foreshad
ow a movement Upoa thepolltical chess
board that is already exciting much
thought and dlicusaien, and for which the
publle mladehoald W prepared, Aiklng
for both artielea a eareful perusal we
submit hem without further remark.
A German girl to do housework in a
small family. Apply at the corner of 6th
and -Walaat; or toC. P. Parsons at
queensware store oa Tenth street. It
aamaaad LakeFieh. at Louis Berb
er's, 35 Ohio Levee. auglOwl
"Barrett's." is the household word.
"Barrett's" is indispensable, L -
Dr. Austin, surgeon dentist, after an
abseaee of a few weeks, Is again in the
city, pursuing his profession. Parties
needing the service" of1 a strictly first
class and scientific dentist shoald call
upon Dr. Awtlo, at his office over Messrs
'Hay thorn fc Elliott's, Commercial aven
ue, between Eighth and Ninth.
Augl7 lwd
Read "Barrett's" olrcalar.
WalMBt TlMkar.
For Sale. Eighty acres' of the finest
Walnut Timber Land, in the country,
situated in Mississippi county, Mo.,
four (4) miles northeast of Charles
ton and within eight (8) miles of'Calro,
Ullaeto. BahMand is adjoining John
Hwank's farm. Also ten acres of School
Land situated three miles from (Cairo,
Illinois, on the Cairo 4, St, Louis railroad
for terms and particulars enquire o
B. T. Whltaker's Drug Store, No. 106
Commercial avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtf
AaKHMtal tmr ISM.
Notice is hereby given to all parties
concerned that the assessment roll for
Btate and county taxes for the year 1660
is now deposited in the County Clerk's
office, where the same may bo examiued,
and all persons having complaints to
mako may lay' them before the County
Court to bo holden , at tho Court'House
on the first Monday In September next.
W. A. Redmak,
Assessor of Alexander County.
Aug. 7, I860, dtd. (Times copy.)
Democratic Osaaatjr Ceatral Coaaaaltiec.
The Democratic County Central Com
mittee are requested to meet at the ofilce
of F. E. Albright, on Saturday next, 28th
Inst, at 2 o'clock p. m., for the purpose
of deciding what action shall bo taken
in relation to the coming November elec
tion. F. E. Albrichit,
Letter Heads printed at the 'Bulletin'
Office for 1900 per thousand.
All rrons hvlnr claim. glnt Iho attald of
for aludctloii, audall porou lndaUcd to the Mill
etto re hereby required to call anil fettle br nete or
othvrwlte forthwith, nt the rrnldence of Wm. M.
William., ulminLtrator, or at the office of tho Cairo
Bair Mill. WMhlnrton arenue, Ntw.cn nth and titli
'rot. (Time, copy) Aur.STSwd
JOfflce County Siin't of' School. i
Cairo, Alexander G., III., Aiirh'C a I
A'otice i hereby glrfti (lint on Thursday and I'rl
day, the 3d and 3rd of tVntomtier next, applicant for
irucher' certificate wllll examined at Ihu I'libllu
School building, cornr of 13t!i and Walnut ktrect.
County Bup't Pchonh
Tho light draught passenger Steamer,
R. V. NORTHERN Miwter.
J. M. HEVERLT..... ,-T.T. -..Clerk
Wil. mako rcgnler DAILY TRIPS between Cairo ami
Paducah, learing Cairo erery evening (Sunday ex
cepted) at tiro o'clock.
The White connect nt Paducah wit tho Now Orleans
nnd Ohio railroad, and tho Cumberland and Tennessee
liver packets,
Ker freight or pasago npnlv on board, or to
, Jl.JjlJUCKLKT, Agent. .
lanJMtl Cairo: llllnol.
WanTs. ;
WAWTKtaV-A No, I to do general home.
Work. InnU re Of I). T. Pjrki.r rnnmr Trail,
and Ohio I.eveo, auH Iw
WANTED. Those deiirinir board" by"davof
week, can bo accommodated at Mrs. Redman's
corner of Seventh street nnd Washington nvenuo.
Terms) 85 00 per week bonrdi $7 M per week
board and lodging. aulHIm
FOR NAIiE. Tw o hundred head of beef steers,
5 year old and upward, nt I'rcnllce, lloilvar
county, Miss, In itno condition for feeding this fall.
Tor particular, ftUdrc J. T, UKHItV, lieulah. Roll.
var county. .Ml. - 1 null lm
AWTaBD Alexander County Orders, at 80 cts.
and City Bcrlp atdoccntaontho dollar, for all
tonus of Lumber and Builders' Materials.
Tpynr AcnowwEaBP-A
JL derforsktitt or pasta, aa unVinalled braoSTfcr
thefhoulders, a.wayaBendr a braee, or noK
at pleaaura. ' .TiJ -
' v 'I e. 4 ' t - v
zt. o,
OJIIO ,tLJ2VJ2M, ' r-.t 7
Oamlx-o. :xillxiolsa.
obakd tsvn, iixuram.
An ordinance for enclosing and improring SI'Msd'b
Parkjin the city of Calra, and io prarldo ways
and means to pay for the same.
ncltiro71',Incd br tho Clty Couno11 of ,h9 ily BI
That an anpreprmtlon of three thousand dollars be
ft.i--.? milrto f1r '" Purp"T of enclosing a4
Irnprovln; the grounds In tha no:th-wet part o? saM
city, and knawn and drwribed in tho recorded plat
thereof a HI. Mary's Park, the appropriation to bo
tnado in bonds of fho city, bearing intereit from date,
at the rate of six per cent per annum, and to b su4
In the manner and forma follows, lt Tea bonds of
tho denomination of one hundred dollar each, aaa
payable flro years after dale ( twenty bond of the de
nomination of DRy dollari each, and payable Ihrto
year after date and forty bonds of the denomina
lion of twenty-fire dollars each, nnd payablo thr
ears after date,
Tha Intereat shall be due and parable at tho offlceof
ths City Treasurer, annually: anl all bonds prorlded
for by this ordlnaneo thall dale from the flrat day of
September, A. p. 1. The tnilolnued ihnllbe
negotiable, and after maturity shall bo receivable by
tho city In payment for taje,llcenc.lmprovraent,
ossesrment, and for any Indebtedness due to tha
city of Cairo. Approved Aug. 12, laeu.
aUKladlo JNO H. onKRI.Y, Mayor.
ts.l Wt 9
Caaa Aistti
5,saa,53a aa
aee.Taa aa
9.085,708 aa
"My tkeir ft-Hita ye know them."
Loitea Paid in Fifty Yean,
J aaaattai
The Most SnrceufHl Flro Insnraaco C.
CASH AWNETS, - 5,MS2,332
Three-fourtlia of thn Iniuranon Companies char
Ured have folio.!, proving Ihe miatakeaand dlfflcul
tic of a profIon Used on calamity and mUfor
tune, with an important part of its development In the
spheroof broat human lienevolenee. It Is a rare and
uncommon event for otw of the In.lltatlons to
inskelt HKT1KTII annual letwrt, nnd that a satis
factory one another of life's plalnent old lesson. "A
you sow that shall yon reap."
Upftilneaanldnty mustlx shaped and incifuree
only by tho wealth nnd growth of our country.
Losses Paid nt Cairo liy tho J3taa:
D. C. Stewart
Keedand Cunnlngluun
K F. 1-aschall......... ,
Solomon Llttlefleld.
E. L. Htewart A Uro........
a t 1015
L. Elliott.,
Iti JO
Adams, tlrnham & Co
Wilton Thrurp...
J. A. Reed ...
Taylor. Edwards Co,
toon on
J. II. Humphrey k Co.
mn. winter.
lMt Mlil .
....'11 Kt
f .n l DS
lunn Aiiirim.
A. II. Harford
. . lt1HVJII.t.l.m.N.MM.K..ll.l
Richard 11. Noyoi
J. H. Humphrey.
Trover Miller.
W. P. Jt J. W. TimrnoH..
Hurd, Walsh A Co
N. W. Oraham X Co
tA 70
4 W
23 M)
4s ao
........ .,,.M,,
Alien Taylor
fiatr. Cuchran A Co
John jrnrvln
n i r i r. i
10s'j cmi
gru 37
...... ....m.....m...,m.m.s3I tO
I - ........... rM
N. Ilunaker vi
(..mm...,,,,,,, H. tVU H
Trover A Miller .,. c2 XI
Harrell A Hrp... MOO CO
iy'.'.P" L"" -
Kmttinkenburg.....,-..,H.( 123 to
It. II. Cunningham nin m
, jinriuun
75 tO
wm. wiuun
Hirnm Renham.,
W. II. Davis.
,.1511 Zb
10) uo
CO) so
,.1TW W
U.Hiuyth A C) , a OT
John g. llarmsn.. , 33 03
I, Karnbakcr s J
Ij.Axlev.. Hi
WhBlh'jr aW
W "hipman yjw M
Michael Powers u 00
M. J. Hueklev M .J. IM C6
B?ia'i wiitsiiin. w
ZZ 9 i m . ( 80J 00
tMHIJJ. ... ' 400 Ul
Agents In all tho principal Cities and Town.
Rales and term us IIIt.i as crnsistcnt with mud
orate protit and ..tbsUntlnl aocurity,
rVuflbrtl, Morns Cand e,
llqly271m AOENT.I Cairo, III.
tlrlilv ana lli-ldca-room.
Essays for Voting Jlen on the Interesting relation
of Ilridegroom to Hride, In tho lntllullonof Marrleje
-a guldo to matrimonial felicity, and true happiness.
Sent by mail In sealed letter envolopes free, of charge.
Address, HOWARD ASSOCIATION, bo P, l'hlladcl
phia, Pa. my31dAw3m
Estato of William Rottier, deceased.
The undersigned havhiK been appointed adminis
trator of tho esta-o of William itottlor, late of tha
county of Alexander, and Slate of lllluoi. deceased,
hereby gives notice that he will appear Wore the
county court of Alexander county, at tha cojrt house
in Cairo, at the July term, on th5 Vl Monday iS jly
nsit, at which time all persons having claims again A
said estate ore notifled nnd requested to attend for
iho purposa of having the same u:juted. All per
on Indued to .aid etati aro rciuoni to tusks)
Medlate payment to the uaderniinVd.
, Dated this 54 day of June. A. D. JSft.
ww AMEUaEJiL,MJl3ltsr.

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